Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Fucking lazy shits

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calm down dude mugins is probably napping

Yep, that's me.

lol cato probably dominates so many sissies on lewd

Then you should make new OPs, TP

did you sleep at all?

you horsefuckers are difficult to keep track of

I kind of gave up on the idea of SD threads.


i don't OP here

there's no point

lol kinda i don't want to talk about it


Suggest not keeping track, then.

Anything new with you?

Somebody is always faster.

mfw dying community

sound the fucking alarms




Nice try guy, I just befriend everyone.

it's just annoying when i start talking to somene who i think is new and then am like ohhhhhhhhh

that's that faggot that was kanra's slave or something

Ah, understandable.




Living it slow currently, looking for a part-time job before extra studies.

I was pretty amused when I found it.

do do do de doo

(Oh I just realized who you are. TP I'm Clown by the way. I've been going under the name Tomo for a bit now)


Sounds fun.

Why do you change your name pedo mustacheman


I shaved faggot
But I've had this name for a while, I changed it cause I changed my avatar.

Some people do make good stuff

it's supposed to be like a dude taking a picture

i was 2fast to draw it in proper

So much free time, yet nothing to do.
I have finally found hell.


Definitely, too bad not enough many.

Shame hobbies take money.

believe it or not grim, there was a time that threads were not 24/7, and we didn't cry dying community everytime threads were slow

oh hey babe

i'm pretty hungover too

you could make stuff to stave off boredom

Looks like she is having diarrhea into a cup


Good job
I need to clean up the beard myself, what kind of razor do you use?

and oh, okay

That's the joke tp

That's not a problem, just that I can't keep interest up for anything.

I'm bad at that stuff, I just kind of end up waiting for my friends to have free time to play something.

Not ideal in spending time.

Just play EVE

sorry i didn't get it because it wasn't funny


I'm not sure, I am a member of the dollar shave club, so its a 5 blade I think?
I don't like electric razors, I was bought one but hated it.

Alcohol is a scary drug, this is why you don't drink kids.

nigga g2b

I used to use a 5 blade
then I discovered safety razors
the shaves take longer but they're super luxurious

Very true.
Thank god sleeping never gets boring.

Way too hard, and I like fast-paced games more.
Mostly because I don't have to run a session that takes half of the day with no motivation.

Very true.

yeah it's pretty fun too though

why did you change from CP to Tomo?

CP was like the best name ever

i could like say i was in love with CP and trigger people

i need to drink my hangover away

Although it can drive you to the point where you sleep twice a day and be awake during odd hours.


Ah, yes. At a time when no one else is around to help ebb away more time.

What show is she from?

You don't have to spend that much time on EVE every day!
But yes, it is very hard to get started with.

Yeah I prefer time over quality. I think I spent 20 secs to shave that stache off.

Cause it was a silly name, gotta have a super serious name like Tomo instead.

She is an idolmaster, but she gets next to no time in the show.

i don't like it

And the whole idea about it is quite depressing.
Got to have humane schedules of a kind.

I don't really like the games with paid play time, nor ones that take a lot of time with sessions or make me wait days for constructions etc.
More of a RTS/FPS player.


So, boredom is your current enemy.

/r/ing birthmark to draw me a picture of my love for CP

Why'd you choose her, then?

Planetside, then!


Cause you are a silly is why.

I was looking up someone to post as wo drinks alcohol. So I looked up the alcohol tag on danbooru and I saw a lot of good images of her.

Pretty much yeah, but not that bored currently.

I used to play it when it was more lively.
TR for victory and engineers, nothing to say about mosquitoes.

th-thanks x//x

you embarrass me so

That's good.

YOu do have quite a few of them

It is kind of surprising that a side character actually has a decent amount of art.

Hah, I was in exactly the same spot

Yeah, thanks for chatting.

Then I found that sunderers just generate points like world's going to end.

I was one of the main sundy drivers for TB's group for a while.
It is fun finding that one path where you can climb a mountain

Idolmasters are always popular no matter what. She is top tier waifu and a christmas cake. My folder is pretty small for her but I think she has 1k+ images.


