Someone wanted my Galko folder and I'm pretty sure they were from around here. So here ya go

Someone wanted my Galko folder and I'm pretty sure they were from around here. So here ya go.
Also yay Holla Forums is back

I didn't know anything going in, didn't know it was ongoing or how much there was to watch. Soto said watch it and I had nothing better to do, 7 episodes later and I HAVE A GREAT NEED

liste the traps andtheir ships

Not! *yells*

True true, that's why I didn't watch it for years tbh. But I couldn't have it anymore.

List is getting longer day by day.

Maybe I can get me one

Yeah, fuck that feel
I sure as shit wouldn't be in your place now lad
Now you might end up dropping it or forgetting about it or watching it later
Or at worst case, this is how good series go to the grave

Same, but I dropped Gotham and Breaking Bad and others because of this
It needs to be a good as fuck show to keep ya interested

Tracer x Insider needs to be added.

Forgetting about it is the most likely.

Dammit, time, my greatest enemy.


Yep, the most common conclusion

You want one?

Test, clockwork


I don't know what I want
feeling hungover?

I don't get hangovers.

I have been up for 24 hours.



Screw you

you need to cap the series for me

Why grim why.
What have you done...

I got like two hours of sleep and downing coffee.

l e e g u

I had an entire day to piss away
I would have a folder for you by now if you tell me earlier

wha! reversed poland!

Hey, hand slut.

True true, I don't even watch other series now lol.
Even though this is pretty much a golden age.


we have more than one indonesian poster, friend

Cofee buddy

If I get past a certain level of tiredness I just can't drink coffee, it makes me sick immediately.

Who's the other Indonigger?

object need to be bigger than 1/4 of the total screen size! also preferably with reddening cheeks

okay, but i'm playing in bed

what are you meth heads up to?

Im on my way



whoever gets there first between you and manaka





Actually you'd make quite a loss.

I feel so asleep


I have gotten to the point I cannot really drink coffee anymore for a really weird and specific side effect: it makes me sweat profusely no matter if the A/C is set to like 62 and I'm stark nude.
Energy drinks don't do it to me, though, oddly enough.


I'm online but I don't think I have you added.

let him have my spot


Grim Echoes


what's that site that lets you listen a youtube song on repeat with rain in the background

Who the fuck are you if you're not Manaka?


I am seeing doubles.

Manaka 2.0 :^)

oh right, thanks!

Are you dream walking?

I am also
seeing doubles

I take it you're some /lewds/ shitter.

Yeah, they only now realized the might of Remilia.

Actually he is not.

Goggles seems like he's stealing everyone's avatars these days.

howdo I noww


I can usually drink almost two liters of vodka and plenty of beers, do you want to slay my bladder or what
Sure as fuck I wouldn't have any kidney stones

Cap 'n Crop
Leave it to me


Don't worry.
No one will every steal Yui from you. Nobody is autism enough to like that K-On!.

Iwanna go

It's funny because I stole Yui from someone else


In a single night?
That is literally fatal.


I am not?

I want to post her when you're not here so I don't disrupt. But you always post once in awhile!

If you sleep in a dream you wake up.

Also this sexy bitch

You two were meant for each other.

Who's that cutie patootie

Drinking starts when the sun begins to shine here

I got this folder from sci

Been a while since I posted here... And I am already getting that warm welcome back...

/lewds/? Is that a board?
No gods no.

I am not manaka's stunt double!



You stole the Misakas, Shinobu, Homura and now are working on Remilia.

I have slept in dreams before without waking up irl


also.. if you can i need you to send that to me by small amount, since i need to rename them one by one

What a terrible person

I sleep in my sleeps all the tim

Hey whats up?



A good laugh or two, some lighthearted romance, some decent action, a good amount of gore, and LOTS of suffering

What ever happened to spoilers eva

i bet you use swag language everyday

Who are those other people? Do I know them?

