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"Multitask" huh? .

grim i kinda wish you didnt bring that up because they'd still reply if it didn't get "weird" again

but I don't wanna sell my figurines!
guess I'll just starve to death ;~;

*rps pohwaran*

I'm waiting vince

feel like i'm gonna have a panic attack

anybody have anything funny

need distraction


Nothing is happening right now.


Still waiting.

And WHY are you going to have a panic attack?


I'll pour some out for you when you die homie



Panic attacks don't generally have a cause, they just happen.



the girl in webm is not me

anxiety from my job changing, responsibilities I've been pushing back because they cause me anxiety, anxiety from school, etc. basically, anxiety

I linked my friend the thread and now hes ignoring me.

[4:10:31 PM] Evil Retard Vince: is this nigga gonna rp poharan
[4:10:45 PM] .: why?
[4:10:55 PM] Evil Retard Vince: i don't know it just seems like it
[4:10:57 PM] .: That guys pretty hot
[4:10:58 PM] .: and smart
[4:11:07 PM] .: and good at video games
[4:14:06 PM] .: please respond
[4:14:17 PM] Evil Retard Vince: is that guy you
[4:14:24 PM] .: maybe
[4:14:35 PM] Evil Retard Vince: then why'd you say smart
[4:14:37 PM] Evil Retard Vince: and good at video games

But NEZI is the type of person to SAY he's going to have a panic attack because he wants someone to ask "what's wrong, baby?"



yeaa normal human being cannot grasp the joy of talking in thread

if there's any in the first place

try effexor/venlafaxine

sounds like youre in a grumpy mood too

this is funny but i dont like the meme

I use Ativan to curb anxiety attacks as they begin. Useful drug.

Oh, okay. That makes sense.


Hes gonna post at some point.

Hes a really good friend of mine

unless he has a slight interest of 2D anime, i kind of doubt it..

Don't worry hes a degenerate.

there isnt any, really

not sure if that's a plus or minus ..

menma those dolls are scary

also I'm pretty sure hes gay

Grumpy isn't the word I'd use for it. But not a good mood.

Everyone else is telling you to self-medicate too, the only difference is alcohol is faster and easier.

There comes a point where you can't really address your problems in order to fix them more than you already have, so all that's left is coping. It's ultimately up to you how you do that.

okay maybe some people will find that interesting..

Waifu Wars is actually pretty fun

You think so?
I like them.

I shared a cup of sake under a tree with this guy so hes my brother but not my blood brother.

what kind of tree?

They're really pretty but in the dark

The pink ones that I can't remember the name of.

cherry blossoms?


yo soto
fortune and tp are getting drunk on tc tomorrow to celebrate the weekend
u gonna join

see above famalama

Get a job

we should all buy some dolls for grim, especially those he likes cause then hes more bound to not throw them out :^)

Hmm, I've never found any of my dolls creepy, even at night. I'm just used to them I guess.


in my tradition, you two are married

not gonna be drunk but ill come

buy me tohou figures

you love that whole
gothic style
its neat

I bet you have had a rose in your home at some point

But sometimes I hate him.

like what time for example?

but they wont creep you out so wheres the fun in it?

Like that one time I was beating him in halo and he kicked because he said I was "lagging"

That's true.

I usually keep roses on the kitchen table~
I really like roses.

this whaa
this doesnt make sense, he lost at halo, claimed you were lagging, and kicked you out?

Heres a picture of us doing it BIG

I was like 13 and he was 11 so it was pretty silly.

We weren't friends anymore for like a day.

man archives must really have it bad for manaka to take him back after what he did



can we ban drama?

oh wait that's all this place is

He's trying to make Manaka jealous of the brojobs he gets.


I also I hate how he won't finish divinity original sin with me even though we are 47 hours into our co-op

Pls no

guess I'll just drink milk then

yo Chii do you think BnS is the type of game for me?


You seem to be handling the impending panic attack well enough.

you sure you didnt do something that annoys him? someone did that to me, i've had enough of side quest and wanted to continue the main quest, but he still wanted to wander around in town and do bwakaquests

You're like Luka now. Step it up.

I always bugged him until he played with me.

maybe it was annoying or something

The fucking tables have turned lol

Let's just hope I dont get fat and lonely ):

I'm feeling a little better now

I was thinking too much

trying to think less now

well my chibi rei creeped me out a little but im used to her now

I knew it

fap then sleep

or he found another game

my boobs hurt


Lol the one I sent you?

so just choose a chibi one and send a note with it saying im watching you? tbh that does seem a little creepy but not as much as how i bet you feel toward dolls

I want my downtime though

So i'm never gonna beat the game then.

Post em

same tbh




Ask somebody for a chest massage. Someone's bound to be a taker.

oh. i hope you feel better then.
i'll go ahead and do it then. gnight nezi

and honestly just try it and see for yourself

Just chop them off.

Gonna hard pass on that one.




You're supposed to say something like "I'm sure hes gonna play with you some day" or something.

I'm sure he's already "played with you".


Dude he doesn't even know about this side of me yet.

