O Typhon Apep Lothan

O Typhon Apep Lothan
O Drakon Typhon Apep Lothan

Morning star please bear your light,
Through the day to next night.
Fallen one who stole the spark,
Bring it into the dark.

Dragons of tomorrow flying to their Babel of yesterday,
They open the seal of Sorath and release the eleventh ray.

No, I'm okay with caring about people on the Internet.

I just don't feel any sense of community with this place.

I mean, sometimes. I know more about you people than I actually care about.

Seems pointless to invest when the average reply is 4/10 at best.

There's no passion for this place. It's not a home. It's just an Holla Forums board you can go on if you don't want to be alone, but the company is so often... set on shitposting.

Even giving more than the minimal fuck is likely to get you made fun of.

You're supposed to come here for the people, but there are only a handful that really matter.

I don't feel a connection with most of you, and resent a few.


watching gun cam footage is kinda making me want to go do something

xth for closing one eye in attempt to seem cute

[Flood Detected; Post Discarded]

I like this OP

it is literally slippery
plus I think I could just throw you, you seem light enough
not a good idea
wink wink

brb going outside more

it's home for me, and probably a bunch of others. I guess.

//brb lunch

Why is Holla Forums so broken right now

i dont think this was a reply to me but it might(?)

Fetty Wap-kun!

This is... accurate. I care about quite some people here, but no longer about the place itself.

Oh good it's not just broken for me

It's been shit for months.


It seems more busted than usual atm

Just looked up air force height requirements and was surprised to see that they have slots for people under 5ft
Do those people just end up as maintenance people or what? There's no way they end up actually flying.


You seem disingenuous. Like a troll.

Your words carry little weight to me, after being exposed to you for this many years.

So it's nothing specific. Just my perception of your personality and my recollections of your words.

Caring, opening up, or being friendly aren't prerequisites for this place.

Hell, you can come and go and just be an attention whore all day without remembering a single name, aimlessly flirting and hitting on people, and you'll fit in.

Not for me. It's always like this for me.


True, but that's not what most do.

Buck. The fuck. Up.

Every time I see you lately it's just "why isn't this place fucking happy rainbow land where everyone's friends and the unicorns shit gumdrops?"

Because it's an internet forum. That's it. It has no deeper meaning, or purpose. This place doesn't even exist to MAKE friends, it's just what HAPPENS here sometimes. It doesn't exist to make STELLAR 10/10 replies. It doesn't even exist for the shitposting.

It's just a bunch of avatarfags circlejerking.

Either lower your fucking standards or stop trying to imagine this place is supposed to accomplish something for you or for anyone.

He has been like this for years. Same old.

I fapped and am unsure how to feel about it.

Awwwh I mean yeah I am a troll/shitposter
but I only do it for my own fun, i never really mean anything malicious or with devious intent towards another
I kinda just go as the tide goes :/
im sorry if i offended you tho

Texas #1

...why? Different than usual?


I can assure you I would wriggle free of any of your holds!

Well he didn't always seem so whiny about it.

I've known him longer.

I have lowered my standards.

I'm far from the Kanra that demanded this place be interesting and everyone dance on the stage for me etc.

But honestly, when I think back to the best memories regarding these communities I have, it was when I felt a part of them.

Trying to be a part of this place is not rewarding. In fact, it's almost depressing. Trying to give a fuck about shitposters. That love the fact they're lolshitposting.

Is this what we all want? A place to just be shitposters around?

I don't think you're evil.

Just shallow.

But I'm being an asshole for calling you shallow.

So I guess we're even.

The first time in months. Iunno.




If you take anyone here super serious, then it's your own fault for being a little bitch.
Sans doxxing info, of course.
Grow a pair. If you want perfect then you fucked up a few years ago.
Expecting Holla Forumstards to have souls. Please.

I think you might see me as shallow just because the way Im acting is primitive for the lack of a better word. so i dont think youre really an asshole for considering that since it's a rational conclusion

But I think it would also be valuable for you to try to get to know me a little better so maybe you can think something a little better about your boo

why do i have a boner lmao

Well... if you don't like it, and can do without, just don't, I suppose.
I don't know your reasons, though.

He's missing an eye ^^

Fuck, shwarma is good

Kanra, listen
you don't need to TRY to fit
if you dont fit you dont
just move on

Good advice as always, Fort.

Gonna go and try to eat this pizza. Toodles.

I am so desperate for there to be good people in this world

that if you could just pretend

I'd probably fall for it.

I'll assume this is sarcasm.
Have a good one.


