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yay rabbits!






why though

they hunt?

well no shit but they dont need that many.

probably a breeder or someone who rents out hunting dogs

bread for sale


*takes a lonely nap*

*snuggles on lap sleepily*

sweet dreams

Fuck off

These weather warnings though

Any non garbo left?

I'm half around, and half conscious. Do I count?


Hell yes. Where ya been girl?

It’s safe to say that Doctor Who spin-off Class is a bit of a mystery. While we know what it’s about (the students of Doctor Who mainstay Coal Hill School) and who’s writing it (Young Adult author Patrick Ness), we’re still pretty hazy about exactly what will be going on when it airs in 2016.

just fucking kill me already

Buried in books. Final papers are so tiring.
How are you this morning?

So now there are like 20 literal Dr whos?

no there are still 13

but they're making another spin off show for some reason

Like the ratings for the show have been shit because it's shit but hey forget about that here's a spin off

Woke up to some peaceful rain. Probably not going to go in because I just have 2 classes today, all headed y the laziest professor I have met in my life..

Damn, finals are a bitch. You can do this tho

Gotta milk those diehard fans.

What's new with you man? I've noticed you've been trying to.. Seduce drunk tokai as of late

I'd be less stressed if I had been to the class where he explained the expectations for this paper... and he's not responding to my emails. Hopefully he will today, as it's due tomorrow.
Then I have an exam in the same course on the 9th. The first of five... dammit, I need sleep.

Yeah well so have all the other kids mom get off my fucking back

nothing is new. i'm an inactive sack of shit.


This is why you make friends, get their numbers/emails then get the info from them :p

I feel you though. Don't want to be keeping your ass awake tho. How's waifu doing? Tell her I wish her well

I'm not on your ass for it, was just an observation. But you're right. Even lenko much for him being straight. :l

Are you all set for art school?

Yeah... I had one, but we had a bit of a falling out a few days ago and now I can't stand him. So yeah, that's out.

Oh don't worry, I'm still working on the paper, and I have a class in an hour. I won't be sleeping until after noon. Hopefully I can get 6 hours and then continue on this damn thing with some more info.

She's doing alright, currently she's still fast asleep. She's really not a morning person.

That's some lewd I could get behind.

Aw, fuck. Gotta say hello once in a while. Did he say some stupid shit to piss you off?

Holy shit lol

That's kawaii
You should caffeinate, gtfo here and finish the work imo
Priorities, nomsain?

Good morning my good mandulis

I've got a place but I don't meet the entry requirements for the course that it says I have to meet on their site so there's an anxiety that they'll come back and tell me to fuck off

Also I need to self-teach better drawing and painting skills before I start because god knows they're not going to teach me that in british art school l e l

Good morning, love. I hope it fairs well?

Pretty much, he got really mad at me over asking him for some info on the paper before I would give him my notes for a class that he missed. He then showed his true colours, the little shit used some info I trusted him with to deliberately try to hurt me, so yeah. He can fuck right off.

I'm at the point where I really am sick of this for a while. The paper main topic is to address the question 'is life worth living?' It get's depressing after 8 hours straight, especially because I keep coming back to the answer of 'no'.
Already mainling coffee into my eyeball lol.

get behind huh?

Or on top of

Bro. Call the institution. They will tell you to gtfo if you don't talk to them. I'm sure if it isn't super competitive, you can get in by moving some red tape around

Petty bitch.. Like some people here :^)

For me, if anything.. I want to have successful kids before I die.

Yes, could be better

I just noticed there's about 25cm of snow on the ground now... it was above freezing yesterday.
Dammit Canada.

Global warming*


all great choices :^) how are you doing?

Turn back while you still can


You are saved

I just checked their 2016 prospectus. i'm good. assuming the website is out of date or copy-pasted from one of their other campuses.

i mean they brought up grades at the interview and didn't have any problem with my not having an art related A level equivalent so I figured. stop worry.

Then I hope it gets better.

Or underneath. In feo,t of. Beside. inside I'm not picky. But I'm at work. And you should go to bed, love.

go the fuck back to sleep

But first.





















I really like this song, except for the weird transition at the end.

please off yourselves




Thanks family

You been awake all night?