Misaka and Shinobu are mine. I've had Homura forever and Ui gave me Remilia.

I've died several times.

How does that turn out?

Thank yu

I am promised

The cutest k of the ons~

Eh, Eva did that too.
I post irregularly nowadays.

I am still the original 4th(?)

What was it like?

It just kept getting fucking better and better.

Koi On????????

I just realized that I capped and cropped like 1500 pictures of this show to infiltrate avatarfag threads and, to everyones surprise, it failed and now this folder is useless
Anyone want it?
Kawaii as fuck old school vampire slut

I'll get to it this week
I can get around a thousand images for ya, Nagato definetly needs more screen time

2L = ~68 oz
shot = 1.5 oz
68 / 1.5 = ~45 shots
The liver can process about a single shot of 40% liquor per hour.
You are still ingesting lethal levels of alcohol even if spread out to 12 hours.

I'd rather pee all night long than have to worry about hangovers.

I sleep

Kariri~n wasnt it?

Also its gonna be a 25 ep series

what was chen like

I must be sick in the head. I can't wait for Elsa to come back. So fucking sexy.

Assuming he wasn't eating or drinking any water.

Plus the beers should add a little as well.


I'd fuck that cartoon.

Lasts a day or two for me, you know what, I'll go try out your theory right now

You should NOT remember such things

Unless it lasts from about 9-10am till 4-5 am the next day
IF I drink that much I need at least almost a day
Plenty of food with grease

I don't really think I ever talked with Chen
I think that cunt was an alicefag at one point?
Don't even know

It was very weird. I felt myself bleeding out and everything going dark

I would have thought enemy of my enemy is my friend
alice seems to have reasonsnot to like them but then again
they got reasons to dislike just about everybody

Sounds about right.

You won't be able to drink as much vodka, however. Unless you force it. But either way you shouldn't be getting a hangover. Or one as bad.

That's terrifying
Ever have good dreams?

It's one of those cultural bravados I'll never quite understand. Every person's liver will filter roughly the same: 1 drink per hour, barring cirrhosis if they've been a lifelong drinking. In which case, they'd be pulling less alcohol out of their bloodstream in any interval. BAC functions the same across the board. The only true variable is in total blood volume, which means fat people.

I cant help it, I secretly had an interest on your alter ego

but not really, i dont know why i remember it, maybe because it was so different than what you usually are

Sex and weight affect it the most, yes. Andre the giant drank four 1.5 L bottles of vodka in one sitting per day if I remember correctly.

But I wouldn't deny the possibility of one person being able to down 2L of vodka in a night, barring they aren't 5'2" and 120 pounds.

I'll limit myself to a liter today so lets see if a liter of water can take care of that
I mix it with shit tho does that count?

I know I talked with Nevada, and a friend of mine is closing in on Chen
We do have plans and ways to get back at the stuttercunt
Ya interested? All differences aside, you are more than welcome to join the fray

It was different, I wanted to act like guys, spent plenty of time to create this folder for it, only to realize I can't do it for shit
What a goddamn fucking waste

Always do

Brush your teeth.

vodka in the butt

Ever had a lewd ream about a poster?


what did you think you'd get with acting like us?

Vodka in penis

I don't remember my dreams anymore.

I will!


As if that would accomplish anything
they will get what is coming to them as we all will
Fuck the grudges


Still a liter of vodka being passed through you.

also check your skype

Who was it?

Don't worry i'm the same way.

You'd die really quickly.

Wow calm down.

Meh, i think its pretty terrible.

I checked my skype and got nothing..

I had dreams of garee and haikus


You didn't say yes or no.

I remember like 1 a month or something.

I've also had non lewd dreams about posters
Including You and grim and mgd and Tp


I had dreams of war

I didn't know you were a chubby chaser.

The answer to both versions of your question is no.

Also what the hell is a justice boner?

I was talking to some guy who was dumb squid porn and he kept telling me about his justice boner.

