Red dragon flying now and casting down stars

Red dragon flying now and casting down stars
And ancient angels down from the heavens to the burning earth,
To fulfill the prophecy
And be the force in man once again, as it was in the beginning.
The diamonds glimmering in the darkness, to be the stars of the night.
Black pearls will shine so bright, of the draconian might.

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That's actually early

We usually don't post new links until after 200 images

I just post the threads when I feel like it and then link them at an eventual appropriate time

You've committed a social faux pas

Well whoops.

Fox pass?
Foe Paw

It's okay my sweet cherub

The second one

It's kind of a fun term

it was more v if anything, the hole overwatch debate

insulting af

i call it fox pass.

i wanted happyness

Fair enough. Whats up?


Love me.

That's fine

It's best to just make language your bitch

I cling unto the burning Æthyr like Lucifer that fell through the Abyss, and by the fury of his flight kindled the air. And I am Belial, for having seen the Rose upon thy breast, I have denied God. And I am Satan! I am Satan! I am cast out upon a burning crag! And the sea boils about the desolation thereof. And already the vultures gather, and feast upon my flesh.

Not much, you?

i was joking around dont take me so seriously, nerd also follow whatever the dentist said for keeping your mouth clean and stuff, itll heal fine then

I'm tired and i have an unwanted boner


i made my language mine!

i took you seriously.
i think i'll make it :)

you two are adorable

how come, we both didnt even talk!


holy shit leggings are for men too now?

good to hear!

were they ever not? when your legs were involved


yay kitty cc

find moar new cc art

Konnichiwa ^^

So use Desu or something

Social fox pass

I'm thinking of a place where foxes gather to socialize

Manaka is a known sociopath

Maybe mainly for people like you

yeah unlike you who are hiding behind anonymous and trying to ruin thing even further, i'm trying to fix it

there can only one person, so it's time for me and him to fight to death

have some time to talk?



Fuck no.

no fite
only love

ehh iunnoo
I thought so

..people like me?


Yeah sure

Zootopia was pretty good

Why not?

Feminine boys :3

Can the phantom thread even be deleted

i should watch it.


i will have more some time

well one way or another they should be on tokai for maximum overlewd! also how was your night, bae? :^)

wuuuh I'm super manly

I'm not that desparate.


i hope so...
she beautiful lady

You should

And that's weird if so


-pets your hair- Silly :3

How's your day going bby

What does desperation have to do with it? Just think of him as a fucktoy

No more desperate than using your hand

Meh, i'm gonna be fine.

i'll steam you later

they do look comfy, but it's only xs left..
egh didn't sleep much, came home late from the referendum rally.

hehe ^^
ehh didn't catch much sleep so im staying in bed, amybe all day but iunno

Alright ^^ Good luck in your Dota game

I'm at a point in my life when I can't do anything except for waiting, Waiting is boring.


i question your mental stability.

what up?

I think I will go to the antiques shop now then

subtle dota's?

bai ;~;

i'm sleepy


go sleep?
I would like to sleep but I gotta make bank.

It's generally best to just think of all ERP subs as fucktoys whose worth is determined by their usefulness

Insomnia? Maybe you'll fall asleep if you stay in bed :3

Any plans for what you're going to do?

Pic 4 u


It's just GarEE meme yelling

How do you know it can't be deleted, anyway?

that is true

aw cant get a nap in now to make up for it, cher?

nice pic

Thats the thing, its pointless to make plans when everything is falling apart. Its like trying to build a house in the middle of an earthquake

I thought you were going to New York

Yeah thats the plan, gotta make a civ and contact the guy this week, but other than that I'm pretty much doing nothing

Give me that folder

Roll call

Stupid bitch
Chocolate syrup sexual fluidity
Seductress of Babylon
"I'm totally not gay" as he stuffs his cock into someone else's mouth
Nervous plant
Hangry man
YAY subway

Did I miss anyone here

i want to sleep

but i want to feel loved.

i understand the server and it's system errors.
simply put: lag


Oh yeah
Feminine penis

That's everyone

missed me


They're just in my normal edgy art folder

I think this is the only other pic I have like that

How often do you bathe? : ^ )

You're in there ;)

Lulu is dumb. I'm doing fiora.


seductress of babylon reporting in

Good taste

That's manaka lol
Do you know who I am? Thought you filtered me

maybee, I could speed it up but it's kinda early

iunno, probabbly will be even more sleepy

Your bed loves you. There. Now sleep.