I would link you some amazing toho
But it's not on my phone QQ

thats the plan right soon, was sorta hoping sebs would be up before i do

Good job, you fucking killed it


go to sleep

You've done your duty. Rest now, brightness.



fair enough im gonna get some rest, laters bae

i think you'll like The Richest Man in Babylon






how was dota



Oh wait that was a few hours ago

I think I'll go to the Indian buffet when it opens


I woke up really horny and got that taken care of and now I'm really hungry

I will devour everything


I think most people browse porn at 14

/lewd/ is actually a lot less lewd than porn



your boyfriend was looking for you but he fell asleep

have a twix

I haven't been there for more than 20mins at a time



wish i'd learned jazz harp or bari sax


i thought my actual boyfriend was around i was about the freak out


Didn't he post once or twice?

sounds funky. Uh, do I have you on steam, need to tell you something


Yeah so why freak out if he posts again?

apparently i played something that everyone hated, but we won

Nightstalker is my nigga

left you an offline message, ill bbl

he would have no reason to look for me unless it was super bad

play witch doctor and all their team will be into you

Ok. I won't be able to get on Steam until later today though. I hope it's nothing too serious. :-\

Moloch is pretty relateable if you think about it

Who hasn't had that hungry fire in their belly?

There's an edgy blog



i-i think I scared him !

You have weirder fetishes than you already do?

The fuck man?

From a 1-your life is in danger, I would rate it a 3.

shouldn't talk about dog knots then

devour more cocks

Everything I post on /lewd/ is a meme

I want him to cut off my dick and make me cook it and eat it in front of him

That reminds me moogs that guy hasn't been on in 3 weeks I think his parents caught him

what about that story about your fascination with a dude that fucks his dog?

you told me that on steam



Might play a little more doba with you tonight if i have time. Kinda wanna master the ways of nocturna and shit. Get dem megakills.

I might not be home tonight : (

Aw. Np then

If you could bottle up neet cockstink and sell it would you make money off of it ? Would you smell it yourself ? Who would you sell it to ? I'd sell it to the people on /cuteboys/ and /cocklust/

That's a pretty niche market, fam


I wanna buy a farm and put all the white cuckolds there with their partners and have them pass around their wives and husbands so we don't lose them to the superior black bulls

daijobu,daijobu ^^

Sometimes I wish I could have been your friend in your early college years so you wouldn't have turned out like this


My friend in college would let me rub her feets some nights and she'd tell me about all the guys she hooked up with and laugh at me because she knew I was getting turned on from it and press her toes on my face

I know, you told me all about it one night, when you were fucked up

Peanut butter and avocado on wheat toast is pretty good. Might put some honey on it next time.


that sounds so weird



Naw, it was really yummy.

I'll watch when I am not on my laptop

It's just bossanova style toho music.
Extremely relaxing.

I've used mashed avo for a mayo replacement.
That's some good shiz.

my laptop overheats when I put on youtube, the fan broke a while ago

god bless

I do this too! It's much better for you and tastes so much better. Going back to mayo is just...meh.

Avos get expensive when not on sale in NYC tho, sabs.
It sucks.

We're spoiled here.

But at least I have my fresh seafood c:


What's your favorite?



Big bib, tiny fork.That's livin'.
I like some buttery scallops too.

♪Welcome to my paradox
Eternally there it's not
On point like the horns on a triceratops♫

i'm assuming you're in a really good mood, which is impressive since it's monday!

keep up the good work

Indian desert is good

Was it successful enough for him to not have to work at Burger King?

Insert lewd comment here

Hello, thread~




I'm curious what you were going to say to that and decided not to :3

*ferret picture*

It's not funny! I just wanted the QR box x///x


why don't you just push Q?

Oh, that's sometimes why I make that mistake

How u


Doesn't do anything.

Sore. But I got to sleep a little extra so that's a good start to a snowy day off ^~^

What's up witchu?

That never works for me here. No clue why.

Howdy, Elma. ♥

Quite the opposite, actually. He works at a glory hole now.

Heya, Sabs. How was the weekend?

I'm in an ok mood considering the day. *squish*

What is that? o.o
I know a guy doing the Marathon des Sables..

iunno then

Not bad. I got to drive a bass boat with two motors. It was scary and fun at the same time. I was so sure I was going to kill everyone on board.

What is sleep...?

Damn, that's like some bond-girl shit. very nice!

Baby don't hurt me♫

only some of it was ironic

if music didnt brighten your day, i dont know what will..

maybe a scent of your favourite perfume?

i'm going to sleep, you better leave work with a smile later.

Where has Ghostie been?

Not much, just have to go to a class in about an hour

It snowed here recently too but I think that's passed now

I don't think I've ever seen a glory hole IRL






What?! What stuff wasn't ironic..

