Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Yeah, Cecil's a badass.

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Anal cuck

Good, can't lose to him~



wouldn't you have to specialize in a field for that?

I killed BC.

hey guy who posts weird webms

found you something

i'm ready whenever you are grim

Get in discord


I just remembered snape died ;;

How do you kill which is already dead


wounds that never heal

I guess it just takes a pro, huh?

he died a pretty severus death

umaru pls

*hugs alice playfully and brushes her hair*

go cyber in steam luka


You're not very literary are you~?
I mentioned the field after masters.

Alice, please unban me. I didn't actually rape anyone.




Who you be.

What if i say pls again?

I'm very tired
I thought the BA was a separate entity from the Masters.
Are you close to finishing udnergrad?

an umaru liker person

Isn't everybody?


But then who are you, more specifically?


you got banned from alice?

I'm finishing up my second year, but this is my second BA. They are, sort of. A masters program is just an advanced degree in whatever field; it builds on the stuff covered in the undergrad material.

bebo go slep

Have been for over a week

whod u rape

how do you get banned from a person?

we were both drunk so it can't really be called rape.

Her chat.

Spoils, please think before you post.

Bro this chat is great
I would cry a little if I got banned too


by law, that's rape

Unban me.

you're in the discord
have some more attention


Now you're just teasing me

By law if neither party can consent it is not rape.
My mom works for lawers

I understand how it works, I am going for a Ph.D. myself. I mean in the sentence, for some reason "honours BA" and "masters in philosophy" were separate.
How many years does it take to get a basic BA up there?

restraining order





oh wow

you doing ok?

they could try but the burden of proof is too high for them to win.

I wish I could bully Ikt irl


not really

what? how was i supposed to know that was a thing?



lurk more

what's wrong?


i ate sushi today

im scared of mean people. they want me to be unhappy...


assholes are assholes
they can't actually do anything to you


Two years for a general degree if you take full course load the whole way through, plus summers.
three years without summers, and four on average.

Is that the same as the US where you have to take an extraordinary course load to finish before 4 years, or do you have to take less liberal arts classes like they do over in Europe?

they hurt, with their words.

i took a pic of it like soto does.

i need sleeps

sleep tight neko


take a deep breath, you'll be ok

look at the book.

That's loss.

nini ui




20 credits for my honours program, 15 for a general program. 6 credits/a is max course load.

aaaaand kicked from the chat again

i dont know what to do anymore

also why are their morals so high even if I did rape someone? Why should they care

we're all shittalking you


Thats cool.


if there was intent while both parties were inebriated then it's not rape

you can't lose control of your normal function, do something while you're drunk, and then later when you regret it say "oh no I didn't actually do that!"

stop being so fucking haughty about it and maybe you can explain your case


Make me unban!

Where is this Alice chat?

1 credit per class?
actually sounds similar to here, which makes sense. but very, very few people finish in less than 4 in the US

Just deep breaths

We did have sex, and neither of us remember doing it


Did I not already?

I said it wasn't actually rape

0.5 per two term class.

I thought ui was Sci up until now and the whole "had sex" thing was confusing

gotta wait for alice when shes on

whats next?

menma wanna see my sushi dinner i had today?

This is confusing
why does every country have to do everything so differently?


im curious why is the moral relativity stuff a thing here now? this is the same place that has a person that calls toddlers they are related to their bitch

Alice has been online more recently, but doesnt respond to steam, and hard to catch her in chat without getting booted first

not time yet

ill just get kermit to relay for me

then there's no problem, but sometimes people regret things like that and claim rape anyway and then you're stuck trying to prove something that you don't even remember doing because they lied about it being nonconsensual


She moved halfway across the state

this isnt a huge issue for the majority of civilization

dont be paranoid

Back from the pub and still sober.

I might have a problem.



Because academia goes out of it's way to be annoying.

sounds like you just needed more money

Stray not towards Bacchus' callings.

