I've been compiling this list for over a year now.
There may be some reproductions here as I haven't managed to verify all of them yet, however, I have reliable sources for 311 (yes, three-hundred-and-eleven) so far. There are also undoubtedly tens - if not hundreds - of expulsions also still missing from this list, so the final total most likely will have to be updated and posted here again in time. However, I think this is a good time to post this (after my post the other day I did a lot more research and source-finding) as it shows the well-known 109 number falls very, very short.
Believe it or not, the original image resolution was TOO LARGE FOR Holla Forums (yes, the Jews have been expelled from so many places the list won't even fit on Holla Forums) so I'm uploading a slightly smaller one. Hopefully the names and sources are all clear. I you can't see them then could one of you link me to place I can upload large image files?
Save this / Share this / Add to it / Do whatever you want with it. I'll edit this list with sources when I finish and post it here again in a few months.
Thanks Holla Forums

Other urls found in this thread:

qu jews&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjnrIn-_43UAhXHB8AKHUTwB9IQ6AEIMTAC#v=onepage&q=bungay jews&f=false

If a man were accused of a serious crime, tried, and found guilty by a jury of his peers, we would find but little cause to put faith in a claim by him of persecution. However, if he insisted that the reason for his charge of misconduct was only because he believed differently than others, then we might grant him a second trial to assure ourselves he had not been the victim of injustice, believing with confidence that the people would not for a second time find an innocent party guilty of a crime that he did not commit.

If, at the conclusion of the second trial by another jury of peers, the man is found guilty of an offence against the people, we have no reason to listen to or place belief in continued cries of persecution. What does this have to do with the Jew? Quite simple. Since the year 733 B.C., the Jews have, by their own records and count, been expelled from AT LEAST eighty-seven (87) countries, nations or political entities. Let's see now. Eighty-seven countries, eighty-seven people's courts, eighty-seven guilty verdicts, and eighty-seven cries of persecution.

The first time, maybe. The second time doubtful. But to have been found worthy of expulsion by the people of AT LEAST eighty-seven different countries for crimes against the people of those countries? Such a claim stretches the limits of human credulity beyond its most liberal bounds of endurance.

When one comes to the realisation of the fact that these different peoples in most of these cases did not know of each other, or for that matter had never even heard of the other's existence, and yet determined, independently, over a two-thousand-seven-hundred year span of time that the Jews were committing such serious crimes that it was necessary to uproot them lock, stock and barrel in order to drive them from their homes, many times with loss of life and great destruction of property, it is then and only then, that one can truly appreciate the gravity of the Jewish Question.

Fantastic content, saved and bumped because this is what Holla Forums always used to be like before it went full jew kosher conservative.

10/10 and nearly 260 bootings of kikes.
Nice work user and that the first post is botspam, you have hit a nerve.

Saved and stored for prosperity but it would be nice to see it in something other than excel formatting.

I posted the first post, I wrote it all out before I posted.
I agree with changing the format, just not sure how to go about doing it

fml i feel like such a newfaggot, I didn't even bother looking at the ID's

the worst part is im far from a newfaggot and shoulodn't make fuckups like that

Quick comentary: I'm sure the problem is that the whole world is anti-semitic and jews did nothing wrong, because leftists have been replying to this with lists about places where whites have been expelled (like Zimbawe, where africans expelled whities and have since lived in peace and prosperity).
Problem is that they mix different unrelated people in that list. For example, they put all colonies who got independency in that list, which means that not only all of latin america is on it, but also the United States, liberating their white selves from the dominion of the savage englishmen.

I can't even.

Great job OP. I haven't gotten to look through all of this yet, but a sort of standard question I'd ask to make sure we're accurate is possible is, did you make sure none of these were duplicates?


Yeah. Damn shame that Holla Forums evolved from being a mere history cataloger to having actual influence in the world. Damn shame indeed.

Great work OP

You should add the fall of the Hyksos dynasty. The Jews had conquered Egypt but were so shitty to the people they violently overthrew them and kicked them out. The Jews wrote Exodus as their first civilization-level lie. The Holohoax is just the latest one of those.

