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lol threads are for loling

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I fell asleep and my roommate that is never home/always forgets her key came home for once but had to sleep on the porch in the 90 degree heat lol

my bad

rifk stay off the junk




I forgot to add a shitty song link.

almost got what you wanted

id tap a meeping tokai


-sits with his


Haiiii Tokai~

yes tapping you is the plan straight to pound town


Im gonna need a Gps


dont you worry, i will guide you all the way there and ride you there : ^)
also im out now take care, love




hAiL sAtAn

I always think of hell in weird Alighieri views where it's not even really that bad, just weird ass punishment that seems more like he was writing fetish fuel.

Welma I had a customer from Boston earlier today

She had the accent and everything

Bostonian accent though
Californians all speak like surfers right?

Nah. They just have a gay lisp these days.

I was going to make a UCLA shooting joke here. But eh. I should atleast give it a few more minutes.

Ah! Would explain Coolbears accent.

RIP Boo.

There's no place like home~

I just want my baph :(

It's funny cause I have like a New England accent and a wicked gay lisp most of the time from my tongue being done. It's probably not going to go away at this point lol

Is Boo from Cali?

sheesh why does erin do that to her arm.. ?

sheesh why does blood chan do that to her brain.. ?

w-what do i do to my brain?

I kind of hate tongue piercings for that lisp and enunciation issues they cause. It just gets grating, like listening to someone with a speech impediment.


bitches booty and hoes

Brain damage yourself with dumb shit.

You's a bitch and a hoe.

Our accent is like... neutral. We don't really have any defining vocal traits

She kept saying like "sarry I'm from Bahston" and it was great

Also Boo's from northern California, south and north Cali are like different states

what dumb s*** are you talking about?

Valley girl, surfer slang, etc.


No idea where I figured he was from. Kind os surprised tbh.

I kinda thought that when I tried to play a cali accent in my brain. I wasnt coming up with much outside of parody.

-gnaws on the heart, trying to figure out how to remove the foil-

Most Californians don't really talk like that tho, they don't have "accents"

that hurts sonata

how long do plants live I used to think they were immortal but I had one and it died


It died from you repeatidly fucking it.

With enough dark magic, they can live forever

depends on if they are Polycarpic or Paucicarpic


i have my tongue pierced and can confirm like 3 days after getting it done your speech is back to perfectly normal

no idea what the fuck you're talking about

other way around




Well, that's the same as most US "accents".
Ones along the northern Atlantic seaboard are fairly consistent but even the "deep south" or "Wisconsin" ones are fairly exaggerated in pop culture.

Don't need permission
Made my decision to test my limits

'Cause it's my business, God as my witness
Start what I finished

plants dont have consciousness

I dont think rape even applies to them

What the living fuck.

Cash money hoes

Considering we're kind of a melting pot or whatever it makes sense that a lot of accents would blend together to make one bland nothing accent

Please don't group link me

I think it got plant aids and died



Taking control of this kind of moment
I'm locked and loaded
Completely focused, my mind is open

Theres that brain damage I was speaking of.

Pretty much every girl that has them pierced that I've ever spoken to have either a lisp or enunciation issues if they ever have like repetitive s/z/c in whatever they're saying.

By sucking all the dicks?

True. Still would expect a lot of that "Spanglish" accent where it's English that pics of a few Spanish punctuations and vocabulary.

or you overwatered with your bodily fluids


Casper/Tokai/Fortune rap mixtape wen?

All that you got, skin to skin, oh my God
Don't ya stop, boy

That's pretty common in southern California actually

Mexican girls love it when I speak Spanglish with them

Hmm. Well, I don't think it's that noticeable, but I dunno. Apparently I talk a little more femininely with them as noted by a few friends, so it kinda works out.

Baucetin, dood.

Eh, gotta g2w :(

Have a nice evening, threaders~

My brain is perfect just like everything else about me ^^;
bye now~

-rolls around on the carpet with it until the foil peels back then takes excited little nibbles.-

Is spanglish where you add an O to the end of every english word and ad an "El" at the beggining of everything?

Down with the fauna patriarchy

The time of flora has come

Have a good one!

also why is sonata eating a heart?

It's a film by that group Lars von trier is in

Nah, that's Spanish for white people

Spanglish is English for latinos

bullshit, or highly coincidental

so there is heavy sex?

I si. Where does esporanto fit in.

I'm assuming this is rap lyrics so noty.

