Hey, handsome

Hey, handsome.

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Re-toast because it keeps happening

Sleep well Ban.

I am not sure, not currently at least.
Kind of on slow-start still.

Most likely won't, I've been going to sleep at 8-12 pm everyday nowadays.

slow is cozy

personally im not one for vocals.
unless they are a very specific voice... it has to resonate at just the right tone for me.

the sounds effects in this song are pr gud tho

you seem rather curious over the entire thing love, is there a reeeeason?


i'm bed


I appreciate if the song has good lyrics and the background track is good.
Although some people's vocals I can't stand, like neutral milk hotel.
This is probably still my favourite deep-house/dnb song.

Sleep well Nezi.

Morning SD :c

hehe you're doing a lot better than me..

ehhh curiosity


add me if I don't

Morning, how are you?

Had to fix the sleep schedules, kind of succeeded.

Sleep well Cato.

not as fun a reason as i was hoping but i use the same one so fair enough, sugar!

I wish I could've stayed in bed with my cat but I had to go run 5km, so I'm recovering ;;

I'd feel bad about making a goodnight post when i haven't really been posting much, but this thread really needs posts anyway.

Good night.

That's quite inconvenient, but if you've got to work-out, well, you've got to work-out.
As genuinely stupid it sounds, remember to stay hydrated.
Military medical advices 101

that one didn't suit my mood i guess.

nini tezt

G'night Test.

Probably, I just listen to chill-out music way too much.


war god


sweet dreams

Good night testies.

'Night ^^

You're right, my eyes sting from sweat or like.. lack of water, I'm not sure which

no war

i need a different kindof chill




Or maybe both?

Ehh, well have some morning-coffee-chill music.


Maybe :c
Come watch the best player in NA with me





Is proto here?



Stop criticizing my names for people. I am selfconscious about calling trebler trebler now.

They are extremely egregious, and there is nothing cute, amusing, or otherwise worthwhile about them. Every single occasion in which I have had to endure their use, I am physically repulsed. I wish it ended indefinitely and promptly.

I think it's funny.

that was good chill

you are free

i think trebler is cute, though

You have looked. But you have not seen.

You have looked. ButCyou have not seen.Ayyouhavelookedbutyouhavenotseen.NYou
have looked. YouHavelooked.you havelooked, butyouhavenotseenhavenotseen. The one's who would not look,Ycould not see. And i look downOon them now. DeprivedUof life. Bereft of sensation.SDead. yuohavelokedbutyouhvenotseeN.Eyou h av elEok ed. But youhaven ot seeenhavenotlookedhavenots 33 n. ? y o u H h v e e l o k e d b u t y o h a v e n t s e e n .

You have looked. But you have not seen. FUCKING BLIND FUCKING FUCK

It is all wrong.

Ehh, I'm really bad at watching streams and soon going to play some HotS with a friend.
Actually scrap that, going to play it now.
Although I used to watch WoT streams, but that was when I was really into the game.


Cigarette smoking Satori is kawaii

or is that Kokeshi

Hey, thanks, man.



Heroes of the Storm? Or Heart of the Swarm.. no, actually I don't think anyone plays SC2 anymore..

You can't stop me from having a good time.

WHOA look at THIS secondary! Who the H E C K is kokeshi even?




Where is proto?

I should not post that while Kyle is in the premises.

First one, although I exclusively play SC2 heroes.
If we don't count Stitches, but that's because pudge and I need to get more heroes if I want to play ranked.

All you federal whores have been warned.

When the hell did this happen?

If I may recommend you should try Stan SB, practically Fox Stevenson's old alias.


proto and guthrie were terrorists

subtle.... :\
what's so special about some guy sitting way to close face pressed against his screen while he just dies a bunch and spams buttons all over the place while shooting at nothing but clouds of smoke...


who are those people?

Why SC2 only?

Aha well, you probably have to play CS:GO to understand what's going on ^^

gimme cs:go

i wanna kno why some random guy get 10k
for just shooting all over the place at nothing and he dies.



prpto you are the only only only

It's expensive >

I have so much to live for. I can't possibly die now.

Like what?

He called me a secondary D:


im jelly

ive never any cs game ever!

I said Kokeshi instead of Koishi

The present and the future. People I care about and fun times ahead. The world is a beautiful place when you surround yourself with people you love.

How did that happen?


Because I like the way the heroes look.

Have you been drinking?

Not since new years eve.

State your name.

I dont even know

Cut me some slack, its late
My onee-chan had me up for hours marathoning shit with her

hmmm... those sounds effect sound/feel
...'dated' ???


I didn't sleep yet either. it's almost noon here you know. Did you figure out which one is which yet?

Well your sleeping schedule is as bad as my drinking so I'm not surprised you're fucking your circadian rhythm again

Also no I dont know which on is the green one and which one is the magenta one tbh
I don't really pay attention to the more shittier 2hus


What a shame. And yes, somehow I always end up with my sleep schedule like this. It's really odd. Satori is the one I usually post.

