ITT: Cool shit that gets completely overlooked and forgotten in a vidya

ITT: Cool shit that gets completely overlooked and forgotten in a vidya

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Are you sure you didn't make that up? As far as I can remember they only get static, not Adel's screams… who was imprisoned in orbit, and lunatic pandora was in the ocean somewhere in the middle of the map, not the north.

Remember the tv station?

i remember the big tv screen in timber with static on it.

ITT cool shit that we read on gamefags

That wasn't static bro.

Are fucking retarded?


This didn't do shit. It was a weapon from Esthar during the way, and it helps to trigger to the Lunar Cry which makes monsters fall from the moon

This is from Sorceress Adel being FUCKING IMPRISONED IN SPACE

huh, well i didn't remember that; it has been at least 10 years. still wrong about the other things though.

Wasn't there some game where the screens in-game were actually made up of real pixels?


One that always sticks in my head is Serges in Megaman X2. The only character to know how to rebuild Zero from the remaining pieces, knew X's creator Doctor Light. All indicating him being Doctor Wily. In fact if I recall they keep hinting Doctor Wily being involved in a lot of the X series, constantly resurfacing in the background. Helping Sigma, trying to revive Zero as the original killing machine he wanted.

I bet thats from some shitty art film, wasn't it?

Well, Neil Breen is an artist, so you're not far off the mark.

Wait, so It's actually good, not like Gone home?

I don't really know how to put it. So I'll let this video do it for me.

It's something that goes way beyond the concept of so bad it's good.


what did serges have to do with the boat shop in MML?

But you go there. You even fight the sorceress causing the interference. Did you even play FF8?

Oh, RLM made a video of this, this should be interesting to watch.

It's pure BRINO


I want a copy of this movie.

But Lunatic Pandora is in orbit, user. You have to ride an animatronic dragon spaceship into space so that it can shoot its godzilla breath beam into it and grab it with its convenient grabby claws so you can get inside and fight the prison to do Plot Point.

That's an adventure on it's own if you want to buy the movie.

Pandora was dredged up from the water

The boat owner was named Wily.
Serges being Wily is fan wank, but somewhat plausible.
If I recall, MML isn't "really" related to the other MM games, but it does take place like a millenium in the future


Another example I don't see mentioned often would be the glass technology in the first Resistance game. It has the best glass-breaking effects of any game out there and it's ten years old. It's a very minor thing, but very impressive.

I have heard that if you want to order a certain movie of his, you have to order another one and write the movie you actually want to order in the description.

Since we're just talking about Breen, here's a gay furry reviewing his movies.


Well, if his other films are on par with what Double Down looks to be I'm all for buying them too, but that sounds confusing.

This smells like the "lets make up a different backstory for a game and pretend its real" thread

You go to his website for another one of his films called fatefulfindings.
There you order it and while going through the payment information you mention that you are ordering double down instead.

Try Timesplitters 2 for toptier glass

Why the fuck don't more RPG's do shit like this

Sadly I can only think of Fallout 1, 2 and a bit of NV

The game I can remember doing something close to this is Kingdom Hearts (unless you want to say KH did it first), but I can't think of another one.

Games are no more fun.

Will do, always wanted to try that series.

I thought that was really neat

Because it'd make people throw a shitfit. Of course, they could profit off of it by making something offensive, waiting for the outrage, then removing it, causing more reactions as well as the whole "hahaha look at these entitled gamers getting mad, i'm going to buy this just to spite them!!" thing that definitely isn't getting old.

Megaman Volnutt is the walking reincarnation of an unnamed legendary Maverick Hunter, whose best friend looked suspiciously like Zero. He was woken up from stasis by the grandfather character, after having been 'rebooted' into a human infant's body due to fucking up one of the Master System's Mother units. Legends 2 ends on the cliffhanger of the Master System (the ruins, and the civilization that existed in ZX) going into emergency lockdown and reactivating the prior civilization's functions, IE waking up X and Zero-era cities.

Also, Wily comes back repeatedly. It's just not until later that we see the pattern. Sigma talks about meeting him in X5, and Isoc is pretty definitely Wily in X6. Serges fights like Wily and knows how to upgrade/complete Zero at a point in the timeline when nobody else can even decode the language his program runs in.

The coloring page section was the funniest example of that. Side note: after beating the game once and getting what I would call the good ending I played some more, got the drunk dad ending, felt like a piece of shit and decided never to play it again.

Youll have fun with bricks and glass

Well the guys at Troika all worked on Fallout so that makes sense

the whole game was just so fun
good humor these days is thrown out the fucking window in games

The coloring was so hilarious because of how important people thought it was, when in reality it was one of the most non-important of the entire session. However Harry is actually impatient with the family if you actually rush the picture.