Every day. I still go to work, except for today because they pissed me off and I walked home

Fucking human scum

i dont like it.

Lulu is a beutiful strong woman!

*holds the cc in my arms lovingly*

i don't believe in that.

Interesting thing to focus on : ^ )

Or you're a secret mod with the sole purpose of persecuting dog pictures

You're a NEET anyway so you're free to sleep whenever

Mion says weird things about you

i dont know how to filter people, i am just really good at ignoring people when i want to

if you think so.... just make sure to get some sleep if you feel super tire, dont wanna push yourself too much


disgusting lewd pic

She's a midget whore. Like an oompa loompa that fucked its way to freedom.

Hmm perhaps. Oh well i'm gonna take a nap.

You believe your bed is lying?

Mions credibility goes as far as Alice's. Not going into details but she pretty much proved to three different kinds of authorities how much of a bullshitting cunt she is in a span of two days

kinda scared to lose track of time, fucks me up for days

yeaaahh.. I do push a lot
but I can take it probs

your perception is messed up

my bed is a bed
it's not the best
it's not the worst

My favorite one was the "I am kidnapped and held hostage against my will"

Landed patrol cars at my work and criminal investigators up my ass

Luka. Go to fucking sleep you emo.


why such a prude?

you best or it will be punishment by disappointed glares

what is this now?


Dream of dix

She claimed her dad made that call lol


Reasons for becoming gay or asexual

because im not lewd

She made it to her dad then her dad forwarded it
Called the embassy like fucking 12 times too

That bitch spreading bullshit here or only to you?

what sort of crazy person does that though?

that doesnt make it disgusting

anything but that!

“Happiness lies within one's self, and the way to dig it out is cocaine.”
― Aleister Crowley

She only says things to me as far as I know

She said she had to tell at least one person so I guess I'm the only one

Oops missed this

Why does it matter? I'd take advantage of being a NEET to be nocturnal a lot of the time

I kind of am already that a lot of the time but it works out

punishment by infinite lewding :^)

this crowley fellow sounds right on that

What the fuck for is beyond me
Oh well whatever. you believe what you want altho I advise you against that.

Somebody who is literally insane.

He's probably the most famous IRL wizard

why arent they in a hospital?

thats uh..... well good for him

To vent about her le crazy experience or w/e

I don't believe anything

He was pretty cray

That's why there are fun quotes like that

help me budget

ehhg it feels wrong, and my mom won't like it cause I gotta help and stuff

thats no punishment..

Just buy the fucking dildo

Btw that looks way too big for you.

Go for the rum

Hey toaki

how about I buy you the dildo bb

did his magic killed him?

yeah but i want to so it sounds like a great answer

I have a legit psychiatric assessment saying that I should be in the nut house but I'm not, neither her.
I think your parents can take responsibility or however the fuck it works, I got out, she never even visited the place

Well I ended up with permanent scars, debt. and an ongoing investigation, etc., she got free fucking holiday in europe
Man, I'll gut that bitch one day.

so neither huh



weell guess it does
cant punish though!


How was lunch

Buy a dildo. Just buy a smaller dildo.

eh.. it was nothing special, ordered a take out, eat it. and regret i didnt get something more
..well.. tasty


anyway gonna go do something for an hour then its back to work.


What are you, some masochist?

What did you have exactly?

well either way itll be good with that part, however i need sleep now so im going to go now laters sugar cakes

Data butt crack
Cya dude


i didnt have much time.. so i went out and find any nearest place.

it's some kind of indonesian only food where it has meat and broth and mix it with rice

That sounds absolutely tantalizing.

I usually go for the middle eastern gyro. Skewered chicken that is marinated and double grilled, mixed with pickled cabbage, hummus, and drizzled with home made harass - a sort of pepper paste - all in a fresh pita

So good, and only 5 bucks

Thanks autocorrect

Hey buddy

the only good thing about that place was i'm allowed to put as much lime in it, which gives it fresh sour-ish scent

honestly it costed not even 1$
so maybe that's why it wasnt so good.

it was more of a broke student style place



That's a funny dildo name

Maybe set an alarm and take a nap~

You could say that

Scars from what?



