How to get it running:
- Games4the world torrent. Follow instructions.
- Get store fixes from their site
- Get nraas master controller, nraas registry, nraas overwatch
- get KW (or not)

Useful extra stuff collection:


I'm thinking of starting a Holla Forums house, so letshear suggestions.
The above image is a list of sims I currently have available, but feel free to suggest others.
As always, dubs are not suggestions, but orders.

Other urls found in this thread:[-suzumiya-haruhi-]--af-set/id/1116891/ 3 Performance Improvement Guide Rev 1.7z?dl=0,

I was about to suggest Doomguy until I saw he was already in.
Only character I can think to suggest is Big Boss.

NO ONE is in already.
The image just shows what sims I already have made, and I needed to use something for a thread image anyways

Right now there's 0 sims in the household.
So you want Doomguy?

I downloaded an eypatch, more military uniforms, some more hairs and cigars (object, not an accessory)…so Big Boss is a posiblity

post futa house

donald trump

Put the orc female in down the bottom

Make Bane

Current list:
- Doomguy/Big Boss (specify pls)
- Donald Trump
- Or(futa or vanila version?)
- Bane (he might be tricky. Have to find a mask)

EDIT: Can't find a good mask for Bane. Can't believe you can find shit like Edward Cullen mask, but not bane. So far, I only found one decent mask - a gas mask.

If Bane will be in, CIA is a must.

Anyone know why shemales don't get erect in kinkyworld? I can't find shit about it with my google-fu.

It works for me. Try clearing cache, re-setting the town.
Check your nraas settings (Owerwatch and CAS settings).

CIA is easy, but I can't find a good Bane mask.

I got it running with a few expansions but it's stuttering like crazy and after a while all the neighbors' houses are filled with huge piles of dirty laundry and they leave babbies on the floor.


Found a mask that might work. Also found a kevlar vest and fingerless gloves.
Bane is now possible!

You said you have Yukiko on that list. Make Rise too. This hair will work for her

Suggesting Shy Guy.

Are there hair and outfits capable of doing Haruhi or Yuki?

there is a haruhi outfit, but for adults only[-suzumiya-haruhi-]--af-set/id/1116891/

Set the slider multiples high and make Moonman.


Updated my extra stuff. Another .rar added with updated stuff And more sims. Same link.

I couldn't get back to check up on this thread, since my internet in the apartment is gone, so I can only check/update when I'm at work. That's why some sims may not be 100% correct, since I had no pictures for reference.

Anyway, made these two recently, still haven't added them to the house.

It will take time to get other sims in, so for now there are only 4 people in the house.

Doomguy, Trump, Bane and Ghurza Cunttcrusher

2. Trump and Ghurza don't get along. She has to go back.

3. The gang visits the neighbors. Bane makes moves on Lara Croft.

4. Trump and Baynotta are hitting it off.

5. Lara tells Trumps scary stories about the fall of america. The rest gather in the lounge for TV and talk.

1. Doomguy, true to the quiet protagonist, doesn't talk with anyone. He just watches TV. Bane is swarmed by Lara and Samus. He is a Big Guy.

2. Samus makes some bold moves. Lara doesn't like it.

3. Doomguy finally opens his mouth. Maybe he shouldn't have

4. Trumps love for strong women - CONFIRMED!

I recently redownloaded the game, but need some help. I can't seem to get any mods to work. I put the .PACKAGE files in OS (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Mods > Packages, but nothing shows up ingame. Custom clothes and stuff like that work fine, but things like new interactions don't Can't get Nraas Overwatch or Kinkyworld to work this way, even though I'm pretty sure they should be working. Any ideas?

You need the mod framework first.
It's just a few files that need copying.


You can enable adult cloths for teens (and many other stuff. Show hidden outfits is a great thing) in nraas -> CAS, but it won't look good.

You should put the package files in the documents folder


yea, this shit is not gonna download

its at 18 seconds, i guess it doesn't count when I"m in another tab

Thanks, I got it now.

1. As the day winds down, things normalize a little. Bane antagonizes Bayonetta, Samus and Doomguy find common ground, Trump decides to go skinny dipping.

2. Gruza prepares a BBQ for everyone. Lara, Samus and Bane keep chatting/flirting

3. Samus and Doomguy chat about their adventures. Bane continues to argue with Bayonetta.

4. Ghurza and Lara skinny dip together. Bane gets mad and crashes the party. Everyone leaves.

Question - what to do with their careers/jobs?

I was thinking for Trump to go into politics - his goal: leader of the free world!

For Bane - the criminal branch?

I have several military careers as mods, from more realistic regular army, marines, to N7-like special space forces.

The fucking ice cream truck is genuinely terrifying. Fucker parks outside your house in the dead of night all the time. Is that due to a mod or part of the base game?

Question about Kinky world. What kind of horrible hybrids can you make by having someone impregnated by a dog, a cat or a horse?

Im pretty sure you just get a Horse/Cat/Horse, working solely off the animal rather then the human for the "genetics".

So basically vanilla non-abominations.

You can get a human, an animal or random.

Base game. And he's always there. Watching. Waiting.

Oh, i thought the last updated implied some abominations

you can get a 'dog hybrid', but thats just pointy ears. I dont have supernatural, but I want someone with it to see if they are just werewolves (which have the same pointy ears)


Ah, ok, then no fun making Dr. Moreau's island.

You know what would have been neat? Being able to control a sim in first person.

Well, they are clearly mexican :^)

I will fix it

But you can. With all the extra sliders and sim customiztion options, you can make some crazy shit.

The gang returns home.
DoomGuy takes a relaxing mud bath.

Everyone hits the hay.

The Holla Forums house is large and has 4 rooms with double beds + room to expand.

Did all that. No change.


New LGR on the latest sims 4 stuff pack. They added pokemon for kids. Someone should get on modding that for the sims 3. It would work better in the open world

Since I was only just now reminded of it with seeing the new thread, I had compiled a mini performance pack that should improve the performance of your game for The Sims 3. I had it in closed testing, revised some things and now I think it's ready for open testing. There's some things to do but once it's all done there should be generally very little slowdowns and other lag issues with playing the Sims 3. 3 Performance Improvement Guide Rev 1.7z?dl=0

Let me know how well this was effective and what to add/remove/revise for the next one. I see plenty of Kinkyworld stuff and other mods but very little performance improvers.

I run all the expansions with very little slowdowns even on an aging computer.
I still have the savefile for pic related rotting on my harddrive despite how long ago this was.

Doesnt look _that bad even, sure as hell not gonna buy it but im impressed for once they made a stuff pack that actually focuses on what they say it focuses on.