Especially in the US
they milk you for money in undergrad then barely pay you a living wage while you work for a graduate degree.
It's nonsensical, but I dont really have a choice other than dealing with it.

and Alice is a name I recognize

You are another name I dont ercognize

Nah I just needed to drink more. Stopped after a few drinks just cause.

Hey Mei, are you feeling any better than before? Also alcohol is a nice thing.

Likewise, stranger. Call me Lotte.

It's a pretty big screwfest here too. Most still get into a lot of debt.

what about me?

I also go by Bard3

just for u menma!

Looks good.

Who's Bard2

it was!

how is mei doing today?

I go by Cato

I was at the big planetary science conference in Houston 2 weeks ago and spent a decent amount of time with a gut form oxford. It is amazing how cheap university is across the pond.

I recognize both ui and Bard, but I thought they were different people


I go by Cato

I was at the big planetary science conference in Houston 2 weeks ago and spent a decent amount of time with a gut form oxford. It is amazing how cheap university is across the pond.

I recognize both ui and Bard, but I thought they were different people,

Why can't I delete a post?

I go by Cato

I was at the big planetary science conference in Houston 2 weeks ago and spent a decent amount of time with a gut form oxford. It is amazing how cheap university is across the pond.

I recognize both ui and Bard, but I thought they were different people,

i lied about the sleep

guess im a masochist

kill yourself

oh it's cato...

Yea this is Ui
but I am also refered to as Bard3.

Bard1 is sister

ooh right, I kinda remember him


I knew you did.

kewl pic

moar pls

ouch, that's a rough reception

this is a great book

My gut hurts and I'm still trying to study for an exam.
It's been a long, crappy day.
You, Luka?

Yeah, oh well, it is what it is.

Hello Cato
This is Echo2

Yea. I never disliked you , if that counts for anything.

you posted cute dog girl right?


Hey Mei, are you feeling any better than before? Also alcohol is a nice thing.

I do feel a bit better. I think this might not be too serious. I hope.

i wish i'll have someone to inherit manaka name
but on second though, i'm not sure if i want that

So who is L?

I'm heading to bed soon, do I have you on steam?

Can I be Charlie 4?

Well that's good.
I did, and still do. I'm only posting like this because I came in to mess with Grim and never switched back.

wolf girl

its the convoluted made up language books right?
with all sorts weird pics inside right?

did you eat anything today? good or bad food?
maybe liquids will flush you?
*hugs gently*
hospital huh? did they tell you anything suspicious?

i had a calm day today. and i ate sushi today. and got sad for not winning in a game. but then i came here and saw you! :D
and wanted to hear about menmas troubles..

Just tell him his curry sucks

You don't.

That's good, and hopefully it won't turn out to be. What's up for you tonight?

Sorry for not being politically correct awoo

Yes, I ate. Not the best food perhaps, but it went well.
Well, they basically said it's either nothing or needs surgery. Depends on how the next day goes.

I want sushi. Maybe I'll go after my exam on Saturday.

I don't want anyone to stain mine.
Only person that I'd count to be close to me in personality sense is Fortune.

Although in military they'd just say Charlie Delta.


the script is really pretty and the pics are so cool


or ask why he's not admin

May I add you?
What's your steam?

but delta is a triangle!

And Sin Cos Tan is a band.

ehh.. not staining, but someone that is a better version of me, just like how a sequel supposed to be

foxtrot uniform charlie kilo delta

hello sd

you downloaded all the book page scans?

take it slow and sloth-like, it will make it so you can still move and heal at the same time.

what kind of fish preference do you have?

Impossible, there's no better version than the original.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

What's good Grim?

why is it not just songs about math puns?

Not yet. I don't know you well enough.

That's the plan.
Crab is my favourite, and tuna, red snapper's pretty good too.

next iteration of the original

I don't know, but I don't really mind.

I might be too biased towards nostalgia, so the original is always better for me.

Roger that.

I'm gonna hit the head after i finish eating this soup sandwich.