No ^^ Don't tell me you meant dessert

Long time no talk erin senpai

y-you know

I went from listening to 60s and 70s jazz harp to weirdo internet rap in a span of a couple of hours. It's been a neat day.

Don't worry, Monica. I'm planning to keep this good mood. I'll smile and wink at the building as I'm leaving today. Have a good night, sweetheart.

Well, just in case, here's a tutorial.

Elma, I felt like such a badass, especially when I'd plane off a big wave. I wish I'd been chasing some spies or drug lords.

Let's be water cops, Elma.

I did and I have no remorse for my accident

Why do you listen to so much stuff like that? :3

how you boo?


have some coffee
gonna play sum games but idk what to play
what about you sweetie?

No I don't know that's why I'm asking!

There's a special place in hell for you now

I'm immature and listen to a prank call podcast, and sometimes they play Rappy's music. It's something dumb and silly I don't have to think about.

It's best you do not know then..





aw shit

My best friends expressed in ways to me me recently that hes been experiencing anxiety and depression so what traits would you guys take as a friend to someone who is depressed
how can i help my friend out more without being obtrusive because ihes a really proud persoon and i dont wanna seem liike some know it all whos trying to be above him or something im just some nigga toto


Tell him to kill himself

its good to just listen sometimes. you dont have to have answers but its good enough to be available for him to vent to

Jack, that's mean.


As cliche as it may sound, just be there for him. Remind him in little ways that he's a dear friend who you care about and will be there for.

This too.

Also, don't fall into the trap of thinking you always need to cheer him up or fix his depression. All that will do is make you depressed too.

Bitches who can't take life shouldn't live it
Will an hero sooner or later anyway

99% of the time people honestly prefer comforting to being given 'space'

giving space is just a meme

good! got new jammies and undies today, and got some dinner ordered for delivery ^^

I think he's in good hands ^^

irritability is also a big part of depression so really watch your tone and shit.

i feel so cold but you put a smile on my face

Send pics then
Im sure you want to show off

don't tell him to cheer up, and don't try cheer him up when he's not in the mood. just be there when he wants you there. it can be no fun being around depressed people, but he will really appreciate it if you don't let it put any distance between you two.

Jack I'm on steam if you wanna talk citylife

Also hi erin


i dont know why but this song reminds me of a song kid cudi made a few years back

more specifically this song

Who are you

George, validate me being here this morning.


heya grims

You look pretty good in those jammies


oh nvm

it's hard to accept someone can be so cute in these threads

Oh cool gonna hop on soon

there is no excuse

why are you so hungary if youre next to turkey

I'm bored and need something to do.
Posting is the only low energy thing I can think of.

gee, ty guys :x

fair enough

Erin does that service you use for like remote therapy have a website

Kinda thinking about going to a seafood place today. It's an hour drive tho, and I wanna bring family. But they're lazy

So what's up? You sleep yet?

at like 2 i think, yeah


How's Nami and her roommate tho

I'm not sure, I think so, cause the chat sessions open in like a pseudo-browser window, try just google talklife

I thought this place was remote therapy?


Its got the best of both worlds
One end wants to make you end your life
The other wants you to live on
And then there are people who just want to efuck you



whats the name of it again

happily the latter

You have an odd sleep pattern.

They haven't killed each other.

This place is a cluster fuck of bad vibes.

Should I count the people who wanna meet up irl and mix online life with real life

Or is that too focusing

odd sleep pattern
odd sense of humor
odd fashion sense
just odd

I really wanna get a pet after seeing tests bird, erins dog, and your fish

But moving and full time studies :s



Don't change.

Just get something small.
Once I move into a place I can have one I want a German Shep.

I don't actually believe that anyone in thread rely entirely on this place for social interaction. Am I wrong?

They can't come in without a warrant or permission from the resident here in America

Usually just chat with the cop outside and close the door behind me

What were they looking for?

Probably ;;


Aside from work I don't really leave my house, so kind of.

I'm thinking bird. But she will get lonely. If I buy two then they will imprint on each other instead of on me


gotta get me a bad bitch like this


I know :/

How's Squashems?

No cause now we're getting past "both worlds" and creating a solar system.

Not entirely, but it's nice to be able to not be physically around people and then also be able to just stop when needed.

Just asking if we'd seen anyone suspicious. Two polish people locked up after getting filled in by locals for attempting burglary

How good lookin' we talkin'?