I was thinking when watching it that this is like the generations of the sims 4. Maybe they're looking back over what worked with the sims 3


Does it still take forever too load? I can't test it right now, but I will tomorrow.

Based on the way The Sims 3 is (uncompressed files everywhere) that there's very little to do to fix the long load times other than:

Remember that Sims 3 with all of the expansions is 30GB, with store content this doubles to about 60GB and even more if you have mods.

I was hoping you were a high wizard.

The game is coded in C# and runs in 32-bit, there's a shitload of problems with the game that can't be easily fixed and the load times is one of them. The only permanent solution to improving load times is like improving performance in other titles: improving your computer focusing on read/write speeds.


I know that, friend. I'm just saying I was hoping you were able to magic something up that caused the game to not have 10+minute load times. I getting the game to not stutter with all expansions packs is a miracle in and of itself.

new kinkyworld patreon leak >>>/hgg/16842

One of the patch notes:

I was right, the dog hybrid is a werewolf. I assume this would only be for Supernatural though

How much of a performance issue and prone to crashes Kinkyworld is anyway?

can you have sexual intercourses with plumbots?

it is a high performance mod. Most people notice a hit to their game when they install it.

I think you can. They were working on plumbot sex and in one of the latest patches they added a way to turn plumbots into androids which could have sex. I haven't tried it yet, though, so I may be wrong and its not fully implemented yet

Looks like the best Stuff Pack yet.

Not that THAT is saying much, but still, it has a theme and actually follows it, and unlike spooky actually seems relevant for more then one season.

The game - with a shitton of expansions, mods (KW) included and do-dads - runs at a constant 22fps on my toaster.
And I didn't even use the 4GB path yet.


1. Moonman and CIA join DA HOUSE (Big Boss and Shy Girl are living close by, but are not part of the household)

2. Moonman admires Doomguys big gun

3. He then plays vidiya game with CIA giving moral support

4. Trump and Moonman strike up a conversation. Despite Trumps criticism, Moonman likes the future president.

1. Trump spends most of the day shitposting on the internet. Doomguy plays vidiya, Bane tells scary stories.

2. Moonman goes out to the park for some fun time. He grabs and ice cream but his days is soured when he notices something.

3. He did "borrow" doomguys gun, so he might as well test it on a porch monkey.

Moonman spends too long admireing his handywork and gets caught by the police…a lovely aryian blonde police officer to be more precise….who likes him and gives him her number. And then in front of the police station another woman goes crazy for the killer.
At least Moonman knows who to call when he gets out of jail.

Bane and CIA and Ghurza do some training. Doomguy plays more vidiya.

its a slight performance hit but can be hard to tell since sims 3 usually runs like ass and crashes a lot anyway

Seriously fuck DRM.

And I'm not going back to sims 3, it runs like shit no matter what you do, it's full of bugs and the graphics are outdated

Isn't that the whole point of DRM.

Anyway, just wait for a few months.

Trump joins the political career and goes around visiting people.
Serious Sam and Duke Nukem both like him.

Doomguy play MORE vidiya. Seriously, it's like all her ever does. That and mud baths/TV. In two days he only talked with Samus a bit and once with Bayonetta.

Moonman should be getting out of jail soon. His victim left behind a wife and son. Should moonman finish the job?
Also, I have an assassin career installe . Should moonman go for it?

Meanwhile Bane is in the bed with CIA. I knew it!

Also, Bane discovers the downside of having a face mask


What do everyone consider to be the "best" world(s)? Don't really see discussion of em aside from people mendtioning how awful Isla Paradiso is due pathing and making leaks even worse.

I usually go for Twinbrook myself but i wouldn't call it "the best".

What's the best Sim Game? 1, 2, or 3?

Also, just how much expansion packs and content is there of the Sims? I've always wondered, anyone know?

2 or 3.

3 is godly but you need to optimize the SHIT out of it AND have a good rig to get the most of it and has the better mod Community.

2 on the other is so old that it will run good without you needing to do shit these days.

Really depends on how important you think Story Progression outside of the family you play is and the open world is.

2 also had advantage in that the content melds together much easier wheras in 3 some expansion content is so gimmicky it gets in the way (IE: Supernatural and Pets), and in my opinion the better premade families(if you care about those), the ones in 3 kinda feels like throwaways since they usually get wiped out by the (EA) Story progression eventually, but chances are you won't care about the Pre-mades anyway.

Basically, Put work into "Fixing it" and modding it up? Then 3, right out of the install? 2.

1 isn't bad, but 2 was gigantic improvement in basically everyway, still fun to play every once in a while though and frankly still "better" then 4 is in its current state.

Too many.

Ghurza goes over to the Hottie (Samus, Lara, Baynoetta) household while everyone else does their stuff.

After some chatting she goes to the bathroom. Bayonetta uses that opportunity to rape Lara Croft. They both go to bed immediately after that. With nothing to do, Ghurza leaves.

Oh, Moonman back from prison. He worked out in prison and is now more athletic.

custom or core?

I like Appalosa plains. GEt hte fixed word, though.

Dragon Valley is very nice
Sunlit Tides is small-ish, but it has a weird topology, since the town is an island archipelago, so it's ring-shaped.

Winchester Farming Community - real nice and small
Dragon Falls - also very nice.

Moonman invites the police officer that arrested him over. They get along splendidly.

She also hogs the video gayms so Doomguy can't play.

Meanwhile, CIA introduces himself to Lara Croft.

6 sims in the house curenlty. We can add more.

Figured anything goes, i never really bothered with store worlds.

But Dragon Falls looks really lush and nice.

Friendo, i asked for a Shy Guy like days ago, But looking at it you should probably go Shy Gal to avoid getting even more sausages in this party.

Alternatively, Lightning from FFXIII since i think seeing her suffer is just up Holla Forumss alley.

I put Shy Girl in a house nearby. We'll have Trump check up on her. Or we can get her to move in.

Lightining, eh?

I really like the feel of Bridgeport, even though it bloats saves like a motherfucker. If I had to pick another, less bloaty town, it'd be the one from Supernatural.

If you can make a decent/good lightning, or find one online and pack all the stuff together, I'd love to get that.

Can't find her for download.
The ones I found are either blocked, not for D/L (maker is a dick) or behind some registration/paywall.

Does the new version of KW actually fucking work or is my game still going to freeze every time I try to load it?

I think you need to clear out EVERYTHING relating to the old version to get the new one running properly.

As in Core Packages, Worlds/Saves and Caches.

