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Fuck this laggy site.

New errors

Maybe I should get a job


You just wanna see girls with not much clothing..

Damn, it didn't take long to figure out his master plan

i woke up just now

Jesus fucking Christ

Good morning Luka! :)

This image is kinda old actually

Back when Manny looked anorexic, Ian still had like 15% of his chin, and we used to post on Holla Forums

You're about as sharp as a butter knife

Kill yourself

Being a NEET is the best dude

Being broke isn't though


thanks user!


do you know how to read?
I literally just told you it wasn't told to people in an actual manner.

whatever you want to call it. Yeah. I feel like a physical intervention is necessary a lot of the time.


Did you watch "Sakamato desu ga?" ?

How are you feeling today?

That image is still so fucking great. That little smile into the bottle while staring at his ban message.

And yeah, money doesn't buy happiness, but for God's sake it's tough to be happy without it.

It's insanely late. It's night, for God's sake.


Oh I actually haven't seen that one yet
I also need to watch Bun-something Stray Dogs

Have you had dinner yet?

Get the happy stick, we'll beat the fucking depression out of them.

it isnt that i didnt read it its that its not a good excuse, you just seem to think its a good enough excuse

im feeling pretty alright!

it's only 8pm
not bad.



Me neither, for some reason it's first episode was really popular, but I don't know why, I don't see 1 thing appealing about it
Bungou, I think. It already has a 2nd season lined up later this year.. still don't think I will watch it

That's like 12 hours late.

Spoilers you re still a normie and just don't understand out dumb logic

Any plans for the night?

its 8pm

Were he a normie he would not be here.


Okay. If you can't understand the differences in tones, then that's your issue, not mine.

But then again, tone on the internet is sometimes hard to decipher. The answer?

Lurk moar

Late for what?
nothings wrong right?

fun games? kewl youtubes?
uh... threads?

mhm it is!

It was extra amusing because I was at Soto's place and got his IP banned

i wonder why test suddenly has it out for me :^)

i just told you its not that i dont understand its that its not a good excuse, ill have to ask you what you asked me a post ago do you even know how to read?

Whatd ya have? I'm about to eat some burritos and nachos

Sounds fun. Cute avatar btw

You didn't get to see the sun.

It's obvious you don't understand. Everyone else does.

Late for a normal-ass sleep schedule. More than anything that seems like something you should fix.

I don't. But the newt thing is dumb.

Now you think people are out to get you.

Nobody cares, spoilers

you need to relax

Thanks! she is cute and exciting~
i hope to find more fun.

Sun is evil
it burn people
and make the air bad and hot and not livable, it even give humans cancer!

Rain is prettyer and calm soothing and hydrating. and the darkness is comforting~

lol nice cover

and it wont stop just cause it bugs you and at least 1 other person plus no one else seems to care whats in the OP

a bowl of mac salad lmao

why should i be needing fix

maybe its you who needs fixing! hmm ever thought about that?

You sound like a vampire.

My brother must hate me now lmao

Totally took over his room and even put up a weeb poster to mark my territory

imma vampire!

Yeah, because he's the one with a job. And going to school.
Yeah, it's his schedule that's broken not yours for sleeping all day and doing nothing.

I was trying to make a thread but I got error messages and it took like five minutes before it showed up in the catalog, so I didn't get to link it. That's what he's getting at.

You seem to be taking this a bit personally. I'm not saying this in a pretentious "wow, calm down buddy" it really just wasn't meant to offend. I just like the OP post to have some personality.

Would that mean that you're perfect, if I have some problems? Neither of us is perfect. But waking up at 8 PM isn't healthy. People need sunlight and exercise in the same way they need healthy food. Besides that, the world is all up and moving during the day, giving you the chance to, you know, look for jobs and stuff.

8pm is fine
see? im awake now.
nothing is wrong.

Is that his guitar or yours?

A lot healthier than what I'm having lmao


lol that made me laugh

gimme moar test


Its pretty old news that I play guitar

That poster is special to me :3

soto and luka getta job ya lazy bums

Can you see mine?


I don't save many webms


Physically made me mad
Good job fam

barely :(


why not?

stay salty


H-hi, thread~

This old webm still makes me sad, in a way.

Well, it's news to me.