PTSDs from the crown ensues.

that's pretty much impressive
almost like the shipgirls

Good times


Yeah those fan bases are crazy, any of these waifu generator series basically do that.


See you.


Nothing like mauling the hill into bits with a squadron of Prowlers.
That reminds me that I picked both of the names from Frank Klepacki's songs.

This little bitch is hospitalized for breaking an arm wtf


Have a good one Tracer.

i don't click weeb images

oh hey

TO be fair I was hospitalized for almost a month when I broke my arm.

Does fucking Coalgirls have me as their translator who the hell thinks this is a comprehensible sentence in 0.5 seconds as a subtitle


Holo is still best waifu, tho

I don't even know who that is!

why have a waifu when you can get a bossu

No my waifu is subjectively better.

I broke my collar bone and all they did was give this thing that stretched my shoulders back.

Not even a few hours.

hospitals are a fucking joke. like i spit in a cup and the nigger orderly was like you're not supposed to spit in that cup

i was thinking like i am bed ridden should i just spit in the air

hey dude what's good

i'm like hungover and trying to find cheap flights to denver

and my sister is being a straight up beotch

The guy who made the soundtracks to multiple games, most notable for C&C Red Alerts and Star Wars : EaW.

Well in america they want to milk you for your money since you pay an absurd amount per day you are there. Not sure about other countries.

Ha, I never had that problem. But that was also when I was back in highschool still so they didn't care.

nm really... moved, a few changes
some good, some bad

...want me to pimp slap that whore?

it was pretty cool though like i had my own room and two tv's

but like i had a crush on one the nurses and it was kinda embarrassing needing help to poop

tell me about the bad ones?

naw it's cool. just like she wants me to visit and i'm like i'll come down memorial day weekend cause i have that monday off

and like i send her a proposed itinerary

and she's like i typically work sunday through thursday

and i'm like why even work this trip around a holiday weekend

gf left me, took my daughter (child support, visitation, etc). work tanked, moved out of state to keep from being laid off after the split

im finding here recently that women in general are becoming more deserving of physical abuse...

wait though, like your ex-wife was your girlfriend?

i'm so confused

dont talk to me or my son again

You needed help? I probably should have but I just took out my IV every time and went. I refused to use a pisscan.

ok fine. jeez

ex wife has alex, ex gf has my other daughter... reproduced yet again about 14 months ago


You have a son?! Congratulations :3

yeah like i shredded my ankle

i wasn't supposed to get up without help but i did sometimes when i really had to pee

i really hate asking for help

one day subtle

one day




Is the thing from undertale the Test post a boy or a girl?

Aw, I don't think I was suppose to move much either but I'm not a smart person.

Plus I was so drugged up from the amount of pain killers they had me on it was fine.

hey ban glad you came back after manaka cucked you lmbo


Is the thing from undertale the Test posts a boy or a girl?

holy shit man. like no offense but like put a rubber on

sorry about your situation but i don't feel too sorry about it

p dumb shit right there

i know you like fucking niggers but you don't have to behave like one

...i think the overall goal is to have progeny in all states and provinces

Would you be disappointed if you got 3 girls in a row then?

theyre not all black... my ex was native

well fuck there goes your bullshit theory


eh it sounds like a pretty shitty situation

coming from a broken family, i'm not going to give my parents progeny simply out of spite

turns out I no longer have a thing for squalls

black, red same diff

it has its rewards tho... pride, love. the care of another human changes a person. priorities change and all that

native americans might as well be niggers

they drink more than do crack

but have similar rates of imprisonment and tomfoolery

not really, no... thinking il go for an arab next

yeah but like you can't even see yours

so like

dude stop jizzing in shit

I felt the same way when everyone made fun of you for how ugly you are.

