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...in the ass



where everybody at

I wanna feel good but also be uuuh drunk..


Only fix it when it becomes a problem!
just be glad now :3





I'll fuck you while you're drunk then

you must consent ahead of time though


consent is my fetish

we can get you a tail and i'll fuck ya

Would it even be possible for Tokai to say no?


No thanks.

Five of dem was foolish
give us of your oil when it come


These high FoV shots in that Erio anime make me feel not comfortable.

yeah right

post screenie


drunk is also consent!

Limes is that you?


Come live with me

My camera is broken.

that feel when you're in a thread full of people comfortable with pseudo rape


Are you a rich italian?

what is that

brb killing self



I want someone to pin me against a wall and kiss me until my face is bright red

I want a toilet made of gold.

Do you have an innie or an outtie?

Work hard and save up!

i-innie .///.


Money would be better spent pursuing other goals.

Back, 17th in the tournament, who knows, could get into 10th place and win a copy of Gremlins for my fave qt or something.


Gremlins Inc, a game about being a fucking asshole to everyone and trying to pay for projects all the while praying to RNGJesus that everything goes according to Kekkakiu.

A game where you'll spend more time going to jail than actually winning.

I don't mean your belly button.


her youtube channel is gold

Basically an online boardgame, but unlike monopoly, everyone pays for projects for score, and you have 1 in 6 chance in going to jail around every 3 turns or less.

On the upside, you can actually win the game spending the most time in jail than anyone else.



i'm a rich Spaniard.

Your no no bits.

oh is that the new pose?

good, much less inappropriate

my penis has been defiled by religion

no this is the new pose

When your older sister puts on anime in the living room

hmmm....still a little too lewd I think, but definitely more appropriate than the other one.

Keep looking, I'm sure you'll find the real new pose

The new pose shows even more ass

Brandon wants me to come over but I have a killer headache

Wat do


And like that you have lost me.

I finally finished mgs V

now do i get super wasted or go to sleep early?

I dont even know lol

I'm pretty broke and plan to just stay at my grandmas tonight
My sis wants me to go out drinking with her and her friend

Super wasted.

Also DiRT Rally.

Wanna go with me? Daniel wants to go too

get wasted

To Brandon's?
Dude there's not much to do out there other than drink and Im pretty burnt out on that rn dude

There's a concert too idk


I dont do race


Straight edge.

Oh god, it is female scout, right?!

Yeah pretty much

I only just noticed this!


lol I don't think you can call plagiarism, but the playstyle is similar at least

tf2 > Overwatch


Battleborn > Overwatch

leeg > PoE

Halo > Mario

Bacon Cheeseburger > Deep Dish Pizza

tsuchi > soto







How can you even compare them

DiRT Rally > Mario Kart

dead anime girls > live anime girls

winter is coming.

Minesweeper > Fallout 4


they're both shit


Batman > Superman

Winter came.

You actually have no idea

And so did I.


all day everyday

how long ago did we even have that talk

remember when batman shot jimmy olsen in the head


I hope you die in PoE
So you can start all over again

so you can have a better build lmao fkn noob

in their prime halo had a lot more going for it. but at this point they're both trash

Being dumb.
Just looks like the female scout to me... just a tad.

Oh god, it begins, the > wars.

Tbh, I could never get this game. Seems just too expensive when I can just get on tf2 or any other shooty and defendy.

yugioh > hearthstone

H-Ha ha, I don't really play hardcore..

I think it's gonna be f2p lol

I stopped playing Halo in between Reach and ODST.

Multiplayer games are only as good as who you play with.

K. Downloading.

Yes, but you're Boo(boolaboosh).
Do you have any expectations for yourself?

That's the worst part.

But the day is not out.

There is still time to get the gears of productivity turning.

My list is actually finite. Just... distractions.

Their art is pretty shitty tbh.

I am so fucking cold right now.