Just asking if we'd seen anyone suspicious. Two polish people locked up after getting filled in by locals for attempting burglary.


thank you. nice pjs btw

Tall, muscles, chiseled

Might work.

Don't look like that.

Good. Just woke up.
I work in like an hour.



I have times where I feel too normie to be here, but then again then I wouldn't come back when leaving if I really were.

Maybe, but I could think of people who are at least in the same boat if not worse off.

I did not imagine you being like that.

I'm not familiar with this feeling unless I've been with the same people over several days.


No way!

i dont look like a rabbit sir

I prefer not being around people most days.
They are loud and bothersome.

Look like a cutie.

perma banned sci btw

kill me

Aww, well, have a good Monday

I'll blast that ass.

I hope you come back soon. Gonna go take that shower now though.

Are you saying you wouldn't?



Too old.

great, good call

what did he do?

Get his badge number, then his number number.

Posted CP.

You're killing me every time you say this. brb shower

oh Jesus Christ.

Cuffs too :0 he can brutalize my prostate anytime

scrub well

Didn't sci just evade our bans a while ago?


Then put on a name!

Sounds like your online self translates a little to real life in that aspect

Eh, I'm usually happy to go places but everybody has those days. Some more than other, not like you're hurting anyone!


I guess so.

He was bitching to Grim about how it was unfair or something.

I don't exactly hide too much of who I am with you guys.

Sci is a pedos
Perma now

When I was still modding and he had these spammy episodes.


He is.


ah, yeah he's sure to evade. though we cant be around 24/7 so please if thats the case report him and i'll get to it when i can

Will do.

Babe, please.


was thinking of dying my hair grey

Didn't you just change it to blonde?

o But one hundred years later, da nigga still iz not free. One hundred years later, da life o' da nigga iz still sadly crippled by da manacles o' segregation an' da chains o' discrimination. One hundred years later, da nigga lives on uh lonely island o' poverty in da midst o' uh vast ocean o' material prosperity. One hundred years later, da nigga iz still languished in da corners o' American society an' finds himself an exile in his own land. an' so we's've come here this day ta dramatize uh shameful condition just like mammy.

like a few months ago

where you think you goin boy
I aint ettin you get past page 3

Can you change it that soon?

of course i an

of course i can


Literally who

Some random.
What's up?

Go for it.

next few weeks then

Oh so you're new!

Hi kitten.

Maybe I'll do mine too.


it's kitty from ponychan


That's crazy.
I hope the gray works.
It sounds terribly sexy.

I know lol. I've talked to them before. On here and discord.

That's not a real cat.


Post yours first.


I hate wasting time. And my professor has us do 80 percent of the class as self study. Pls halp.


Catgrils are cats no?

Yeah, I'd pet you, probably.

You had better get to reading in that case!

kyouko is life
kyouko is love

>licking the tomato

Sup, kitties?

how is that crazy

its trendy

That last one was a fake ;_;

I'm 2 chapters ahead..

What have you been upto?


It's just a little edgy. In a good way.

I have not seen many young people with gray hair.

im an edgy person

Nothing worthy of note.
Tell me something you've learned.

Yay yourself.

You are.

Which is why I hope the gray works out.

Can't find the pic of you to compare, but the blonde looked nice.

I learned that sci is a legit pedophile


I regret apologizing for being a dick to him.
He's fucked up.

moogs, what's the safest kinda pizza? I'm so fucking hungry.

wait did he post actual CP?

Not cheese pizza.

how was your day kittykitty?

13 year old or something against a tree with a bare ass.

how was your day kittykitty?


Uh...maybe he's jsut a hephebophile, hebephile, pedophile and infantophile?

Yeah. Underaged girl raising her skirt. One of those eastern European Lolita "models".

jesus christ we really fucking destroyed him

sci is wiz 4

Everyone sucks.

Uhhhh..I know ephebophile is teens
And infantile is infants
But what about the rest?

Pretty sure he was fucked up before.


cheese basically


sounds like you had a good time then

I don't know. I'm just being needy again.

You burn or get burned here

Sometimes both
Preach my nigga


ugh. ok maybe I'll try one of them lava cakes too then. seems doable.

When he gets v& he can try the insanity plea.
Tell the judge he's CRAZY about little girls.

preteens to early teens
prepubescent usually

Nah. I'm really tired because of it.
How are you, dear?

