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about to go to sleep.

trying to get neko to make a folder of natsumi koshigaya for me, she's 2fuckingkawaii

Please do

I will hold you in high respect

4m did you reply or nah

its a good thing i didnt go with the first op idea i thought of which wouldve been something to do with who is the first poster lol you are far too lewd to give that sort of power to

*Sigh* Try it sometime. Like, even something frilly and girly like a Smirnoff flavored drink. Have a margarita, I don't know. It's not going to bite.



s-smirnoff is a girly drink ?
I struggle drinking it

goodnight folks. i love you all

Weak ass nigga



I don't mean just the regular ass vodka. They have like beer sized bottles that are like 5 percent alcohol. Berry flavors and shit like that.

Good night, you two.

it's going to bite

i've seen what it's done to people... and it's not pretty.

you can even see the bite in their faces when they take that first sip of a new beer

Smirnoff Ice

Oh those. Those taste like spite to me I thought you meant shots of the liquor

the balls on that man must be the size of a horses, i aint afraid of spiders but i would still fear those spiders for good reason lol

Just do shots of whiskey


He's definitely gotta have experience with them.

Yeah that's it. Had it at a party out of state. It was like watered down soda.

Whatever. I don't really have the patience to argue my point.

Negatory. I wouldn't call straight vodka girly.

What rock do you live under?

It must be a particularly slimy one at this point.


a faraway land

even experience wont save you all the time with those, one random moment and they could bite you thinking they are in danger


In the backwoods of Narnia?

Step your shit up
Your fat ass can scarf a Subway foot long in like a couple bites

A tiny shot shouldn't hurt you

Yeah its just like soda
Too sweet for me though
Some chick gave me some of her Mikes Hard Strawberry Lemonade and it was really good




nothing better than legal loli my nigga



I remember when my aunt kept trying to make me drink that when I was like 17 and I was all "no I'm a good boy I won't do it".

God I'm such a faggot.

Not a reference I know, I'm afraid.

it will hurt me

Muzaka's daughter is dead

Raizel walks in on him crying

ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooooooooooo

So far from reality was all I was saying.

He's pissed


well rip

Where did everyone go?

Not dead yet



I bet if I post more loli tsuchi would come back

they're hiding from you

Are those chips... green tea flavored????

Everything hurts you at this point

Yeah it hurts but then you feel good afterwards
Its a give take kinda thing

My grandma would always give me some of her beer and I'd say it was good even though it tasted like shit and my drunk Grandma would be like THATS MY BOY!



That's disgusting.

No thanks.
About to go to bed anyways.

it'll be k

Much like everything else here. Have you started fixing your problem yet?

My apologies, panty bulges are your thing, right? I'll have to find some for you.

What the fuck is that?

i don't want that hurt in the first place.

i'm not masochistic.

Right now?

Good night.

you spend money on league skins and complain about hunger

you beg for food money and blow it all on league skins

you intentionally plunge yourself into starvation

you are indeed a masochist

Women older than me.

Nah. Soon. Just finishing up something.


No. Don't worry about me. This is why I don't talk about shit, I've got me handled. The concern is appreciated, though.

I need food

any suggestions?

subway sounds half decent

In n Out

Just fucking swallow a mouthful of creatine powder.

ur just making that up.



looks like a tiger playing with some sort of device

Tell me when you go.

Do you look at facts and objective opinions and just say "that's fake", hoping your lala land delusions become true? You just win the Canadian lottery and become a girl?

with panty buldges?
not bad

Alright, I don't want to put on airs or pretend I care any more than some random guy on 4ch would (as far as advice threads go or whatever, you get what I mean?). Not going to pry or say anything else on the matter but confronting it would be a good first step for you.

OH MY GOD. YES. I need to see when they close though.

God no, do you know what that shit does to your kidneys? Never take that shit.

Neko I didn't know you were gay.

I've never really felt the desire to look into it.

What? Why?

They wouldn't be women if they had one of those. :^)

I'm not gay I only like girl dicks!

The creatine powder that is.

So I can hit you back with a "No wait".

No wait


is not how it works

wait... No

Mods are asleep

Post traps

Very well. Boring night.

the first one was a joke, the second was the real answer to your "taste"

That's hella gay yo.

Please look up drawbacks of creatine use. God bless your kidneys.


no it's not faggot

does anyone else here watch planet dolan on youtube? ive got strangely addicted to their top 10s, not sure why

am i asleep? CANT WAKE UP

I don't need to know because I'd never need to use it.

And yes, it's a boring night. Monday tomorrow, America should all be sleeping.