I'm gonna go with "boy" then

the county i moved from had the 3rd highest murder rate in the nation... also high population of squall. not a coincidence

idk what to eat for breakfast

feels great tho man

grim has been p thirsty lately\


that boicunt is not for me... lol

haha i guess man

never came inside without a rubber

those feels


I have a huge box of cinnamon toast crunch in my room.


that fucking feel


I have like 4 different kinds
one sec ill get a pic

but like it's not that hard to bag that shit

and it still feels pretty nice

"it's better rawdogging" is just nigger mentality




kinda want to tag team grim with sama-san

I had a dream about lexi and darwin and lexi was nagging me about dinner and then they went to take a bath together and I had dindin

y u mad tho

yeah sorry man the truth hurts but i think you had to hear it


dibs on front... them dsls


well did you at least take the bath? That would of been pretty rude if you didn't

well, he's a vegan nigger

fine, but i imagine getting into that ass would be like cutting through a rainforest with a machete

well played faggot...

Oh yeah I also hove honey nut cheerios

my moneys on hairy bumhole... variable forest

nu I did not I was feeling annoyed for some reason and there was not more to that dream after that


anyways i think i'm going to watch a movie and nod out again

love you dude

no more kids

you guys are p fucked up


have a good one teeps...



The far right one

Maybe the bath was a metaphor for them always trying to get you play leeg.

Take pics next time

If you open up your mind
See what's inside
It's gonna take some time, to realize
But if you look inside, I'm sure you'll find


Sup thread?

the hivemind was stronk

got pic?
im about to eat some good ass cereal

hai batr

grim's hairy boipussy... hello

what.... did I miss....

it looks familiar

It was just an Holla Forums error

teeps and I threewaying grom... i called fronts

Hi samoa
I am going to go hit up my bestest niggga I just w-wanted to see who would respond .////.
have a good day old timer


you too man...


I know, I know... I threw up in my mouth a little too

So it wasn't a hivemind

sama being a faggot

it's amazing
tiny lil french toasts


ohhh bitch im fabulous

a fabulous fago

do you still have the beard?

nawe man, shaved it off...

stop lurk


I don't have any milk, kill me.

uhhhhhhhh i dunno


go buy some
I have a corner store half a block away, perks of living in a city

you could just use orange juice too


dont worry man, they tend to grow back at regular intervals...

Good now start lurking again.

y tho ?

I think someone might be bring food home though.

does it matter that I found it amusing and you did not?

I mean...

but you're white
don't you have slow growth

Lucky you
I have to be vegetarian in my house for a week cuz some indian holiday

I don't enjoy eating out alone

Good thing I dont need to eat anytime soon.

lmfao, wuu2? sans the faggotry

dodoodoodoodee do

not really... under a month and its back to glorious vikingbeard


just booted up a game of league with some bronzies, nice pitter patter of rain outside, all in all relaxation

I don't know

dude i like only eat meat



you are blessed

isn't that pretty bad for you


pimping aint easy

I'm a carnist

not sure why listening, its still good


a carney...

nokosageI suck dicks

What's good everyone?

rate my career idea

hai shiro

I think you should go for it.

is that token encouragement, or do you actually think it is a good, feesible idea?

It's a niche market so do it

How's it going Sama?

What the fuck?


that's what I was thinking, thanks

decent, you?

Anything is feesible if you apply yourself and have a good enough business model.
If you are serious about and commited you will make it work.
You have some savvy.

shut up and give me input


up up down down left right left right b a

Ina ll reality though Erin, just make sure your record is clean.

I dunno how good you are with people, but that kind of business is based on previous performance. So it would be tough to get started unless you knew some people.
But if you do well, make a website, spread the word, etc then I'm sure you could do it.

I'm not sure if you could make a living out of it though.

Good luck~

Good good. Bought some seaweed. Kinda sad I hate the taste of it


I have zero idea how weddings and civil partnerships work, and what I would actually have to put in. all I have figure out so far is I would need to make a website, and crowdsource about £800 for the training and certificate, and some nice clothes to wear while I marry people.

what else it takes I am yet to research.

I hope I pressed all the right buttons

its good dried with sea salt as a salad garnish

Well, you have some start. As was said before, its rather niche so there will definitley be some market for it.
Research is definitley your best plan right now.
So, are you going to be a wedding planner and ceremonial officiator dudette?

bitch, seaweed has enough sea salt in it
its from the fuckin sea

well, the first thing I need to do is become a celebrant, which is the investment, and I can't afford it on my own.

so, if I find the money, then it HAS to work, or I'm letting down the funders, or private investor if I get one.

so, previous premormance is not initially allowed to be a problem, or it's no go from the start.

