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ITT: Luka begs for more Subway money

I am not sure what you mean by that description though.


Is it normal to feel inadequate.

It's like trying to compete with vajb ;;


vlad putin dancing in sneakers to funky music in artic base filled with scientists.

are you sure? you've posted it before long ago... :|



ITT: nerds

Yeah, don't worry ^^
Mostly it's just awesome, in the literal sense of the word
He used to stream on Twitch up until very recently, I think he stopped because the stream/chat spam made him lag

You see he's #3 right now

Yeah she's been my avatar for years and years.
I don't share with anyone really when it comes to her~

lol what?

Hey Luka if you bark like a dog and lick my shoes I'll give you 3 dollars

That's like half a footlong

Do it you poor ass piece of shit

Now that makes more sense!


I even see a Razer logo and stuff so I think they pro

I kind of think he's a panhandler.

At least make it a full foot long, you sadist.

He has two keyboards, that's as pro as it gets :3

I thought you were as pro as it gets

O yeah there is that crazy map Wish made us do :c

If only, if only


i wanna be homu too! hmph... she's the only one i like tho..

Isn't Insider the closest one to Luka geographically?
Get him to drive out to Luka and buy him a sub.

wow... you couldn't understand from all the super duper ovious hints i dropped? :\

But I got dirt on my converse and don't want to clean it off myself

Might aswell use him as a shoecleaner
I know he doesnt have the materials to clean my shoes so I'll make him use his mouth

I wonder whos the dumbass giving him money all the time
I bet its lexi's dumbass lmao

Fuck that
If he wants a foot long he has to do the whole Sit, Stay, Lie Down, Roll Over, Shake, etc

then lick my shoes clean


I'll give you lessons then

Like what?

Not really.

are you feeling alright or soemthing?

wat is famas?

I berated them so badly for doing that.
It wasn't like it was even a decent amount, just some paltry money for food.
But still, it was just so damn sad.

he'd probably take the job irl tbh
anything to feed his addiction/food

pleb honestly

actually fuck im gonna buy more dota hats, boo do you want one

Did you actually read anything passed where Index II's anime ends?
Kakine Teitoku, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, and Ollerus are probably the best characters.


yuh bruh

what hero ?

I'll take you under my wing and teach you how to be good

A bit tired, and it's a gun.
I saved a whole lot from this artist and named them by the guns that are in them.

you mean like the ww3 arc and stuff like that? I didn't read much no.



post lots! :D
*hugs sleepy sd*


Most of the Magic side characters introduced are boring, sans Fiamma and Ollerus.
Science gets a little annoying with having to deal with Shiage just being a retard.
The series looks to be close to its final ten chapters or so since Imagine Breaker's secrets are pretty much revealed and the introduction of literal gods.

You have to have a lot of homu points before you can use her. Sorry. lol

When did you get into pet play?

oh are you actually
damn youre the best

Probably will go to bed in a bit.

that kinda just defeats purpose

I know how to play the guitar and the bass
I enjoy going to the shooting range, cooking, gardening, weight lifting, etc

There's more to life than being a fucking nerd

You seem to have misspelled him there tsuchi

Also I heard you guys are e-dating
If you guys are I didn't mean to disrespect your bf fam

I'd end up giving him a dollar after he cleans my shoe and barks and rip another dollar in half and say its technically 3 dollars now

He's probably stupid enough to believe it

Why dont you use that money to fix your fucking eyebrows lmao

Oh I'm not really into it
I just don't like Luka

Dream lots!

fite me latina caliente

the more she talks the more i wanna put my dick into her

No. I just sort of berate and constantly be a dick to them.

Can't give it to you for a week though

I like her eyes. and hair.

I probably won't get around to reading it either. I already have plenty of stuff that I want to read but I'm too lazy to start reading.

Well I guess weight lifting and cooking are both good for you, but the rest seem equally useless.

It doesn't defeat the purpose.
How are you, love?

Oh, well you seemed like a degenerate there. Just saying. Whatcha up to?

You're not scary, boi.

Can I spoil Imagine Breaker then?

still worth it bruh
its the thought that counts anyway


i'll make you touch you my vag, nerd.

I feel like someone has spoiled it for me already at some point and I forgot about it. I haven't really watched or interested myself in raildex since railgun S was airing.

Just do it, I'm curious.

i'm cozy, nibbling on my rare limited edition white reese's mini's, and wanting love. i'll prolly cook up my tuscan chicken for dinner tonight. urf looks like fun prolly. but right now i'm cozy, staring at screen bored so i post.