Is that what you're looking for? Good people?

nigga looking for good people on fucking Holla Forums

I am a terrible person.
And a worse poster
I am going to commit supernatural genocides.

People can shitpost if they want. Get over it. Sometimes spam is funny. Sometimes people really fucking incurred some ridicule. And sometimes somebody's having a rough day, and you know what happens? People here try and help them out. You're choosing to zero in on the bad and say "we must fix the community, BECAUSE THIS IS BULLSHIT". You know who else did that, try and fix the community because THERE WERE SOME THINGS THEY DON'T LIKE? Sci. It was aggravating when he did it. It's aggravating when you do it.

If there's something you like here then start focusing on that. What do you want here????? And you can't say "to make this place better". You can't say "to improve peoples' lives". Do you want gaming buddies? Do you want somebody else's opinion on a shitty movie you just watched? Somebody to agree with you that math is seizure inducing? Those things are all here. It's not just fucking people shitting on each other and trying to give each other a bad time.

God, you're making me text wall, BUT SERIOUSLY, YOU JUST REFUSE TO UNDERSTAND.


The whole point I'm making is that you don't need to fit in.
At least, the boundaries for fitting in aren't constrained to silly things like niceness or caring.
They certainly help, but shitposting is more socially acceptable than giving a fuck.
Tell me that's not a little messed up.

I just want people to like me.

In here? Barely. Not in my book, and there's others who think the same way, for sure.


Naw I wont lie to you sweetie Im kind of a scumbag

I just have a soft heart that makes me nice to the people I like

If that makes any sense

Is it really though..? Like, ask people and I think you would be surprised..

why isn't this place happy

i want freinds :(

I'm getting a fucking hernia. Thanks

how can something that cute be lewd kitty?

I am going to bully kanra. Going to make them cry. Break them like sci. I have no rules. No morals. No Borders. He'll try and build a wall. But it won't work.

He has always seemed a little whiny to me

What is a fetty? And what is Wap-kun?

Luka! How did eating turn out?

Stop playing dumb :c

You posted it.

Because you are as close to insufferable as is humanly possible.

hmm.. swarma looks like a chiken wrap

i'm a nice person :)

Oh come on, there are plenty of way more insufferable people

Don't think so... but I'm sure if I was more content with things, I wouldn't be complaining how this community I actually identify myself party by wasn't so crap.

I want people that think like me.

That care about the things I do.

Or love what they do, or are passionate about things. I'm asking for too much, since even my passion changes with the weather.

It's largely flirting and joking around. Which is nice at times, but there's so little to it.

Most of all, I think I want a place I can identify with. Rather than coming here and feeling like talking to anyone is going to give me a 4/10 reply.

Because this place is good. Sometimes.

The overwhelming majority of cases, it's incoherent, dull, and lonely.

not everything I post is lewd

it felt risky ;~;

hopefully eating today won't feel as dangerous.

i do not give suffering.... :c

A little.

But he's just getting repetitive now.

I just had to google it, I had no idea what Fetty Wap was.

My friends keep getting irate with me singing im a believer. Just a minute ago I was howling. I turned around to apologise, and then I saw her face.

I want to bully Subtle

Poisson grille-pain, s'il vous plaît venez à thread et s'il vous plaît poster des volets de pisse s'il vous plaît

This is chiri levels of bait
I'm impressed

turn into a cat and sit in my lap

But now that I give a fuck... what should I do with it?

Get over this mood and let things return to normal?

Probably. That's probably exactly what's going to happen.

Shallow, as I said.

Not like my judgement matters.

Plenty of people like shallow, funny, sort of scummy people.

Most things you post are.

I'm obviously the best poster.


you don't have no proof

I love you

You'll prove it for me.

I mean I don't really see how a soft heart connotes shallowness, but I can see how being a scumbag does

But the people who usually like me are the kind I don't really wanna be involved with, whereas the thinkers and people I actually wanna talk to usually gravitate from me because of my external personality

If there wasn't blood I think you don't have anything to be worried about ^^

Sounds like it would be a nice-tasting food though



i'm prolly gonna head out and cash another cheque, and eat some subway.

Then you need a new hobby.


Question: Can you name no-one that you think feels the same way? Who wants more out of this place than what it has to offer?

If you truly did we would be watching GochiUsa S2 right now..

how will i know there's blood?

i couldn't tell ;~;

*waps you with fetty cheese*

Kanra needs a good, hard schucking in the ass.

you post a lot of lewd stuff too kitty

Btw the trip to the states is actually happening, although not this summer. Next year around June.

She's not even on Steam!