You should be appreciative, not everyone gets to feature in a nerudream ;;

I would do it as a side job once I have a main gig, if I were you.

nope, not a planner. maybe I could help arrange LGBT friendly alternate wedding planners, but I'm not creative enough. I merely plan to become a humanist celebrant, so I am legal to preform a binding ceremony.

Just button mash and win
Best strat ever

I might have to try it that way. The kinda I got is wasabi flavored and was hoping it would help me deal with the taste, but no luck. Feels like I'm just eating ocean

I don't and can't have one of those. stop telling me to get a job, I can't. this is the best idea for a job I could actually do that I have had.

life challenges are subjective, stop assuming things are easy, or even possible for me, you cannot even imagine.

are you sure you know how crowdfunding works


erin stop fucking around and get a real job and stop using your "disability" as excuse for having shit life plans. also post feminine penis. pls and thx


bla bla bla

fuck off retarded scum


indiegogo and the other one are notorious for not delivering

you basically sign away that money on faith when you donate.

I mean on people
you have to flip the right switches

I have been in a few now.

Do you really think it is as easy as just coming into a wedding and marrying 2 people together and leaving
please think logically
if you can't get a "proper" job, how the hell will you do this?
There's a reason why there's such a big free to get licensed

so what you're saying is, if I don't deliver, no worries?

we'll see, I would imagine the funders be LGBT people looking to get married, so whether or not I could get away with not delivering, I would feel more personally duty-bound to them than I would say, the funders of a ridiculous tech startup.

So, what did I miss this week?

honestly though erin if you want ez money and there isn't much time pressure just draw porn

like you can get to a marketable level in a few months and after maybe a year it'll be ez cruising

[citation needed]

You can only know if you try, better to try than wonder "what if".
Plus, its a good idea I think. Especially for people who do not want some "outsider" to be prying their nose into their special day/occasion.

Why can't transgenders get pregnant

Oppressive cis nature scum

Depends what you're trying to do to them or want out of them
Button mashing is still a solid strat


f2m might be able to get pregnant ^^

everything erin posts about anymore is about scams or schemes to somehow get a handout from society like something is somehow owed to her because she chose to be a girl

He dreamed of me just calling him a retard while he rode a short bus.
I think that should be telling.

spitting the azure flames of purifying truth, teeps.

Oh god that's perfect

/i hope she isnt writing up a textwall


is this stevean

Nah it's super fun

I choose to be an US Airforce A-10 Thunderbolt yet the government doesn't give me my runway and complains whenever I blow up a civilian hospital.

like I said, the most research I have done so far is where to get an online course to do the training and get certified, and how much it costs.

I assume the course would teach more of what it requires, and I am also good at setting up web services, so I could form partnerships with planners to outsource a lot of the involved work, but I haven't looked that far into it, it is an idea so far, nothing further.

nope. don't like porn, don't enjoy drawing, am not creative.

I thought so. especially people who choose lives particularly against the grain, where any traditional service would look down the nose at them.

I don't give a shit, people are who they are, I'd preform any ceremony exactly as the couple wanted with a smile on my face.

it genuinely makes me happy when I see weirdos being weird with no inhibition, makes me glad to see people being happy with not a shot given for the views of popular society.

they can.

surrogate insemination, uterine transplant, and delivery via c-section is done for trans women so they can have their own baby.

how is marrying people in the way they ideally want a scam

it's the opposite, it's fucking altruistic, get a grip

Next poster below me, I'm commiting warcrimes against his butt.

Video sort of related

what if it's a grill?

maybe you should focus on funding your own marriage before you worry about others'

Grills have butts too.

Have you considered doing that for a living? I bet you'd be good at it.

Do more research, maybe ask some questions on Quora. You would have to pay for your own transport too

maybe you should focus on shutting the fuck up and reversing the damage caused by 30 years of alcoholism

lol she mad

Exactly, the smile and knowing you are helping people feel at ease is the best.
If I was marrying a boyfriend I would feel super uncomfortable about a non-LGBT person conducting the ceremony. Mainly because I would be thinking "they're judging me... they're just being polite for the money".

not good enough to be competitive in the industry.