Was he the guy that didn't reciprocate your homo love?

Souhait poster, venez sur le thread et poster quelques photos pour que je puisse les mettre ici.


Je veux leur dire comment vous êtes.



Later, Lexi.

Don't let the nipplebugs bite

I mean bednipples

Bedbugs, thats it

You literally just got here.

Good night.

7 HOURS. I lost to an expert semi finals and lost to a professor fighting for 3rd place. Not bad for a Rookie playing for 3 months.


No Fishing for nini

nini Elma

they give special cards for that?

let's hope

but there's other alternative

I unblocked you on steam btw

I don't get it.

Colbs, pls. Bedbugs are no joke :/


There doesn't appear to be a reason to stay much longer.



These are good

Yup and the offical pokemon league gives you a profile. So far i lost 5 matches and won 7. I'm catching up decks and experimenting next pokemon league.

hello cecil

And whats that?

hrt must make you nini uncontrollably

Lmao Ban is so desperate for Manaka


hello kain.

Neither are nipples

But nothing is off limits for jokes




Well fuck you guys then.

When are you gonna stop trying to upset me?

Its not working


that's abel


I like that too.

B-But I wanna cuck you too

just come back in a month or something.

Who is my rosa


that is pretty cool tbh i didnt even think the tcg version of pokemon was still going strong, i know theres a useful little program that people play it online with but physically is news to me



setting up my new phone. kyle cant get his fucking mic to work

nini elms



Go for it

last two championships were held in Washington D.C and Boston. During the DC one, the Toyko Orchestra was playing a concert of all the VG hits before the TCG and VG tournaments started. It has gotten stronger and popular.

just flirt here to make archives jealous

I seem to be committed to this silly game with Darwin and Mordin.


it's time to shower

Good luck?

Be sure to take pictures

mic troubles are a bitch

thats actually really awesome, neither dying out or stagnating after so much time

hope you drown



might be an issue between the keyboard and chair

Tell Mordin I said "Morledeeeen"

He will understand

lol thats quite mean sebs :^)



im a lonely person. i had expectations so...its disappointing




this isnt spam plz no banu

Yeah. I even follow the poketuber community and such.


His has half a million subscribers and all he does is open up pokemon booster packs/boxes. Every monday he has a segment of opening up fan letters. Shofu and the jwittz also has or more than that they mainly a pokemon youtube channel. Pokemon is far from dying out and since it's the 20th anniversary of pokemon this year, there's another pokemania going on like the one back in the 90s.


pls make a separate thread for dumping thx


ded board

hire more mods :^)

Guess i'll stop for now

thank you

i was only kidding i dont think you were being mean

i am surprised i just found out about this even being a thing on youtube lol its not like i havent searched pokemon stuff on there i guess i might have just stupidly scrolled past such things

no keep going

yeah lets make Tsuchi, Murder, and Boo mods

Just come back as a new poster and suck up and you'll have in a month's time.

You already said you would mod me.

boo and murder are too busy traphunting on /lewd/

Yeah. Like i said, i just got into the tcg in February and i'm moving up lel. I'm going to keep rebuilding and experimenting my deck. If only Amy and Ian was here because i wanna talk about VG builds with them.

who woulda thought

Hey, it worked for them.
Don't knock it 'til you try it.

i think ytse was here a short time ago but where he went is a mystery

do not want

if its not mean its childish



fuck you

Just do what everyone else does and spam their own strawpolls via VPNs so it's always in their favor.

Okie. ^^. besides me giving you that bit of information, how are you?

40% is good enough


I don't into the tcg and neither does Amy I think

I know a fair bit about competitive battling tho






It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling dowwwwwwn

i make lewd jokes most of the time so even if it is childish you still arent as deep in that pitfall as i am lol

im doing pretty good tonight, how about you bae?

I would be the best.

eh i consider handling things that dont go your way to be more important than jokes

How's that Discord channel of your's holding up?

i would have voted yes prior to the manaka debacle

It was killing Ui's channel so I made everyone move back.

Yet another thing ruined by Manaka.

wait but i jumped to metaphorically cut off my arm to avoid the spider near my hand, i think thats a pretty immature knee jerk reaction given i worked things out with squash but i still did it


I don't really know anything about the politics and machinations of Discord, I've just heard some hearsay.

basically cuckwork was an admin of uis discord channel and then ui made ban a mod
ban did some stupid channel abuse shit and got smited

he made his own channel
all the cool kids went to animus2

ui/cuckwork cried
ban deleted his channel when he "quit"

the end

im so confused

It's the Steam chats all over again.
Ui is the Haikus to Ban being Goggles.

where did menma go

He said it was a secret.

Did they actually tell you?

oh yeah spoilers
I would never hotglue my figs

After I made that post.

Just know that I am now the strongest in the server.

probably best if you dont follow just pretend like i am a perfect and pure little angel, never immature at all babe :^)

hotglue them? for what? im confused pretend i know nothing about figures iin this way cause its true lol


It's cause he's brown, isn't it




add me back on steam

sorry i've been mean for no real reason

Thats some pretty bad service honestly.


