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yeah but if you werent breathing im sure youd notice when you fell over lol

fuck Holla Forums for making me submit that post 10 times and then not showing up for a minute after posting


my dad tried to get in contact with me again. nights ruined

i dont have the lexicon to explain this

yo im about to drink this fire and burn the hell out of myself again

Do you want me to clean?

mfw nobody advising me about my predicament

Poor Wan

why she soo poor?

At least I have the really good custom skin for her.

I'll forgive you if you join my voice chat room and say "Teacup" and then leave.

It kills all pain though

i dont even know i dont think ive ever been in a position to feel not breathing for longer than i could hold my breath

no i want him to suffer in silence without sending me paragraphs about how sorry he is.

*hug her*

I will make you feel pain again
don't do that shit I'm telling you

This is an expensive and dangerous thing. Is easier to clean.

lawl that dethscream

Its POH not POOR


eww poop

I don't really have that many left anyways.



quarter way through this. it burns to breath.
send help

Archives are you gonna voice or nah

best i can describe it is that for the most part i dont consciously breathe and my body just does it without thinking about it unless i focus on it

he has a daughter to take care of.


play the game and chat her on the side

make her feel happy for doing something for you
and describe the fun you're having!
give her a smile


grim post cute anime girl going "ree"

I see. So you don't want him in a dark, dank cellar for the rest of his days?

half way through. everything is on fire but it's okay.

he's already miserable. would you like to read his desperate attempt?

yeah im p sure i could drink lava and be fine. its actually putting me to sleep for some reasonor am i just dying

Who are you torturing now?

what are you doing

i follow but have you took some pain killers yet for the headache? :^)


my dad

i havent

If you would like, love.

I thought you did not associate.


ill send it to you

he started it

nerd do it already before it hurts more, bae

Hell no, I'm not drinking until I turn 21 or someone is here

No, it's his firewater.

Is this good or bad?

it fixed itself mostly



So many LED switches.

At least everything is now in the computer.

no no nu nu

yay! ♥



ACTUAL fire? what is with your trip?


are you telling the truth to me, sebs? cause if not ill glare at your posts with vague disappointment lol such a horrible punishment right?


Love you too, bb


Dignitas got relegated, get fucked.

silence can do wonders

fair enough


did i show you the vid richard is in?

I was trying something out. It's Nezi's new trip. It's literally just #neziwi

lmao what is that puush, and no you didn't yet.

lmao what a fag



it was for someone real nice
here watch this vid. he's the guy sitting down on the left at 23seconds lmfao

can anyone here touch the tip of their nose with their tongue?


I tried and failed, but I learned a valuable lesson.

Never try

No but I can make a girls eyes roll back with it.


me neither it apparently is a rare trait along with things like being able to lick your elbow or make weird shapes with your tongue, twitch your nose or ears independently

why? did something bad happen?

I can

lmao I thought you said he was black



the tip of your elbow is called


Nah, it's just an ol' Simpsons reference.

No everything just died instead

that sounds like an amazing trait to have, sugar

wwell it was a chance at least one of us all could! nice job being born with a trait that obviously impresses example being gene simmons

THIS is the ideal waifu

sorry for being the life of the conversation

if you look on my facebook you can find both of their profiles
that Joey guy tried to pay him $20 to do exactly what that guy did. he couldn't because he didn't have much time, had to make a deal.





yeah that factoid gave my friends and i a great laugh on the playground

fun fact until i was 15 i had not seen a single episode of the simpsons and even now ive only watched roughly 20?


his face and voice don't match lol

Yeah dude because anyone was even in that channel

4 people


you wut m8
wait you haven't seen him with his webcam on? i just realized my parents anniversary and sister birthday is in 2weeks what do i get it[spoiler]richard will prob smoke a fuck ton on her birthday[/spoiler]

you were in the gay channel not the afk channel

this is a song


I've never really liked it myself.

dude why are spoilers so gay on Holla Forums.

it WAS highbitrate
until some FAG changed it

Yes it is. Good deduction skills


you are doing it wrong fag

I think he's in the closet irl but you'd have to ask him

I linked this already in discord today.

dont you mean good taste?

waka mary uh sun?

dough she oh...