I could easily set up the site and web services, but as a highered web designer, people these days want web application designers, ruby and node programmers.

I can do anything I need for myself, but I'm not up to scratch for making it a business.

what's Quora?

yeah, it would be a fulfilling life for me, knowing I take a negative out of a day that should be nothing but positives for people.

I'd get to sleep with a smile.

Q&A site, you can ask questions and get them answered, but this community has tons of experts and what not in it, lots of mature people


Responsive web design with assembly.

awesome, thanks

why wouldn't you get a part time job at a grocer and save up the money for that instead of just asking random people?

Yeah, you get a lot of insight from the world through it

very good brain food


Don't you uguu me.


Good luck, keep us updated please :)






will do, thanks ^^


Actually, what is everyone's thoughts on marriage?

I find it pointless. I'd dare say that I would be considered married to someone if I bought and lived in a house with someone. Don't need the ring, or wedding dress.

More for splurging the money on a holiday than buying a silly ring.


Marriage is amazing. Though it isn't/shouldn't be the be all and end all of a relationship hierarchy/chain.
The cynical part of me says its just a piece of paper, but the romantic says its [a comment laced with diabetic sweetness]

The whole diamond ring shit was an infamous business strategy

to me marriage is a holy tradition that basically means you choose to spend the rest of your life with this one person, it's a privileged title one should be proud of

tax benefits

Suteki desu ne

you people get that I'm not allowed to work right

like those certificates are SIGN OFFS

I can't work unless I can get a doctor to agree to it, cause the situation could put me in a psychiatric hospital in a matter of days

they TELL me what I'm allowed to do to keep me functioning at the highest level of independence, like a schizo being court-ordered to take medication

if I ignored it and got a job, the level of scrutiny id be under from the CMHT would be nuts

Can't I marry my goat

You are not a paki.


Furries should be denied marriage and the franchise.

just hire him to marry you and tokai


in english


Beautiful/wonderful :p

Only in certain countries.

IS it really worth the trouble and hub-bub just for tax benefits?

'Will you be my beloved husbando forever and ever so I can save a few shekels?'

I like that, I'm just ick over the process itself.
'Yo, we got this house, we tolerate our company enough to trust and share it'.

Is cheaper than a divorce too. Sell the house, split cash up, 50/50.

They already have their own disgusting traditions, I hear the similar process of marriage is called 'Taking the knot'.


Nagging you to eat more than a pastry for dindin.
You don't need those empty calories.


if I was allowed to work, the doctor would have to mark the second box, and add in whatever limitations and adaptations they thought were reasonable

they do not do that

That statement makes me want to die.


What would you suggest for daily meals?

So legally not allowed to work huh? Interesting...

when you got the snip, did they remove your testes too?

did you keep them?

I mean
I'd be happy with a simple short and sweet ceremony
but my parents are dead set on throwing me a huge indian wedding
with elephants and horses and 3-5nights long, food dance etc

im like


He's saying he wants to be your onii-chan.



I'm not sure it's legally binding, but if I tried I might end up sectioned on a court order, which would be.

it's the whole danger to myself and others think, they figure I can't cope with a work environment, and it makes me a danger to myself.


Hm hm hm.

Been killing your hopes and dreams whilst downing malibu since 2010.

I've got lots more of those statements if you fancy planning your own will and suicide next week.

sorry for bullying you. i'm sure you will make a wonderful lgbt wedding planner. that plan is solid

...make you what?

Good afternoon friends!


If you think I would commit suicide to a scanner comment, then trully you are drunk.

forget it

Wouldn't that be discriminatory, since you're specifically excluding a group of people?

Hello dearest Grim! How are you this fine saturday?

you guys are morons btw

shh keep hope alive. we owe her this much

Will there be illegal cock fights?
Shiieeet, if that's your wedding, I wanna be invited to the stag party.

Fuck wedding planners. Wedding cakes is were the money is at! That and stag does.

