Who did 9/11

who did 9/11

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(You) Did!

why u heff to be med



Are you going to give me an explanation

pretty mindfucky
but it looks good
I like that purple semen demon

Welcome back. I thought we might not see you for a while.

She reminds of BC lmao
Shes all edgy and gets off to killing shit but its so lewd

I thought it was crazy how shit gets all crazy towards the end

Is it time to drink?
What do you think test?

It's time for you.

For me it's not even 4 in the afternoon. A nap sounds better than anything to me.

she does have that sadistic nature to her.
But like. She has such a friendly "mom-style" face, yet the super lewd get-up

It's a pretty unique combo I don't see much


Some anime?

Don't do drugs when your sad?

Fuck i dunno

I got really bored posting in other threads even though I got to see some people I haven't seen in years again.


There's a 2 part episode 1, soto said to start from the second
good advice

That can't be the whole gist of it.

Some people try to keep up with multiple places at once. I don't see the appeal. One's too much sometimes.

Hold up let me go take some stuff and I'm sure I'll open up a little more.


Sounds weird, that advice. I guess I'll trust it.

prison doesn't seem that bad tbh






She just watches the MC die slowly and was like "does it hurt? I bet it hurts~"

Shit had me diamonds bruh

The white bitch is pretty boring

I got to see my ex-boyfriend and I don't think hes changed at all in 3 years which is rather strange.

I walked in to the other room and my sister was like

sister "are you taking those pills"

me "no its tylenol"

sister "oh"

Fuckin' tricked super hard

oh right i had that in there when i selected the pic
weird how that works

Why do I get the feeling that this is mocking laughter?

Yo, whatsup thread?

She probably knows it's not Tylenol.

Haven't seen you in a while.
Feeling better?

Because its HILARIOUS


Furry/pony crossovers ruin fucking everything.



but she is cute

time for pulp fiction and beer

She has no idea I bet.

Now I just wait like 15 minutes

Hello, love. I hope everything is going well for you, little one. It has been a good minute since I have seen you around here.

Well in that case I am glad you approve.

It isn't really furry. Just ferrety.

Why are you still taking fucking norcos.

Ban are you okay?


A cop threatened me with how bad jail life was before

I think they really overexaggerate how terrible it is though, probably to deter people

I'm still a bit sick, but the fever has gone away so thats pretty nice.
And yeah, I don't like posting here as much as I like posting on 4ch/lgbt/ because most of the people there are more enjoyable compared to the majority of people here.

I don't get it.

Hai Mandy

I can only assume that you mean that in a bad way.

Sarcasm is just incredibly rude, I'd never do it to someone I barely know.

Sounds like a plan, man. I want a beer, but all we have right now are IPAs and Budweiser. I can't stomach either.

I'm incredibly depressed!

What's up with you? Feel like you've been MIA.

Is this place really that fucking bad?
Jesus fuck

I can't tell if the artist made it as a joke or not.

feel good inc


Ghostie if you don't like it here don't fucking post

Like we don't need any more underage people or transsexuals to be honest

And you once again prove you are a little girl.

I have all these conspiracy theories about Satella

Maybe I'm just paranoid

Lolis are always cute btw

Enjoy your fucking constipation.
Add me back on skype and let's talk.

I need to get a fire extinguisher


Why? People find out you smoke?
I've visited a few before and even got to stay the night at one when I was like 7

This nigga

I just enjoy the anime man
it literally just started, I don't have that kind of braod scope to make such theories like you

Haha. Look at this fag.


I'm glad. I've felt horrible these past few days.

Completely understandable, dear one. I just hope everything keeps going well! You are a sweet person, and deserve great things.

I agree. Well depending on the comment. Fun sarcasm is always alright.

I assume so.

It was halloween and me and my friends were stealing candy from kids


this is gold

You can at least agree with me that Budweiser is low tier, right?

No I mean it in a good way.

But thats sounds super gay man.

discord is just better

I have also gotten stardew valley.
I have 100 hours in it, pls no bully.

