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im not haivng any errors today actually

1st for trump

yeah fuck yourself tracer bullet

Fix your shit, moogs.


i was surprised they wanted to get married in cleveland cause they were like rich subburbans

we made it work

i doubt i will ever be in downtown cleveland again

have you ever seen mgk

The red thing is apparently pointing to a men's clothing store.

Yeah, speaking of, prolly gonna get shit face tonight.


oh i didn't really look

i was like damn wishy that's cold

even for you

But that view, daaamn

Do you really think I'd do something bannable? :3

hey animus! hows it hanging?

damn woman your kinks are strange :^)



i keep telling him to just like go on hikes

he's like

no the squirrels don't like me

Not hanging today, brightness. It stands tall and proud.

How goes your day?

I wish I could join you but I have to work tonight
Don't drink too much alright?

Rolled 9 (1d11)2

i have a wedding in cleveland this summer to go to.

i'm the best man.

its at the new aquarium though.

which is a cool location for it.

you should have gone to east cleveland so they could have murdered you for me.

i do charity work around there.

I can't imagine you as sane in real life

congrats, though. I know you'll do well.

Like, I would legitimately kill to live in a place like that.

I forget where I took this but like, I wanna live there.

I make no promises.

good. Then you can get on tc and strip.

im a retard
is this actually bloodchan?

its been going great and you happening to be a part of it now makes it even better also dat cute uh..... snow ferret?


It's pretty as fuck, ngl

but the town is super small

everyone fucking knows you and there are no "jobs"


for sure bro


i forgot i had all my greece pics on this drive

Rolled 9 (1d11)tiebreaker

tp get in here

You always are far too kind, love.

And yeah, it is a cute little guy. Kind of makes me miss my ferrets.

don't an hero you edgy shit

get in the tc


I'm IP banned for being too cute.

Hell, even Vancouver is pretty legit.

I dunno about Greece though. Seems like it'd be asking for trouble.

That's a legit view though.

Vancouver sounds nice.

i got to go inside the parthonon cause my dad is a hotshot

do they still wear that authentic greek city state armor sometimes ceremonially or whatever

because that shit is dope


im not that kind really bae, you are far kinder

The only issue is you'd pay through the butthole for housing.

And it rains a lot.

I'm sheltered af so I had to Google that, not gonna lie.

grim stop wearing wife beaters

I am merely a purveyor or truths, sweet one. The truth of things just happens to be that you are delectable.

They would usually bite my feet more than shit on my shoulder. If I was laying on the couch or something, they would. But not when I was moving.

you mean the guards at whatever that building is?


rain is fine

they're comfy

the public can only go up to the ropes but we were on a special tour and were actually able to climb it

No jokes, sir.

Until you actually have to walk around in it.

Ohh, I dig.

It looks so construction-y.

isn't tristan ban?

tristan is guero?


It's not bad
I'd rather walk in rain than snow

oh for sure

imagine keeping your biggest landmark alive while being the joke of the EU


notice the date


I'd rather walk in sunshine.

I wonder what Rome is like.

Maybe they're all like that.

thats fucking dope
where were you?

wouldn't we all

so you fixed your shit now?????

Does this mean you are all caught up to date?

i've only been to milan

on a day layover

it was beautiful

like castles and crazy night life

athens 2011

nah man thats me

my shit is tight

you went to fucking athens?
thats the best place in all greece
fuck you nigger

why don't people just say guero

that still count as kindness somehow! also less cute than the shoulder thing but still they sound like they were just adorable

my dad lived there. so i visited. it was scary at first but i got used to the energy fairly quickly

grim knows me irl

oh so spoilers real q why do you even rage on grim

are you telling me that you're not eva?

i trusted you on this

There's that one asshole who probably prefers rain.

Plus that 80s group that wants to walk on it instead of in it.

I need to explore more of Europe.

I don't believe that even for a second.


Maybe just a tad bit of flattery....

The could be. Sadly I had one of them day on my chest late one night after being roughly played with by one of my dogs.

i've only been to like german airports, i've summered twice in albania, visited greece a couple times, had a day layover in milan and a day layover in zurich

yo zurich was fucking fun

I'm outta content.

Gonna fetch the rum.

Better than me, I've just been to France and Spain :^)

Oh and Holland

get on tc :^)

League of I can't stop getting killed.

hella jelly

i cant help that

hos in every country code

is a dream of mine

league of get on fucking tc

I was looking for you

Why would I wanna do that?


cuz it's fun

"did you rail her yet?"