Then why are you stealing my waifu?

Good morning hammers

Sorry. It's not theft, it's just borrowing.

Maybe you just need to fap a couple of times then try to sleep
It works for me

Also give me your koishi folder btw


I can't give you the folder, you'd see the lewd ones that I don't post.

Borrowed without my consent.

Well he hasn't made any new stuff in a while, or at least I haven't heard any.

Pfffttt so?
Your lewd pics are probably mediocre at best
Calm down there bruh

I'm sorry. I'll ask next time.

Lewd pics of koishi, not me. I don't know if I have to clarify. You are even less likely to get the latter.


Mordin learn from SD

His tastes in 2hus are impeccable

I was talking about the 2hu lewd pics you dumbass lmao
lol you're not even cute irl


What was that you said the other day? Show me your body or something?

I worded it incorrectly

I know, that's why it's funny when I take it out of context.

Quit it
People are gonna think we're like flirting or something

Only the ones that don't know me well enough. They should know that I am a pure maiden that shuts down any and all advances.

yo shit it's my birthday
that's pretty cool
for me anyway y'know

happy birthday

Tanjoubi omedetou!

I never 2hud


Happy birthday!

thanks thanks!

no, I just post characters from the same series
I don't use chiri and matoi though, those are chiri's

happy birthday paint!






May your celebrate your origins boisterously.

happy b-day :)

th8x th8x spoilers
th8x th8x luka

yep, that'd be the one

did you answer my question last time? I didn't see

I intend to
who're you? I like the K

Getting those achievements :3

How, specifically?
Some people call me Kitty.

so say
every year you get a birthday, to commemorate the day of your birth
so how bout every day you get a birth minute, to commemorate the minute of your birth

Seems a bit excessive.

*gives nice birthday hug*

think I'm gonna go for breakfast in a few hours at the cool weird restaurant I like, hopefully drag some friends along. Then I'll see from there.
oh right, I know of you. we've talked before, right?

I think that'd be the point. Imagine all the cake.

well thank you

That folder has some scary stuff in it.

What's so cool and weird about it? I'd be afraid for the state of my tastebuds if the menu is too outlandish.
I believe so, sure. Doesn't really matter too much, though.
If I ate sweets at the rate they'd come out during celebrations I'd have wished for my death day sooner.

are you legal now



I can imagine. I just watched the final two OVAs last night, the opening to the last one is insane.

The food's not too weird for the most part, it's mostly the atmosphere. It's a comfy place. They have pretty good coffee.

Exactly one year legal now

shov shov shov
how's that

Ah. Drink a cup for my sake.

I have an assortment of things in this folder. Some of them are funky lewd things.

Will do!

ooh right, I like that one. I've seen you post it a few times before.

bby what

why haven't i seen your dick

are you happy today?

tfw you'll never squeeze Tracer's puffy vulva through her panties

I'm not sure. unfortunately now isn't the best time for me to help fix that
let's talk later

I have been so far
we'll see how things unfold later

oh yeah yeah yeah
tracer is real good

do fun things!

tfw you will never get cum on her visor

you cant lewd towards her, the forums will get mad :^)

that'd be the plan

Fucking swamp.


tfw you will never hotdog her through her leggings

but tracer is my waifu


hey now I've engaged in no lewding of her. I just said she's real cool
cus she is

gib what

tfw you will never be loco's tracer

you can cosplay

just tuck it in so as to not break the illusion


well now I like this idea


i have to go, sweetie. enjoy your birthday.

tfw you'll never squeeze Tracer's puffy vulva through her panties

it must be done for the greater good

jesus man how lewd can you be?

will do, thanks

Fuck you Holla Forums

There's a few good webms of her on Sankaku

Didn't you see Blizzard's response to it? They made it even more sexualized.

Where are you squeezing?


fun anime toys... or uh stuff!


Your butt.

Pretty much this.

can i make a petition to bring zyzz back from the dead?

revive Азиз Сергеевич Шавершян

not yet but now i am super interested to see how bad this went lol or good to people like me :^)

lmao blizzard

I hate this town, it's so washed up, and all my friends just don't give a fuck


damn, I gotta start a tracer folder

I don't think I have much to offer, sorry

blizzard has redeemed themselves as fellow butt lovers


ONE DAY, but that was an adtr song.

oh yeah went over my head lol

nice dubs

Based Blizzard, first pretending to be sjw cucks but then proving that they are still the most based game producers out there

thanks, glad to see youre enjoying the extra folders!

they were the hero we deserved the entire time, we were wrong to at all doubt them lol

Revive thread

I'd pet Tracer.

folder so lewd

i'd midlane tracer

going to bed

nini everyone

sweet dreams

lewd af

My butt is sore.

stop putting things in it then

Butt I haven't.




are you a jewish neo nazi scoots?

