Scoots probably already fell off the wagon and shoved a beer down his gullet, the Dutch are trying to destroy the board...

Scoots probably already fell off the wagon and shoved a beer down his gullet, the Dutch are trying to destroy the board, and desu's tongue is so far up subtle's butt that he's brushing the back of his teeth.

Overall, lovely.

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I'm sober now and memories of last night are starting to flood in.


I will have you know I have not had a drop of boozahol.
Mister cynical.

Conquest is inevitable!


Alcohol can do scary things.

I hear you do cocaine now.

You're going down the path of Erin. That way lies madness.


you said you did coke and got cucked by your best friend


Is thast lenko? did he get cucked again?

Since neither can prove the other's claim I believe we are at an impassé



It was one thing after another man. First I got high on just two hits, then drunk on a few double shots, and I thought it would be a great idea to try coke.

Yeah, I'll find out if he really did cuck me or if he was just fucking with me. I have to text the girl and hope for the best.

Your just a small county in europe, small county in europe.



good luck

good cuck*


If America ended up in a war with some place so small and unimportant I've never even heard of it like the "Isles of Scilly" and didn't win immediately we'd feel like a bunch of cucks.

But I'm glad you're happy with a draw after three centuries of dicking around.



I feel it

We should have just fucking nuked that savage-ridden bamboo forest and called it a fucking day.

ikt you gonna take that




I only recently found out the isle of man isn't actually england

korea and vietnam sure were a blast


have respect you fairy

There is an OMGScoots emote on twitch.


Fuck, man, those are more like a war with China, we're just not allowed to actually fucking invade China.


these all went great

hell no, not after they screwed us over in indonesia

could've in the civil war, but apparently Chang wasn't for it.

You're still high aren't you

Are you ready for the fallout when Trump ends up president and America and Russia bomb the entire fucking world because Putin will laugh at his toupe?




hell yeah

gotta be loyal fam

Nah, just hungover.

Wait what

My grandfather served in korea you ass.

Couldn't tell you, not a jungle main anymore. This semifinal series is already amazing.



Bjerg! MIA WHERE?!

my grandmother survived Japanese internment camps.

still gonna watch anime

Oh god not urgot


oh im sorry THE HOLOCAUST



I hate moba's. But they're the game's I'm best at.




That was pretty fucking hype.

But Doublelift is fucking tilted.

oy vey lad

there's a tree in Israel in honour of my birth with my name on it.
Find and you'll know.

I think he's mentally stronger than that. That wouldn't tilt me.




Reignover TILTED

Do we start chanting TSM yet


I already have been. Might get noise complaints from my neighbors.

My grandfather was nicknamed the Strongest man of North Holland because he took down a bull alone with his bare hands.

in short, my granddad could beat up yours.

No wonder you get cucked.

He just fucking walks into 4 people and pops.

I can't MOBA ;;

Do you play any other games? I usually just see you DoTA2.

My grandad used to eat iron bridges for lunch


I'm lovin' it.



I miss purple hair fam



shoulda lemme fuqq dat anus lel what a hot slut

League is fun with friends.

holy cancer



Sven is so lit right now.

Slightly enjoyable*



I shoulda muslim gal

you wouldn't fugg purple?!




TSM going to 3-0 IMT


If you say so.

Early bed.



If its clg vs tsm i'm not sure who I want to win

one of the non cancer strangers kek



I must not be a very good one then.

Cooki is #1 randomer tho.

Aren't you a clg fan?

We attract some pretty dank randomers tho

yeah but tsm has a little clg in them


I bet fort and she cybered

flip a coin
heads for tsm
tails for clg


Do you play?

Are you saying its not fun with me?
I carried you.

Depends on who you are user.

Woke up with a new set of clubs and a ton of new Nikes next to my door.
Can't tell if I'm still dreaming or if it's finally over.


We never played together, though.

