Fly alone into the dark and the cloud of memory

Fly alone into the dark and the cloud of memory
To see the world and angels be hurled into the sea
Of misery and cease to be

Black bird fly, rise very high
To a place above the sky
Take me away, lead astray
Where I find another day

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where everyone at

Aaaaaah no
Just the last bit

sorry something broke in the house so it took me a moment to read in deep enough to realize that lol thank you subtle!

take these sunken eyes and learn to see

Who let the dogs out?

Is that Bardy bard?

My hair's ruined
My mood's ruined
My clothes are ruined

but I finally voted

poor tokai

I guess that depends on the results of the referendum

ill hope for it to go your way then, love

I just gotta warm up now..

you need blankets and possibly other things :^) was the weather horrible?

I got blankets now.
Yeah it was raining heavily and there was a huge wind, almost stormlike

it's pretty windy here right now too, and there is some rain

It's the most horrible weather isn't it.
it ruins everything

:c well fuck that is horrible


uhuh, im gonna stay inside for a while now..


wew lad

good idea, bae

i drew a picture

not bad

it's pretty bad. not enough darks.

that butt is nice though.

Morning showers are nice. Trimmed beard and it's coming in nicely. Good morning.

Cute gril at work brought up that she's not seeing anyone when I asked if she got any nice birthday presents. It seemed a bit random so, like, was it a hint?

I should make a move, right?


I don't think I was being baited, but I suppose it's possible.

Be careful with your moves, but yeah I'd call that a hint.

its better than anything i could ever draw and yeah ccs butt is always good


yes you should

I guess the only harm in trying is a few days of crippling depression. Alright, I'mma go for it.

Amy will never make it with said girl


How ya doin spoils?

Be confident but don't get your hopes up.

damn guys
I heard the saddest shit today

Everything will be alright, just tell your father what happened. What happened?

tired af probably should sleep especially since tokai is gone

my friend got mad heavy with me this morning about problems and its killing me that hes feeling like he is
I wish I could do something to help
Yesterday he was doing a little better but today is not

Alright, I'll do it. I'll be all suave and shit!

y u so mean? ;_;

Oh, did your love interest go to sleep? :3

If you can't really do anything to better or at least help his situation then the next best thing is to just be there, whether it's just an ear or physical presence. Don't let it get you down too much.

Mean begets mean.

awesome! ill hope for the best for you!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sleep time! laters!


Sleep well Spoilers.

Just tell him to kill himself
Then he wont be so sad
Boom, no more problem

ugh, I thought it sent when I went to shower


I'm gonna kill myself my man

Don't listen to viper.

Come now, if you really meant that you would have done it years ago. You know better, Bard.



That's not even funny, love.

Amy''s Benis




You think she wants the B?

I'm going to go lay down. Try not to do anything stupid in the meantime, Bard.

that wouldn't be bad
I love shitposting


I'll give her the D...

cute blue nose pit


in the a

I don't know Manaka, can you?

Huh, I C.

It followed me home. Literally.

i sure can, i'm just a little bit drowsy
how's the crash landing?

Why are you drowsy?
Not really happening, just as tired as I always am though.

it's 22.52, SD

Oh yeah, that whole timezone thing.
Maybe you should get some sleep.

all the bright lights make me not want to sleep..

Good morning, thread.


Just for my good morning post.


Hey babe, what's crackalackin'?

Have you considered using the window blinds?

Evening Elmers.

mando how are you today amigo

nono i'm referring to laptop screen and phone.

and in some way you're a part of this bright light

Should just turn them off and get some rest.
I won't be here for that long anyways, I can sense my buddies asking me to play some more CS:GO in a bit.
Spider senses and whatsoever.

i guess the brightest light is fading

Anybody here able to photoshop
I have a request .////.

Get some sleep Manaka.





This heart
Still believes
The love and mercy still exist
While all the hatred rage and so many say
That love is all but pointless in madness such as this
It's like trying to stop a fire
With the moisture from a kiss

And I hear them saying you'll never change things
And no matter what you do it's still the same thing
But it's not the world that I am changing
I do this so this world will know
That it will not change me

can you put the word
but just make it
under this dudes face lmao

I knoiw him on the irl

pls see article

was just kidding
i dont know anything about photoshop

Bardo, you should probably find some better homies mang


huh huh huh huhhhuh

I wouldn't keep company with that kind of person lmao
I just know him

Better one, kind of failed with that text.



I'd a Manaka

it's my first day as a NEET and I'm already bored

I'd a Soto

But I fixed it.


You're net?

I am jobless nao

l-lewd >

whys that?

lol jk

I guess it's just time for me to move on. Wasn't happy with how my job was going so I put my 2 weeks in.

So apparently I could have gotten a car like weeks ago with this credit amnesty thing. $30,000 credit towards a new car. wtf?


That's gotta sting

It's not that I wouldn't. I'd probably just pussy out though.

Where are you interested in going now?

That just means that you'd end up with a car you probably can't afford.

School and freelancing.

