Physical copies thread

Physical copies thread

Rate my collection of PC games
There are also 3 original cd's that I dont own the packages like Duke Nukem 3D, Tomb Raider 3 and Tomb Raider Anniversary
I also have bunch of Playstation 1 games but 90% of them are pirated packages

Things I want to add to my collection:
Morrowind GOTY edition
Diablo 2 with expansion
Diablo 3 with expansion
Battle for middle earth 2

The other day went through CEX's online PC section and bought up practically anything that was £0.75 a piece or less.

Spent something like £8 and ended up with a fucking snowstorm of packages (I counted something like 22 separate envelopes) shoved through my letterbox - it felt like christmas, though I feel bad for the postman.


Wow what a waste of fucking money

I got rid of the cases years ago because they took up too much space, and I try to hide my power level.

Bloodborne is the only game still in the case simply because it's my most recent purchase for console.


You make me sick.


If you don't care for the cases then why don't you just keep hard drives filled with roms and ISO's?

Most of those are just shitty re-releaes with no manual or anything. You could have just downloaded the ISOs.


Yeah I regret it. I wish I kept the booklets at least. I did it for convenience. Easy to carry all my games from place to place, and easy to hide. You got to understand. I got mocked a lot by girls. Even my best friend ridiculed me for it. She once caught me buying a weebo game. I tried to be all sneaky about it. She came just in time, found me right when I was checking out, it fucking sucked.

My ps2 still works perfectly. It's a fucking beast. Outlived all my newer consoles. Why waste space?

Do you have no backbone enough to not give a shit about what other people think? What a fucking pussy.

I was in junior high, user. I was insecure teenage girl. SHOCKING! Do you see how old that cd case is. It's falling apart. That should give you a idea how long I had it.

A girl on the internet? Show us your games.

I keep buying all these pc games but i have no pc to play it on. I need to get a new one.

No words, user. You have no idea how much you fucked up.

Where did it all go wrong?

Blizzdrone detected

Good shit

People who own Sold Out re releases need to be shot and left to bleed out myself included

That's why I don't have any friends.

Before you say anything, I didn't buy Beyond. It was a gift from my sister.

Did you play it?

Around the time you started eating at Pizza Hut

Yes. It was even worse than Indigo Prophecy.


Indigo prophecy was hilarious though. Was it at least funny?

No. Indigo Prophecy was hilariously bad, but this was just plain bad.

Say what, nigga? I bought 3 physical copies of games in the last week.

They better all be older games or modern weeb games.

user you have to wake up


I got J-stars Victory Vs+ on sale for $20, EDF4.1 for $30, and Virute's Last Reward on Vita for $23.

lel blizzdrone/10

PC mustard race reporting in.

also old fuck

If it was anything else I might just have to kill you. capitch?

u wot

I'm sorry, is my ittalion too good for you?

Got a lot more, Atari, MSX etc.

Also got around 150 LPs shitton of CD's in the same room. It's a thight space otherwise I'd had better pictures.

Also used to have shitton of Gamecube games, they however are gone.

user. People like you make me sick.

That's the next step. Soon he will transcend the physical with the rest of the enlightened ones while you fools will be left to wallow in your clutter.




Shit is right, that library is fucking garbage.

Here's my current collection Be gentle

Last pic is my lewd games I hide with all my due to living with my family still. The LEs' boxes I keep put away since they take up so much space on the shelf. I keep them in a metal cola chest; the lewd games hidden under all the LE boxes.


I'm sorry my library is too moe for your plebeian tastes, user.


I really really want the elder scrolls anthology
I want physical copies of them all cause skyrim was fun and you can't say otherwise

Most of my shit is from childhood. I Started collecting back some nes, snes and sega mega drive games becouse my dear mother sold all our old consoles and games in early 2000s.

fuck you, user

Ebin meme.
I'd call you a faggot but King of the Hill is my favorite anime.

sorry. my windows phone is shit and these was taken during scandinavian winter when there is no natural light. i should take new photos now when it is summer.

That shitty twitter icon is a meme, this is just truth

What are you even talking about?
The only "cinematic experience" game I bought was Uncharted and I didn't even like it.

Finland isn't part of Scandinavia, m8.



Seriously m8?
I already said it was a gift, learn to read.

And? doesn't make it any more of a game.

You're gonna need better bait if you want me to keep replying.

Shill please.

Hey i remember you from Supabusu threads
ripip subagus, 52 weeks without light

wait a minute, are you that DRPG fag that always complains about all the DRPGs nowadays being shit since they aren't Wizardry 8?

Might as well post mine. Updated it since I moved a few weeks back.

Oh hey, I think I've seen your stuff before. Finally got a shelving unit and Avalon Code?

Only image there that should be vertical are the ones showing the full shelving units; taking ones of the individual shelves should be done horizontally. Learning to work the focus, however your phone does it, would also be good, since a lot of that's blurred/grainy.


Yeah, I post in the Buyfag/Collector's threads every now and again.

Sure did! I was able to snag that Avalon Code for $50 too! Picked up a few more PS2 and 360 games since I last posted as well

ID change, had to change my proxy

Nice, it's not the easiest game to find, nor the cheapest either at this point. Think XSEED could have done more to promote it, but then again, I don't think any of Matrix Software's stuff did too well in sales out here regardless of publisher, aside from maybe Lost in Blue 2 and 3. And Alundra seems to be the most well known of their stuff even then.

I agree. But I have it now, manual and all. I haven't played any of the Lost in Blue games before though, they're sort of a surviving-on-an-island thing right? I think I have the roms for them around here somewhere though. I need to just buy a flash cart to load up all these NDS roms on.

Yeah, if memory serves they're similar to the Survival Kids series.