Wurm Unlimited: I Can't Think Of A Funny Edition Name Edition

Let's play some fucking Wurm Unlimited. The promised land of Broschwitz is looking for shabbos goyim.
We currently have lost count on how many members we have of our village (choose Freedom Isles spawn, you'll spawn in Liberty).
Best of all, it's completely free. No level restrictions, plus boosted rates compared to Wurm Online.
4x Action speed and 4x Skill gain

New client: mega.nz/#!CFhzyTwA!9iODdZa5ICE1k9xsnZ7q8oMlzoUCHGz87StMlVkOEas
Torrent Hash: 700bbcc83d0abdda15c072c7d53779becc9ffec6

If you've played before you will lose your character if you don't

Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\configs\default
use_nagles_algorithm from false to true
chat_censor from true to false
Copy gamesettings.txt to your player profile folder just to be on the safe side

If you've played before you will lose your character if you don't

IP Address: Port: Default
Server homepage: wurmian.cloudapp.net/

MODS: wurmian.cloudapp.net/mods/client-mods/
There are more mods, but got to search for them manually

Q: "I don't know how to play! What do I do?"
A: wurmpedia.com/index.php/Main_Page

Give Trenhal permissions to your house so he can expand the village deed

Other urls found in this thread:


I don't think Negus plays anymore. He's been gone from my friends list.


Lucerne here, requesting to be removed from masons and added to carpenter/ farmer/ shipbuilder

I'm going to have several new titles by the time I get through all this barley and wheat.

It slows down a lot after 20. I just made this much bread and it got me from 30 something to 44 so unless you have sleep bonus and/or even more grains you probably won't even get the first title.



Stumps decay

Yeah, and they take forever to do it. Bashing a stump takes a few seconds. Fucking do it you lazy shits.


>Job's actually done in 10:08
That was some tight shit.

Love you too, neighborino
I also need you to do my floors please I'm a shit paver


No warning or anything.



Did someone drown the gods again?

Oh well.

If there are any carpenters on in an hour or two I need a wagon assembled, all parts already made. PM Lands.

We were having such good story times too

[4:29:33] I demand $500 via Paypal before I turn the servers back on

FAKE and you
are a faggot

The cuck stories were so amusing

[04:25:51] Sometimes I whip the server while jerking off. Just went a little too hard this time

[04:32:17] No ID:5908f8 is fake and a faggot

Oh thank god. I thought running photoshop and wurm crashed the game on my end.

[04:47:83] I have still only received $4. If I do not get the $500 within 24 hours I will be deleting all of your characters.

might as well repost stuff from the last thread in case any newfriends stop by.

Fighting Skill
Weapon Skills
Archery Skills
Stance Skills
Shield Skill
Shield bashing skill

You need to select the weapons you want to specialize in. You should have weapons suitable to cover these three categories.
1-handed weapon and shield
2-handed weapon
Bow (preferably made out of willow)

The recommended loadout is this.
Longsword and large metal shield
Huge axe
Willow long bow

Now no one is saying you can't use other weapon types instead. If you have a hard-on for halberds or small maul and shield, then fine. But here is the reasoning for the choices above in case you change your mind.

Why longsword and large metal shield?
The purpose for this set-up is defence. A longsword give you the greatest parry chance and a large metal shield gives you the greatest block chance. If the dragon targets you in combat, you need to have a means to defend yourself so you do not immediately get incinerated. Equipping these and switching to defensive stance gives you the greatest chance of survival.

Why HUEG axe?
Pure offensive power. With training and aggressive stance, you will be able to cleave normal enemies with ease. When hunting it kills things fast which gets your fight skill up fast. After you get past the initial hurdles, training with this will be a delight.

Why long bow? And why willow?
Willow bows (and fishing poles) have their strings break much less often than bows of other materials. A bow user must always carry some extra bow strings with them in the event that one snaps. Long bows allow you to effectively engage at maximum distance of well over 20 tiles. As a general rule, the farther away an enemy is, the better a long bow will perform. If you're fighting a powerful foe (Like a dragon) and they charge towards you, the distance the enemy will need to cover gives you time to switch to appropriate melee gear to meet the enemies charge.

You may notice that Wurm has no skills directly about armor usage, only armor-making. Allegedly, leather armor (as well as cloth and being unarmored) gives a 30% buff to archery while chain and plate give a -15% and a -30% debuff respectively, so if that's true and you want to train archery, it is something to keep in mind. That said, we have plenty of iron so use chain for now.

Above chain, the most feasible armor that can be made widely available to everyone is plate armor, which cannot be made out of iron and requires steel. This leads us to our second dilemma.


IF YOU ARE GOOD AT COAL-MAKING you are literally our savior because high quality coal leads to high quality steel which leads to high quality plate armor which leads to NOBODY DIES.

IF YOU ARE NOT GOOD AT COAL-MAKING, find someone who is and help them make piles. If everyone tries to take up coal-making on their own at the same time we'll wind up with a lot of logs wasted on garbage coal.

Cedar piles produce the same amount of coal as other piles but take longer. I don't know if this has any positive effect on skillgain.
Walnut piles increase the quality of charcoal produced by 10%
Oak piles produce more charcoal.

Continued in Part 2: HAHA. TIME FOR TRAINING.



Step 1) Get a shaft'.
Step 2) Find or build a training dummy
Step 3) Equip AND Select the shaft. Do NOT use a weapon. Dummies are NOT for weapons training.
Step 4) Activate sleep bonus because this shit is monotonous.
Step 5) Right-click and "Practice" on the dummy.
Step 6) CONSTANTLY monitor the dummy's damage and repair it as needed. They break FAST. You CANNOT afk this. This is why sleep bonus comes recommended.


*Does not work with mauls
Step 1) Select your weapon
Step 2) Chop down trees with it until you get to 20 in the skill. I suggest chopping trees on the island north-east of Broschwitz. It's ours and people want to clear it for farmland anyway.


Step 1) Equip your chosen shield and the best armor you can get your hands on. Do NOT equip any weapon. Your main hand must remain empty.
Step 2) Find a pig or any other livestock animal.
Step 3) Initiate combat, choose the stance you wish to train, and use shield bash whenever it is available. If you receive the message "You are too busy" when trying to shield bash, disengage and re-initiate combat.
Step 4) While fighting, select the pig and use "Look" to monitor the wounds it is receiving. Over time as you get better at fighting, the pig will begin to take damage faster than you do. If the wound is approaching 15 and is about to become medium, DISENGAGE and come back when the pig is healed. If the pig receives a medium wound, you will need to use First Aid to nurture the creature by yourself. Do NOT let it die. The pig is your PARTNER AND FRIEND. He wants the dragon dead as much as you do.


Step 1) Find or build an archery target
Step 2) Get a bow and arrow shafts. Do NOT use real arrows.
Step 3) Back up from it the amount of tiles optimal for your chosen bow. Short bow 5 tiles. Bow 10 tiles. Long bow 20 tiles.
Step 4) Begin practice. Skillgain will stop when you reach a skill of 30 in ANY one individual bow skill or 40 in the overall archery skill, so if you feel like minmaxing you can stop at skill 29 with your chosen bow, use other bow types until you reach 39 archery, and then finish by getting your chosen bow up to 30.

So you've finally finished practicing on trees, dummies, and pigs? Congratulations, you've graduated basic training.


Step 1) Get a horse
Step 2) Get your chosen weapons, cotton, and other travel supplies.
Step 3) Ride around the countryside, dismounting to kill anything you can take on and galloping away from anything you cannot defeat.


Step 1) Get a rowboat.
Step 2) Get your preferred bow and arrows. This is also where long bows shine because you can kill things that are farther inland.
Step 3) Pelt away at enemies that are helplessly trapped on land and cannot attack you. Remember that Anacondas. Bears, Crocodiles, and Tortoises can swim. If you get any funny ideas about trying to wreck some shit on panda island, you've got another thing coming.

This has been a basic primer on combat training issued by the Broschwitz Militia. Dismissed.


Welcome to Camp 84, a calm area at the docks located just across from the Colossus of Bane. We now have a public training area for people who need to get their combat skill up.

Circled in green are practice dummies. You are to equip and select a wooden shaft at all times when practicing on these. Repair them often. as they can break fast, especially when used by someone who isn't paying attention. Once your fight skill has hit 20 these dummies will not be able to help you anymore (unless you die and your fight skill drops below 20 again.)

Circled in blue are archery targets. You are to only use arrow shafts when firing at the targets. A shaft that does not break upon hitting the target may be retrieved by crossing the bridge and picking them up on the ground at the target they were fired at. If using a long bow, standing near or on the peat tiles is a good way to quickly judge roughly twenty tiles distance. If something moves in front of you while firing, don't worry. You will never misfire and damage something you weren't aiming at during target practice.

Circled in Red is a public bsb labeled Practice Supplies. Charitable souls may fill it with arrow shafts, extra bow strings, and shafts for use during practice.

For practicing defensive skills, there is an animal pen nearby. Citizens are encouraged to acquire a shield and practice on the livestock as outlined earlier in

We will train and become swole under the stone gaze of the biggest guy of them all.

I'm pretty close to 50QL weapons but I'm going to focus my blitz efforts on plate and shields for the team

[05:04:27] Please donate, that $4 was all I had left.

Serb's been down for a little while now. Are they saying anything in the skype?

I'm mildly concerned

So… Any luck cracking the server?

I am most definitely okay with this.

Time to sleep I guess?

fuuuck. I was about to consider grinding only my weaponless fighting so that if I ever ran into something like a cave bug while mining I could just punch it in the face instead of leaving to get a weapon.

God damn, I knew something was up.
What do we do now?

Guess we wait till Serbia is remade

I wish we had the godamn fucking server Crack though

Wait and see I guess.

WHY doesn't everyone buy the legit game while it's on sale for 15 bucks so we don't have to worry about one autist getting everyone banned and instead find a server and map that suits our playstyle, namely a PVP server?

a) Holla Forums are fukken poorfags
b) there are very few servers that put up with people drawing 150 foot swastikas on the ground.

The owner of the pirate server barely puts up with iit, he's Looking for a reason to clean us up like a fucking cripple stuck on the rail way tracks.

Someone here can rent a serb i'm sure, I'll do it if I have to, just no admin, fuck administration and setting that shit up.

it's a Thunder Cross you niggard

My life just lost all meaning.

I brought a legal copy. Since I started playing here it's become the most played game on my steam list, 160 hours.

You now that excuse wouldn't fly with normans. Especially when we have characters named Adolf and Shoahstein and carts named Dead Nigger Storage and Kubelwagon and such rolling around.

Wait nevermind, didn't read the second part.

You know you can get a job cutting down trees for real, right?

Call the normans ignorant and tell that they don't support other cultures and their views


shit's comfy as fuck when you can do it at your own pace. If I got tired I'd put the axe away and go back at it the next day. The tree sure as hell wasn't going anywhere.

They're not ignorant, they're just seeing through the bullshit excuses we're using to draw swastikas.

Oh for fucks sake.

Is it Majority pirates or majority legit copy owners

Lets just add more symbols on the roads and tell them they are power signs for our village

Are you for real?

