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You are a monster.
You're like Luka and ruining everything with ketchup.

But it's Grim

I don't recognize your name

damn, I can barely even remember which years were which anymore

This is my home
I've just been on vacation


She looks pretty!

why is mine lewd?

Just how bad have the Daily Show's ratings tanked since Trevor Noah took over?

Mister fancy man, too good for ketchup.

You are going to hell.

See you then.

Your what is lewd?

Nobody knows
because nobody watches the show anymore

Can i be mod too pls?


I found Jesus and am going to spend eternity inside the pearly gates.

grim may have his bad quirks but he is no trump, that is a level of stupidity unobtainable by any normal person it takes the perfect scenarios for such a person to exist long ago atop dumbass mountain the four sages of stupid and told of the prophecy of end times brought on us by the one and only god of all things dumb and then hundreds of years later the planets of dumbass aligned and trump was born :^)

It worked for him on /aneki/.
Why wouldn't he try it here?

If you found Jesus he'd start running.

I'm just teasing him

Why would he?


no u

and i am just making fun of trump cause hes an easy target and no one sane cares

I always hated BadFox's logic for that, too. It essentially boiled down to "He's a NEET, so he'll always be here to enforce the rules, and he also doesn't really have anything else in his life, so he's easy enough to keep from abusing his powers".

Nor I yours.

They bring pain anyway, as well as numbness.
I'm fine.

Yes, she does.

first order of business

gas all jewish posters

Greetings yalll
what is up

So just you and Scoots?

I don't know what you're talking aboooout!

Even though he is looking at the republican nomination at this point

I'm Cato, what's up?

you wouldn't gas me, boo!

i used to be into those japan volks and stuff when i was younger~

...then i just kinda forgot about them.

they were beautiful tho~
i've always wanted one?

( ●_●)
You just got...

( ●_●)>⌐■-■

...Memed on

oh... you're not lexi


but menma, the inflammation is what's causing you issues

i sort of want a jewish neo nazi to exist for the sake of comedy

cause a good portion of american voters clearly arent sane, look at his rallies where they are like edging on homicidal toward anyone colored or anyone voting against trump lol

I actually voted for him to do it because I thought it'd be hilarious and it turned out pretty funny at least, especially with him still lurking there and deleting anything anyone posts because he doesn't like it.



I know, right?

maybe they should just be.. SPOILERED

in a heartbeat

hey bae :^) how you doin?

its pretty easy to dehumanize anyone who has different opinions than you huh

guero you're just a suicidal dumpling


Your heart isn't beating?
you should get that checked out.

You might enjoy "The Believer". True story, Jewish KKK member.


Primary voter turnout is like 10% of the country to begin with.

Sounds of me years past.
Finally I got one.

Treat not the symptoms, but the cause.
Infection begins the chain.

Not new.


omg that is amazingly funny, what is that from?

lol fair enough

yes we should run into their rallies and yell out that darth vader is lukes father

seems pretty easy for the trump supporters at least

but they are still american and still voters

lmao is it a documentary or just a based on sort of thing?


how many grand did you drop on one...?

The latter.

I know, I'm hilarious

You sure?
Maybe I've just been away for too long

Now what am I going to do?

But if you point out statistics like that, it's less fun to shit on people

But everyone knows that one!

ironically you're doing the exact same thing to them lol

also gib mod

if you go to a doll shop, there are actually some reasonably priced ones to get started with.

Why do you know about doll prices?

talk to thread people

but are they volks...
that's the question.

I didn't get a Volks, couldn't afford. I did end up spending ~$600 on her anyway though.
One day I'll save up for a Volks doll.

I am the same, only somewhat recently returned.

less fun cause of the possibly glorified parts then but still i am gonna check it out cause the simple idea of this existing is hilarious

that was the joke yes

i dont think you understand what dehumanizing is cause i doubt stating facts about their actions which are in fact lacking in sanity is dehumanizing.... even if it were they are the ones doing these things so they dehumanized themselves in that way, i am only bringing it up

That's nightmare material.

time's up, it's mine


Show me her beutiful outfit and face and all~ ♥

i wanna see 360 of all you got for her, and how do you care for her?

I had a friend in highschool that was really into them and i helped her out a decent bit.

The store that was near where I lived imported all their jointed dolls from Japan. I think the cheaper ones were just entry-level dolls from a decent company.

did you go by a different name?
well nice to meet you, either way.

Jokes are good

show me!



Luka you can't do that here

that sure is a lot of lack of understanding you got there
generalizing anyone who doesn't share your opinion as insane is pretty much stupidity


its habit now...

i want pretty voice always..

You sound like a serial killer talking about the corpse he's shagging.

I'm sure you were the kid with Barbies instead of GI Joes.

Of course
the one and only
real as real gets
G-E-N-U-I-N-E female




Use a voice changer like me.


What's /tts


Why not?