Nothing much, half assed studying and snacking.

Sleep well then.

yep, found a pdf online
I looked it up and a physical copy would cost at least $60

shrimp prawn crab lobster and uh...
fish are okay sometimes... but i have those fishes too often.
and uh... those eel and octo are fine a lil chewy tho.
ones with fish eggs topping is great dipped in tempuras

hopefully menma is more throughly inspected tommorow?

oh, that's fine
hope to see you around next time I come through.

yeah, that song was pretty good
I'm heading out. see you, SD

it's always go like this, original, then better version of the original, then new version to include new things, which turns out to be bad, then newer version that works

i like you posting them

Oh yeah I love shrimp too.
I can't stand anything super chewy of really soft for some reason. Or fish eggs for that matter.

If it doesn't get worse I'm not going back. I have things to do.

What is your exam on? Cream cheese and honey on a slice of toast is my go to snack atm.

Sleep well Cato.

If it works, why improve it?

b-but fish eggs add texture! and go great with the soy dip...

what things are planned?

"introduce new features"

A whole load of boogaloo I say.

I don't like the texture.
Lots of reading.

Philosophy of Religion.

i'm going to do other stuff now.
see you around, SD

passed out

wait, nobody told me i had broken tripcode


This just happened.

take it paced! you can do it~
snack breaks 30 minute breaks from reading alll that... and uh walking around a lil bit?
time for you to ponder what you read and stuff... inbetween?

Alright, have fun.

Isn't it a bit weird time to be drinking?

Are you only taking that class? Is it worth the credits?

I'm taking 5 courses. I think it's worth the credit.

Something like that.

Menma post butt

What a trooper. Are your classes online or do you make trips to the campus?

On campus.

Oh, but don't you ever get scared walking around on campus at night?

Not at all. I like night classes. Sadly I am forced to take some classes during daylight hours, which is always unpleasant.
I feel safer being out at night than being out in the day. Less people, and I can be more aware of my surroundings.

plans are cancelled, thanks rain


anybody wants to play silly moba game?

It's always nice to see people's dispositions. Do you carry any sort of weapon on your person?


tell me about the subject

maybe i'll learn something you're learning~


alright, let's do some aram


I never leave home without a knife, preferably two.

I am taking a break from reading, it's not a break if I talk about it.

yay! ♥

you carry a scary knife around?! woah.

how do you enjoy your break~?

Menma, you are truly evil.

Just wasting time and watching youtube since I'm on my laptop. This thing can't really do much.

I originally bought it when I was doing mainly stage work. The shape of the blade and serrations is great for cutting rope and net.
It would also do some nasty damage to a body as a nice bonus. Though it's technically illegal to carry a knife for self defense in this country... so I just call it a tool.


honestly not useful for self defense lol
a long thin blade is better for actually injuring people
that's basically a box opener

im watching fun youtube too!

hopefully your videos make you happy~ *hug*


Stage work? Were you an actress? That tool of yours is dangerous. lmao

You think so? It's basically a karambit at close range. Against an unarmed opponent I can just pick away at their arms and sides.
Not a knife to use against another person with a knife though. There's a time to fight and a time to run lol.

No. I'm not cut out for the stage. I worked with my wife as a stagehand and audio tech.

Distractions are nice.

You can speak poetically and it comes easy to you. Is it just stage fright?

Not stage fright, just not something that appeals to me. I don't mind playing music infront of a crowd, but acting just isn't my thing.

yeah i mean karambits are also gimmick knives
if you're really trying to disable another human being you need to be able to reach their internal organs and that requires a thin profile and length
not to shit on utility knives or anything, I carry a serrated blade myself for every day use
but if i carried one for self defense, it would be my stiletto for sure.