I think a OP had the same issue last thread and decided to just stick with a old one.


Moonman and Lucky start a date, but decide to remain in-house rather than go outside.

Bane almost drowns in the pool. That's because he didn't see water till he was a grown man.

Things were generally going OK, with people chatting or playing games, then….
Bane decides to beat up Kucky and she leaves angry.

Moonman doesn't take Banes messing with his date well.

CIA starts playing the piano, and Bane join in. Trump and Doomguy follow suit, and a jam session starts. The Unstumpables are born!

Moonman arranges a new date with Lucky, but it's not off to a good start. Then, zombies. Just can't get a break, can you?

So the game worked pretty flawless until I decided to buy a bigger house. I'm not really sure what killed it though, whether it was the house itself, the large garden, or there might have been an issue with the basement. Anyway it got to the point of freezing for several seconds for every second playing. Perfectly fine if I load the older save.


After the whole zombie shenanigans, Trump decides to BUILD THAT WALL.

Trump is an educated man. He reads a lot in his spare time. And who does he meet near the book store? While, it's Big Boss!

Trump also sometimes relaxes by playing vidiya. A vote for Trump is a vote for gamers!

Trump is a people person. All the common folk know him well and he knows them. (note: Shygirl has been altered)


Should I even bother updating this thread?

There doesn't seem to be much interest in the v house.

P.S. - Damn, do Sam and Duke have a bitching mansion! It makes the Holla Forums house look poor by comparison.
And elevated beds by the pool. Those must be Dukes idea….

Seems like it, i think it may be that not enough kinkyworld shenanigans are happening.

Have you ever made a diecisscum/10 and had another one of your sims fuck the Tumblr right out of them?

Mope, no one requested such a character. But it can be done easily enough.

I made two if you want them. Also made a numale who sleeps in the broom closet like the privileged shitlord he is.
No one likes them in town.
They don't even like eachother.

sure, put them up. I can put them in some empty shit house and then have our Holla Forums house make them more miserable.
Maybe send Ghurza over for some rape.
There's two things I should mention. If you want them to be full dickbags I tried to make them be you'd want to download the trait mod here.
I also used some store items for the females, so if you don't have them they should swap them out for some something else.
The fat bitch is called Mathilda like the dyke she is, and wants to become a professional blogger.
The transgender vampire tutti frutti otherkin thing's name is whatever she decides for that day. To be honest I don't remember a lot about her because she just puts me off.
The numale is called william wheatley. He wants to become the CEO of a corporation.

They look the part.

Hmm..not sure about the more traits thing. This just increase the man number, and nothing else, right?
Mentions possible conflicts.

Yeah, it means if you have another mod that increases the cap, it will conflict with it. I've got more than 50 gameplay tweaks and mods running and it hasn't affected me.

Any news about what future updates are coming for Kinky World? maybe finally being able to break the will of some Sim besides getting the masochism perk? Or selling them into slavery or eat them.

Not really into vore sexually, yet I find it intriguing as a way to dispose people.

Let's see what CIA is up to.

CIA takes a hydrotherapy treatment in the steamroom with Lara Croft. He also thinks that Bane is OK.

Lara attracts Trump. He makes fun of CIA

Lana and Trump at the same place? Everyone homes in like a seeking missile.

Lara leaves, but CIA, Bane and Trump bond.

Poor CIA. He's a butt of every joke in this house.

Doomguy spends 99% of the time playing games.

No wait…on-like chatting? Dating?
Ok, I think he realized what a big mistake it was…

Dude, you don't need masochism trait.
Rape them enough times and they will get it.

You will know when.

this is a huge reason i'm scared to get a torrent and may just look for my older copies of the sims 3

did you find one that was clean?

G-good game EA

I plan on doing that in my legacy challenge in ts4, I'm thinking of having the 2nd gen offspring end up getting pussywhipped by an SJW and then over time build up the courage to fight back and ultimately fuck the tumblr out of her after months if not years of being pegged.

Pic related is the SJW

i already told you dude, i'd rub my dick all over her face to wipe the sojus off

She needs about 70% more tattoos.

This is why you save regularly, i learned that in Sims 1 because toaster, always save once you get done making a family, Get done with a room in both Build/Buy mode and once a day in live mode.

Honestly i didn't find KW that obstructive, unless you actively direct them for it and don't have the messages chances are you will only see/hear NPC sims do sex related shit once in a blue moon.

That was my experience anyway.

Then again, KW and nraas together with fixes still run better then pure vanilla for me, so it might just be that i still think of it as a "gain".

I've been exiled out of town for the past week or something i've been gone, i'll try to post when other houses aren't around


those "get this get that" didnt help much
I can't into googling
give us some links dammit

Copypaste the shit into jewgle and click search fag

get your kw from >>>/hgg/

Any premade sims based on characters from fiction that aren't dependant on a fuckton of CC I can use to populate towns?

I'm feeling generous (and the thread is slow so some more blood would be good) so I'll spoonfeed you.

1. download a sims 3 torrent. I've heard Games4theWorld is good.

2. Don't go for a big all in one pack, download the individual expansions you want.If you're curious about an expansion, have a look at LGR's youtube reviews of them.

3. Let your game update to the latest patch via the launcher.

4. Download the ultimate fix. It doubles as a crack for the latest patch.

5. Download nraas overwatch (and nraas decensor to remove nude blur) to improve performance. Make sure to disable 'uniform cleanup' and 'stuckcheck' if you plan on using kinkyworld as they conflict.

5.5: game is now playable.

6. Download a mod folder: All package mods that you download can be simply copy/pasted into it.

7. Download the public release of kinkyworld from loverslab: or get the patreon patch from /hgg/ (this is more bug filled as it is a beta for the next public release): >>>/hgg/16842

8. supporting mods (from the loverslab page):
Custom Content Required:
+CmarNYC Penis Mesh & Sliders (Scripts not required) :
+Animations Packs (,

Custom Content Recommended:
+See through clothes & mini skirts without panty
+CmarNYC Nipples depth slider :
+CmarNYC skin:

9. Start up the game. It may take a second after yo uload into a world for kinkyworld to load. Click on a sim>kinky> settings to access the settings menu. Go into woohoo>animations and add the animation codes from their corresponding loverslab pages. (ie. KW_Amra72_Animations)

10. You're done and good to go.

I know, but I mean some actual broken perk, to have them be in love with the one raping and hitting them.

Just keep raping them, it will happen eventually.
when they get masocisht, the - turns to +.
The more you rape them, the more they like you.

Sure, you have a lot of work to turn -100 to +100 (or whatever), but group activities and talking about their stuff of interest helps.