Wow I mislinked.


Who is church?


I think he's talking about Luluco.

I dont even know how grim got into my dreams
we dont really even talk
he went to visit ban one time

An insight of hierachy
To see the leaders, their weak points, anything I could use/abuse
But you really are a ragtag bunch of misfits, random guys pissing away time together, no offense but not a community the least.

Liter of water then
Heard this shit a thousand times before, time to test it
I'll thank you the next day if it worked

You can wait for fate or you can create it yourself
Alice hurt you right? At least on a level
Return the favor, with minimum effort.
There are plenty of others like you

my last ex


Didn't Church like OD and die?

Isn't there more context to this?

I have a valid excuse.

Sounds good.

A nice feeling you get from seeing justice?
Like JusticePorn

Alice enabled my enemies
Who in retrospect
were actually her enemies
Maybe my Paranoia was something that helped in the end


To stop flooding of (Japan?), Haikus and me are building a dam or so, using blankets (that harden) and stuff.
When the dam is finished the next day, Haikus has disappeared, and GarEE comes along while I's on the side of the dam that will get filled.
He asks me from the other side of the dam where Haikus is, and tells me Haikus better come out with handcuffs
I come over to his side of the dam, and say I would not know where Haikus is and that Haikus has been gone since yesterday,
but I do not get to finish because a door opens and a kitten comes in - Which turns out to be Haikus.
Everyone is happy because kittens

I just microdosed 2c-e.

I plan on this being very introspective.



How much of this shit do you just make up?


that was fast
back already

Come now
there are alot of worse dreams to be in

my dreams
none of it

I don't see the relation.

I've never seen them before.

I mean I asked him why he liked dumping squid porn on Holla Forums for anons and he said it was because it gave him a justice boner.

Whats your excuse then?

I only microdosed. I don't plan on taking more then a microdose of anything really.

I'mma get up in your head someday

To make use of your paranoia, definetly sounds like Osaka, she was always good at using people
Your paranoia helped her more than you
You are not fine with being a tool, are you?

not likeley you ever willl, really

I'm dead tired.

Someone clean my room

not your dreams

I enjoy being dreamt about actually

The Chief always talks about the "fire of Justice".
He's straight out of Inferno Cop where he made innuendo about justice and boners.
Just a guess.

That sorry miserable cunt mion used to post sailor shit all the time
If anybody dies today its on you, Grim.

I didn't read the rest of it. I assumed it was someone you were talking to with that avatar.

Did you break up with him or what?

Why not sleep then?

I was using this avatar at the time yes.

My battle was with MGD

Anyone else aside from haikus flan etc are almostirrelevant

I'm annoyed I couldn't get accepted into the community despite being there for near 3 years
And it irks me that people I had considered friends would be swayed so fast by someone as thirsty as kermit

but all the issues that i would ever have considered personal and anything that would have made me at least a little relevant Are dust in the wind

Was he the one you e-dated?

I don't dream and tell

Then yeah, I'd just assume he's making reference to that.

Same, just my friend calling other a rat.

That happens all the time.

Nah he dead


what's so special about him/her

You make it sound like they were all wet dreams.

I've tried.

Where do the Scarlets get blood from in Touhou?

I dont see whats wrong about that?

YO Subtle

what do you think of betty now after watching the latest ep of re:zero?

She went from one of my least liked to one of my most liked

Wait. You don't see what's wrong about having wet dreams of posters?

It's partly cool as fugg.
but partly depressing.

What is wrong about that

But you have told me your dreams before.

I don't get it.

I haven;t seen this show

Did he really die?

Then try and try again!


Hey. Clockwork.
I am Kastelle.

Each episode is like 6-7 minutes.
It's Trigger making fun of themselves.


How rude, teach them some manners..

Also my exam went great
100x better than expected ^^
Or maybe my revision just paid off

I already liked her because she's a bit of a tsun, now her awesomeness just came to light! I can't believe we get 25 episodes of this stuff.

