Oh my gosh

Oh my gosh

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get a doctorate in history or political science

I kiiiinda slept but was woken..
now am just waken with aussie reggae

I'm half passed out, is the tinychat still going? I can hear Boo talking about some speech in some anime and how it has to resonate with you, but on the actual webpage nobody is there.

No response crew where we at


war god

I have a Bachelor's in political science, what does that get me?

you should have spoilered it, then he would've listened

I did some of the same with Animazement a few years ago. Now I just abuse the power of knowing most of the people that run that convention.

So if you take the hinges off the door to success, it'll be open for everyone?
Sure, I can go with that.

Water you doing?

I'm not even sure it's Boo. I've closed tinychat and they're still talking.

It's the voices of people you have wronged
they haunt you

a quicker way to a doctorate

havinng coffee, and eh really just kinda getting my head right. prolly should shower soon.
et toi?






I just have to take the hinges off and put them in the fuccboi hands

I usually shower first thing, it wakes me up.

I'm laying in bed thinking about going back to sleep

It was this podcast thing.

It's been going for a hour and I nver noticed.

never mind

the podcast tab dipshit

Nothing from you? Lame.


You're drunk.
Go to bed.

yooo yo yo

roger roger

cool, cool. cool.

but im gonna be a motehrfucking
wildlife biologist
isnt that good enoug
for u

who put that on?

i only spoiler the fun things :^)

how can I be a good fuccboi if I have hinges in my hands, though?

yes yes

paid since it was FTVGirls

You gotta put the hinges in the fuccboi hands

I vomited and I feel a little better now.

Anyone I love left?

Proto1 war god.


yo yo
love - forever changes

god damn wouldn't a fluffy tail be nice to play with

but it's so cold in the morning

how late is it then? if night sleep is nice

you should sleep, it's way too late young man

iunno what a bachelor's worth..

does that give power?

meeee, it's good vibes and the singer's handsome

Why the fuck are you still up? Yeah, it's like 2 AM here, but it's like 7 or 8 there.

What's a doctorate worth? Half that

as long as it is good tunes i guess its fine enough

You just said that!

Very much so
Need human tail intigration already

Exactly, warm shower!
I went to sleep at 9 and woke up at 2am
in a weird limbo zone where I am deciding when to sleep

Drink more then.

Absolutely not.

It's a morning! Gotta be uppo and enjoy.
You though, gotta sleep or I'll call your sis to make you sleep.

ehh that's full on marriage

I'ts also trippy ^ ^

ohh.. I thought morning shower was supposed to be cold.
Walk around limbo! it's an adventure


but everything you post is fun~

But I might die!


You don't know my sister's phone number.

I'm sure somebody does here, but not you.

That's all I gotta say

Well I guess we're married then

I lives in knew of the states that allows it

was that guy hot boxing in a space suit? livin the fuckin dream!

yeah but if i black bar all the text i might as well be the government and ill become not fun


this is 20000000000x better


no love

Give me your sister's number.

How'd that happen? *one of the states



How've you been, colbs?

Then post extra fun stuff!

b-but Grim-senpai





i wish i could hang out with you guys irl and go to cons and stuff


I don't know how to give you knowledge any more little brother.

But I still love you.


I'm just gonna text her your ex-"girl"friend's dick.
Nothing weird.

Cons are gay


for some reason people do not want to meet you irl

direct injection

pretty sure you're smarter than me, in terms of geology anyway

I would find you and actually stab you

Limbo is adventure box, you can do whatever

Don't pull an attitude like that mister!

huhh half a marriage is not marriage!

I wanna dream awayy as well


Can I send Boo's wilted stalk and say it's yours?

If you get the number, have a blast.

I want to meet Nezi irl

Got a job, can't complain

I actually lost it when I switched phones

Yeah sure.

I wanted to explain to you the essence of secularist research.



I never understand how someone actually gets to that point

Everything's smarter at something, it's nothing really special.
How've you been?

Can I find at TokiToki in the adventure box?

You just gotta combine it with another half, I'll find one

i'm bi :(

to be a slut you have to have multiple sex partners

or even having sex

or even talking to people....


same .-.

Just imagine how the look in her eye towards you would change.

I once used to be this edgy

but I believe that there is no way to prove a higher power

yeah I guess
been well wbu

do you have any ideas to why that is?