It's in the OP link, you retard.

Everything I have installed but moonman and Shygirl (minus a big hair pack and KW)

Speaking of which, jobs for the peoples!

Given that I got a buck of extra careers installed, we have much more options.

Bane goes for the criminal career
Doomguy goes into Special Space Forces.

I was sure I had assasin career installed, but it doesn't show up. Maybe I didn't install it. Moonman has no job for now…but he did leave witnesses (2 of them). The black guy he killed also left behind a wife and son. What does he do Holla Forums?

thank you user, have a moonman for your troubles

raise his wife and marry his kid, duh

dubs hath spoken

But she is black… and he is Moonman.

well this is quite a predicament, i got dubs, but she's black

okay hear me out, so marry the kid, raise her, them kill them both in a fire as to not anger kek

An acceptable final solution.

HMmm…she looks like a half-blood actually, so.. maybe?
Kid is still a child and it's a male, so no.

I'm going to have to plan this murder properly.

do what you think is right, man, don't kill the kid just yet, wait until he's a teenager or young adult, then "forget" you have some grilled cheeses cooking

Any mods to allow teens (or even kids) to use the kissing booth?

What do?

Progressor's woohooer patch

There's a new way of isolationism coming.


Delete Caches if you didn't.

It is fucking amazing how many issues that clears up, it is also something you should always do before starting the game anyway.

Always try to run the game once before adding mods.

Might also just be that you are using the "wrong" .exe, but last i checked which one you launch with doesn't matter on "legit" versions, and i haven't used the G4tW Version since Island Paradise was released, but i recall something like that back then.

Mandatory Minimal Tier:
Ambitions, Generations, Seasons.

Cost-Efficent Bonus Tier:
University, Late Night (Note:When not using Bridgeport and disabling Vampires), World Adventures.

Worth it if you like Gimmick Life States Tier:
Supernatural, Into the Future.

More Bloat then Features Tier:
Island Paradise, Showtime, Pets.

I really don't get the fuzz over Late Night really, it isn't bad or anything, but so many seem to think it is "the best" expansion.

I think late night just had an impact for being one of the first 'good' expansions. It added a range of things that didn't interfere with the game too much. You want cities? theres a map. You want bands and bars? It's there. you want vampires? they're there, but can be disabled. A mix of immersive map, activity and location to go to, and a different form of sim.

It's in the Sims 3 thread on allthefallen, it's in the ananas.rar file and I think it gets updated as well, there's also a patched patreon build of KW (311 or 312 IIRC)

I see it mentions unlocking romance, but nothing about the kissing booth.

Are restrictions on kissing booths just based purely on kissing restrictions?

Moonman got game

I think so. The kissing booth is just a location for kissing, isn't it?

You should add the Masketta Man and Doctor Pavel for a full /bane/ crew.

Assassination career is started at the restaurant, if it's the same version I use.

No plumbot sex, for whatever fucking retarded reason.

I think Simbots work though, i had one get the Horny Moodlet and it "undresses" like a normal Sim, it undresses into graphical glitch though.

I think Plumbot CLANG may be on the agenda in the future if i remember shit right but there is a shit ton of shit to work out before then, theoretically it should be simple, Just add a "Sex Bot" trait chip, that gives a perpetual "Willing" Moodlet that makes it accept all Sex interactions along with the Sex Skill.

The issue seems to be more the animations due plumbots being rather variable in design, so what works for wirey flyer wouldn't work for a bulky walker and not all heads have mouths and so on, but would still "only" limit them to handjobs or something at worst.

Still i think making a Sexbot Waifu should be a option eventually, it probably just won't be that fulfilling.

If only kinkyworld had something for imaginary friends…

Looks like Moonman is going to have kill someone.


It works different from normal kissing mechanically (doesn't change relationship, costs money).

So can anyone suggest any fun shit to do with KW? My sim has just been banging random girls but it seems you can do much more.

make a loli or a shota and walk around lots at night for a real fun time

There's ano user on half/vg/ who's making a suims clone in Unreal Engine 4, he's already got multitasking and freeform lot size, and he's going to add terraforming

Tell me sweet lies.

Go on vacation and rape everyone.

Just went over to halfchan to see for myself.

I'll believe him when I see it.

Anyways, anyone know a good way to pirate the Sims 4 expansions, stuff, and game packs? I bought the base game on a whim when it was on sale for $30 sometime near release, and haven't played it much because it's shit. I want to try giving it a fair shot though, but I want some more content. How do I pirate them without Origin banning my ass? I don't care about the online features.

At this point he's really just setting up the framework. He's talked about making it before but I don't see why he wouldn't show us proof? Is he trying to attract more anons by using vaporware?

I think I made Wojak and Pepe too… But I deleted them by accident.

Anywhoo…I kinda started testig some stuff in another world save, but sorta got carried away…so no updates to the Holla Forums house today.

Have some lewds as an apology:

user, the fun isn't doing the raping yourself, your designated rapeist(s) should be outside the household so you never know when it strikes along with other degenerates, like a Incest family, and a Bestiality family

Then you do something like make a pure virgin maiden and attempt to live purely with no sex before marriage and attempt a legacy challenge trying to maintain a "Normal" family in a city of complete degenerates.

Having Story Progression and disabling immigration is a must, that way you can keep track of who is descended from which degenerate (and/or EA Family if you are playing on one of their worlds).

It is like micromanaging every action of your sims life, you CAN do it, but letting them take care of themselves and only intervening on occasions they are going full retard is usually more interesting, even if non-optimal.

I know that feel, i have spent hours tweaking Sunset Valley without actually playing it, since i wanna fix shitty lot flaws before i start, like the Landgraab Consignment being centered on its lot instead of being next to road edge.

It keeps making me opt to build new ones entirely on different locations instead though, and then the snowballing starts with "I should have a Rebel hangout at the Crime Career Rabbithole lot, and it should be next to the Junkyard" and "I should have a Athletic Bunnyhole at the Gym instead of a stadium" and "Vampire and Supernatural Hangouts should be close, but not TOO close" and so on.

This is what I love the most about the kinkyworld mod. They kept this in mind and as such, sims can engage in sex autonomously, yet still limited to parameters (attractiveness and horniness). I find most sex mods for games to be boring, as they just add some animations and call it a day. Kinkyworld is great because you can see AI engaging in sex around you, and due to the nature of the base game, you can see stories forming around the act.

Have some more lewds, given that I have so many of htem:


I'm having wild orgies happen.
Mother + daughter + THEIR daughter
3 sister combo
Twins (one is futa) have a baby that grows up super fast. Their mother seduces her.

