Yeah i wouldnt

yeah i wouldnt

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good you shouldn't

sorry, not 9w, the white bulbs are 7w.

that 7w of LED bulb gives the output equivalent of a 60w sodium halide bulb.

neat huh.

you're neat.



Yeah I guess, there's not much space to go anywhere else..
There room where I live for university, I think it's actually smaller than a lot of prison cells
Not poor, maybe just living cheaply ^^




anyway, the rock is almost done cooking.

seeya a.

what do u call 1000 niggers at the bottom of the ocean
a good start

lol this nigga
How weeb'd out is your room?

sounds like you and wallace still aren't over each other yet

i don't want to be a hypocrite, so i'm just sitting back and not making my retort.


What's up fags?

master detective boo

A free laptop :D

I dont even think this shit can handle shitposting

Is it Friday yet


I'm being inconsiderate for the sake of a good meme
Did you want to talk about it any?


Not even close, my brotha

give it to Ian so he can play league properly.


who is the cuck poster

tracer why do you just come and go all willy nilly

Well fuck.

Yo Subtle wants me to go over and lay in his bed and watch anime with him

Keep yo Master in check

Probably nezi

Because I need to nilly my willy.

has 0 resemblance to nezi's posting style or dialect



I'm only here for less than a year so.. I haven't done much
I don't think I could be content living in that kind of place for a long time ^^

I don't know that person..


Yes yes.

I'm doing paperwork and trying to make more mead.

oh? what on.

hang in there mate


I'm not who you think i am

Paperwork on job.

Mead on strawberries.

fruitful, good luck.

abloo boo boo



Oh I thought that was desu

Also your room sounds depressing as fuck
No wonder you're a virgin introverted weeaboo who is only good at being a fucking nerd and resorts to practicing tkd so you can learn how to fight back when bullies bully you irl

Usually do.

We'll see in about a year.

Ow I don't know why I thought you would be nice today

Can't be all dere dere without being a lil tsun, ya know?
Its the rules

who is that semen demon?


I love Kanra, but i can;t change how he feels. So, that's the end of it.


He's actually gotten skinnier tbh
He used to be fat af

*unzips dick*

He looks so happy.

eat shit and die mordin


Be careful with those dicks you can zip off.

I'm always a ball of sunshine ^_^

Hi Mordin.

Inb4 ball jokes


who is this
why is his chin so weak

You're setting yourself up now.




I've always done this

The jokes still amuse me, I'm not so insecure that I can't take a joke if it involves me

this song is putting me to sleep
send help

is that really colbert???

he really is a born bottom isnt he

No, I lied. I'm actually Ryan Reynolds.


Don't bully colbear
He's a cool guy



He lost weight AND got a job

What have you done in the past 3 months


That's good.

Oh yeah that guy, I remember him being good in..... uuuuh.....

Is it almost Christmas yet?

had a chin

8 more months

This ^^


Need a recommendation for a good drama or romance anime

Any suggestions?

Fuck man, I can't wait

Then again I don't want to get older
I just want to be all holly jolly
all the drama and romance you need

Not having to live on a shitty college diet will do that

Yep, me all the way

Grim pls. This is mild poking at best

That one movie with the punching



love u coolbear

Can I ask why you're attempting a new identity

Kind of feel bad for the orca in the middle.
Looks like she's about to get raped.

go back in time and tell yourself not to do green lantern then


LOL Exactly.

Soto-Chii sextape when?

i want to fuck that blonde abomination in the middle

Didn't see it.

That big guy to the right always does the same pose in all of these pictures.

Sakura Trick

They all do.
Soto always does the thumbs up thing with a smirk.
The guy in the back always looks like he's on the verge either a shooting or raping spree.

u2 bud

I mean... if anything I'd go back and stop the X-Men Origins Wolverine version of Deadpool

No way, everyone's seen that!

They all do.
Soto always does the thumbs up thing with a smirk.
The guy in the back always looks like he's on the verge either a shooting or raping spree.

I think the guy next to her (Boston) was more interested in Matthew than her




Nigga is a stand user

It actually had a dick

Not like I would know or anything

Never ;~;

Guys. Srsly.


no cause if that didnt exist deadpool the current version wouldnt either, dont mess with time that badly ytse! no one cares for green lantern or remembers it all too much aside from being shit, so it can be removed :^)

at this point of my life i dont even care which one it has down there


Fuck no! Keep it basic, keep it black!

