Super kawaii, rite?

ヽ( ̄~ ̄ )ノ


would actually look really bad. Hair all over the place.
Probably snoring.

Still kawaii
So how are things?

i thought that said

like what about chii and i? i asked her about the new gundam unicorn the other day.


It's just a lot of cybering and backstabbing.


I hate games that last an hour and are so on edge that one fuck up and it's over and you lose because mid went top when there was a fight bot.




I don't even snore!

Getting a bit sleepy again.




everytime i've heard that someone had cancer the second before they told me the first thought that went through my head is oh god they're gonna say they have cancer
it happenes every time

sleepy but playing leagu
bed soon?

i helped grim win one!
i was a sona...

and at the last second we all turn on and blast through to their nexus!

it was epic~

Cancer is no fun.

Nice. I'm playing with my IRL and Ursine.

Here, I know the details.

Everyone cybered everyone, everyone lied about absolutely every personal detail they gave out, and everyone was a sick in the head teenager that found a very unhealthy way to express themselves.

its too prevalent everywhere

it was sooo fast~
i loved it.

are they helping you have a happy time?

that's about it actually


woah what.

gundam unicorn re 0096


i gotta start that other one first!
ya kno that epic one they released uber slowly over a few years
and it had that white red sparkles gundam?

Last game has me on edge.
Was really close.

I'm neutral as far as mood.

Where do I get novacrystals?



i'll get it soon sheesh :c

idk where to start with gundam tbh


play more!
the blood is flowing, you want more
more action

any where is good.
they are each their own time periods and universes~



Wish watch Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

tfw no email reply back yet


Jesus fucking Christ, dude.




i like how bebop is the intellectual heir of a cucumber.





Are you trying to be creepy?

Holy moly.

tfw no Hiroyuki texts today

boo thread

hand over the (you)s


Man, I totally empathize.



Yeah. it was about 3 times worse than I thought it would be. The close up did it.



B0ss not giving me my damn payment and he's afraid to talk out of IRC

I want to fuck Alchemist

Idk why but that song legit makes me have feels

12:47 AM - Lexi: give this to Tuschi for me please

everybody else wants to fuck alchemist so
I think I do too

Don't we all

just you faggots


He's one of the few animus that I would fuck.


i miss colby

i have dibs on alchemist
fuck off losers

no homo

He isn't even a trap though.
Why do you want him?


You can have him you faggot

like him



he poured acid on his hand!



can you mend a broken butt?


what is the Revenant?

movie about a man raped by a bear :^)

Taric is so bad ass now.

a nice movie. I will stream it for you when its out on dvd.

is my idol

i have no experience with butts..
so most likely not!

i wonder if luka would score >50 if he took an IQ test


:( lewd

yay! i wonder if its any good.

Everyone here would.

Gotta wonder who scores in the 90s though.

Without adjusting for demographic, 50% of us should have

Grim, where do I find Vilociprey?
I need claws for R Ludroth armor.

I was in bed trying to fall asleep and I got messages insisting I get out of bed and check the thread for something and this is it?
Don't forward anything else.

Grim I was posting alice earlier btw
fucking lenko called me alice2

How do I become kawaii sugoi

10/10 movie.

check your streetpass palico. It should be in sent quests(from me)

Got it chief.

Yeah, but Luka?
Honestly sweetie between you and me she's pretty pea-brained

I don't know anymore

meow ;~;

go to meetings and make people afraid of you

he literally told you it was me and you were like "huh?"

Thanks, man.
Also how do I find Palicos?
I have yet to get a new one.

Most people overestimate their own IQs.

I'm confident i have an iq of 100
probably not more than that

but you have experience with hearts? are you a doctor?

youre happy to watch it so which of us is truly the lewd one

inject kawaii into your veins


My IQ is 10 billion.

more like 10 billion DICKS IN YOUR ASS

My IQ is Gundam Unicorn re 0096


Grim, what are you doing?
Stop being a tard.

Well that's pretty natural
Something like 90% of people will say when asked that they are an extraordinary person

your brain is evolutionarily built to think of itself as special
that way you value your consciousness over others and survive better



i dont know




4 more days

then Ill be able to get more comfort water

in the cat areas on quests

Maybe. Probably higher, given you were on 4chan.

