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probably wasn't, who knows.

Ban manaka

wat's sake?


are u ok spoilers..???
all u do in thread is talk about me
this isnt highschool... lol
i dont have a problem with you

japanese rice wine

Oh, Boo.
Your fur is so soft.


I still read pretty much everything, but I try not to pay too much attention to what I read.

I find it hard to care.

Ante up!

frosted butts

reposting for your convenience

being naughty by staying up late, i see


Sante sana

im not a weeb
how about we go to a strip club and get more ass than a toilet seat

Why go to a strip club when you can just get an escort or a girlfriend lmao.

yo i finally got my keybase invite

okay squash but that was not my actual intention. do you want me to dislike you more for doing this? because you're asking for it up to this point. the actual conversation was deceased when i basically told boo to chill, but somewhere in your heart you have to make something out of it.

ever since i picked up my last escort and it turned out to bebop in a wig i decided never to go for escorts again after he raped me

a big soft warm comfy cozy fur freindly happy smiling

and no hurt~

either way you have no control over his inability to grasp reality so no reason for you to take the blame

thats probably good

i hope to

You have to be 21 to go to the strip clubs out here. But maybe that's only the case when they serve alcohol.

Are you still pissed that I flirt with other people and not you?


Ill just have to take you as my escort then, Test ~
Wear something pretty for me, okay?

i think that's why he's mad at me also
i was flirting with kanra and he called me a little jagged pill

bebop raped me
you didnt know this story?


You gaze long enough into the abyss, get my drift?



wow rip lexi


I'll wear a purple sundress and take the facial hair off.

I sort of knew the owner of the only good joint out here. Al Zuccarini, he actually died this winter, it was fucking tragic. He slipped on the ice while leaving another bar. He didn't die immediately, but he hit his head really fucking hard, he was pretty much a goner at that point. His wife was with him when he fell. God, it's sad to think about, he wasn't that old.

cute purple sundress~

Didn't know discovery channel material was bannable here.

Homu time

that's not even
nigga what


i was walking home from work one night and i was feeling horny
so i went to the corner and saw a cute grill
when we got into the motel room he pulled off his wig and it was bebop
he violated me and told me to call him daddy


hi betty

legit who did that ban
who doesn't know what that word means
not illegal

Justice 4 boo

yeah i get you but one of has to, for science my friend for science lol

That story is sad as fuck dude
But at least you can hold up a conversation
Take off that facial hair and Im making you my wife with a trait like that

No no no, the email field? It's a reference to a Simon and Garfunkel song. "I can call you Betty, and Betty when you call me you can call me AL".

You know. Because ALchemist. Heh.


I'm pretty content with my own insanity.

Um, OP.... A newt is an amphibian though, baka~


What is the cure for boredom?

Newts are liars called Ian

Shh, I still love you tho.


shh... don't wake up dosh...

he's sleeping

That is a very short list of criteria you have for wifing.

Fullmetal Alchemist!
post that kewl fma character u used to be~

deez nuts


New games.

Harry Enfield ;_; rip

Doing interesting things not just sitting at your computer masturbating probably ^~^

What did Ian do now?!


Lying lizard

EEEeeeeeeeeeeeeh I dunno.

I don't masturbate that often in the first place.

Its actually an extremely high standard for someone here to be both cute and able to hold conversations
I'm glad you fit both though ~

Okay, e-hug

Death, probably.

I wouldn't recommend it.

hows it goin lenks?

yeah im starting to wonder if my sanity is worth it either


lewdness and vidya




Pft. Do you ever stop flattering?

It works most of the time, as long as the game is interesting.

Probably should read them with no thought.



This may or may not be old news, but did you hear they're doing a live-action movie version of that?

Okay, but what did he lie about?

He got fired already didn't he??? ;~; I knew he should have stopped hanging out with Soto ;p

I was just meming, but good. Me neither. I tried it out earlier today and got a really weird feel that I'm still trying to figure out.


*grabs your butt*

:stopfap: might work better~

I mean
Not if Im around someone I really like I won't
It's just how I kinda operate when Im talking to someone who i think is really sweet and special
I hope you dont take offense ~

just the lodsemone
it got popular from killing floor anyway
t. meme experto


Why does that drake webm have no audioooooooooooooooooooooo?

I need to play more Killing Floor again.

it's a Holla Forums Holla Forums meme
non audio boards sweetie

You used to call me on my shitpost, late night when you need my lewd, call me on my shitpost


Butt touches are a one-way ticket to Hell.