I think most own illegal copies.

There's like three people in these threads that actually own the game and they only bought it because this server has so much downtime.

I want to buy land up in Oregon or illinois and start milling my own beams and live inawoods. Shit is so tempting.

Good luck with the stump, friendo.
Getting those out is what's comfy as fuck.

At the cost of grass, you can level for a single second a tile, and all 3x3 around it will be removed of stumps

Or we could just bash them.

It takes like 5 seconds.


Nice try, but we already know the serb can't be up because the admin's have fucked off for the night.


Not night in Europe, but what the hell happened, what message did they give when they killed it this time?


Nothing. Server just went down and website went dark.

Their server host got Cease And Desist Order'd:

They then said that they were going to cock around playing DOTA or going out to the real world rather that do anything

Then it may actually be the host's fault this time.

That Cease and Desist thing looks really legit considering our history in quoting GMs.
( e.g. or )

Kind of have my doubts about authenticity.

Then go ask them yourself then.

My Grandfather actually taught me a pretty effective way of getting rid of a stump. Drill three holes in the top of the stump, and pour kerosene down them every day for a month. Come back and light it after that time. If it's not gone afterwards, you just keep doing that. He's never had a stump not be gone afterwards though.
Faggots that keep leaving stumps around in Wurm are the niggiest of niggers though.

holy shit you fuckers are gullible.

What, for believing that the popular yet illegally hosted pirate server got C&D'd?

Yeah that's way out of the realm of possibility.

Yeah, that's clearly a better method than hatcheting and levering the roots until either your back or they break.

Sadly, summer fire laws and kerosene don't get along well, and driving there every day in winter ain't an option either.

holy shit you sure understood my post

sure is comfy over here on wyvern piratecucks

While that is entirely plausible, look at
The GM even says 'anyone saying anything else is invalid.'
Then he goes on to say that he doesn't actually know what's going on with the server, and that it's the host's fault that anything even happened at all.
The person who said they got a C&D isn't being serious.

While we're waiting for the serb to come back online, can I just point out this bullshit from the loading screen?

a) No water wheel/mill in the game
b) No round castle turret/tower

Sure is comfy, I bet.

Sure is stable, I bet.

Sure is legal, I bet.

Sure is lonely, I bet.

I don't know one of those faggots from the other. It is entirely plausible, and no one has put fourth anything else to explain it.

So a Cease and Desist from these ( codeclub.se/ ) guys is more plausible than an error on the host's side?

It's not like the GMs themselves have given a good explanation of any of the problems they were having either. The clearest one was when the Russian one "removed a couple ifs and made the servers see each other".

c) no flowing water PERIOD

But that means you don't get to collect any delicious fatwood.

Oh why are you still talking about this? It's what they seem to have said, so I'll believe it until someone proves that's fake or they clarify what's actually happened. Why is that so difficult for you to understand and/or accept? Simmer down son.

Some fucking normalfag said it as a joke.

It is, and it'll go faster/slower depending on what tree you do it on. It's especially effective with Mulberry trees that have this shitty habit of still being alive even after you cut the bastards down.
Anyway, the whole thing can go up, and be gone in about 10-20 minutes, less with fucking mulberry trees, they're still alive a lot of the time, so they spread the kerosene around the rest of the structure of the tree.

It sounds like they don't want you to light anything on fire for fear of starting a forest fire, I live in the middle of the Great Plains though, so there's not much chance of fires out here anymore. Everything's just dirt and farms now.


lets find out RIGHT NOW.



Flowing water would be absolute bullshit to program, even without having to deal with what happens when someone decides to build a dam so they can grief everyone upriver by flooding them and downriver by destroying the dam afterwards.

Correct url


One of you faggots said ur too poor to suck dick for money.

todays ur lucky day honey.

what the fuck is that amputated scrotum with a clit?

It's a peach you fucking moron.

Never seen a peach have you?

That is NOT how you dick

Why would a peach have a clitoris?

That looks pretty fucking gross lad.

That's called a stalk.

Let me rephrase then; why does the stalk look like a clitoris?

The people that believes that analog vulva looks like a peach are the ones that have never sen one

How do you sen an analog vulva?

Peaches don't grow in cities dude

Fo works in mysterious ways

There's a place in a supermarket called a produce/fruit aisle and within that you can find fruit to look at there.


is the server down again ?




there goes my 300 title cotton farm.

Okay, luckily I'll be asleep during the bulk of that then.

Why would you need that much cotton?

My farm is only 120 farmland tiles and I want for nothing.

Because why not. Cotton could be sold to trader for dosh right ?

I've never sold anything to a trader before. We don't have one in town, do we?

Story of my life




Is the server still down? I can't even get the client to open.

fucking niggers won't fix the serb

How many lads need to go legit? 40?

Some richfag should pony up the $600 + serber costs. You here, Marcus?

I wouldn't be opposed completely to buy a few copies of wurm to hand out but fuck I hate supporting lazy do nothing pieces of shits.


Then why would you even say that you're gonna hand out copies?


I can feel this happening soon.

share your experience, user-kun

"at your own pace" are the operative words here.

Live on a farm or in the woods is great, as long as your survival doesn't depend on it.

Casually raking a field for fun? comfortable, working a field for 18 hours straight because it's your only source of food, you've suffered a drought and an early winter is predicted? Not so much.

Backbreaking work 24/7 is rarely "comfy".

Become one of those that have a robotified farm.
Sounds cozy as fuck.



Well the silver lining is now I can finally play other games.


Never. You'd have better luck bugging agdg to make a knockoff.

The secret is to be subtle about it.
If you plant a sign saying "HEIL HITLER!", the administrators can examine the sign and see who planted it.
But, if you were to, say, pave a swastika road or plant a swastika of thorn bushes, they couldn't trace it back to you. You can also rename items to offensive things and drop them in front of enemy villages, and the GMs will never know who actually renamed it.

What if you draw a Lauburu?
It ain't really a swastika so you could meme a lil'.


I thought it was mostly because people haven't figured out how to host a pirate server.

We don't have the cracked server binary you faggot.

sorry m8, meant for


This server's our only option to play on, because it's the only pirated server, and not enough fags own a legit copy or are willing to buy it.

it's mostly because people don't know how to allow pirate copies to connect and play on the server
I have old computer parts that I could stick together into a shitty server machine, but I don't own the game and I'm moving in a months time to a place without a connection currently

Even if everyone buys it, the original servers are 4 times slower and have a zero tolerance policy to anything fun, also a server hosted by one of us would be laggy as fuck and require a lot of effort to put up and mantain


I'd do it, but I've already paid for a server to play with Holla Forums.

you are one dumb ass nigger

Original servers? This isn't Wurm Online mate, this is Wurm Unlimited. The servers in Unlimited are all pretty different, skillgain wise and shit.

You mean there are literally 0 servers with 4x exp and action speed, besides the one we play on? God damn that sucks

Nah, there are plenty like that.

It wasn't for Wurm, go take your high horse somewhere else.

TBH 4x skillgain is OP. It should be 4x speed instead.

You don't want vanilla skillgain rates. They're retardedly slow and it would just mean you have to waste a fuckload more time before you get to do interesting things with your skills.

Are there any decent alternatives to Wurm?
I might relapse and go see how HellMOO and its kin are doing, if this keeps up.

Or go full /agdg/ and make something that tries to combine the griefing and creativity potential of both and fail miserably.

It's both.

What is it about MMOs that turns regular working class white men into completely savage niggers?

It's not just any MMO. It's a specific kind of MMO.
They're games where one can leverage their creativity and labor to build the tools with which to outnig even the most fervent natives.

It is never enough to simply nig.

I was thinking about checking out Minecraft and modding the shit out of it. Skyrim also might have some decent survival mods.

Nah, both vanilla skillgain and speed are unplayable cancer. 4x and 4x are pretty good, the most I'd reduce it is to 3x skillgain.

Be careful about modding minecraft.
That is not a game you want to turn into your autistic dream.

Do you have two dads and are they Notch and Todd, you fucking retard?

The subhumans buying high end gaming PCs just to play modded Minecraft and Skyrim can't be wrong :^).

Probably less wrong than the ones buying high end gaming PCs just to NOT play wurm >:^)

Can Minecraft be that bad with some decent survival mods? Haven't played the game in years. Also, Skyrim has a shitload of mods, so I wouldn't be surprised if they had something to actually fix such a boring game.

Thaumcraft is the super autism mod.

Oh, and adding to this, there's something very magical that can only happen in games where everyone is free to fuck things up for everyone else. It doesn't happen often, and as the playerbase grows, it stops completely. The drawbacks are generally huge enough that no developer in their right mind would incorporate or try to strive for this.

You may have felt it at some point. It's that otherworldly, ethereal atmosphere and feel where, despite everyone having the means to completely fuck everyone over, sometimes at the push of a button, nobody does. Everyone involved knows how far they can push things that are permanent, how far temporary fuckery can be kicked around, and how far one-offs can go.

I want that.

Terrafirmacraft does the survival thing a bit better, but not much as there's no way to automate anything useful which you would want to do
Better Than Wolves mod expanded and added shit that should've been added into the game instead of wolves, like whaterwheels and mechanical power and vertical halfblocks
but even with one of those you are far away from having a game that is enjoyable

I'm just warning him before he jumps into the rabbit hole of autism and never comes back out.

Where's the server?

You would rather shitpost in a WU thread than to play Minecraft or Skyrim, let alone start modding those.

Just let him.

Every time.

Same shit as Factorio, half-assed EA garbage where the only "updates" happen to be NOT GAMEPLAY.

It's not like they have a reason to work on wrapping up their game if they can tell the retards that ask "where's the game I paid $20+ for?" to go on their forums and download a third party's work.

Getting worried about the server, last time it was down this long, it was "backed up" by a few months and we had to leave the old map.

How does that even fucking work?

Also fucking nigger sever.

I wonder who could be behind this downtime?

Didn't seem to die when I was liberating it in as good of a quality as the vein would allow.

Anyone have some nominations for a plan B server?


If you are talking about good goy servers, then there are plenty of good ones

as pirate servers go, this is the only one

Which legit server is good?
Might as well fool around with one of them after this one dies.

That means 96% of Holla Forums won't be able to log in.

They put a test server up, GM said several times that it's for testing and will not be saved.

The server is using a save from 1 day ago. Considering things won't be saved there's not much point getting on, however it IS the same map, maybe people could scout out ore deposits or explore the world.

And? 96% is better than the 100% we have now.

more like


9 of us could leave and be fine.

This is a chance for griefing. Since the server will not be saved, the GMs won't care what we do…

Is it really griefing when everyone knows nothing they do will matter, though?

I ask myself that every day in real life, too.

seems a good one

[Sun] Michael: progress will not be saved
[Sun] Michael: but please, do a lot of crazy shit to stress server

[Sun] Fen Law: So I know that is a temp server, but is it confirmed that all of yesterdays work is lost?
[Sun] Leva Батькович: NO

So the GM confirms that we didn't lose our work. And they want us to stress the server, I think this is either a new host or a better rental server. Essentially we have a license to fuck it up as bad as possible for testing purposes.

