When she gibe succ

when she gibe succ

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i have j no microphone input tfw




but who was wound

Erin post tits

That got me going through old songs.

erin.wtf/go gives me 403 errors


see my post last thread



songs are good

*hugs* i'm sleepy

Haven't you slept at all?


not going to do anything about it

last tin I emailed them and they just said they had no record of my SQL access being locked, and at any rate I have no computer to fix anything

either it resolves itself, or I have them undo it and it happens again.


Luka I just fapped to musaigen porn

Mah nigga

not yet

it almost 7 am friday

*Naps on SD comfy calm kewl lap happily*

Ah, sleep well Luka.


Kinda wanna clean.

Win seh succ b u aleggy com

Clean your privates first


They are already clean.

I've thought about cleaning my computer too, partly because I haven't done so for 2 years and a few days ago my GPU died for a second.

Here's a response just for you

I-I hope you like it

They revealed the date for the koe no katachi adaptation. that, along with kimi no na means 2017 can't come too soon.

That's a while.

Yeah, maybe I should just get some cans of compressed air for it.

lol you're such a nerd

Might as well buy a new mac.

I'm hyped! 2016 may end now.

brb dead

I think this thing'll last me a few years more or so on.

So that Friday 26/8 date was for next year? o.o

I went on filling a few papers today and when I had to fill in the date I couldn't remember if it was 2015 or 2016

Well no subs until bluray comes out, so we'll have to wait.

The "Really, fuck off" made me doubt that. Glad to hear it.

Hey hey~


Hah, expected 'lodes of emone'
Nice man. 700 is so much.

'Sup Fort?


Fort be good. Cheesing people in hearthstone. Going out in a bit to do shopping and groceries.
How ya doing, my man?

yes. i think i'll buy a ps4 and no man's sky. and a used tv.

maybe a buttplug.

Unless a used TV is 300, you'd still have money to spend.

Glad to hear that.
Got some things done today and now I'm just waiting on for good news.
At least I'm hoping it's good news.
Otherwise just been playing vidya with some old friends.

I need ink. :S

Tigga tiggga robbed pigga my nigga
so pigga pigga pulled the trigga on tigga
i wish that pigga wouldn't pulled that trigga at all
Jars o honey splattered all over on the wall

...Good news?
Old friends? As in long-time-no-see or friends-since-forever?

Tigga sounds like a dick.

Consider yourself pounced

...Good news?
Old friends? As in long-time-no-see or friends-since-forever?

give me the source and i will host it B)

Considering jobs and whatsoever, since I'm still looking for something part-time.
Just old friends that have been there pretty much always.

Um.....is this a bad thing?

The numbers, mason. What do they mean?

She's such a qt ;;

I know.
Those moments when she gets embarrassed.

Ahh, news like that. Let's hope for the best!
Going out now, back later~

Have a good one Fort.

how are you my friend

how are you my friend

hai guise

helloo there how are you today

I'm tired and sipping on wine, how r u user?

Holla Forums is shitting itself.

I am alright. Just woke up. Had a dream where I had to beat the shit out of some kids trying to encircle me. Fun times.


That sounds marvelous
what kind of wine?
I'm going to score some myself later
perhaps a nice mescato

It's my best friens birthday too so I amm happy and excited dto go visit him

I had a dream where I ventured very far away and had to come back

What's good Zamphs?

That is a little strange. Did you make it back home?



30 sec in

It's cheap white wine and taste soure, if you got snapchat I can send you a pic of it.

is it a big party or..? I hope you guys will have good time!

It's all good except I can't smoke weed no more, haff to get drunk instead which is MUCH better"

Ah, I was contemplating on buying some alcohol today.
But then I came to the conclusion that I'd probably just end up drinking all day everyday again.
Anyways I'm off for some lunch.

Who needs a mechanical keyboard when you have a neat compact scissor switch keyboard?

Can't remember
I usually don't
what about you
when did yours end?

aw man White whine is the absolute bestest

Probably just a smaller thing
He used to be [pretty popular but now he keeps a pretty small friends group
maybe like 10 people or less might show up through the day so it's gonna be a better time I feel than if it was I suck dicksing
more fucked up to go around ya feel

You must have very tiny hands.

i bet that small keybaord goes well with your

Well I went to get some pizza. Talked with this cute girl for a bit. She ended up being from out of state so I lost interest. Got my pizza and went to my bike. Kicked a cup out of my way and it went towards some young girl and a guy. They started getting uppity. I apologized but basically said, hey, fuck it. Get out of here. Started putting my gear on, 3 other kids came towards me. I threw one to the ground, knocked one out with a strong right cross. The other guy tried to take my wallet, which was on my bike seat. I grabbed it, and just started fucking giving him the left-right. I put my gear on and road away. And woke up.

That doesn't work since we've all seen it :c


I am not very good at fighting in my dreams
I always feel really fatigued and my arms are so slow

It does when you've seen mine ;)


Zamphs meet Mordin, Mordin meet Zamphs.