Not really?

I can't remember

Oh, I don't think I've seen you post that often or at all. Hello

Maybe brb csgo, road to LEM, slow replies :c

when he grabbed the drills I thought she would actually kill him

You are saying you don't see what's wrong with ejaculating to thoughts of other people, even against their wishes?


Action movies

I mean
I can't with one hundred percent certainty say that
But Hei used to talk to him on cellphone often and then one day he just quit responding to everybody on all platforms
He showed up a few months later after being laid up in the hospital and then he dissapeared again and never came back like 2 years ago

Canonically that hasn't been disclosed, so no idea at all.

I'm debating on watching that after googling it.

It's all fun and games until you die.

Ehh, not that bad, not sure why "rat" though when they're only studying.
I was thinking about asking that, but that sounds great!

I brought the bitch over here
I even went to Canada before
Even rented an entirely new apartment, furnitured it and whatnot
THEN I brought her here
Only to find out she is a useless fucking prick and literally cost millions for me to find that out
Holy fuck now I understand why I always hated love

See above
Actually that story still misses the cops (criminal investigators) and plenty of other unbelieveable shit, in short, accounting all my fails, mion was the greatest

No its not.
You let your regrets and rage go out for shit.
Give it a chance, you can always quit
I know its bothering you, and it always will because you didn't do anything about it

I remember dying in a dream.
I fell or something.
Heart beat was all raised and stuff.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Maybe he just got bored of the threads and moved on.

So I moved to sweden and my best friend was a huge snek and we rode around at blazing speeds to latenight stores buying candy before they closed and the last store even gave me a plushiesnekcat and then we rode home again but there was somebody spooky next door so I put a plasma ball inside a car with a slightly open window that was parked outside their house and ran and the car exploded and I ran into skellingtons though they were my family and I said hai to everyone and they were all happy even had a skellington son though he was human and he said he was sad and I asked if he wanted to stay home from school and he said yes and we made pizza though he burned his hand on the pizza and I went to the city to meet someone and we were driving a car and the snek was gone sadly but the one we were meeting was waving papers around for a job application for becoming a folklorist and the car was so fast she had to push the papers to the roof of the car to not lose them though in the city there was a folklorist guru and people had been nagging the guru so a lot of folklorist hippies had made a human chain to block people from entering the folklorist district but the one we met had a job application and was allowed in though I saw a cloaked figure standing by a fence a bit away and I swear it was volibear in a cloak and he helped push me over a slightly broken fence and then the huge crowd of people outside broke through the folklorist guards and started running down the street and I found a strange cavehouse and went inside and there were tons of spooky wooden stairs down to a tiny room with blowing winds and plant tree flower pollen cum stuff floating around even though there was no other openings to the room and I found a hidden box with a flute of some sort though the folklorist people outside were standing on the roof and used a dorkdetector thing to find that I had a camera with me so they knew where I was and I had to plan how to escape with the box because it was clearly important and then I had to leave for hogwarts and I packed a really pretty pillow that was white with a blue backside and pink patterns and those colour combinations are probably horrible but my brain thought they were nice and random dream partner and me were being chased by guards from somewhere maybe it was the folkloristboxguards I forgot but then we ran into a conductor ticket officer at the station and he asked who we were and I started telling him a story about a poor hoboboy who was going to learn to dance and caspar was trying to ruin it for him and with two minyoots before the hogwarts express was about to leave the story was still not finished so I finished with caspar trying to bomb the dance hall but he was stopped and everyone was happy and we reached the train just in time though my ticket said 2 grownups and 1 child even though Iwas not a grownup I think and I had no children and my dreampartnre was not a grownup either I think

oook Ishall stop because if posting dreams the first tim is boring reposting is even moreso

It's always either falling from a height, getting shot or getting stabbed here.