I've seen that same server recommended EVERY time this server has an issue? Is this just a coincidence or do we have some shilling going on here?

Spam em with swastikas all over the place.

Yeah, no.

A legit server would trim fat. Game's on sale for $15 right now and a quarter of the current players already own it. Even poorfags can afford $15, we'd only lose casuals who never log in and hold up deed expansion, living memes who only pirate and the fucks who can't be bothered and probably just fuck shit up in town for giggles anyway. All we'd have to do is find a lax server (for bullying normen) or set up our own.

That being said, I don't think I hate myself enough to grind all over again after investing ~250 hours into these gainz.



Kill yourself, son.

Get a job you damn dirty hippy, if you're moderately attractive you can jack off on a webcam for 13$ an hour on chaturbate.

I know because I've made 50 doing just that.



Well, here's the key question though. Has Wurm ever been worth at least $15 in value now or at any time in the past decade or so it's been around?

these servers are old as fuck (december 2015 mostly)
if we get the ones with 120 players then the whole fucking map will be filled with slums

it's the third one

the other two were ignored because too many players or map is damn too ugly
but the pros and cons of them are up to debate

none of the servers on this site will work on pirated wurm launchers

Are there any modded servers with different races? General question for anyone who might know

Yes there's the subhuman faction called Horde of the Summoned.

I wouldn't waste it on this game anyway, I need that money to keep my bank account

If you say it isn't, I'd say you can't justify a single video game purchase in your life that was that price or more.


Good thing I don't have to justify jack shit to random anonymous strangers on the internet.

I own the game, and I wouldn't want to play if we lost the clusterfuck. We'd just end up as a small norman settlement that doesn't get offended at things constantly.

Post Steam

Oh wait I thought you wanted a copy of the game, I didn't realize that would isolate you from other anons, sorry.

It really depends on the type of person you are. If you're completely unphased by a strong smell of chicken shit (it's one thing driving through a farming town and getting the occasional whiff of it, working with it regularly to fertilize plants is a whole other ballgame.) and you're completely fine with bees and other insects landing on your bare skin as you're hunched down harvesting, then you might have what it takes. There are people who are basically one with nature and are born to be farmers. You may be one of those people, you may not be. You also need to be willing to deal with pests that the law may or may not say it is legal to kill. I suggest starting small. Get only a couple chickens, plant some berry bushes that are self-sufficient and don't require much attention like raspberries or gooseberries as well as some plants you'll be tending yourself such as strawberries or tomatoes.

Finally, you have to love it more than vidya. You simply cannot have both in equal measure and expect things to work out. If while playing a game you're thinking "Damn it, I have to go out and feed the animals" or while picking berries you're thinking "Man, I wish I was playing [game name] right now." then dig up your plants and send your livestock to a shelter because it is not the life for you. The reason I can play Wurm and shitpost is because I'm not the one taking care of the chickens and crops. The rest of my family does. My role is to handle all the heavy lifting such as moving bags of chicken feed, hauling lumber, or moving wheelbarrows from one side of the yard to the other.

Farming's not my thing. Never was. And it hurts because I never have anything interesting to talk to the family about because of it. What the fuck am I going to say? "Hey little bro, wanna hear how I took over a castle in mountain blade?" "Hey Dad, check out this shitty virtual farm I built in this video game you've never heard of. I can't stand working the field, but it's fine when the crops aren't real!" No one gives a fuck, and they have no reason to, so I never have anything to say.

Anyway, tl;dr if you're fine with manure, insects, hard work in the sun, dealing with wild animals trying to wolf down your hard work, and you're willing to put all of these above video games, then it might be the life for you.

At that point, I would rather switch games.

You and people like you are some of the biggest problems in gaming

You are why good games get canceled

You are one of the reasons why good companies/devs have started to cave to faggot casual directions

because everyone but you pays for the fucking game

Kill yourself

Do new characters spawn in the new map now? Is the old map still alive?

no, I don't want to move away to a norman server without you retards
and I wouldn't post my steamID as it isn't a throw away account

I can deal with this I suppose, who else is mulling over the idea to head on over to a legit server.

I'd be up for it, my legit copy's been gathering dust so I may as well do something with it.

Deal with it. The devs of Wurm are jews and I'm not supporting them. Nothing you say can or will change what I do.

Homo means same, that's how it works.

Dumb to say it that way, though, since when that occurs in nature we don't call them faggots we call them hermaphrodites. Like slugs.

Not to mention he's telling us to buy a game that we enjoy because we're playing them with Holla Forums.

I'm also down with a move, I just want to play the damn game. Sick of having to rebuild my damn house over and over.

and dealing with predictable daily russkie lag spikes.

Alright, apparently you know something I don't.

Are they legitimate orthodox jews or has there actually been something done to warrant cementing your feet to the ground?

also you fuckers are going to get us all banned from this current server at some point down the line ANY fucking way.

I feel like this is gonna happen.
Zog made it apparent admins just waiting for an excuse

Isn't that already a huge risk with the current server?

Unless one of you can crack the server verification so it doesn't require legit steam accounts, we don't have alot of options.

Roughly 10% own legit copies, I'm proposing to go play with them on a legit server so we don't suffer autism anxiety

the map is not as ugly as the other servers, it have 100% uptime since December of last year, and similar rates as the current server we are at.

There might be better ones, but this one is good enough already

Please keep pulling numbers out of your ass.

don't you mean 26%?

But it has 2 players?
Wurm isn't wurm if we can't torture normans.

The popuation is too small at that point. I don't want to turn into Artorias and his village of hyper-autists that demand everything be perfect.

Let me spoonfeed you you fucking child

I'll take a look at the serber code tonight.

I'm kind of great at programming, I help my family with all their troubleshooting. WiFi networks, printers, driver updates… I can do everything.

One of you faggots better step up and host when I'm done with this sweet hack.

That and I'd like it to be PVP tbqh fam

I mean, I'm not that much for PVP myself, but to hear the tales of the other autists wrecking shit… It makes me smile just thinking about.

If you pull it off, I will supp with shekels for serb fam

That says 28% not 10%, you illiterate mouthbreather. If you can't notice a 18% difference why the fuck would anyone value your opinion?

the server we were already on was pretty dead too, there was really just artorias and the HOTShead

Confirming that this IP works.

Get in here nerds. I want to mine out the mountain to figure out where all the ores are.


I would buy a legit copy if we could jack off like we have on the current server without moderators cracking down on us.

Listen cham, the results WERE 10 percent and spiked since I posted it

So the GM is now saying that todays backup is unstable, and that a rollback might be necessary.

They also said they compensate people for this. Kriegerr and I spent 5 hours mining silver. I built not one but TWO collosi. I built a house underground for my dorfs and had just finished crafting 2k bricks and mortar ready to start building shit for real.

If we DO get a new server, I vote that the backups are made multiple times a day so that when one DOES shit itself, we can just go back a small amount instead of entire days.

Again? Are you fucking serious?

They also jumped to the excuse of "serb died JUST when it was making or sending the backup".

Also this time the problem is the DB, not the map. So you lose levelled skills, items, etc.

the results were 25% since 10 minutes after it was posted

this is an anonymous imageboard, you don't have to lie to people you don't know

I don't think i can take this anymore and I am not moving to a new server

you nigs can always come join us on the actual WO servers :^)

Wonderful, fucking wonderful.


Fuck no, that is the most autistic idea I have ever heard in my entire life

>I'll use a proxypoll strawpoll minutes shortly after it's creation to support my claim

If anyone bothered proxying, there would be a lot more votes. There's less than 40 in a thread with 54 UIDs.

They have to be doing something wrong, backups don't just fail like that.

You're underestimating autism.

Regardless of who's got their finger up their arse, 30% works better anyway.>>9844059

Also if you'd scrolled up like I originally said, you'd find this little gem, with a fucking timestamp on it

Next you'll say "I was only pretending to be a retard"

Well like I said, there would be more votes.

Are you surprised?
Look deep within yourself, are you really surprised?

The admin displayed his incompetence times and times again.

This is a livemap of one of the servers
Sklotopolis or someting


It only have 33/250 users, it's a 4000x4000 map

Can you fucking imagine the state of the 233/255 servers?

We HAVE TO get on the 2/255 servers, otherwise we will be settling on a corner of a slum, instead of in a brand new world

i agree, i only really stay on there to play with my Holla Forumsillagers who refuse to leave, but i have WU and there are multiple servers to play on, whenever u nigs decide on a legit server, ill join yah.


This one looks cool


look at those fucking mountains
this one is 3x 3x

As soon as you faggots decide to actually leave I will buy the game to go too

This time, since we are less people, I will settle way closer to the city

I have a crazy idea: we create our own server, but leave it open for the normans.
We would be able to have our own rules, and the server wouldn't just be us.

is that your deed user?

Ugh… It makes me shiver with disgust, fuck off to >>>/gore/

Someone mentioned Wyvern, which has 130 something players. Or a redneck one which has wicked uptime and only 3 players online atm

But THIS… Looks comfy as fuck… Where is IP fam, South east of them mountains looks perfect imo

Daily reminder that wurm devs don't deserve your money

We need a leader in these troubled times, someone needs to step-up to the plate.

well im currently on Akross server, MR, since i know the owners from WO, 10x skill/timer if u nigs wanna join

stop being zanzifgs trying to split the village
at least one of the people trying to pull people away doesn't even live in the village

not sure if want, Are they pozzed or nah, can we build our nazi shrines and rename our cart to niggermobile?

Well if no one else can provide a better alternative, I guess I'll join too.

I'd fund it and set it up myself but my pleb computer literacy extends to google troubleshooting. I could only do so with guidance.

My 15bux doesn't matter. Your 15bux doesn't matter. If there were a hundred of us, our 15hunnidbux wouldn't matter to the success of WU or Steam any more than our combined votes would matter in any election. Refusing to do something this irrelevant can only be based on emotion, or rather, since we're on Holla Forums, le edgy rebel anonymoose meme.

If it there was no gain in buying, I wouldn't buy it either, but when our collective playing of the game hinges of it, of course I'll throw in my meaningless 15bux, because I'm not so pathetic that I've incorporated an online Malaysian chess club's shitpost culture into my personal identity.

If you really wanted to have an effect on Wurm, Steam or any Jew, you'd take action to affect what matters, the buying power of the masses, and not passively bitch to 15 sympathizers on an obscure website.

You're all idiots, and you're all the faggots who nig and shit things up like Zog. You are the cancerous lumps we'd trim, and good fucking riddance.

Other user already offered, but I'd also buy a copy for a poorfag if it came down to it.

Holy fuck, if this rollback is any more than a day it's going to be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

I liked the 4x rates we had going

there normalfags, but im sure if we kept to ourselves it would be fine, although i do agree not a fan of it being britbong. fast as fuck gains though

well for me it gets old, already got my legit WO nig to 60 body str and i really dont like grinding them skills back up again

33/250 sounds like a good number to me. It's not dead, but not overcrowded either.

I am not playing there (yet)


dat map though.
Our only option to settle somwhere nice is to go insland away from the coast.
Or of course to nig someone's land.