You won't regret the lavacakes

grim did sci message you?
post logs

I did

I've had them before. I'm just scared of the lava part.

good luck

bored out of my mind

It's classed so tightly

Insert innapropiate joke here

That is the gayest fucking boot.

Cut them in half and let them cool for a minute. Daijobu.

i would get it in black obviously

oh lawd.

I'm scaredddddddddddddddddddddd

If boredom should so kick you out I'm sure you'll find plenty of tactile experiences awaiting.


What're you plans for the remainder of the day?

i wanna be tomato

I'm only waiting for onee thing

So what the fuck is the difference between animus and lewd

they seem identical after a few minutes of browsing

and many of you fags post on both

and you post exactly the same as you do here

so what's the dif?

Oh my fucking God welma
Stop being so damn cute

Lol.. Just a joke.
I'm gonna have some Mediterranean food then see if my family wants to go to a seafood place that's about an hours drive from here. Otherwise work on projects and study.

What's that?

I wanna squish tomato

Lewd has way more broken people and traps

And it has more of a hugbox theme that also makes it super boring

We are better.

I couldn't go through with the order form :/

post them again then

Also what squash said

Mmm...seafood is good. I want some fish.
Hope that your endeavours are met with great reward.

If I was over I'd get it myself for you tbh

I'm away from computer. Sorry

Just like any kitten, eh?
Thanks. I'd kill for some lobster.

gonna smoke until my eyes turn into tomatoes

Animus is bernie
lewd is hillary

Getting it isn't the problem though!


lol bardo

This place is almost opposite of a hugbox.

The chemistry is all over the place.

I'm obviously biased against rip-offs,

but I doubt we're much better.

Which place is the 'better community'?

And who are the most communitycentric people?

hugbox always seemed > shitposting

Don't kill me, I don't think I could connect you to lobster any quicker than the usual routes!

Post a pic of your eye socket.

Don't tell me you can't afford it

Well what is?

we're better because we're the best

I don't even have any weed

eating it with the piercings still sore

nevermind im not paying attention

We've always been shitposters more than anything else


Hugbox only places get stale after a week.
Diverse places like this are the best. They have everything.

They're way more lewd. We don't even come close.

Holla Forums theme song

lol I can buy like 400 pizzas. I have new tongue piercings so I'm scared of eating.

That's kind of the name of the board...

that took longer than expected

fuck off

How do you expect to satisfy my needs for eye-sockets?

:0 yourself.

You always know just what to say

They don't get stale if you're part of the hugbox.

People talking about and caring about each other.

Do people -really- actually care about each other here?

gimme more pics of your ass and I'll do it

Go cum on yourself, faggot.


bukkake rain

I think you're right

My tongue hurts thinking about it.. Agh

After I :o you

Yeah they do.
Yes. It's not universal though.

that pic is disturbing wtf

You're disturbing wtf

It's raining nekos and wan wans.

You wanna throw down right here? That's a slippery slope, my man!

the right side hurt more than the left.

something something beauty is pain, Grommles

if u legitimately care about people here you gotta go outside more

explains the no replies bit


how do you even get that much cum?

hey that's mine !

I guess I need to go out more.
hang out with more people like boo.
because boo is such a great person.

have you not seen the threads a guy on b used to make? he would post pics of all of his at the end of the year. had liters of the stuff lmao

i could show you

Damn you're cool.


That was not made in one day.

Probably by faking it?

REAL cat grils

I love and tolerate

You took my images first~


can we talk about why you're so mean to me?
your affinity for me practically changed overnight
i have theories but im not gonna go and start drama
i don't hate you at all ;_;

I remember, but like still.

Do you people really fap that much?

No thank you.

I know, I know. I just;asldkjfap sdkgjaadkjapo ew

Fake it til you make it /(worst stupid advice ever)

He doesn't still do that?


You took my images first~




whenever i feel like it which is pretty much all the time

i didn't see him make a thread last year but he did the year before

No, I'm okay with caring about people on the Internet.

I just don't feel any sense of community with this place.

I mean, sometimes. I know more about you people than I actually care about.

Seems pointless to invest when the average reply is 4/10 at best.

There's no passion for this place. It's not a home. It's just an Holla Forums board you can go on if you don't want to be alone, but the company is so often... set on shitposting. Even giving more than the minimal fuck is likely to get you made fun of.

You're supposed to come here for the people, but there are only a handful that really matter.

I don't feel a connection with most of you, and resent a few.





REAL cat grils

this doggy is making it difficult to post
he's so clingy

is that real