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Video games are dead, I don't even know why I still bother when companies can rely on people like this to buy their shit games.

I want off the ride.

Cool blogpost.

I seriously haven't seen a single person say good things about this game in real life. it must be a college kid and younger thing.

How exactly was this a blogpost?

I have. It's weird, since it was someone whose opinion I have some respect for in most other ways.

kill me

you be friends with me

I don't like FO4 user.


It's probably just some underage faggot.
Nothing to worry about.

user, would you hang out with someone who you knew ate shit ?

Playing and enjoying shitty games =/= eating feces


Might be even more cancerous than bethcucks

That's not the issue here, if you'd actually open up OP's image instead of being a fencesitting high horse nigger.

Mods will fix it.


I did.
They're cringey, so?

OP is overreacting and making a statement for the whole industry because of the opinions of a few faggots. Fags have always existed, since the age of time and since games were invented.


But user, by playing shitty games you are consuming shit.

I know this is difficult to grasp, but there is no connection between actual shit, and "shit games", shit games are just bad games, there is no consumption of real "shit", although many of the liars on here would like to convince you of that.

yeah I guess that is pretty childish of me.
I apologize just a bit fed up.


I don't know how to really feel about it.

Maybe you should try not being an absolute faggot.

I would feel happy my friends arent massive casuals. Its better to have a friend who hates vidya than one who likes fo4.

You don't want retarded friends, trust me.
Just look on the bright side, at least you've got something else to talk about.


Almost everyone I know plays Shit Theft Auto V so much to the point where one of them even fucking gifted that piece of shit to me. I don't want to sound like an ungrateful ass but i'm somewhat embarrassed having that in my Steam library.

You could've refused the game.
Also GTAV is good.


Sure online is a grind fest but what exactly is wrong with it?

I still dick around in single player - it's a fun game

The levels are very scripted to the point of giving the player almost no control, it feels very on rails, and this may just be me, but roaming around outside the missions it feels as if you weren't really supposed to. The game play just feels bizarre and patch-worky I can't really explain it. Going on shooting sprees and driving around just for some reason makes me feel out of place but I've no idea why.

It is.
Sure you can't punch people as well as you did in 4, but to be honest, when did you ever do that anyway? They cut down on a lot of pointless features that 4 had to add way more content, a far better online, more graphical fidelity and a more detailed map that can be exploited using the even creator.

The online is a grind, yeah, but it's a grind only if you want to buy a pointless apartment. Guns are really not that expensive, and the same goes for most of the best cars. It's a great co-op game on pretty much any aspect. It offers tons of player customization (also completely free and inexpensive in game, not to mention frequently updated) and it has pretty top notch connectivity.

I did not notice this honestly. It might just be personal preference.

Video games are not dead, user. Video games have changed. What was once a niche hobby is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and everyone's looking to get a piece of the pie. It's just how shit goes, man. At least you can go back to older vidya you actually enjoyed without worrying too much about the future.

So long as there are leftists alive I worry for the future.



A friend of mine gifted me ESO and it doesn't bug me nearly that much, hell I play it with him on occasion.

The important part you should worry about is whether or not you bought it, not that it's in your library