I fucking linked you the map

look at that shit

it's slums the whole map

A lot of the tokens are forest, guard towers, etc. There's still tons of smaller settlements but only a few big ones.
Certainly none that match Broschwitz in its current form.

I don't know if I could stand a complete loss of my skills and items if we moved, fam. I already spent the better part of a month trying to get to this point on a x4 skill/x4 speed server. I'd be burn out on anything slower without compensation tbh. also muh seryll spear

you know thats the defensive moon cricket metal right?

Honestly though, you know how risky it is to keep playing on Ivan's server.
One misplaced vodka and we're playing on a backup from 2011.

Chances are the server we'll end up on is gonna
have between 5-10x gains, you'll be back there in no time fam.

It's aus serb, my home… But all merifats will complain because lag will be worse than current ruski server..

I habe to sagribice for da greadur gud.

It's also immune to enchanting breaks which is why I made one. I usually come out of fights with 0 damage because of the range advantage long spear gives along with life steal.

Yeah, I know. But I don't know how I'm gonna make myself grind all of this skill again without some kind of macro thing

I thought long spears were garbage compared to shit like mauls or even halberds?

Just focus on one thing instead of being a jack of all trades. Then you'll find that switching from server to server isn't even that bad.

Are we abandoning ship or is the hunt for a new server just to fill the void while Broschwitz is unavailable?

Time to make seryll tools

Ya better fetch your wallet and buy the game
we leaving for good

(well, 25% of the population only)

They do an absolute shit ton vs mounts and mounted targets. We did a damage test once, and I did 96.38 damage to an unarmored man on a horse using a spear. And of course since spears have longer range, we couldn't even manage to split apart before the second hit went out.

I assume it all depends on the quality of the new server, if we ever find one.

Peeps who bought the game dun like being held at "it's this or nothing"

Looks like a jump ship.

im willing to log on it to check it out, if any u nigs wanna join me

its not IMMUNE to breaks still a miniscule chance RIP my seryll pickaxe

there not in the meta because everyone wants to do retard levels of damage and never tested anything when they found out uge axe hits hardest

I'd actually prefer a server with slower rates than 4x but with more shit to do.

That way the game is less about grinding skills and instead about surviving from day to day. Alot more hostile enemies for example. On the ruskie server the PvE combat bonus was set to 3x. Meaning the things you were killing solo would take 3 people to achieve the same effect.

On top of that, if the server is set to epic there are constantly missions handed out by the gods, not to mention actual pvp. So instead of grinding 24/7 you're working on projects actually REQUIRED to stay alive.

The benefit of Epic is that the skill curve allows for RAPID skillgain between 1-60, then it tanks and gets much much slower as you try to get higher.

Maybe they aren't in the PvE meta, but spears are definitely in the PvP meta. I've seen a lone man with a spear kill 3/5 of the men on a sailboat. Because that shit will fucking one shot you if it's high quality and enchanted, even if you have plate on. The only downside is that you lose a lot of defensive abilities since you have no shield.

Keep in mind, the skylopossomething server have these 'rules'

20 in all skills & 21 BC to ride horses
30ql Leather Armor, Long Sword & Shield
Pelt, 4 ropes, waterskin, pendulum, compass, sickle,
+Normal starting tools and equipment
NO skill loss on death.
5x Faster Skill Gain
4x faster Actions
Decreased weapon smiting difficulty.
Action Timer cap during imping has been lowered.
Free Premium
Free Starter Deeds. (4s worth of deed is free)
Free upkeep for all villages.
Free Mail
Bounty for burying corpses.
Bounty for killing monsters.
People receive coins for highway building. (1s per 20 tiles)
People receive coins for building a guard tower. (5s per tower)
Payer made events (will be supported with coins and GM help)
No Cooldown to change Bank locations.
No priest penalties.
No spell cooldowns.
Unlimited prayers per day. (every 20 minutes for faith gain)
Doubled faith gain, Triple favor gain.
Unlimited Meditations per day. (every 30 minutes for skill tic)
No more "You fail to relax" messages during meditation.
You no longer need to move for meditation skill gain.
Cooldown between meditation path levels has been decreased by 80% from WO standards.
Meditating is now also part of the skill multiplier.
You will be able to run faster with heavier weight in inventory (max speed will stay at 17kmh)
Faster movement on animals, carts, boats and ships
Forges will fit 100 ores.
Forges work when loaded.
19 BS to load items. (crates, forges, ovens, etc.)
Decreased loading timer.
Increased loading radius.
Crates now hold a lot more items.
Moving of bulk goods is no longer limited to inventory capacity. (drag more than 100 items)
Meat, Fish and filets fit into Fsb and Crates.
Mushrooms Fit into Fsb and Crates.
You can drop Hot items into the bsb and fsb.
Crops only take 1 day to grow and NEVER rot.
Decreased Sowing timer.
Harvest from Cart or Mount.
~45 mining hits per wall
Digging and leveling works like mining.
Surface Mining will lower the rock on every hit.
Added /seasons command which shows when the next fruits etc get ripe.
Added a season MOTD.

Are there actually Epic servers? And if so, why aren't we playing on them?

wew fuck that

they arent in the PVP meta on WO and are only just now being discovered on WU, also the mounted damage bonus does not apply to boats. Though it could be used on epic i have no idea.

so pretty standard for WU servers, any u nigs comin?

Sounds like supreme easy mode.

All of that sounds fucking horrible.

All I do is smith, I haven't really touched anything else other than combat

Holy shit this actually sounds really nice

The default WU server is an epic server.

You don't even know who I am.
The next time you want to accuse me of something, try it somewhere less anonymous. I am nothing but helpful to the village.

Ah, I guess they got nerfed then. They did use to apply to boated players.

Hang on a second

Couldn't a couple people just spend all day killing eachother to produce corpses to bury?

Jesus, like the game isn't easy enough as is.

Probably doesn't work for player bodies.
Anyways, I'll give the server a shot.


I just woke up, what's all this talk about a new server?

You're forgetting the 4s for planting a deed user. You can literally plant+dissolve deeds for income, which is apparantly pointless on this server anyway as there's no upkeep.

If everyone gets everything with no effort involved this is nothing more than minecraft creative mode.


Yeah, lets find somewhere else.

The merlita one seems to be the best of the two options I presented

I'd like to people to show more options too


It seems this one is just 3x 3x, no other bullshit, but I couldn't verify

I'm forced to take a break for a few days and this fuckery is what I come back to? Splinter and move to some normalfag server, cause the current one went down for a day? Pull yourselves together, fags.

Zog dindu nuffin. He shoah'd the normalfag and my sides too. But I guess the moment the GM got involved you'd have been willing to throw him under the bus. I for one won't miss you, that's for sure.


It is now possible to level, flatten and flatten borders while mounted in a vehicle.

You will now also be able to level using dirt from the vehicle you are mounted on or dragging. Including from crates inside vehicle.


My issue is that the map is already populated. I liked the feeling of settling in a wild land. I don't want to start an amish village when the rest of the country has a road network and trading systems established with top end crafters out the ass.


This is American server here are specs

Current Server Specifics
2048x2048 Map with a high dirt layer for all of your terraforming dreams.
4096x4096 PVP Server with a Chaos like dirt layer.
2 Servers: PVE(Paradise) & PVP(Wild)
Activity System Rewards for playtime which gives you silver required for deeds/etc
Wurm Online Like Economy
30ql Starter Kits & 30QL Leather Armour
9 Silver given to all new players.
Completely free-to-play with optional donations
25K Creature Cap with 25% aggro amount
Weekly to Monthly Events
PVE with PVP Events

Skill Specifics & Other details
Base Skills: 10.0
Base Stats: 19.0
Skillgain Progression: 0-50 skill = 5.0, 60-70 skill = 3.5, 70-80 skill = 2.0, 80-90 skill = 1.5, 90+ skill = 1.2
Action Timers: 5x
Deed Upkeep: Enabled
Free Deeds: Disabled (Activity System will give you silver needed)
Traders: Enabled
Breed Timers: 4 RL days (will be tweaked)
Crop Timers: 1 RL days (will be tweaked)

serbia's down again. it allegedly went down just before a new backup was going to be created so everything we did yesterday may be rolled back. a few anons have had enough.

I'm just sitting here passing the time until serb comes back. there's an IP posted above of a temp server the badmins are hosting. progress on it won't be saved, but it does allow us to mine out the area to find out where ores are so we can just metagame towards them when the actual server comes back up.

I'd rather have a server without priest restrictions.

that's the left side of the map
the right side is good

This tbh, if we're joining a new server. It better be an epic one with missions and HotA and all the jazz.

Then EVERYONE and their mother would be a priest, there is no point

Is it though? Do you really want to pvp with a server full of Kujafags that are already set up? Or is this server no epic in the first place? If it's the latter then why even consider it?

At least we didn't lose a month's worth of work this time.

Getting really burned out on the game from nothing to do now and all the admin incompetence

This user makes the right point. A priest has alot of powerful abilities in exchange for the penalties. If everyone is a priest then what is the fucking point?

the ONLY way to get a clean map, is for us to host our own

it's impossible otherwise

all servers, or 99% of them, were made in the first two weeks of wurm unlimited launch.

If you want to prove me wrong, please do, I also want to be proven wrong

This looks nice

Nothing wrong with hosting our own server. The whole reason we never did it in the first place was because we couldn't make it pirate-friendly.

If people are throwing out server suggestions with NO intention to carry along the piratefags then there is literally no reason NOT to make our own server and set it to Epic. It's not like it has to be private either, just leave it open to the normans as per usual.

I worry that this server is dead, but I would like to say that I really like those server specifics. Nothing OP, and deed upkeep enabled for once. I also like the progressive skill multiplier.
Is this an Epic server?


This user makes a good point, if we're tossing the pirate fags to the fire.

As I said before, i will foot shekels for it, but I'm not gonna admin, someone else set it up, I just wanna play the game with my fellow Holla Forumsyniggers and other less important god followers.

New guy here working on making a new serb pirate friendly.
Can someone who bought WU upload all the steam files(server and client) so I can fuck with them without paying for it?

I don't think so, but there's two maps, pvp and pve, i'm guessing the pvp map is much less populated, but i can't find the link for it.

The download is in the OP. The server is launchable through the client, either dedicated or standalone.

I would even help to pay for it.
I could try to also help with tweaking the configurations and stuff

But I don't want to be a GM, I know I would abuse it eventually

What crawled up your ass? It's clearly a Sleep reference.

The problem with that is wether they're linked or not. If they're linked people will just stay on the PvE side to grind, then come over to the PvP side with no risk.

Either all in, or all out.

I would also throw in some jewgold. I think we would definitely have enough money to host our own server, the only question is if

has the technical skills to make it pirate-friendly. Godspeed.

If we're immigrating to a new server we should probably look for PvE with PvP events

If we're hosting an open server then by all means we should start with PvP that way we can bully faggots who show up.

Stagnation is worse than death, if we do nothing we've already lost.