You'd be nice tasting!

it's just like a chiken wrap right? :\

much tastier

Nigga you better stop by NYC

Did you miss the bus cause you pooped again?

Doki doki suru wa~

I think the fact you're posting Drake disarms me.

He seems pretty soft-hearted too.


Nobody normal. Just crazy people with similar delusions of grandeur.

Welp, I've already been in this damn community for an unreasonably large portion of my young adult life, I'll probably still be here next year.

Broodje Kroket > *

Nothing I post is lewd! This is all sanctified by Christ Himself~


w-when I get home from dinner..

That means you'll give me another looking over then yes?
And that we'll talk more I hope



now that's just weird.


Just remembered I have 1 and a half g's stored somewhere. I could actually US tour soon.

Oh, now you wanna (You)?

Did I miss your reply
I'm sorry

Lost Village is pretty spooky

I have high hopes for that anime

Also the Hero Academia made me feel bad for the MC when he was a little kid and found out he didn't have any powers
Poor lil guy ;~;

(You) called?

whip it whip it whip it whip it

Shawarma can be any kind of meat, but lamb is pretty normal and it's damn good

As I understand we're going to California and New York, but I'll probably travel a bit by myself and see shit. We'll see.

Of course you will, you'll be here in 10 years too. Just like the rest of us.

Academia is gonna be good. One of the few Manga I've read. Fucking Hype.
Yo Soter.

are things calm now?

You will feel it in your mouth afterwards
If you couldn't tell then there probably wasn't any!

A-Are you gonna eat it off me?

Please, no, cannibalism is frowned upon in most societies..

Don't you just wanna be nice? ^^

never seen one irl before.

oh god i got the anime on me

Aha rekt :3

I had the Mediterranean stuff
it was chicken

you are now a pink haired animu grill
how do you feel

I'll show you one

I'm amused my opinion matters at all.

If I decide to stick around, yes. It'd make sense.


i feel pretty

n-no...! >~<

i guess it's safe.... i looked at it, but i cant really see back there... at least the area doesn't look bloody?

I wanna taste you

now just find a sundress and a strawberry hat

He just wants your dick.

You said it. He's shallow.

What's up man
That frog girl tho

Not to you lol

Pfff. I didn't want your reply anyway, baka.

My phone is dead.

I'll whip you, little one.

If you want to be able to tell whether you're infected or not, there's only one solution:
Run so fast.
Then look where you're going. If it's towards school, and you find toast in your mouth, you're doomed.

Well normally i dont give a shit about opinions

But ever since I met you, you seemed really sweet and it irked me a little that you dont like me
in the case that a person like you DID like me then it would be important because it'd show that im at least doing some stuff right

Okay it's a dnot a date!

People seemed to really like "Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu" but I didn't watch it just yet

Silly Subtle, I wasn't going to eat you. Just lick a bit

Chicken is pretty damn good too.


Oh so pretty.


what is this, the 4th time this has happened to you?

do you ever learn

the one staple

Well now you have two

i was already wearing one

its snowing too much to do that

daz me

okay :)

oh my~

sorry for Testing your patience.

I don't mean to be judgmental. I'm just discontent.

That's very kind of you.

Sorry if I don't trust it. But I guess if you're genuine, that's something I'll learn. If I stick around.

Re:Zero was really good

Me and Manny watch it cause he thought it was a harem and he was like "OH THERES TWO CUTE LOLIS IN THIS ONE, LETS WATCH IT"
so I was like alright

Jesus Christ its intense though
I liked it
errybody keeps dying lmao

Frog and gravity girl best.
Fort good, how you?
cuuute pic

Truth be told, I didn't think you'd want nice or good people. You always seemed distant, cold and clinical to me.

Fap on the project



Alright just checking :c

You might not wanna get your subway toasted, just to be safe


Sounds like you need to blow off some steam!

Ohh wait
Ga-Rei: Zero? That was amazing, I loved it
I didn't know it was the same universe


kill me now


Oh you're considering leaving sweetie?
well i post on /lewd/ almost as much as I post here
I wouldn't wanna not get the chance to talk to you because the threads gone to shit

Third time.

First time was in second semester. Basically it went okay, but I was the only one to continue CompSci+-. Everybody got a sufficient mark tho.

Second time was in third(previous) semester. It went crap but again somehow I got myself through, others got an insufficient.

Third time is now. Don't know how it will end up but completing a project, meant for 6 people, with just 4 people, of who 2 basically don't do much, it's gonna be a challenge.

I'll deal it out to two more people. You'll see.

Calm down, and sit down, Neko-kun.


Ha. Ha.

