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Look at this cool trap I found

I told on you Tuschi

Shes just passionately yelling at him.


Sorry my mouse slipped.

It was not intentional I assure you.


you should just give in to it

I suck dicksI suck dicksI suck dicksI suck dicksI suck dicksI suck dicksI suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks I suck dicks
I suck dicks
I suck dicks
I suck dicks



that's pizza


This comes as no shock.

that's like saying the grass is green

yay that awesum neru webm! ♥

i'm not doing the user to name/trip swap tonight. too annoying. dont know how to respond to that anyway though

I still need to watch that. guess i should finish berserk first


good thing i posted that in last thread

hes my friend


you are so rude



Pizza is prime tranny food.


(Nana ka~)
soft fuzzy warm inviting scent of cotten candy that make you smile and happy
and you breathe good when smell it

trannies eat nothing but pizza

you literally did it an hour ago

Whoa, Manaka. Just no.
I don't see you that.
I'm sure you can take Grim out on that but I'm just gonna say no.

Yeah look to my post saying "I wish"
This isn't news to me

I meant to say again tonight. I was talking about the reply I had literally just got when I posted as user.

pizza is tasty


do you identify as trans?

I had thai food today so you know i'm not a tranny.

are you a trap?

i identify is lady

i want my anna filter back :(

cotton candy, eh..

I suck dicks
I suck dicks
I suck dicks
I suck dicks
I suck dicks
I suck dicksPPPP

no ;~;

aren't you thai--red

Does that even count as trans?
Like random dudes pretending to be girls on the internet. Would that even be a tranny or just some really desperate dude?





i still call you anna
it's cuter and easier to say than manaka

If I were in eastern oregon right now I could livestream myself doing this and have it recorded for later if I lived
I wouldn't actually do this though

i just hope he's more attractive than rin

You thirsty little nigger.


perma mad

dont be a lil bitch



I'll buy your pill Luka.



nah but dude ima still do my thing, idc. honestly didnt expect them to see me that way from the start anyway though, no reason to/

wow thank you for pointing out that the gun in that vid is fake like everybody else too
look at what i said. i know for a fact i told you about the family suicide gun.


there are tons of mtfs in the world

it's because you're the best, gweo!

you're abusive!

hey animus hows it hangin?

you enjoy the abuse


I need more gifs of Spike smoking

Not after that though m8


That's like me calling you gay.




I turned on dota 2

so what should i do? ignore them?

then i'd be ignoring almost all of the incoming chats


mhm I made that for him.
My best webm yet.

Grim please
he knows

blah blah blah


moar pls!

i am going to start ignoring your existence. bye


Poor Manaka.
He has no curry to call his own.

why don't you go ruin some lives irl? you sure get enough practice here

Yeah, Alexis told on you.

Are you gonna play Dota with me a Tristan?


he peacefully accepts it


This one was for Soto


oh no please I cant take it

ur a butt

real smiles is too autistically paranoid to not use a trip

Hey fam


He was mean to me.

saying it again only kills me more inside. esp when things are done.


Mod me


Yeah, stop being mean, love.

You're the bigger butt.


we are now entering post irony

watch out


*mods you*
*you like it*


next game

im almost out the door for dinner.

lawl funny

who's next?! :D

bbl to read ur reply

you like that shit huh bitchboi

hi chii

Do it better

No I find that utterly repulsive.

brolic girls are kowai


do you know what kowai means

When Tsuchi is mean it's like his way of kissing someone on the cheek. It means he cares.

I prefer the term "cautious"


So does that mean Tsuchi and I make out a lot?

kissing someone on cheek with cold, sharp, pointy words


physical poetry

lol nice sebs

Oh no
what am i watching out for?

I know lol
I was intentionally acting hurt to get you to scold him


hey bae

Quality chat.

thank you. how about you

im supposed to be ignoring you. goodbye

I'm out of webms

this is Nin though

This is you

I'm supposed to be scolding you.
You're the one only responding with single letters.

Manipulative. Hmph

No, that's lewd.
Tsuchi is not for the lewds.


I'm saved!

How else am I supposed to even respond to that?

i found a bunch of smoking gifs. smoking honestly looks like it would help right now but i ain't about that life.

But you guys always cyber.

Go study baka.

With something more than absolutely nothing! You emotional cripple.

Not true!

I'm not incapable of empathy, I just sort of suck at it. Or don't care enough to even try.

oh pls, I'm the innocent one here.

I caught you googling anime tiddies

im doing well, thanks for asking



Lexi probably sent them a message saying "check the thread" with constant insistence that they do.

I have been. 6 hours wasted in hospital today kind of screwed me over. It's nice to have a more narrow range of stuff to focus on.
Oh yeah, sorry for disappearing on you earlier. See above.

