Blood for the Old Gods, Water for the New King

Blood for the Old Gods, Water for the New King.

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you're supposed to put "new" next to the spam links

nice hearse


is it to represent how dead this thread is

help me with my lewd problem and i'll show you why i'm the best

which poster are you lusting over?

I want to lick a lolis feets

that's probably the least gay thing you've said in a year

the same one



i could say you but i don't know who you are

I want to lick a cute lolis tummy and snuggle with her

probably the one you're lusting over

could be

I want a girlfriend to whip me and make me her bitch


i thought you lusted after manly dick and that's why you try to cyber with anyone on your steam and then delete us when we don't

Jackson lick my feet.

Are you a girl ?

it would be pretty embarrassing if you were the one dude who desu hasn't tried to cyber


You already know what I am.

Lick the feet.

i literally got deleted the same day i was added because i wouldn't, they just weren't persistent enough, i flounder a lot when you try to put the hook in me ;DD


well you gonna help or not?

not unless you tell me


y-you have something between your toes...
*spits out dirt*


tell me who you are!

then again i had to deal with flan, and they were very persistent

Wow you actually did it?

what a faggot

coming from the guy who rage "quit" over manaka reading doujins with bebop instead of him



You're not a girl ?

i just woke up

why even?

what the fuck is this

I'm a girl but I have a penis.

This might be true but Desu is still more of a faggot than me.

Breakfast is ready.

I've been bamboozled !

Uhh a loli made a mess on her book ?


...because i got hungry?


fuckin christ

Breakfast is my face

kiss kiss

The penis only makes it better.

No, loli ?

It makes it gay though, I just got out of straight camp


yo what if its like a feminine dick tho

It has to have a pink bow wrapped around it otherwise it's still gay

i want food.

tfw had no help

/feeds you porridge


I mean If my girlfriend has a dick, I would totally suck it.(No homo tho)

you're an awful boyfriend like holy shit

you were helpless anyways

it would have gone better with some.

keep talking dirty to me

Validate his existence.

cinamon pls! ooh ooh and brown sugar! and some millk..

If I owned an M1 Garand you would have heard a ping from my room ~5minutes ago

Shut the fuck up and stop using my pictures.

oh god im so close

*gives Luka some sugar*

do this


theres such a mess

I came


brown sugar is healther to put in oatmeal porrridge

I fucking love M1 Garands.

Luka I know you want the brown sugar but I can't provide that

like what do you want from me luka I'm fucking white god fuck


Yeah, same.

He's cheating on you

Subtle's NOT GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So he doesn't care about Desu cheating on him.

There's nothing to cheat on


I hate my life

Something about rivers in Africa.

As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti?



im talking about foods

Ehh? I don't think I have a QR Reader on my phone.

late reply but flan was another poster who tried to cyber absolutely everybody

I still don't understand. What?

I read that when you posted it

Super gay dude in the military that posted here and tried to rp as a girl for people to fuck.

the similarity between the two posters

What was it



Yo this Pillowtalk song by Zayn is pretty good


Ecks Dee


I used to sometimes hope I would get stalked to see how awesome it was

well it happened
and it was

whoa grim i swear i saw you post about that story several months ago

Yeah that Vietnamese girl

Depends on who it's by. I have a girl that likes me a lot but she is like the total opposite of my tastes. Big. Dumb. Short Haired. NOT good looking. Farmer boy. etc.


Wow rude af

Don't call me a nerd you whore


how about a fucking baka

fucking baka

But how am I similar to this?

Of me and them?

That was for nerd girl actually.

He was comparing Flan and Desu.

What the heck?

I'm not even a baka.

I imagined so ;;
Wanted to see if I could make one though

emma laissez-moi décolore votre trou du cul

I saw someone making that had a couple on another thread so made my own.

ta gueule TP



I like how you recognize "cul"

user come back

Yes, yes. We get it; you're still here and passive aggressively wanting either a girl to talk to you or someone to invite you to LoL.

You're a fucking baka~

Yeah, i've used it before. fesses is another.
Also this

Who the fuck is desu?

i think tsuchi only comes here to wait for luka to post and then bully her


god dammit mandy


how do I fucking use camtasia7

you don't because it's bad

give me a break

im lonely


Lewdcuck I think is the name he uses now.

whiteknight pls go

Fight me.

People don't really use that word outside of expressions, though.

nice deflection loser

tfw Stubble hates you

subtle here to save the day!

finally i can have pizza night

ive been playing minecraft for like two weeks straight and i feel autistic as fuck
even more than usual


How is that deflecting?
You are literally trying to whiteknight him.

i wanna play minecraft!