Tsuchi roast me.

be unproductive

im going to college after highschool to become a wildlife biologist

No thanks.
Get you some friction burns from Grim. ;)

I thought you just injected steroids into your eyeballs when you got cold

spitroast warmest roast

it stopped being acceptable after Reach. After that they made the spartans look too anime so the awesome designs they had in Reach were trashed. then the storyline turned into some 14 year old fan fiction about how John isnt just a badass who's great because he had to be but instead some reincarnation shit.


grim likes being spitroast?

What, are you going to stalk traps in their natural habitat?

lmao nah

Actually I inject right into the vein.

Spitroast my apartment.


This is exactly what I'm trying not to be, Loco.

Literally the opposite.

What do you want to be doing?

You want to be a researcher?



She looks young.

I think the most fun I ever had in Halo was playing co-op with my mate, trying to get through the Flood bits.

That and the Fat Kid custom game.

*unzips dick*
*unleashes ragnacock, the end of all that is penis*

Yes, the veins in your eyeballs

Fuck why did it have to be my country

Just how you like 'em.


scanner no

no man, the vein that heroin addicts would use.

field researcher essentially
wildlife is my jam

already do that here
wouldnt want to be doing it my whole life

Are you grim?
Then don't talk for me
fucking baka

custom games were the best. forge world was also the best

productivity never got anyone anywhere. it's an incentive for you to put energy into turning the cogs of capitalism. if you spend your time worrying about how you spend your time you're fucking wasting it.

play league. you can do shit when you feel like it.


Right, the eyeballs

Too late, yo asked for it~

And those big bikes!
The one that looked like had a huge grinding cog at the front.

I miss those days. ;w;

i was disappointed when they took that away

This thread is still up? Just saw Zootopia, pretty good movie.

Sad how custom games were non-existent in H4 ;;

FoV thing.

Also you pervert.

It's more like the type of shit that I instinctively want to do is instantly gratifying, and is low reward (fun, happiness, distraction).

But the motivations that burn less hot and in the background, require sustained effort, sometimes over weeks, and concentration.

Yet, they feel more detached. The further the reward, the less pull one feels to 'get up and do it'.

Such is NEEThood at times. It feels regressive, but humans like taking the easy way out.

Is there a way to consistently trick yourself into doing the things you want to do, that override instantly gratifying things?


in 2 weeks


palindrome get



have a boyfriend to make you do it


fly with me

or something of that emotional caliber.

there is nothing

maybe a girlfriend


But solo queue never


I'd love to, but gravity's calling, I've got some falling to do.



Then drive on the fast lane.
eventually we'll fly as well

it'd actually be interesting to see if it worked

but I'm desperate to get something done today


there's no downside to it

I'm just not sure if the math works out


of course it works out

btw level your euw account so we can play

I guess I might just go with the flow.

noted. and noted.

that still leaves me with a dozen things I've yet, but want to do, with an additional thing with more instantly gratifying appeal.


I gotta catch sleep cauise I didn't yesterday
ni ni

means flying like the hawkwinds.

Have a good one you speed demon.

Goggles invited me to an interesting group ._.


Why the fuck wasn't I invited?

it's dumb.

Didn't know Goggles was such a subby slut.

You're dumb.

your taste in anime is dumb


Oh nvm
That was Ghostie
They both have Shinobu as their pic so I got confused


That group though.




My anger still stands.


I didn't join it!
Can't imagine my irl friends seeing that stuff on my profile

I get in some weird places myself, holmes.

You may be a bit slow.

I bet you're a housewife

I'm such a good housewife that I joined the sequel to Sluts n' Butts.

That would be one hell going on.
Not really sure why I laughed at that though.

I know what I typed.

No you're slow.

you need to find me another group

one with less retarded drama

we posting groups?

How'd you not know that?

Guess Loco is gone.
8/10 distraction

but I guess the problem is not knowing how long each of the... literally seven things I want to do, will take.
I could actually dedicate this time to figure out just how quick I can do each thing.
otherwise, I'm not going to end up doing anything tonight.
despite last night wanting to do everything today.

bah. BAH.... BAAAH!