Well you know more about my relationships than I do then, kudos.
I mostly just send him anime mashups and assorted piano music.

I don't suppose you're the type that ends on those Autism Speaks blogs?

I had to do some training on the computer for my new job and the guy reading the slides sounded eerily like Chris Hansen

I was just waiting for him to stop talking about safety regulations and start reading explicit chat logs at me

I'd never google such a thing! I'm innocent.

In monotone? Hot



I just call everyone here autistic because it's not exactly far off.

i got that sweat shirt. its a little tight

I have all these images named after posters for some reason.

Naw, he just has that distinct cadence and this guy sounded so much like him

I'd be expecting him to tell me to take a seat over there if I wasn't already sitting down

itll get less tight when you and up working out when you move

Don't sweat it, and that's a bit serious. Seeing as you're back now I hope everything is alright?

Yeesh smiles, I'm sorry. Don't take everything to heart.

I'm a high functioning autist at least

could you guys leave

Name one after yourself next


could you just get back on?

menma what even happened

What had you at a hospital for 6 hours?

I try, but my heart is just too big and everything hits it.
*sobs intensely*

Let's go with that.

yeah suppose so

appointment with the duplex we hope to move in is tomorrow

Emphasis on the "high"


That was unprompted and uncalled for


I'll forgive you this time.

I'll keep posting them then

I went to the dentist and got some work done, ugh, my mouth is killing me.

My abdomen hurt like you wouldn't believe, but has subsided a bit now.
It's either appendicitis, an ovarian cyst, or nothing.
Wait and see basically.


hi thread



Thats okay too :3
But I still want to see one named after yourself

why is my name on this

My mommy and daddy told me I could do anything is I work at it!
One of these days I'll colonize the sun!

fuk the popo

Danke shun

Just do as Eva would do and find a kitchen knife and cut out all the bad things.

God rest his soul.


the connotation of the image+filename is telling you to get out

I now have water on my keyboard and screen.

awesome i hope its a good place for you two

or change your name to spoilers and mod animus

You don't even have the inclination to insult me anymore; what's even the point of being your e-slave?

I'll just take my leave.

bye doll

got any painkillers?

I didnt ask you

Dont have one named after me!

I have a bunch of pics named after posters
I named that it cause you tell people to get out lol

Please take it back

gues sci moved to the fur threads

me too

though at this point im used to subpar living conditions so i just want to be there with my hubby

i dont even have anything to reply too if you dont at least put ur fucking name

fair enough

While not opposed to the idea of self surgery, I would rather not attempt it on my organs.
Actually, yeah, why not? I have scalpels~

Who are you?



enjoy sci you autistic furfaggots

take seb too while youre at it

didnt he hate furries

No but they said if OTC pain killers didn't do the trick they'd prescribe something. I think I have some in a cabinet somewhere.


Too drained.


; (


Did you get a prescription for pain killers or anything like that?

he hates everyone

or at least acts like it

Find one then!

At least somebody listens, arithankyou



so hes in halfchan?

I'm convinced at this point that he actually did it, too.

He hated it here, too.

He's self-destructive.

That completely discontinues the spirit of things anyway, so might as well not do it.

She was originally the dirty man juice bag, but she stole it from me.


I had 4 wisdom teeth taken out without being knocked out and only ibuprofen after, step up

How's unemployment treating ya?

These fucking smugbitches

When was the last time he logged into that particular Steam account?

I'm kinda worried to see mine tbh

I will not be silenced

That's from [email protected] too, but she doesn't actually say that in the show.

Awful, I feel almost as bad as I did when I was employed, but I'm not gonna bore anyone with details about what's going on. I just wanna shitpost right now.

i know that feel, as long as you are with the people or person you want to be with most things are fine

then go diggin for them? unless it does not hurt that bad yet


I don't think I had him added at the end there, don't know what it was.

I believe it.

Fine then, be that way, nerd

Yeah, doesn't hurt /that/ bad yet. I might just fall asleep before it gets much worse though.

They gave me some toradol and t3s, but I find they bother my stomach so I try not to take them.
Smoking weed instead.

Proper cutters use proper tools~




Still waiting for my picture.

I'm in training for a be job at Lowe's, it's aight. I found it pretty quick when I went looking and I was unemployment for quite a while, I'm sure you'll be fine

I will, and you can't stop me

It was posted up there already

I have no plans to try
waste of time :3c

Maybe the fearsome tornadoes finally took his God-like soul.

You're right, it's only day 2. I'll figure something out. Why worry, right?

Isn't toradol given through injection? Do you have a thyroid deficiency? Questions for later. I hope you feel better soon. I need to go somewhere for a bit. See you.

He's still flying above the earth, fighting the sky-demons to rescue his sister and/or girlfriend.

KF2 got an update lads

Now you're getting it. Only took you... 4 years or so?

Exactly. Got any plans to do anything soon?

