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Is that Zero girl in a Mai SNK outfit?


youre not missing much honestly

Apathy would be nice

but that's not very long :c


plenty of people are happy

but I think that life is the journey to FIND happiness. you just have to keep at it and work hard to find your happiness!

same actually
my job is going away as well I believe


I'll just have to take your word for it.



shit tier philosophy there tbh bard :/

Best to make it worthwhile, then.

You frighten me


you're missing much!
try it ♥


Unsurprising i relate then


almost replied thinking that was Lexi

Subtle you're the most kind


i've only ever watched the original 12 eps


thats basicly it, there are movies but only 2 of them have new shit in it

B-Being kind costs nothing ^^'

like i said i will come back if you need me. i wont leave you hanging.

is the new stuff kewl?


but that's not nearly enough time for a worthwhile conversation :(

yeah i gotcha

its okay, a bit hard to understand with 1 watch


i'm happy

You asked if anyone was willing to talk, not engage in a worthwhile conversation.


anything making you happy today?

subtle is a good person!

happening taimu


I don't know
It's a strange feeling i can't describe
maybe not frightening
something else




Bath salts are the only solution.


good c:

I suppose

Good luck out there~!

She plays blade cancer, she doesn't need luck!

Hi Nezi

Spoilers where are you




I am in love with subtle

you abandoned me


what do you mean?

im joking


i like to dance with blades too!

slice slice slice


birthday person!


im chill !

i'm old now ;_;

oh well it went over my head lol what are you up to?

Those shitty, fake drugs things that were popular a few years back.


hey there eisen, how are ya?

I am a magician

you will not reply to this post

i'm doing alright
what have you been up to

I hope you lose your game idiot!

Be careful you don't cut yourself.. or me



you wanna fucking go m8?





got a new car

lost weight, back where I wanted to be

that's about it


Don't you start!

subtle is a tsundere?

grims funny quadra posting

not older than me :3



I've fucking rekt you shit you eruopoor

not a whole lot bae

hey emma

You're a posting error.

Good one Spoilers


well i feel like shit tonight so i'm going to go to bed now
something something poor health
you can email me if you want

Both great
Good job~

Don't tell anyone

I am not poor! I could buy your bitch!


tbh I rarely see them but every always complains about them :x



i'll do it now to prevent forgetting about it later

let's hope i wont accidentally send one using my real email.

i wouldn't tell anyone

sweet dreams

looks so indifferent.


how are you doing?

ba ka

alright.. it's just I have two emails in this mail organizer and sometimes i dont check which one is currently active


hopefully sublte is tsun at me! >_<
that would be scary!


I'm not..
Check out m-my montage tho



Me irl: 。・゚゚*(>д


Hello princess

I am all fine now.
Are you sicky?

did he die?


He just had a long nap.


i want her!


Hey brrrd
How's things


sup brushie man

Beg for it~

Sometimes when I try to talk my throat fills with phlegm and my voice turns into a frog.


pedo pls


make sure to sharply inhale through your nose, gather that phlegm, and spit it at people you don't like.

I am not.

if i remember correct from the tinychat paint isnt that attractive


II'm super stressed tonight

subtle control yourself you nigger

shut up, and shut your semi nice ass too a2.

shut the fuck up you fucking SJW CUCK

how sexy am i sex kun


she looks pretty

if you straightened your hair a bit i'd totally put my dick in your ass/mouth



*does that and spits it at sawgay*


nothin nothin
I haven't done the brushie thing in awhile

About what?

I don't actually have any more right now, but maybe soon


Who's that?

It was pretty neat

im doin great, why so whatever that face is projecting? lol

dude you're more of a cuck than boo

is desu not enough for you

I get actual pussy instead of being baited into cam sites on tinder


Because I need to buy eye drops ;;

You are

This is my new name for the next week.

It's not like that lol

Yeah that's as likely as Wish sucking your dick.

;~; *sniffles*
i'll wait for her~


is that the same folder

Woah. So harsh.

What's it like


hi wish

Can you stop?


go buy some then you nerd! :^)


That's bebop, retard.

Just a bit of fun


I'm worried about my friend


Nothing, go back to trying to prove Alice to be a liar.


You told me she was a liar tho, so.

i guess this is an appropriate reply, get on


Wasurerarenai kara boku no daiji na memory~

I'm over it :3

Good evening, Neko.

It's 11pm.

I don't think there's a 24 hours Shoppers nearby.

You're a tard.
Just stopping by yo say that.


Yeah, go have fun with that.


Are you as much of a creep irl as you are online?

srsly what I do

just a bit of fun :^)

how was your day?

You should be asking yourself these questions.

hows it goin?

fair enough lol guess youll have to tough it out for a night

Nothing. I just wanted to say hi before my game started.

No I am better than YOU

This is about you, not me.

Are you sure

Just trying to cope with my sudden case of BEING A CREEP. Also procrastinating like a champ right now. I gotta get up and go places.

NGE is shit.

I'm not sure if I managed to stay away for 2 straight hours yet so far.

Here's hoping.

Can I put vaseline in my eye sockets?

umaru a shit.

Dude, I JUST got home.
I didn't have time to see what you did today to make me think you're a giga tard.

im like
wtf did I do to piss him off this time


give me one moment!


I don't feel as bad as I should.

How sweet

I thought you were supposed to go to bed for work?

止めて下さい、私の心がいったい !



were you sleeping all day?

good luck on your games

lol what even? you should get to doing that stuff though

you can but whether you should or not is a better question


No, not so much really. You're trying to make everything about me, you always have. Ever heard of red herring? It's all you ever do.

lmao too long, probably going to go now, have fun.

i miss aussie

just someone being someone, that person is silly.
I'm going to go do things now. See ya later spoils.