And my school is sodomy central. Teachers and students fucking in every fucking room


also how into futa?

least i got loli action


Kinkyworld's new version allows you to turn the school into a working lot instead of a rabbithole. Dunno if it works for other careers, I know that Nraas has a version that does.

Are there any mods for underwear as accesories so I can have girls with sagging pants that reveal cute print panties?

So I decided Moonman needs more kills. I went to the house of some guy names Mongo. Turns out he's a celebrity and a soldier. Better skip for now.

The rest of the house is chilling by the pool. Trump reads to improve his charisma.

So Moomnman instead decides to go to the house of the widow. For some reason there's a whole herd of white horses in front.

She doesn't let us in, but thinks Moomnan is OK. Hold on. She looks familiar. Scroll up and find v_house013.jpg guys. This is hillarious.

You get it? She's the one that wanted to get to know Moonman as he was in the police car, driving to the jail after killing her husband. Either way, Moonman bring on the charm.

I think I found an exploit. Spamming "Salute" is melting the dislike at lighting speed.

The big guy is feeling the sniffles.

With the dislike gone, Moonman gets in the house.
I think I fucked up. No murder options are showing up, but the assassination package should open up new ones (like poison)
While I was trying to figure out what to do, Moonman took matter in his own hands.

Mindbrake trough constant rape? Why not? After a few "sessions" the kid comes home and calls the police. Time to run.

It seems Moonman has the rapist trait. Dunno why. I thought I gave him the one that makes him get into fights. OH well, I can change that later. For now - running away!

And as we're running Bane gets a call from Lara Croft. The is asking the Big Guy out for a date.

Meanwhile, Moonman pretends to be a innocent citizen reading books. It fools the police who run in the other direction.
Strange things, the cop left his car the whole day. Who knows where he left?

Bane and Lara meet up at the outlook. Alas, Bane seems more interested in looking around than in Lara.

Kingky World

enable debug mode.
Go into debug and you'll find a "change to shemale" option.

made the same post on hgg but since you're talkin kinkymod in here i'll ask here too

does anyone got the hd skin textures? the sites that they link to on lovers lab both have broken links for the downloads. i like this but the skin looks like clay still fapped also wheres the dick sliders so i can give my dude a monster dong?

You have skin REPLACERS and EXTRA skins.
I got a few extra ones (meaning you have to edit a sim to use it) and a shittpon of sliders. Just follow the link in the OP, fagget.

Made a Guts, Casca and Griffith in house
Things were going okay then Griffith tried to rape Casca but Casca fucking beat the shit out of him so then he tried raping Guts and won for some fucking reason

Griffth looks like a faggot from those shitty emo bands cause I really couldn't find any trap looking sims

Mik24 released a new batch of animations:

I can't get them, the files are blocked for me because they are encrypted.

Can some of you good goys put them up, unencrypted?

You get medieval stuff and clothes if you get Dragon Valley.

Anyway, the widow is gone. Only her snitch of a son is back in the house and a visitor - Danielle.

Moonman takes aim for afar…BANG! The kid is dead.

And I think I figured out why we didn't get no skills. To get the first level, you need to stay on the lot until the reaper completes the death rites.
Now we know..and knowing is half the murder.

Few more gems:

- Moonman visiting Pepe and Wojak

- Lara Croft joins the military career (space marine). Doomguy is her boss. Samus is a Police investigator.

- Baynoetta visits the Holla Forums house. Doomguy has the sniffles too.

- While I was looking at other households, the entire gang went out to the restoraunt at the top of the mountain. Sweet.

You know? I love this kind of threads, seeing what others are doing.

Me too.

i did that and now i get an error message that one of the mods in that folder doesnt match up to my current version. i dont think sims needs any excuse to be fucking up more. i just wanna jerk off to my supersim fucking everyone in the city with nice looking skin is that too much to ask?

have a picture with no context

Install Nraas' Vector and start a zombie apocalypse.

user you need to make sure you have the XCAS cmar packages too. That seemed to get my game working even though it says outdated mod.

Ignore the error. Everything werks fine.

Let's continue:

1. Trump cruises around the town on his chopper

2. Doomguy plays more games. That's all he ever does. He doesn't have a loner trait, but he eats, sleeps and plays videogames. IF I didn't give him a job, he wouldn't be getting out of the house.

3-5. Let's try this assassin thing again…
Turns out you have to remain on the lot until death completes his rites. Then you get 1st levlel of assassin!

1. Quiet day at he house. Lets have Moonman visit the widow again….


1. Trump and Big Boss in a political discussion.

2. Trump and Doomguy playing vidiya again

3. Trump chatting up the neighbors, as election year closes in. Wait..what are Lara and Samus doing in the background?

4. Trump chatting up Duke Nukem and Serious Sam. His charisma is soaring!

Get this - the widow is mourning….for the pony.

I tested the rifle on a pony before, turns out it was her friend (but not part of the household). So not only did Moonman kill her husband AND child, he impregnated her and killed her pony. Truly he is evil incarnate.
But she mourns after the pony, not her child or husband…
Not knowing what to do, I just have him rape her till she breaks.
She's about as miserable as a sim can possibly be and I'm starting to feel sorry for her.

We're gonna have to decide on a course of action here, Holla Forums. Let her live?

Some more happenings:

Ghurza visits the DeepFreeze sisters. She has no manners.

She convinces them to watch lesbian porn with her, The funny thing is, when she left, they continued watching.

Moonman meets Dio Brando. I'm begining to suspect there's something going on between Lara and Samus

CIA gets invited to Lara Crofts party.

Full of lovely women. CIA ends up being the designated cook. Lara flirts with him a bit then tells him (and everyone else) to leave. Party over.

When the party ends, I hop for a second over and I find THIS. I'm not sure, but I think Lara and Samus might be lovers.

CIA gets his first investigator case.
Apparently, Wojak is a criminal and CIA is the man in charge of investigation.

With all the grace and subtlety he is capable of, he snoops around the house.

He later delivers his report to the contact that's visiting the DeepFreeze house.

1. Doomguy finally made a friend

2. Wait, what are you doing Freya? Bad idea, abort! (she didn't.)

3. Wait, What? By Satans fiery nipples, why is the default pregnancy so short?

4. Congrats to Moonman I guess. He has a healthy baby girl…somehow. Despite him beating the pregnant mother and raping her over and over and over and over.

WHAT DO WE DO Holla Forums ????

