Hug thread for everyone~!

Hug thread for everyone~!


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Your feet look really weird.

What did you do?

You should set an alarm!


Wow fucking rude

oh well uhh alot of things
I'm not very proud of them
what about you

I don't want a hug, dammit.


Wanna see mine?


I wish I could see him play some time.
I saw these guys play live though, was pretty damn great.

I did, but I unknowingly shut it off.


its pretty funny how well it works

is it? im just losing topics to talk about

cc and lelouch from code geass, essentially the main characters give or take

That is what I meant by the awkward, soon it'll be a field full of crickets.

I have heard commets about Marin's VA is literally lelouch's

Or a box of them in your house, which is even worse.

fuck you


Too bad, not gonna.

Well that surely would be something new, and almost straight out of Egypt.

Now that's what I call Tsundere at its finest

Straight out of anyone's house that has an insectivorous animal as a pet.

I was thinking more of in a biblical sense.

You like them with a lot of tsun and not so much dere?

hungary user is my favorite poster

I was talking from experience.

weeeeeeeeeelll...... uh how about them red sox?

i think lelouchs va is pretty popular so it isnt surprising if true

You wanna talk about it?

how did that happen?

in your sleep?
I feel like I've done that plenty of times

2nd in ffa
3 kills from 1st place ;_;

How's it going with the spider?

I don't know, I've only ever followed ice hockey.

Most likely, I do it a lot when I don't have anything real to attend to.

no but you're pretty nice for a cuck


maybe put your alarm far away from your bed?

you too

He is doing well. His molt went very well and he's nice and relaxed now. He actually dug a burrow, which is wonderful.

can i hug you fool?


That is what I thought when I woke up.

Neat, how about them hissers?

I just meant you're pretty cool too


Goofed up, but it happens.

a VR game too!?
spider man slinging!

RIP me :c


we all make mistakes =)


Just a humane thing to do.

What if you are a mistake yourself
What then fags



They're also doing very well. They've really taken to their new tank.

Haven't you had quite many mistakes going on lately?
Also I forgot to ask, what's your favourite Megadeth song?

Going to get any additions to your collection though?


I'm thinking about a few different things.

What would those be?

Another tarantula, some jellyfish, maybe a ferret.

obi trice
real name no gimmick

Jellyfish sounds pretty cool.

Yeah, they would be pretty cool.

What do they eat anyways, always wondered that.

Algae and other microscopic organisms. In the wild algae, other microscopic organisms, small fish, etc.

Okay, that's pretty brutal for jellyfish standards.

It's a tough life in the wild.

Get a ferret, they are so cute


This, just for that reason.

seen it

Super cute!

I don't feel bad for the fish though. If you're dumb enough to be caught by a glob of goo then you deserve to die.

Yes, but then I'd have to ferret proof my house.

this isnt wrong

I want a pet chii
chi chi cha chiia

I want a pet lenko I can dress in a french maid outfit and fuck him while he's doing my dishes


email btw

You'll die trying.

Imagine having a pack of those things.

That does actually make sense.

The second you get that trap ass Im claiming it

how high do you have to be to think the moon is ayyylmaos?

Not even going to respond anymore lol

he gun tap dat :^)






Time to go buy some things.
Leaving this for Jack though.

laters sd

Exactly the mistake I made

trust me im a not a doctor


the soldiers face kills me

He will also burn you to death. No bones, No ash, No blood.

i meant the gif.... tbh i like whatever this red king is, normally i dislike most male designs in animu


me and won at dota just now! ^o^


Guerro (he was the tide)

I'll look up the name for you after this match.


The anime is called "The K Project". It's really good.

Paper is finally done!
Time to get high before class.
Good morning.

i miss the menma who used to notice me ;~;

Hi Menma. Glad you're around, this place is dead .

*gives attention*

Yeah it does seem quite dead at these hours.
How're you this morning?
Also Anna from that show is so cute~

if i ever get through my list of animes i will check it out

hey menma how you been?

She sure is, I'm fine. I just got finished carrying bebop to silver on league lmao. How're you?

Good! Give me attention man, I'm so bored right now. I don't wanna sleep either.

*snuggle close and leans on your shoulder*

I have been very tired, and too sober the past few days.
How about you?

I'm tired, and quite satisfied that I actually managed to finish that paper.
2 hours to spare lol

How're you, Luka?

It's why I picked the song.

my tooth area is still tender
all im worried about is if it healed properly...

other than that? sleepy... and lonely.
i want menma to make me happy!

i am quite boring at times apparently but i will continue giving you attention i guess.... how do i give attentions?

ive been well enough, thanks for asking why not get some rest?

That's good, how did it turn out? Did you find the secret meaning to life?

VoHiYo, SD.

Hugs and posts and assorted shit.

any good posters awake?

I'm right here, faggot.


Did you have a tooth removed?

I'm pretty consistent in failing to make myself happy, let alone others... how do I accomplish such a thing?

Class in two hours; if I sleep now I won't wake up in time.

Yeah. Enjoy misery.

my upper left wisdom tooth ;~;
on friday it was taken out... i even took a pic, wanna see?

why aren't you happy? :(
but i like menma! she likes me?
warm comfy things to make each other happy?