Look closely

"anime girls with a blue flame coming from their left eye are fucking hot imo"
"is 4strafing like 4chan?"
"type /ssj"

I don't really use them as reaction images much anyway.

thats lewd

"csgo is for pros" "you dont see them playing this garbage game anymore ever since csgo came out"

"are you aimer in disguise?"

you don't have to be angry about other peoples lifestyle you know?

Yeah been playing for like years dude
I never pick it up anymore lol

its a fat asian man drifting

The guy drifting on a bar thing is not lewd.

they are naked.

please make my face into stuff

no clothes...

They are drifting to Eurobeat

Its completely normal

dude in like a year I could have 99%

sounds lewd tbh


rape and murder should be legal as long as it involves luka

You can't see anything.

It is what it is


nude is not normal america

doesn't mean its not lewd!

It's normal in Europe, there are nude beaches everywhere 😎


but its not lewd

I'll agree to the latter.

Definitely not the former.
Who the fuck wants that?

Saya is worst girl btw

I've been in and out watching Reservoir Dogs for the past 3 days. I think this is the 10th time it's on and I still don't know what the hell is going on.


Alright, thanks for the shunning.

See ya :/

scarey thought...

it is! they are naked



Scarier than missing tooth :c



Dont get shunned bro



Bitch, dab

at least my mouth is happyer now~

no more painful tooth :D

i like that gif

Naked doesn't mean lewd




it does if ur american enuf

i can't wait for 4.44 to come out~

its p fluid

do you know when


this map music sounds like the fucking nutcracker but like someone made a trap remix

That makes it sound like it had its vocals rerecorded with a guy with a fairly deep voice making some obnoxious "girl" voice.

I'm a real american

not really... i havent looked up anythign about it in years though...
so who knows... someone out there might've posted a hint!


pew pew, i did good on teemo a couple games ago

I hope you saw the pic I posted earlier 4 u

how can sam rockwell be so fucking awesome

Quick, Grim/Lenko there's a little girl in this css server

she's speaking japanese atm and her avatar is a milk carton
this is melting my brain

From some reason Lexi wanted me to support them a lot today with Teemo.

It was fun

on it

oh god the start of the map is that one song from the matrix


i wanna play now!
lemme game

My Teemo support was going off

yay aram?

oh she's older than me and just sounds 12
also cosplays

dude tfw supposed to but never do
kill me

Too bad she doesn't look and sound 12
That'd be waifu material

oh also the "reason" she sounds so young is because she's "asian"

she looks like she's in her early teens tbh

She has a shovelface.



i'm a bygone! let me be.


saw the shroom and i wanted to puke

Lemme see

S-She's still pretty cute though

the last cs game I played was >6months ago

Yukari was honestly the hottest one

Is tristan alive?

Bitches love shrooms

You just want to fuck her because she's dressed like some weeb's dream Touhou.


i wanna play CS for the first time ever!

oh wait that samwhich looks more delicious nvm

oh she's Korean
that explains a lot tbh


can confirm

where's tristan?

make her call you oppa



gangam style

[Unranked] LeafyIsLeech : do you voice hentai?
[#1 D-Only] ă‚«ăƒ©ă‚č : rain is she a cosplayer
Player milk left the server.
[#1 D-Only] ă‚«ăƒ©ă‚č : forest is in here?
*.rain - no but shes saying stuff thats letting her get memed by ppl

kill me brb

she wouldn't stop giggling and telling me to shut up then left when someone asked if she had a crush


I think the constant bleeding finally got him.

RIP gurro

i miss him, he was nice guy

it means daddy in korean :^)

There's nothing wrong with that

The Yukari had me diamonds
The Marisa was pretty cute too
Remi was aight

Poor Sakuya tho lmao

she/he looks like some dude i know irl
creppy shit m8

Maybe he wont be dead soon

this fuss over one female player on cs:go is why the term gamer girl created

anyone who does toho cosplay gets big + points from me



The Yukari just looks like the only one not flat as a board.

milk connected.

it was a bad joke

yeah it sounds like it would mean that

she's cute and fun to mess with

i cosplay wolf lady!

irl cosplay

I can't find my best Teemo picture, kill me.

i-ive never been to a con before!

srs bsns

Srs shit
Shes got that smug face too
shits pretty cash

Missing out

dont forget to ask her to play again next game

You don't need to go to a con to cosplay.

where was that pic from?

here it is

i dont wanna miss out :(

No its not that one.