You may have noticed a dog. Well, I switched households for not even a day and someone adopted a dog.
The dog likes to rip of the underware of people, and since the house is almost all guys…the dog has got to go.

NOTE2: We have 6 people in the house. I am willing to go up to 10. We can have people already in town (Dio, Gabe, Pc Masterrace, Big Boss, etc, etc..) move in, or add new ones.

NOTE3: The SJW household is now in town. I'll have ghurza pay them a visit. Hehehehe…

I'm having an issue with it. It keeps telling me that i have the latest patch installed even though i'm not. Something wrong?

You know full well who did.

I'm suspecting Ghurza or CIA. Both didn't have jobs at the time.

Big Boss isn't part of the household (yet anyway).

That said, vote on what should we do.

Games4TheWorld comes with a 1.67 patch.
What torrent did you get it from?

Got it from some Torrent site. A reloaded torrent

Ok, i'm downloading the patch 1.67, according to a G4TW forum post.
I might as well skip the optional stuff from that reply (after 5.5)

That's your problem.
Use the Games4TheWorld.




>be orc family(kinda) couldn't make the brother and two sisters siblings, but that was how i played it
i think they're gonna fuck soon, my sexy sims funtime went from a silly house of almost incest to an intense drama about a brother and sister comforting eachother at the loss of their youngest sibling

Any loli mods for this thing?

I wish I could experience Sims 3 like you do, but I only have 4gb ram and it gets too laggy.

Also, it is 4gb ram on a laptop.


yes, check the /hgg/ thread, they link to the loli mods and some shota mods

have you tried turning down the graphics settings, i'm pretty sure i have the same, what expansions do you install user?

come tell, Orcanon what's wrong

Of course I have.

I only installed 3 expansions recommended for Kinky.

do you run it fullscreen or windowed mode?
do you run anything in the background?
everytime i have a youtube video open it lags to shit you can have a few programs open but your internet browser is a bit of a no-no

Fullscreen and windowed.

I think I did run the cyberfox while playing.

don't run too many programs then dude, just maybe skype/discord if you use 'em and that's it, you can use your internet browser just be wary of how many tabs you open

Your processor is probably the major limiting factor here.

Could be.

It is a AMD Phenom II N850 Triple Core 2.2GHz

i got a laptop and it runs fine laggy here and there, but great

Can't you turn her into a ghost if you take her tombstone to the science lab?

I might have to try and download that too, I used the MR DJ repack

she drowned so no tombstone, at least not on i could find

Did you check the mausoleum

i might just do that

Where do we have a general with the links?

Just follow Moonman's lead, user.
Make the spic forever alone and emotionally dependent on Moonman.

checking mausoleum/cemetery(ies) will report findings

don't run anything you don't NEED together with Sims3.
Optimize. Use register/overwatch and in-built faction to clean up the town.
Play a small town.

Already happened.


1. Lara Called Bane for a date in the middle of the night. It's a bit late. For him.

2. Ghurza drives to the SJW household. Teh landwhale is in front.

3. The Landwhale goes to watch movies and eat (she did that the whole day). The only other house occupant is the the vapid dyke. Money is all that matters to her.

4. The mangina is nowhere to be found. Could be they kicked him out. With the landwhale busy, this is a perfect opportunity.

TRUMP saves the day!

As Ghurza lured the dyke to the other end of the house, Doomguy is called to talk to the Citadel Council. I forsee some dead councilors…..

The other housemates are doing their own things. Bane, CIA and Moonman go to the festival.

Time for some Rape Culture!


TFW you forgot to turn on FRAPS and realize you didn't take screenshots.

Well, what was missed was not that significant, since I realized my mistake early enough. Basically, The Duke-Serious household was called over, Duke and Cortana Came (Sam couldn't make it). Duke was playing vidiya with Doomguy and Ghurza started acting up, so they left.

Donald invited them over again, and this time Sam came, but Duke didn't. And again, all the cool guys are playing vidiya.
Oh, Big Boss is here too…and he too comes up to paly vidiya.

I swear, I didn't order them too. For some reason they all want to play vidiya when they enter the Holla Forums house. Maybe Doomguy infected them. He's playing all the fucking time. He even got Ikki to play when he came over.

So the biggest badasses on the planet, all play vidiya in the Holla Forums house.
You couldn't script this shit.

It doesn't matter. It works fine.
Shame it doesn't have windowed 1280x720 resolution out of the box.

Before I leave for the weekend, I'll leave you with this:

1. Doomguy got invited to a party. Looks like he has made some female friends. Guess who's also at the party?

2. I have a nasty suspicion that Dio is up to something.

3. Dio, I suspected you were gay, but your reaction to a hottie masturbating proves it.

Anywhoo, use this lul in posting to give me suggestions.
I think I'll move in ShyGirl in. Too much sausage in the house.

Heh, I thought it was Jonathan Joestar.

so dio looks a lot like biff tannen

anyone has a link to a proper torrent?

Gee, I'm retarded. Thanks.

This site looks weird for this day and age though.

it's okay dude, honestly i was a little freaked out about it too, but i got the torrents, and they all work good but


Downloading right now. Which expansions do you prefer?

I've read that Pets, Into the Future and World Adventures are recommended. Am I mistaken? Are there better combinations? Thanks man.

well i got all of them because i'm a faggot a handful that i would reccommend though
because comfy
because more shit to do for each age
-Super Natural
so sue me i like a little bit of fantasy

now i'm tied Into The Future is great because robots but that's kinda it

i'd wanna say Late Night because it adds a nightlife into it and while i haven't done so yet you can form a band


so you become a detective and bust into people's house, which is hilarious you even get "Gather evidence" interaction at some point


Generally Ambitions,Generations and Seasons are worth to always install since they are actually not that bloaty, nor interfering, and have no major argument against them.

ItF is for Robots and Sci-Fi and not much else, but surprisingly many go fo it because a dash of /m/ makes everything better.

WA is something i usually don't use the content from, bust still ahev installed because it has stuff that COULD be useful/fun.

Pets is good flavour but man, im biased against it because way back the EA spawned pet were obnoxious and did a performance hit by basically spawning a ton of (useless) NPCs, though that should be managable.

Island Paradise is completely skippable, only its own world (Isla Paradiso) and one Store one (Sunlit Tides) make the most use of its primary features and most custom worlds don't bother adding them either.

You CAN add houseboats to other worlds too, but it usually ends up looking looks like ass or overly cramped but and you can make Resorts, but the bloating is probably the worst of all xpacks, going on Feature-Performance ratio ranking is is dead last.

Thanks guys. I appreciate the help, I will definitely get seasons and and generations!