Alright, I'm looking at merifat serbs and its 87$ a month for these specs:

3.4 GHz+ Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
4 Cores, 8 Threads
32GB DDR3 ECC Memory
1x2TB Drive
Linux / Windows
(Windows Included FREE!)
Bandwidth 250 Mbps
Traffic (Unmetered Traffic)
IPv4 Address 1x (Extra Available)
(New) Anti-DDoS Protection Included!
Server Provisioning Time 24Hrs
Express Setup Available
Within Business Hours 1pm - 11pm
2Hrs or Less (£10.00 One Time Fee)

Can someone find something same price or cheaper but with similar specs, I don't mind paying that much, specially with help from fellow Holla Forumsirgins, but I would like as cheap as possible.

Not sure about the sepcs, but I looked into getting a server as well. Gtx seems to be pretty suitable for our needs.


These are GTX specs fam

what are you smoking?
the rusky server we are on is running on a potato
a 'amazon ec2 small'-tier should suffice (but I won't recommend, since it's super expensive)

This thread has lost its goddamn mind.

Nignog I windowshopped a 2gb server in New York with its own IP and on a SSD for $15 a month. What the fuck are you doing?

We could probably pay the ruskie 90 dollars for his fucking server crack.

the one he linked seems to be 4.88 bongs a month

I think

some of us make that in a day poorman.

Your point being?

And? $90 is still a retarded price for a wurm server.

Pretty cheap, even I could shell that out monthly.

Yeah, when we can do it for less than $10.


Chill out

has reasonable price, setting it up now fams

[Sun] Michael: I have an idea to combine databases and only lose items that were changed or added today. But still have buildings and terrain etc…

[Sun] Michael: Going to close test server and merge databases.



That client has been fucked with by the people who host the current server
What I need is an unfucked with client so I can work out how they fucked with it.

I was considering buying my own hardware(with help :^)) and hosting out of home so there wouldn't be a monthly cost however I am Australian and so everyone would have to deal with 300+ ping.
Those server specs do look good if we can collectively afford it though.

I would not recommend paying for anything advertised as "WURM EZ HOST SERBER" as there's a good chance that there are 100 others being hosted in VMs of the same physical machine.

Wait I thought the ruskies were the only ones with a crack.

buy game
download game
refund to credit card

So many salty pirate fags coming out of the woodworks.

Don't worry we'll think of something (((eventually)))

They are. Pay the $15 for WU, goyim.

I'd be willing to buy it if someone sets up a server. I'm not going to bother if we'd otherwise join a server where everyone else has their shit set up and has been grinding for months.

Fuck you

Buyfag elitist detected.

Here serb details
Don't get comfy, It's still vanilla I think, will proceed to unfuck it.

What settings are preferred?

0.25 skill gain/action

I think you should just flat out copy these settings:

Make sure it's an epic server. Other than that, 3-4x rates are fine as epic is alot faster at lower skill ranks anyway.

Epic will take care of just about everything we have issues with frankly. It's open world pvp, has HoTA, allows people to become KINGS of their nations. Allows you start your own nations.

The list goes on. Epic has something like 20-30% more content than the ruskie server.

I'm working on making a list of possible mods to include for the server

nigga thats literally the easiest of ez modo.

Epic is necessary, 4x skills/action is good.

Is there any way for someone to make a pirate serb?

there is/was/ispossible a mod that lets you dig and flatten from carts, and use the dirt that is on the carts

I would love this

these guys did it, so I know it's possible: meliarta.com/forum/index.php?topic=3737.0

Same settings as WRC


Is this a legal server?

Serb should be hosted in texas, that is what I requested

Meditation should be like 20% of what online is for path delays, so it would be about 57 days for level 16 instead of 286.
People want priest restrictions, so leave those. But make preaching the same as what the ruskie server had.


Bullshit, You're fucking with me..

Bots or npcs, please be clear

that's part of epic, you can talk to them and they'll respond, I forget the command for it. You can ask them about directions and artifacts and shit. They basically spread rumors.

Is this a buyfag only server?

I fucking hope not.

They're NPCs.

I have to go to hospital now. nothing srs, be back in a few hours, i'll leave serb up for autists who want to play on vanilla, everything you do will be saved, just slow as fuck… Scout out a place to build new Broschvitz if you've nothing else to do

[16:52:27] I'm considering helping Libila out with Revenge of Magranon.
[16:52:47] You'll be dead soon enough, Jesus.
[16:52:47] We can also discuss Fo if you want.
[16:54:57] Can't say I fear your knowledge in Huge club, Jesus.
[16:54:57] We can also discuss a maul head if you want.

I got kicked off this new server with this reason
"The server denied your connection attempt for the following reason: "

I was playing just fine a minute ago. Something is wrong on the servers end.

Have the skillgain set retardedly high for like a day or two (like 12x or 20x) just so people can quickly get back to the levels they had before and then set it back down to 4x.

This is payfag server, As soon as user comes through with freefag mod then I'll modify the serb so everyone can play

that means you're a pirate

What about farming skill ?

Except I'm not. As I said I was playing fine just a moment ago.

Don't expect this to be a quick fix, depending on how shit goes it could take a couple days.

I see your point but if it's two days and you do nothing but forage and sow and then tend crops you should be able to get plenty of exp in 48 hours.

So I tried to ride my horse, and then:
The server denied your connection attempt for the following reason:
So yeah… R.I.P.

This would happen in Wurm Online all the time. You just have to wait for your character to finally leave world, which usually only took a couple a minutes, 10 tops.

If we're starting over does everyone want the same jobs?

2 minutes in and the server is already fucked for me. Well that was short lived. We got anyone else going to other servers?

It's worth noting that the default WU server has 3 kingdom choices. I didn't see ANY when that server started, and furthermore it kept saying 'unknown kingdom' every time I took a step.

I think something was done horribly wrong when the server was set up.

I'm undecided if I want to keep being a miner.
On that note: Ore density should be 25%, like it was on the old world in the ruskie server. Fuck what it was in the new world.

That wouldn't work

The ideal would be to set the sleep bonus to 40x rather than 2x (also, disable the normal sleep bonus gain form sleeping for a week or so)

then we have an actual control on how to use it, and would not so disproportionately favor those who work and those who don't

Reminder that on Epic the skillgain is already out the ass. Having it on 3-4x is already multiple times faster than the ruskie server, it has innate skillgain boost at low-mid skill levels.

Why is server down atm?

Liberals are holding it hostage due to outrage over brexit. They're blaming the masked grinch.

If I get a new sexuality will it be back?

only if you're not white shitlord

Can I identify as race-skeptic? for real any idea how long it's down?

[Sun] Michael: So, I deleted corrupted bits, and replaced them with working bits from yesterday.
[Sun] Michael: Best I can come up with.

Basically skillgains are retained, but the world was corrupted so they rolled it back to yesterdays. I imagine that applies to all items aswell.

It's apparant that this server is having issues with SOMETHING when it comes to the world at large. How long until we lose the entire map again?

Kinda devalues town roles when everyone can get ample skill for 99% of shit in no time. Even on current server, the only shit I get help with is armor/weaponsmithing.

25% aggro on PvE is also maximum pussy.


6x action, 3x skill gain pls. Some shit is still retardedly long with 4x.

Find a mod for hellhounds/hellhorses/lava fiends, for Soab's sake.

Well there's hellhounds here already.

I'd give it a month or two before we all lose everything again.

[Sun] Michael: If it works well enough, I will manage it myself. And with some donations… even better.

He's saying that the new server is hosted on his machine, the one that's up for testing purposes right now.

I have no idea of anything beyond that. But considering that he mentioned donations they might be planning to keep their own physical server. When you consider how unreliable the current one has been that's not a surprising choice.

[Sun] Michael: For now, good night.

Guess we won't know the final decision any time soon.

Hellhorses are in epic by default. I know because i've fucked around on my own default WU server and found them before.

Can we have more animals to hunt?
Also are custom player kingdoms possible on WU servers? this can be real fun.



Will someone please tell me where I can buy Wurm Unlimited off Steam? Don't mind buying but decided not to buy any new games off Steam a few years ago.

The server is fucked. Two of us have been locked out of it for trying to mount things so far.

I wouldn't recommend it until the host works out whats gone wrong.

yeah, try again with 1 week.

Restarting steam seems to fix the connection, either that or it's a coincedence

Meet up in Litocania if you haven't already

No they aren't, I've found 2 of them on Deliverance (PvE) on the MMO

I never said they were exclusive to Epic, just that they didn't need to be ADDED as they exist there already.

I'm just going to go to sleep and pray for serbia.

I forgot to list this mod, just disable the spellmod, the rest are good.
And if we want different rates for specific skills there's this:

The priest thing is gay.

Well if fags are gonna buy it and leave then I am done. Got more important shit to spend money on.

It's literally only on steam, but you can try G2A see if it's cheaper there.

And just like that, dead thread dead game.

We were dead thread dead game when the server kept going down every other day.

We're going to still make threads and play the game actually.

It's more expensive there, but if I buy it I'm paying someone who already paid Valve, right? Not sending Valve more money directly.

Since we can't be ebil griffers no more, the only action left for Broschwitz was training up and fighting the normen and Kuja in the PvP events anyway, and not enough people seemed hyped for training FS for that to happen.

New serb's 0 normalfag population is gonna really suck for entertainment as well, we'd have to find some hardcore PvE mods that put us under constant threat by mobs and/or start heavily shilling to find normalfags to toy with.

Exactly this, constant struggle against the onslaught of spiders.

This is exactly what HOTS is. Join us, goyim, and you will experience power unthinkable.

>shill it in the cuckchan general if there is one


wew what's happening in this image?

Also this time am joining HotS since I didnt get to try the edgy things yet.

I need more information. How does being HoTS suddenly create massive enemy waves that assault you?

Mobs basically spawn constantly on mycelium tiles. You get shit like this spawning right next to your village.
It also helps if the map is smaller (higher mob density).

I'd suggest we just split into multiple factions and fight and grief each other, but given the massive autism re zanzi I imagine everyone would be sperging in the thread or ragequitting the game if they lost too much.

Oh, and Libila followers aren't allowed to bury corpses. Corpses attract predators.

I think i'd just prefer a mod. Not worth the EDGE.

Might be good to get the locals together first before commencing with the shillery. Would cut down on randoms trying to join the settlements.

Those Beatles are adorable

fucking autocorrect. beetles

This is HOTS

So sweden


Answers user's question you faggots!

>Nope, saving money to supporting devs isn't thing even if it was good, you can't justify a single video game purchase in your life for 15 bucks for more.
The price of 15$ was hell a lot cheaper back in the day before steam was really popular, you can't tell my ass that you didn't bought a game that wasn't 15 to 20 dollars and it wasn't at least enjoyable, there are games right now have the base price for 15 that still can good plus the fact that price does change, so that can maybe a good a have there price and still to today there are other good games that people have enjoyed that was over 15$! And when it comes to under 15 dollars people can still be disappointed.

Ex of good game that 15$ or over on based:
Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

Bad game that 15$ or over on the base price:
Shadowrun Returns

If 14.99 doesn't count:
The Wolf Among Us

Good games under 15$:
Retro City Rampage DX

Bad games under 15$:

If you are talking about wurm unlimited, then from the looks of it, at the time by 2006, if wanted something at least a little bit different from Everquest and wow then get this but for $30 it a good price for something that's from/looks like something from 2006.
Now if you do like it then get it on sale and with no subscription and with the game still being make it nicer, so i say maybe get this over something wow.