I made sure as many as possibly weren't, for instance if different sources listed the exact same place but one year apart, and there were no other expulsions from that place for a while i'd assume one of them just got the date wrong and counted it as one.
No doubt some of these have escaped me, but i'd be surprised if it was more than 5-10

Thank you OP. This is great material to show to normalfags and start a conversation.

I was thinking of making it into a video similar to this:
Do you think that would be a better way to get it out there?

How do we solve the Jewish question in today's day and age?

So what you're saying is, Hitler wasn't racist… he was Aryanist/Ethnicist. America was racist, tho.

I wouldn't mind a html,excel or word compatible copy so we can click the links also

What about a map with numbered points for each removal and a 'b side' with the information corresponding to the removal?

just an idea for something different


If they had thought t9 fuck8ng kilo them, there wouldn't be a problem now.

A genetically targetted cacovirus.
They trailed them in the 50s, shouldn't be hard to reproduce - just make sure it can't survive a mutation.

Output some graphs in excel.
Expulsions over time, percentage for ritual murder etc.

I was one of the user's that replied to you there. That thread was a "Daughters for Israel" thing.. was thinking, so far as video goes, note all the places they've been kicked out (portraying them as victims) and sarcastically end with "Draft our Daughters for Israel".
Sad music and all that shit. Just worry that the satire might go over many people's heads.
If you guys think it might work, let me know.

Both list and video are equally good ways.
I think it would be good to put some music in that starts slow and gets faster and faster and make the places/dates also start slow and then switch faster and faster

Alright… was just thinking… I select the ones where they were kicked out for some sick or shady (((merchanting))) shit (usury, etc).
>Background music:

Why all the ritual murders of children? I know ancient Hebrew worship involved sacrificing goats on hilltops. But, isn't that a bit odd?

It's almost like Judaism got subverted by some other ancient religion. Didn't the ancient Carthaginians practice child sacrifice?

Because they worship moloch, who favors child sacrifices at certain times of the year.

contrary to what the kikes like to push it is very hard to motivate white men to want to annihilate an entire people.

Judaism may only be as old as 600 BC. Maybe 300 BC in the form we know it. It was just some Babylonian moneyhchangers who got themselves some land which might have belonged to their ancestors, and then built a temple cult around it to get shekels from locals.
They borrowed elements from everywhere but specifically their official Moses myth might be the public version of an esoteric doctrine about how their tribe can have eternal salvation by removing itself from the world of the Gentiles (and paying shekels to the temple).
Deep Judaism is Persian Saturnism. This is sort of the lingering polytheist rebelling against Zoroastrianism's dualism (good and evil) by embracing evil. They kill kids because they want to prove that they are beyond morality, because the act is so obviously fucked. It's not Moloch worship. It's next level.
The Jews rolled with this because they grew out of the margins as a disempowered minority and figured out how to keep that going for thousands of years.

what said. and because they have a disproportional high percentage of murderous psychopaths. just look up how many (((white))) serial killers are actually kikes

Kikes probably have a technicality or loophole in their religious law that makes children not count as fully human since they aren't adults. You know sort of how they and kebabs have laws that make rape ok as long as the girl is 3 years old or younger?

Jews love loopholes, especially religious ones.

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Because they're not jews, they're satanists like Jesus said. It explains everything.

Ones by muds is tempered by them being muds.

Saved. Quality work.

What the fuck are you even talking about? Just read their religious texts and you'll find the passages that make such abuses possible.

No source for the 1959 expulsion from Cuba? That one sounded interesting

Jews have ALWAYS been satanists. Jesus was just trying to justify the religion he was born into and perhaps reform it. The Jews wouldn't let that happen so they killed him and his disciples formed a number of alternative religions that fought it out until we had two winners in Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

I remember you 15.5 GB user! Glad you posted here.

One suggestion regarding the list, which were mentioned when you dropped the list earlier, is to add archive links for the internet sources (additional column). I remember you mentioning that you picked a lot of their sources so that they can't use it against you, but it is important to have a date connected to when the source were taken for formalities sake (archive provide both backup and time stamp). If this gain traction they might "shut it down" or edit them. This would also simplify since archive got compact url when you can't click. Just a suggestion. Keep it up!

