Scooby Doo…without Scooby or the gang.

Does it look better or worse than the Supernatural crossover?

It's either gonna be a painful "gril power!!11!" movie or a shitty "they were lesbians all of this time!!1?!!" movie.
In any case, this movie is going to be a shitty, but harmless Direct to DVD film, I mean, how many people will even buy this?
I actually think the trailer isn't that terrible, considering how fucking horrible the concept is…

So they know it's shit.
Well, now I'm in a pickle. On the one hand, I watch every single Scooby-Doo media that comes out, but on the other hand, I don't think I can actually force myself through this shit.

God they couldn't even make their hair look normal. Daphne isn't attractive and her face looks squished and Velma's hair is off and she looks like the American Maisie Williams.

Looks better than I thought. Can't wait.

Where the fuck is my cute bookworm?

scooby doo papa

This feels like some kind of money laundering scam.

cuteness is patriarchy.

Honestly, having seen some Supernatural myself I'm more surprised that it took them this long instead of when the series was on its height.
So I know is based upon an episode of "Where are you?" but do you guys think it'll have the current characterizations of the Scoobygang or will regress them to the WAY ones.
And at last. Is that the current Velma's VA or they hired a another one who could pull the voice better.

And there's already a Scooby-Doo thread faggot.
>4 seconds mark.
No, in fact, if it wasn't because they discovered a shared love/obsession for mysteries I doubt they would've ever talked to each other.
Do they know that in order to be before the Mystery Gang they'll have to be at least in middle school right? Not to look like 28 years old, 12 step program to lose 240 pounds, 1 year anniversary bitch do they?
The fuck's this shit.
I can believe what I'm about to say… but this is so inaccurate to the Scooby-Doo canon… somehow.
Also a South Park porno parody… because I was going to make a joke about it but I forgot what was it about.

This would have made a nice chick flick if it wasn't scooby doo without fucking scooby doo.

Reminds of Ghost World for some reason. Kind of pointless to make a Scooby Doo spinoff without even Scooby or the gang. Do we really need an origin story for Scooby Doo?

Also, I don't think they follow the trends of making Velma unexpectedly hot or sexy. I think even the first live action movie got that right.

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>plot is "something something evil technology!" but they have to shoehorn in ghost stuff
This is pitiful.

Isn't half the point of scooby do the fact that they were a hippy version of the hardy boys? Making live action scooby movies was bad, but a straight-to-video g-rated side character prequel? I can't see this making any money

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Best I can figure, some small subsidiary studio paid for the rights to produce a Daphne and Velma spin-off and after spinning their wheels for a few years, shit this out at the last minute with whatever money they had on hand.

Why would anyone pay money to show how much they hate Scooby-Doo?

Because Hollywood is as much full of sincere kool-aid swilling retards who believe in the GIRL POWER bullshit as it is full of disingenuous kikes who merely use that as a tool to manipulate audiences.

kill yourself mi hombre

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But why? The rest of the film looks fairly inoffensive. Why not just use regular teenage actors?

because all the actual teenage actors are too busy getting fucked by weinstein

20 year old to 24 can maybe still pass like 16 yos, if you can easily notice the difference then they're closer to 35.

At least getting fucked by the Jew prince at 13 is more pride worthy than getting your career fucked over by people who suck kike dick, and figuratively at that.
I bet you any 14 year old girl can suck cock better than these fatsos, they love just like they were never invited to prom dance.

It's still Miccuci, the one with the overly nasally voice. There's only a single word from Velma in that trailer, so you can't tell quite as easily.

It looks to have the animation quality and designs of the current movies.

Accurate, if you're going by Where Are You?, but not if you go by pretty much anything afterwards. 13 Ghosts is where she was properly made into a lead, but she was capable in The New Scooby-Doo Movies and Scrappy-Doo.

Pretty much flies in the face of every other established piece of media.
The 4 live action films, which are meant to be canon to each other, establish their meeting and the cartoons all state they went to high school together at some point.
The only other Scooby-Doo entry that I can think of that contradicts this is Scooby Apocalypse, but even then they all meet at the same time.

This. They've paid WB for the rights to make a G-rated DTV they can play on a kid's network at 3 in the afternoon.
It serves no purpose beyond being a credit to all involved on their resumes, and I doubt they'd make half of their money back.

PG is now considered the only marketable kids movie rating, unless it’s for extremely niche and minor products like this. Which happens to be a live-action high schooler movie. Movies that look for fucking preschoolers are deemed edgier than this.

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This is totally not going to flop.

This is going to be a sleeper dud, and i can't wait to forget it exists.

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So, when are we streaming this?

If I find a magnet for it, I'd be happy to include it as a feature for a >>>/bmn/

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what ze fuck is dis?

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Hmm, one on hand I'm glad they're not pandering to the "le sexy nerd" reddit crowd with velma.

On the other hand, that is one hideous Daphne.

Comes out May 22nd. I'll remind you :^)

They're both pretty ugly looking. As I recall, Sarah Jeffrey is Daphne and she always looks possessed in every photo, and Sarah Gilman plays Velma and she actually looks cute in photos, but they gave her this hideous wig.

A Supernatural stream would be better, but I managed to con some friends into watching it with me under the pretense of a horror movie night so I can't join.


Dyke power.

I liked the original better.

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