Nah, it always was. You liked when I tried, more entertaining for you.

I hope to get a part time job and go back to school, but we'll see.

Lenko were you the one I was talking to about this?


It's just a prescription strength NSAID.
Doesn't really do much and makes your stomach acidic as all hell.

Maybe he's channeling his inner Cthulhu and/or ghost powers.

I guess Wish had one lol

If not then oh well.

fuck you lenko

a good idea i hope it gets better sooner rather than later

so what are you up to tonight?

sit on my face

Fiiiine fine fine, it counts


nothing. might do something with kyle later

im not sure


God damn it Nin, you're not supposed to expose it all

Check hardware stores for part time, they're hiring like crazy for their busy season atm. What degree are you looking at?

Fucking rip

they're spartans!

ow.. can we not bite please?

I do what I want

I'll take it.

Oh I have screenshots of me playing css with Haikus
this kills the Bebop

oh and I guess I fucking lied for once since 2013 because I user posted

Why wouldn't you just shut the fucking door?
Why is that so hard?

Hello friends, how is everyone tonight?


ask them




uh, so you're okay then?

lol cuz hes fat


very okay

I want what you do

I just did training for a new job in from of a computer for 4 hours and get to go in tomorrow to do more HOORAY

is kyle squash? i know people call him another name but i dont fully remember it lol

those dead soulless eyes

So, nothing?

ANOTHER avatarfag circlejerk on Holla Forums? The cycle never ends. How long have these "waifuism" guys been around? And how long till they end up making an Holla Forums board to escape their problems like us and those gameshow kids?

yeah he is

What does this say about me? Are you calling me lewd or what?

What is this kanye map?

Thank GOD revy is here

you all are so damn boring

Something DISGUISED as nothing


For any masochists that want to see.

since new years at least
though the concept has been there for ages, they just didn't rp in thread as much


it's revy, bring out the wine!

i remembered correctly! wew

im reallly exhauseted sorry



I wonder how many are old avatarfags from other communities.


that's good...

do you like the job? or rather, is it bearable?

Better than anyone else, im sure
Everytime i've talked to you i think you said you were tired/exhausted anyway

See ya

i honestly feel sick because of earlier. i hope there's still a chance

what happened

I haven't actually started the job yet, they make you do a bunch of paid training first. I'm gonna be a cashier and I can't imagine why I'd dislike it

It implies stress eating lol

hes already making furry threads

squash is pretty chill after talking to for a bit, we started off on the wrong foot but he was still really kind in the end


"HI BLACKY" -everyone in the server

read earlier in the thread or the end of the last one

could you just tell me...?

yeah he's nice. just doesnt handle some things well sometimes


Lexi won't date him and it makes him sad.

I'm surprised that those threads haven't gotten any spam or hate from /b

is that 1.6?

i'm blessed


Mhmm, pretty excited to start

Hopefully I get decent hours

this is the only 1.6 ss i have

Oh, just in time


we all have those moments though


true enough

no bebop i think thats literally what happened

you didn't think lexi would actually date you though did you

he/she does that slutty steam shit to literally everyone

jesus im grumpy today

I actually almost ruined that gif

It's like you don't listen

read them

you got BTFO by lexi/grim

don't know what else im missing



i hope so too

Do you? Why? So you can mooch off me? I'M NOT GIVING YOU ANY MORE MONEY, NEZI

If you did then you would have seen the bit where we both said it's been said before

that was just ur damage control tho
i dont take that into account

Guero said he loved me


tfw almost beat Aimerrr's time

Was it? Even she said it m8

He loves everyone


Then he left to play minecraft with his "real" friends because we aren't friends.

dude just ask him we are in love

he's a nice guy
you should marry him

also why ask a question you already know the answer to?

I went to play league with my irl friend's friends.

They're pretty autistic.

I kinda miss you already.

sorry but I only date 2d people


Any other weirdos who like ball joint dolls here?


So what even happened to Erin's site thing?

It was the same as ever as of yesterday


>So what even happened to Erin's site thing?


did you actually use it anyway. her archive still works tho

bbw suicided.
*[Specialist] bbw : my autism is unreal im gonna go get something to eat


don't talk to me like that

im grumpy
ill end this conversation so i dont start insulting you tho

Ah, got it.
Not really actually.


I really only used it because I am too lazy to look for the current thread otherwise.

Does Boo need his nap?

10080 ban for strafe hacking. dude

oh even the /go bit doesn't work. rip dude.

I'm cutting you off, you hear?

im well rested

go to bed

Life really is hard now.

he needs his pacifier is all



Nothings happening

b-but I need to buy food


i mean it's pretty damn easy

clearly not if you missclicked my post

Multitask. Watch some TV or something.


No more Subway for you.


"Multitask" huh?

Maybe a bit

very scary those things