I hope you put it to good use creating Holodecks.

Something like 70% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

You're right, though.

Everyone thinks they're special.

Like booze?
I can just get you some and drive it over if you want.

we both know you are

Please. I'm an idiot.

Mine was the 30%, i try to stay as rational as possible ~
I'm glad you decided to stay for at least another day by the way

oh please stop


sQUASH tbh i havent tried to party w/ you because i am ashamed of my room and self conscious of living with parents


Putting yourself down is a very socially healthy thing to do.

uguuu .///.

When they say actions speak louder than words, does that mean you shouldn't act, because some people are already really loud?

I live with my father and his wife and my room and van are often a mess. I don't care much what people's houses look like.

I have my areas that I'm good at.
I do have many faults though. It's whatever. I'm working on at least not being a dick to people anymore.

Soraka solo baron?

Mignon Poisson Grille-pain, je viens taquiner. S'il vous plaît se réveiller et revenir et poster filles mignonnes d'anime, s'il vous plaît.




*shares yummy pizza with that c.c. and wipe the lil pizza off her chin* ♥


Naww im actually being serious though
I kinda enjoy talking to you
It'd suck if you actually up and left me with these retards

It means that every trite piece of wisdom has an opposite,
yet equally as rational sounding piece of wisdom.

It means that you can say whatever, but until you actually do something it's just idle musings.

it was a prank bro
i only baited the entire team only to ult and flash away

At least make sure it's okay to be a dick to them, or that they understand.

Yea. Fuck these retards.

It means do not post my waifu.

I was uh.

I was doing homework.

He's mad at me now.


Or what?

Some things that seem rational can still be wrong.

Like, what I did with Luka.
I'll still give my friends shit.

That is a load of strress less thank you sqush

i am too.

And I'll be doing you.

I will fucking kill you.

Yeah, no prob.
Just remember. I only have until the 1st to hang out. I'll take you to dinner or some shit.

Do you actually feel like 99% of this thread are retards or are we on sarcasm mode
If its the former I kinda agree unfortunately :/

What a way to go. If it's you, then I don't mind.

Almost all things that seem rational are wrong.

But people don't go about thinking how wrong they are all the time.

Not the best approach to dealing with people that don't understand.

i might've meant it too

Well, there isn't anyone here worth actually hating.

omg my god

smh tbh fam

What did I do?

No. In fact, many of them are definitely more skilled in things I hardly know about.

I like pretending Fool is worth hating.

Sometimes I actually believe it.

It's complicated.

...... uh lets not do that

He's calmed down nowadays.
I use to chill in calls with him.

oh shit this league account is "permanently suspended"



nice attempt tho.


Don't be deceived by his beard and cigarettes.

He hasn't changed his intellectual stupidity.

I forgot your outlook on posters is so positive
I would think rationally like that but I think my mind is a little too egotistical to subconsciously reason those things

Who don't you like here, anyway, sweetie?

I fucked dogs, not horses.
I have a major fear of those.

I just don't get into it with him.

i really like fool alot
but he terrifies me

Christ, just fuck him already. You're perfect for each other.

Enlighten me.



Fool is actually a pretty chill and fun guy. He would recite Alanis Morissette lyrics and it would make me giggle.


Everyone I call is asleep.
Fuck life.


FUN FACT: Nothing she sang in that song was ironic. Thanks Fool.



I drank vodka in TC
To show Soto I was cool
And when I finally got sober, felt 10 years older
But fuck it, it was something to do
I'm posting out in Holla Forums
I post 2hu just to prove
I'm a real big baller 'cause I made ten folders
And I spend them on e-hugs and booze

Literally ask some of them what they're doing.

What they're studying. What skills they have.

No reasoning involved. They'll just tell you.

Such recesses of illogical reasoning were never meant to be probed.


Then I do not apologize.

I find it entertaining.

I get you people like Fool,

but you can like people without debating them,

his outlook on the world is reprehensible.

Willful delusion. Convinced that all is subjective, and does not base the value of ideas and theories off their predictive capabilities. He says that subjective metrics account for anything. He held this view years ago, and he holds it now. I don't see that changing.