-verkmakes Tokai's anus-

So cheap... Wow

14 hour day today. It's cold as tits
How did you sleep


Yeah! I'm terrible though
I think I played about 40 games in total

I'm back



sleeping nude aint so fun when there is a foot of snow on the ground



ni nii

they're all kinda funny

hmm.. perhaps
but it's so light outside

How has life been treating you


I wish I had that freedom
Must feel good

but if you compare pays, we also have much lower pay

so you were busy after all



Can I do that to your tummy?

Kinda ^^

Because that one won't fit in your ass. It's huge and it's fucking wider at the tip.

Go for like a 4-5 inch buttplug. Something entry level. Your ass needs to be stretched before it can start taking serious stuff.

maybe one day

its pretty good. sadly one of my gauges fell out in my sleep


I woke up with my dick out of my boxers of it makes you feel better.

i know it

Subtle: I don't know what my status did, but no
i guess i might as well tell everyone about your automatic thing

I had to double check that if I wrote it in Finnish or English.
This headache is driving me dumb.

T-Then I'll tell everyone about what you said with the hands!

now i just wish i could have been there

You had my interest, but now you have my attention.

have you had your coffee, SD?

go ahead, i was only being careful anyway!


So what else is new


i got a girlfriend
just kidding

Now that you mention it, nope.

you want it black with extra coffee?

but that's lame

It was just a bluff!

*pokes you with that brown stuff*

Would you rather have a nice solid piece of meat inside you pressing against your prostate or a useless jelly that's too big for you to use.

Work your way up. You'd hurt yourself if you went to big.

And the neat thing about buttplugs is you can have them in all day without anyone knowing.

You can't fool me

Like a fucking boss

foods are not toys, Subtle

That or 3 spoons of sugar and milk.

You had my hopes up, you had them!

would you believe it a bit more if i say boyfriend?

do you like pour over?


I am not sure what that even means.

ugh fine

Good boy.


Anything is a toy if you're brave enough

Go and finish Erased already!

you just put the coffe in the cup, and pour hot water on it.
very basic

it's been meh, but i had nice people to talk to

subtle, i have in my hand an adult scissors, it's made of stainless steel and it's sharp.

if you play with this scissors i'll have you grounded

I'm going to need that link, 'cause I'm bad with these things.

Sounds pretty odd, I only know how to drive a Moccamaster.

odd huh..


Yes, odd, obscure, weird.



that's how i usually make mine

erased was pretty nice
have you seen dimension w?

Good to hear. It's nice having you around.
Have you been frequenting other boards or just not been on at all?


You don't have a coffeemaker?


fucken italians

What are -you- doing with them?!

Mochiron :c

Yeah! I love Mira


Subtle ~

father who art in coffee garden, forgive me for i have sinned

nothing! i just have it on my desk!

That sounds like Italian to you?!


the accent, yeah LOL

I think they're Finnish :p
Maybe it's what SD sounds like..

rip doge

what is that!?


10 points for Gryffindor

I'm not an expert on euro accents
but I've heard SD, he doesn't sound like that at all.

thanks sherlock holmes

This is some master chef tier shit goin' on.

Ehmm, how am I going to break this to you.. that's the Finnish accent.

Vielen dank.

It's all okay.


何? .-.

A likely story.. I didn't think you were the type to collect murderous weapons

I guess I'm not smart enough to be a Ravenclaw

can't sleep anymore

This is my angry face

fucking rip

dude its been months since I had that shit

fucking shin ramyun black represent

inject barbiturates to counteract the retinal bullshark testosterone

I've been eating cup noodles since military, I even had a tactical waterboiler, okay maybe it wasn't any more tactical than any other waterboiler, sentimental value.


This retina testosterone meme though


You should take norcos to calm down.

If you care about being a Ravenclaw you've already lost.

If you care about being a Ravenclaw you've already lost.

shit will burn a hole through you if you have it too much, happened to me when I was a kid
but I was eating the most processed nippon kind


ban took those before he left
rip lil nigga


I currently can't eat any kebab because I did that every weekend I had off.
Because hangovers.







send aid

but kebab is best hangover food

It's the beginning of the end, I will steal all of boo's bitches and make him hate it, then he'll go back to liking actual bitches, this is rehab for boo.


But once you've had it way too many times you can't eat it.