Top meme. I should make into a memestep song. Like my tokicrusader mix

I don't think death is very entertaining. it sounds boring.

Which ones?

But I can't think of one I feel is interesting enough.

Sometimes I try to see how long I can go without doing it.

Well sure, it sounds boring. But you wouldn't think that if you were dead, would you? And you wouldn't be bored.

Boredom cured.


Oh, I see. Such a shame :/

You got any good freestyle instrumentals you could link me?

oh, OH what about that 2 phones song tho?

I'm pretty much sure my trip is booked so why not add to the bill at this point?

Post butt.

Oh? What's your record? Maybe that's what the feeling was. Disappointment at myself for giving in to it. I was weak.

I know that feel, I kind of want to play CS:GO but then I'd probably lose and that's not really fun.

idk whichever you like!
maybe league or dota
or if youre talking about the other thing..

pretty good man, just won a match on league, and pissing off bebop's friend.
how are you?


Memestep response to drake, hotline

>hotline meme

If I'm not having fun, then I'm bored. Death doesn't sound like fun, so I can only assume it's boring.

I'm not sure, two months maybe. Or one and a half. Definitely more than one month at least.

Maybe I'll play dark souls when it comes out. That's still a week away though.

tbh its really off putting that i am much younger than most people here and yet my immaturity will like never be as bad as those peoples even if i tried, so not actually reading them might be the best bet just in general if they break the rules someone can report them

im alright

you can fap time away

Is spoiler cute grill?

really? something seems a bit off, what's up?

destroyed guy

i didn't hear that!

thanks ^ ^

That's not really curing your boredom currently.

Better not just think about it, also you're as old as I am.

Boo are you still mad?
e-mail me fam, lets talk this out.

Masturbating is sort of boring though.

no im just bantering
i love u dude

y-you're sort of boring though.
uh idk mang idk you no more

dude ghostie is underage anyways

get over it boo





I feel like I've been so tired lately. And there is nothing to do. We don't play games anymore. I wonder if I should pick up drinking.

do it


Drinking isn't for plebs

It's not good for you though.

drinking can be fun. no alcoholic tho

why you do this to meee

my parents only buy light beer lmao
i have to drink this crap when im out of weed



Thanks, mang. Gotta keep practicing. I really didn't participate too much tonight x_x

lol rappers have always been meming now that you mention it :3

Yeah, I think I was around that much until today's "incident" lol

I guess it's kinda good that that's coming back to an extent. Idunno yet.

So what do you do to pass the time if you're not chronically fapping? What do you do, Mordin-chan?

iirc, I read it in passing on the trends on FB so I don't know if it's even real or not. I didn't really check into it at all.

Did the Attack on Titan one come out yet? I remember seeing previews a while back. Looked kinda neat. I hope they keep the part where that one dude gets eaten in front of his buddy there tbh.

Show me how to make it exciting again ./////.

Do what? Reply?

Are we talking rifk-drinking or drinking?

yes it is, get drunk with me.

hi babe

You arent trying to tell me you actually rap welms are you?

just sort of tired of here, if it wasnt for the people i do enjoy talking to i would just be cleaning the catalog of cp and nothing else

wait you are 20 and youve been through all your military stuff? wow youve already decimated my accomplishments..... wow that sucks for me actually

I went MIA for a bit, is Ghostie not posting for some reason? I feel like I haven't seen them for the past few days.

You're probably depressed.


O-on camera, so-senpai . ///////////.

I think they got like dox'd by someone they mmet up with from /lewd/ or something

post moar .
hi Test. Success.

You also missed my post whether voluntary or involuntary

at least it doesnt taste harsh so i can just sip it
barely feel anything tho

And about 3 different jobs.
I still don't feel content with it all.

im faded waddup nigga

heeey that isn't yui with a monocle and top hat.

Sup, Axel?


i think it did sorta come out?
and yeah... i think i remember live action person eaten by cgi giant!

how come you left that one discord btw?

I tried sipping... Once... Then the monster kicks in. They should do a Halloween JD and call it the monster mash instead of just sour mash

good times.

How come we aren't using 4ch anymore?

i have that monitor~

Lost my yui folder recently

hey you too man?
what a fucking night huh
i gotta find another game to play

Discord is boring.