I'm actually getting upset

i do!
since that's where people go, to cosplay!

the ahri teemo hug?


I need more shrooms.

do you not organize your folders?

You can cosplay anywhere. Home, soup kitchen, cons, wherever.

also I would but she wouldn't(can't???)

No it was a picture of teemo getting off .

Are you saying you wanna play more?

I don't know which of the 30 folders its in.

Would he really be that out of place there dressed like some Touhou?

if he dresses like the dog one, probably not.

I had to cap the picture from the video again

Kind of want to draw it in mspaint but too bored.

AX 2014


have a picture of our pouncing caterpillar to spur you on.

hope we wont see a billion saitama cosplays this year

I would like to see a few Tatsumakis tho

"I think Jared from Subway is innocent"

Why would that do anything?

Who is blacky again? The guy with the waifu picture right?

mhm I'll invite you

who r u quoting



nah it was an inside meme for css/bhop people

the people in this server
it's all i've been doing for the past 20mins

I'll be waiting then.

see here

Oh I never really played those games.

don't you want to bone them?


GUESS HOW LONG MY- *disconnects*

its aids

Not really. I just call him a homosexual when he acts extremely gay.


oh and i looked it up and there's a legit trap remix of the nutcracker


is tokai too feminine for you?

rip luka no cosplay :\


see its not so bad

He just acts way too much like a stereotypical "fabulous" gay.


i don't think i've seen one jap porn where a bitch isn't whining or crying. truly fucked up people

there are videos on JAV where they act like real women

it's a treat

soto can hook you up

what kinds of traps turn you on then?


it safe for now... :\

Maybe the trick is to stop talking to them again
Brb sleep

None really. Most of the time I'm just drunk and bored.


you're bored all the time
Sometimes you'll find real good stuff and there is an excellent place to look.

Not that much lately.

Is it true you NTR'd the shit out of Ban by cybering Bebop and sending Ban the logs?

you're drunk when you're not bored

is it true that you already know the whole story and are asking question you already know the answer

fuck you for what you did to archives





Blood Moon Zilean looks legit

Wretched Creature


bebop and manaka were reading doujins and jerking off together and ban found out and cried and deleted everyone

if you still think you're being funny, you're not



relaxing times

Lmao holy shit that's like some Jerry Springer tier drama shit I swear

Poor Ban, he must've been crushing on mudnaka pretty hard if he raged over that

Is that directed towards me or the user?

Better not be towards me
I'll fuck you up

yeah i wonder how manaka can live with himself

manaka probably knows some silat to kick your ass with

I'd watch that fight

I feel for Manaka tbh

Like imagine trying to be a trap in Indonesia where smoking weed is the death penalty

Being a trap or a fag is probs also the death penalty too

Poor guy

He rides a scooter irl and has girly looking hands

I'd destroy him irl

let's crowdfund manaka to come to the usa and arrange the fight

yeah its true soto

ban gave his heart to manaka and he literally crushed it by going off to go cuck him with bebop

This is some Novela shit my spic family would probs watch

Thank me later fam

Literal buckets of cum


btw u missed last nights tc
was dope

G-good evening, where's Blood-chan~?


on halfchan

fuck off

t. bard

Could you p-point me to the right thread, please? ^^

P-please explain the t. thing to me, where does it c-come from?!

Find it yourself


I didn't work

never mind

what ever happened to JoJo?


exactly. Like that bitch fine as shit and she had the pipes to back it up.


sci is posting on /lewd/ now

my fucking trap hugbox is invaded by autism

very interesting.

Chii doesn't know who JoJo is.

So she was like Kesha in that sense.

You're saying that like it was autism free before this point.

ded thred ?


as dead as your life goals

im lonely now

everyone ran away...

Oooh, zing.

And I'm also about to leave.

What a bitch. I guess you like it though.



i'm going to bed



bye bye




You wished this hell upon yourself.

you made me spit my drink you shit


Sushi keeps posting pic of that guy.

The beards make in gold.

Did you use comic sans for that text?

"Segoe Print".
It was the gayest looking one via mspaint.

that was shortly after I shaved lol
it'd be better with my neckbeard at full capacity

Jesus. Just full shave it.


absolutely not
i don't get carded unless i shave and i'm not trying to impress anybody
it's a matter of practicality

Everyone just calls that the "depression beard" on me.