It's a divine seal placed on his arm to keep whatever power stems from his right arm under control. Something that can defeat literal gods. It ends up getting split into World Rejecter, the ability to simply "banish" deities to something completely removed from the world that there's no way back from, bestowed upon some second character. So yes, it's not just Determinator fueling Touma, he's pretty much stronger than Crowley who easily matches said gods all by himself.

I found some gems :3

What about the arc in season 1 where his arm is cut off?

and you too

That is uncertain for.

Glad to hear that.

aka he's an easy lay

How passable is he anyways?
I haven't seen that niggas face
I got like a set of hello kitty pj pics like 2 years ago and thats like about it

Gardening is pretty useful, since we grow our own vegetables and they taste so much better than the shit they sell at stores
My grandpa also grows weed and that also falls under gardening since its sorta the same concept only letting em hang dry and trimming etc and stuff

Shooting range is just for fun

Learning how to play an instrument is pretty fun too, and you can kinda show off when ever people come over. I can even impress some weebs at cons by playing weeb tunes on it too.

Don't get me wrong i still am a huge weeaboo faggot but I also like to be a bit of a normie so i can appeal to both sides.
Also its nice learning new stuff
Stop being a lazy piece of shit and do something new for once

Well I am one so congrats on your assessment skills
You must have gone to college to notice that much lmao

Just home alone everyone here went out to have fun and I stayed home since I have to work later tonight

How you feeling fam?
Still cruda?

Izzard wasn't just imagining that.


W H O A dude.

I haven't seen a pic of them in ages so I've no clue.


fucking gross


Poor Eva.

Anything happening here?

lawl funny webm

Paint drying.

Paint drying is the best.


disgustingly accurate


When you're doing textured painting, it's kind of fun because you have to wait a little bit so it's just tacky enough to start painting in perpendicular directions.

paints you in perpendicular directions

I'm just saying

Maybe you should stop watching cartoon and maybe grow up a bit, don't you think?

don't lie

I like Soto's life advice.

You're supposed to go with the length, not across.
wtf r u doin?

The pics they've posted in threads is the latest I've ever seen of them and those are like years old.

Is this thread alive?

rogl did you just call yourself a chode?

i need emotional validation

As alive as it will ever be, how are you Menma?


My head throbs from the poisonous fun, but I'm fairly well none the less.

I like you

He's a spic right?

Just as alive as you are
aka kinda dead but barely breathing

I'm here to help though

Get it yourself

Stop relying on other for your emotional support or happiness

people don't just give you shit, it doesn't work that way
You have to work hard for it

Advice me, sempai

soto's life advice is the best because he actually goes outside some days

Just barely

Perpendicular motions would be from side to side motions which...just wouldn't really do much.

lol chode

I think that pretty much describes most of us here.
Case in point:

That's fine then.

Mix of everything that's not black, I think.



but i have problems that seem too much for me and i can't make myself deal with them
i'm a barely functional human being and have no reason to continue living other than to spite myself

Still motta cruda

Like a tuna can.


My head aches from lack thereof. But I feel a bit better with you here now. How goes life?

dont understand the meaning of this post
might just be hard to read past ur autism but idk

do what?
i don't want to do anything

Don't get upset, it's unbecoming of a small comment.

My nose is free of the pages for half a moon, so life goes well for now.
Do you not have shops on corners that could provide?

They are within arm's reach but I'm trying to abstain. Being healthy is suffering.

could this be a victory?
in short i did it!

you got me
im upset

Revy, just smile once.
Just once do that.

Here's some advice

Don't follow other peoples advice

Someones gotta go outside and buy the weed and alcohol

Genki genki


Water and ibuprofen, if you can hold it down
eat some gelatin or soup or something too
A cold shower helps cool your body down when youre hungover as shit too

Just lay down and watch some shitty anime till you feel a bit better

If that shit has lasted a good 4 hrs and you still barfed means you went hard in the mother fucking paint yesterday
Im kinda proud of ya Wish
My little canadian is finally growing up

What about your family?
Don't just kill yourself, instead work yourself like a fucking slave and use that to help your family out
Use drinking or smoking weed to cope with your sadness or whatever

And if you think that's too much work then just kill yourself then

That's very Leo. I like that idea~

Rocket League is p fun

smiling hurts

i hate my family
everything i do i do for myself and the sadness never goes away no matter how much i drink

Ah yes, he goes outside only to get locked inside a cell.

I remember when I had a 12 hr long hangover with cold shakes and couldn't even walk

Good fucking times

Yeah, I've been downing Advil every 4 hours.
I dunno, I'm not really headachey or anything, just kinda shitty feeling.

I'll def spam anime tonight.