I watch stuff, I play stuff, read stuff and talk about stuff mostly. It depends on what I feel like doing.

I don't know what rifk means.

I can't get drunk on a tuesday though!

I dunno.

Luka pls.

you were never in it with me though! ;~;

I don't think that's wholly true.

well youve done a shit ton more than me but you also werent part of the people i meant lol


Sorry Boo.

For the same reason we haven't been using it for over a year. Fuck the mods.

Some people went there today when Holla Forums temporarily shut down, right?



no worries hermano
we're human

Apparently people keep forgetting we left there for a reason

i'm starting to feel less like one.

okay well you were like once and it was nice
then you were gone foreverrr

Apparently people keep forgetting we left there for a reason

Just pls.

any1 wanna hav sum drama


Which one is MF Doom in that KMD video?

Well, you can reach me elsewhere.


Well, I'm no psychiatrist.

I left because everyone else did.

Is the "K" poster Jay?


What are you?


Hihi. How was your Monday?

Yeah, diggy. +1

Yo, this right here is simple and solid. +1

That first one's perfecto for like doing some real talk and I dig that quick strings beat on the 2nd. Subscribed

I dabble when I'm with one of my friends in particular. It tends to eat up all my phone data when we're out and about though. I've spit a few good bars to get that "OHHHHH" reaction from the homies so that's a pretty cool feel^^

Tinychat tiem lol

No, wait. Don't. They'll make a gif or something lol

Oh, you saw it?? Was it like the exact same story or whatnot? I only ever watched the first maybe like 8 eps of that show so no spoilers tho pls

Stuff... Sounds interesting! What sorta stuff have you been feeling into lately? Give me something to work with here pls. I'm extremely chatty right now and I feel obligated to make the most of this!!!

See proto for rifkdrinking or soto or scoots or maybe even tokai nowadays.

I still feel like it's not enough, I just feel like I need to achieve a lot more.
Just for the sole reason of achieving.
Thanks, I try to remain quite neutral.
Try, not be.

I am genuinely upset that I got rated lower than MGD

Good evening

Stole your blueberries and your e-rep x_x

What the shit, Boo?
How am I suppose to stroke to this?

Do it.

hello there

Do me a vocaroo sweetie
send it to me on steam and i wont show anyone else ~

I don't really know. I'm in one of those periods where things generally feel sorta dull. Not a lot of excitement lately.

So people who drink a lot? Or what are we talking about here?

Maybe private show later ;)

You should be proud; it is quite the accomplishment.

Thieves are the worst

no it's
Darwin it's really not very hard to do

Oy, I thought you were test for a moment

ya but voice chat tho
unless you dont mind there either?

i've only seen very breif clips from it.
so it... kinda tried to do the same whole story... but 3DPD?

do what? :(

Yeah, kind of like get completely shitfaced and often.

A student studying business. Which means I'm filled with zero useful knowledge outside of how to construct bell-shaped curves and financial statements.

Nobody studies business because it's interesting or something they care about, though.


fucking shit boo

You don't want to hear my voice.


is this the fate I'm destined for
Is this my future
can This be called a future
where is my naivety and innocence


Think on the bright side, you're not studying psychology.


Cute anime characters! *hugs them*

oh damn. nezi should have it? I think.

well they don't bother with me and some others...
it did? didn't know that.


i havent seen anything from you at all in that way so i think your trying is doing great, darling

I do!!

How are you today

i spit my fucking drink
first good banter from boo in a while

Well I tend to get pretty drunk when I drink, I don't drink too often so I get drunk pretty easily. Then I fall asleep.

Are they pretty bell-shaped curves and financial statements? You could go far too, I hear you have a magnificent beard.

Impatient af, Dark souls 3 is a week away


i bust out top tier banter 23/7 though tbh :/

I only do radical movements when black-out drunk.

Sounds fun
I am excited to plpay it as well

*pets kitty*

im kind of interested to see this but at least you have a good excuse for it lol

i'll endure more of it

On what platform?

I was going to buy a ps4 but I got set back recently

how about yourself

Luka PLS
You need to calm down with this petting business!

You will not.

I do that thing where you get through a bottle of vodka in less than a hour.
Don't do that, it always ends horribly.

I thought you've seen it, during the time you started posting I think I told you that you've only ever seen me drunk.

says who?



but they are pretty pictures.

My nigga, I'll be on ps4 as well

I wish I had the strength to follow my dreams.