I felt like the story bits for the drunk dad path were corny and needed to be more subtle. Who says they need to go grab a drink at the mall?
The bitch wife ending was my favorite though.
I wish something like this would go even further to mess with you. For instance if you play as a completionist afraid to miss anything having doors lock behind you and paths shut off.

I have played Megaman 64 to 100% completion, user. To my knowledge, it never specifically tells you in-game who he truly is.

I don't want to be that guy, but X5 and X6? C'mon now.

Shit thats good, i gotta play this

It’s uploaded to YouTube. Just get it from there.

When you're standing on stairs on an angle and your feet are at the proper elevation for each step. That's really nice.

Or when you have a reflection in a mirror.

Legends 2 is when it gets into what the ruins actually are, why they're there, and who Megaman is. I strongly suggest picking it up.

And yes, X5 and 6. 5 was always intended to exist and to be the finale foreshadowed at the end of X4. Sigma even says that his giant body at the end of X5 was built for him by the old man he met, meaning Wily is very much alive and active in the world.

Isoc is invested as fuck in Zero and hates X, to the point that he throws a temper tantrum if X beats Hi-Max but goes into a euphoric fit if Zero does.

X beats Hi-Max: "You ancient piece of junk, it's not over! I'll destroy you myself! For the time being, farewell!"

Zero beats Hi-Max: "Ah ha ha ha! I can't help it! X was no match for High Max, but you… Ha hah. I can't stop laughing!"

Isoc incapacitates Zero with a wave of his hand (explaining this with "I know you inside and out"), and refers to Zero repeatedly as a robot, not a Reploid. He's the only one in the entire franchise who would know to do so. When you finally find him, you find his body lying unconscious on the ground with a voice gloatingly whispering in the air about how Zero is the strongest robot in existence.

He and Wily even have the same voice actor in Japan.

As for Serges, I'm just gonna copy-paste this from the wiki.

Like Isoc, there is a prominent theory that Serges is none other than Dr. Wily.[1] This is because in the Japanese game script, Serges is the only character to have mentioned Dr. Light (Sagesse: "Being defeated by the robotic memento of Right…such regret…",[2]). His Japanese profile makes reference to a "legendary mad scientist", a comparison which likely is meant to link Serges with Wily. He also mistakenly calls X "Rock" before correcting himself ("Rock… e..X…",[3]) and Sigma hints to Zero being one of Wily's numbers ("However, Zero.. why… he was.. the last of… Wi.. num.. bers….",[4]), both of which are pieces of knowledge which are unlikely to be common knowledge. There was also the fact that he was capable of rebuilding Zero, whose internal systems are still stated to be a mystery by Signas in X5. Keiji Inafune's reluctance to answer as to whether or not Serges is Wily, whilst at the same time quick to state Dr. Weil is not Wily is also seen as a compelling argument for Serges being Wily.

The game is pretty nice. Don't expect anything exceptional, though.

Knowing to put the legs under the torso is not terribly difficult, user.

Sigma explicitly states in X5 that the guy helping him, Zero's "father", is a "recently acquired" new partner. The whole idea of his plan to awaken 'true' Zero was based on new information he didn't have in previous games (otherwise he would've done it back then). So lolno, Serges is a fuckwit, X-hunters and Zero parts were a stupid stupid gimmick, X2 can suck my dick.

And yet Serges upgraded him. Not "put the pieces back in order". Upgraded.

The entire point of the Virus from day one was Wily turning himself into a data lich so he could continue to work on Zero after he "died". Rockman Zero Perfect Memories confirmed that the whole Maverick pandemic thing was an accidental byproduct of passing Zero's aggression and viral medium to Sigma, who was carrying a faulty copy of X's already faulty empathy hardware and his own world-class logistics suite. It was never supposed to incite revolutionary tendencies in machines, just to be his answer to Light's capsule system.

That…actually makes sense. I even remember in X5 there was these virus phantoms flying around, X would take damage if he absorbed too much, but Zero would be invincible for some time.

waht gaeeem

Tough luck seeing that ever again, with voiced dialogues being all the rage, it would be way too costly to record an entire script that most people wouldn't play anyway.

No One Lives Forever 2

In Deus Ex, almost all of the female, skirt-wearing, character models have the same white panties underneath their skirts. The one exception to this is that Australian chick outside of the bar in Hong Kong, who is wearing a black thong. To this day I have no idea why only she has unique underwear. Maybe she was one of the devs' waifu?

She's a slut

I only know of two games that do this.
Death By Degrees

soul calibur