Yo, did you know Holla Forums was making a wacky racers cars for people in top 25 places in Holla Forums?

Why the fuck we haven't got to designing a car yet?!

I designed a car maybe a year ago

I'll see if I can find it

Maybe I just found myself an old post. ._.'

One problem.
most of them have dicks.


That goes with anything!

You said Holla Forums was making them


Lol sci is the driver


It's why life is pain.


I gotta go. Evil things are afoot.

Either the cars or the list, but happy to know we got a car, shaped like a cock with with Sci at the helm.

I had a revelation when I was asleep. That I can't stand my friends being homosexuals so I'll just force my will upon them and fix their problem. Also I'm not doing anything physical, but I'm going to control these people's emotions and turn them against boo. Pretty fucking genius.

see you dude

You have a serious problem
because you do homosexual things yourself
am I supposed to turn a blind eye to this?

you dont need an excuse to be a fag lenko

I do not. The thing with elma was ironic and only to upset you.



It is. And the same is said for you.

just Holla Forumsread, /flutter/ and some 4chin places like /trash/

I don't do that shit

Holla Forumsread as in pone threads on Holla Forums?

yes, that's what it always meant


it was a phase where the line was blurred, I'll admit

but that's past me

holy shit, who even makes those anymore?
What tenacity


I have that line and I've never set foot over it.

some people who joined us after the exodus and a few older ones
notable examples are smokey, skitty and skye

bitch you set foot over it like 6 times in the past 2w

I need to stop by and say hi

dude what no, once ironically and once to bully tokoi.

bully him with your dick


he's usually on between 10pm-6am GMT-5

no just repeatedly posting his butt like how I did with TP's ASS FACE.
also doesn't smoking cigs make you gain weight

Grim killed the thread

by leaving

you actually got pics of his ass?
lol how even

and yes, indirectly

I'd ban grim if I was mod


no like I'm insulting tp's face because it looks like ass

how nice of you
actually smoking usually kills appetite so people lose weight
but quitters gain a little

shit man you're so mean to him, all he did was cam after fucking years of hiding it

he's a total dick to everyone, he had it coming.
probably why he user posts exclusively now.
also what.

He actually decided to post only on fridays before that whole revel

but sometimes he can't help but lurk and anonpost during the week

I dont blame him

people with the same problems think alike
get at me BITCH

I'm going to bash my head against the wall until I pass out. Hopefully boo sees my threat and gets scared.



also obligatory no bully etc

He is a human too


hi ikt

Nigga he lives alone and works a dead end job
he is nearly middle-aged and is still single

he lives a very tough life, and uses alcohol and drugs to numb the pain and loneliness

hell thats why he picks on people, so he can have some interaction with them

he doesnt know any other way

Hello RK

Doesn't mean I need to lick is ass when he's being nasty to me.

I didn't say you had to :^)

But being mean to him when he is not even here is very distasteful.

I am distasteful.

Under no reason it becomes okay for someone to tell anyone to kill themselves.

how have you been?

It was just a joke!11!!!!!!1

Somewhat okay, how've you been?

How's the pony people? I don't follow at all any more.

Unless they're bad at whatever game you're playing.

self terminate

Now that I actually think about it, I don't think I've ever told anyone to ky.

Unfunny and repetitive one

After having some sort of intercourse with the mother.

How is that even possible


High tolerance.

That too.

I'm afraid to ask you what is that.

i've been worse..

they are alive and well, Holla Forumsread makes over 10% of all Holla Forums's Holla Forums posts

Say hello to Tetra from me.

nice jobbu

Oooh, Holla Forums's now.

Any of the old people posting?


Who doesn't love a second morning


Does anybody want cummies in their tummies~


hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is katy but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!

Only a few more days until my computer comes.
Sup, people?


what happened to the season in your name?

Don't tell me everybody's gotten a life.

I haven't done that in like, a year.
It was mostly just for fall.



I'm just playing games with my mil-buddies nowadays.



I don't want to work today.

then dont

I have to. It's a short week anyhow.

sux 2 be u

i haven't seen you in like a year.


My life is in shambles.

I haven't been to pony threads or even fur threads in ages.
Surprised to see you here.
Sadly I'll be gone in a month anyhow.

michael has an appointment with the duplex friday

The one story?


why is that so?