I could add him. Or Joespeh.
But not Jotaro.
He's mudamudamudamudamuda.

You should make Jolyne and Giorno too

It's a Holla Forums town, not Jojo town.

I think 2 characters from the same franchise in town are more than enough.

Bane has a new criminal mission. A heist.

CIA is doing a stakeout across the street, and notices nothing.

Looks like Big Boss gave Cortana a massage.

Bane, back home, now enacts the next phase of his master plan - fixing the plumbing


Something that was long overdue for Trump.

Something is wrong.
I've installed the "EA default" nude skins but it doesn't show up. I only see barbie doll like bodies when they go naked.
Here's the packages i've installed.

Have you deleted the cache?

Note that a skin could be an extra skin, or a replacer. If so, you'll have to edit the sim and select the new skin tone from the skins list.

i spent 40mins+ trying to install

i finally get to last step, replace the exe and i get this

Welcome to The Sims Brah.

Atleast you are pirating instead of on Steam of Orgin where you have to redownload all the crap too.


Bayonetta asks Moonman fora date. Moonman is a lady magnet for some reason.

The date…doesn't go that well. First she cooks him, then she attempts to freeze him, but it backfires.
Then the known flasher ruins yet another of Moonmans dates.

Should I track down and poison that fucker?

Have you replaced the right exe?

Man, i forgot sims 3 let you have car relationships.

Would though two moon themed people would hit it off, anyway if the flasher is a townie go right ahead, no one cares about Townies anyway.

Excepting the Bella one in Strangetown.

mah nigga! i just wanna explode all my nuts inside her

Time to test the poison then.
Alas, can't play before tomorrow and can't update with pics before the day after that (fukken internet in my apartment… I end up posting this shit from work)

I would too, if the ts3 version of her wasn't so ugly.

I hope that for ts5 they have it take place after ts2 and the main family woudl be Alexander and that Cecilia chick from the DS version of ts3

Need a little help over here.

Just download Sims 3 + Ambitions + Generations + Pets + Seasons from Game4theworld

I installed the base game, the setup is okay, I can play, but when I launch the setup of any expansion, the setup is written like Îöäèèéèéö and only a few words in english. I figured it was Russian. How do I change the language?

I played the sims 3 before, but when I installed, it was just one big setup with every packs and I add nothing else to do. So if someone has a nice torrent of this, or a solution, you're welcome.

Is there anything at all worthwhile from the online store? I've never heard anyone talk about it much. If yes, is it possible to pirate individual things?

If you guys want I'll make a DL for Lydia if you ever want to use her

Lets get Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin in there.

You don't need to replace any exes. Just install nraas nocd mod.

There must be a place right at the bottom where you can change language, right on the first or second install screens.

A few sets are nice, most are shit, it's really hard to differentiate unless you install them all then go filtering it. The complete store torrent has a session with a .package for every year and individual ones.

You know, I love the Sims since I got the first one on PC, and considering how shitty Sims 3/4 run, and how good community modding is, I wanna ask any game devs/anons with programming knowledge about how hard it is to make a Sims type game. I mean I don't ever hear about any other games like this being made or released.

Is it because it's a huge project and would take an eternity for a small team to make, or has the Sims series made and filled out its own niche?

I'm just wondering what The Dream Sims game would look like, and what features it'd have.

There's an user on half/vg/ who's developing a sims type game right now, they're making it in unreal engine, though they haven't got the actual models of the sims yet

God, why do I think that website looks ugly now?
Thanks though, user. Would starting from zero programming skill and hoping to do this sort of project be an impossible task, with a 3/4 year time span?

No need to do something huge right off the bat, remember how barebones Sims 1 was without any expansions? Start by figuring out how to control a guy in a house, how to switch to others, how to implement objects he can interact with, shit like that, start small. In a 3-4 year time you could have something similar to base Sims 1 to mess around with adding other stuff. Is what I'm intending to do.

Bold. I'll see if I can make good look-a-likes

Check a list (or just the store) and see if anything grabs your interest. some sets and premium items are nice, some are shit, i kinda like the Gambling ones since they allow for casinos, which can be nice flavour and the Industrial Oven, which helps making restaurants. Annoyingly the Gambling shit is split across a shitload of different packs/sets, including 1 neighborhood.

They are all over the place in how worth they are, depends on your gimmicks, some shit is decisively overpowered.

I have basically everything and THAT does make a significant performance hit due the sheer amount, but grabbing every Neighborhood (or just the ones that interest you) won't hurt that bad performance wise. so that is what i would say "to start", each is more or less a stuff pack.

And you should obviously pirate them and it i pretty doable, just have the store fix and download the .sims3 file wiith the content and copy it to "\username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads" and then install with the Sims 3 launcher.

The issue with individual shit is that most uploaders favors sets so even if you just want one item you might still get 40 ones you don't want simply because no one bothered to upload shit individually.

The system seems redundancy proof though, so even if a item is in 2 sets (or more) you won't get duplicates even if you install both sets.

Got Hitler stache and natzi uniform.
Time to get the shoah on the road!

Here's a little something while you wait:

Nah, I try to found it, but nothing.
But I just found the old torrent I used, it's in French, but that's okay.
The problem is it's the whole collection, and that I don't want, do you know if I can desactivate the useless expansion?


Can you make someone from Animal Crossing, we need some comfy in here.

If not make Mega Man.

Also what happened to Baby Moonman?

WE're back.

Doomguy gets an importnet mission.

Uncle Adolf and ShyGirl joins the house. For some reasons, the hitler stache and natzi uniforms are not showing up. Will have to fix it later.

Sorounded by fintess freaks, Shy girl starts excercising, getting a bit slimmer.

Turns out she's not bad looking under that mask

Still alive with the mother.

So I have a disk to sims 3
If you complain I found it at a tip for a buck so EA didn't get money
Can I still get expansions and kinky world added to it

So a maid was hired, and it turns out to be a black man. Better to fire him to avoid murder. Hopefully the next maid they send over is female.

After painting a picture, Adolf plays vidiya with Trump.
It's like a epidemic. I'm not directing them to, and although they have a shitton of stuff to do in the house, almost everyone gravitates STRONGLY towards video games. Weird. And fitting for the Holla Forums house.

ShyGirl becomes minor celebrity….and the next maid to come over is also a black man…

1. ShyGirl has really lost weight. And Ghurza is invited to a party by Freya.

2. Moonman invites the cute cop and his slave girl over.

3. The cute cop likes Uncle Adolf. Truly, she is the perfect woman for Moonman!

4. Naturally, she grabs everyones attention.

I heard some noise from our neighbors, so I quickly switched households to take a look. Bayonetta is at it again.
And she gets thrown in jail.