Of course, what kind of girl do you think I am?

d-don't be too mean

That's just not right.

text to speach

dont want to

not all the time in fact somee really funny ones arent really that good

should i quote trump about how he will pay the legal fees of his supporters if they physically attack people against him?

Quit being such a fag, Cato.


whatever makes you feel better dipshit

Why not just speak :3

I said don't be mean!
I try and look my best!

if nobody gets hurt, no harm no foul

It's me, what else would I do?


lol straight to insults you fit the outlines for his supporters

yeah that is true

I am also a real girl irl real life.

Because then he couldn't just fall back on the "you haven't seen/heard me so I'm a girl" defense.

I've only a few pictures of her so far.

Just general care, keep oils off my hands, avoid clothing and wig stains. Basics.

The longest running one name that still follows, is Menma.

You just suck more dicks than one.

one can still do it after being seen or heard

You should change your name to funny boy. gif related.

I'm a girl.

The "I-I was just pretending to be retarded" defense?

Post your Xperia 2.


the girl trapped in man's body defense!

Some people are just different!

and if someone gets hurt, it isnt really a joke

Hi Menma!

But I am me!

are you really down with something
or do you just have fibroids

The producers mel brooks



i dont like any of the current candidates i'm just self aware enough to realize trump supporters are just humans with opinion and not "insane"
you have to be a real fuckin retard to believe that


*z3 compact thank you also that's a feminine penis

You're a boy, prolly.

this is not fun

I'll always be a real girl on the internet!


Inconclusive tests. They say it could be nothing and will pass in a day (gas block or something), or it's appendicitis, or an ovarian cyst.

ok fine. penis girl

You're a real internet girl?

Menma, where does your name come from?

I just watched a show with a lead character named that so I was curious if that was the show

Hello. What are you known as?

id argue there are occurrences where someone hurts them self as a joke and it turns out funny, jackass got away with it for a loooong time

not a bad one at all

they are not insane for having an opinion they are insane for wanting to murder people that oppose their opinion, just like you are so against people not thinking how you do that you have to insult them for it :^)


link me some good doujins


the mental gymnastics are tiring
you're a retard and filtered

this is how it started


My first avatar was Menma from AnoHana. I've tried to change it many times, but it's just stuck.

Lose no rest over my guts, please.

you too
lets read them together

I am selfish, I only worry about your guts
nobody elses

not u tho
I know u like loli

i.. i dont want any more trouble





You guys are playing along too well

Cato. I've been in and out of here for a while.
I'm the rock guy

I personally never found that funny
pain isn't really a good thing


Endeavor not to drip sweet honey in my ear.
I must hear clearly.

I see. Nice to meet you.



i am a man of sand

Feminine penis.

uh here exhentai.org/g/436297/26a002788e/

lol you sure showed me with all those facts and hard hitting reasons

you would be in the minority then

500 lb of white pain

So what do you like, along with jointed dolls?

But really, why would you want to see someone hurting themselves?


cause dumb people doing dumb things makes people laugh?

i only know of it cause i got a picture for my butts folder from it, i dont usually read many of these


that was the show :u

I just watched it for the first time, so amazing♥

this doesn't check out i think someone stole grims trip

im uber vanilla

some people are stuck in vanilla

You're the apple of his brown eye.


Let's hope they come to senses soon.

Anal is lame and penises cannot be feminine

I just end up feeling sorry for them
I am way too empathetic

eat shit

at least cato knows




I enjoy the singing of instruments, and the scratch of a pen; a dialogue on philosophy and the smell of books.
The hum of electricity in computers, how their function is built and maintained, and the many world they can carry me to.
The small sliver of time between winter and spring, or autumn and the ice.
What of you?

Yes, it was quite good.
I haven't watched it in many years.

[ T R I G G E R E D ]

No, I don't share that fetish of yours.

you're into anal tho.
so enjoy getting shit on your feminine penis.

the boring world of vanilla is a tightly gripping thing not too tight thought that might get a little kinky

yeah way too much

feminine looking guys with bobs and vagoos

Might as well only procreate then.

what is preparing?

no pregnancy can become a kink too, gotta wear 3 condoms and do only missionary in the dark :^)

holy shit spoils

thick tohos

I mostly do science, and am not nearly as eloquent as you after I put a bunch of my brainpower into my research.
I'm looking at the connection between asteroids and meteorites and using their spectral connection to infer the compositions of specific classes of asteroids based on specific meteorite samples.
after that and school, I really only have time to watch some anime and play some games before I am spent. the social and political interactions within EVE are fascinating.

Are you a gun?

I wouldn't want to change, though



Too vanilla


You forgot the linen wall.

what did you shoot?

and you doubted my taste in things, just cause they stick it in the wrong hole doesnt ruin it :^)

you shouldnt ever have to its just how you are like its just how they are

you cant be 2vanilla for the catholics all they ask in their religion is you dont complain about the young boy diddling lol


Yeah but that's a fetish again.

you should rewatch it :3

I also saw Shigatsu wa kimi no Uso (your lie in april) for the first time, it was very sad

the art and music were stunning and beautiful though


im closing the tab when I see anal

linen wall?

you shouldnt comment on it if you havent tried both

enema feels weird



Manaka, I accidentally closed the other thread. You win.

