Post song you're listening too + in my ass

post song you're listening too + in my ass

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Forget what?

Blade & Soul China's Pohwaran Debut Concert In My Ass

thats a hard one ot choke on


You can't even whistle properly nigga

I haven't used skype in a long time

yeah i love it

Tenacious D tribute in the ass

Well thats how I wanna give it to you.

Yeah and i'm not gonna be able to sit right for a few days.

Don't know yet. Waiting for test results.
This isn't too uncommon for me, so I'm probably fine.

creep in my ass


why tho


Because I can just drag and drop it into skype

i don't think I wanna see that

Just look at this face.

just look at this face.



Thats a pretty nice face.

You're the one asking for it.

o-oh you were talking about the folder? I thought you meant something else..

I never said anything about showing my dick.

that's what it sounded like

Why so crazy about the dick tho

Maybe you're just a pervert.

it's "Neko" with this pic as the avatar

Can you like add some numbers on the end or something?

I put sakura on the end

Put a 6 at the end



I just had a succulent Chinese meal.

unlike the chinese

I didn't clean the folder at all by the way.

that's fine

what did you think about the drawing?

So its full of a lot of random junk.

It was very sad and a large part of the reason I came back.

I take that back
I've never been so disgusted


It was the only way i could still send something to you..

did you leave it there on purpose, or.. you forgot about having me on there?

argh i forgot to bring a towel for myshower

I mean I knew I did but I never did anything about it for some reason.

I guess I left you some openings.

wiggle like a dog to dry


thank you..


Don't worry about it

Also you should change your name to something not related to my heart being broken.


ran through my freezing house to get one


better ?

or i'll just anonpost

No I don't like it.




why no doggie dry?

I never asked for this.


you dont like it?

its not my first instinct

that is one buff beagle

I don't like it and i'm running out of time.

k-on is a nice break from the syrian war footage

well I suppose it's weird to make it that..

plus its bad for your stuff, not that i'd know or anything..


Go drink your shake


Now I want a K-on/Bashir al Assad crossover

i'll think of something while sleeping


I drink your milkshake. I DRINK IT UP

Utterly shameful

Isis scum die REEEEEEE


ohh my, I bet you tried it

closest I could find

If its not amazing i'm gonna bust a nut.


oh wait now I get it.
Assad used to be a doctor

.you're going to.. have sex?

I failed at painting

Tokai comfort me

He's going to cum on your face.

pfft don't worry about it

I gotta go back to work now


alright im going to sleep
good luck

Pet me down there.



here's your reply

Holy shit google



Fuck the night time class tho

-pets loco down there-


grim you getting GitS game?




I love Linus

the fuck?




Home, finally. I shall not die this day~

everybody has the hots for me because I mass grow turnips and potatoes

I've actually watched it before but not the whole thing lmao

same thing

*puts down the defib pads with a disappointed expression*

the syrian civil war started because everyone wanted a piece of assad's wife


id a do her in the ASSad

Down a gallon of bleach just to be really sure.

its such a good movie



Fuck off I just got out of the hospital. Not going back this week at least.

Sorry to disappoint.

What's happened?


This man looks like a nice family person.

My appendix *might* be inflamed. They told me to come back if the pain get's any worse. So for now I get to try to sleep and study for an exam with a burning pain in my gut.
+1 Canadian health care, totally helpful.

Because of more happy, slashy fun time?

My household now has 4 trannies 1 trap one animu living in it now.

also one famous camwhore and another tranny visiting.

everyone here also is an oldfag to 4chan.

Man, i'm a ffucking faggot please rape my face.

Shouldn't they have removed the damn thing anyway?

protip from someone who waited too long, you're going to end up having to get a slice in you when they could have gotten the appendix out through laparoscopic surgery earlier

enjoy the scar you didn't have to receive in about a week

Yes, they should have. Canada's really harsh on the not removing useless organs until they will literally kill you first.

+2 Canadian health care. FUCKING helpful.

all you need is a mod :^)

*rapes your face*

Threaten to sue them when you die.

Wait no that aint right

he's probs really nice irl

you fucked up

wouldnt tht be the dream

If I do I want to pay someone to cut the damn organ out of my corpse and smack that emerge doc in the face with it.

where are you in michigan


kinda sorta wanna but im fucked for a while

just come down here, and get a job within a month.

it will be cool dude.

We are planning on getting like a 4-5 bedroom soon

Do you think he'd massacre minorities and torture children affiliated to possible rebels?

Why not cut it out now

he wouldn't touch minorities cause they all support him, rebel children though? probably.