Is it uncommon?

oh yus

whatabout having to run but running really slow

I campaigned against him for years
Do you see him posting in the community daily?
weekly even?
arguably I achieved what I wanted
While I'm not the healthiest in my mental anymore
I am still here and he isn't
I may have eliminated the oppurtunity for some friendships or connections
But here I am in the community I joined so long ago with people who accept me for how I am
I have done alot about it and only recently was able to let it go

I would hope so
Still wish he would have said goodbye

posting dreams isn't boring
it's a good read

Nope, never had those 80s horror movie-esque ones.

You've told me more than you know when you're sleepy.

I probably wont

And really strange.

You said that too early

and it was about 11k dollars

Don't let such shit get to you, just poke at the cunt whenever you can
I get what you say and it is a job bloody well done but there might be more to it
Its all up to you tho, we'll welcome you either way
If you need time to think about it, you have it


Better tell people to stop posting their pictures on the internet

I bet people don't like it when I masturbate to them but it's not gonna stop me

I wonder how many times we already died in dreams.

I'm all knowing now.

well you havn't talked to me when im sleepy in a while

you can do ittt but can you ever look them in the eyes again afterwards

Hell yes

That was your fault though.


Answer is pretty many, but not like it really matters.
Also are you talking about posters here, or?

A person who can not experience the joy of music and who idolises a person like Kermit or Haikus is a person who is already in more pain than I could ever inflict upon them
I don't feel ill will towards alice

You must earn my ni ni.


Everyone who liked the series didn't watch the Disney one
I mean seriously
Emo sith lord pls no

Naah, just fun to think about.
ehh eh maybe..

I am not sure how to feel about this.

I think I usually fell asleep before you said anything like nini

I'm sorry league friends
my sodium levels are critical

It's probably best anime of the season right now

my honest opinion is that I haven't been so hyped since attack on titan, so it's a good 8-9/10

Yeah I was probably busy going on about more important stuff.

so she was the woman who ruined you eh

heavy stuff

got a picture of her?


No wait, you usually left to go do something a lot of the time before I go to bed

No, removed everything
I'll be sure to piss and dance an her grave tho

such hatred is bad for you

So is mine.

if you do that i'm breaking the alliance!

It takes like over an hour to tuck you in sometimes man.

Now I get why yo're such a jack

I feel like that for Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, since same studio as AoT.
Maybe I'll start watching that later on today.

I kind of want to know to whom, but at the same time I don't.
Because that could end up backfiring.

I'm a complicated person.

I thought drills were an attribute of worst-girls.. maybe not anymore

Now 8 days until my next one, I have some room to breathe

I know


me right now

I might check it out

What? Isn't it a reasonable step?
action-reaction and whatnot
Maybe if I'll sell her organs I might get the cash back

Let's shroud this in mystery.

stuff is hard sometimes.


You just need to wait long enough
you might need to wait a lifetime
maybe 2
eventually it will be able to be forgiven
but it will take a long tim

I'm hard all the time.

Jesus, do you like have an exam after every week?
Still MG2 and never getting to MGE, life is suffering.

Actually very well animated and got that fear factor like AoT had.

It will be all clear someday.

Me right now

w-whens that..?

I'll rename you to tsuchi

Please don't.


What? I hate waiting
Its like sitting on your ass expecting the happenings come to you without moving an inch
Srsly tho, do I still have ya on skype?

Once I can't control myself enough, because I always need to know at some point.


I recommend moving on
a cycle of hatred is just destructive
to you and your loved ones

I am calm now

I havent heard her side of story to let you do whatever you want to her.


Just kidding!

Kill me.

It's so hard for an anime to have a fear factor like that

needs the perfect combo of lethality, music, vfx

You may be a pedo.

kinda scared now

I don't use skype



Hate is power, hate is will, hate is faith and a way
Not even a religion but the only way to live
But thanks for the insight

Still? I mean, really? I told you where can you find her


I'm to lovable for that kind of punishment.


I think she's a cute character.

