Comic news: Hit piece of the year

This has to be the worst articles relating to comics I've ever read that isn't from bleeding cool.

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Didn't happen.

This is news?

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What actually happen

And this is why comicsgate isn't and never will be a thing.

Also, they included a supposed "comicsgate blacklist", which I think is faker than shit. For example, why the fuck is Larry Hama on this list?

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There's only ONE group that would use "toxic" as a descriptor and it isn't anyone around here.

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Almost as non-existent as "Nazis" and the "alt-right" boogeyman.


I knew you fuckers were up to something. How dare you not like something. I am seething with rage.

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It's this. Most of the faggots know they're lying, but for them, it's "no bad tactic, only bad targets". They'll lie and cheat and steal anything to get their way, like petulant children with rich parents.

This tactic worked so well the first time, I'm sure it won't drive even more people into the arms of a reasonable and fact-based worldview where being a shitskin faggot doesn't make a person automatically right and immune to criticism.

I'd offer an opinion, but the last time I posted about politics on this board, I got banned. I still don't know why.

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Funny Junk? Can we get 9gags reaction too?

Post more comics, faggot. I need to know if Mary's muffin business takes off and if she gets raped.

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This will never work. Comics are far too niche of a medium for mainstream journalists and TV hosts to take any interest in. If video games would not be one of the most profitable segments of entertainment industry, gamergate would be utterly ignored as well.

Another element going against journalists' narrative of comics gate is that their sensibilities dominate the medium. Big two and many indie publishers purged "wrong thinkers," "female objectification" and "misoginy" are nearly completely absent, vast majority of people working in the industry are left wing, and there are far too many comics filled with progressive preaching. If any outsider looks at the situation, it will seem like a tempest in a teapot propelled by journalists themselves.

Is that how these Polygon, CBR, and Bleeding Cool hacks call themselves? If so that's pretty ironic. Besides, why do they attempt to co-opt surface elements of Russian arts and language? Most Russians are disgusted by them, and people like that are used as examples of western degeneracy.
I just hope that Americans will stay away from Slavic mythology and folklore. Whenever they touch it, it ends up subpar to say the least. Good amount of it is strongly tied to nationalism, and hopefully that and language barrier will keep it safe.

Funny Junk is the OG of dank memes, it exist way before 4chan

I don't know how to feel about this.

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Wait a second how the hell did they even find that post?It was from two years ago and it never even reached the front page.Did they go through two years worth of post from the marvel channel just to find something to support their argument?

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I wonder how many of my posts have been shared on sites like this without me ever knowing. It's kind of creepy. Like finding out someone has been living in your attic, watching you through little holes.


Mod's still a faggot.

Because this board has terrible moderation. I got banned for "derailing" when discussing Hitler/Nazis in Captain Planet and Cap's probable attitude toward overpopulation.

Mein Gott!

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What's funny about this article is that none of their ire seems directed toward Marvel, even though Marvel is putting the kibosh on their hastag books, leaving the likes of Gabby Riveria out of a job.

I guess they realized how fucking futile it was to go up against the Big Two and so decided to complain about internet nerds.

It's almost like the mod is a faggot leftist.

At least one mod is from trannypol, just like in Holla Forums.

Hold the phone, I'm gonna need more details.

Nevar 4get.

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Things that happen out of your immediate vicinity are still important you dumb bitch.

Aubrey Sitterson is a duuude

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Doesn't mean he's not a bitch

I have to admit, he has a point. September 11th is now a national holiday where legacy media halts whatever it is doing and whinges for a day about "Remembah da 3000 goyim those mean turrists just hated our FREEDOMS never forget you need to blindly support the endless desert wars or these people died for NOTHING"
But, as a public figure you can't say things like that and expect to emerge unscathed.
Judging by his politics, he probably hates September 11th because it 'marginalizes the struggles of POC' or some asinine shit

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Not really. You don't have to live in New York or have lost someone in the attacks to feel for the victims. What he said is basically the National tragedy version of those twats who, when a public figure or celebrity dies, says 'You didn't know [person]. You have no right to be upset'.
Mainstream media being obnoxious hypocrites doesn't diminish the tragedy or indicate that it shouldn't be remembered and observed.

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In related news

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This is faker than a $2 tit job.

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This is the right answer here, in my view. I didn't have fuck-all to do with anybody involved in 9/11, but it's still a major tragedy that cost thousands of lives and should be given some degree of reverence. Playing it up for political gain, harping on it to drum up patriotic sympathies, and waxing melodramatic like they do in the media are all fucking disgusting, but that doesn't mean we have to throw the baby out with the bathwater like Aubrey Sitterson has.

Number 15
Comic Book Comicsgate
The last thing you want in your comic book comic is someones comicgate, but as it turns out, that might be what you get.

If you can call those two right wing how far to the left do you have to be?

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Gee, I wonder what religion he is
That worked out so well the other times

God I hope so. Nobody could be this retarded

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Well Metokur is a constitutionalist with conservative leanings.

Metokur has taken shots at the anti-SJW crowd as of late. You could say he is in open war with one of them.

The "Liberalists" They're their whole own brand of autism.

The Liberalists are like a whole separate board buried within /cow/. For every single post any other lolcow gets, they get an entire thread.

I was under the impression he just mocked whatever bullshit comes up.

If he actually cared about any of that he would have said that. Instead he was just pissing in the wind instead of saying anything productive like "they should be remembered but propagandizing desert wars every year isn't how you respect people"