I like myself
I just wish I wasnt bogged down so much nowadays


As someone who has been totally stopped up once, and has had to go through a few of these, they are embarrassing and horrible

told you i'd win!

It was an accident, I'm just too lazy to open it again!

no cause the vatican says its not real so its clearly not even vanilla or kinky its just a figment of imagination, behind closed doors in every church lol

barely halfway through

always important to like yourself

don't do it!

never use suppository

I felt like I was going to die

legitimately I was shaking and I think I almost cried

Dulcolax is the devil

lol wat

my mic is disabled.

she's pretty!

*combs her hair* ♥

its closed now

bisacodyl is hell


Oh, so they actually don't as long as you don't ask.

ive done it before. how else are you suppose to take cock up your ass


Aww, fix.

Not enough people do

Watch where you shoot that!

Some people have nasty fetishes

On you.


Oh hi Cato. Whats with the change of name?

so he can fuck with me

Was just to tease grim


How is this teasing?

I recall that series. As a musician it ended up hitting home pretty hard.

What moves your life seems fascinating, rocky one.
My nights these past moons have been mostly with my head buried beneath the teachings of those who love knowledge.

A joke about doing it through a hole in a sheet.


*pettu* is ok

is squash around for monhun


post butt

I'm running out of drama/romance anime though ;~;

trying to find new ones

I'm a sap for romance animu

you okay ?

youre edging on as prudish as thesieus lol

they dont even if they do its just all about god and how he works in mysterious ways

id agree with that


that is not an answer
i wanna play with squash



extreme stimulant
it burns
its not fun


I love to have my way with my woman
but im not sticking it in her pooper
nor is she getting near mine
idc how clean your "prep" is

he said yes

Grim for admin!

It has been way too long since I have read an actual book.
I spend so much time reading scientific papers that I adjusted to reading that kind of writing and literature just got harder.
A book on the history of the great empires in EVE was just released, so that will hopefully get me back on track.

I am glad you stopped spoilering your images



dude just straight up posted his butthole kek

okay as soon as this aram ends i'll hop on

menma whats her name~ :)


Wrong way!


you can just play with squash


he's all you asked for right

I'm just your messenger right

don't be absurd
i need the sand guardian to carry me

I thought he was.

i didn't know you were subby/femboy



lexi pls

ive been posting it for like months

Oh no, there was a lot of drama surrounding that on a number of occasions. He's never actually been admin. or mod, I think

pls what?

I love how candy is on sale after christmas and easter

You should read more.
You're quite enamored with that game, it seems.


Tonari no Kaibutsu kun is good.

i just want squash to be there too you dork
that's why i asked you and not him

gotta get rid of excess stock before it goes rancid

wait but you are into traps so doesnt that mean you need to do that? how else will you manage? only oral?

less effort for me, id still do it if i wasnt against putting effort into it



Traps are life

seen it~

Kimi ni Todoke and Sukitte ii na yo are good too ^^


enough lies. Plus, some fetishes are gr8 m8. Especially fetishes relating to the vagasaurus, yo.

I have blueballs from that doujin and squashie is installing w10

can you wait 15m

I should, what are you reading at the moment?

And I am, EVE is a michrocosm that contains many of the interactions and evolutions of empires that you see in real life, and it is all driven by what players do. I think it is exciting when a good part of the lore of a game consists of what actual players have done in the past 10 years

yay for being lazy!


Yes, those are nice

yeah dude no worries
like i said im in an aram with luka atm

...Nothing, i gotta go for a while. Bye bye.

awww, see you

tfw no blue haired qts in onesies

i wish

Sukitte annoyed me, Kimi ni Todoke was good though.

Right now? Thomas Aquinas and David Hume. I have an exam tomorrow.


You should get some sleep, then!


probs luke


By tomorrow I mean 30 hours from now.
I've been napping on and off.

how old are you, cecil?

oh, that makes sense.
What are you studying?


I thought I was cecil

I'd cum inside Menma






I think you may have lost the last post
But I havent checked in a minute

If you are that user from before, I dont think I am who you think I am

Not telling.

I'm working towards either a honours BA, or maybe a masters in philosophy.




Honours BA?

would you like to be cecil? last time i tried that it didnt work, both here and private messaging

naw, i made sure :3

ah.. you dont want to tell your age? that's fine

Who are you?

Bitch, dab


Honours bachelor of arts. It's basically just another year above a bachelors.


where is blood-chan

I want blood-chan


*hugs alice*





i see you in here anna
what are you doing

Losing the last post

getting the last post :3

SOMEONE never told me how they've been

take it as a good thing, there is no bad story to tell!

take it as a good thing, there is no bad story to tell!

eat shit you brown child rapist