I love Subtle more than you do

teach me what to use instead

that feel when you've been eating eggs, wheat toast, and banana's all week and you can finally have some delicious, greasy as fuck pizza

Can I watch you kiss him ?

mfw I will be teaching kids how to code java with minecraft for 8 weeks


pizza is tasty

i guess
it's just more tiring to read you reply to every single one of luka's shitposts than the actual shitposting
like how do you care that much

teach me how to play the actual fuckin game
im trying to make a powered rail between our houses and i cant figure it out lmao

He hates me even more than he hates you

and get this, i had to take out the egg yolk sometimes

oooooooooooooooo, spoooooky

use gold rails powered by redstone blocks/torches every 4-8 blocks

or just make it all gold rails powered by redstone blocks if you're using creative

woah... wut
that amy winehouse lady is dead?

It takes minimal effort to just call him out.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

for like 3 years you daft fuck

ayy lmao

losing out on the best part of eggs every other morning becomes pretty scary, believe it or not


news to me

Baka nano?
I really don't

Haha, anytime
How's your tooth? Or lack thereof :c

i got this from a local place called Foggia's

someone club luka before I do tho

good for you!

Baka da na~

You sad, sad man.

large 5 topping, 17 bucks with tax

the torches worked, thx
it's survival
part of the issue is sourcing fucking gold
i have literally hundreds of iron and like 128 gold

it takes even less effort to just filter luka, dude
i think you just have an obsession with people you find aggravating

club soda?

yeah gold is p rare

you do what you have to when you diet broseph

MY fake brother avatars as the green ranger girl.

Just use OBS
If you honestly need help I'm on Skype and Discord

You are
my baby seal~

I know how to record
I want editing software

im unsure if it's safe!

but uh... i guess its okay?

...your fake brother?

It takes like 10 seconds of typing per post.
Yes, a minute or two a day of just calling someone out clearly facilitates an obsession.

It's better to have a complete fatass diet and not have any consequences of it.

ok 1:36 onwards is pretty heartbreaking

This was the #1 song in the U.S. 15 years ago today. There were no survivors.

or be like me and use sony vegas for no reason

i dont even know what club soda is....


I wish Tsuchi-chan would take 10 seconds out of his day to give me attention.

obsession might be a tad strong, yeah
but what else would you call it
minutes of your life a day versus taking 30 seconds to filter them one time

It would be more of an obsession with what's right and what isn't, not so much Luka.

your metabolism is not something you get to have conscious control over, you privileged fuck, i actually want to get more in shape and look decent


I'm p sure you can do that with both :)

Hes not actually my brother but I pretend he is.

I think you'll be fine now
Poke it with your tongue :p

Post a pro-Bernie meme or declare yourself transgender.

Can I watch him slap you ?

no fucking way

get rekt
also who even??????????


You get enough attention from grim to power an entire city. kys

But Trump > Sanders

He doesn't even give me any attention, he'd never slap me

i don wanna! >_<
the gap feels scary!

i'll wait a week... ;~;

for now i'll just eat without think of it at least~


Posting takes the outright minimum amount of effort possible while you do other things.
It's not like some conscious thing people do with all of the mental facilities.

True enough.

I kind of hit the health shitpot in other areas so let me cherish my ability to eat horrendously, be mostly sedentary and still have perfect heart health.

I know this is going to be hypocritical coming from me, but maybe you should let it go? I want to let things go and stop talking to undesirables but it's hard.

He has only linked me 3 times this thread!

catgirls make me sick

I actually used it for like 4years4th to 8th :^)

yo you wanna league?



It's like when you see something in line at the grocery store. Sure, you'll take however few seconds to comment on it and make them aware of it but you invest no time into thinking about it further.
Kind of like that.


I think you understand my point though, no?

From joy?


I just have one phrase for you
Tokai's spread-ass
the thing you really wanted to get from tokai one night
I think you were alcohol
wait i'm looking at this and someone from my town signed it what the fuck


That is hardly the case for you! It's like standing in line and watching the shopper give the cashier a hard time or vice versa and you go up there to tell them to hurry the fuck up or get lost.

I'm stealing that gif and posting it at toki from now on.




Nah man



too much saturation of catshit

I think he deleted his anime facebook page.

If you do it once you won't be able to stop!
I bet you don't last a week without trying

They are just the best

liking little boys and girls seems to be a somewhat uncomfortably common theme here


post pantsu.

i already did a week!
i win!~

Bye bye!


Kettle brand Krinkle Cut salt and pepper chips dipped in balsamic vinegar are great.

You're saying to choose the option of even less effort.
But relatively, it's so inconsequential of effort for either to begin with so it costs you nothing to state opinions or certain facts.

Both apt metaphors and somewhat show the levels of minimal investment.


8:33 PM - Grim Echoes: You are.
8:33 PM - Grim Echoes: Absolutely awful.


Lenko I wish you were there for all the years with pedrosantos and bob good
Oh god let me find a video real quick

catgirls are best topping on pizza



Grim's weakness.. catgirls.. noted. :3

8:35 PM - Grim Echoes: Oh, tell tsuchi he has good taste in chips.