Buckle up son, because tonight I am sober.

Nah, I think is basically catering to a specific audience. Like a Jewish version of Tinder or pens for left handed black people.


Not sure about the laws of there, but in the US it's probably illegal to work for businesses without disclosing that info. I had to get a doctors note to start working before.

Still playing Leagu?

Ice cream
Ice cream
I'll melt you down like ice cream~


is that miitomo?

chillin like a villain
hbu nazi

maybe you should fake quit again because of your artificial period

HM you
I eat enough.

I got gold in early feb

joyous day


oh, it might be. I would at least have to let the council know to work legally, so they could stop my benefits, I don't think it's legally required I let the doctors know, but I'm under community care, if the community mental health team found out, the might section me so they could legally stop me.

it's hormone induced, is that still considered artificial?

LOL if it took place in India maybe
I dont even know how stag/bachelor parties work

indeed, it is mine

I love you too, dear!

sore from running x.x

but I had a good meal so I'm doing okay ^^

need to wash my car, it's so dirty~

feels good not to be a moron

scoot isn't a moron.

I should have clarified.

That so



tbh you're all fucking mormons

shit man
all I had was some cereal but I might get some pizza soon

laziness fucking kills


loco should draw his interpretation of lgbt entitlement

nobody is a moron except TP and methspider.

sorry, that got out of control

everyone's so mean today




Still maining Shen?
I was doing ARAMs, but then moved to FPSs like Heroes & Generals, APB, and CSGO
Have to quit tho

Do you have a dream job?

what about luka

If you're not Nezi, who even are you?


this is an accurate representation of how my posts affect people

I mained shen when we used to play?
lmao I dont even remember that
but yeah I started playing him again, he's pretty badass


No wonder black ghettoes are a thing.
Pens are expensive.

Btw, perfect weddings, people?

You get you, your best man, your brother in law (I think) and friends and get absolutely slaughtered, most notably in dress up and on a pub crawl/gamble all your money in Las Vegas.



As in, how would you plan your wedding; if you were to get married, and where would you have your honeymoon?

Unlimited budget. Go nuts

Everyone knows it's you when you're user.
Just down a 40 and put on a name.

Tell me your favorite flavor and I'll tell you your future.

I said so, old man.

Go to the moon..

Im light headed


It would be held inside Tokai's cavernous anus.
Like 200+ people could fit in that ballroom.

that's what you get for leaving your slut cave

You just have a certain aura, TP.

you should do some cooking!

hi i'm nezi

noooo idea. a photographer maybe.

I think there is more to be said there than just moron

Stop drinking.

probably japan or korea depending on what kind of asian I'd marry
or a volcano

my head is very heavy

can't cook meat
no reason to live

th-thanks~ xx

Mormons tightest boipussy and polygamy da best.

Yeah, I know.
Who is pfft?


A perfect wedding would be held inside an Aztec temple, we would recite vows in full golden regalia. After the conclusion we each would sacrifice a virgin to the snake god.
The honeymoon would be in Franklin Tennessee.

get married underwater

honeymoon on the actual moon

make a big honeycomb colony to commemorate it

when we get home i hand them a telescope as a gift

now they can look up at the moon and remember

are you broken?

no idea i'm not mod

i'm sorry though erin your posts have become painful to read. it reaches a point where talk is cheap and one needs to do things instead of just talking about doing things and seeking approval on the internet

nah theres some indian holiday going on

Enter the Gungeon is pretty good

Whats that?

You stooop

Drink then!!

I am actually a good photographer. there are some pictures I took on the wall here, pic related

What is the reason for your doubt?

It wasn't even the updated Shen. Mostly you shen top, colbs mf mid, Fuji sej jung, me blitz supp, and filled in ADC.
But I'll never play norms again. Don't enjoy it lol

I'd have to go with chocolate chip cookie dough, but I enjoy boba more than ice cream

People or places/things? I got a grill that does that. She enjoys it quit a bit, but sometimes customers can be silly. It's neat working with props and trying to get the best reaction out of people

Because of past eating habits.

I worry about you.