What's good Lenko?

"You have collected enough of those star bottle caps bla-bla-bla"

Post the pic.


Oh that sucks. I had all four of mine but out a few years ago. Healing sucks.
I'll pass on the photo~

Wish I knew.
You're pretty alright, Luka~
Not sure how to take this.

Did you know that in Fallout 3's Japanese edit there wasn't a bomb in megaton?


Dark. Misery loves company.

HAPPY TO BE ALIVE. How're you m8?

yo jack your ex-wife came by the other day and talked mad shit about you, are you going to take that bro?


Ew gross

its awkward but ill do it *hugs* so was your weekend nice enough?

fair enough lol that is quite a short amount of time for such things

You have that image too?

Pretty good, went to buy a new mouse since my old one was broken.

It was interesting to say the least, can't really complain. What are you doing up so late?

Same thing happened to bebop and he trolled me in a match. My jammies were ruffled bro.

how long did it take to heal? ;~;

I'm in envy for menma, because she's so elegant and stuff~
take it with love! ^ ^
you are worth it.

company is all anyone ever asks for.
so being around nice peopel like you is comfy.

yeah is was stuck cracked in there for a whole month...

Had the side buttons broken for about a year now and then the middle mouse button broke.
RIP old mouse, served for 3 years.

Poor Luka.


What kind of mouse was it?

I can't bring myself to give a shit about a subhuman of that magnitude so yes, I will. Its like paying attention to a cokroach and its opinion

jeez can't handle a joke. hiroshima was just a prank

I guess more accurately it's to enjoy the brief moments of happiness, for their distance from your baseline state makes them all the more beautiful.
Also be content with where you stand, if you can do nothing to change it.

I wish I had time for a bit of sleep... I'd ditch the class if I didn't have to hand in this bloody paper.


It was a few weeks before I could eat somewhat properly again. I think it took around a month to mostly heal.

Thank you.

This is very true, company is one of the small things that make a big impact.

Fair enough, but why do you swing by here if you hate it so much?

its out now at least ^^

but now i'm worried if it's healing up ok

im usually up for another hour or so, i could probably get more hours of sleep but theres part of me that likes to minimize it to maximize the time i have to do things

holy shit theseius you took quite a lot of pain for a month then, wow

could nap after it though? at least thats what i did throughout high school when super tired

Mad Catz R.A.T. 5
Now got a Steelseries Rival 300

Yep, also that webm wat.

Neat, I thought you only post Misaki though.

woah... so long? to heal? increidble ;~;
i have a long month ahead then?

yus, you are sophisticated and smart and well spoken with words, and your temperment is perfectly gentle!
you wear nice things, and have the love of your life.
i idolize you!
^ ^;;

how much do you like me?

locos here i guess.................

Do what the dentist told you to. Mouthwash I'm guessing. But not too much. Or salt water. But not too much.

Go back to him if you're worried.

I was horrified when she grew in size, the losing clothes/face made me close it.

yeah it was giving me headaches most of the month. and sensitivity and pain all around the mouth at random times during that month.

I don't think I could. Being complacent just goes against everything I believe in. Was that your thesis? also try to reciprocate luka's yuri feelings for you, it would make for a good laugh, but I guess that's kinda cheating on your wife right?

Lol, so productive. Not sarcasm, but I did laugh a little. I just have not been able to sleep so quickly recently. Sucks.

Same, damn random stuff going out in Fallouts though.
And I still haven't finished playing Fallout 4, just finished the DLC though.

i'll give it a week before i start swishing mouthwash around a vulnerable healing part.

did they take that long to get you in or did you just keep putting it off?

oh yeah i wont lie i dont do a whole lot productively in the extra time but my brain dislikes cutting out the extra time anyway, try taking anything to help?

I still need to start the DLC and finish Fallout4. Hopefully one day soon.

You'll get it infected.

I'll pass. I don't like taking habit forming shit, even if it isn't habit forming. Kinda old fashioned but I still sleep enough.

I guess people lose interest in it so fast because it's easy.
Or either the guns are OP as hell, okay that's same thing as it being easy.

Yeah, I could get two hours after that class before the next. I might have to do that.

Eh it looks like her, so I don't mind.

Probably. I think I had the stitches out in around 2 weeks. It's not fun.

Well... I'm flattered.

More than a lot of posters here~

Life can be shown to be worth living without any form of religious influence.

You should at least use salt water. It disinfects and helps with the pain.

yeah a half week after my tooth chiped, i scheduled, then a month later, they pulled it.
huge waiting list ;~;


Exactly thats why, hate.

Ah, I were just wondering 'cause it's Remilia without wings.

Wow. I had my surgery literally 3 days after I went in to the dentist. That must have sucked.

when they pulled it out there was no stitches for me.