:/ o-okay

Parov stelar lmao

you dont have to do the thing with the []s, just use double *

I dont go into discord

I like it too
nice gif

not your night

oh right yeah the high bitrate zone
don't call manaka that

i changed my spoilers to the other way, doing it that way on 4chan allows you to put spoilers inside spoilers


i prefer typing it out tbh. or you know, doing ctrl+s

yeah dawg

Yeah. I don't wanna even talk about it anyway.

See ya.


oh manaka isn't even on, must've been ban since that is his channel

Thats good because i'm the top dog in discord!

yeah i dont dislike it from what ive seen but i am very surprised its lasted so long, its alright but no where near the level that id say it should be around this long or forever with how its going


im a pretty lady!

Holy shit you're retarded.

ban changed it

waddup tho



wooof woof he da dog



poh 6 on BnS since some nerds need help

# no buly

wait did i legit type it when i meant to type her

borkf borkf

You must be pretty familiar with this feeling.

holy fuck get destroyed kid

yeah im done for tonight thaat fire was too legit for me

never once

More like all the time.



i still wish that was a legit thing to call
i'd call it every night before i go to sleep

*gives rabit a carrot*



Lenko if I end up waking up in like an hour or two and we play I'm going to talk so tactical

the extent of my flirting is "I got you 6"

sure kid


I don't know, it usually is followed with a slap.

I want to plaaaaay!

It just means my tongue is kinda long.

What do you want to play?


still not in voice


dude if it was real i bet a garand ping would be highly requested


sleep tight and don't let the grenades bite


Can I be a mod now?

y-yeah sure


Whoa nice!

I dunno I'm also sorta tired.

I'm tired! I don't want to join if I won't be talkative.

night peeps

lol probably should ask permission first :^)

yeah and it is apparently not hugely common

Lively bunch tonight

Sweet dreams.

You mean I am not just supposed to grab a woman, tear her bottoms off and dive in?



Call me by my real name.

How do you do?

I don't know what that is

chicks dig it

Eh, can't complain. Almost done with A Link to the Past and kinda getting bored

John Doe.

Tracer John Doe?

I was playing majoras mask the other day and rage quit because I was at the top of the climb to stone tower temple and a fire bat hit me and I fell all the way to the bottom.

On an emulator or..?

Go to sleep Mordin

Yeah, it's sorta wonky playing n64 games with a 360 controller.

Oooh, okay. Then it's totally your fault for not abusing save states

mordin be our aram 5th please

But ARAM is sorta dull though.

You're just saving the time it would have taken to redo what you already did, that's not cheating


the law just doesnt like it for some strange reason we might never know why :^)

i bet

we'll switch to normals just for you

Suffering is part of the experience.

Hmm. I might consider it then. Who is playing?

me ban luka and lloyd :s

I savestated the shit out of a certain boss in persona 3 though. Gimmicky as heck.


That's the thing with these old games, I suffered through them once already

The pain... is pleasure?

To a certain extent



wtf did i do i dont even know you





Dead indeed.


hi ikt
hi menma

Hallo L enko


I go by Lotte now, hmmph.

Menma let's play games together later.

Good luck having people actually change what they refer to you as. I've tried to change my name multiple times over the past 6 years. Everyone still calls me Menma.

is games a secret code word for lewd? :^)

Could do. I need to study a bunch though. Maybe when I take a prolonged break.
Stupid finals. I'm trying to spend a few hours a night on my Japanese too.


only if you want it to be no

If you want me to call you Mei I will. Also it was my original tripfag name.

Are you a real girl

I need to start doing that, the japanese bit, but I think classes would be easier. I'll play games with you when you're free then.

yes no

Call me what you want, I'm not really attached to names anymore. The curse of Janus bleeds through my veins I suppose.