I worry about hue

whatever, I haven't found a speciality, I'd like to think both

tracer has weird looking legs to me

I'm also concerned for hue.

they're stylised to make her look nimble and jumpy. really long and thinning out as they get to the feet

if you don't like them just focus on the butt

Wedding in the new house (if it is fucking huge), party in there, then honeymoon in one of those submarines where you can observe fish and that. Bone in hotel.

That way, you got the holiday, the housewarming, wedding and everything sorted at once.

That or I'd go to China or Las Vegas.

So sweet, yeah, moon is popular.
And I think marriage in space is totally doable.

Oh, don't forget the sidebar next to the lower intestine.

Totally doable, if one was super rich.
I heard the super rich actually do moon walks nowadays.

Doesn't Japan have a volcano somewhere? Knock two of those with one stone.


saving sobriety for anime expo

I remember now
yeah sometimes people get toxic

I just laugh at the crybabies and play lol

her butt cleavage is weird

What program do you use to edit photos?

How've you been? ^^


Are you home?

Also how is tracers butt "over sexual" but widowmaker is some how okay?

aw shit you're right
but I don't think it's active


I think widowmaker was supposed to be a sexualized character in the first place lol

it's nothing really

someone said it wasn't in character and blizzard say yeah we were thinking that we'll replace it

then wah wah wah sjw anti sjw

the new pose is better

Daddy's home lexi ;)


She's french, too.
So you know she's got a massive bush.

I am

lol tsuchi how would you know

mostly I don't, photoshop when I do.

these selective colour shots are direct from the camera. I have a pretty nice camera. sort of entry level DSLR, but one of the much nicer entry level ones, a D3300

I've been good, very lazy, very useless, but all the same.

Throw tyres in it, see what happens.

I heard Tracer is a easy OP pick.
I'm more tempted to play Overwatch... but seems too expensive.



That backfired.
It was supposed to make you like her less not more.

Well her butt is so big it looks like her back is broken.

I still haven't seen the new pose.

Link? ? ?

lol tsuchi




I am a responsible adult!

whens that?!

Get a job as a fluffer/porn shooter, Erin!

july4 weekend

tank fizz/ekko is cancer

thought about it

not so much a porn shooter, but like, a private photographer you can higher to shoot you and your partner doing kinky fetish stuff

I'm just not sure the market is great

Have you tried any other programs? Friend gave me Sai to draw in, but I'm thinking photoshop might be better for coloring and filters

Lazy can be good at times
I've been trying to stay busy as possible

Can I fap on it?
Nah I kid that's too expensive to ruin

I mean the other one was also just kinda ugly so I guess it is better.

Ekko top has 57% winrate, it's completely broke

nerd this post is cancer

please stop

But that's so far away!

MOBA = cancer

Anybody wanna flirt~

anime politics is best politics

na, no other since jasc paint shop pro since I was little.

since then I used photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4, and CC

since CC launched you pay for a yearly licence rather than buying it outright, but I think my CC still works even though I never continued my license this year, which actually makes it cheaper than before.

are there rewards?


I'll make you cum a lot



I should stop being lazy and get a cracked version soon
Thank you for answering my questions

Vroom vroom!

such dirt
much rally

wait why did you know it was dirt rally

Don't you want it earlier?


that front I suck dickser and rear spoiler are so stupid

you game~?

Because Rally is a global sport you fucking dingus

I know that you are also right handed and prefer to sleep on your side

it helps keeping the car not airborne

I'm left handed and I sleep on my face.

First exam done.
I'm tired.

Doing a Gremlins Inc tournament, hope I win.

I would, but winning videogames is more important


You should stop doing exams and start doing me.

The mouth of madness floats above your face. Fix that.



well, it was worth a shot
youve posted dirt rally screenies before
and have talked about the game


Battleborn's open beta started today btw way.

hi, wanna watch deathnote with me?

Lots of writing?

I'm rather predictable.

Also I lied I sleep on my right hand.

A Lexi s

pls don't be srs

bu­mper = I suck dickser



iunno if I should..

