I told you fucks I was going to bring more drunken rants, and so after 3 whole bottles of fucking Bacardi its time for part 2. Its time to talk about all of the fun stuff I didn't cover last time. Its time to talk about everyone's favorite genetic fuckup. Its time to talk about Thomas.

Thomas is not the well groomed leader he wants you to think he is. His chin looks like my ass, he has long greasy hair, and did I mention that he is actually 16? Yes you heard me, tom is not even old enough to drive in a car without an adult, none the less run a group, but oh he fucking tries.

Tom displays his power, to say the least, pitifully. Although tom may be good at backstabbing, he isn't great at keeping in power. To execute his will, he relies on people who suck his dick 24/7 to the point where even talking over mic with him is unbearable. I half expected the entire texas division to walk over to his house and start jacking him off over mic, and although this never happened I did experience close to this once or twice.

So about 1ish in the morning I was on the leader chat. Everyone's mic is muted, but no one is deafened usually. About when I though everyone was asleep, and I was heading out myself I begin to hear an odd little sound, kind of like moaning. I popped over to the discord, and sure enough Thomas' mic was on. Ive got no idea if he was fapping or it was porn or some shit, but what ever it was the shit was fucking weird. For someone who accused Ryan of being a pedo, you sure moan loudly when you stroke your dick.

Fortunately for Thomas, that one time event was pretty isolated for him. He has done well on keeping AV's public image at least somewhat good, but never excellent. Anyone wishing to post on social media (twitter, website, ect) has to get permission from him far in advance. Thomas also executes his will on social media accounts he shouldn't even have access to. He can be seen ordering the guys from LA and CA around on what messages to post on a daily basis. Shilling appears to be one of his main activities as well, as he commonly tries (and fails) to get people on the chans to notice him.

Now Tom considers himself a great artist. In fact he believes himself to be the best in his line. Never mind that his graphical skill involves tracing existing images into flat ones, to the point where they look laughable. Just look up the "strangle the snek of communism" poster, where the guy is practically holding a red dildo. Dare point out that his shit is bad? You will get kicked, asap.

When he isn't at school, ordering people around online, or fapping, Thomas can be found using he position of power to hit on all 3 girls in the group. To bad they are all chasing some other guy. I will probably end up posting the "you are worthy of my presence" story at another time, tl;dr there are hotter guys.

Anyways, now you know. Stay in school kids, don't do tommunism.

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Oh, and tom and is sickafans will claim that this is all ryan's work. but even he doesn't have the balls to post half this shit. Next up, Identity Evropa is on the chopping block. Ive got even worse shit about them up my ass.

Is this the new namefagging?

ive been found out goy

Great post.

Kill all the fag-enabling American Vanguard wherever you may find them.

Suffer not a Faggot a live


Das right. Btw behead those who praise Thomas the Buttbandit

I'd prefer to hear more about the CIA plant rather than some teenager on a power trip please

This is some teenage drama and belongs on Tumblr.

Nice unverifiable claims. You're probably one of those edgy buthurt shills from AU that thinks grafitting swastikas is real activism.

sure Zionmarch is here

I'll take OPs word over a organization who acts like any day

wew. Hail Natt PBUH

Acts like what…most of those tweets are fake and some are blatant shops lol You're just falling for bait…

Is Natt the only stand up guy in this shit tier movement? Even CommonPedro is a kike shill at times.

i can see you already recived the pass to the grindr chat room, how many dicks you sucked?

Please tell me you're not just joking and you're actually a part of American Vanguard please

No but those emails prove nothing? Kinda just sounds like you're the shill. Especially because their group actually has done some propaganda campaigns i've recognized I have no reason to punch right on them….whats your beef?


Oh wow these people are actively shilling against AV huh.

I remember the first thread. It ended with a bunch of people from these groups arguing with each other on Holla Forums. Why do you have to bring your chatroom drama here?


You're going to die, user. Unless you're a pirate

all alt-kikes are fags tbh

I have no idea lad, I'm not part of IM or any other movement. I lied, I'm an acolyte of NOBODY™ but that's more of a esoteric christfag / angel worship thing


Are they comparing leg hair in that photo? What's the average age of the group? Hahaha

Is zionmarch, is what they do

So they're getting hate from you because they get in the news all the time and you don't? Alrighty then.



They said they were with a Veteran Support group, they never claimed to be vets retard.


still stolen valor

I remember the last one, good doing what you do. Usually it's the kikes running controlled opposition, but this time it seems to be some degenerate kid doing it for free.

They pretended to be a support group, not actual veterans. learn to listen better shillo.

You're probably a civvie, too. The people who always cry the loudest about stolen valor are civilians. The kids who run around looking for stolen valor and yelling at random guys in bar are far cringier than some pretending to be military.

I am, grew up in a military town and hate zogbots with a passion, anyone who pretends to be a zogbot is likely worse than the real thing.

kys vantard PRfag



I've never been on reddit try again kiddo. I'm just curious as to why you're grasping so hard for strats to discredit a group that does 10x more than you do for the movement lol.

What have you done? Name something.


I asked a question first.

This is clearly all just shilling attempt by the Virginian VA fags who left to make "Aryan Underground" a LARPy group of like 6 "revolutionaries" who grafitti shit like niggers. I'd bet anything thats who's ITT, all 6 of you losers lol.

Are you autistic? don't answer that A veteran's support group would be made up primarily of veterans.

Why do you type that way?