Sweden > Finland > Norway

Cool, I could never get over the stage fright when I had a concert with my quartet. That sort of bravery eludes me.


this knife doe

You're very right in that regard, I just mean it's not useless. You cut someone a few times and they'll likely leave you alone, especially since I'm a skinny girl who they probably didn't think would fight back.
If I'm going out at night for a long while, I carry a long dual edged blade. Meant to slip between ribs if necessary. It's clearly a weapon and I couldn't get away with carrying it openly here, so I don't often.

I was nervous at first, but I got used to it. I still felt anxious right before getting on stage though, that never changed.

It's the butterflies in the stomach feeling that always gets me. What kind of music do you listen to most often?

it triggers my autism that it's 13 dollars and it's being advertised as a real US Military bayonet when we still use the M9/M11 Bayonet and that's a shitty piece of chinese potmetal

It sucks that you have to consider what's legal over your own personal safety. I would definitely get arrested if I used anything I own in self defense anyway, since I live in the shittiest state in the US.

okay i stand corrected on the quality but still, not military issue.

Makes you feel all moist doesn't it?

This thing got me through military.

Yeah, well, nanny state and all of that.
If I ever use one of my knives I go to jail here; even if it's in self defense.

For me it always went away when I started actually playing. Playing in orchestras is pretty easy too, because nobody's focused on me in particular.

ebay listings are the [REAL] [GONE SEXUAL] clickbait of the consumer world, swear to god

Looks a lot like a Mora? I have a few
Would make sense since Morakniv is based in Sweden

Complete shit. I would still rather go to jail than get raped or something, though

A butter knife?

I was the shortest boy in the group and I always stood out.

Nice trips.

lmao who the fuck would rape you?

yay i won as teemo!

*pokes you playfully*

*pokes luka with knife*

not talking about myself dipshit


Nah, although it shares the same puukko design.
Jahtijakt, practically meant for hunting.
Got a few moras also, but those are for electrical stuff.

A handmade butter knife that costs 60-70€ and is meant for hunting.

My thoughts exactly. So I carry a weapon anyway.
Hope never to use it though.

I'm 172cm, so I tend to be fairly average I guess.
That sucks, though I've always thought it would be nice to be shorter.

Sure you weren't. You just happen to want to be a little girl in the US Army.

*cuts out your tongue and puts it in your butt*

Just give me a mjolnir and I'll fuck shit up.
that's expensive lmao

I'm 173cm lmao.


Oh, and non lethal weapons are banned too. No pepper spray, baton, tazer, anything.

ah yeah I just recognized the design
"puukko" as you called it. I like my Moras a lot, they're cheap enough to use for work and just throw em away once they're beat to shit and are actually really high quality

I'm also gonna carry one of my firearms when I turn 21, assuming I'm not barred from my CCL because I used to take antidepressants. I have the same mindset of being prepared but hoping to never have to use it, and it's just as legally risky here
you basically need to be the son of a cop or a politician to not get charged in self defense cases

Mjolnir ain't that bad, but if there's Gungnir in play.
I would argue that it's pretty cheap still.

But I just want to cut you, Luka.

Yep, all of that is also banned here in New York. Some draconian shit.

Bruh. 80 USD for a small ass knife. Nah. Guinsoo's rage blade > everything else.

I think I'd rather get tazed than get hit by a baton, that is if we're talking about a telescopic one.
Same with OC spray.

Nordic invention whatsoever.
I still haven't broken any of mine, but they're pretty damn great for the price.

Did you live among giants?

Makes no bloody sense to me. Anyone who wants to use a weapon for illegal purposes will get them anyway. Banning us from having any way of equalizing the odds is just lunacy.


It's handmade, explains the price.
Also sturdy as fuck, haven't managed to break it in 5 years, yet that is.


These are the ones I've been buying for a few years now, can't beat 20 bucks for quality.

Not exactly. I'm 173 cm now, not back then. I was just under 150 cm in middle school and in high school I sprouted up to 165 cm. By my third year in high school I was 173 cm.

top kek little nigga

B-baka! At least I'm not fat.



you can lose weight, you can't gain height
unless you wear heels or somethin
like the little faggot you are

I've got a few of these for electricity installations and other things to do in the field.

a little hyped

Boy ain't that depressing. Who cares though.