I wish sabrina would come on again so i can post this at her.

fitting considering you already kinda look like you have suicidal depression in general

I just don't particularly like shaving unless there's something to shave so it feels like it has a purpose.







I'm really confused about this filename.

I dunno. I can't think of anyone else to use.

What poster would probably do this to a feminist?


Is that stuff actually attached?

Fuck if I know.

Pretty sure that's apart of her... lol

how is it still the same thread?

Pretty sure that's apart of her... lol


i'm back from work

was it alright?

How do I become an idol

Coming back to thread after tiring day at work kind of suck, and I don't really have anything Else to come back to.

git gud

Well you have to be a slit but only in secret. Get on your knees.


Hai Spoily.


can anyone help me out, im trying to get all the seasons of Symphogear ost but I dont know where

OST? Or just Symphogear

lots of running, less pay, and shitty music

but it was alright
coworkers are cool

I'm just happy to relax now


Actually I need my rest. You can service me before or after I fall asleep, surprise me.

TPB or nyaa?

The OST I guess...but the character songs is what im after

Btw Chii my nachos were good

Tfw ur cute little church girl is gonna be tired af in church later(if she even goes)

I can only seem to find the animus and I dunno if the torrents on AB have the OSTs.

ur going to church with lexi?

Yeah dude, boarding my plane right now so I can make it.

Character songs are there, by [Shin-S]

Me, i'd get it on usenet. it's like 11 a month but it's fast and there is a lot of stuff you can get on there. Horriblesubs&max=100

Does anyone still talk to Aoi

no she ded

They're on Skype and other places sometimes.

she likes me :)

no guys


she died in a tragic motorcycle accident

don't you remember

Ah.. Shame..

I see, where is this other places?

Any chance you can get aoi to post?





Why is that?

because she isn't on.

You dont have to do it now
When she is on and you two are talking



why should i

who even are you?

It's a secret place. Nini





You are a meaniebutt!

I'm fucked up fam

hai bae sorry got lost in stardew valley for a little lol



manaka is indonesia.
you can't trick me!

I hope you get a nightmare chasing an ice cream truck!

Enjoy gamu

It is because Chrome data saver.

A Lexus needs to Get some sleep. Or else.

Did you find what OST you were looking for?


Please tell me you were trying to type alexis but your phone autocorrect it to A Lexus.

That's so cute

No I manually did it. I've been thinking of cute fun things to do with her name.

Hell if we actually talked yesterday she would have seen its first use directly to her. Oh well.

Anyway the place Aoi went to seems to be to get away from this place and I'm going to respect that. I heard they still logon from time to time though.


i am quite enjoying gamu, how are you doing e?

Quite enjoying animu, but I'mma hit lunch now.

What did you do this time?


are you sure?

where's ur pics then?
wheres you trip to proof?

Error please

Werent you playing together few hours ago.

Ive never used tripcode on phone. What picture do you want?


ds manaka orighinal screen shot

Come again?

Manaka post thin haired moustache


Why would I do that

To give the people what they want

...very tempting

If it was you I might do it.

enjoy darling

your not real manaka! omg

You can steam me to prove that this is Manaka

steam me pls ;~;

I cum inside an American Manaka rather than an Indonesian Manaka


Why not 2D Manaka

Only if you will talk to Aoi about posting even if just for one poat.

Its cute how you're so into Saki even though its a mediocre series

What a fangirl

if i see her sure.
but why should i drag her through these kinds of threads again... she might not want' bullies you know!

I know for a fact you have shit taste fag

There are kind people to balance out the bullies ;;

What a feisty Mordin

Dont "drag"
Just ask

i want kind people ;~;

you want her
she/i have no choice

Humans are disgusting.



Why is this board so slow? Or is it all of Holla Forums?

lonely board


I'm pretty pissed right now


I'm incredibly plastered right now and don't know if my friends are lying to me or not. This night was a blur and I think I scored. :(


why are you mad about that


No cause I did score, got her number and I was drunk/high off my ass I even did coke for the first time. I can't tell whether or not my friend was serious when he said he was taking her or didn't take her and she just wants him instead of me. This makes no sense while I'm reading waht I type but I'm pissed. My best bro is stealing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont do coke you nigger

about time you progressed your manhood a bit
good job my man

It was spur of the moment and it felt great.

I do the dumbest shit when I'm not sober and apparently chicks dig it.

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