Houston and San Antonio just have like full divides between the two and it's weird.
I mean, it's kind of apparent for the political reasons but any English speaker speaking Spanish words does that token "old white guy trying to speak Spanish" where it's like intentionally mispronounced, even by English standards.

It's just really apparently when it's sounds that require pressing your tongue to your roof and making a small tunnel.
Certain words always sound like whistling with tongue piercings.

Hipster bullshit

Back to work

Somethin' 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout you

Makes me wanna do things that I shouldn't
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout


It's a metal object that prevents your tongue from being pressed to the roof of your mouth fully, the basic action responsible for forming a lot of the most basic sounds in language.

[3:51:09 PM] Ecchi: I can't post
[3:51:28 PM] Ecchi: tell neru to get on

Apparently I'm thinking of Italian for Beginners

so no there is probably no sex

Be white.
Don't become a race traitor.

"get on"

At first I thought you were declaring that you were beginning a new language course.
I was confused.

you get that the tongue is not rigid right

like an 8mm ball sitting on top of it does not stop it touching the roof of your mouth

at all

it is perfectly capable of sinking in slightly

ugh, look, you're talking shit. once again i have caught you bullshitting on a subject i know far more about than you. just give it the fuck up.

-shows you the chocolate heart excitedly.- ^_^

Oooooooooooooooooooh! Enjoy!

-gives you a piece of it too!-

in fact they're more like 5mm, further disproving tsuchi's chin-moistening lip flapping

Thank you! Most kind sonata!! -noms the delicious heart piece-

omh my god..


alveolar and palatal consonants are produced by the tongue being pushed towards the upper part of the teeth or the hard part of the palate which can not really be pushed inn though so maybe there is not enough friction produced for the passing air


The size of the opening between your tongue and roof is directly responsible for even the distinction been vowels and consonants. A small ball on the tongue will directly affect the passage of air over it, especially the smaller the opening, since your tongue closes the opening from the outside inward for every sound.


BUTT idk where piercings are placed so if they are placed on the middle of the tongue there should not be any problems right

-hands sonata a glowstick-


-forgets about the candy and holds the shiney with a reverent "ooooooooh"- O_O


i have a tongue piercing

i know exactly how it affects your speech

it doesn't

nice theory

shame i have evidence gathered in practice to debunk it

erin why do you do that to yourself.. ?


herp derp i know things about stuff i don't know anything about

like if the piercing was on the tip of the tongue like >
I guess there might be problems

i really think you should seek help... your arm looks horrifying...

who would do that to themself

in fact, people split their tongues with no damage to speech, even if you did pierce the very tip, you would probably adapt to be unaffected by it very quickly

is your brain okay?

i know you don't like me but please look passed that for this moment

please please please seek therapy before it gets worse okay? please?

nigger i see the mental health team(s) multiple times a month, you're a little late

are you sure your brain is okay?

At least you admit it

Why don't you?


if only you had an identity so we knew where to direct credit

My brain is perfectly fine, thanks for asking.

Anyway I really hope you don't cut yourself anymore, you are a beautiful and understanding person and everyone loves and cares for you and you should start doing the same for yourself

Because I live a perfectly happy and healthy life, duh


You sure about that? I mean you do come post here almost every single day.

Only because I like talking to you

You would go offline.

God, I'm so mad my gym room no longer allows deadlifting. It's like a disease from planet fitness spreading across all gyms.


music already got me feeling like I did something wrong earlier,

If only this were true.

brb Marrakesh time

I mean... you were lifting 400lbs and dropping it after every set. You kept scaring the shit out of everyone

It is true, why would I lie?



Are you drunk again?

God I wish I could lift that much.

You tell me,

Lmao I mistook you for canada kanra

"active shooter"
I fucking love Holla Forums

Kanra lifts too? Let him know I'll spot his squats.

baka -hugs you tight-

He's like a 5'4" Asian dude.

The worst feeling is knowing someone is lying to your face and wishing they weren't, it's why I have trust issues with everyone.

Time to do Blood-chan stuff, bbl

Oh damn, I don't see lifting asians often, and I'm in Korea. He might be swole though.


I clicked the update button but your post didn't show up ._.

I would never lie to you, love... bye for now

Nah. Kind of pencily.
Not saying it as some machismo thing since it's fairly irrelevant these days unless you just want to go full "my dad can beat up your dad".

You may have an alcohol problem.
Go to a support group.


mai waifu

bhwut ds nohj dru

om nom nom

delicious free food today~! ^ ^

It is pretty irrelevant, just a lifestyle choice really.

Fake drunk typing is obnoxious.

I stick to running and some core stuff mostly,
Partly for health, partly for clearing my head.