Good work

They weren't expelled in Guatemala for lack of contact. Smells like a kike lie.

Is OP's image available in text form?
Is there a pastebin of it?

Also, props for using mostly jewish sources.


So many interesting comments, makes you wonder if jews realized that nationalism was their biggest enemy.
Some comments were deleted but there's an archive:

This one's a real gem:

Got a fucking FILE so I don’t have to OCR the sources?

mfw OP isn't a faggot.

Well done OP.

(OP) I love this post user. MOAR!!!

Incredibly stupid. All research on that topic confirmed that it ALWAYS would spread too other populations.



some of their rabbis interpret the talmud to mean a jew may kill a gentile if he stands in the way of israel. or if a gentile could be a source of persecution a jew may kill him, even if he is not currently persecuting. they believe themselves vastly superior to gentiles, and the goyems only purpose is to serve. when their messiah comes they will each have 2800 slaves. it's disgusting seeing christians and other europeans cuck for them when they want us extinct.

And now, for a Jew's interpretation of this historic record …

Does anyone have a similar infographic explaining how many times they've been kicked out for cannibalism and or blood libel? I'm trying to make a good historical comparison case for why the Satanic youth ritual aspect of Pizzagate is 110% true

Video in LOW DEF.. SORRY.. Here goes Super High Ultra Quality

What the fuck is so hard about uploading the fucking FILE.

359 times and a lot where repeat expulsions,its like the jew is a anti biotic resistant MSRA infection and they never learn.They truly cannot exist without being parasites.Just imagine if we could add the U.S. to that list and strip them of their greatest host in history.It is material like this that can make that possible to turn everyone against them so as to never vote for another jew and completely disregard anything they say as the same old bullshit lies.To hell with their narratives,no one wants them around if they have any common sense.Have to beat this over the heads of the new generations.So far progress is being made and they are squirming indeed.

Doing God's work, user. Props.

I really, really, really like this image user. Would you consider gathering info for other related topics?

this ancient religious history is so interesting. are there any good texts on ancient judaism and history along these lines that aren't kosher bs?

Having so much influence, that it was disarmed into being "alt-right" and "fashy" with meme magicians that shitpost heavily like the board is the new Holla Forums.

Youre almost as bad as the people who think their votes matter in elections. Enjoy your psyop board faggot.

Please die reddit.

Beautiful and nice.

359 times for


OP, use these to upload the original image.

wtf am I looking at?

I'm not available right now though so if you post it now I'll archive a few and give the workload to the rest of us

Is this irony?

Bump for visibility:

Is there a counterargument to the things mentioned in your first quote?

Excellent work OP. You do not enjoy cock. You could also cut your list in half (part 1 and 2)

Its an argument that carries a burden of proof as nobody can really deny it nor comfirm it.
Im not sure about how to counter it as I will try to see the correlation between expulsion of jews and if it helped the nation.
I believe it did as most of the times the countries did better both economically and social but im just a shitposter without much knowledge.

also you could say that jews often had places of importance such as banks, cinemas, media, etc… (just like in weimar's republic…), people blamed them because they were in charge or in top of the hierarchy.
I like this because you use the argument of "le banks are evil" "the 1% is the problem" and this way you seed the ways of the redpill :^)

Well done.

I'm truly honored that you made this into a video and uploaded it.
Honestly you've made my day, thank you!

Wew, this is huge. The "109 times" argument has gotten a bit bland after using it so many times, so this is a much appreciated upgrade. Thanks a lot!

If you're serious…:The image isn't moving it's your mind playing tricks on you.

What if I don't see it moving, is my brain broken?


How long until we see the some more nations added to that list??

Either we do it real soon or we die, so maybe a decade.


Thanks OP.

You are now aware that this was the choice every time, and we are simply on spin 311+1 on the wheel.


ffs tell me you archived all the links

They say they got expelled from Egypt in like 1500 BC (exodus).
Egyptian sources (Manetho, an egyptian priest) says they were expelled at another date (hyksos), dont know if you got that.

Also better archive all that shit and also put it in a word and upload it.

Thanks for your effort OP, have a bump and a (you).

Could you provide us with sources user ?