Aww :c
Iktf though, its never fun to be depressed.
I have been posting in other places since I don't really like here that much anymore. There has been drama and shit I don't want to be a part of. Other than that, nothing much is happening. I have gotten my future secure though, well at least planned out which is super nice.
Anything else up with you?

Honestly, yeah.
/passgen/ and /femgen/ is better than this place somehow.

I didn't come here to complain.
I came here to have conversation, yet people asked me about why I haven't been posting so I responded.
Sorry if I upset you.

I don't get it !!!

I was being sarcastic there.

Oh wow that's fucking lame.

At least the action scenes are decent
Poor Old Guy Ron and Felt ;~;

Mayoiga was 24 minutes of suspense just to end in a cliffhanger of some sort
That shit had me all mad

Well then go fuck yourself.

this thirsty nog is still at it

Yeah, it's straight up white trash beer.

oh snap

Zayn "Hussein" Malik

Neru you wanna duo later? I got a lot of RP

Which one? What we did or what the cop did?

hi tsuchi

I'm not Irish scum.
If only their potato famine didn't drive all of them over here for slave labor.


I actually can't stop laughing

I have been getting a lot of great things recently, I guess I am lucky.
But it is most definitely always a pleasure to talk to you ^^
Thank you

Nothing important.

Stardew Valley looks fun. I haven't played a Harvest Moon game since I was a kid.

My uncle brought it into our house like a year ago and nobody wants to drink it, lol.

Jesus fucking Christ, I can choke it down, I'm just saying I really REALLY don't like it.

It's still better than Coors, Tecate, Corona, and all the other mexican piss.

So what you mean is you can't drink good beer? Kay.

u rite

is he from NA or EU

I guess.
No matter how gay it sounds tho, it isn't gay if it isn't gay.

I bet Subtle is caught up with most of the seasonal anime already

How is this real

A Mexican girl keeps bringing more and more Dos Esquis every time they show up.
I mean, it's palatable but I'd just rather not.


im really bored dude
playing divinity with my buddy but the fun is kinda going away

There's one been 1 episode for a few

aha does it change anything


Stardew Valley is a blessing amongst THE MORTALS OF THIS WORLD



What you rate Orange Wheat kind of beers from a 1 to 10?

Holy shit you're a USDA certified S-Class weeaboo

I gave you the gift of Panda Teeto

Its probably gay though because i'm getting gayer as time goes by.


Please no PTSD. I just finished playing Dotka.


WIAt I'm a girl so its not gay

I didn't say that I have actually watched anything yet lol



Idk why everyone has to ask if I have a criminal record. Do I honestly look like I would have one?
Tsuchi you don't need to comment about this because I know your answer


child diddler/10


Sasuga doutei-kun

I think you answered your own question..

wow, what a plot twist


He will always think that about me though. I want to know what other people think.

So did I, played Dark Seer and did so like the usual boss I am

Don't you fucking give me that look you dumb anime cow

FUCK YOU BEBOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well then I'm curious what he's like.

The human race is doomed to self-incurred extinction. We don't deserve better.



you're not gay for me so its not gay

shut the fuck up

probably not
there was a guy like the from runescape you showed us before

well, developing a resistance to bee venom MIGHT help

Good IPAs are the best of bitterness and hops, you girl.
Just stick to sipping your Cosmos, faggot.

I don't think Gwyneth Paltrow is human given she lives off Spirit Dust and Brain Smoothies

that being said maybe she is a harbinger for the end times.

You don't have to keep telling me you want to. I get it.

We did it.

We cucked Ukraine.


Have you tasted Hangar 24 Chocolate Porter?
Its so good

I like these lewd pics at that angle
Especially the ones where you can kinda see the butthole
Good shit

Dou.. what?

I hate cranberries. If I'm going to drink anything it's probably just going to be bourbon.

Now if only you were Masculine and wore better clothes

uhhhhhhhh he plays a lot of video games and is cool

I don't know how to describe things very well at the moment

Welll I mean 20 dollars is 20 dollars though


Isn't sold outside socal so no.


Grim you should really into [email protected] when you're afk



Doutei = Virgin

Drowned in a gallon of Coke?


No thanks.
I help pay the electricity bill, unlike you.