They couldn't handle being bad.

Uuuuuuhhhhhh same?



She knows I'm fucking strange and gay and lonely. She's understanding or whatever.

She'd be like "one of you internet weirdos sent me a dick" and I'd be like "ignore anything they say".

The end.

I would have met you when I was in Florida, nezi
I just literally could not because I legally couldn't rent a car and I was only on land for two days lol

sounds lewd lets do it

well give it some time ill think of some extra fun things to post at tokai :^)


Man, this takes the piss out of it.
It wasn't even meant to be serious now I just feel like I need another drink.

I just had the first Friday in my apartment in a month, it's great

But to smash a keyboard?
That's just throwing away money!

But why just TokiToiki?!



you live alone?
I'm moving out next year
feels nervous man

lol funny blastoise gif



You want to meet yourself irl?

Not if you have loads of money.

Hes I suck dicksing

how did I get from wanting to die of no sleep to wanting to run across the fields

yyeaah, I like the boxes!

ohh oke then

ohh what do you wanna dream?

i was very tempted to say cause tokai is asking for it but that joke is even below me lol just cause i guess?


it's called rest

of tokai and space where no one can hear you moan

luka confirmed for eating dicks


Yeah, been going to conferences and presenting my research. Was supposed to be at one today, but said "fuck it"

Ooh, where to?

Throwing money down the drain is throwing money down the drain no matter how much of it you have. Also, rich people dont live with their mothers

What kind of box is it?

I like the joke!


It does a lot of damage but hurts the user.

and also has a 15% chance of paralysis

Quit being so depressing.

a more peaceful place is all im gonna say

you doing masters now?

cato is into rape good to know :^)

Lmao fucking nerd

I buy league skins for people at random when i'm high

Mega is fucking amazing

you are paralyzed?


come voice chat with me then

How am I supposed to hele it when I'm so depressed I want to die?


No you are because i bum p ed you

mega co nz

I didn't plan on drinking this much tonight.

That's awesome

I'm finishing up my Junior year of undergrad, and planning on going straight for a Ph.D. I'm only doing the level of research I am now because I don't do anything other than that, school, and vidya when I have time.

hmmmmmm.. **maaaaaaaybe*

But that isn't throwing money away. Those skins aren't going to disappear until the account does!

4.9 mb/s

But I wanna jump and dance and run!

oh I was just dreaming that!

ehh carton with holes and it's magical

not me!

Watcha having?

Cheap beer.

It kinda is

Yes you

Well, it's something. Nice to have you at least sort of on my level.


do it

you get sick of the city living in it for 20+ years
I didn't know that was possible
following your dreams huh?
Are you gonna change your thread name to Dr. Cato when you get it?

I had too much Dos Esquis in my fridge and decided to make a dent in it after kicking a drunk out after dinner.


Sad funny casino.

Who was that Johnny I saw strung up on the hill?

I'm glad you like that trip

that flubbed spoiler, love

yeah but i imagine yours was less lewd than what i was imagining

Ah yes, the Mexican girl.

I've never had Dos Equis, is it really all that bad?

You have been b u m p ed

He won't be coming back proto


By no way preferable or enjoyable.

it was real jhonny

i didn't allow it!

I am dancing!


wuuh how does yours go then?

now teach me

How will I fit?!

Not in the sense that you are destroying something that cost a decent amount of money.

I don't think I'll ever enjoy living in the city, but I guess I'll get to see over the summer.

If I am still here in 7 years, I will!

I-I tried!

I did it anyways.


Care to join me now old friend.

I'll try it, cause honestly, I trust your opinions and tastes, but only so much.

i'm destroying my wallet

it didnt happen!

in what?

Is that the real proto?

That means drink less, right?

im so fancy
u already know

How are you Grim?

Morning, how's Tokes?

Luka bumop me

I don't really drink anyways

too scary... :\

I actually have toned back how much I even drink lately.
I only casually drink like a night or two a week these days.

It will be fine

Doing well.
Was watching best anime with friend
extremely enjoyable

Then your wallet is safe!




Move your feet, shake your hips and move your arms along!

It's a really big box!

I didn't sleep all night and suddenly I'm wide awake!
more coffee and breakfast time!
et toi?

Not like I've ever been an every night drunk kind of guy, but it's the weekend, so why not?