I study on my own. Wish I had a conversation partner to practice with though.


Okay I'll just go with Menma. Given some time I will become slightly fluent in it.

My neck hurts

Entered in the fates collide pre-release and bought some music from Bandcamp.

It's probably out of alignment. A sudden application of force in a small area will fix it.

Tie a rope around your neck and attach it to the rafters and jump then SNAP, your neck is fixed.

Chii, sit on my face.



I'm a little drunk. I should be sleeping soon. But I dun wanna.


im sad now


Grab a rope, tie a noose, and put it around your ankle. hang yourself upside down and do nothing.

i tried really hard :(

but guero and me got baited everytime... and then zed ulted me twice....

Why on God's green Earth would I do that?

So you tried so hard and got so far, but in the the end it didn't even matter?

All your blood will flow to your head and you'll explode.

it mattered to my happyness...
we couldve won...

...i couldve felt joy

Wow really? Good idea.


Yeah, trust me. I'm a doctor.


i don't have anything else...



I'm fucked up fam

I'm also winning at Magic for the first time

i wanna play!



wow 4 reports and all of them werent even real

what are talking about?

mine was

reports on posts 3 of them false spam claims and 1 was claiming grim posted cp when it was literally just a picture of a little girl nothing porn like even remotely about it

ur a mod?
are people just getting mod all willy nilly now?
i want one too then! hmph...


If you are a moderator you shouldn't make other people aware of it. Otherwise it just causes petty drama. Spoilers you should know better.
Keep shit ssshhhh.

this has been a thing for a while

no why should i censor myself? its already been proven there will be drama irregardless so me bringing it up isnt really a problem, maybe instead people shouldnt make petty false reports?

isn't it usually the other way around scoot? usually people try to hide it and that also causes drama
i dunno how transparency could cause any real drama

gimme a turn! you've had your turn for soo long already! >_

Acknowledging what they do in the public sphere and not just amongst the moderation team will give them license to continue further with reckless abandon.
"This is getting me attention, better keep doing it lols".
Keeping it out of the public eye means others wont be aware of a silly situation occuring and will not encourage increase in said activity.
Plus, no one who is anyone really gives two flying fucks that you have your special hall monitor badge. Its almost like another "hey look at me, arent i special megalols".


boo what total war games you got

rome 2
i play it too much :(

uh this isnt a turn based thing.... if youre going to be weird im just going to ignore you

they will continue irregardless of what anyone else does and i never said i was special i was lamenting over the fact that 4 times someone or someones reported for no real reason pray tell am i not allowed to speak of what is on my mind now? i dont remember that being in the rules

you'd be surprised.

Civ V

you don't have shogun 2 or attila? they were both on humble bundle for 12 dollars last week

Guess what? It is against the rules. You should elarn to be a better and more virtuous person in a position of "responsibility".

Parthia #1

that's pretty rude, what's up with you tonight.... >:(

where are the rules saying that?

for normal folks transparency is usually the best policy but I guess that doesn't really apply to folks here

ya we might play in a bit

im kinda obsessed with ancient culture so i play rome 2 like its crack
athens masterrace

thats a weird pay to spell athens

Chii I'd fuck you in MtG

It isn't my job to know the rules. It is yours.

I always want to be Athens/Sparta... But then I remember the phalanx gets pwn't pretty easily. I might do another playthrough. But with subdefuge. I don't know. I just find it hard to move past how shit the hellas nations are in comparison to Rome. Like ffs Rome(because virtue of title nation plus innovators) are over powered to fuck.

translation of your current language: nowhere but i just want to start petty drama with the mod cause "hey look at me, arent i special megalols" :^)

that's not very mature of you.

i havent played rome 2 in years man
shogun 2 is pretty sweet if you have any interest in japanese military culture
it's set at the point in history where the portugese first started nanban trade in japan so the only guns or cannons is if you're rich enough for that trade shit
and then if you trade with them every other clan hates you because you're facilitating Christianity and shit
lots of depth

What I am saying as just as petty as you complaining about le spam reports. Right now you are acting like a little bitch. I suggest you take a deep breath and chill out chicken nugget.

so if i say exactly the same thing that you said to m, i am being a little bitch but you are not?