I wouldn't max out their credit though. I just want something with a manual transmission, not necessarily something new lol

And if I can fix my credit by getting a car then why not? I'm so sick of walking everywhere.

Get a scooter

Absolutely not.

Gordon Freelance


No fun.

Old news.

this post is a cry for help

I accept the call charges

From what?

that old guy in the yellow does not look impressed lol


You're probably just projecting.

Daredevil 173

the one where Daredevil is gangraped by bdsm fetishists


The body language seems pretty obvious.

He probably signed up for an extra event that weekend to supplement his social security then walked in clearly not expecting weebs everywhere.



Or maybe he fucking loves DC.


What's DC?

This is Becky.


Becky got raped so hard she lost the use of her legs

I'm a bedroom bully

dark cock.

I've looked at three summaries.

Nothing about sexual assault or rape.

Just normal, non-sexual violence.

:| Gross.



No, that stuff is just a mere precursor to the real Frank Miller of issue #173, which features a leather-masked S&M bondage villain, a young woman who was raped so hard she -- no exaggeration -- lost the use of her legs, and a scene in which Daredevil undergoes a beating, and gets beer poured all over him (in a visual parallel to a scene of sexual submission), and then confesses that being treated that way helps him sympathize with the rape victim.

Praise black cock.
Don't fuck with indonesians

I know that name.

That sucks. At least she wasn't killed.

Death is arguably worse than rape.

But this topic is bumming me out.

He wrote The Dark Knight Returns, 300 and Sin City. It's unbelievable that he got that story published in 1981.

Like, think about it. 3 years before Watchmen or DKR, and instead of being a one-off limited series or Elseworlds stories, an actual ordinary monthly edition of a mainstream Marvel hero. And Comics Code approved.

Hi Moogs.


Oh. George didn't say hi to me...


What's wrong with not worshiping cock?

I've watched a bunch of YouTubers that break down the history of comics and certain storylines.

How the Comics Code Authority made comics pretty lame, and wouldn't even allow implied taboo topics.

How things were before and after the 60s, how comics were dumb or smart in how they approached new social issues, or taboos.

Hard to imagine how uptight and repressed culture still was a few decades ago.

Hope the powers that be don't take it away.

Don't you think you're working backwards there.


should be finishing a drawing but lazy

waste of your talents


Is this one for funsies or another commission?

LOL What talents?

Got my shift delayed cause it must be slow there today so now I have a couple extra hours to burn. It works out though because now I'm getting scooped by my coworker that's in at the same time and we're gonna get our macchiato on^^

Is it cheating to learn about comics via YouTube summaries?
If it helps, I always felt a little disingenuous. I wouldn't call myself a comic book fan.
Even if now I know significantly more then the average person.

You miss out on a lot of content with in the summaries, since copyright.

I read The Dark Knight Returns.

Loved it.


smoking cock

sounds fun :3

I've only done that once so I don't think it could be considered a talent :/

Not fun, but delicious. I love muh basic bitch coffees lol

2 l8

Just that

learning about comics =/= reading comics. same with anything.


just take the compliment

never been a fan of comics

My music folders tho

Fine, I will accept your inaccurate compliment ^~^

Me neither. They're dumb.

I got 4 of my packages today.


he made the joke before i could

I did read The Killing Joke.

I try to read the 'must read' ones.




Hi thread

That felt like a pity link.

I'm not feeling piteous.

Maybe a little.


What has you in a bad mood?

I'm too receptive to feeling better at the moment.

The disappointment that today, I didn't want to feel this way, but ended up anyways, which compiles whatever reason made me feel bad in the first place.

tl;dr probably definitely neurosis

You're too disposed to feeling better?


this place is only really active at night still it looks like

Have some chocolate or do some light exercise.

Waiting for the bae to wake up. What do.

get the whipped cream out and cover yourself in it

bite her ass
that'll wake her up

There's a pizza place hiring right up the street.

Kinda want more money but iunno if 2 fulltime jobs is a good idea.


my friend works as an EMT and it's like two full time jobs on its own, you can handle it, give it a shot and if not resign

It's a community of night owls.

Go up to them and say "Hey there pretty mama lemme whispah in yo ear"


i can relate to this, even when i'm up during the day i feel more active at night

Sounds lewd

I've been laying here resisting my wants to kiss her. I don't to wake her up so early after last night

sounds like waking her up early might be a cool way to continue things

I'd have more luck sticking my dick in her

I want so much to feel better that I'll probably take the easy way out.

Which I think is the wrong way.

I hear how others talk about their neurosis, and I'm like, "If I notice it in others, surely I won't be that."

Or, "Fuck. I hope I don't sound like that."

Sometimes it just happens though. Like now. Fuck now.

Light exercise sounds nice. But effortful.


I'm way too lazy to say "do it" in good conscience.

That's why there's the chocolate option.

Early morning news is boring. Gonna sleep a bit more.

Hmm you're right. I'm sure she is just as sore as I am but that might make it feel better.

Feeling bad is cathartic. Feeling immediately good is not always the goal. Let yourself be depressed.

I'm just thinking about having to negotiate hours and pay and it might not even be worth it. It would basically make it so I'm only at home to sleep for like 5-6 hours a day. Iunno.