This has quickly devolved into doujin levels of dialogue.

she looks pretty ♥

dolan duck!
and smart kitty lady

u r gey


Sleep is for the weak. Sing me a song Test.


i'm your dough jhin?

there's like 20 different girls in that pic which one are you talking about

fuck you bitch

I'll show you a dough jin

yeees, always can count on bard you rock bae

surprised you like it since they do some spooky top 10s


Imagine a mutation in which a girl was born with multiple vaginas.

Neko pls


My voice is horrid. I'll just give you a song instead.

the good 1

it was spooky!
i covered my eyes when somthing scarey poped on screen!

I was going to watch this
and now its ruined

lmao this is some odd music

chii please

thats what she said

most of it is audio....

i'll probably just forget


Kiss me instead. no you won't forget it

I am now going to bed.
You can now say "No wait." and I'll pretend to leave, lurk until you say it, then post anonymously to inquire what you want.



and scarey pics




I just recently found out that they made an anime for the manwha. It's so fucking rushed though.


Sleep well.


That entire episode had like what, 20+ chapters of the manwha in it? Like almost an entire arc. The anime should go a little bit slower. It could easily do the first real arc in like 50 episodes and break until they do the next season.

Who GOPLottevM



i was going for a deepthroat joke but that is a fetish too so ill allow it lol

fair enough

*snuggles with that cc*


why are you saying




ogg is a real filetype

Does it look like I know what a jay peg is ?


play it with VLC
or Foobar2000

you can convert it to mp3 or just get vlc it playing in Foobar? I dont know if it can.

I like your idea better tbh fam

I know


pasta with chicken?

or just chicken?

it is.

just open it with foobar

foobar plays all (audio files)

it's the korean term for comics
what else do you want me to call it you nerd


8ch a shit

yeah I'm fuckin faded but I hate it
I'm praying that I make it
Afraid I'm goin to dieeeee

you should after doing that


oh. okay.


I can be your fuck stick tonight bby

I ain't wanna come off like a bitch, so I took another hit
But I think my brains too fried

rice or bust

I promised something bad to Isla.

And I will not do it...

Oh and Good Afternoon.

the vote is now 1-1



Oh hey. I haven't seen you for a long time. How's it going?

Should I make pasta with my chicken yes or no?


looking to suck some c***k

the vote is now 3-1

eat shit guero

I'm a cook
you can suck my cock

brown rice or kys

brb gotta prep real quick

and then cook

and no you're not bard

yeah huh its my official job title

Yeah... Things got... a little bit more busier.
But I am fine.

Thats nice to hear.

what is tomorrow's subject?

I laughed at Ikt and his pooping problem

What subject?



Where is that no good Butler of mine
what a dog he is


the incantation worked


What did you do???

Oh well i should get some sleep. Goodnight and have a lovely day/night.

Well How should I know?
That's what I should be asking you
ahaha whats up today elma

good luck and enjoy

lol oh, you~

not a whole lot. lost tonight's game of darts, so now we're even and need to do a rubber match^^

Whatchu do today?

Re up'd on another qp thank goodness
Much better product this time
Had a chance to see my best frieend probably gonna cross paths again tomorrow
Sleep schedule is starting to slip past me again, for the past few weeks i was getting to sleep before like midnight but I think I might become a bit nocturnaal again eh

Luckylucky me only have to work a 2 to 5 today

Oh nice. Be careful with that shit, man. I'm glad I'm out of that tbh

Sometimes you just gotta pull like a 2 day stint to reset yourself in my experience. It's weird how sleepy schedules work I guess lol

That's a babby shift! Seems almost like a waste to go in haha

Aw man right
Kinda wish theyd have just given me a normal day

what are you doing up so late nigga

Sunday night's my Friday night so I've just been chillin chillin. Picked up my co-worker/returned his car he loans me when I get out earlier than him then played some darts.

So how bad we talkin on your sleep though. What time is your bedtime usually?

ciao time

awwww yeah

I can feel ya there I always get a gag out of days that aren't friday being fridays

i've got a pretty weird schedule thinking about it, I'll stay up til maybe 1 or 2 or 3 0r midnight or whatever for like a week or so then itll slowly drag later and later. I've had it go completely around before.

What about yourself what is your sleep schedule?

Heart breaker.

I used to have that. Wasn't really a fan x_x

Eh, depends on like when I go in for work. If I'm in for 3 or 5s I have the option to stay up fairly late, but I usually don't. Otherwise I pretty much go to bed around 2am.

so Elma when did you plan on "using" that new piercing of yours?

8ch please




I bet it's all swollen and painful.

Eh. Threads dead as shit so I'm just calling it a night.

Later, fags.

night squash.

Yesterday was the worst x_x

sweetest dreams friend

Put ice cubes on it and let them melt slowly.