'Inconclusive tests do not warrant immediate surgery.'
So I quote.
It is possible it's not the appendix to be fair.

i would but i dont wanna go and get fucked again like i am now



i randomly miss this one neighbor girl who was a few years older than me, but i used to like call her fartface and stuff and we'd have these little rotten back and forths taking stabs at one another right before we went to school, and i wasn't even going to her school

it was weird that i chose to do this, as i was a very small young boy until i got older, and she was at least 4 years older than me, and a Midnight Blue belt (something i've never heard of???) in some sort of martial arts (which i had also never heard of, and it was the time before many people had access to easy google)

now she's like almost 30 and i'm more than part-way there myself

darwin are you there, come feel old with me

if its pain in the lower right stomach it's probably your appendix, especially if it feels like you are trying to pass gas and can't


oh hey george, i live just south of detroit, in a small city called Southgate

Take these broken wings and learn to fly~

Oh wow

i was in Ypsi for awhile

all your life

you were only waiting for this moment to arrive

pretty close, but pretty far too, ah well, lots of alternate things that could have happened, lots that still can

Welp. Here's to hoping it's just gas...

I love that song, I saw you quoting it yesterday
Or was it the day before.. I'm not sure

subtle is a faggot

aren't we all

I deny these allegations vehemently!

just an alternative to the blackbird erio was talking about in the OP of that thread, whatever song it was from

black paris in my ass



I forgot about my op post lel

xiao mei mei in my ass


This Year in My Ass.

Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict in my ass

Nothing at all in my ass


...i rarely read the op, usually scroll to the bottom without reading anything at all tbh


reading the thread more than a few posts before you enter is for scrubs, in an active thread, you'll be posting by the time the next one starts



tfw snug and smug

and leading with goatsee is +1 powerup, 200 mana

tfw snug and slugs in my ass


The Legendary Dragon Princess in my ass.

Also, hi.





Be careful with that thing!

Nigga I'm as snug and comfy as I can be right now

is slug about snails or some weird internet thing?

My ass?

a slug is like a snail but big and without a shell.

im assuming literal slugs in the anus....



I remember your existence.

But I don't remember yours.

ohh we call those naked snails in dutch

That's how the french do it

They are usual shit, unlike my ops.

Just look at that last one sheesh


plastic cheese is pretty exotic right?

i think slugs and snails are neat

Covering those fuckers in salt was the greatest thing as a kid.

I remember you too. You disliked me because when you went on Steam to cyber me I emoted poking you in the belly button instead of taking it seriously and ERPing. You can't draw for shit but think you can and you lauded over everyone the fact that you were stopping posting when you decided to stop posting.

You're plastic cheese?!

well memed my friend

and I have literally no idea who you are =even

with a baguette... them faguettes

not really my bag but if youre into that sorta thing

iull bet you shot at birds and tortured cats and shit

I can be your naked slug.

Oh, now I remember you.

I don't think that I know you either, but I remember seeing you.
I just don't think that we've ever talked.

That's so fucked up! Slugs have feelings too

Off yourself.

a distinct possibility... do you wanna hold hands and run through a flowery meadow of friendship?

Not today, Frank.

I remember the 6th of may 2002

Do the Spanish shove bulls up their ass?

I stepped barefoot on one of those, I hate those things

my darkest secret

you don't have to be into something to think it's sort of cool

I shot cans and shit with a BB gun and .22.
About it.
I just hated slugs. Those fuckers just left those slime trails all over the concrete.

Slug lives don't matter.

kill all fags

Shiiiit nigga.

t-that's lewd loco senpai

Um, sure I guess? I don't think that I'm sober enough for that, but if you insist...

I was like 10 back then, so I don't think that I remember that... So what happened back then?

I'm not sure what to say to that...

some matadors do... not so much on purpose, seems that way tho

kinda the way i feel about slug yiffing

i never really learned to shoot... :/

currently can't do anything. also i feel really sick because of that drink earlier lol

premium content right there...


You should step on me.

showed GiTS to my irl friend

He fucking loved and got his mind blown multiple times


that's actually kind of weird

i had a little lever action winchester pellet gun, i broke the lever on

the film


It looks like she's taking a shit.

Hngh... I think.. that I'm dying... too cheerful...

i had a little lever action winchester pellet gun, i broke the lever on matador

*slimes everywhere*


The death of a savior, of a true patriot.

maybe there's matadors who do it on purpose!

worst kink

ohh you blew his mind?~

Apparently she was shy or something for him calling her cute and she went from sitting on the bench next to him to pouting on the floor

or, you could link something relevant

I had this semi auto pellet gun that used CO2 canisters.
I did end up doing the same to that BB gun from spinning it. It just broke the lever off after years.

seems obvious ya know... bull+horns+provoke bull = get horny

The anime did

dud someone reported this image for cp
I'm fucking dying

it's okay i'm secretly into slime

like this

Who squats like that in public unless you're a fuck slav?


not the safest devices for kids in retrospect

I like kittens :3
Will you be my kitten?

"Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn is shot and killed by an animal rights activist."?

spoiler was crying earlier

Who squats like that in public unless you're a fucking slav?

yis bby

Yeah, because you can adjust the PSI drain on the CO2 canisters per shot on some of them.
A friend had this revolver that could empty a canister in like 6 shots but was enough to shatter windows of abandoned houses from the street.