Grim just imagine

all the catgirls

going nya nya~

in your ear

no effort is still infinitely less effort than "almost no effort"
you should know this



oh you won't get this video because you never played darkrp huh
Heaven is me btw :^)


non, votre pantsu bb. et poster coq trop.


she looks cute!



I already did that Grim.

The catgirls are next.

cat girls are so blase though, it's 2016

That's like saying "3 pennies are still a monetary amount".
Sure, but it's so little it's insignificant.


shut up bd you're gay

Those are really rare though

Catgirls without a bit of lewd is like.. poutine without gravy :c

ur a kunt with a k

holy shit i'm dying that fucking video is so good
it was about the old gmod server we used to play on. oh god im dying

digi was the fucking server owner and i used to leak his ip all the fucking time to him lmao. hell i dox'd every person i could on that server and always fed him IPs
we found some nutty shit you can do in that game. like get a shit booter and hit the server while you spam e to collect money and suddenly your $100 bill turns into 1mil


Yeah, 2016 is about horsegirls.

I'm mad at you, stop trying to incite me with poutine.



Whether that's from you or Grim, you're both SMUG CUNTS.

Téton maybe?

oi fuck u m89

Don't hold onto your anger like that!


I'm not up to date on shit.



How come they don't sell these fuckers over here?


*pet pet*

J'ai quelques poutines pour vous.

et oui. seins sont très bien. Envoyez-les à la Steam. XD

This was linked in discord WEEEKS ago you fucking IDIOT



We have them in Canada.

W-Want me to ship you a couple bags?



Sorry I'm not a faggot.

I guess we can just agree to disagree
I think 4 pennies is enough of a difference

yeah fuck you too

Shut the fuck up. Sick of your shit you cunt.

I don't have you on Steam.

Its Shana from Shakugan no Shana.

Wow dont laugh at me old man.

I used to enjoy bbq chips with lemon

cute pic!


Does this mean I'm forgiven?
For whatever I did?

For some reason i'm not buying this.

If I pay in cash, I always tell them to keep the pennies.
They're just more trouble than they're worth.

Alrighty then.

her chibi form is rly gud!


Ajoutez-moi alors. et envoyer garçon-chatte alors.

I actually do too, lol
I hate having fucking change
I'm sure I've wasted literally thousands of dollars doing this over the years but I won't keep any change smaller than a quarter

oh dude he even has the vid of him holding up his sword to his neck from when i screenshotted him doing it

also when it comes to minging hl2rp>darkrp

Maybe it'd be more believable in a babby's first norco mood.

I keep "silver" because I just dump a shitload into the machines at the train station to pay for fare since I literally would never use any change for anything else unless I'm going through the drive thru.
I just prefer to use my card.




I have to go take a shower. Bye, love.

What will it take?

Oh god please don't hurt my feelings like this I might quit.

convenience stores will offer me to put my small changes to charity, rather than let the cashier keep them.

I'm going to bed

*hugs cutie*

Le vôtre est pas.

Walk out your door at 10AM sharp tomorrow please.

Of course I dont eat that stuff anymore too fattening.
You should give it a try though.

This folder is nothing but Tsun. lol


i like it
moar pls!

Let's be honest. No one thought you were actually "quitting".

Don't end the day on a note like this ;;

are the catgirls are gone

Thats good because I never said I was.

i thought you quit and I was actually sad

Hard to do if I already leave at 7:30.


Yeah, it's foxgirls now.

I'm not tsun though so its okay.

shes dancing! :D

hi tp

I can tolerate those

RIP my dreams




now you have the same scent as me!

I was trying to find a catgirl image to post out of spite and couldn't.
Found one now.

Coffee and old Arab jizz?

it's okay cuz you're best catgirl in thread
wow perv


I'm not old
nor am I arabic


grim what actually are you

Grim this is why I want a new game btw
I just want to cheat all day

I was talking about Manaka and him blowing the entire resident Muslim population of his mud village.

dude same

Oh that's half my trip oops


cheaters need to die

ehh.. more of a tea, and deodorant you use for armpit region

But I make my own cheats so it's okay

why, tsuchi why

You probably have that really shitty tobacco smell every sandnigger has since they never seem to fucking bathe.

now make a cheat that will make lexi date you and you win

a cute scent! ♥



I dont live with people like them!

...describe cute scent

I'm gonna make dick pix out of all of my subs from now on.


I dont get it dude.
He wants her booty
she wants his dick
why don't they meet up

tfw no one ever sends you emails

Yeah dude I wish. got me there

Your whole country is swarming with the bastards.
Like a mix of clove cigarettes and BO.

Luka put on a wrapper for gods sake!


soft fuzzy warm inviting scent of cotten candy that make you smile and happy
and you breathe good when smell it


Both kind of want any booty/dick.


im hungry


grim is a trans-furry pokemon demikin