MOBAs are pretty poor tier choice gaming.
No. I do not.

user was me

Had a few dreams last night where I died at the end of them. They were all pretty cool though.
For once I didn't die by getting shot, I drowned.

Your taste in grills is most of the time top tier. GOD DAMN.

I dunno stixxay triggered me a lot last night so I might go tsm.

i had a dream

i forgot it though

I'm seeing bits and pieces here and there that say my parents are going to Hawaii again and I might tag along to play golf and surf a ton
then stay there as a hobo surfer

I wasn't expecting that.
each to their own in terms of virtual playing and stuff

I guess you carried me

Good cooki didn't get influenced too much by us though, we danger

we are the danger




Something seems a little off about his face

Ahh, I get your game.

Yeah I had an idea that it might be you since you just said "gl" and didn't continue with the cuck meme.

Why's that?

lmao don't
surf a bunch for me, I love surfing

I don't care for your trash talk, only your memes and girls.

hauntzer and doublelift have that same v shape on their face from their chins to their cheeks

it's like the elves from oblivion

He kept killing himself in the last game.

I can do better than that

He's just a weak adc who is scared all the time, basically Apollo Price v2.

danger to normies

kinda like the them lad


Pete loves you now... I had to tell hikm this glory

I turn my tv on and change it from the military channel to vice and 5mins in they're talking about people who want to join the military. Fuck offfff

Not that user retard.

I mean I don't wanna stay on the big island. I'll see what's up with my old friends from when I lived there and just swim to Maui or something lmao

I left that after a schism.

I'm on funnyjunk now

TSM 3-0 sweep incoming.


Oh, okay. Lmao you bum.

isis is scary


that feel

I dont think you can keep up, old man.


I don't think they can win if he plays like that again.

lemme guess, they're some uk meme



No we arent

I'm pretty tired, yeah.

when they see me in the streets i feel like Pablo.

the uk-est meme

Sorry for your loss friend.

If TSM win the semis and they go into the finals with CLG, the 2v2 bot lane match up will be slightly even. I still want to see doublelift beat aphromoo.

They either didn't notice or its the whole no response but again.
Also I wouldn't actually do it lmao the last time I went back I was too annoyed with all the tourists destroying shut and the locals doing drugs in public. It wasn't so bad when I was young because people would at least do it inside.

That wasn't directed at you!

From old age.

Among other things.

assad will win!

gonna see more songs now lmao


I hope so
The Syrian Army doesn't look too good though

Assad the bestadd


10 hour day at work, a ride home in the rain. How can this day get worse?

Wish I only had to work short 10 hour shifts

With the help of brother Putin he will conquer this evil inshallah!

everyone celebrate

I felt better drowning than getting shot in my dream but I'd rather get shot like I did in them because I always took a bullet for someone else
Le hero meme
yeah it's the no response bit. Kill me.

Brb puking blood

if i could work 10 hour days at 14 dollars an hour, i wouldn't mind it.

jihad a great time


You don't know how much I get paid.

is 8ch postable?

Luka night fever

yeah i don't.

that's not so much

is it ever?

breaks my heart everyday

Oh I just read what you were talking about
Did you ever find out or are you putting it off?if you haven't yet then you don't care enough and need to stop acting like you do


I wonder if we're thinking about the same thing.

If you frequent this board and have a job, you're already a hero. No need to measure dicks.

No love for students ;;


This computer can play any game on high settings and I choose to only play league.

IKT would yell at me

Go take a nap.

Party at subway*

a reel hoomun bean

Can't, pizza just got here.

Getting some random girl you met stolen from you.

an hero*

I don't get it

Hold up a sec let me just send the classic Lenko text.
ayy lmao

I shake my head. You could any game.
And have fun.
For shame.

And a Pigeon Dating sim

time for sleep

ni ni

once there's peace I gotta visit it.

nice bum

Who's measuring dicks?


The worst
Richard just did what you did the other day. Quit wasting my fucking time.

What even? WHAT did I DO?


you are all just AWFUL

except for mandy

Not me though right?

o youre ok too

Actually a couple people here have done that shit.



