Shows That Deserve A Second Chance

Could it finally be happening after so many years?
To expand the topic a bit, what other shows deserve a second chance or are in development of returning, also Megas XLR.

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You gotta admit, the man's been trying like hell.

Don't know if current year +3 would do right by Megas.

There should be a Hooktube equivalent for facebook and twitter; mirroring the posts along with the media in full res.


The show got written off as a tax deductible, technically the IRS has ownership.

The Modifyers


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That's not how tax deductibles work

It was still a tax right off.

It was alright

GI Joe Renegades.

The show was performing poorly so they wrote it off as a loss. reducing their payable tax.
The downside to such an easy way to save money is that they can't air the show domestically.

Same for Sym-Bionic Titan and Generator Rex I think).

I think they still own the license, the condition simply states they can't re-air the old episodes as they'd be profiting off what they called a loss.

I feel bad about Symbionic Titan. At first I hated it because of the "cliches". I was a teenager going through a phase where I realize that stories use storytelling devices and noticing them I thought that meant the story was shit. Obviously, that is not the case and now I have learned better. It was a damn good show that deserved better.


Damn shame

Now that's a show that needs another chance, I can't remember why it didn't do as well.

This isn't a blog user.

Pirates of Dark Water. It would suck to see it pozzed to hell, but its a workable premise. Ethnicy characters and you could spin a female lead if you so chose.

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Christ, that politically crazed user is here.

Are you a mod or just "friendly" with one?

why do I have to be politically crazed because i notice that "progresive" bulsiht ends up in alot of shows for children? Is it so bad to wish that political grandstanding stays out of a favorite cartoon? Your the same dipshit that told>>981124 that this isn't a blog aren't you?

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user, I think a reason you are called a "crazy political autist" is perhaps your habit of making judgements politically/ideologically instead of objectively. You devalue your opinion by implying that the quality of something is irrelevant compared to it's political alignment.

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That show with bio-engineered blue niggers. And ghostbusters extreme. Why didnt they make new ghostbusters about them instead of fat blobs of shit. They had all the elements sjw love, but I guess its not enough for them to have mexican, cripple, nigger and a woman in team. Everyone must be a woman these days except evil whyat maan. They even had okayish sjw themed episodes. "pogroms are bad, goy! if you try to destroy jews they will use their evil satanic powers against you!"
And I think their handicap episode morale lesson was something like "you have to accept that you are crippled and not try to sell your soul to satan for a pair of working legs".

Hey Holla Forums

Weren't they supposed to be in a video game at one point?

Some monster fighting game, but it fell apart due to internal drama and a furry.

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No thanks, I like my memories exactly as they are without the progwashing.