Get a job.


Kanra post an updated pic

They were having celebratory cook outs for lunch today outside!
the sun was shining out from between the gap, of beutifull rainclouds surrounding it~
the perfect moments and stuff

they had delicious desert things out, sausages and hamburgers galore!
i even got a tasty rootbeer~

i'm full and happy now ^ ^

I don't speak your shitty bastardized German.

I hate everything.

it's over

Spero che tu muoia stasera

I don't speak whatever the fuck that is either.
Speak goddamn American in here.

I used to do a lot of running till I injured myself, now I mostly just lift. I like to lift heavy shit, not even for health.

Grim I think what you said a few days ago was probably right

I have a knee that borders on nonexistent and needs a total replacement and I still run on it.
Don't be a pussy.

All girls wanna be like that
Bad girls underneath, like that
You know how I'm feeling inside
Somethin' 'bout, somethin' 'bout


I mean, I still run about 10 miles per week, but that's from about 25-30 when I nearly tore a ligament in my calf. Plus running kills gains.

Listen to white people music, you fucking indo jiggaboo.

Knee or heel side?

Heel side, doctors were like "The fuck didn't you show up sooner, this gonna require needle therapy"

Heel is worse for sprinting, knee is worse for distance. Well, long term that is.

Sprinting is actually how I injured it, so I'm not surprised. I would do Sprinting twice a week and somewhere between 2-3 8mile runs a week.





oh that was supposed to be this song
not sure how that happened

You didn't say bye to me though, i felt left out. And you ditched me on steam.


it's always good to aim at unarmed parts

shut up bc


You're always welcome to samefag check.

I personally do not think it matters a whole lot where you aim, just as long as you hit your target.

Hey hey hey. Don't touch the user.

Forgiven, I suppose...

Not true, aiming certainly does matter. People have been shot 6 times in the chest by m4's and kept shooting AK's

i understand.. i personally think taking the life of another is wrong.. but what can you do..

~chu~ why? lol

im sorry... i have to switch computers a lot and i have to do a lot of house chores... the ride never ends

Obviously if you can make a shot or two count and get the kill then by all means take it, else either wait out whatever is stopping you from doing so or just kill everyone

an eye for an eye/

You should probably all kill yourselves

makes the world blind

no thank you, i love my life too much

not necessarily, because the last guy is gonna have one eye left. and he gonna be king


Because uh... Just because!

It's okay, I have to go soon anyway.

Maybe some day.

But it still matters where you hit, what if they hit something more important first?

he'd be legally blind

it's been super cloudy for the past 3 days. can it just rain already?

importance is all based on the scenario but i guess there are the two main places you want to hit first. as i said, if you can hit em there then take em out.

Wish, please, go eat a vagina

lol you're silly~

heh that's actually pretty funny

but who are youuuuu?

oscar darling 2017?

I'm user. Can't you see that?

I would rather that win an oscar than Idris Elba

Sorry, don't have a choice. Kanra should be coming to keep you company soon enough.

they really do make the best out of what they got

hello, user.

a man can only dream

Hi Bebop.

what I say

I'd watch it.

enjoy furfuckers

'The child did not intend to break it'

I actually found neru

What a fucking retard

And since when does 3 days work cost 10000 dollars

Why are you posting as anonymous though?

but i want you... -hugs tight and doesn't let go-

y-you really like guns, huh... they kill people

is that welms?

Because why not? Is it making you feel uncomfortable?

If i'm completely honest this gets me a little turned on as well.

This is why Kanra's genes are fundementally flawed. And why he cannot see his retardation.

Last month CCTV caught two young boys who were seen touching and pulling the delicate angel wings of a piece in the Shanghai Museum of Glass in China. The two adults accompanying them were seen filming the boys on their phones then walking away after the wings were smashed.

The artist, Shelly Xue, called her work Angel in Waiting. It took 27 months to build as a dedication to her newborn daughter.

Now that's fucking disgraceful.

I like to know who im kissing lol -kiss kiss-

And what would your master think of that?

Well that guy is swedish so its probably mordin.

Which part?

Would you do art and let me destroy it?

I like the idea of covering myself in beautiful marker illustrations and tattoos and then having them ruined by someone handling me

So yes

And maybe you could ejaculate on some little sketches if you wanted to

but that's as far as it goes

twenty tree keks

*Tries to push away*
Hey! Too sudden!