But I kinda hate talking to people I don't like.

its luke, me, guero and tp

with luka creeping

who don't you like


it's probably you


Those people are okay but I would rather flirt with cute girls on the internet.

I have things to do now man.


I'm very needy and my needs must be met.

I am not going to coddle you like manak

tp is a fucking spastic dude

ban im a grill

I don't want his coddles at all anymore though.

Post nipples



lots of flattery :^) aah that is no good.... poor little ferret


Manaka can't coddle shit


manaka can coddle bebo's dik

hmu ; )

kill yourself


The only thing he's good at is breaking hearts and jerking off to hands.

same dude

ay yo gimme that ceelll boo

The whole point is I'm the coddler

what was your name for him again?
The whore of babylon



I don't want your gross ass bear coddles.

Not enough, honestly.

I haven't made you blush is far too long. Will have to change that soon.

And no. It was quite a sad night for me. I have far too many of those kinds of nights.


you know you do

What is this?

yo ian get on tc




cell boo


I still call someone else "Shamhat, the Divine Whore".

there is no turning back from this

I finally got the headset back


Monster birds

You know I don't trust it.

im sorry mandy, i hope you have far less of them going ahead at least

i didn't know it was gone


is my area code tho


well, not gone, left it in my other place outside town.

do we have the same one?


Selamat pagi

but im on cam for once

I'm not gonna fall for this.

yea not even a grand apologetic gesture will fix it

dont think so. yours is steelseries or whatever right?

How about this pic?

My life is already depressing enough without getting on cam man

bebop is kill inside

From me or you?

I saved it for future shipping but it seems a little small.

Don't worry, love. I will certainly have more ups and downs. Such is life. At least you provide some ups for me.

All I hope though, is that your saddest day to come is only as bad as your best has been.



You can have this instead though.

yea i thought yours has similar shape.. honestly i didnt get a good look of it

anyone involved


It's weird because he has the same VA as Episode.

You poor soul.
Thought, you did wish the hell upon yourself.

monster bans

how come?
why would i want that

I'm a real nigga don't fuck with me.

post pictures of you



let them be, i'll introduce you to other wonderful companies

i have no interest in that


what are you doing


what do you mean

ahh right the hairband part is different

Is that what she said?

Sorry I was put up to it. lol


i'm serious

I dunno is that what you said?

Who put you up to this?

Grim in a bit I'll send you a rare pic of the hacker known as 4chan


It's fine if you're into a little slap and tickle.

rare pic from yesterday

nope all the good days go to mandy, i can do without for now!

i love how shitty my camera makes everything look when it's that shit res

tickle maybe, slap.. most likely not
unless they want slap and insist on that

cathedral knights can suck my fucking cock


and you know the whole thing

wish wish would tinychat

shit sucks

-grim 2016

Pft. I can imagine you having some sort of breakdown if you were ever put in a position to even playfully hurt something.



he did

i can whisper in higher fidelity now

it.. really depends on their reaction, if they smile after i do that, i wont be having any breakdown!

Oh shush, brightness. I'm going to try and sleep before you make me blush. Sweet dreams.

now or later?


is this what you look like now


Wow don't listen to him.

You wanna go to that other place and do the thing?

i'm going to shower

tc was fun
tp is old
lenko is short
grim is brown

I can just imagine you being that token Asian that has a breakdown at the thought of hurting a woman.


Lol curry

you never did say what it was about so i'll assume it's the worst



and you are the kind of person who would inflict pain to your significant other, even though they dont really like them they have no choice but to enjoy them. and you just keep going on and on and on!

love u chocolate bear




you better not look away

they're marvelous

oh hey im watching that show bans character is from

I'm only pretending to be abusive.
They love it.

Stop telling them things i'm molding them into my custom support and I don't need you corrupting them.


what now nintenyearolds


Sick nice dude.

I'm jojoing

i would say mad respect if you din't just waste your money on some bullshit fandom

I dont burn it on weed tho

im too drunk to follow the plot but its visually pleasing
are you caught up on the new season

I've only seen season 1 as of now.

But they're ACTION FIGURES that you can cover in semen.

the weed was a gift kinda


sweet dreams to you too bae



my center at the time



I think Tristan deleted me from Steam

of jojo?

because you never tc
fucking hitlermode parents


which one is tristan again?