And don't worry about it. But feeling sorry about it and sulking here all the time won't make you feel better.

yay anime!

eat it soft and soggy bread. and i'll prolly skip the the solid tomato's too!


okay mistress

I want the option.

I may have been cold and clinical on occasion, but the fact you don't know I'm actually not is a problem that stems from the lack of cohesion in this community.


I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

...... probably not.

i dont watch anime

I don't believe that's sitting.

Vol. 3 when !!

You sound good at picking subways, I'm terrible.. always get the simple, boring things

share your feelings here!
it will make you feel better

That, and I also don't think we've talked in the past two years.

Yuh im a little gay
And I think youre cute so i might as well use the cutesy pronouns with you
If you dont mind

well I hope you stick around anyway so we can repair this relationship ~



You gotta roleplay for the next one.

That's a good boy~

ok :c

*pets gently*
im sure its not boring~

I'll do anything for the next one

Anything, you say? Sounds horrible.


I wanna taste you

There are a few sympathetic souls, and people I'd call friends.

It's not 100% awful. Just, 70%.

Thank god for the 30%.

That's what I was going to say.

Never got what investing in a random poster would do.

Very little frame of reference for what a Fortune is like.

there's still hope!

i still cant help but feel superior than the girl in

because she only has one nipple piercing

to the*

Wait, seriously? How else are you gonna find the good ones? On what do you base who to talk to?

You are


But our replies are ours.

I am a high value shitposter, investors welcome.

Or I could take a cat nap.

The ones I talk to are the ones I've known for years.

I'm here to give my 4/10 replies.

well obviously i could sit there and get the second one done


You always to be one of the ones to discourage content involving peoples' lives as "blogging" though

I've been posting for three years though. Did you never start talking to new people?



Boo drake posting is pretty magnificent

Yeah, you sit there and take it. Like a pro

Anything with girls like that can't be horrible

I guess my message didn't go through D:
How long until you go out?

i love it


i am a pro

*always seem

There's an infinite amount to share.


But what about the things you'd do in their absence?

By watching how they interact with others.

I do not. I talk to people about their lives all the time. But when someone talks to a wall and wants a medal just for saying something it makes me want to put a hole in my head.

I don't open the thread and without even talking to anyone just start rambling about my completely bland chicken salad sandwich that I had for lunch and get pissed when nobody comforts me because, oh Lord, it wasn't very flavorful. That Nezi-tier bullshit is stupid.



I didn't even say anything

Let people talk to you first.

They lose their special charm.

lol fuck that

Is that a condom?

I doubt that, seeing "Very little frame of reference for what a Fortune is like."

This is how you do years of not talking to eachother.

Why do you think I am the way I am socially? lol


Don't you have two sides to your social coin?
One for the net and one for irl

Yeah, if someone gets mad about not getting replies for it that's dumb

I'm pretty sure you've complained about "blogging" in itself but I don't have specific examples and I guess you're backing off from that so w/e

Depends what "things"..


talk to me first.. :c

I meticulously haze posters who talk to me, weeding out the worthy and the grim

I feel like I should clarify some more.

I guess what I really hate is reply-bait.

Especially bad, poorly thought out reply-bait.

And yeah, a lot of "blogging" is just that. Sometimes people have stuff about their lives worth saying, or Hell, when they just inject facts about themselves into regular conversation, it's not annoying. But I don't really care when somebody's mom buys them Pepsi instead of Coke. And I see no reason not to tell them to shut the fuck up.



I'm better at irl, but it's still the same principle.


Reply-bait looks like this.

Fair enough.

Kanra said the latter, not Test.


An hour !

Goddamnit. Holla Forums cancels every post except the ONE post I wanted to cancel.


I talk to everyone

You just did; what a pointless reply! Now hush¬

You have to pet all the cats in the world.

I believed finite things found their end much sooner.

No, Luka said.

And Grim just finds it funny that those posts were in close proximity. He's not having a laugh at me.


hi eisen.
im about to head out right now to go do stuff outside. *hugs*
enjoy your day.



Grim, I didn't end up ordering the lava cakes, but then they took a while so they gave me coupons for free lava cakes ^~^

Nobody is.

Yeah, noticed the post while making it, hence

You too, dood


fuck soto

I wish.

That might be difficult to accomplish in a lifetime..

[email protected]

I love it when you say my name


impure harlot

Arrest others' lives by force.


naisu, have some when the tongue is all healed

don't get your bp too high over threads though

That's exactly what makes them so special. Because they are so ephemeral.

say my name say my name~

Apple of discord, more-like.

Sounds selfish.

Never assume things.