You are now hallucinating. Do you need sleep?

why is spoilers acting like such a little bitch to you???

not interested in japanese culture at all is the problem :(
plus i love the phalanx
perfect strategy for me

since i copy and pasted it there yeah, that would be the case


sea based creatures in a wooden container being assaulted by a gunpowdered contraption

I hardly think so. You are just trying to smoke and mirrors yourself out of your responsibility. You are the worst kind of mod. Making a big flash song and dance. "Look at me, I am le mod" and then when you are confronted with your shortcomings you resort to shit flinging.
I expected more from you.

whatever you say scoots lol

How candid.

candid camera

yeah phalanx is fucking cool and actually works in rome 2
closest thing in shogun is spear wedge and that just gets outmaneuvered and defeated by literally any light infantry troop


alright get the fat jokes out because i need help

how the fuck do you know what treadmill to buy
i have heard of literally none of these brands on amazon and NordicTrack treadmills are like upwards of3,000 USD



Time to make Sparta great again.

im lonely now...

play league withe me and I'll tell you
brb rq

I am the most interesting man in the thread.

The goal to winning a hellenic faction is to unify the states btw

just play athens/sparta and form alliances with all of the other factions

you probably want to client state them or confederation them later but if you have at least defensive alliances with all the greek states + egypt you can fight rome/any other faction

i am beyond done with league for the night bro



in this moment or in general cause one is a far more vast answer than the other lol

Well the answer your question would be none. It would do you more good to go outside and run. Running on a treadmill is bad for your joints and won't burn more than a couple hundred calories an hour (at a fairly quick pace). Running outside on either soft ground or asphalt would yield better results. Also it's best to wear sweats when you go running. Unless of course if it's hot as balls and you don't want to risk heat stroke. Running on soft ground (dirt, trail, sand) will almost always burn more calories and is better on your joints.

Why not both? :3c

well one would count both

And rightfully so. Have you seen me? I'm me. I'm a big deal.

im not going running in this neighborhood dude
id rather have bad joints from a treadmill than robbed phone and my ass beaten from walking around with earbuds in

Domesticated catgirl maids when.

Also 8k link where.

then do p90x for 90 days you fruit. it's simple and you don't need to buy anything to do it.

lmao nice reference


sounds good. That's the next song up now.


man your advice outside the realm of weightlifting is shit
ill just fuckin keep lifting for now

Do you understand how stupid you sound right now? I am fucking triggered.

i think you lack the skill of logical progression dude
i'm significantly overweight and i cant get my cardio outside because i live in the fucking projects
why would a 90 day gimmick workout be the answer to long term weight loss

It's not you shit, but it's a start. You can do it for more than 90 days you mongoloid. The entire regimen is not limited to only the 90 day challenge. The intensity increases and offers things you can't get with just weight lifting.

you should lift with your fuckin brain stem cause that shit is underdeveloped

also thanks lol that makes more sense


You're welcome, child.

This song gets me.

i cant promise to be as good at hitting on fail traps as you boo but i can try

night thread

Totally doing what I'm supposed to be. Yup.


Would you like a foot massage?

I prefer head massages.


How do you massage heads?



With hands.

shit. that's not how you speel Wish. Close though.

i want to fuck mei


Good one smartass, but did you mean scalp massage or just running your fingers through hair?

Both are within skilled hands that melt the frost of melancholy.


#[email protected][AX杜

*lovingly massages your scalp gently and thoroughly*
How's your day been?~

kind of wanna borrow an old pokemon game off my sister and try nuzlocke rules



The tales of dead gods rot my mind beneath the moonlight.
What of yours?

Are your hands that skilled? Still feeling the melancholy?

*hugs you gently*
Tell me more about those dead gods, i want to hear about all of it.~
Mine's been peaceful, i relaxed and smiled and watched lotsa fun things.