The job is draining as fuck and I come home to nothing

i dont remember doing that

hang in there man.

to tristans credit, jojo was pretty based

The one that's not Guero

No I've seen all of that.

I wish I had folders of some good anime
all I have is shit

I am drank



Check steam.

You're like 16.


I didn't even watch this anime either
I don't know the characters names

oops.. that was to




I don't see anything.


Everything is shit

i AM 20

only one way to go when you hit rock bottom

i'm guaranteeing that more than half of posters don't buy that this is an accident



I can't explain this

Colbs, you're like one week into it, bro. lol

It's getting better but way too slowly


the chii/moog/newoldeva machine has been going off on you lol

srs where is this webm
why do i have so many
why don't i name them


but this is in lewd

...can you ask them to unban me

He's like completely reverted these days, too.

Why wouldn't it be an accident?
I meant to link bans post.

The job isn't most of the problem

oh shit gimme deets i'm kinda a week behind on lewd drama

I bullied grimmy



Did you do that one thing!?

you're doing that cute thing again

purely by accident


I dunno what this means

No lol. I learned about that later.

But I posted the nasty pics of his piercings and his fat tongue

that was so yesterday

i saod a week behind




idk, the admin doesn't like me

well he is gay for me
but he keeps permaing me

i dont have that kidn of pull



pls try

Are they really that thin skinned?

I don't find anything cute in mislinking posts.
It's rather embarrassing.

squash is still admin?

30-somethings who are wastes of space shouldnt have any rights

chii is admin here
squash quit cuz too much stress


yeah but when you do it, it's like


i came back to grim saying he doesnt deserve rights :^)

I'm done shitting on you, that shit is tiring
hate is tiring

do you really believe that squash doesn't have his hand in the honey pot anymore

I know the man

i think he is currently filtering you or something

why are you on squash tonight?

its tiring because spoilers is literally never gone for more than an hour

i said one thing

how is that being on someone

scuse me susan

because his dog isn't

it was a soft filter
I got pretty destroyed by moogs last night
he tried to comfort me near the end of the night

idk man
it was supposed to be a one-time raze and burn, but spoils decided to drag it through the glass
it's just not fun anymore when he's constantly mad

he's gone from like early morning to night time everyday

i still love this concept

Manaka did it to me once

niggas gotta work
but tp is drunk as fuck, so standard logic does not apply to him

Maybe you can be my dog tonight~!

i was talking to the other one.


right whatever you say, starting to see why people didnt really defend you before lol

funny but slightly mean

i find it funny that he still tries to bait me like he is some sort of master at it, hows it hangin sebs?

you were saying spoilers was gone udring that time period to tp, right?

am I not allowed to interject

from an outsiders perspective

that's hella gay

from an insiders perspective

that's hella gay

bebo and grim are sharing dick pics

"damn grim that's a nice rifle"

don't give a shit, squash is arguably worst furry


i say one thing and spoilers really evas

calm down nigga

Cute that the garden gnome is taking pot shots.

is the other one

yeah you can

not so low. which is preferable. i like that my balls are aerodynamic. how about you

how are your balls tonight

okay good


who hype for GoT

How's it going?





that is the wrong webm



i'll probably wait for the season to be out.

That is good.
Glad to hear you are better.

let's watch it together near a fire and under the covers while holding hands

actively trying to be less of an ass now

dude you gotta get on the Holla Forums hype train
the memes
plus its always lkinda fun waiting is suspense

i have never watched a second of game of thrones

or breaking bad

judge me

subjective and i wont try to say i know him well enough to say either for sure, at least in my experience so far he aint bad

they are balling get it? aha ha ha ha....... stupid joke, sorry bored for the most part tonight

poisson grille-pain, revenir ici, donc je peux vous prendre pour battre la ville

cant judge you
they dont have cable in alabama

Just be sure to stick with it.
Showing maturity might net you more positive reactions from people.

im more into binge watching while cuddling on the couch

missing out

same. played some darksouls. made progress but i've tired myself of it again for tonight


with your doggu







i tried watching better call saul but lost interest quickly while loving the actor and having it take place in my neighborhood

The fact you acknowledge the need to change and seem to be working towards it is quite a step as is.
Most here won't even do that.