He can't fall back asleep.

what the fuck you mean
you people
honkey as caracka

Bard is a bit of a wiggly man.


I am ambivalent towards Fool.

On the one hand I don't think I'd buy his paintings for the price of the canvas.

But on the other hand he has a cool beard.

I am so very conflicted.

Boo is a jagged little pill. He would confront me on how i was trying to make "nice" with Kanra. A few days later he would do this number. I don't know, it bothers me when he tries to relate to thread fodder like "SQUASH FUCKS ANIMALS XDD, LET ME PLUG THAT IN SOMEWHERE. AM I RELATING GUYS? AM I?" And tries to compare people's intelligence like it's some kind of contest.

Right now with the Panama papers being released, all we are waiting on is the Debbie Wasserman Schultz x Barack Hussein Obama sex/mixtape they did together. You can just jip us off like that, Snowden.

idk this word

me neither same tbh

Okay, halfway through this post I think you got a bit off track.

This is my dilemma too. And he smokes and drinks. Which I think are pretty cool. Not like I'd kill my liver like that, but I'm glad someone is.

He doesn't think many steps ahead.

He seems very reactionary.

ADHD meds wearing off

Because there's more interesting things than to talk about someone on the internet 3000 miles away. I wanna to listen to that fire mixtape. I was on my soapbox for a bit.

A grand number of people have no outstanding talents or skills here though, along with degrees and other achievements

Some do, like Cato is really smart, and uh... some other people Im sure..

what's this post..?
is it relating towards me?
i need some explanation here
why are you angry at me?

Tell me please.
I have to go to bed soon.

I'm aware and I feel a little bad now.

It's always fun to have a chat with Fool, quite obscure view on life though.
But it's his opinion, not like it's going to change my world.

Never change Bardo.

wwwwhats a jagged little pill also?

btw hi lexi

thank you SD
i think it means alot more than i can convey

i think a lot of people here have unique or obscure views on life


My hypothesis? and read the 2TB documentation that is the Panama papers. Brought to you buy: KFC's 5 dollar dinner box. You get two sides, a biscuit, mash potatoes, a drink and a cookie for 5 dollars (plus tax). No one does this better than KFC. Finger Licking good.

Glad this place decided to unshit itself. Holla Forums is rude.

yeah i didnt get it either doots
i dont understand if he's mad at me because i said squash had sex with a dog because i mean.. he did

Sleep well sweetie ~
talk to you tomorrow hopefully

yeah you

The sudden change of pace/topic was weird.

Good night, man.

I should have gotten the dog's number.

No problem, just stay as chill as you always are.

Most do, but some are more radical than others.

sweetest dreams

The rich are corrupt and greedy, so fucking surprised.
Why is everyone so surprised.
Death to conglomerates.

Y u mad, it jus gaem


i'm known to be able to comfort people.. alittle bit

The sudden change is what i am used to. Sometimes i believe i cannot control my brain for whatever it spews out in a form of words or typing. Some people think it's funny, but i think it's hurting me inside.

*snuggles for comfort*

I've been sitting here with this bowl for 3 hours
as soon as i get into it im probably gonna end up falling asleep what a waste
or worse
spill it

Is it your turn to be thread roasted?

i wanna count what i know quickly.... i count 8 off the top of my head that are beyond radical and would like do good with a visit to therapy at least once a week lol so yeah it is only a handful

can you comfort me bae?

You're in control, man. Don't go convincing yourself otherwise. That's what is really unhealthy.

TTake turns on the roasting spit


but hurt people more..

well, i need to know more about why do you need it!

im impervious to roasting
i leveled immune to status effects

I guess it's just started to become a social thing
feels alot better sharing a smoke session with someone as pposed to burning it up and then sleeping iidk

Boo took levelling up and the buffs srs

Props mang

This is why I hate drinking hard drinks, I usually fall unconscious and spill the drinks all over the place or worst case scenario on the keyboard.

I don't really have any counted, nor do I force any opinion on them.

But you haven't hurt me, nor probably never will.
Mostly because that's quite an impossible thing to do.

dont hurt~

It was just a prank

Evening Boo
post black cats

Who me?

Like the 5 dollar KFC box? It's filling and satisfying, but man that thing probably packed in more calories than a 7 course meal for how greasy it was.