First time in a long time I have had to, really.

what's up cucks?



what's wrong with that?

see ya

haha lol

It's all aight

'ecuse me? suck dicksing what you mean bout that? :s

I usually feel really fucking slow when I dream about my self

I think I have sort meet him here once but he is sort of an a-hole I remeber

bates motel is soo good

daily post

word filters
I think I meant to say bu mping
but im not sure anymore

It sounds good
woudl ya reccomend it?
I might give it a shot if I ever see it on or netflid or whatnot

yes it's great
I'm watching it on netflix right now

Enjoy your day elma


haha eets oki

it's on netflix but I don't watch it, I got into Daredevil recently wich I like very much and American horror story




The folder I gave you never even got used.


it's unusable

Hello great Archives


Then why can I used it?

I used it so well you even wanted it.

how is bart ?


you're probably used to using shitty folders

I told you it was shitty like 5 times before I gave you it.

I didn't think it would be that bad


This nice cold breeze, the sound of the light rain and birds chirping

Now this is bliss

I don't think I would enjoy sitting with my hands on that

Well I did say I made it in like 10 minutes.

I remember

Then don't complain.

Erin, you working on the site?

it's my hot body and I do what I want

No dragons are gross.

only real niggas reply to this post

b-but cloacae are hnngh




why's that?


you're a bitch

u a real nigga

Yo I'm watching Your Lie in April and this fucking chick is all like "Let's commit double suicide"

I laughed

oh I was still user from that cloaca comment lol




Scales are nasty

nah man
u solid
down to the core

they're ok


Well, I thought it was funny.

God damn it Soto!

I don't get your newfangled slang, whipper-snapper.

Cloacas are icky.

I hate to bother you but may I ask how the folder is coming along?

Would love to start posting that qt Natsumi Koshigaya

I agree.

I will forever remain

a newfaf

I just woke, have a ton of cleaning to do

Going to see my best friend in the whole world see you :d




I've not started it yet
you'll have to wait til I get back to my house

Whaddup, Grin?


keep me updated, yeah?

last night I was up super late
ended up passing out in discord, guero heard me snoring lol

today is some indian holiday so I told my parents I'd clean the house for them

but work


I don't get it.


nothing is up with you therefore I wish to possibly create something to be "up" by posting a racially charged image at you in hopes of you telling me a story similar to it


But I'm not racist.

not even a little?

I don't think so.

Oh well
you off?

Only on Mondays.

That's tough
how do you do it welmies

Cause I'd rather be at work than at home probably.




Well, that's easy enough.
Maybe you should find some kind of job that provides room and board


I would prefer to just get my own place. I really just don't like living with pets.

I would prefer to just get my own place. I really just don't like living with pets.

oh okay

Birds are cool tho


Those aren't smarties

I disagree. 2 noisy

Cats > other worthless creatures

how do you even get caught

absolute quiet is lame
most of the time


Because they aren't smarties

if they were called what those sweets are actually called no one would raise an eyebrow

but the teacher sees them and says hey, those aren't smarties

Those are candies. What is this.


lmao loco pls
those look like smarties

sup fags

I'm not going to argue about pet or volume preferences.

This one is for you

Aren't they palma violets


they have non violet ones

I forget what they're called

Or the heart sweets you buy your boyfriend

John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez’s new film 100 years has, appropriately, been given a release date of 18 November, 2115.

Billed as “the movie you will never see”, it will explore various viewpoints on the future and what it will look like.

what a shitshow

Rechecked; non-violet palmas

Too many Brits.

ok but now what?

Bootleg Smarties.

the fuck is that

...nestle and ranka are the brands

It's the same stuff that was used for those necklace/wristband candy things.
They gave me a headache



They aren't smarties


P sure that's meth.

I hate all of you and hope you die horrible deaths.

I'm sorry.

Elma stop indoctrination

im not sorry at all...

first hiroshima now this

america please stop it



fuck you loco.

wallace don't say such mean things about me you know i will cry

David Cameron should resign and then have his head on a stick.

Also I'm watching Your lie in April with my nerd ass friend and its pretty lulz
Lmao I hope this bootleg Chitoge dies

Loco should resign and then have her head on a stick.

...soto is an alcohol

Dude no.
Save it for the TC

I got a DUI a couple of days ago
I'm pretty much spiraling out of control now

When is tc?

Putin was implicated in it too!

alcohol as a self-medicating agent is always well advised... I do that shit all the time, I simply choose slightly more proper timing


sama haet to adult

those taste like shit

the real deal

Why does this anime emphasize so much on Chopin

That nigga ain't even that good of a pianist

Hope you get jailed soto

Yeah I fucked up cause I drove my friends back home after partying in Garden Grove which was like an hr away

Awwew shite nigga

Y-You too, senpai~


happy little accidents

at least you were trying to look out for them...