But that's what makes her perfect~

Oh please, I was just quoting that Teto song :3

Only for about 20-30 minutes each time, yeah.

Well should I?

I am very sleepy but that does not mean I am who you think I am

Why so scare?

Bye for now..

I wonder if the kind man with the broken heart will ever return

he comes by every day

I always wanted to be someone's nigga

But it's almost 5am here so, good night ^^


absolutely not.

okay, cool.
Stop replying to me unless you know me

night subtle. sweet dreams.

Te To?

woah she pretty
who's she?

That image triggers me

Thx I'll try ^^


do you have the original of that?

stop bein so lazy emma

we're winning~

Maybe I'll do it again sometime.

He in some kind of trouble?

It has already been decided.


I'm allowed to be lazy cause sick!


i wont be asking you twice

I think I do well enough to keep this going

Tenshi ^^


5.28, holy crap, way out of my league :c
All that #TeamChitoge in the comments though..
Also gn to you too

you never said you were sick

one post to convince me to continue this


i can see that, take care lenks

probably not



are you erio?

his mom is sick and hes experiencing depression and anxiety

Fucking bitch.
Why the fuck are you user

me irl

I've been trying to pass it with HR :3

It's in my weeb status!

Shit. doushio?

Aww. Sounds rough.


your what now?

No, though it's not the first time I get asked that.


O-oh.. I thought we were alright there for a second..

My heart is aching and it is worrying to me too

how are you tonight my friend


oh ok!


I write things in my name field sometimes.

S-Sorry, I always ruin the moment...

Sorry to disappoint you..

I guess Grim thought the same..

but I can't read that

Keep your water intake up. It'll thin out the mucus.

Site's back?

That character never stops crying and the story is so formulaic it makes me sick. I even tried reading some of the manga just now to see if anything interesting happens. I got like 20 some chapters in before I decided I would rather eat garbage than continue.

I forgive you. Hey, how come you're never in IRC?

a cloth wet with warm water against your eye? no idea, not a doctor lol

Oh, sorry :3

Yeah, I've been drinking a ton of water but it's pretty much just going right through me.

What are you? Some sort of weeb?

I liked the first episode. I don't think it should have been as hyped up as it was but I laughed a bunch :3

I just grew out of that phase I suppose.

Dr. Spoilers-chan pls.

That's a good idea though.

Emma poster quelque chose que vous savez que je vais aime

Are you wish

night night wishy

are you sleepy?


Sometimes I just feel like completely wasting an afternoon.

I'll say this much, All Might is pretty cool. Even he's just a walking pile of tired tropes, but he does it pretty well all things considered. Everyone else is so one dimensional and predictable it causes me physical pain.

i obviously meant to pick a good idea, there was no guessing involved :^)

Qu'est-ce c'est?

No, I'm Darwin.

Sweet dreams, Neko.

I'm not sure what else to call it.

I just drifted apart from most of my friends there.

Does he have a time limit on his power or what gives?

It's like a mini spa day or something~

Also, that is like the only pun in the entire series. Hell, it's the only joke in the entire series. Unless you count this one guy whose power is pretty much that he has a magnetic afro, cause his existence is a joke.

Yes. I don't want to spoil much else, but he can only be muscley for like 3 hours at a time at the beginning of the series.

It gets shorter.

yeah except not and it costs a lot less


So if you're not the alice2 I spoke with who are you

hey dude

Keep it up. Do a saltwater gargle before bed, too.


Sup? I wandered off and watched Fury Road when everything went down. Old lady bandits, fat lady milking machines, shiny and chrome, that movie had it all.

Ah. Well okay then, not like it's needed.

Shit. It was an ass-tounding pun too.
What else did you pick up? :3

Money is no obstacle!



It's not like we ever spoke on there or anything.

I really wish I have a Wii u for this game.

fuck yeah.
That huge water fountain and the chrome paint too.

I posted on halfchan and got acquainted with alice2.

Lenko acted all weird about it.

It's very blehh. But it will help you sleep easier~

~*~ waiting for good posters ~*~

Grim associateing with alice doesn't surprise me
I think they'll be fast friends

We did once or twice then you disappeared from me ;~;

this sounds condescending

Nothing else. Because I'm not a weeb so my hunger for poorly written bullshit was quickly slaked.

Tsuchi said to me a couple months ago that Lenko's name "Lotte" was actually something that Chen went by and it confuses him.

I'll just not sleep, then!

I was never on that channel anyways.

He refuses to talk about his past.
Probably was a huge gay bitch.

but you'll die.

thats a good thing

must be the choice of image

Wish watch Mayoiga

ohhh, i mistook it as someone else too


the lack of punctuation too.

I suppose we may never know.

What is there even to talk to Alice about?


Didn't have to be! It was still nice to talk to you, even if we didn't much..



history of the threads. back to the 09s and maybe even farther than that
I learned a bit from her, but I got an archive to peruse through at my own time

i feel empty
stress is clouding my mind

you both have a lust to know things

/pats back
Hope things improve.
You don't say

You should have watched a better show like Pan de Peace.

I'd probably pass out and save myself first.

The only obstacle is time x.x

I suffered through episode 1.


tfw body force-shutdowns emma

The feeling is not mutual, I know.. :\

lowkey wanna cuddle with test and or grim. maybe at the same time in a bed? uwu

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yeah time is a fleeting thing, kind of sucks ass