♥ i love menma back!
help me feel comfy sleep time pls :D

I played it for 5days when it first came out and now I'm just burned out on it. I know I'd get back into it if I restart but then I'd lose everything.. Idk
Kinda wanna make a new save for the survival mode too

Enjoy searing pain and smelling like a corpse I guess.

yeah... a month waiting...
i suffered through it not too badly.

i wont

warm salt water. dont swallow it but rinse your mouth with it in the morning and night

I know that feel, kind of just waiting for the new DLCs currently.

I'm not speaking from a religious point of view, I don't have a specific inclination towards one. It's more so the way I was raised and what I experienced as a child growing up until now that shaped the views I have. Complacency is like resigning to failure for me.


thats a legit reason not to, what about the simpler answers? like trying counting sheep? probably already tried but its worth askin

i am sure youll tough through it all somehow, hopefully you manage to grab a nap in between them

the downsides of our healthcare but at least they did it

doctor said i shouldn't... can't risk dislodging the blood clot.

I'd end up counting into the thousands before I pass out.

all up to my body at this point now, to heal.

Maybe a simple extraction was different from mine then. I had to have fairly major surgery to get them out before they destroyed my other teeth.

That's exactly what happened to me with fallout 4. Once I had a fully upgraded sniper the game just became too easy. Not to mention they don't really let you be an evil shit in it either.

You asked what my thesis was, it's a philosophy of religion course lol.

Coffee and redbull probably.

You just let it sit at the back of your mouth for the first few days.

That combat shotgun doe.

Now I just feel silly. I did do that.

blood clot? o.o
oh well if the doc told you somethin you better listen then!

darn that sounds like hell when you just wanna sleep

always helpful items to make it through the day with, though the latter has that pesky heart explosion part if over done

it will

I might just end up waiting for more DLC tbh

mhm I was kinda disappointed that I couldn't be a huge bad guy or anything. it's almost like nothing you do matters in the end.. like yeah you have an effect but.. eh

Gonna go lay down and talk to this cutie

I kind of want that farshore DLC, because it adds a whole another area to discover into the game.

G'night Bebop.

I just have to make it another 10 hours. I'll probably be fine.

Exactly. I couldn't get immersed in the world, and a fallout where I can't do that hardly even counts as fallout to me.

Seems like I was wrong, it's called Far Harbor.

It is. Save me from this torment. Ameliorate all this tension. All I have is this smooth jazz to wind me down.

No need to feel silly~

uuu someone has got a new shiny thing

i guess mine was just a simple one... since it took less than 30 seconds to pull out.

it still is the first few days right now ;~;

i am!
the clot is supposed to plug the hole where tooth was!

i googled scarey tooth pics.... they made me feel doubt and sad.

What should I feel? It's all a blur to me now. Menma.. I

Too bad the DPI is what it is and I can't remember what I used to have.

they use cpi instead of dpi anyway

i wish you luck menma!

i....... have no idea how to do that lol

doubtful and sad but yeah thatll happen, thats why you dont do that

I still have no idea what CPI means, too used to DPI.

yea same.. it's just another "look we have a completely same tech and we call it with cooler name"

I enjoy it, hatred. You enjoy cocks I enjoy hatred, nothing strange about that

I play league and browse everything at 2100. 2500 when I feel the need for super speed. 800 on csgo when I used to play. And I use like 1500 on BnS.

Well aren't you just the textbook definition of useless I'm kidding, no h8

I have the weirdest bones right now..
I like it..

Don't lump me in with the rest of the community. Unlike you, I'm straight.

Post your bones/x-ray.

Well then.

I think I used something 5000 on everything, mad reflexes.


I meant hold the mouthwash or brine in the back of your mouth without moving it.
It's good that it was simple.

I don't know.



Luka give me a League character to draw.

Not Ahri or Nami.


I'll never feel again. I'll just enjoy the bliss in my numbness. What would happen to a person if they absolved oneself from all emotion?


Sona, Janna, Fiora, Tristana

Suicide, probably.

give me happyness

i'm scared to hold it in my mouth because i might swallow it :(


it should be my middle name, bae

hopefully it goes by rather easily too

Well thats rare

Stay here for long and your heterosexuality is over

Is that what you would do?

Bootylover, sounds more like it.

I've been around longer than you have and I still have it.


Most likely.

O Venus Illegitima
Born again without shame
Child of Sin is my name

You've been around more lately

Is Holla Forums your new wife?

That's sad, I'm sad. inb4 you're yanking my chain.

uh i cant thats more of a thing you get yourself

that could fit actually a lot better but might make dating difficult

No, I'm not. It took less than that to make me try to already.

And I dislike that. Why can't you just say what you like without being judged? People are wack.

Good or bad idea for me to pry?

im sad.
show me pretty, cute, happy, beutiful things
or uh.. make me feel loved.

Good to see Holla Forums improved during the downtime

why cant a video game character pose with their ass on display cause one person online thought it hurt their waifus personality?

are my pictures not good enough so far?

Dunno, but that sounds like some /a/ levels of autism.


I'll try again and see what happens

Feel free to delete that one

they are alright

I feel the steady decline in my heart rate, as if all the energy and adrenaline I had is now gone.
Probably my cue to go sleep. Goodnight guys.

Yay this one works

later qt 3.14 trap

Here you go.

New thread

Probably bad.