A bad day today

Only sounds.

we're back?



home sweet home

Back to these posting errors.


i hopefully wont have to identify trees for awhile

Don't question it.

hows it hangin lovelies?

no guys we should TOTALLY stay on Holla Forums because we have HISTORY here this is just A MEME

I kinda wanna know the whole cj/alice history


funny trees and tea and those awful roadsigns!
i once had to identify road signs three times before i could even make one post! :O

I'm worried how are you

you wouldn't even comprehend what happened back then

I can tell you from Bern onwards but thats about all i got

enlighten me oh wise sage

alice said you harassed a lot more people than sci
like people in the chat

i had to refresh the page it wouldn't recognize i solved the captcha 20 times

it's autistic as fuck
my team won though
fuck alice quite literally though she is fine

im doing good, what are you worried about babe?

wanna tell me on voice?

holy moly
4chan capcthas are the plague! worse than posting errors here!

no thanks playing league

This place is falling apart
the end is near

wake me up inside



Certainly hope not

youll make it

certainly hope so

I got some hot glue for you :*

It already fell apart, now it's falling back into place.

cant wake up


why not?

Yeah. I guess so.

Name who I was accused of and I can defend myself
The only people I harrased were mgd blood chan and sci

you are so wrong.

More convenient to lurk here than on Holla Forums.

how do I get into the chat?

jojo memes to wake me up outside pls!


oh shit
what was your name
tracer right

we dont get any new faces here. Holla Forums would bring in more fresh people.

are you talking generally or...

They linked the site. Just go to it and don't type in a password.


My best friend'ds mother got diagnosed with cancer today
She's a hefty old girl already getting there and I fear for my best friend's mental state
I dont want to sound condesceending for him feeling like he does
i really understand it
even before this new information
but I dont want him to have to go through that
he said he hadnt felt like this way before
and now its ogoing to get worse
and it could lead to other troubles
its all a very stressful thing

which room


No drama or whatever

deleted the links and any information pertaining to that place sadly

That's one of 'em, yeah.

Suggest seeking newer people in a less...interesting place.

I'm a bit of a lousy poster but I hope you guys will consider me a friend one day maybe

we moved away from 4chan for a reason

ellipses in the middle of a sentence

nice one tracer


Comma wouldn't give me that long of a pause I was looking for.

Old man*


(22:00:00) Kermit: Bard is offering to tell him the history
(22:00:07) Kermit: and it's bard and he's a fucking idiot so it's gonna be all fucked up
(22:00:21) Kermit: brb tho
(22:00:26) Kermit: macaroni is finished

holy shit people really dont like you

whats ur guys favorite bard drama?

mine's MGDxBard for sure

J-just come in:


T-tell mods I r-referred you. W-we welcome anyone w-who follows the rules.

speaking as a new person i can see why

oh man.... im sorry bard, i hope she gets better somehow.....are you going to hang out with him soon? try and keep him company as much as you can?


yeah. Dunno this place is kinda....meh lately.
If left admin to someone else shit might explode fast lmao
but I generally only get rid of CP and dont chat much so its not like it matters


sorry just had to


if you need me ill stay on board.

I don't know him other than the fact he had beef with garee and likes traps

Hm hm.

Tried to look for updates on the 8ch twitter but it hasn't had an update in a month ^^'

Actually I'm pretty generally received
Kermit is at least 3 or 4 times as autistic as I am
i can't stress h a retards opinion

immediately banned

(22:05:45) Nagato: [Lotte] has been logged out (Kicked by Kermit).
(22:05:49) Kermit: Nah Lotte can stay out

nah its k
nothing to do with the board just the community has stagnated a bit

are we all going to alice chat????

kermit is as retarded as you are at times


Y-yes, pretending to be Carl Clover or C-chen is generally a bad idea.


high a f with 1 day of work left

That is your nickname and people should call you that.

how am I retarded

now i feel bad

hey party people

Stutter at me alice, it turns me on



But, it has an abundance of people willing to break off to other places. Something hard to find elsewhere.

I've been called worse.


hey lexi

He wasn't flexible enough :c


Alice would have replied by now


poor lady :(

She's probably busy round these hours
she seems to be more of a morning person

Anybody wanna talk?

For sixteen minutes.


*pets nicely*

That chat is sort of intimidating.

are we put here only to die
the time we are alotted filled with boredom and suffering

no matter the resources we have why are we always unsatisfied

Ah yes, I see

I do, I'm fucking terrified at the idea of waking up in two days jobless

no I'm original Lotte

lmao you are

was the mac and cheese discussion scary?

great explanation retard


I've never even had mac and cheese.


its happening either way