I mean i am sick right now. Sick as in, physically sick. People played ring-around the rosie to the idea that i am mentally sick, so that's out of the way.

and I love you for that

damn SD you go hard huh

that sounds icnovonvenitent as all hell

what do you drink whiskey?

isnt the five doller fillup a great deal?

i dont feel well i guess? i didnt expect a reason to be requested lol

its hard not to count them when they wave their crazy in my face almost constantly, not even sure why they have been aside from like 2 of them

why do you believe that? lol


It is, but it's super unhealthy fam.


He's been around for a while it does get to him a little but he'll always come back for more and start more drama. It's always fun to read.

When are we unbanning sci?
Ban scoots ffs he's a madman

I wish I still had the classic boo folder
i'd have to remake it
the actual booboolaboosh is still alive btw
he's like ~10 years old now

grim when we meet up we're gonna do the thing where we cut our palms and share blood to become blood brothers
u kno
that thing

I think Spoilers is talking about your name, Lenko.

Whiskey or vodka most of the time, although I think I won't be drinking any heavy stuff for that reason and mostly because I do really retarded stuff when I'm black-out drunk.

Well, I guess I just don't pay that much attention to them.

his drama isnt even well thought out and it all hurts him quite a lot, why else would he consistently complain about me just cause i called him creepy af for doing something everyone with common sense found creepy too? lol

never he posted cp


ya you!
how are ya doin?

he should have been perma'd months ago

why did no one listen

lol cringe


I just don't have a response to that meme garbage.

As for the physically sick thing, plenty of water and sleep are the only tried and true cures to every common bug.

Uh no, Lenko desu.

NOPE. You can talk about it though, as much as you want babe.

Because sometimes he has nothing better to do. :^)

I just don't have a response to that meme garbage.

As for the physically sick thing, plenty of water and sleep are the only tried and true cures to every common bug.

you want me to leak what ghostie posted about boo?

Being modguka is suffering


Here you can have this one

its hard for me not to even if it wasnt focused at me lately, i have to make sure rules arent broken

i dont know, sens and i seemed alright with that choice but it was the rest of the posters that tried to defend him so he managed to escape it til then

nothing better to do than call toddlers he is related to his bitch :^)

i like you and grim both at bro level
let's still do it yes lenko?

i mean id prefer not wallace
it was the one time i was actually kinda hurt by someone in thread ;_;

sebs not sens


Then quiet down.

Oh. Well.

Don't really care about all that drama.

Scoot 4 mod

my boo folder has 1 image in it now
thanks sweetie

it's fortunate that you have that "dont care" attitude!

i try to, always been!

i dont really know how to heal a physical illness except to drink a lot and take multivitamins..

add me on miitomo guys. i need coins for a swaggy p sweater.

Name names.


probably not

its okay i was just seeing if youd try to mend anything lol



Are you really blackmailing him?

pretty much
you still love me right? :(

I'm not cutting my wrists. Let's get high and drunk together though.

I care about you~

Add me on steam for that authentic crumpet and earl Grey experience

he's gonna have me do some really gay shit i bet

you dont cut the wrists retard
you cut the palm
then you put your hands together so you share your blood and become blood brothers

it's a very symbolic experience

omg I've always loved you I'm so glad you feel the same I'm already buying the dress for our marriage

Good I think.
I'm all ready for bed which I'll be getting into shortly.

Who's this?


good e-mail tbh

was me

Oh, Boo.
What a web you got yourself into.

At least I have you to hold me and pet my hair when its all over

become soft!

Let's just exchange a cup of sake and become brothers.

Why? We're becoming nudists.

Really wish you could snort memes.
Maybe buy a 3d printer and print pepe on cocaine.
Snort the meme.

*Scotches a seat further away from you*


no squash. here we go again for your assumptions.

boo sci grim luka are the only fair ones to say as they are the only four to try to push their strange vision of how things work toward me, the other four i just see that way at this point so they are subject to change

yeah i see no reason to put the sins of his creepiness onto someone completely unrelated to it lol i dont even think you were on at the time it happened


That's blackmail.

New thread

New thread

being naughty by staying up late, i see

Coobie you know what time it is♫