This kind of bike looks ugly as fuck!

That looks like something a cholo who gives brojobs to his homies would drive.

More a black guy kind of thing. From that front wheel, to that paint job, to those bags and fairing. Everything about that screams black guy.


Soto should carry a rape whistle.

Everyone but me. I really haven't seen a lot of movies that came out in the last 5 years or so.

It's a little silly. It's like you all practiced your poses and whenever someone pulls out a camera you all just naturally strike your poses. And they're not fabulous jojo poses!

Nah, current Deadpool would still exist even without the earlier one. And The Green Lantern was shit, but without those early superhero movies being financially successful, more superhero movies wouldn't have been made

Ditch old Deadpool

Why would you ever have gaudy, non-leather saddle bags anyways?

Go to AX, I'll introduce you to my friend Matthew
He's cool af and looks like a girl
He'll even suck your dick if you give him money
Shits pretty cash

How could someone even have a shred of pride or look themselves in the mirror after stooping that low?

i dont think green lantern was financially successful, bae

You know, I wouldn't even begin to have an idea.

I think everything about it is ugly. Give me a nice set of soft leather bags, no fairings, and as basic as I can get it. Maybe a little decoration on a base blackpaint job but that is it.

Isn't he like in his 30s?

that person is really sad if they would do that even in this case

Some of the factory hard shelled ones aren't that bad but those are usually designed to be as discrete as possible.

One would think Matthew wouldn't do that, but he ends up passed out and in Sotos pictures... I don't even want to think about that

I meant the Asian dude, not people paying him.
How could you even have self worth if it's all based on literally gulping down anyone's semen who paid you?

Some people enjoy sucking dick
He looks pretty fit so he must be sane enough to go to the gym and balance his diet

Or have a good metabolism

Wow, don't laugh at me you slut lol
I just awkwardly do a thumbs up cause Im either high as shit or drunk as fuck

I don't own any mirrors actually lol
srs shit tho

he's 19

He's pretty cool though
Huge weeb and decent tastes

lmao this nigga

He has self worth, that's why he's charging.

Nah I feel you tsuchi 100%
that's why i never got how submissive types could ever be happy when they literally hold themselves inferior to their sexual partner

how could you ever be happy without pride/self esteem to keep your mind in check?

honestly its probably why all the sub types are so damn depressed and whiny

Maybe I just don't get whore logic.

Green Lantern made $20 million

Underperformed, but not a failure really. Off to see Cloverfield 2: John Goodman Boogaloo, bye

I remember you talking about some trap who was in his very late 20s at some point.

why don't you?

Who'd pay Dolph Lundgren for a blow job?

Doesn't have to be logical.

I'm not a whore or a slut.

Are all swedish people dolph to you?


Here's a trap
Grim though he was cute lmao

lol im not gonna get into why but the problem lies with who hed be blowing not himself

+1% return is pretty slim




Can't prove otherwise!

It's his waifu.

Samus is my waifu

Sakuya is just favorite toho

Yeah, but that Shenron though.


It was lame up close

holy shit that had to be up to his fucking intestines

talk shit get hit

got em



I mean, you're lame up close too.

There's no problem with that.

You haven't even seen me up close

yo post grimmy

Thought you were one of those people who had several. Like samus, and sakuya and yukari and what not.

Is that supposed to be taiga?

Nigga make some solid plans for panels and shit

I have my own room this year but I wanna roam with you again


I was gonna stretch an image of you to be like 10000x10000 but I don't have one also effort.

oh remember that one time grim did that with emma's twitter pic

They can be alright, but the classic bagger look is just ugly.

And by classic, I mean the notorious. Not the cool kind of classic.

I just imagine you to look like Dolph Lundgren while simultaneously trying to be "girly".

Lenko is now rapidly coming out
any minute now he will be exposed


Lenko I'm on phone atm. When I get home.

Absolutely not.
Samus is 1 and only.
Then there are just characters I really like.
Like Rei, Sakuya, Yukari, and Tomoko

bebop I won't go out with you

I never get past that barrier

A relative had one with these scuffed up, oil stained leather saddlebags and for some reason, that's just been embedded as how bikes should look to me since childhood.

Rude. But I did that to you so.

i doubt it



I never go to panels lmao
I usually go around getting drunk during the day/afternoon taking pictures then at night I party with people I've known from cons and people from other 4ch boards lol




"i love it when chii posts that at me" in regards to the webm i just posted


I can't imagine you caring at all though.