I border on complete misanthropy and even I have a substantially far more positive outlook than you.


The worst is when you've been drinking for so long over a course of a week that you kind of get the shakes (not shivering) going on.


i'm a philosophical buddhist

Lol what, soto had to do time?
Mordin, are you trying to apply misleading?


yuh bruh

soto went to jail for a few days for raping some chick

The drunk driving caught up to him.

Get a better shrink and more meds.





Yo SOTO, gib juicy details.
Are you available to voip this shit? Im not gonna sleep too much tonight, it has allreaddy been decided

zap zap


It was a DUI.

i'm bad at taking meds because most of them give me terrible side effects
the only thing my body tolerates is buspar

tolerate this dick

Sucks to be you, Debbie Downer.

Drunk driving is like most tings harmless as fuck until somebody gets hurt,
As Surströmming, Miljöpartiet, and also game meatballs.
There are better examples of why "drunk" driving is harmless, but this is not the time.
We'll do it next week in the limo

Wow, what PICTURE you painted there.
When was it NOT a DUI?


this is a brilliant man who i believe may be a candidate for a darwin award soon

Just be yourself fam

Here's some horrible advice that sorta worked for me
If youre suicidal, don't kill yourself cause that's pussy shit
Just start doing really crazy shit that could possibly kill you but is really fun
Try all the drugs, go to parties non stop, fuck whatever you can, etc
You'll eventually start going overboard till you almost OD or die or something then you'll appreciate being alive after having a near death experience

Well it isn't wrong either
Don't get all sassy cause I called you a lazy piece of shit that can't do anything besides watch anime lol

Careful with your liver fam, youre hungover as it is and taking advil nonstop is just making your liver work like an illegal spic in front of Home Depot

yeah you're getting over it, glad to hear
Just give it another 2 hrs and you'll be good
You're gonna get hungry as shit when your hangover goes away so order some good ass food

If you feel weak as shit drink something sugary since just drinking water helps but you need some sugars too
I know you dont like soda, get some OJ or something

Hell yeah bruh
Its cold as shit in there

I didn't see Mordin's response.
I've no idea the specifics, just that it was the expected sex crime with a minor.

okay now it's all fun and games until you shoop news articles

It was a real article.

ew no

it really does
i'm sorry for existing

my past near-dying hasn't particularly endeared me to living
staying alive is just the easiest way to hate myself

but the name was shooped in

don't be stupid


Skype then, or TC?

It's cool, i understand that you want to quench the thirst that is appearant when i make an unlinked post, and i'm sorry i acted passive agressive, i'm just mad that my neighbour is not up and about.

what the actual fuck

oh, it's patch

literally make your own news articles


scared me there



Just smoke weed instead or something

You're getting to Erin levels of depressed and that makes me want to tell you to just end your life if youre gonna be bitching and moaning so much but I don't want to be that mean to you so I'll just tell you to git gud instead

I work in a bit
I have tomorrow off though

lmao come on nigga


oh my god


he escaped.

Why are you so oh my gah

I hope he cuts an artery next time he cuts and dies :^)

I'm not depressed.

I'm complicated.

i like erin...

i take it back now that hes here
fuck erin

lol, fuck

such a common name

Nikki seems to have seen most

Tommorrow for you i'm going to be dee-kneep in real life shit of the boring, semi-depressing kind, how long do you have until you leave?

That's good to know ?

I see all


Go the fuck to sleep



I knew you'd see that post since your script notifies you

And read most?


alright i'm gonna go cry at my friend's house for a bit
goodnight everyone

i'm pretty sure it's just school stress
i'll be better soon

prom is tonight bois

lol i just cried from a comic with a heartsmith and shit wtf

I can't

the zopiclone is no stronk enough

imma take another

I should be asleep, this is a chance encounter.

not very much

it wasn't THAT sad

Stop self loathing so fucking much.
Message me if you need it.

why would you know

He's on the prowl.

because i'm going to drop off a few friends there

be careful on your way, i might mail you later

fI KNOWEjfapsodkjgap

but wtf. it was like some avatar shit

my life sucks
im gonna cut my wrists
the only way you can stop this is to shower me with (you)s


you email me
i don't have anything to talk about really

i'm a safe driver ;~;


lol stahp it x////x

Like an hr
Still need to pack my lunch and such though
I left my webcam at my pad, or i should say what used to be my pad
I'll go pick it up tomorrow so I can tc

Lets hope so
For the sake of this whole community
No one wants to hear a grown ass man complain

For the record I wasn't talking shit I was just stating facts

best to do it a little lower than the wrist

taking anyone home?

last time you tried you couldn't bring yourself to draw blood iirc

it hurted too much and you bottled it

It's not that I want to talk to you right now or even in the short future.
I'm just saying you're free to message me if you need it later.

no tears
only dreams~

shut up you
double nigger

are you conflating him with sci

You are getting gayer and gayer.