While I'm at it I wish I had dreams.

It's only a couple months old, I wouldn't call it magnificent yet. I even trimmed it a little bit recently, I was getting a bit unsophisticated looking.

Why not simply
hate manaka

This is an exciting prospect

really? then you couldnt have been that bad cause it didnt leave me thinking you were creepy, weird or immature.... i kind of think i remember you saying that though now that you remind me

I can't right now cause it's so late. Remind me tomorrow if you're around and maybe I'll deliver before work


Ahh. Do some drugs like the cool kids or something.

NONONO Just kidding. Never follow any of my advice ever.

Ooh. Well it's lucky I got myself into an all-nighter now isn't it?

Ugh. I've had my fair share of stuff getting stolen. I know that feel, man. Sorry for the meme, bardo. x_x

I think my nerd coworker was telling me about a new VR game they're doing for it too. The web-slinging-esque combat is gonna be so ridonkulous if it ends up being a real thing.

OH, and the big release already confirmed for VR is for 2021 an actual SAO which looks pretty ballin'. Unless like people start dying like in the show or whatever of course.

Says me. You are doing fruitless tasks.

You can't pet the pictures.

cause no one good could seriously hate that adorable foreigner or something

Hoo boy you might get to see how autistic I can truely get through party chat

Elma the smores blizzard is actually pretty ass in retrospect.

i think the SAO vr was a prank sadly

I'm not good with hard liquor, it's icky.

Not going for the caveman look?

Only if you post more tildes at me~

Except Ban, God rest his soul.

Better just think realistically if you're even going to have dreams anyways.

I creepily remember almost everything.
Well, there have been the not-so-proud moments, but most have been just all-friendly drinking.
Maybe even more than just friendly.

babe you gotta speak up, idk what ur sayin

All the fun drugs make you feel like shit afterwards, so they don't seem worth it.

Dairy queen is better than sonic
fight me

Sunbae: after reading the things you've said, i'm glad i never got too involved with you
Sunbae: even if you were joking, it was not funny

That sounds good then, if I ever pick up drinking again it'll be just beers or long drinks.


LEGENDARY OSTRICH RIDER: was plunging ur e-dick into manaka worth the loss of a friend
ß Ⓐ § ∈ Ð ʉ أ ⛧ ψ: manaka or game
LEGENDARY OSTRICH RIDER: and the breaking of his heart?
{EĢN} Jx8870 [cmc]: playing the sex game isnt a game
Bebop: you dont know the full story
Bebop: stfu

My grandpa had a saying that when you got shitfaced you were simply stealing the fun from the next day

I'd like a full beard, but I want to keep it well groomed and mostly even.

It makes so much sense. I suppose that is why people drink every day. Keep things one step ahead.

Gandalf style?

i got dis girl and she wants me to duke her
i told i come scoop her around 8 she said

but what if your life is a train wreck? Like if i were to get shitfaced, it would be because no other day is fun and i only have this occasion to compensate.

That's a good one

I've heard the same thought more elegantly put.

"Alcohol is a time machine, every drink takes a little bit of happiness away from you tomorrow and gives it to you today."

i want to see ban ban himself from banning himself, so ban bans ban from banning ban aaaaa my humor is stupid

yeah everyone gets a pass for something, its fair cause people will usually always give themselves a pass except me i am a dick about myself doing anything and pick it apart pretty hard lmao



It's really late, what are you doing up at this hour?


Did you ever notice that Gandalf the white had a shorter beard in the movies?

It made him look better kept.

A shorter beard than when he was Gandalf the Grey that is.

I thought so too.

You're borrowing fun from whenever shit gets better in that case

Yeah, I figured it wasn't an original thought
my gramps is a truck driver so most of his "sayings" are just very simple version of eloquent thoughts like that

Counting down the seconds until my inevitable passing

It is. I'm not going to lie to you.

I did not, no. I am not sure if this is actually true or not. Maybe it's an optical illusion.

Right? The heath-y-ish chocolate chunks were a huge turn off and the marshmallow was a weird consistency when it started freezing within the icecream.

I'm not gonna knock it too badly because I'm not a big fan of smores in general other than poptarts and I got it for free because of work scheduling bullshit lol

That graham base stuff we use is dank though!

Ah. Oh well. Would be really cool to be able to do like a vr 2nd life. Or like shop Amazon in an actual store front virtually and stuff. I think internet browsing in general is going to be off the chain once the figure some logistical shit out with the whole virtual reality thing.