Get that weeb shit outta here. When does it come out?

well im gonna go pass out now i think
later homo

17th of september, although we gaijin plebeians would have to wait for BDs so it'll take literally forever. next year probably.

It's the worst, I am STILL waiting for the 4th persona 3 movie and that aired in theaters towards the end of last year.


Sleep well Guero.

Could easily just read all of koe no katachi before there'll be subs.

I want Nisekoi's plot to move faster.

sorry lenks got caught up in stuff, meant to point out the number on the butt picture to you :^)

Reason I never cared about nisekoi in the first place.

How high was it fam?

Chitoge best girl.

roughly this high


no cut

lol theres two new parts i have to upload now

Going to need that folder soon. :D
I'm going to bed now. nini

sweet dreams

night cute gay fellow

i laid down for a few minutes and immediately had a gushing fucking nosebleed

need vitamin c. or less coke.


guro has a nasal cranial leak...

Geurro will die if he lets that continue.
he needs a doctor asap

yeah listen to luka. he definitely knows anything about anything






yes, I know

got banned from SQL cause resource hog

the way I have things set up translates that to 403 apparently

you can stop telling me

Next poster is a faggot.

Please be me


can i be a faggot too

does subtle like other people more than me... ?

unfortunately im still alive lol


telk 2 me i am so alone



Yes, if you have a good portfolio

Who do you think I like more?


i'm jelly of them! they get more subtle than anyone else...



im braindead dude i havent slept more than five hours in three days
how ru

hi user

im good, just slept for 14 hours or so

i also just had a huge brainfuck for like 5 seconds i was convinced it was thursday evening

still guero
phone drops my name all the time

wait are you luke

Come EUW subtle. I have played too much on NA and now I can't hit skills.

You don't want me, I'm sure there are better nicer people..


Luka has been so thirsty lately

i dont know if this is a yes

dont bleed.

subtle is cool though!
i like subtle, they post pretty pictures!
subtle is a nice person to luka

Ahh, I can't right now, unless you want me using a trackpad ^^
And with our mmr, I'm not sure that's such a good idea

*bleeds all over u*

i bought some aloe vera juice
ill be fine :)


is this actually a thing

it sounds disgusting

Just needs some D and everything will go back to normal.

oh hi luke!!!!



its wonderfully tasty

Kind of want to smear smegma and mucus on Ioco's face


I'm glad you think that ^^
Which puush do you like more?

aloe vera is basically a weed. a spiky weed.

how can you drink that.

so apparently someone ordered 13 kilograms of skittles

im gonna pass out again sorry bai

its like an orange
orange is basicaly a weed on a trees branch.

orange is tasty, so is aloe juice.


It's not like an orange. aloe vera is bad for you if you eat it. it's poison.

Why wouldn't they?

1. a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.

it's good for you

shamen heal wound with aloe vera

aloe vera lotion make skin good

aloe vera juice make you healthy

I once bought that juice, I didn't like it.

Oral ingestion of aloe vera may cause abdominal cramps and diarrhea which in turn can decrease the absorption of drugs. IARC studies have found ingested non-decolorized liquid aloe vera to be carcinogenic in animals, and state that it is a possible carcinogen in humans as well.

literally a poisonous weed that gives you cancer

I think I would have picked the first one, but that's because I know the girl is deaf :c

aloe vera juice heals.

the second one is more fufilling

Aloe vera juice is marketed to support the health of the digestive system, but there is neither scientific evidence nor regulatory approval to support this claim. The extracts and quantities typically used for such purposes appear to be dose-dependent for toxic effects.

that means if you drink a lot of it you die

no i dont

im alive

i win

no idea what this video is from but have a nice song

pls come back

"You got to lose to know how to win"

loco just let it happen

its for the best>

SD is kewl














T-that's rape in all 50 states, sir.