You've definitely posted on reddit, discord, or some kike'd up alt-right forum. We aren't in your fag-infested movement, why can't you figure it out?

Fucking wot? this is the native users of 8ch defending their turf from alt-kike invaders. All namefags and fag enablers must burn.

Want to guess how I know you came here specifically to protect your group?


Answer the fucking question you goddamn moron. What does your group do besides roleplay and gay erp events?

Why am I not surprised?


Zyzz is the anti-Ironpill. Fucking phony roider shitskin.



So Natt is the board owner? No way.



This made me like them a little more tbh. DMT unfucks your shit most of the time.
You typically don't hear shit though so he might be lying. All I've ever heard is absence of noise if that makes sense, like whatever neurons that transmit noise just firing rapidly creating the sense that what you're seeing should come with sound but no sound comes.



What's with these totally separate people posting their shitty 9gag tier memes exactly twice. Fuck off.

I am actually Thomas. You better apologize.

I don't care if your e-boyfriend dumped you to cyber with Richard Spencer. All internet groups are fucking gay and you're a stupid retard for joining a nationalist discord.

Get back to your internet sissy fights, TRS.

oh fuck lad do not even start with that shit.
I guarantee these niggers are nowhere near right of Holla Forums
The only thing right of Holla Forums is kek himself fam.

That aside, this group might have potential; worth infiltrating before they kike it up like the alt-kike.

Also this.
Stop begging for daddies attention you cum guzzling faggots.
We hate all of you.

I hope that's just shitposting like we did on /fit/.
it wasn't shitposting on /fit/


He didn't actually do any, but his virtue signaling cuckoldry combined with obvious attempt at trying to be le edgy weedman is trash.

If shitposting, carry on.
If not, do understand that Holla Forums has destroyed far greater men than you for much less.

All in all this is a shit group. It seems to me to be a group of men who understand something is wrong in the world, and want to do better but lack the critical thinking and leadership abilities to actually accomplish that. They have far too much ego for their own good, will eventually wind up being subverted using well known old methods.

Instead of going out for photo ops at bars, they should be organizing food drives for needy families. Instead of flyering campaigns, they should be going out talking to the average man handing out leaflets. If anyone in their group had any intelligence, they'd drop the Nazi larping and file as a 501c3 organization for charity then create another tax-free political organization; both would allow them to accept donations to further the right wing cause.

If you are going to do illegal shit, if you're going to go full 'fuck pr' - go anonymous. If you're going to literally risk your life with financial ruin among other shit, then at least actually do something effective.

We don't need iron march or american vanguard or TRS to post flyers. Holla Forums can do that just fine. We don't need people to dox leftists, Holla Forums and /baph/ can do that just fine. We don't need idiots going out and PR shilling all the fucking time because the majority of you in these groups are NOT intelligent, you are mid-range 100-115 IQ at best and have zero idea how to properly formulate a message to cut through the ZOG filter, to spring traps like Trump has, etc. Leave that shit to Holla Forums you incredibly gigantic faggots. Holla Forums is 10x the intelligence agency you will ever be, or could ever expect to be. Don't be Holla Forums. Don't form your group with the intention to become Holla Forums, don't form your group with the intention to 'wake up normies to gas the kikes'. Your goal is not recruitment, it's not propaganda, it's none of that shit. If you're going to form a white nationalist organization your goal is to help white people, start a fucking charity. Feed and clothe the homeless, organize with your fellow whites, start a defense fund for fucks sake.


And another thing, stop shilling your groups here. Holla Forums isn't going to kickstart your group, they will not fill the ranks. If your organizations have any merit we will find them on our own, when you start shilling them on here we will absolutely destroy you because 10/10 times somewhere along the line YOU FUCKED UP in the process of creation and allowed a kike in or deferred action against some form of moral relativist kikery and in the long run will only cause harm.

In fact, advertising your shitty groups here only marks you as extremists placing you at the top of the list for FBI and kike subversion. Learn a fucking thing or two from our enemies you fucking retards. If you want to organize in meatspace do it legally, trying to be le antifa-tier fucktards for the right is not going to work for you since that's what Holla Forums does. Go out and form legal entities to take advantage of the same laws and loopholes the kikes do, provide charity for whites, go win hearts and minds while we do the soul crushing and commie stomping and fear mongering you utter fucktards. I mean, forming a militia is one thing but why does ironmarch or american vanguard even exist? It's Holla Forumslite minus the anonymous and double the ego. Stupid, just plain fucking stupid.

Fuck off.

Makes sense, fucking neophyte LARPkike pretending he knows what's up with "chemical enlightenment" heh

>it wasn't shitposting on /fit/
a lot of it was, you homo. Why do you think Holla Forums cares so much about ironic shitposting still being shitposting? because ironic kikery encourages real kikery


/fit/ is the last stand of natty identity.











you cucks wouldn't even know what fascism is if mussolini, franco, hitler and mosley came back from the dead and zombie raped your asses

Who dat?


david bowe?



But why?

Who is that fapping?


Yeah, link to sauce?

Shills that want to promote (((infighting))) whatever that means. By using a specially honed tactic of "ur gay"

All of these pictures are irrelevant and no one cares about this fake or real e-drama


If hitler came back and saw yall doing this retarded shit he'd kill himself again

If this is the state of the movement…damn that's sad

Fatherless Bahamian family :(

ATOMWAFFEN: 7 long years of making stuff up for attention

Wow that's a really unconvincing trap, that ballsack chin tho