That's the only one the was sort of active.
There is that and HG Avatars...

I could make a group? We /scanimus/ now?

May I proceed?

Can't they already see all of Desu's comments on your profile?
So wouldn't their opinion already be low?

i dont think anyone would be likely to rp tea parties that get progressively sexual

Yeah but when he does that it's pretty harmless stuff
If it wasn't I would just delete them

With what?

Cute pics?


I would totally have 50% more sacrifices and lewd.

Mine are better


It's nice, my friends accept me for my slight weebness
And sometimes ask for anime recommendations :c
But that stuff in public would be a step too far

Joking aside, totally didn't see that coming.

Those comments though, I don't really know.

any second now


its okay

Oh god don't look

The funny thing is, only a few people know of my weebness, or at least the little of it, but then again they're weebs too, the ones that know that is.
Yeah, mostly why I don't join any groups usually.
If we don't count that one Sentient did with the clothed dog.


I've seen too much already.

okay. substantial caffeine intake initiated.

now i'll definitely get stuff done.

there's no way I can't.


That doesn't answer my question though

Guaah why is it so late already

Because +2 GMT

Of course you can post pics, I'm not the anti cute police.



How the fuck do I interpret this face

Anti not-cute police weewooweewoo

They're not -that- bad but still.




That's obviously the "Ay gurl, wan sum fuk?" face.

Who are youuu

Fuck you, 8ch.



What the fuck Holla Forums I posted that police comment before the face one also without text

Oh thank goodness

i thought you had a gf

Gotta love being too late.

I was wondering who this guy is on my friend list but I guess he is desu

Stupid timezone to be alive

What's the reason

Holy fuck maybe it's time for a tc because 8ch is higher than I am

I don't think I have desu on my friends list.
Never talk to him anyway, I GUESS I'M NOT QT ENOUGH!

(Then again, I cannot be bothered to talk to anyone)

but you randomly leave them


congratulations scanner


Love that feel when you wake up and nobody's around, because they're still asleep.
Such is life in the future.


On what?
Oh I've probably deleted everyone who I don't talk to too.

Long story. ._.'

I would rather you than some random stalker user


on making a post that exclaims you are antisocial on steam

I have a solution for you
it's some code you paste in the 8ch settings
im looking for it right now

I am antisocial even on the internet.

okay, go to [options] in top right -> user js -> paste code -> save custom JS -> ctrl+f5 the page

var origAlert = window.alert;window.alert = function(m) { if (!/The server took too long to submit your post/.test(m)) { origAlert(m); } else { setTimeout(function() { $('.submit > input').click(); }, 1000) }}

This shit's redic


Also if you can't hear me, tell me. If no one tells me I don't know, lol

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Poster


Just use 8K botnet like everypony else

Who would even stalk you?

Oh shit, I didn't know they let you run custom JS. TIME To WRITE SHITPOSTING BOTS

It isn't just me?

I'm as slow as a bag of dicks, didn't know it was the said thing. ;w;

Yes yes~

Puhutaan taas vähän terroristikieltä että joudutaan fbi:n listalle. Mitäs juonut tälläisenä kauniina lauantai iltana?


voldemort's enemies



remove kebab


Thanks Grim

Some guy on 4chan did, but he had a lot of things wrong with him clearly

Why would you stalk him?
He's totally NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why would you stalk him?
He's totally NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ihan hyvä idea taas tällä erää.
Eipä nyt mitään, ainaskaan kuukauteen ole tullut juotua.
Viimeksi oli viskiä ja kaikki 0,75l meni noin tuntiin ja siitä tulikin sellanen känni että ei muista mitään muuta kuin että vessassa olin vähäsen aikaa hyperventiloimassa koska mikäs hauskempaa kuin se.
Mitäs sinä?

I love you

give me fap material please

.... whut?

Was it some shitter from your ks/b/ threads?


She's kind of an ugly Mexican.