-pets- :3
How's kitten today?

*my nipples explode with delight
...uhh im good, you?

let's be glad to not be Mediterraneans


wow you actually got it..

thank god for that...word

lol idk
it was funny tho

I wouldn't say crying
false reports are pretty entertaining

fucking lewdie

You exploded?!? That's dangerous!

I think that I'm doing well enough. A bit bored and considering playing MonHun...

I looked up information about the date you gave... I got curious.


Oh shit Jerashi
you play mh?
Which one?

don't hold out on me slime me up good


Do you remember me?

wull im sorry for not being more entertaining to his majesty

*stomps his hooves majestically

lewdest thing on youtube

yes... I think

Yeah, I've played for ages.
I've got MHFU and MHP3rd on my PSP and I've got MH4U on my 3DS.

It's not you, it's me! I require lots of stuff to do, and posting here and reading news while listening to music isn't enough.

And you have hooves now?! What kind of a chimera are you?!?


need to go... later

its a nice gun

It's weird though like, I'm not calling my self a north sear.

Bet you wanted it

Well good job, you won the quiz as only one ever

i'm so sick of 8ch eating my messages, can we just

Nobody fucking hunts in this community
I have mh4u and mh3u
wanna add my fc so we can hunt on 4u?

Awesome, is there a prize involved? :3
Wait, no, that sounds inapprorpiate considering the answer.

Take it and j-j-j-jam it into someone's butt?

that was not the intention of the attached video

Maybe if my friend was that one asian qt
but she hasn't even been coming to classes

Uhhhh... I'm mostly a solo hunter and stuffs and I'm not sure how to add, but.. I can try?

multi hunting is fun as hell, dude

okay, lemme add you on steam or something

you got the gits game grim?



strange almost nobody remembers me here.
I think it's just because of all the drug use around these parts everyone has early onset dementia.

ehh make up a prize!

wow wtf lewd

bang her

maybe you didn't make quite an impression on people

I'd rather do the opposite, I'm a bit cautious about stuff like that...
And yeah, hunting with friends can be fun.

I would but she has a bf
I don't go for goals with a goalie

how do I get in contact with you my man

Maybe you just have shit memory.

But I was one of the more major shitposters

Ui that is a huge part of why you got banned from IRC
Stop being proud of this


ay bed time buh bye

nois mang.

I am a newfaf in relativity to most people here
I joined in late 2013 or 2012



I only played it to test the controls, it seemed buggy at the time

maybe its better now

thats on her to break with him

Not my fault he got triggered by that

How about an internet hug?

I could add you on Steam.
Actually, I think that I found you already. Grim Echoes?

tbh you should have had me take the screenshot. editing it in just looks ew


oh alright, thats good.
get friendzoned then


ahh okai

too late now

tbh I'm not happy with my self image
I wanna get fit before I go looking for a gf, so she has something to be proud of
not just the smarts and money, but body too

I sent you an invite.

-hugs back- Wee~

well off to the hospital I go... my roomate is breaking out in hives

got it


my friend got super fit after he got a gf, but then he lost it again and had to get it back multiple times, and now he's dragging me to the gym all the time

he's a good guy, but he's also prone to bouts of being an eccentric Arab


sounds good, hope you achieve it.
Just don't pull an elliot afterwards

now to the mystery that's never explained after a quiz show!

What's that?!

sometimes he will look directly in my face and start hollering off in a different language

that's the mystery!

i actually like this game. i may be a bit immature when i play but i swear im not 12

what even is that

Stardew Valley

stardew valley

oh okay right that game


even if it's jsut a harvest moon clone that doesn't make it automatically shit, you hasty judgemental fuck



thats perfect

It's pretty good, there are lots of torrents out there if you wanna try without paying

me on the right

Where the fuck is that bitch admin?


it's something slightly different for people who like games like that, it's not a failure or a bad idea if it's delivering to a niche that exists

as for no new ideas you don't mess with a stable formula without testing the waters first, and really, what is there to add in that would be wanted or necessary? some people just want a familiar set of rules in a new setting

probs asleep

tfw no one to voice chat with
tfw bae no voice chat

i'll probably watch some content before i decide if i'd like it enough to try it my self

i'll probably watch some content before i decide if i'd like it enough to try it my self

omg it's real

where the fuck is sabrina


Yeah, but it's a game formula they personally had no investment in creating.
It's just shamelessly remaking someone else's game to cash in on nostalgic fans.



that's true, and a good point, but the artistic strangle hold legality usually has over the creative process has been overlooked in this case, if the company has not or cannot sue them for this, and there are people who enjoy it, and it's not misrepresenting the elements of a game that should be focused on when one creates a game of this type, then i don't see any reason to get butthurt. it is at heart a simulator, and such games have restrictions on what you can do, creatively.

it really is just like another harvest moon though, literally, i won't deny that