Groo Storytime

I recently came into all of Sergio Aragonés' Groo, It was one of my favorite comics growing up and I haven't seen it talked about much here before. So I thought I would share through storytiming instead of just reading it all by myself. Groo is one of the few good independently owned characters and has shifted publishers through the years from Pacific comics, Marvel under Epic, Image and finally Dark Horse. Some of you may already be familiar with Sergio's work without knowing Groo as he used to fill in the borders of Mad Magazine with his humorous doodles and had a four page spread with 'A MAD Look at..' in most issues.
If no one is interested after i dump the first few issues let me know and I'll just put it all up in the vola and stop.
I will begin the storytime with the Epic Comics run as Groo's character is more thought and defined, i can however dump the original run if anyone is interested but you wont be missing anything key.

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end of issue One
and hopefully a good introduction into the invincible idiot Groo is
issue two coming up

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Issue Two

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End of Issue Two

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Issue Three

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End of Issue Three
for now I'll leave the ads in unless someone says otherwise, they are a nice snapshot of a time that was

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Issue Four

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End of Issue Four

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Issue Five

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End of Issue Five
and with that I'll take a break, if anyone is sick of it I'll stop and put it up in the vola in case someone is interested. there is 120 issues in this run plus the next run and specials

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user, I am 38 now and was into comics growing up. Groo was the only one I ever subscribed, I am about to read these to try and remember what I liked so much about them.


no problem user, dumping five more issues
also have all of Usagi Yojimbo if anyone is interested
Issue Six

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End of Issue Six

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Issue Seven

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End of Issue Seven

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Issue Eight

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End of Issue Eight

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Issue Nine

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End of Issue Nine

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You're doing God's work, OP.
Groo is the most underrated, underappreciated book. Even Usagi Yojimbo gets more press because of the Turtles connection.

Peter Porker and the Amazing Spider Ham


We don’t care about this shit OP. Stop being a pretentious cunt and dump the comic

Nice reaction pic there

Aren’t you tired from the random thread to be a faggot?

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no problem, as i said it was one of my favorites growing up, Sergio's life story is pretty incredible too.

i was trying to dump it, it kept freezing every time i was posting
Issue Ten

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Attached: Groo_Epic_010_28_Groo-Grams.JPG (1000x1493 392.89 KB, 424.16K)

End of Issue Ten

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End of Issue 11

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Issue 12

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End of Issue 12

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Issue 13

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End of Issue 13

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Issue 14

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End of Issue 14

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Issue 15

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End of Issue 15

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Issue 16

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End of Issue 16

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Issue 17

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End of Issue 17

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Issue 18

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End of Issue 18

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Issue 19

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End of Issue 19

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Issue 20

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End of Issue 20
will be taking a break for now

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Just don’t bother yourself with him. He is some kind of autistic fag with a crusade of shitting on any storytime there is
Keep posting this OP it’s acualy fun

Thanks a lot, OP! Groo is one of my favorites.

It's stock full of amazing expressions.

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no problem anons ten more coming up

Sergio is pretty amazing
Issue 21

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End of Issue 21

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Issue 22

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End of Issue 22

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Issue 23

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End of Issue 23

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Issue 24

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Issue 25

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Attached: GROO_EPIC_025_11.JPG (1000x1515 441.45 KB, 440.55K)

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End of Issue 25

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Issue 26

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Attached: Groo_Epic_026_11.JPG (1000x1486 416.91 KB, 417.05K)

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End of Issue 26

End of Issue 26
flood detected fuark
let me post sudofuck

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Issue 27

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End of Issue 27

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Issue 28

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End of Issue 28

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Issue 29

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Attached: Groo_Epic_029_21.JPG (1000x1504 390.78 KB, 395.25K)

End of Issue 29

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Issue 30

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Attached: Groo_Epic_030_11.JPG (1000x1517 406.65 KB, 411.69K)

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Attached: Groo_Epic_030_21_bullpen.JPG (1000x1489 400.88 KB, 397.86K)

End of Issue 30
and with that I will take another break, will try and post some more before I go away for the long weekend, if not then will be back to post more on monday.

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