Onii-chan no?


refer to my answer yesterday

a person's frontline they act to people they just met before revealing their true self, i guess

some posters
but how did you know this is about people, not games!


Emma, you suggested AnoHana to me a long time ago (pretty sure it was you).

It was really, really good.

Good suggestion desu ne

You sure that's a him?


Because you're always trying to break down poor, "heterosexual" posters' barriers just to break their hearts.

Do you get off to the thought?

I could only tell from the color scheme.

About the twitter pic or my own?
Back then I was a just a little crazy about you.. ^^"

i guess some people still believe earth is flat

the whore of babylon!



oh well why bother if you cant get through to them, bae?

I wanna break down a poor, "heterosexual" poster's barrier just to break their heart.

Fat guy killed her.

Your own.

it's the difference between friends and best friends!

Do it to Grim


It makes me laugh so no.



yeah but if they dont wanna open up theres not a lot of point to trying, you cant force it to happen

if this name sticks, i'm blaming you forever!

shut up slut


Make your street name "The Whore of Babylon" and start advertising in Craigslist.
Muslims won't like beat you to death for being a queer there, would they?





hey sebs

What do you mean by "barrier"?

mmm.. true
it's just i feel like i give up too early.

FIRST nobody even use craiglist here,

yeaa they wont beat me for being a queer, but "bully" me on social media, which they trust more than news.

quit it!

So obedient

My dad always had these small, throw over saddlebags that I have loved. Simple. Elegant. Practical.

Good luck.


shut up slut

wonder if manaka could handle mordin in a slut off



Too bad.

These had small mounts that kept them from coming off but that's about it.

thank god no more hearts will be broken tonight

My moneys on Mordin

you dont entirely have to give up just be less active in trying to break through

not a whole lot, what about you?

Hey thanks man, you too! :)


I want to fuck wish


You doin' okay?

Yeah, same.


cool! what are you drawing?

Good enough.

Sleeping soon.

This early?

Where's the fun in that?


No fun with work, I'm afraid.


I thought bartenders were living the dream.

Sweet dreams.

Namaste in the morning
Yamate at night

What the hell do I have to do to render a video I can upload?



feeels good to be home

tadaima, emma chan

because you can't upload it.

Sacrifice a lamb and recite the incantation.

what=/ why


Yet I can upload others?

I have the lamb ready. Teach me this incantation.

Did it die or is 8ch shitting itself



Mandy, don't harass pretty ladies on the road.

Hi hi

I'm only an initiate, you'd have to ask Erio.

But I like making them smile....

Thank you, my love!

Guess I just found my next lamb....

You make me smile.

watchu upto

how are ya tonight

Oh love, that makes me smile.

I know, right? It was dark, cut me some slack.

Good now that I found a way to do this.

How bout you, love?


Just slammin' through some amine. And yourself?

my friend is so generous we ate nigga dinner
cup ramen sprite and crackers
I was glad to see him today
and no work tomorrow so that is great

WWhat are you doing?

I'd punch Wish irl

Looking for something to do.
Just had dinner, winding down.
Had a long day.

I recall an offer you made a few hours ago.


brb fapping


Oh, uh, I do that.

Just took a shower. Need to sleep soon.
I gotta say, I wish I had friends like you man. My best friend always charges me for shit.

Is that so?



We could always watch more [email protected]~

I see that.

We will see. My promises are slim right now. I got work in like 5 hours. Honestly I am amazed I am still up at this point.

I fucking lol'd
Nigger jokes are always the best

Only if you really want to.

If it bothers you, I will make sure not to call you any terms of endearment.


Bard, get on steam real quick

Quit watching shitty hentai

Mandy more like Sleepy
You always are sleeping but
you actually nnever sleep

I am always working, and never sleeping. Except yesterday. Yesterday I slept all day.

I have other things to get through tonight ^^

Master says that I should only be called princess or degrading terms.

Or something.

I can't even remember what it was from and whatanime doesn't do lewd shit.

In that case, I shall always call you something sweeter, brightness.

gimme a list, might join you for one or two

a LOT of anime isn't lewd
you're just lewd af

boo thread

Brightness isn't all that sweet.

Try maple syrup.



A slutty Emma is fine too


boo, thread

what kinda sound is that?


Well that depends on what you think is sweet. I could call you a Guinness. You might not think it would be sweet, but to me, a Guinness is the finest thing on this planet. I would literally make love to a Guinness endlessly.