What would happen if you put on a virtual VR headset or whatever? Dreams within dreams in a way!


Oh, I can do that~

*le tildu faec* ^~^

That's kinda like everything fun though, to be fair.

Waiting to come down so I can get a minimal amount of sleep for work tomorrow.

what's up... desu? maybe?

who is this cum drum

its okay it has its moments where it shines, i wont evict it just yet

Just look up "Gandalf" on google, it's easy to see the difference. I'm having trouble saving images for some reason.

but things are just perpetually worse. In that mind and perspective, i would drink to numb out the sorrows, moreso than to "takeaway" the fun of tomorrow.

Ganjalf the green


It's 10 am.

2 hours til Destiny's weekly reset and then raid with vg.. hmm I hate waiting

It's gonna take you a long time to do that, my friend.

Come down? From what?


Well of course for you it's normal hours.


the answer is my tripcode

all lowercase

You're just coming up with excuses because you looked it up and realized it wasn't true, aren't you?!

I wonder what the absolute peak of fun is.

nope, i dont get it
moving on then


that makes me think of the oculus rift episode of south park where none of them know if they are in reality or if they are the one that put the headset on lol steam has a virtual desktop that allows you to sit in the virtual home theater thing with your desktop as the tv screen allowing you to watch movies on your computer as though you were actually doing that very thing kind of odd and redundant but it still seems cool

like um free forgiveness? a get out of jail free card sort of thing

Well, I woke up at 4 am after sleeping for 15 hours.

Sleep well.

Before anyone asked I googled that trip and got it.

What's good?


I deserve the torture it brings

Youre the only good thing I can see in the threads right now, sweetie

No, I seriously want you to do it, because I'm right, I just can't save images.

I just assume you're Nezi because I've seen him post those images before.

True, but I don't think I need to be forgiven about anything.

Oh, this again?

I believed in you the entire time testicle.

Well yeah
I don't have much else to do
I wish you wouldnt be so blunt and formal about my declaration of love to you

yeah i think i read something wrong there and fell off the topic in a weird direction

I'm glad I have your unwavering faith.


sorry to hear, I'm here to lend an ear whenever.

do it this weekend lmao

easy going, just general stuff, playing league with bebo and fam.

You know that I don't do that whole e-dating or e-sexing thing?
Nor do I believe in these sessions.

Might have been that.

I wished for a pony
What'd you wish for, user?

That is all irrelevant if I just want your nudes, yes?

You are an expert at gandalf. And beards. I'll leave it to you.

We'll see. I dunno.... I haven't had alcohol since new years eve.

I don't do nudes either.

3 wishes

lmao dork, why not?

wwwwhy are we even talking then

a pony
no hunger
extermination of the jews

I just didn't buy any. I didn't buy any that night either but my friends made me drink.

Uppers, obviously lol

Adrenaline rushes are wicked fun if you're into that sort of stuff.

Oh, that's what that is? Yeah, maybe a tad redundant rogl

Is that a newer episode? I haven't really watched South Park in a while.

Not too shabby then!

I thought you were like besties with Grommles. What's up with your subject field?

Because you thought there was something to gain.

dang son

Why is that?


Ah. Be careful.

Would I know you, then?

2014 episode

probably lol

How did I not see that?

I don't have anything to give me those though.


I was supposed to take a 2 hour nap, but then I woke up 15 hours later.

Yeah, this is getting a bit awkward if I may say.

Always am^^

A long while then, I guess haha

Who are those characters anyway?


Are you sure?

good friends you got there. drink up.

He's still my friend but some of the things he says and does are just killing me. I want to leave it at that and not argue with him anymore but that doesn't mean I can't be passive aggressive about it like him at times.

I can't think of anything.

I don't even think they drank that much themselves. I didn't even realize I was drunk until I almost fell over that night.

I don't know where to start.

Slash is just damn good.

lmao, you're just like me. your friends are kinda mean for that too.

lmaooo i fapped to this video before


I haven't made the audio version yet. I still have my 4 part non-audio

My feet are white as fuck

That was nice
I havent heard alot of his solo stuff
saw him in concert once that was crazy
he shredded bawls


why are you fighting with grim

its pretty funny how well it works

is it? im just losing topics to talk about

cc and lelouch from code geass, essentially the main characters give or take

a VR game too!?

spider man slinging!

RIP me :c