My mother said I was a. Happy little accident

inb4 your mama jokes

show me


bad friend

im not your friend pal

in not your pal buddy

im not your buddy guy


It's just a figment of your imagination.

ayy lammo


no u

Im not your guy buddy

im not your buddy bro

someone take this physics test for me

If I'm a figment of my own imagination, doesn't that mean everything is a figment of my imagination?
Suddenly everything became the shitty Haruhi.


jk bye


lol... we think therefore we are... well thats not true i think. they say perception is reality, not really. Ones perception of reality is merely perception and does not change what is real. What is real is what is real... DEEEEEP

Are we 12 and smoking our first reefers to have this conversation?

happy drunk best drunk


yes... we are 12 and high

What else?

s h o t s

tfw best poster is gone for unknown amount of time

im still here though ayy lmao


You doing shots, now?
How ya doing, TokiToki?


im so great i jsut wanna hug everything

Hehe, that's good~!
How come?

You got the message too?


who though

Breakfast :D

Even me.

I don't think they wanted us to make a big fuss of them being gone. So idk if I should say. Skype me if you want about it

is that eva-01

good taste





Naturally. And no need to tell anyone, there's a reason it wasn't in thread probs

So stop talking about it bakas

it's wish u dinguses



she sent me the message too


Its a seasonal beer

We can't just go without having Hangar 24s California Spring Beer

jk we've been drunk since 11am

Also Your Lie in April is trying to be all emotional with me so I keep drinking
My friend must like fucking with my feels making me marathon the whole series



This is taking fucking forever.


Damn that looks good...

what a faggot

lmao I just wipe my keys down

here !

No one likes wish anyway


gimmie the dank shit


Rip girl
Rip ears


SD? Where?!

sorry I had to masturbate

Holy fuck dont do that again

weekend again

i can't handle it

Can't handle the dick.

cause I gonna be happy happy jabby!

you cant stop me

I'm drinking

You seem to already be Happy Happy Jabby


Its not as scary anymore

we have the sammar


but moree!!!


Mods are asleep post corn flakes

You're prettydrunk though.
FOrt gonna drink today, but not yet.

I'm completely awake.

Post corn flakes

Corn flakes are disgusting fuck

fucking help



This is lewd.

corn flakes are meh
honey comb is bomb

Is she saying something I don't understand
Or do you not agree to my dislike of corn flakes


Sounds dangerous


Also source.

nooot im superf ine
yaay wheen?


grim you really shouldn't be calling things bombs

Ali ain't got nothing on Papa Doc




dangerously tasty


Cornflakes are nice though D:

nvm found

I have responsibilities
what do I do

Later tonight,


I don't know, be responsible?

but it's so hard

are you okay george

omg iu wanna be there

It's Friday, what responsibilities even?


Kao dies right?

Man I hope she does

Why doesn't Arima fuck the tomboy
That sex would be godlike

irl bullshit happened and i dont know how much it set me back and my attempt to take my mind off it backfired

Ask that damn dog.

Well, how long can you stay up?

It's sort of an Indian holiday, so I told my parents I'd make the house ultra clean for them


all he does is barfk at me

Found it on Sankaku


Jeez, calm down cutie

I'm gonna have to make something quick for dinner eventually, what should I make?

sex appeal

Lmao Kao was like having a seizure and died or some shit

gg no re

I'm not spoiling it for you!


Soto. I got Black Rum or whatever.

Think I'm going to give up alcohol for a while. ;_;

If I can pull it off I'll buy a £200 bottle of whiskey.

Stewed Garbanzo Beans and Potatoes in Indian Spices


How clean is "ultra clean"?

How long is "a while"?

Lol Rip.
I'm drinking tonight


scrubbing the floors

wiping down cabinets

god fuckin damnit im gonna just get it over with





Desu you're ugly af irl btw

2 months minimum.
I've been a little cavalier of late

when when when


How long does it have to simmer?
What even are indian spices? I need some specifics here

What's up

Alright man.

post ayaya

tried to talk to my friends. did not work out well

Good luck.

If you do reward yourself at the end, though, don't do it by getting pass out drunk. Especially if you're getting expensive whiskey, savor it and don't over-indulge.

Too bad I have a early wake up

4:09 PM - Grim Echoes: also send this to lewds, I forgot to give him the whole recipe
4:09 PM - Grim Echoes: cookstr.com/recipes/stewed-garbanzo-beans-and-potatoes-in-indian-spices

The lack of context and details makes empathy difficult. But it sounds bad.


Thanks. Recipe calls for hours of simmering though, which I don't have.

Oh no, scotch(unless it's blended and cheap) should be savoured.
And noted.

ughhh tell me when ist is is when is its

Want my folder of her ?


how big is it?

How come ?

i get annoying when im lonely or freaking out over something

so seriously who is best poster and why are they leaving?

7 inches

149 images and gifs



too small for me


Can I poke your tummy then ?

Things to do. 9 hours til the alarm clock kills me



no that's gay

That's a shame

It's just a poke

stop mean!!



You tell me what THIS -> means, and I'll be nice.