Mine lack that warmth; the sleeping one has such hands, but they will not quicken until more sand has fallen.

Bad blood flow perhaps? Have you been waiting for those hands long?

All fall towards the abyss, some grasp for a light that will not save them. I must remember the tales of the faithful deluded, for the trial grows ever closer.
Their stories do not fit willingly into the recesses of my mind, the cracked mirror reflects nothing of that false light.

What is your trial?
which stories do fit?

*o* Menma is soooo cool!~

The ruby life has not any influence. The warmth of skill I speak of.
I wait past a fourth of 24 for my dear one to awaken.

Okay I can't think of any poetics to answer this one. I'm studying for a test on religion that I have to take in two days, and I find the ideas of religion delusional.

I'm just having fun with language, nothing cool here.

Alright so 6 am for your head massage. What time is it over where you are? And here I thought you actually talked like this. Poetics, nice.


Tell me, what do you believe in?
(i promise not to bite~ maybe a nibble, lol)

I like your language! it makes people think~

I do in general prefer to talk with metaphor and parable, and mostly only did when I was young. I can easier fit my thoughts into them than typical language. The problem is that many miss my meaning when I do.
Case in point: I meant I have waited 6 hours so far for my wife to wake up so I can pester her for a head massage.
She is one who quickens to dawn and twilight, while I am one who waits beneath the silver light.

Ra, nor Yaweh, nor the pantheon of ages past are reflected in the broken mirror. Not but the darkness of void lingers beyond the veil.

You'll have to bear with me a little bit, I'm running on

Can i be your silver light?
The mirror still reflects right?
you are light in the dark! ...uh right?

he has a wife like

She is no child of Ra, but one who spans the cusp between the calm of the pale and the flare of the burning eye.
Conflagration is what awaits me under that gaze, but as it is reflected and soothed my eyes are spared the sear of the inferno.
She is the whole in opposition to the cracks in my pane.

If you can ascend upon the sky of the moon.
The mirror is cracked, but things are surprisingly clear.
I am not such a radiance, I merely reflect it.

She is not a follower of the sun/morning person. She is at her best after the early morning and towards the afternoon all the way until sunset. Since you're nocturnal (or a vampire) the sunlight burns you. As the sun sets and dusk turns to twilight you are able to move about once again. She is what completes you? This is kind of fun, tell me how wrong I am. Sorry playing games.

i forgot how to sleep .-.

she is beutiful

i can ascend!
Nothing is wrong with a mirror that works?
you reflect good things, light that is already there~

Your words are sound, but her time spans until the moon has well risen, then sleeps until the blaze is high overhead.
I am no daughter of Caine, but merely one who's mind is easily stricken blind by those who emit such light. My grains fall beneath the subtle calm of the darkfallen world, where there is room for breath to settle in the cold air, free of the constant noise.

Without a candle sweet purpose, my existence is as good as that of a wisp.

you exist, which is good!
you are able to find purpose
*holds your hand guiding you to good things*

So she's up until midnight and sleeps until noon? I do not know of the "daughter of caine" reference. You are most at ease when around this person? Because they're so warm. Most of what you do is done at night simply because there is less to hinder you. You really racked my brain with the "my grains fall beneath the subtle calm of the darkfallen world" part, I'm fairly certain I got it right.

Those words sing with truth. The father of the ones who lust after the crimson font is known by that name, I am not of his blood.
The sleeping one bridges the gap between the searing glare, the one who soothes the light so my eyes remain seeing.
Less to hinder, and less to suffer. I can only exist beneath the inferno with many layers of shadow before my eyes above my head, for if not all I see is searing white before my consciousness fades.

Until the sands run out, or I break the glass.

Just listen to this song, close your eyes, and drift off.

why would you want to break the glass?


When the broken mirror is clouded completely by the mists once more, while sand remains; I would rather see it all fall at once.


You will get to. I have faith in you.
because your lifes soothing eyes will be there to comfort you and your mirror will always be able to reflect.