Pretty much

I can't stream or play with you until Tuesday

Were you one of the people that was obsessed with wanting to fuck crippled girls because they're "easy"?

Not since around December.

Just a huge mistake on my part. Fuck dude.

We've been kinda talking for a while, I've just been taking too long. The meme term is probably friendzoned, but we don't really talk that much. I kinda tried taking it to the next step with not too much luck.
Being drunk does not help of course. I probably worded it stupidly.

You're getting my hopes up for tuesday

No o.o

I'll be sure to give you a big kiss then too

I could kick my past self over the same shit too.


what kebab? Im not a kurd

Koffia täällä vaan, ihan kiitettävästi mennyt koneeseen. Onneks oon niin nuori ettei tarvi miettiä taukoja ja tollasia.

I guess I just thought I could do her any time I wanted but time changes a lot of things. Fugg. I hate myself a good bit right now.

She's got a bf in the meantime?

I'd drink for you if I were able.

Itsellä tuli sama vastaan kuin monella muulla, palveluksen jälkeen ei vaan inspannut juoda ja tuokin oli vain koska TJ0 iski.

Something like that
I was just too slow during a moment where I had all opportunity to do it

It's aight, I'm plenty intoxicated as it is.

Do me a solid and drink a bit in my stead.

I'm sorry. i'm sure you'll get someone soon enough. i mean if you have girls pining after your dick while you already have a gf.

I'm at home now, I'm not keen on drinking by myself
What's with the little activity here though? I thought there would be more on a saturday.

No worries. And I'm not so sure, I'm fairly autism even though I hate to admit it. Finding a chick like that comes with large spaces.


League, or other activities, I assume.


Yo yo yo


liquid :D

fuck off

piglet will beat you!

liquid cuz fuck archives

subtle would probably appreciate this
here subtle

oh it ate my image


I appreciate this!!


he keeps killllling himselfffffffffffffffffffffffffff

This game is so crazy ._.






stixaay is a weak adc
piglet tilts too much
TL deserves to win worlds just from their baron rotation with matt's bard

I never laughed so hard at a playoff match




that sounds wonderful


That double tp just fucked him up so bad, that was game-winning

ayyy lmao

tfw my phone is kill

:[ why sad

So like I sorta moved back in with my family

It feels weird shitposting in my old room

I thought that teleport was weird because it was so much thicker than usual.


The light has gone out of my life


is that real


that is horribly vague! but i hope everything gets better for you soon [hug]



i'm in love with emi


Your empty words do nothing for me!

i dont know what to do grim
im so tired
like in a general way
also dizzy cuz i forgot my medication for a couple days

how are u


It's a little difficult to respond to that

leave my lands you cuck


I love you


What was that post ?

sci, evading

Hey Chii lets commit double suicide

Might as well right?

I knew he was posting but that doesn't answer the question of what the contents of the post were/was

im not going to look

Surprised he still comes here tbh. Like I thought he got himself permad on purpose


Very relaxed.

How about you. Any luck with reimu/alice on halfchan?


Ramen it is then

Chii come over, eat nachos with me and watch anime.

he thought i would unban him apparently. hes pleading for me to do so in the fur thread

Let's make it a triple whammy, perhaps?


Well, leave me twisting in the wind, then.

He's lucky I wasnt there for the post. I would have actually finished the report on him.

This isn't A threat please don't ban.

No, you're not allowed to ky

You're white

Become the hero we deserve.

link the fur thread

So is Chii


Suicide is the ultimate, most pathetic display of weakness a person could muster.

It's disgusting.

Not only are you running away from your problems and setbacks like a fucking bitch-ass piece of shit, but you're leaving behind your body weight in pain and sorrow. Literally. Someone will have to deal with your decomposing body.

How could you stoop so low?



I mean I can make you something else to eat but I'm craving nachos

Are you calling that Russian officer pathetic? What he did was a great thing and he is a hero for it.

Nobody's going to do it. Soto's just having a bad time right now, and I'm sure he knows it's temporary.