Wait, what's going back at Holla Forums house? That black celebrity guy?

You know what has to be done, Moonman!

There is no way to disable expansions? Because I don't give a fuck about Katy Perry shit or Future bullshit.

Don't install them to begin with.

What torrent did you get? One with everything pre-installed? That's shit.

Get a Games4TheWrold one with selectable EP's

Kek. I've installed the Game4theWorld one, with the full expansion.
The original game worked but the expansions setup were in Russian.
Then I download the original game alone + expansions, same shit, still in Russian.
No way to change it. The torrent I got has everything but at least it's in my native language, and last time I played it the good mods were working, the only problem was the loading time because of all the useless stuff installed.

Eh? I got the Games4TheWorld complete connection and installation was normal.

You don't even need to know russian. Just install. But say no at the post-install option (Install Origin)

Well I don't know, but my game's working now. I managed to disable the useless stuff, so I can play with mods and stuff.



He dead, yo!

Meahwhile, Ghurza continues to corrupt the DeepFreeze sisters.

1-3. I sometiems swithc households to have a better look at what's going on. Then I get the "Ghurza is raping someone message".

Seems like the fairy that came to visit the DeepFreeze sisters is the victim. and immediately after the rape they start going at it again…willingly. Interestingly, I cannot reproduce this without cheats. I have never had a rape victim accept a wohoo action right after rape.

4. But that's more surprising is what's going on in the house….

5. The fairy is left unconcsious…

There a guide?


It took an unorganized two hours of fuckery but I actually managed to do it. My adventure begins now.

Congrats. Have a lewd:

1. A big celebrity (and Trumps current boss) and Wojak come in for a visit.

2. Ghurza is making moves on ShyGirl

3. Wojak and Moonman argue. And Trump harasses CIA. CIA is the butt of ever joke. Half of the house is making fun of poor CIA.

4. Bayonetta return from jail. She is confronted with Samus and Lara. This might not end up well.
(except nothing happens)

Question, I followed the spoonfeed guide up there but I still have two pressing concerns I've not been able to figure out..

Futas how with what I installed?
And the nipple slider is no where in sight in the character creation? Not in the mouths section either like it says it is on the DL page?

Every time I switch control of households, the AI surprises me.
This time Moonman because a concession stand seller and Trump, CIA, Shy Girl and Adolf went to the gym to get swole.

Prepare for Muscle Hitler

1. Kinky -> settings. turn on debug under misc.
Then in the debug menu for a sim, select Transform to Shemale

2. Do you have all the sliders (I think I put all in the download?
Did you delete the cas part and script cache.
Did you go into nraas setting and adjusted the options to show more slider and hidden outfits and increase sliders?

last problem I swear I cant find the answer to anywhere.

Patching fucked up, I had seasons and everything worked but when I got ambitions and generations installed, and then installed their corresponding patches its telling me I don't have a seasons disc in so I cant launch. So I tried copy+pasting the seasons things over again and it reads the seasons disc, but now the game black screens and crashes. So I tried to re-patch it and it says I dont have the disc in again. It's like an endless loop I'm confused on how to fix. I've already tried totally reinstalled seasons.


It's a fucking full day work to get the game to work!

Now my qt3.14 fairy custom sim makes the "Entering create a household" to load forever. I only have the base game and Supernatural installed.

Perhaps I should install Generations and Seasons, too and install absolutely every piece of CC the cusom sim needs?

specific patches for expansions? Installing them out of order?
Nigga, what are you doing?

Just get the Games4TheWhold Complete Collection.
Just ONE patch needed and you can install all EP's (at any time, no further patching needed).
I know it works because I recently installed seasons, and have been playing with mods and other EP's for a while before that.

Fixed Hitlers attire and face a bit. Sadly, I only have chaplin moustache, not Hitler moustache. Closest I could fin.

Also fixed Moonmans clothes. He now has a white jacket and pants, black shirt and red tie.

There already is a sexbot chip.

Someone help, this is all there is in the debug menu of the sim im trying to turn into a shemale.

There is no "transform > shemale" option like an user suggested earlier. What do?

Last images for today:

- more people come to the gym. Big Boss kicks it into high gear

- ShyGirl masturbates to Trump

- Uncle Adolf really loves dogs

no shit

Fixed my problem by applying the G4W manual update to 1.76xxxxxxxxx from their install guide.

Atleast you're not Anthony Burch.

Something's wrong. Shouldn't they instead be watching chink cartoons and shitposting?

Race war when?

Come on user, tell me why my futa's cock isn't getting hard. I had to install the female penis mod, I put it on but when she masturbates it's still the vaginal masturbation animation, and when she fucks someone she wears a strapon over her flaccid cock.

Trump is constantly shitposting.
I saw Bane and Ghurza do it too occasionally.

Did you use debug->transform to shemale?
You stupid nigga need to learn to read and do some basic README and FAQ's.

That said…
1-2. With new people the Holla Forums house could use more room. So now we have a nice, large basement.

3. Shygirl is becoming less shy

4. Doomguy gets Hitler hooked on vidiya

5. Moonman doing sweet tricks

1. Moonmans new look (I changed the tie to red)

2-3. Ghurza walks in on Shygirl master-baiting and hives her a hand

4. No wonder CIA is the butt of every joke. "Make fun of CIA" is an option for everyone in the house. Can't wait to see how flirting with Ghurza will backfire. He doesn't know what's in those panties….

The fire rises! Everyone panicked, but Doomguy got this under control.

When I panned the camera, suddenly Bane appeared. Right behind the stove. Suspicious.

Uncle Adlof makes a visit to a house in our block.
OY, VEY!!!!

1. Looks like things between Ghurza and ShyGirl are worsening.

2. CIA did it, the absolute madman! Just making out thought, Ghurza stayed in her pants.

3. Two rapists on a date. I wonder….

4. Adolf creates art amidst this madness

I complained her cock wasn't getting hard, not that I didn't do the shemale option. I did dumbass

Look who's talking.
There is literally no readme/faq out there addressing the issue. I've looked.

I hope he succeeds in art school. Last time he failed, approximately 44 million humans died in a world war.
Also some jews but they don't count.

That can either be a fluke (sometimes the penis change doesn't trigger) or the penis scripts are faulty/not properly installed.

Clear cache, re-set sim, check if it's still registered as futa.



What is the bump limit? 300 is what it is set at Holla Forums .

I think so, Though i wish the bump limit was like half/vg/'s which is 750