I wasnt prepared for that boner

This is a fine kek

It's like all those times I was made to write people's names on my cock and when I jerked off it smudged all over it and on my hand

only everywhere

no words

how r u

everything and nothing

sure do! it's crazy to think i haven't married my rifle yet!

Plenty o' banter

One form of art begets another. Transforming. Evolving. How art is changed by sex. It could be an installation.

I'm fine what about you?

This is Boris fighting on the beaches of Portsmouth against the dreaded "Immigrant".

Let it go.

This is Boris conducting Aerial warfare against foul refugees

brb dying

i'm alright, my body is saying to calm the fuck down or it'll shut down on me though

He fights for YOU

This is Boris showing off a new fighting technique against the French Army.

Eh that sounds worrying. Maybe you should do so.

Most fearsome warrior

This is Boris in the bloody battle of Hong Kong, for his deeds he received the Victoria Cross.

give him 10!!!

And on that bombshell.
Good night

Also the Greatest man in cake politics to have ever lived.

nee nee

That's not my bag baby


anal beads


probably just lost a little weight, feel a little sick but now i could run forever

Maybe you should take a nap or something if you're feeling sick.

2hours of sleep in the past 24hours. i kinda wanna wait till night because i know i'll be out for a while

Chug a bottle of adderall.

Oh god, i know how that feels. Hope you're holding up.


Why not both?

yay another victory on Janna! ^_^

Good point.



you made some new friends

i did?

all i did was play janna tho...

You didn't hear them?
They were congratulating you and adding you and all.

Does he do the constant "im a girl irl btw way" thing in game too?

i did!

and that game felt fun to play!

They were a bit creeped out since Luka wasn't talking at all at first, but didn't really mind.

Luka didn't mention anything about his gender.

I've been on permatilt

Master lets me do what I want :p

-struggles and clings to you even harder- waaaahhh!!!!

did you give your raifu a name?

No. Should I? I never actually understood why people do things like that, naming objects/tools.

what tilted you?

no idea

maybe... reflect somehow? on moves you made in games and why it didn't work out?

Adding a name to your weapon makes it more powerful... like in Fallout

my mind is muddled atm tho

BC is right for once

Why are you so eager?
*Tries to struggle even harder*

Does it though? It's just a tool, a weapon made for protection, nothing else. I understand wanting to keep them close by and even sleeping with them(guilty) but going so far to name it? I just don't see a point.
Mine is currently not that different from a fully stock version, it's no better than one either.

what is it muddled with?

A torrent of thoughts. Often clashing.


huh.. ?

-gets pushed away...- okay i'll leave you alone.

how you love her if you can't even give her a name?

Its not that i don't want to be alone. I just want to know why you are so eager.

Fuck man. Too hard to right now.

Why's this place bein' a tad slow?

find your zen

because i dont want to be alone either

I'm still mad Will-nobody-Smith is in Suicide Squats

I'm the only good poster... it's hard doing it all on my own

Why didn't you just say so?
*Sits next to you*

Trying to do 4 things at once.



-is shy and tenses up-

he's so cheesy and corny... and he's black.. ew

nobody wants to post during bloodchan hour lol
you can literally track the decrease in thread speed whenever he starts posting

I don't think I actually know how to love. Not anymore at least.

what makes you calm and makes you smile and forget about all the other things?


I should post more then

you can give her my name if you want... don't say it in thread

Nobody has ever asked me that

also he's a terrible actor... he should stick to comedy

Probably the two dudes e-cuddling.

That works :3
The next time I get blood all over it I'll be sure to send you pics before I clean it up

I havent seen his more recent movies
but independence day will smith was amazing

somebody should.
to remind you of what you smile for.

i dont wanna talk to you cringelord
dont waste ur time tryna reply to me

Speak for yourself.

Whats up with the shyness?




i have no doubt there isnt anyone here who doesnt have a shred of doubt that youre just bloodchan user-talking to himself again

Drawing a blank rn.

i-it's happened before?

I loved him in iRobot but after that... he sold his soul to the liberals in Hollywood and now he sucks

-surprise kisses you on the lips- :p

im naturally shy..

he's never done that ever.


When the last time you laughed and smiled at something you knew you liked a lot?

But you were the one that started to hug me.

fuck off bc
this is why nobody likes you but the absolute retards of the thread

Funny shit doesn't count. That's shallow. I guess it was my opportunities and opened doors

Like i said. You are welcome to samefag check.


You're silly you know.

teaching them to code java, is also a good feeling to reflect upon. and probably more similar memories of other things too!

im gonna go do whatever everyone else does and go play games until youre done spazzing out and go sleep or something

just one time before..