Not everything I like is so black and white where it's either I want to fuck it or I don't.

I am alright thanks


it's like looking for someone in a foreign city with the only clue is a name.. which maybe she doesnt even use.

anyway, i admit i'm not very good at tracking someone

Yeah and a mofo after the characters that is hard as hell to kill.

Curiosity gets the best of me.

I like firetrucks and heliflaps and trains and airports

I'll punish you regardless.

I am now free. Goodbye...

Grim killed me. I am now free.

No you wont.

Her legs are the main part of her outfit.
Rofl. Like I said, calling something cute doesn't mean I want to fuck it..

You going to bed now?

But what if you actually survived?



Nah. I am just fucking around right now.

It will eat you up from the inside

I'm tellin ya



There is no need, from what I know about her she'll kill herself anyway
I'll just buy a ticket to piss and dance on her grave
Thanks for trying to help tho

'kay gonna contact you soon then

You sound like you are talking from experience

I just let live, I get this is curious.

What if I told you that you can't die and you're going to suffer for eternity because of that?

You wont

You are correct.

I used to hold the worst grudges. Didn't gain anything from them. Even after exacting my vindication. You feel accomplished at first, but then it's just hollowness.. Don't get me wrong though, anger is a great thing to spur yourself into action, but hatred is just concentrated, corrosive anger. No good.


I maaybe will

Ignorance is bliss, but it sure as hell is boring.

No I just said you wont like 3 times.


Maybe, I have pleasure in little things.

I don't know what to do tbh.


It's sad that I know exactly what that is on first look. As in I know exactly where with no second thoughts. Jesus. I haven't even played it in over a year and a half.

And what I say is law.

Or hatred can be an acidic battery constantly spurring you into action, giving a short but eventful life
It also becomes the best motivation

What was it by the way?

my feet are freezing so im probably gonna close my window and warm up something to eat



well it's we share our own losses since you could get something from it

you and her, and me. everyone on camera.


I am going to probably...
Continuing Screen capping.

going to go brush my teeth

So do I, but I just hoard information.

Nothing is impossible.

I stopped at BF3, but that BF1 is so damn tempting because of the setting.

Off to play some CSGO because MGE never

Yeah you better listen.

I didn't get Hardline because it looked stupid as shit.

For me to contact Mion in any level is literally impossible
But we can talk if you want
Most of the time I talk honestly simply because I really don't give a shit about what anyone else thinks

send help I fall asleep all the tim every day

it me

WELL i guess into the trash the promise goes?!

i'm under the impression that you can tolerate my nonsense only if you're drowning deep in alcohol.

isthis your fault

true true

Thats normal

I'm sorry my momma told me not to tell a lie
I put the voodoo on you so I could hear more of your dreams....

Don't take it personally
I can't really tolerate anyone alive sober

Jack pls.
Do you want kids?
If so, you can't hold any hatred in your heart. The little ones are extra sensitive to the feelings of adults.

I made some eggs and imma eat em with garlic naan

Ican not keep doing thiss

Just 2, normally it would be 4 but half of my modules this semester were 100% coursework based

Also just lost a horrible nuke game, soooo tilted

Never want to play nuke again in my life


Well looks like I gotta go
You twerps are lucky
But next time it shall return the TERROR ABSOLUTE

Emotional Poverty

I'm emotionally rich
You can have my fortune

I shall partake.

It's embarassing sharing some of these emotions . //// .





well, I could just rip some out.


Don't do that
My feelings are very sensitive

how about plucking them?





i couldnt even if i tried~

poking and prodding even



I don't let criticisms get to m y heart
you wil need better than that



my gifs are the dankest ever

Make a gif of me bouncing for something/.

for dicks

What do they look like
are they cute

10/10 webm


they are like grapes


i don't have work today

what a TREAT



I'm not getting the joke.


I'm trying to get some sick OC here.

Floppy disk more like floppy dick looool AHAHahahaa