Okay, I kinda wanna get edgy now.

Edge aside, that does sound sorta fun, damn.

Don't forget, priests with the best weapon enchantment in the game and the ability to raise zombies.

Where's the server owner at?

Soab going HoTS

How to join HOTS:
1) Respawn at Litocania
2) Use one of the instructors to convert to HOTS
3) Run towards the African Light (you can't miss it, look at the sky)

we're actually playing on user's server? Isn't he going to tweak it and fondle the map a bit?

Mostly just fucking around, expecting a wipe in the long run

Its also buyfags only.



How do I get mods to work? I have installed livemap, better compass, tooltips, improved improve, 10 toolbelt. None of them show up in game.

Also, your server is fucked. Entering unknown kingdom is spammed every tile you move.

Another thing, there is no option to spawn anywhere other than "start".

I think he's working on it, he's just got that running to test functionality.

did you use the update.bat or .cmd or .jar or whatever it was in your launcher folder?

If we're all in on getting blacked, I say we embrace our niggotry and name HotS town Brohannesburg.

Shieeet, you guys are making me consider buying wurm unlimited. I'm just not sure if I want to support the devs or not.

Oh wait, he said he'd be back in a few hours earlier.

At this point you're not supporting the devs either way. You're either giving them money they'll blow on something non-game related, or you're not.

Just don't let the Edge overtake you and it'll be fine

I'm sure it will end up like this:

I bought it, I want to keep playing with you faggots, but poorfags should have hope.

I'm working on a 1337 hack. I've just got to get steam out of jars, shouldn't be any harder than an excel macro.

Shit I guess I wasn't the only one who thought of naming my character xXDarknessXx and riding only black horses.

I am using a copy I just got brand new for $15 on steam. There are no update.[anything] I can find in the Wurm directory.


This is how I learned how to mod Wurm

Well shit, I guess if everyone was trying to be the edgiest faggot possible it could be kind of entertaining. For a little while.

It really couldn't.

Nobody talks to xXBeckett_Venom420Xx like that

You're undoubtedly right

we are

You can call me XxX_DragonBl00dSniper_xXx

A grand total of 3 people were. I'm just going to wait for badmin's to be up again.

There were at least 6 and out of 11 that's half.

Don't be impatient

Yeah not a lot of people are going to bother playing on a test server.

I'm exploring incase we stick with it. I won't bother skilling up or building but it's worth getting an idea of good spots to build/hunting grounds.

It wouldn't be fun because none of you could be edgier than me, xXWombRotter_420_SatanSpawnXx, as I level to 100FS using only a scythe.

>and below


Get on my level EdgeScrub

I doubt we will, it's the default epic server.

Is that actually an issue though? I mean the only server we played on was the 2 serb maps.

I'd level with my scythe exclusively by sacrificing unicorns.

The Earth itself spat me back up from her rotten womb, and I find no escape nor respite, merely suffer under the tyranny of this cruel and wanton sun as I wander through this blackened land shedding tears of blood. There is no need to change the outer world, as my inner existence is plunged into darkness too cloying for mortal minds to comprehend. I shall return to the Womb to Rot only to further my journey along the path of insanity. I must not touch the water; for its soothing touch will only burn me. I am Enemy of my Own Soul merely by my Nature, and All Men stand Against my Withered, Blackened Blade of Dread Harvest.

God damn that's edgy.

And that's why this wouldn't be fun long enough to matter, sadly. Maybe we can put mycelium spawning mechanics onto dirt if we make a hacked jar file?

Can one of you poorfags try connecting to

I think you're memeing about it a little too much. At the end of the day, it's just a harder PvE experience with a few benefits like infinite food and nutrition. And inter-kingdom combat being legal.

Which kingdom should I choose?

I can connect to it, but I own the game so that doesn't count.

im cracked btw

I'm seeing a lot of client was authenticated.

Did I figure it out?

Jenn-Kellon is where I'm at

This is not a real server

If cracked can connect we're in business

Nobody believed in my skills


Works on my pirated copy, seems you figured it out.

Piratefag here, it works. Talking with other anons in HotS local.

Badmin is a lazy fuck, he didn't have to code jack shit. There is no secret. There is nothing to steal.


Knew it was that, but the faggot who I was emailing said it didn't work.

Alright, so are we getting the guy hosting on the current server to update it? No reason to stop if it's such a simple fix.

New hostfag make it x12 skill gain

Server owner says to expect a wipe on, just FYI

What about

I thought user had already rented that, if it's just out of his basement then don't worry, but if it's paid for let's set up there instead of renting a new one.

Fuck's sake, it's annoying getting hungry but that's sort of part of the gameplay.

Okay, tell me which faction and when to log in to a world that's not getting wiped. Don't care if it's a good world, we can always skill up while you make an autism map that we can
to later.

Absolute madman did it

So where are we all congregating on the new server?

I had found that the first time we started to talk about making a new server. But since everyone didn't want to swap I never talked about it.

Then when people started to seriously swap servers I forgot where/how I found that and decided not to mention something I couldn't point others to

Select Horde of the Summoned when you spawn in, and you should spawn at the HOTS town with all of us.

too tired to play will play tomorrow.

You win, I can't out-edge that.

Did I mention I really get Linkin Park songs like they're written about my life, and I have worn out black converse?

Do you wear those big pants with the chains on them?

>The server denied your connection attempt for the following reason:


I got the same problem as well.
Soon as I finished creating my character I was kicked off.




Got kicked while I was creating my character
Do we have to make a different steam auth folder or something?


idk what changing my name did, but it works now.
this gonna be easy

Nevermind, it kicked me again saying I needed to be authenticated.

HoTS seems really boring if you didn't want to just do combat, and the combat sucks frankly. Like you COULD do something else but you'll constantly having random monsters interrupting you even at high fs and corpses piled too high to see any of the shit you built.

If the corpses are piled high we just build higher.

Time to build a sacrificial pyramid, niggers.

Duplicate authentication. Restarted steam. Nada. Going to have to wait a good while each time I log out to log in?

I spelled "fuck" out of goblin corpses once because there were so many.

As long as you stayed on-deed, you would probably be fine. It's not like the mobs can enter towns or anything.

what about building A WALL to keep the monster menace at bay, opening the doors only to crusade?

Or we could choose a different faction and just build BL altars everywhere to generate Mycelium.

I mean, that's what we're really after HoTS for right? Nobody WANTS to be an edgelord, don't we just want a constant threat of monsters?

Hell we can just increase the percentage of hostile enemy spawns and plant a bunch of spawn near wherever we live.

Any way to get past this "duplicate authentification" crap?

This sounds completely reasonable, I can go on raids and fuck everything and still clean up afterwards and keep my town nice and clean so I don't have to live like a Detroitian.

Have an area with a lot of that shit, then it can be an artificial hunting ground.


Here is the real question though: Can the admin spawn dragons?

Nobody is roleplaying as an edgemaster, nobody. It's literally the same people doing the same thing as before.

Ofcourse, it's their server.

Infact we don't even NEED mycelium. Just get the admin to put a heap of spawns for dangerous enemies around the town.

I never said they wanted to roleplay an edgemaster. I'm just not sure why we're choosing HoTS. If it's just because someone suggested it and we all rolled with it, then fuck it i'm in. But if we're being led around by a kujafag then fuck that.

HoTS looks like shit, instead of sexy Templar guards we get retarded ghosts and unburyable corpses we have to constantly cart away. Plus constant attacks will just make everything annoying. I mean if it were every three hours a big wave of enemies fine, but constant? Fuck that, this isn't a developed and engaging combat-based game.

Well I'm totally locked out of the pirate server due to duplicate authentication.

"The game also supports custom PMK models. So you can submit your own flags, etc. to the art team."

Doesn't this mean we could vote on designs for our own banners and make our own kingdom instead of rallying under the banner of edge?

I think a few people are, myself included.

Doesn't this mean you could reskin goblins as jews :^)

Don't see why not. Zebras were just reskinned horses. On the vanilla client they appeared like every other horse.

Couldn't be super difficult to add a mesh+skin and copy an existing monster template.

Aren't they already modeled as Jews? They would just need to be renamed.

Serb's still down?

Serb is down. They have a new server up as a testing ground, they said nothing will be saved though.

We've got 2 servers running, both of which seem to be booting people. Abandon all hope.

rip new serb


Just to be clear, are people getting that dupe auth shit when connecting to

apparently I can connect, walk around for a few minutes, then get kicked randomly, and then the you need to be authenticated message appears on me.
Would the crash report help the user making the cracked server understand why it's doing this?

Yeah. I can login, then get kicked a few minutes later, currently cutting down trees for a house.

did you do it, user?

[21:34:04] [21:33:50] I'll help you with young diseased Kike!

10/10 server

I am

God-tier serb

Now I am as well. I shouldn't have logged off, now I'm locked out.

Y-You too

Wait so are people still playing on
If so do we have any idea as to why it's affecting only some of us?

I really don't get the paranoid sperging over "edge." The faction-specific skins and mycelium are edgy, but people don't seem to be complaining about aesthetics.

Kuja isn't going to play on this server, he's invested far too much autism on the Rus serb. One faggot playing a game mode shouldn't be enough to ruin it for you, especially if you haven't even tried it. I want something new to ward off burnout.

It's shit without even the occasional spider and troll attacks we had in the old map. If corpses trigger you so badly, I'll be the designated body dumper. We can dig a pit and pile it with bodies, it'll be great.

Sitrep? The fuck is going on with this? Just rolled in this thread.

It's only effecting some of us, and even then only some of the time. I'm currently cutting down trees for a house, but I get kicked every ten minutes or so.

Odd. I haven't been able to get back on since I was first disconnected.

For the record I am using a legit copy.

Are you kuja or just a massive faggot?
If you hate building why the hell are you playing Wurm? The combat is ass. It's the last game you should play for primarily combat.

>The server denied your connection attempt for the following reason:

Same. Is that actually the problem?

I've got the same problem, using a legit copy here aswell.

I was able to connect to the last one with a legit copy no problem. I assume pirated-copy people are getting kicked as well.

Pirate here, not getting kicked.

Looking at the logs, I don't see auth failures. It looks like if you get kicked the server logs you out after 60 seconds, maybe that's what you're seeing.

Let's see if I can change that…

Apparently legit norman's have been getting this issue since April.

Is it just me or can anyone else not connect to It keeps telling me there's a network error and times me out.

please change this as soon as you can.

I logged out like an hour ago and I'm still getting it.
Haven't been able to log in since.

Works with my non-pirated Wurm though.

That was a mod. Welcome to the horror of digging. Now imagine levelling platform 100 slope high and 20x20 tiles, 6-8 dirt at a time.

Same, Connection times out.

0FS detected.

I like building. I built my first real house in Broschwitz, it's nice. I don't like the monotony of an actionless settlement after the Brosmouth experience. We've had one fog spider attack in the new map and it got handled quickly. We haven't had to have a full militia call-to-arms in ages, and it sucks, because those are great.