Thin crust veggie like I asked for right?

Our Luka loves subway.

What game would you suggest?

Oh shh lol I was bored.


be cool about it kid

Sure. It has crushed red peppers all over it though.

Should play portal or something with it.


Layers of fear for horror.
If not horror then just go for something mainstream.
May aswell enjoy that tripped out build.

Want to measure my dick? Apparently we are doing that here.

Aw, love, you are far too kind.

whoops, now i must say goodbye

since when?

3:07 PM - Lotte D. Lenko: and hoping she texts back


I'm playing it cool, don't worry.

i dont think it was literal

3:09 PM - Lotte D. Lenko: thanks

btw am I considered a terrorist if I'm like a God when it comes to TOW missiles?

Just great... I didnt ask for that

Oh. So you don't want to?

lol the only invites I get these days are to watch the pro matches on league

im in the mood for castration

Fucking TERA instances, man.

I did.

Peppers make everything better.


What? No. I'm just asking you to touch it, not cut it.

this is basically me in the vid except I hit one while it was in the air and from 2x the distance

smooth af btw

The salt tastes good.

Bebo don't fucking talk

you've joined a lobby then just left yourself

You guys playing?

oh and it was a gunship

Once and I gave a reason.


was talking about mine

not me

it was a shitty one
and you laughed about it like an ass after

A guy in TERA fucks up and messages me calling me a noob and to git good and shit.
I message him back only to see he blocked me.

dem bitch ass niggas
how are the load times on your new comp vs old?

I don't have time to read load screen tips.


I mean they aren't that bad if they think they're doing it for a good cause and also praising their God during the whole thing.

I can think of two times I've done it actually one where I had to actually go do something and another time where I told you I didn't into blind to which you just changed modes.



I think I have to get a tsm tattoo now..

Yeah, it's really nice. I'm in love.

Lol, asking to be bullied.

Actually I might have also left because I was gonna play with someone else too

legit this is the song that started the beef

When was this?


but I remember

Pobelter is PJSalt right now

Pob is a nice guy ;;

ayyyy lmao

pobelter is a cocky faggot

well that sure is helpful
no other bit to add to the story then? i only remember you changing the mode once and that was the other day


it was maybe a month or two ago

but you LEFT

i'm gonna go play my mil sim since my bro came back. gonna wire guide some more tanks and helis lmao


what a faggot


damn, nature you scary



good night fegs.


where is spoils

wew lad

probs working

he asked something about stardew valley last night and I had gone to sleep, didnt get a chance to answer him

offline messages are a thing
how is that game anyway?
Some people said it was sugoi awesome

others said just another retro indie ripoff

ded thread

I personally enjoy it
Alot of harvest moon aspects and comfy feelings
wish the art was more anime but hell mods will fix it

let it all burn

if you liked/didn't like harvest moon you will/won't like strawdew valley


I don't appreciate this

I never really played harvest moon in the first place

tfw I've bought hyperlight a week ago but still havent played

Holla Forums why u eat my posts?

I don't appreciate this

I never really played harvest moon in the first place

tfw I've bought hyperlight a week ago but still havent played

i liked harvest moon 64

it was the first 3d

btw thanks grim

if i didnt read old threads like i do, i wouldn't have say dis kewl User JS

it works wonders!



yay star dew


give me a hug too

At least you're up before 8pm.

just give it a try

it's 5pm now

which is before 8pm




they're called dakimakuras you fucking pleb :3

not having skin dakimakuras

I am from America.
The best country.
I don't talk that shitty gook speak.

I'll be your skin dakimakura.

tfw no squish to spoon you from behind while you doze off on the couch

you aren't a fucking anime girl

get away from me

Sorry, but I don't spoon people.

*Walks closer while chanting anime songs*

That's a man

if you don't spoon people, you get spooned :^)

I am aware, Grim.
I prefer my cuddle partner to be thicker.