And christians keep taking the jews back. Christfags are the abused housewives of religions. People of the book…..pathetic.

on this day op is not a faggot

kek wills it

youd have to become a theology major to really get to understanding all of religious cultural history

That's why the Final Solution is the only real solution. Something is broken in us that keeps us from keeping them out for good, or they're just that damn good at verbal jew-jitsu.

Hitler had the right idea, but he didn't go far enough with it. We're past Madagascar now.


OP here
I was just thinking, I could create a master list which includes all the attacks on Jews in with this list of expulsions, it would probably be 5x as long, but if a normie comes to a list of 1000+ incidences Jews were expelled or attacked they MUST start to ask themselves "why?", surely?
Although that's what I hoped I'd be able to do with this list

entertaining the marketing principles of logos, ethos, pathos, i think normies would be more receptive to famous 'antisemites' than numbers

Norway got it's constitution in 1814. It says "Jews are still not permitted entry to this kingdom".

Before this there was a "sleeping paragraph" about Jews not being permitted, but after 1814 it was enforced again and I'd argue that we threw them out.

Of course, some years later, we had to ask the Jews for a small loan after (((economy died))), and they would only give it to us if they were allowed to jew us…

Saw this on Voat first

Voat is slowly becoming more and more like the Holla Forums that I remember back from 2014, early 2015. Quality posters have left here a long time ago (I mostly lurk, even on voat)

Not to nitpick, but since your first row is the labels, the total is actually 358. It isn't something that matters, but it's exactly the kind of thing kikes will focus on to avoid having to address facts.

I did find the Norway thing, however because it wasn't an actual expulsion of Jews currently living there I didn't include it

Link? I am genuinely the author of this document and I've never even heard of voat before, I'm curious

Not that I don't agree all the real posters have moved on just as we did before. Won't name names because this site is infested, but OP at least belongs on >>>/polk/

Voat is an open source reddit that rose up after they began their heavy censorship during the GG era.

Also, great work OP. This professional level of work reminds me of that great doc an user did on the holohoax. OC like this is what pushes us forward.

Definitely share the raw data for posterity/re-memeing. Use these sites to upload:

Wow, they even got kicked out of Uganda. Literally nobody wants those fuckers.





One more expulsion and they'll have come…
Full circle.

think of all the town, villages, and regions they must have been thrown the fuck out of in Asian history. This is only a listing in western history. They don't last long in Mongolia if they try to live there.

which doc?? link please

Pretty good.

the problem with jews is a bit greater than just getting expelled. I mean with the record of setting plagues against Egypt and all that shit, it's a surprised they were even allowed to settle in other countries, although they mostly did that while being citizens of the Roman Empire and due to the (((Karlings))), before the "polish" nobles stabbed themselves…

Come on OP, don't be a faggot and use a willing user's time to immortalize the effort you've put in this.

OP here, how do I go about doing this? I'm a complete retard when it comes to tech stuff. Post a link where I can upload it please. Thanks a lot for the support!

Your file is an Excel page from the looks of it, right? If you don't mind, you can upload the file itself straight to one of the sites mentioned in or find another way to copy and paste all the links to a separate page (e.g. Ghostbin) if you don't want to share the file itself.

alright gonna do that now, thanks user

Here's the document, all I ask is you don't try to complete more of the list yourself and make your own, as I'm going to be doing that all summer and I'll post that here again when I'm 100% sure it's finished.
Thanks again, here's the link:

Alright, starting online archiving process now. Will get to you again when I'm finished.

Love it OP! Saved and bumped and will continue to follow thread and add if I can.

If all the times it says "Jews Expelled" it instead said "Jews slaughtered", we wouldn't be having this problem today.

I finished archiving all the links, it didn't take me much time because many of the sources were books and links repeated over and over again. Will probably start offline archiving at a later time, but again all the links are archived online now. Do you want them?

Ashkenazi are the biggest group of Jews and most destructive. Also, they are breeding themselves to death, they are actively reaping other populations for pure genes to offset their inbreeding.

I have a questionable 360.