Having mobs invade town isn't even really dangerous, just keep your mount/cart on hand and run to your fence/house if something's gonna rape you.

Maybe the issue is an old client?

Somebody throw the new one up on… something… and then run it through the steam emu…


The same goes for me.

Those happened a lot on Affliction. Suddenly there would be a troll invasion… the fighters would mount up, while the crafters would hide, trapped in their homes. The battles were hard-wrought, but that made the victories sweeter.

So you don't actually play on Broschwitz then, because we've had 3 or 4 in the last few days.

New server comes and suddenly you're all
And everyone's supposed to go along with this bipolar change like it's natural?

Mod monsters to bash fences/walls.

Alabama here. Can't reconnect.

Please try with real client - connect, disconnect, reconnect

I think legit copies wont work, I get kicked after a few minutes with a message that says "you need to be authenticated".

I've been on a real client this entire time. I can't connect to be able to disconnect, it just boots you during the loading bar with a message about duplicate authentication.

I just wanted to farm

Now I just want off this crazy ride

We're getting shit figured out. We won't need the rusky serb. We will make Wurm Unlimited great again.

Why are you so upset and aggressive, user? It's a partial palette swap with the odd reskin, and some combat that someone else will handle for you if you insist on being a little pussy.

I'm on for several hours a day and only once in Broschwitz was there any fog spider spawning. About five spawned that day. Beyond that, there was the odd wolf from the den near town, but those are so weak they don't even count, and I think someone demolished it anyway since they stopped coming.

Everyone loved the attacks in Brosmouth. Babby's first fog spiders with everyone panicking for salve thinking the poison would kill them, the champ lava spider attacks, that one guy who lead a bunch of trolls to the gates. It livens shit up, and if we can make sure of it happening, we should.

Same problem with legit sever. Here's the end of the crash log if it helps.

GLSL version: 4.50 NVIDIA
GLSL max vertex uniforms: 4096 (4096)
GLSL max fragment uniforms: 4096 (4096)
GLSL max varyings: 124 (124)
Preloading builtin materials
Preloading builtin materials done
Launching Collada Model Loader threads
Launching WOM Loader threads
Starting workaround for fast running clocks
Using LWJGL timer.
Initialized mouse with 3 buttons.
Experimental direct buffer cleaner init successful
Startup Phase - Setting up..
Initializing font texture for SansSerif (11). Texture Size: 512
Initializing font texture for SansSerif (11, italic). Texture Size: 128
Loading window positions from PlayerFiles\players\Georgia\windows_1906x1066.txt
Loading props file PlayerFiles\players\Georgia\windows_1906x1066.txt
Gui initialized
Startup Phase - Preparing terrain
Startup Phase - Connecting ..
Disabling Nagles
Execution aborted at connection 0, iteration 0
Run time 0s, local time Mon Jun 27 01:02:02 EDT 2016
Destroying game window
Duplicate authentication

got the client and server-client through this site but the server keeps crashing

Fixed the crashing issue but I can't connect to my own local server
can see that my client was authenticated on the server side

While I don't want to be on the edge faction, and I really like the appearance of Mol Rehan, I have to agree with this user.

Broschwitz was too safe, but that's partially because the combat fags were too good. To compensate for that we need more hostile enemies. However that doesn't mean we need to be on HoTS for it. HoTS doesn't actually add that much to the game, all of the new shit comes from being on an Epic server.

Buyfags who can't connect to, please try:

1. Download SmartSteamEmu from here - volafile.io/r/4m1oZZ

2. Run Wurm through it (app id is 366220)

3. Post results

Duplicate authentication and have been unable to connect to for the past 3 hours.

and I mean the real Wurm client, not the WRC shit.

I liked the idea of not having to fuck with nutrition, but I'll concede that HotS isn't necessary so long as we get danger.

Shit might get wild if it was random spawns like the MMO with rate cranked way up. And if things got too quiet, we could always hope for some hand of god dropping a few champs in the square.

More mobs close at hand also means better access to pets, mounts, leather, furs, pelts, fats, cover mats, meat, cochineal, !!! charcoal !!! and fresh troll clubs for demolition work.

Dragons and uniques destroy anything in their path. Prolly don't want those popping up in town.

Just fucking around. I'm able to reproduce what everyone has been talking about, can't get into my own server now. Working on it!

I made a copy of my legit game then used it with that emulator, it works.

If you disconnect, can you reconnect?

Oh, and without HotS, we can't fight and nig from each other at will. Think of the poor anons who roll lock-related affinities.

Ah, nope. Doesn't work.

My concern is that with HoTS we don't need people managing, or gathering food, nor do we need cooks or healers due to mycelium. It's taking a lot of roles out of the game.

I'm not even sure if people can play as Vyn priests in HoTS, whereas I know they can be part of MR and JK. I could be wrong on that though so don't quote me on it.

So I'm just sitting here, making a house/mine in the middle of nowhere.

pls try again

You can only follow Lib as HotS

It takes a long fucking time for you food to go up on a mecylium tile you dingus. It's not that big of deal.

You can never be a Vynora priest as HOTS, best you can do is hide out in a cave near town, where the guards won't attack you.
Of course, Libila has better spells than Vynora anyway. The only spell that Libila was lacking was the one that caused cave-ins, but, she has that one now…


Dedicated cooks and healers got very little use anyway. You can make a week's worth of meals for the town in half an hour if the mats are on hand, and fighters skill up first aid more than healers do anyway with all the cotton-stuffing they do to themselves.

Really, the only use healers had was for maybe bandaging a tank mid-fight, but that's still just as viable in HotS since you can't self-bandage with anything in combat.

And on top of what said, we'd still need to feed ourselves while venturing off of mycelium, so there's still room for the odd cook.

Healers are still needed. There's been far too many expeditions and crusades where it has fallen to me and another to heal because we only had 1 healer that was afk macroing prayers

Oh shit, so Libila has the tool enchant spells? Fair enough then, I thought they were unique to Vyn.

Can't help it if I'm asleep. I only got to participate in two crusades because they always happened when I was asleep.

It'd be useful for AFK macroing and imping, but in every other scenario, you're moving around a lot and will need food.


Does it add the same effects to weapons as WoA does? That's actually really neat. HoTS OP as fuck.

In that case why don't we just make our own kingdom on the HoTS template.

The best part is BotD at 50 power is as good as both CoC and WoA at 50.

Is there a fix to this duplicate shit yet?

I just randomly got in again, somehow.

Server seems to have been restarted. If the admin reads this, make sure you wipe the databases and start your own map.

The default map has 90QL gear strewn across it. If you don't wipe both it and the characters people will take it with them to the new map.

Still working on it, might be a dumb fix, stay tuned.

Welp it was nice playing with you fags

try ipconfig /flushdns

fen pls he gave me my spear back

Just got kicked from duplicate authentication while playing. Continuing to get kicked after playing for 1 minute.


Oh, I was still trying to fix it. Thanks!



Did the serb just go down or is something else happening?

Vynormans were on the rise in Broschwitz, user. We're already heretics.

serb down
serb down

Alright, user who rented out wurm serb here

What did I miss, did something happen, did I waste my shekels?

It's too early for anything to be really certain, but probably. You kinda jumped the gun with that.

not necessarily, maybe he can give admin rights to the user that fixed things. Then we'll have a stable server to work off. That is, unless pirate-user didn't already rent a server himself.

Where is pirate Admin, I'm looking at the control panel and I don't know my arse from a hole in the ground. jesus, user, pls take the wheel.

I could not reconnect to the server, same error:
The server denied your connection attempt for the following reason:

Please check if ipconfig /flushdns works for you

I didn't have to do that, it eventually let me back on anyway

is that you Piradmin?

Is the crack working?
Did you rent a serb? if not, migrate all this shit to the one I rented so is stable.

I'm here, uh, just give me your social security number and credit card and uhm.. we can Wurm…

Crack is working, yeah. I didn't rent Serb, I am typing this while 7 guys bury corpses and fuck chickens. You want I admin? I will spawn many kikes.

Yay!.. Yeah whatever spawn kikes I don't care, I have no fucking clue how to do any of the things, if you can make legit serb work with pirate fags then doo eet. I just don't want the money I used wasted.

Alright, email me the info - gazetheeupon at gmail dot com.

WHY would you put that on an anonymous image board, you could have used a discord channel or something

It's a throwaway account, what are you going to do, find my IP address?

You got that right,

I got into again. These people are weird.

this fucking shit is pissing me off to no end
trying to get a multiworld server cluster up
have to fucking copy the adventure settings because no way to create new game database from scratch, then I have to copy that database to create the 2nd server and change some settings but the fucking changes doesn't save due to violating sqlite constraints

Wew Lands



You see the whole 'skill decreasing as soon as it goes up' thing that was the point of that post, yes?

Use a cleaver or butchering knife, not a fucking carving knife.

If it still does it than your tool is too low quality

Well I'll be damned it actually works.

Fucking retard.

Whats your damage fam, obviously you can't butcher right now, come back later when someones made the tools you need.

I'm sorry


Switched characters and it worked for god knows why

Don't bother with that. The objective is behind a locked and unbreakable gate.

Wait, wait wait, I just got back from a shower and my head is still killing me.
Which server should I connect to for shitposting? Because I've already started on Piradmin's server, and if we're moving to a different one, I don't want to do any more work on that server.

Piradmin is working on another anons paid server now so that other pirate fags can join

Admins if you're going to mod the server, you should know that livestock were modded to be able to swim in WRC. I just tried to lead a young pig while sailing on a rowboat and instead of swimming it stopped at the water's edge.

So many kikes

[02:13:03] The venerable Donald Trump hits you very hard in the left hand and harms it.
[02:13:08] The venerable Donald Trump hits you extremely hard in the chest and damages it.
[02:13:11] The venerable Donald Trump kicks you deadly hard in the left hand and damages it.
[02:13:11] The venerable Donald Trump hits you extremely hard in the chest and damages it.
[02:13:11] You are dead.

[23:19:47] You cut the aged diseased Kike extremely hard in the neck and harm it.
[23:20:08] You fart on the corpse of aged diseased kike.
[23:20:14] You fart on the corpse of aged diseased kike.


Quick question why did we always mine down to water level in all our old mines? Was it just for quick and immediate access to a water supply?

Ok, I'm gonna go ahead and stop playing Piradmin's server then, especially if my skills aren't going to transfer over.
When it becomes necessary, I'll make a new thread detailing the events of this one.

this fucking shit
first image is Midgård and Hellheim connected like it should be
2nd image is of what Hellheim looks like after saving it when the local server tab looked like the 3rd image BEFORE switching back to 'Midgård' in the 'Select Game Database' tab and then switching back to 'Hellheim'
and there's no fucking telling where the hell the fucking server stores those settings, it's not in the fucking serverfolder


Dear new admins,

I saw earlier that you can give people skills. Would you give us the skills we had prior if we screenshot what we had? as well as path ranks?


I might actually move servers if we could do that.

I think that would really help in preventing a number of people from quitting.