Get real, I'm pure and innocent.

Pure, sure.


if you post here you inherently are neither pure or innocent

How can you say that about me, my shining light?

You're that boring route in a VN that you want to skip through but HAVE to read so you painfully power through it for h scenes and they're pretty worth

I think she dies in the end though, I don't remember

cause i said it about me too, bae


idk but typing into youtube turned up some pretty dank tunes.

I think I'm going to hurl.

Play through Shoujo Ramune for me and let me know if it's worth it.




Why is he choking that girl? are pure and innocent. Don't even try to tell me differently.

I'm not actually sticking my junk into a glass....

what the fuck am I listening to right now


Microdick obvs.

fooken 8chon

Could be a bottle or can too, I suppose.

Cute stuff :3

That wasn't even the fucking image

Goodnight, WWishu

You are getting side-tracked, love.

ill try not to tell you differently lol

Wow, he's that disappointed with her microdick?

Some people just don't appreciate feminine penis.

we moving this slow?

I aam pure
pure evil

Even if you do, I simply won't believe you.

Night night.

I swear to anime god.

I am making gifs of a camgirl and she loves it

Can I spoil it for you?

gotta fuck my lolis on here fam


She and her friends bullied the heroine and she wanted to ky and like broke down so you team up and kill the chick then fuck and shit


close enough lol

so.... do i not need to try not to? :^)

I just assume the kind of guys that beat up girls to get themselves off just have a microdick incapable of pleasing them.

What would you swear, dear?

I suppose you could try and convince me. See what kind of imagination you have, my sweet one.

Dude can I webm this shit?

It's probably just going to be generic lolishit anyways.

So yes.

"Fuck that shitty cunt ass bitch", probably.



That's messed up on a lot of fucking levels.

Dropped file?

It's funny to think that, but some people are just genuinely sick puppies.

i dont think i can actually but i stand by my claims

I am not trying to being critical for the sake of being critical but something just looks about her face.

Neck/powerplay sort of stuff isn't really that odd but outright choking a bitch is just...yeah.

Well I hope that works, love.

And I stand to my claim that you are sweet, innocent and pure.

It's romantic

pls do so

Man I swear if it's horrible Imma fuck you up for making me go through that

To each their own my friend, I think she's a QT

I am this close to becoming mildly infuriated.

Did you look it up on VNDB?

Two of the three girls are adorable at the very least.

Lmao Test its so bad

Oh my, love, you should really breathe more easily.

I'm not saying she's unattractive just it's like the uncanny valley where you can't even explain what looks so off about it.

i dont think many would go along with that idea but its flattering that you think so, sugar cakes


Huh, interesting

You are from Canada. By default you are at least super sweet and kind.

Wow man I'm hurt. 10 Cloverfield Lane was fucking great btw way

Holy shit lol I just looked it up
That shit is like pedohile tier loli shit
Fucks wrong with you


I'm so fucked up.

Isn't that all loli shit?

Well that is rude.

Terms of endearment are that bothersome, love?

It was really annoying when the obvious started posting and everyone started doing that and mimicking their typing patterns with terms of endearment. It was just creepy.

I learned my lesson, I have a password now also I just need a room lol

lol that is possible but i still wont confirm or deny this now

wait werent you all over that blonde vampire loli? are you calling yourself a pedophile for that? i dont quite follow

It's not creepy to call strangers stuff like sweetie and honeybuns.

You're the type of person that would get on a flight and wouldn't compliment a flight attendant on her sweet ass. Very rude.

Damn that's so fucking hot
A Canadian weeb with an eye problem thats a slutty lolicon (but isn't a loli herself)

Who knows man lol

It was just a prank, love!


Gosh dears, you're getting all spun up over this. Bless your hearts

I feel no attraction to this.

Why even live?

A good smack on the behind to let them know they're doing a good job.

I-I'll room with you, senpai.

I know the struggle though, I was invited to Anime North by some friends but the rooming is so shit.

I'm not a slut.

you sure have a lot of them and many of the nude ones at that for someone that feels no attraction to it lol

You're paying, rich girl :^)

It's the worst part of cons tbh. You either plan months in advance or bum off some on who did or sleep in your car like I did last con

I remember when Mad Men was airing and hearing my dad constantly lament how much times have changed.

It's all from the same scene in Nise.
I even drew nipples on one.