Here you go


hmm...? whats this? some music? interesting stuff!

wow look at that
its almost like thats not completely possible using mspaint
leave the threads and kill yourself bloodchan seriously youre so damn annoying

Nice inspect element.

i've been told i have a very childlike personality :p


your blood?

mhm, a nice song too

Will you tone it down with your autism if I just confirm it for you?

hail satan

its not autism
i just really want bc to kill himself
also ty but i was already 99% sure

Mine has been on it many times but that doesn't countunless you want it to



It really is. They aren't the same.

Did you give it a listen?

why are you bleeding all the time, love?

Lets just keep him in that illusion that i am BC.

I think i can confirm that now.

a bit, it seemed like a, an alright little jingle


Because I like to have fun

Either way, he won't/shouldn't trust me word :^)

it's worse irl..

It's coming to me now, yes. Their smiles. The feeling of imparting this knowledge unto them.
Good feels.

i'm not clicking that

Have you seen the movie Predator?

find more memories
family, good meals, ect.


You should come over and watch it with me sometime, it's great.

Well its Boo. I'm not really surprised.

How do you feel about it?

i'm going to spend $600 to travel to the OTHER side of the country just to watch a movie?

I don't know, I don't really feel anything


I watch predator every night. I think it helps me process what happened to me in nam.

How about this one?

Me either, I think he really just wanted attention though.

What else did you have in mind?

That shit would be so much better with sound.


Wanna watch it with me sometime?


idk... teach me how to hunt and fish?


Fair enough.


Sounds fun. You ever shot a gun before though?

also you're doing that thing again

guess you don't want to watch the movie with me while I lean against you and you cuddle me



Oh I know who you are now~ Why do you hate me now?

I shot my sister's .50 sniper once and it scared the fuck out of me and I never did it again. I also shot my beretta once

not bad

it managed to hold my interest till the end

I don't hate you?

okay Idunno what you're on about now

stfu you dumb shit
you're literally throwing an empty hook out at this point

Oh speaking of that, I was thinking of getting one of those as a joke
I'm already laughing

fun stuff

Good webm

Why not ? you don't even talk to me on Steam anymore

i would never bait you...

watch predator with me?

Thats because i suck at starting a conversation.

you're really testing my patience bebo



How so? What did I do now?

just say hi to me...

can't i go to your house?

You aren't on right now though...

spending $600 on what?

look at all my replies

you really know how to make an entrance, ui


A Beretta 92

nm, just got off work and cleaned my kitchen

we've discussed this

stop being so fucking vague all the time

im about to have dinner



yeah i'm busy studying... eye fatigue is setting in... -sigh-

you should reply to them!

Oh yeah buy it! It's great. Mines is in sliver

ehh... then where should we go?

Probably going to end up getting one of those and a VP9 because jokes

Oh i see. I know how that feels. Speaking of which. I should go to bed soon.


-bangs head repeatedly on desk-

Hehe you're a gun nut :p
All you need is one good assault rifle and a sidearm. The rest should be ammo and a cleaning kit
also bye, my eyes are killing me..

ahh I'm leaving now... sweet dreams when you go

oh please, I need more than just 1 of each!

oh kewl
i didn't notice i got the jana master thingy
when the client crashed

get onre more and toss out some shekels now, then you'll have t6


then i'll be respected!

I was reading a thing in the news the other day how "shekels" and "merchant" are "racist Nazi terms"



I forget, do yo play ranked?

I knew what that was from the thumbnail.
Good old times.

It makes me want to play zombies again, good memories there. Used to talk to the guy who wrote the songs and got all the dlc for free.
I wonder if the new zombies is any good..

also REALLY makes me want to piss of my neighbors and learn to play it on my drums

i accidently duo'd with grim once RIP
but other than that, no i have not done the rest of my 9 placement matches

That just means youre shit at ranked

I recall just hunting for easter eggs every time they released a new map for WaW.
The day they released Der Riese we found some note in a drain, never translated it.
Apparently somebody did and it was just "It's time. Kill Maxis."

suddenly, it's morning

you should do more ranked!

the easter eggs/story was the best part

Manaka do you wear pajamas or sleep naked?

there is a new thread
just kidding

whatever i'm wearing before sleep is my pajamas

It happens way too often.

That and hellhound rounds.
Because RIP everyone who didn't arm themselves well enough.

make a new thread, sd

So you wear jeans when you sleep and all that stuff too?

i should :3

shirt and short pants at home

Wear a skirt instead

Well, it's been like a year since I last made one but here goes.