The job posting appears to be a week or so old as well, so it might not even be an open position at this point anyway. I guess I'll stop in later or tomorrow.

It really depends on what they'd offer as compensation.

I kinda just want to make some pizzas during the day tbh so I would probably take like 9/hr lowest just for the lulz.

Welma, don't do it.

You're going to hate your life.

My attitude and hatred or whatnot is directly proportional to how much money I have, so I'm not sure about that.

it's free real estate

The only free time you will have for yourself will be spent sleeping.


That's kinda what I do already though.

'Just eat chocolate' is like a metaphor for the easy way out.

I want to feel better ASAP.

In a good way. Something that lasts.

apparently gin does not fix a headache

who knew

What if you feel like garbage every day?


I can fix your headache (with my dick)

There are worse "easy ways", you know.

Drink excessively.

I'd say that's a dumb idea, but so was the gin thing.

Seems like the easy way out.

do as you wish welmies ^^

sup boo?
not feeling well?

I wish I could get another 2 raises this month, but that's extremely unlikely so this is the next best alternative.

Looks like it's going to be a neat collection.

I've learned a lot about Buddhist and Hindu dogma over the last year. Read a collection of lectures that talked particularly about the individual psychology of people and their relationship with religion.

Sort of a reminder that even our more profound, encapsulating thoughts that we think are a reflect of our reality, are just in our heads.

I usually choose worse easy ways.

so did you get some early morning sex or what


More noble to grit your teeth and just get through the day and arrive quietly in your bed at the end of it.

Touching somebody's butt can also really improve your mood. If you find the opportunity, get somebody who will let you touch their butt. Boom, instant good mood. Barring that, the other suggestions get progressively worse for you physically than sweets.

nah. just stupid emotions. you know.

I could elucidate, but this thread is depressing enough as it is.

oh no not you, i meant the guy with the lady sleeping with him, whoever it was

nah i think im pretty good mang

So its a yes, then?


oh yea
it was the bees knees for steez

just saw the biopic on chii

called something like 'in the heart of the sea'

anyone else see it?


Steam a shit edition

where's the facts?

what'd do this time?


Nothing, just had to restart it!

will we get the last percentage???!!

wuuh but that's not bad.
be nice to steamo

Will not happen

why not??


give me your C a r e

Tokai you need to buy better clothes

Hey kids, what time is it?

That's a bag of coke

What's wrong with my clothes?

nice cake, bake chocolate

Stop wearing guy clothes

Most certainly not, avoid yellow coke
This is coke

I've wanted to bake with this, but my friend keeps telling me it is not going to taste good

You're a crossdresser???


Is that Casper?




u lil faget

Oyeah Grim I found the physical embodiment of yours and Chii's nasty disgusting memeship

So I had apparently watched the second ep of a new series first then watched the first and it's so much better that way

Watch Re:Zero ep 1B first then 1A

Watch that shit Grim

Right now

What is a memeship?

Also, isn't that what chaika fucking wears?

I trust you

but I am a guy

don't trust him, just bake!


Nigga you actin' like a bitch
Gimme yo Timbs fake-ass nigga

konnichiwa bitches...


Ey b0ss

how you been lately?
Working hard?

It gets pretty intense
Me and Manny liked it

holy shit youre still alive

I smoke Turkish Royals btw

hai... sup breh

ayy lamao

Hardly workin' bruh
I had to buy a 3DS just to have something to do while I stack that paper yo

soto pls, im like a bad penny (always turning up)

Nice, what industry you working in?
Also what games for the 3ds?

Starting up 1b right now nigga

Hell yeah man
Glad to see you still show up


Social Services. Easy $14 an hour.
Pokemanz Omega Ruby and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest
I need to grab another though I already blew through that shit.

ive been told not to forget im here forever, if thats still a thing

Time for dicks.


always with the dicks

Shit nigaa
That sounds good.
I got a promotion for my summer gig. Going to be leading a team now. I'm booked for AX too, got my own room and everything. HYPE HYPE.

Try out Monster Hunter if you haven't already. 4 ultimate is the one you should start with. So good.



You doing alright out there man

Balancing dicks

MILFS are great.

end this misery

incest is not

Yeah I was thinking about that or Bravely Default or something.

Squash, Guero, Amy and I all play. Chii, too, but she's on that BnS flow

Get that shit, we can hunt together!

Awwww yeah

Its still a thing


not tonight you dont

yes and no, a little shock but back to making money... visitation and child support and whot not

...I therefore am unable to forget, thus my attendance is required

O-oh. Maybe I'll get that then. Sounds fun.

Yeah. IRL there would be at least 4 big containers of cottage cheese on that ass.

Nooo, expensive

No i am man of god, promise

I fucking apologizee dude fuck

also got a 360...
cleared this in 4 days

it is what it is
bitches be creizi


lol what

There are like 12 different types to try

I don't know what the fuck is happening right now

sama i loe you you my brother from back then

bart out

be well...

God I really miss that guy sometimes.

im out as well... nite people