And what about the people that don't have screenshots specifically of their skills?

found a sollution
You have shut down the server gui program after changing anything for it to be saved properly

What, you can't log in and take one?

When badmin brings it back up screen it?


I can, but how many people are going to want this? The admin is a volunteer user, not some ruskie norman that we can wring dry of all their enthusiasm for fun.

I have never claimed to be good at this.

I had to bring the server down to get the real one working.

There is an option in OPTIONS to create, after exiting the game, a Skill Dump - text file with your skills

H-how do we fix that again?

v1.0.0.3 client

I might go full hermit then. Struggling to survive is half the fun, getting dropped somewhere in the world with full skills again will just be like building a colony.

I can't easily import those dumps, if I trusted them, and setting all your skills would take forever. The GM interface is breddy much the player interface.

Would you faggots stick around if I let you keep 1 skill, some iron and some logs?

search the config for
and change it to true

That's not a bad idea. We'd all be real specialists again and thus rely heavily on each other to be able to do things.

if sub-skills (if any) come with them then sure

How about 2? Some skills rely on others

I'll consider it.

For the new server we should decide what Kingdom we go with. I suggest Mol Rehan because its Kingdom titles are fucking awesome and their Magranon priests allegedly also gain increased stamina regen when on sand tiles while Jenn-Kellon does not. I'm unaware of any other major gameplay differences between those two factions aside from starting location.

2nd for MR, their banners/tabards are great.


I second this. Freedom was kind of bland


The big question is - will normans be allowed on server?

If not then we are going to lose the edge and start to create internal drama - which would be catastrophic.

SO - Normans allowed on server? Yay or Nay?

didn't everyone say yes to this already?

Sure, why not. Always good to have someone to talk down to.

Oh, we're going to shill. We're going to shill hard.

Normans allowed.

Alright, so settings we all agree on:

5x gainz and action
PVP to pester normalfags that we can shill onto the serb (Plebbit figs are first target)
30% aggro mobs
Priest penalties on
meditation delay set to 20%

Joining Mol Rehan
If normans can't pass spy check, execute them.

What mods should we have?
Any settings I'm missing?

2 skills from the old serb and were we going to try to have difficult PVE?

What mods are there? Is there a mod wiki or a mod list somewhere?

Should mines be crowded with ores are sparse as hell?

We could just look here for shit

Some user posted potential mods to have fucking HOURS ago, can't be knackered finding it.

2 skills? 1 means we get to return to specializing, but if errbody wants 2 then I guess 2 it is.

Livestock should be made able to swim over water.
Get that hitching post mod if you can.
Obtaining lumps of Seryll while mining was also done by a mod.
See what you can do about mob spawns
Did someone say Dragon Wars?

If veins are unlimited, they should be sparse, if they run out, then dense.

Make veins sparse imo. It'll be fun to crash a norman mine so we can pilfer their jewgold.

Just a reminder, the more we ask the admin to change right away the longer it takes for the server to go live.

I would like to see an economy mod if there is one.

Also any mod that lets you build inside mountains.

You can build inside of caves by default.

There are some restrictions, and I saw at least one mod that seeks to remove at least some


Such is life of badmin.

Also you should work out how money, deeds, and deed upkeep will work. Because it's a PVP server, enemy deeds can be raided and if you get enough people bashing an enemy settlement token so it is destroyed, the settlement becomes disbanded. Keep that in mind. We'll need to fortify our shit, we can't just have it hanging out in the open like in Broschwitz.

I think he means things like multi-story housing inside caves, which I don't think the game can really handle.

Well think about it this way, how good would leatherworking be if your butchering was stuck at 1? Same goes with armorsmith and metallurgy. Can't make good armor with really shit steel.

It would be a main and their choice of supporting sub so that they'd be able to continue to work in that respective field efficiently. This would be limited to what they had each respective skill at in the old world though. So no higher than what they worked for.

For the love of christ, get the digging mod the badmin server had.
Playing the game without it makes terraforming an absolute hell that I wouldn't send my dog to.

There's some mods listed here you should install if you haven't already planned to:

Just don't enable spellmod, which removes priest restrictions.

my house back in town was 2 story in the mines. You're limited to plain stone wall types, that's all.

For those wondering, the serb is still up, no word on a map change so anything you do will/should stay after a reset when the settings have been tweaked with properly.

Uh, hey guys?
I was logging in the test server to check out user's house in

They bumped up the time of the backup of the test server

At first my fletching was at 1 when the test server was put up. It's now at 33. If you want to log in real quick to see what your stats were now's a good time.

Did it get cracked?

p.s. still need Need legit copy

That won't do. We are still waiting on pirate server then.

We definitely need that better digging mod and the timer fix mod.

I'm in.

Maybe we should take a vote on what to do with skills.

Do we try to manually transfer a couple to each and every person? Or do we go fresh with enhanced rates?

The benefits of going fresh is that we'd pick up some new meat and it'd be alot more attractive to potential normans.

If we're OP as shit from the start it'll deter people and frankly we want normans to get invested enough that they put up a fight and stick around after the first deaths/raids against them.

[19:23:09] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:10] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:10] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:13] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:14] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:20] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:20] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:22] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:22] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:24] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:25] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:27] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:27] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:29] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:31] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:32] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:32] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:34] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:35] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:36] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:38] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:39] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:23:40] You enter no known kingdom.

What the fuck even is that

Just have everyone pick 2 skills to be set to 50. Everything else is back to start. This allows even people who joined us a few days ago to specialize into something. If someone can prove that a skill they want to keep was higher than 50 on the old serb then maybe make an exception for that. They can just hop on and take a screenshot.

Something that happens every single step.

[19:24:17] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:18] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:21] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:22] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:25] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:34] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:34] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:36] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:36] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:38] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:38] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:43] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:43] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:45] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:47] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:47] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:49] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:51] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:51] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:53] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:54] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:55] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:56] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:58] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:24:58] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:00] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:01] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:01] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:03] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:03] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:05] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:07] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:08] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:09] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:10] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:11] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:13] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:14] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:14] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:15] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:15] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:16] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:18] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:18] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:19] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:21] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:30] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:31] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:33] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:36] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:37] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:39] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:40] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:44] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:44] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:46] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:46] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:48] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:49] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:50] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:51] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:52] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:53] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:54] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:55] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:57] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:58] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:25:58] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:00] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:01] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:03] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:03] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:04] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:06] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:08] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:09] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:10] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:10] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:12] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:20] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:25] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:26] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:28] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:29] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:30] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:32] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:33] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:35] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:36] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:37] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:39] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:40] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:40] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:42] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:43] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:26:44] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:12] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:18] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:20] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:20] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:22] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:23] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:24] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:26] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:27] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:28] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:29] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:30] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:31] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:33] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:33] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:33] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:35] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:36] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:37] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:27:38] You enter no known kingdom.

Changed something, try now

As you can see I never got around to building on the 2nd story, but the limitations for building a house underground are quite simple.

a) it has to be comprised of plain stone wall types
b) the floor must be reinforced to begin with, you can still place any real floor above that, including wood/bricks etc.
c)you have to continuously raise the ceiling of the cave so that there's room to build the next story.

Essentially you can build an underground skyscraper if you want to.

This server is broken. There is no way to loot bodies or killed animals. There is no way to acquire pelts or animal parts. It is unplayable. Please fix it before advertising it more.

I did not actually know that

[19:30:39] You will now fight defensively.
[19:30:40] Welcome back, Lands! Find a Key of the Heavens and ascend to Deity on Valrei Moon!
[19:30:40] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:30:40] You require less food and drink as a new player.
[19:30:40] Creatures and monsters are less aggressive to new players.
[19:30:40] You regenerate health faster as a new player.
[19:30:40] No other players are online on Wurm unlimited dedicated server (1 totally in Wurm).
[19:30:40] Type /help for available commands.
[19:30:40] You are not invulnerable here.
[19:30:49] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:30:50] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:30:52] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:30:54] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:30:54] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:30:55] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:30:56] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:30:56] You enter no known kingdom.
[19:30:57] The deities bless you with a faint light.

Probably it checks for every step to see if you've entered a kingdom different from the one you were in so it can announce it, but the tiles aren't claimed by any kingdom at all so they compare false.

There is no way to pick a kingdom or starting point in .

Wow, that's actually really nice. I didn't know such a thing was possible.

Can you put down a township stake?

I also can't loot corpses.

HOTS towers look shit. Mycellium is for gays.

We dorf fortress now

Someone cook up an OP that isn't shit.

You're limited in what you build, and things decay quicker. There is probably a few mods that fix these restrictions.

I don't see why things would decay quicker, that house was on my deed after all.

It's just part of the game. Underground building's decay quicker.


so how do i play on piratefag server

Wurm Unlimited: Everything Is Awful Edition Let's play some fucking Wurm Unlimited. Too bad the fucking server is down.We currently have lost patience and started trying to get a server running.Best of all, it's completely fucked up. Disconnections, and endless reboots compared to Wurm Online.4x Frustration and 4x Butt Pain'''New client:''' mega.nz/#!CFhzyTwA!9iODdZa5ICE1k9xsnZ7q8oMlzoUCHGz87StMlVkOEas'''Torrent Hash:''' 700bbcc83d0abdda15c072c7d53779becc9ffec6'''New client:''' mega.nz/#!CFhzyTwA!9iODdZa5ICE1k9xsnZ7q8oMlzoUCHGz87StMlVkOEas'''Torrent Hash:''' 700bbcc83d0abdda15c072c7d53779becc9ffec6==BACK UP YOUR PLAYERFILES AND SMARTSTEAMEMU FOLDERS BEFORE UPDATING/REINSTALLING THE CLIENT=='''If you've played before you will lose your character if you don't'''==MAKE SURE TO EDIT YOUR GAMESETTINGS.TXT, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS==Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\configs\default'''use_nagles_algorithm from false to true''''''chat_censor from true to false'''Copy gamesettings.txt to your player profile folder just to be on the safe side==BACK UP YOUR PLAYERFILES AND SMARTSTEAMEMU FOLDERS BEFORE UPDATING/REINSTALLING THE CLIENT=='''If you've played before you will lose your character if you don't'''New server IP Address: Port: 3724Old server IP Address: Port: DefaultOld Server homepage: wurmian.cloudapp.net/MODS: wurmian.cloudapp.net/mods/client-mods/There are more mods, but got to search for them manuallyQ: "I don't know how to play! What do I do?"A: wurmpedia.com/index.php/Main_Page

Actually is it censor_chat or chat_censor?

>New client: mega.nz/#!CFhzyTwA!9iODdZa5ICE1k9xsnZ7q8oMlzoUCHGz87StMlVkOEas
>Torrent Hash: 700bbcc83d0abdda15c072c7d53779becc9ffec6
>New client: mega.nz/#!CFhzyTwA!9iODdZa5ICE1k9xsnZ7q8oMlzoUCHGz87StMlVkOEas
>Torrent Hash: 700bbcc83d0abdda15c072c7d53779becc9ffec6
might want to look at that again

it's censor_chat

Well that's why it's in there twice.

make the thread, nigger


New thread

I wanted to get new images but whatever. Here it is.