I used to be the sand guardian in animus2


Pfft I think it was something like that.

Ui please don't take my ranks that I gave myself.

nothing has changed with the discord server.

I am still the owner, and nobody has a better one as of yet.

that chat looks like a real hoot with a bunch of real winners

Grim pls you're not even trying to hide it anymore

It's okay, I didn't let her in on our little secret.

whenever any of my filenames have a [1] at the end it means I copied right from the net, without saving it

That's i meant by VG builds, lol. I know you're not into tcg. Who's the best prankster? I wanna do either a klefki or a whimsicott.

You literally signed off like 15 minutes ago.

Which one are we talking about?

They're all safe.

I was never online at all

*X-files theme*

Is Grim admin yet?


Oh right right, I forgot. Klefki is the meta prankster, you might have the surprise factor with Whimsicott but Klefki's typing is godly and by far superior


uh why in the fuck would anyone do that?

It was just weird. I was checking to see if someone was online and noticed that.
Literally every time I've checked my friends list in the last month, you've always showed as being last online between 1-5 hours ago, even when I've been online for longer than that and you never were online.
It's just so fucking strange.

who here all plays dota 2


I actually can't remember if I've told you anything or not.

ask them



is that minami

The fucking bologna sandwich

It still fucking gets me every time

I mean.. It's been long enough, right?


1500 hours
barely play anymore though


is that minami?

Yeah. I also want to breed a mega beedrill because that attack is ridiculous. Might even want to give it choice spec. But what moves tho.

You've told me everything.


Yes, Grim.

What was even the context of him giving it to you?
"Show me."

So you agree! Help me start a Grim election campaign! He can be our trump! #MakeAnimusGreatAgain

tc tomorrow babe
fortune/grim/tp/me/soto confirmed


i just started again and im complete shit
nobody plays it anymore


No no, that was given to Kon.

you have it saved so you should know

way to insult grim really bad right there

who will be his megyn kelly?


Whoops. Was I not supposed to post it?
How'd you end up with it?

I'm a real girl!

The slogan goes with the gig!

You aren't voting for trump?!

oh damn, I'm going to have to think about that one

Mega Beedrill is a beast. His coverage options are kinda garbage tho.

U wot?

What did you mean by that in discord?


Nope. But who gives a damn?

Kon was talking about all sorts of misadventures in a tinychat. I don't know if it was just me and him at that point, or if one other person was still there.

I'm just having some fun, don't be a spoil-sport


gah sorry. sorry. i was probably thinking of something else and not mega beedrill entirely. I think there are some pokemon that don't really depend on megas too much.

Take a picture of you seductively eating a bologna sandwich.

Holla Forums was never great

same goes with america

fucking sheeple

I woke up and had bwakafeasts

Whenever I get bologna I always end up letting half the package go bad, so I don't buy it often. Maybe a chicken sandwich. Some other time.

Naw' you're our trump!>>944767

Grim 2016!

Sure it was, all the way back in aneki

I woke up and took a dump

we voice chat on discord


Nothing is great, all move toward the empty void.

Maybe. Mega Beedrill is super fun, but he's only really good at pivoting with u-turn since he gets one-shot by nearly everything and needs protect to safely go mega. He's basically only ever useful as mega

Blaziken is one of those that does well mega or no

hi again
sorry I missed your post, was in league

Don't worry about it

Fried bologna sandwiches are pretty great.


A trip to the sauna is pretty nice.



i wasnt there much

hold me

Hey, you

Trump wouldn't stand for cages!
He builds walls!

I've tried it, wouldn't call myself a fan. It's a lot of effort for something I just don't like as much as the regular deal.



dont link nezi the discord lol


Good evening once more.
Let it not trouble you.

It was the golden age of nothing

But I'm already here

im canadian and also no i wouldnt ever even ironically

Hello. You?

are you feeling less pain
I really think you should take the meds even if they make you feel icky
docs prescribe them for a reason


Did you at least use mustard with it?

that was like 2012-13 for me

yay nin!

im not lewd :(



go home
go to oat

Ketchup. I'm not going to try it with mustard.

NSAIDs don't really help anything. Sure, it'll help with inflammation (and subsequentially pain) but won't prevent it from getting worse or help it heal.

Home for him is /lewd/ now.


You are a monster.

whywouldyou share that

But it's Grim

I don't recognize your name

damn, I can barely even remember which years were which anymore

This is my home
I've just been on vacation!

She looks pretty!


hey fellas

There is a new thread

i like the old one better


last post is mine

Is it?

it is

I'm not sure

now it is


so persistent

Can't stop won't stop.

you just dont know your limit

I am getting sleepy...

and i'm still going strong

Maybe I''ll trick you!

i've been doing this for years
you cant trick me

Probably not
how've you been?

you cant talk your way out from this

I know
Figured I'd at least make conversation while we continue

bring the conversation to the active thread!

But I want the last post here

and you are not getting it

Then tell me how you've been!


Manaka I love you!

you're abusive