No. I am not a Nazi.


oh but you are a jewish neo?

how are you doing lewdcakes?

No. I am full Socialist. And do have Jewish heritage.

What is that game even?

when i said neo i meant keanu reeves darling

team fortress by blizzard with 110% more sex appeal

I wanna eat chips but I don't want dirty fingers.


I'm gud, how are you ?

Looks pretty neat tho


tired but good still!


Those skin tight suits hnnng

This sentence.

Anything I could do to help ?

I am trying to comprehend that.

too bad

oh but i thought it was lewd! lol

clearly i need you to come read me a story so i can sleep :^)

I mean ingame silly boi

Use chopsticks.


I actually am.



I am trying to comprehend how that works.

Probably like this.

im lost yo

Okay, those are some MLG-tier chopstick skills.

I heard superior posters were needed, from what I can minimally remember of last night.

It's not hard tho.


wow, another faggot.

I don't really know, I've only ever had to use them for a month and that was because of that China thing.

I only used them for 23 years.

I thought you were younger.

Me too!

i dont know im just going to go to bed, laters e

Good night Spoily.

I thought you were younger than I am.

Sleep well Spoilers.

How old are you?




I'm older so I can pet you all I want now :3


How old did you think I was?

Also why?

Because no.

I wanna be 18 again.


Hello Anime tiddies

I'd rather be in highschool again, no real life to worry about.

What's good?




Might as well ragequit this shitty game.

Not impulsive enough to rage at games.

I always ragequit in DiRT Rally especially in Finland.

if i had a nine inch feminine penis like ikt i would never rage at games

Isn't that terrain just wonderful?


It isn't called Flying Finland for nothing.




oh wow thanks

Just for you.

one or two letter names



That was a meme here for a good while.

it seemed kinda forced

rock butt

Finland is a wonderful country.

i wonder if ikt is still salty for getting removed as a mod for no reason

and like new eva was made a mod for like no reason

Well I didn't really know what else to say.

So I've been told, I don't really see anything outstanding though.

IFt's mostly people with one or two letter names right now!

Rock solid!

Mod drama?
Who's new Eva?

Didn't really notice that at all.

maybe i should pretend to be a dutch girl

then you would know what to say

rock in the butt

who's new eva?

That's why.

I wasn't in first place.


it was recently revealed that the owlfuckers made him mod

i guess pretending to be new pays off

Stop it with this tsun-tsun act.


you were a mod though

stop lying 9 inch

You, E, and TP!

Not IN the butt!

Who is this person
and who is admin now?

i think i decided that i was kuudere

Yeah, I wasn't salty or anything tho.

Is nice peaceful country.

Also rally.


who is spoilers?

how new are you?

the admin is chii

the mods are mugins and spoilers

I still call E Ikt, so there's that.

I didn't know what that meant, man, TP, you're more of a weeb than I am!

Well then, I guess I just get bored with all the peacefulness.

I heard there was fun in the America.

ohhh, I thought you were saying that what you were about to say are spoilers

I thought Squish was admin

I barely know Ikt, though

I had fun once.
It was awful.

Probably should get to know them better then.

Lurk more.

Maybe you could teach them.

lol i forgot i fell asleep with my laptop next to me and i whipped it on the ground when i woke up. glad it's alright

i probably spelled it wrong

no spoilers in eva's new persona

kyle used to be mod but he rage gave the board to his owlfucker friends

there was a whole thing

like erin took back the board or something

you had to be there

did you finish capping it?

I googled it and it was correct, I just have no idea of Nipponese whatsoever.


Halfway. Have today off so should finish it by tonight.

Save I don't get called out.

lol really?

yeah someone told me that i was that type of dere once

There are a bunch of people that I need to do that with!

I'm not a crazy lurker like you and the other one!

I missed some fun


Sorry about that, just had to.

Most likely, you do those acts every now and then though.

Well it's always a good time to start.

Don't need to lurk like crazy.

Just need to lurk more.

Was funny.

you were probably too busy cybering mlpchan traps

now i'm kinda curious what kuudere means

Well then, no hard feelings eh?

Someone who acts cold and is usually cynical.

Don't see why I would have any.

I'll start eventually!

but lurking is booooring

there actually arent really any traps in mlpchan anymore
much more in /lewd/

yeah so i guess it's accurate

All settled then.

"Yesterday you said tomorrow!"

Most likely.

good morning

/r/ newthread




how is this not surprising. people probably reply to you there

that's some quality posting right there

like why even live


you should change your flag to canada and pretend to not be a dude


Just joking.

So what brings you here this time?

oh man i just remembered that my /lewd/ boyfriend CP cammed up last night

good times

I'm much too lazy for that.

A lull in work.

I said tomorrow the day before that too!


Yeah, it's nice


Always good to take some breaks.


Oh hi Cato!


i forget which one of the name changers you are

tracer bullet?