This too shall pass and all that.

Don't be too high and mighty, though.

I'm pretty sure she's like half something else

post your mugshot and I'll link it

Don't even get me started on the cost
I didn't realize how expensive it was
Shits fucking ridiculous

Get a load of this fucking cool guy


Doesn't look it.

I feel like this is gonna trigger a lot of people

Sure, there are some cases where the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives. But those are rare.

I've been down that path where your dreams get shattered. I would literally sleep my life away for a good 3months. 14 hours of sleep a day. Doing nothing.

I don't like it sometimes. Even as a joke or an attention grabber.

The cost of bail or a lawyer?

You're white as rice, right?

You're not mixed?

99% german.

Grim if that's how you want to remember people who have taken their own lives then so be it. Don't try to change how others see it though.

I'm like a chef

I didn't know what true despair was until I watched Danganronpa

I then learned what true despair was because I watched all episodes of this shitty fucking series knowing it was gonna be bad, yet I still watched it

What if she's like German or someshit?
That'd be pretty cool

The cost of dying lmao

90% of the threads is white.
Like, dangerously white.
Other than like the token negro, the last of the Mohicans, and two Mexicans.

It's different for everyone.

Yeah. You have a big family. I, myself, would be deeply heartbroken if I lost you.



If it's not a joke the smart thing isn't to tell somebody that they're being pathetic. If it is just a joke it's up to you to laugh or not, but yeah, as a catch-all attention thing it can get annoying.

wait dont you tell people to kill themselves grim?

also good evening everyone!

Wait, people think I'm suicidal?


but he doesnt mean it :^)

I'm just repulsed by it. I've tried doing the whole passive support thing. I've lost someone while trying that method.

Spurring some more heated feelings like anger and maybe even a determination from realization that one has their whole life ahead of them, this seems like the better path.

I do understand that for some on the absolute brink, calling them pathetic will cause them to tip over it, though.

The other one percent is white though, right?

Tokai is like, some kind Arab.

grim spit in my mouth and tell me to kill myself

Yeah, once in a while I tell people to self-terminate. But these people understand it basically means to fuck off.

He's an indonigger like Manaka.



Tsuchi it's posts like that - that make like you even more. No homo.

Me and Ian are going to some weeb con tomorrow at Fullerton


So hype

Are you still salty about getting cucked?

I think so?
fuck if i know.
dont get me wrong. I dont think i've personally gone through the suffering
I can just understand why they'd want to end their existence sometimes.

I bet its small time

I don't think I've said one angry thing about it.

bad friend

check the exif you stalker

sven sends his regards

lol what a perfect excuse to try to give

you cant really be so morally high horsed then

I'm discussing my opinion.

Take pics



Where did you get that pic of me?

lmao this fucking picture tho

It's at Cal State Fullerton so I already know its gonna be tiny as shit

Its not like I got shit going on tomorrow anyways

Why is everyone saying youre crying over indonigger boipussy?

I wasn't talking to you

Wow really I had no idea xD

Playing the dick with a heart of gold card, huh?

I don't think there's a situation where those feelings are likely to cause a net good thing. But I've also never actually lost anybody close to me that way so you might have some bitterness there. Some people have confided feelings like that to me before and I just do that "passive support" thing, and it usually seems to calm them down at the least.

I'm sorry about that person you lost.

oh you were drunk that game

oh you were drunk that game


I was really high and did stupid stuff

that was like last week though

your opinion is mushed up beneath a mountain of hypocrisy then

lol hows it hanging chii?

make a thread

its ok, you?

oh right fuck that guy holy shit

I almost forgot I cosplayed Sora once

then I got drunk and lost 80% of my cosplay at the con

I hope there is Musaigen or Konosuba cosplayers
A small time con won't have much cosplayers tbh
I wanted to wear my Akira one but I don't wanna go cosplaying just to find no cosplayers
It'd be hazukashii af bruh



Guess I missed it

pretty good, thanks for asking!