The jews of Bungay (England) seem to have been kicked out in 1190. This was the exact time that other jewish communities nearby were being expelled (King's Lynn, Thetford, Norwich, Lincoln) for their ritual murders and blood sacrifices. They were attacked and suddenly none of them lived there. You could say that was potato po-tah-to (that doesnt really work in writing, does it?) but if the whole town attacks you so you have to leave, I call that expulsion.

But they dindu nuffin goyim. Everyone was making it up simultaneously for no reason but hatred.

Forgot sauce:

Christians and Jews in Angevin England jews&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjnrIn-_43UAhXHB8AKHUTwB9IQ6AEIMTAC#v=onepage&q=bungay jews&f=false

Yes please!

The jews never learn.



Great work, OP

To add to the list; Denmark year 1813 and again in 1820

In 1813 Jews were expelled from Denmark by the people, for creating the financial collapse of the government, many Danes starved to death.

Sounds to me like the non-Jews never learn. Who kept letting the Jews back in?

Shabbos goys who craved shekels. This is why we always kill traitors before enemies. Remember that.

Didn't G-d himself personally boot them out of Palestine 3 times?

Good greey goys will always open the doors

A storm will blow out of the steppes across all the holy lands again.

i think they're gays not jews

fuk, how do I internet
can't download
maybe because it's an .xlsx
can you zip it and reup plz?

White people have been expelled from more place. You won't talk about that though because you're a faggot.

holol pride world wide

Excellent work user. You are doing Kek's work.

Reminder that it is currently 7:30 AM in Tel Aviv and that getting an early start on your workday doesn't matter if YOUR TARGETS CAN OUT YOU INSTANTLY, YOU FILTHY FUCKING YID.

nvm, I had forbidden google in requestpolicy, I wasn't accessing recaptcha
now everyone who downloaded it got another verybadgoy flag added to their profile

Yes, colonies.
Also, not all white colonies expelled whites.
USA is an example.

Also, look after the reason of expulsion.

Double dubs confirm…
Also, do not go to googlebooks from8/pol/, it's way to doxx you, frog.

saved, user. Thank you.

good socratic method

good compilation

great work


Great find OP, here is an Old Testament Prophet telling Jews that God will punish them. It's very telling because of this excerpt;

Basically all these expulsions and punishments toward the Jews are done by God. You don't go after a guy if he's not bothering anyone, so when Jews are attacked it's because some of them are doing shady shit.

OP Here

Just posting my YouTube channel again:

I got two strikes for "hate speech" a week ago and so I won't be uploading until they are expired (August time)

This may be a blessing in disguise as this gives me more time to complete the list.

Stay goyish Holla Forums

Also, I am TRULY TRULY honoured that I made it into the Daily Stormer: Forums-user-proves-that-jews-were-expelled-from-at-least-359-locations/

Thanks guys. We CAN and WILL defeat the Jews ONCE AND FOR ALL!

Doing gods work user


Somebody should make a video of this list, going into the details of how the Jews were kicked out of each country
If must have high production value and digestible for the normies

I was planning on doing this after finally finishing the list, in a similar style to this:
I'm very happy for another user to do this however, this information NEEDS to get out there. Imagine a normie hearing that Jews have been expelled OVER 300 TIMES and yet they were only told about ONE of the expulsions (le evil Nazis!)
I can feel their power crumbling and it's amazing

Cheers OP. A lot of shills spout the 109 figure from the '90s but obviously the insufferable jew does not belong anywhere but jerusalem/hell.

I'll fill in the missing sources and make a PDF for us to spread, maybe even throw in a preface or foreword from Dr. Duke or Kevin MacDonald.


It's still namefagging, still cancer, but at least it's better than Reddit.

Also all the racism for the sake of being edgy really kills me you Niggerfaggot. Sophomoric attempts honestly.


Any way to get the .xlsx file? Sorry, new here, don't see anything but a .png to download… Thx

Best fuck off then.

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Hola mamá. Estoy en las noticias.


Lurk two years before posting.


The one spec of light that we can take from this is the western world will surely perish from this jewish infection and hopefully take the jews with it.

I'm imagining a world where primitive muslims and asians finally end the jews, they'll have no host people to feed on anymore


bumping this fantastic research idea. Would be interesting to see the numbers for child rapists as well. Could make some revealing memes. Also