I'm sobering up at this point. I should probably just sleep soon.

it wont


that would be like.... ruining the surprise yo

I will kill anyone in the vicinity

Is proto still here?

What could go wrong?


I used to be.

I usually just chug another beer or two right before I fall asleep just so I sleep like a baby.

So what do we do in there?

don't be meeean!


lotsa things

New one

Name one *

Well, you're changing for the better.

old one

lewd :(

Hey love you.
Want you to see this song


Glad to hear that.
I know that feel, watched some random dragon ball in military with one person for the heck of it.

Ahh, that doesn't sound really healthy.
Just coffee since I'm pretty much dead.

come onnn
im curious

theen do it alone?

have in box adventures!

shake what ya momma gave ya!

what about lewd? or even funny cause if i lose that then one of my traits left is being dumb

Just (No lewd) instead of no homo at the end.

bad stuff
make it go away


the first one


I'm gonna be a wreck in a couple of hours
ahh oke, any plans for today?

wuuuh I just said adventures


get out of my pants luka
those are not a hiding place

It only makes me stronger.

That's why it's not healthy.
Not really, probably a nap at some point if I don't get rid of this tiredness.

imagine like the best insert lewd thing here but in space and us :^) well more like things in you but the point still has been made

left with only 2 traits, i guess i can make that work maybe



lewd is the most important one

thats not my hiding place!

no strength

thats why you dont do shots while filming

i wouldnt argue cause the stupid trait comes in little use


sabah al khair, surya!

I'll be healthy soon enough.
wew comfy days huh

that didn't show much at all..

but my adventures are great!

*bumops faster* *cums*

L-l-luka! >~


I hope so.
I don't really know, won't be comfy if I'm tired all the time.


i didnt want to show too much, then the entire surprise becomes less.... surprising




I've had people buy me shots at a bar. It never turned out well.

we'll going to need a maid to help us clean up


i dont get that one...


at least SD is da best! :D

Fun is mixed in the traits too

They are!


No you can't make it not happen like that.

How's Manaka?

I'm very flattered, but I don't really think that I am the best.

sleep lil nigga


i did



My tummy kinda hurts though..
true, go outside to breath the energy!

mwhm I wanna knoww

just a box is kinda small though..


i aint black

and i forgot to microwave the chikn lasanga spinachi

it's lunch time!

date rape?

what sort of mess did you make?

not the stupid trait, not one bit


thats lewd

No it isn't.

I wish. I just end up not taking into account how much alcohol I had and ended up getting my keys taken or pissing to bed or both. I woke up with my pants off one time because I pissed myself.

it was

invincible proto 1




Where else should we go?

I'm not convinced that one is there

No i don't do lewd things with anyone.

Except for that one person I do lewd things with

you act like one

well that sounds bad

youll realize the truth of it soon enough, darlin

you did.

wow grim is in that super lewd thread!

Maybe you should eat something.
Ehh, the weather's terrible and don't really have anything to do there.

Have a good one then.

I didn't do anything.

Grim is into ice dog butts.

sorry i came as quick as i can

grim's trying to pick up more traps?


I doubt it.
I'm heading out soon, do I have you on steam?

Leave me alone





i think you are really good though!

I ended up getting it figured out after the first couple times though.


My brain is starting to fail because i'm so tired


comfy place to sleep and wake up

I am! cornflakes and ehh want some fruit but can't find any
damn.. hmm stay inside and watch series?



overdose next time


I have enough pills for that! ! !

did luka tell you or

sleep peacfully!

If I take enough painkillers to kill me is it gonna hurt?

tfw didnt overdose in the tinychat

w-well maybe next friday...

Tell me what?

see you later

youll just throw up and have liver damage
dont actually overdose

As long as you think so, have some more music.

Get some sleep Ban.

Most likely, although I don't know what to watch.
Probably just going to wait for my friends to wake up so we can play vidya.

about my presence in the thread you posted

find out faggot


No I just found you



why were you there

mhm you will

tossing lasanga in microwave

hmm... i wonder wat kinda music thisl be

i think so?

ill tell you later then :^)

Opioid painkillers will probably shut your breathing off. Even a little bit of it affects your breathing.


holy moly I feel like passing out.. help

oh that's a nice day too, just don't make it too long


Sleep well Ban.

I am not sure, not currently at least.
Kind of on slow-start still.