His boyfriend.


all the cute posters have began to leave animus
i only just realized

wasn't he one of the people giving you shit for no reason

in his dreams

i really recommend breaking bad. sort've gives better call saul nice context. makes mike a more fleshed out character


im doin it halfway

im no holy man

shit man
yo tell the admin in lewd who's gay for me to unban me
his name is noun or something

yo you see arrietta throw that nono

i was like watching it at dinner and verbally remarked

something like "dude has a no hitter going"

then like we had terrible service and i went home and forgot about the game

Am I cute?

yeah i guess i could plow through the series in like a couple months

We need to have a serious talk one of these days.

Still more than most.

told him

dont think so

"grim is askign to be unbanned so he may take his chilidish anger out on you folks"

she wants the childish dick


time and place

find any awesome looking bosses lately?

no theres only been one thing hes ever said that i was wasnt impressed by and it wasnt a huge thing

well he's just the worst furfag ever



so get this

grim would not allow youtube vids in HIS tinychat

this might feed the debate

Lenko keeps taking about me and it makes my kokoro beat with much rapidness.

Get that mirror from Snow White and have it call you the kawaii-est motherfucker in the land.

no i sent him this
shit man
yo tell the admin in lewd who's gay for me to unban me
his name is noun or something

renounce your sins of dogfucking
grow your hair out

nigga what

I told you 20 times to paste the link and I would play it
but no
go on and ignore me you drunk fuck

I know
im just saying thats what chii posted
you aren't in the thread nig

I really hate chitown. East, West, Mountains seas, swamps. fields, whatever. Massive drinks and talks.

But if worse comes to worse your doorstep.

That is how it works brother.


Why would I need that when I have you~

I don't know them.

See his chat with Spoils-chan.

i would say my favorite so far are the abyss watchers. they also gave me the farron great sword which ive been using since. though to be fair ive only gotten to the irithyll of the boreal valley

I dont wanna

summarize it


fuck chii yeah?
fuck her right in the pussy

that shit STANK

Because if something sounds like it's a compliment coming from me, just reread it in a sarcastic tone and it's probably what I was intending.

Pontif is going to destroy your ass.

~"Worst furry"~

No. Frank and I broke up in Feb last year.
I just sleep around now.

that title should go to wallace

So if you say something sarcastically it means you mean it RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT?

if that is how you feel i cant really change it, subjectivity and all that stuff erio likes to say

are you able to coop in this one? if so and i..... actually i just remembered youre going to be gone awhile arent you? i guess playing it with you would be rather difficult lol

fat girls are gross naked

Chii should add me to that harem she has.

Dani trumps him.
Hands down.

pretty church on that

i donno man it's friday

but that shit really put my state of mind into perspective

he has. i am trying to help someone beat him for i can get my ember up.

i have the short cut to him open and thats as far as ive gotten. ive also done that cathedral of the deep and that's my progress for the day

yeah you can co-op. gone from here. i will still be playing videogames

I'm not as abrasive as my words suggest, just the tone gets lost.
If it's an outright insult, it's more of a jab than malice.
If it's a compliment, it's just a sarcastic jab.


Dani has ascended

so it will be you grim and beebop?

chubby ones are okay.

nah hes talking about her ventrilo bros

Want me to help you out?

I know you love me, Gilligan.

A legend in the stars.

Love and light.

have you defeated him

oh good! then i would love to play it with you once i have it and all, maybe itll be less tiring that way?

don't worry about it

it would likely cause me to be more emotional

I would make every effort to never pass out on your couch or let you on mine out of fear of not knowing the line's at "friends".

Yes. I am on the other side of his room.

make a new thread please i am lazy

how can you help me then. i have no embers so i can't summon you to give me embers.

For clarification, I mean you not knowing the line.

It all works out in the end.

Love you though brother.

I am not that kind of person.
I hold other's sexual safety in high regards.

I can put a red sign down and give you one.


where did you get the red sign

and i thought i needed to be embered up to summon even red signs

same bro

i thought we might have lost you a sec and jad to reality check myself


oh maybe not then.... hm

js for hs


See Steam.

Admirable in a way.
I had a gay friend years ago and that was always what made me dislike hanging around them. They'd just get drunk and "become a girl" in terms of that type of needy personality and it was just too annoying to babysit and have to reiterate that I am clearly and in no uncertain terms saying no.

Not even sure what that means.



did grim just get dicked

To pull a Test, there's a new thread.

da fuc

If he would ever have me back I would go with him.

I threw up