I'm not depressed

and revy cries like literally 24/7

real talk maybe I am depressed, but at least I'm not such an enormous pussy about it

But you read my post, that is all tthat matters

Then just write out what happened or link posts, i probobly wont be able to connect to the internet tomorrow

Since when did you care about Revy so much?

just be careful

lol wat

i plead the fifth


you naughty boy

better check their ids


I did it again like a few days ago.

the psychologist wants me to see the psychiatrist more.

both of them tried and failed


Listen to the sounds of a watamalone the next time you come across one

I've been drinking this strawberry punch stuff, it's pretty tasty.

It's actually kinda sweet of you to be so concerned, not gonna lie.

we probably shouldn't get smug about our ability to self harm

if ur gonna keep cutting yourself your whole life have you ever considered like
just saying fuck it and moving on to the next world
just going for the neck and shit
btw dont bully revy she(he?)s fragile

Revy is a girl

not gonna remember that lol

I've talked to them in private for like, over four years now.
They're not that bad usually.
I just cannot deal with them when they're a walking amalgamation of self pity.

Fuck you then
If you don't want to talk to me then I don't need you

My E-penis is huge btw.

5 fith

idk why I forgive you so easily


hi luka

it doesn't give the same feeling

Just remember that revy wears skirts
and skirts are for girl

do you want to have a ababyby

u dont

hi ;~;

You are missing what I said entirely.
I was saying that I didn't mind being there if you needed to vent. I was just clarifying that I wasn't just seeking conversation for the sake of it.

Boy you're gonna be walking funny tonight.

its a 'rank and file tranny gets mad at me for not remembering their special snowflake pronoun' episode


Gimme hug.

I'm not smug

cutting has no winner or losers

it would have losers, but they all pussied out 😏

think about it everyday

the doctors also find that concerning

and revy should complain less, it's difficult to care about someone's problems when those problems are a hundred percent of their personality

i forget the legal age there is 16 right?

why the sad faic?

please Archives not in front of everybody

i ca take it any longer . //.


You can't stop me.

it's 18 but if you're within 3 years it's okay

i never said i was gonna lewd them though :^)


Healthy sounds miserable.

i have cola and cherry mcguillicuddy
its the best mix ive ever had

i dunno...

im scared

I remember when Kon called me out on being too much of a bitch to cut myself when we were both drunk as shit on tc like back in 2013

I was like "Oh yeah?" so I went to grab a old dull ass knife/razor and started cutting myself and was like giggling cause it didnt hurt maybe cause I was drunk as shit it just was like a lil bit of stinging

Those were the days
I think that was the time Ariel got naked on cam and was cutting herself while naked

That's actually true
Revy does complain alot

Good shit

It's not like Im concerned or anything, I just know how shitty hangovers are and have been through countless hangovers so I want to help you out.
I also tend to spoil my onee-chan alot when shes hungover and I guess it's just a basic reflex now

D-Don't get the wrong idea

I really do post slowly... yeesh.

No we are gonna do it in front of everyone.

You don't want my forgiveness?
That's okay then

are you busy or what

yuh but
regardless of whether she should stop complaining or not, attacking the poor girl is gonna undoubtedly make her situation worse
it'd be the essential equivalent of someone pushing more suicidal thoughts in your head than there already is

Offer stands, though I'm not going to keep talking about.
Have a good night with your friend.

i dont think suicidal ideation is so bad. i mean my thing is just like casually considering it from time to time. i remember a few days ago the breeze was really nice and the sunrise was pretty. so my inner monologue is like "oh this would be a decent place"

but i know it's never go through with it.

if i cut a trophy onto my body id be a winner

what are you gonna do you creepy fuck

I decided I wanted food. So I made some.



I most certainly can't

But I can laugh at you
and that's what im currently doing

Lemme see your fingers

What's on the menu tonight?
I just had a mini pot pie

how come?

they're probably staying the night and whatever comes from that is all good. driving 3 there and probably bringing 7 back

Yes, but I'd say the end more than justifies the means. I'm a bit more cheery now, and boy do I miss some people from my family.

Hey guys check out what my e-gf with a penis got me for my birthday

am i cool or what

reminder to be nice to bebop or face abduction



that leaves one extra for you

So you're not and is not going to be, much like akon, but not like akon, a convict?