You became a dad?!

did well?

for me it depends on how exhausted I am

totally gone = just on my back and sleeping like a stone

normal fatigue = on my stomach with my arm under pillow for extra comfort

not much fatigue = just on my side

im rewatching it
its nice

Ehh, that's show's not even that good...

Yeah, 1000 word paper and a bunch of passages to identify. I suck at names, so I didn't do well on that part ;_;

Probably well enough.

it's awful

I just hug my loli.




The actual story behind it is pretty fucking funny.

After L Dies I just stop waTCHING that cringe fest

enlighten me? or maybe a link

it's the cover for the first mega man

featuring meghman

From philosophical works I guess? How many passages can they possible ask you to name, there must be so many

Twilight was a mistake - Robert Pattinson


yea i know that much, but if there's more behind it than that, i can't help but be curious

mfw nobody likes death note


post said loli

We need results!
Where's the top tier exams?

who your waifu be m8?


I mean, it just gets stupid. I havent gotten much further after it... Like... why the fuck even bother. End the season there.
They should rebbot.

Asuka, I guess if I had to choose.

i don't know it

let's listen to tsuchi

I'm not going to watch through that just to see if it's the same story but more or less, it was a last minute deadline with next to no information given to the "artist" behind it so it just sort of ended up as that.
There's a lot left out from that tl;dr that just makes it hilarious but I cannot find the article years and years ago about it that I read. Some dude's personal blog.

My camera just broke!

the same reason people hate anything that used to be popular

because it was popular

I liked it until L died.

There were 10, out of about 2000 pages of readings. Each worth 5% of the exam grade -.-

Top tier exams?



I watched it all a year or so later
not worth it

It needed more Misa.

it was all shit

noo what waifu did you preggo?

yeah! those important once that you totally ace

ohayou prophet
how do you do



nigga you should probably spoil that
some people havent watched it

thats fucking dumb

I know you ave a z3 camera which is invincible


The loli just fled.

kicking this hangover before work
went to my old friends graduation party and did some dabs ith my best friend earlier
todya has been a good day
still havea large bottle or barefoot red moscato for later too so I am psyched
how is your day matey

It's the beginning of April. The fuck is he graduating from?

Bruce Willis is dead at the end of Sixth Sense

well let me know if you wanna have some fun ~

He what?!

Aw that sounds horrible
Was the 1000 words based on something you could easily write about at least?

Superman dies in BvS.

he graduated before christmas
just waited til school got out for the alternative high school we went to

this nigga

seems awfully convenient

you two seem to be made for each other



You graduated from Juvie?


I actually dont feel like drinking today

I must be getting sick

I'm a horribly apathetic student. I generally learn the entire course two days before the exams.
I usually get ~80 with that work.

Yeah, it was pretty easy. The topic was Lucretius on why death shouldn't be feared.


Rosebud is the sleigh

Was I invited? Why wasn't I invited?

pls no


just stop for 3 months
youll feel alive

no it's an alternative highschool that was Ran by the local college
i liked it better because it was a smaller enviroment and we could work at our own pace
I went through 24 credits in one semester and graduated almost an entire year early from there
that shit is way better than public schooling

did you fugg while she fat doe?

hell yeaah, drink it all.
immm drinking, hung out with daddy and figured out some heritage! my greatgranddad wrestled a bull down!

ehhh im so conflictd!

whuuut, I'm jealous..
but if it works it's all good!



Just perfect.

What was the acceptance criteria and was there tuition?

That's perfect for me and my death anxiety :c

why's that?

12 angry men vote innocent at the end.

Is that a girl or a hamster you're posting there?

i know right

You're fat


we had to have an average gpa of 3.5 and we'd have to complete at least 4 credits per term
we were allowed to miss so many hours of class too but we couldn't go over a certain hourly cap

we had like 30 students out there





It usually works out well I suppose.
I wish I had the consistency to do some work every day; I'd do so much better that way.

Death is annihilation, complete nonexistence. If you do not exist, then you can perceive no harm. Harm is the only evil in this universe. Therefore, death causes no harm, therefore is not evil, and finally shouldn't be feared.
"Death is nothing to use. Since when we are, death has not come. And when death has come, we are not."