See this is why all people in Texas should die tbh
Even Sabs lmao

Haircut and lots of alcohol



I help with electricity and internet. Hell I pay most of the internet since I use it the most.

I'm good

uhh I've worked for this, had to convince people to go out voting and it worked, at least I feel like it has.

SoCal should just be given back to Mexico.

Bastardizing a good bourbon with coke is true suffering.

Is he edgy looking right now or is that an old picture?

Nope, just a cold whiskey stone and bourbon. Usually I have a beer at the same time.


You don't work, how would you help with your own money?




my electricity is free

I do and I'm looking for a 2nd job atm lol




Bet that is some bullshit right there

Those don't really do shit compared to ice.



You're a fuckin weeb
How do you not know this you dumb shota

So you like being a trap then?

W-What about Norcal?

That pic was a couple days back at a party
Shit was lit

It's free because she won the lottery durrr

lottery money

Yes, we get it. You're poor and mooching.
Run along.

I thought you were going to school.

You are bebop, are you not?

Just let it fall into the ocean.


It still isn't free, still gets paid for someway

It's free

she won the lottery

I don't really pay attention to irrelevant stuff like that..

I am

It isn't free.

reminder that if luka EVER asks you for money keep in mind that it's gonna go directly to league skins

Goes to show how much I fucking know about you

You win at life


I'm not gonna lie I binge watched it while high as shit

Lmao I'm so glad you almost die of hunger everyday

Get the fuck out of my drink, Solaire.

The stone is a metal thing with liquid inside.

Look scoots

she won the lottery

so it's free

I wanna watch Lain while on shrooms

Also I'm not in college yet


Check out this one then

I thought you meant these things that are made from soapstone.


I'm actually shocked hes normal looking now.

Those look cool.

But mine is shiny and chrome. Which is better.

those actual dlc for those characters or in game items?

*pets doggy belly*

It isn't free. Money is still being exchanged for the goods and services. It isn't free. Money is still being taken. You fuckwit. No wonder you are doing an Art major.

im not sure

She won the lottery you braindead fuckwit piece of shit.


Because something about Valhalla?

And riding eternal.


-wags tail-



GAP did nothing wrong

lol that ending

*hugs tightly*
you are good!


is sona hacking?
tfw sona doing more damage than your adc
how are you doing that much damage with 5 ap??


go play fucking ranked

i am

I wish I had an image which conveys how fucking content I am, curled up in bed.





Do these american politicians even try.

Thanks Boo, you're truly the only one who understands me

Soon as they start selling ass and coke at 80% discounts, I'd quit videogames.

Did you know if a game isn't working you can usually take it out and blow on it to get it working again?

ay lmao


I want to take Yan out and blow him.

The future.




my dick is at maximum capacity get off

max capacity better include me


Did you know if you get a 2-day rental from Blockbuster, you actually have until the morning of the 3rd day to turn it in without receiving a late fee?

Also, why would you let your genitalia get to maximum capacity? Are you living in the 3rd world.

Yan are you gonna fuck Erin's arm wounds from cutting?

Are there still blockbusters

I thought they were all turned into supermarkets.

Nah Scoots, no such thing as maximum capacity in the 3rd world.

That's why we have the phrase 'Ran a train on him/her'

is this useful information in 2016?


fucking 00s kids. Fucking kill yourself.

You can hold Ctrl + Alt + Delete to close an application or restart when your computer freezes.

Are you cute though?
thats all i care about

Last time I saw a blockbusters was in Prescot, and that turned into a ghost town when the credit depression happened, nothing but charity shops now... AW SHIT NIGGUH, IS THAT SOME LIPTONS?

I think they're all gone, maybe a few independently-owned ones stayed open
The Blockbuster in Southampton turned into a gym..

We should uncharter the banks and return to specie based economy.

I'm sorry

My local Blockbuster I used to go to as a kid turned into a Sketcher's then an Orthodontist office or some shit

That would be the second hurdle...

I think I could be cute with enough effor- nah, nope, not cute even with effort.



Maybe I should go there h-ha ha..

Pls post pics ;_;

So what's for dinner?