...i uh
nevermind, it's not important to anyone. :c

*unzips dick*


You can. But it would be a laughter of hypocrisy.

are you sure

cause I hear in the olden days being told to man up was just the ticket for curing a bad case of the whinies

thing is for me, there is very little that stops me from actually doing it

I think they wanna maybe fix it before that very little becomes not enough

I am just the best right

What what?

Why? I mean I can post the surgery pics again but they're old.

Beef and onion stir-fry with rice.
I am a lame cook when I'm feeling lazy.

Where have they gone, sober one?

visit your boyfriend

that sounds scrumptious

I have some brown rice and chickpeas for later ^^

this sounds a lot worse than it is


well humans are extremely different babe

while aggressive encouragement might work for someone else, it will probably only depress a doll like revy a lot more

he should be moving here within 6 months.


I remember having an E-gf with a penus
good times

I was asking what you cooked but you answered, albeit accidentally to me.

that looks comfy as hell, ngl

Shit tastes in waifu tbh

Its just a misdemeanor
Yeah its still bad but its better than a Felony

Im not laughing at the fact that you watch anime

Im laughing at the fact that you are too lazy/narrow minded to actually try out new things that could actually turn out to be fun/enjoyable
Its almost ignorant of you to do so lmao

Might aswell
Why did you even do it again?

Are you gonna dick your mouse pad?

wear a condom. kids these days are filthy

I'm confident you'll make it that long

that kids face at the end always makes me lose my fucking shit


-CUMS- ./////. sorry ive never dont that before


she is pretty

So out of the two of us, the one trying to look down on others is the less narrow minded individual? And I don't have issues trying out new things, quite the opposite.


biggest autism fit i've seen in anime wtf

Y'all mad becuz I'm stylin' on yo asses


I'm a boy btw

Bard, please contain yourself.

what dont you get


God knows where, but I hope it's a happy place. It's not until I'm reminded of someone that I remember them. Sad isn't it?

M-me too


I was postin' this shit before it was autism

scary people.

WHAT!?! Am I gay now?

You posted the flute playing thing and that was incredibly autism.

You do know I'm not really actually being serious when Im looking down on you, right? Its just teasing like I always do

Then why don't you do it?

eh, idk. just, I spend so much time seeing doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, taking my medications, being miserable and mostly keeping my mouth shut about it, and I meet other in the same situation, when I see someone who complains that much, but isn't doing anything about it, and doesn't seem to be a danger to them self, I just think like, wow, shut the fuck up, if it was bad enough to merit this amount of complaint, you would be either dead or in intensive treatment, this is cringe worthy attention whoring of the worst kind.


Natsumi is 2kawaii, bro.


im too high to read all that

The balls didn't touch i don't think thats gay

watch out, scary dude coming through

yan ur girl clearly has some pretty big problems

should consider doing your job as a boyfriend and fixing that yeah?

Renchon is best gril

You wanna touch balls? Its like sounding but its not.

oh shit

I haven't seen the anime so idk their personalities to tell for sure

Being in a relationship doesn't mean it's your burden to fix every issue with your significant other.

You seem to be cocks on your mind.

She doesn't respect me enough as a man to listen to my opinions or advice.

Natsumi is a cunt
She's the tomboy cunt of the group.
Together with Renchon they plot to steal candy from defenseless new students.

no you just
let them stay depressed
and cutty
you have absolutely no obligations as a lover to try and help your partner
because why would you do that?

no tsuchi im sure youre a master at relationships and know all of this stuff more than me

sounds like youre a huge fucking cuck


I do. Like when I tried sushi for the first time in my life the other week. As for keeping up with hobbies however, there has to be something that keeps me interested or I will shift my attention on to something else. Contrary to popular belief, I actually do go places IRL 4 out of 5 days a week, not counting family visits or hanging out with friends.

is my character a nice one? :)


no lewd is planned! pls

who?? can i help?

I don't want to be fixed. being somewhat improved would be nice, being being fixed would be uninteresting.

Boo you're fucking 18 and no gf
you shouldn't act like you know more than anyone else here when it comes to things like that

We're str8 up niggas

don't fix what ain't broken

gimme a hug to make me comfortable

I think I got Mordin all riled up or something

Nigga won't stop getting all defensive

Oh, but it is broken

It's literally scraps duct taped together

She has a crush on the short fatty that's the oldest of them.

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It's a give and take.
You can't help someone that doesn't help themselves nor should you be expected to.
That's called a "toxic relationship".
It's "right" to push them in the direction but you can't make them take those steps nor should you.

You're sucha dirty dirty boy

I wish Tsuchi still talked to me in private.

I wish tsuchi talked to me in private.