I know, I know. I've been doing that at work ;3

It's not so bad tonight.

Can you eat ice cream yet?

posting a shit tonight

I could probably manage some plain soft serve from work, but I haven't tried. I just get smoothies lol

Like it feels weird when smoothy is flowing between them nice and cold

That is so fucking lewd.


It just sounds lewd. :3c

That I haven't tried a soft serve?

No, when it feels weird for you when you drink a smoothie.

I mean, it is pretty weird... You can feel the bars' temperature drop from inside your tongue muscles.

Must escape writing paper for a while.
Hello thread friends.

Hi Menma.

Those are some intense sensations. Sounds tempting.

Hi menma

How are you two this evening?

Good, and just wondering if I should start smoking again. So fucking tempting.

:3 They were fun to get. It kinda didn't hurt as much as I wanted it to though lol

Doing well. How's you?

What's your paper on?

do your ears next, but in like four places.

Smoking what?

Whether or not life is worth living.


pot, duh, I don't do that tobacco garbage.
cigars maybe

Then yes, you should.

But it's such a waste of moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Maybe 2nd lobes, but mine are small so iunno.

I'm pretty good for now with what I got ;3


Really? It's not that expensive, especially if you buy in bulk. An ounce lasts me months.


This is why I need a break. William James is a bit depressing to read, though he does think that it is worth living at least.
His arguments are the main focus of the paper.

I'm not educated enough on this subject whatsoever :/


Hey, if I was selling it I'd go for half pounds or more. My personal use isn't sufficient to justify that much at one time.

I bet! That tongue piercing is nice desu ne. I wish I knew a girl with tongue piercings. 3:

I'd probably go through an ounce in a week. It's that bad for me. How much are ounces where you're at?

It's a nice bonus when you find one, I promise.

Okay that's pretty extreme. I spend ~$200 on an ounce here, if it's good quality. ~$160-180 if it's not so good.

why don't you be my girlfriend tonight?

i came back at the right time, lenks post just cracked me up

That's fine. I didn't take a break from writing it just to talk about it here.

My tolerance increases the more I smoke. At the very start I would roll some nice blunts with 1g and that would keep me going for hours. Then it just gradually decreased. etc

hey bbycakes

Lenko, pls.

hey sugar, hows it goin?

Well that's why you go through so much. Use more efficient methods, like bongs~

Elmers pls. We should date to make grim jealous .

Just bein me, enjoying the lime-light. VoHiYo

That's just mean.

Menma is here?

But bongs can be expensive! :(

I know! But we should do it anyways. Also because I'm stronger than grim. :^)

Nah, 2mean5me.

I'm gonna hit the hay. nini


Water bottle and a cheap glass downstem. Though you can get a decent entry level glass one for $60.


hello dear, how have you been? I haven't seen you in forever

Not a fan of the Alzheimers that comes with plastic bottles.
Just looked some up and came up as first result. 47 dollars with free shipping and no tax? Sounds good to me.


twitch emote, look it up, hella cute.

Yeah, I've only been back around for a few weeks.
Things are okay, I went back to university.
How have you been?

The Alzheimer's comes from aluminum, by the way.
But yeah glass bongs are cheap from China now a days.

I'll probably rack my brain trying to decide.

Nigga can't afford a bong

I don't want to buy one because I'll always want to smoke.

I don't want to supply the addiction man.

Its all about self control bruh

Is that a piss bottle to your left...?

it's easier sometimes and the other times it's not.

that is actually pretty darn adorble

It sure is


That's Hawaiian Punch bruh
Why you gotta get all lewd and call it pee?

How much do you buy a week?
I used to buy an eighth a week, 40 dollas

How is pee lewd?

I used to buy eighths too. My worst week was an entire ounce.


I think so, or he was Pudge dont remember

He lost 5 times in a row and I laughed at him then told him to stop playing that shitty game and to watch the new anime that's coming out this season

My hero Academia and ray zero or whatever are pretty good

why does twitch have such an emote?

memes man

a good enough reason lol

going to need you to share that folder with me in the near future for "reasons"

Shut up slut

Holy shit nigger
Youre a huge weed wizard
Just hit dabs at that point rather than weed

Agreed. BHO is the best way to consume cannabis.

Dude I know, I dropped that shit like cold turkey. Been off of it for so long now.

grow it


dags you sick cunt what's up

WHOA! So rude!

Fucking weed wizard 2.0 over here

I could go for a bowl or two rn actually
I dont smoke as much as I used to tbh
Kinda miss being a stoner, its pricey being one though


whenever im done with it ill upload it, its not even huge yet i think its like roughly 200?

not much mang thinking about heading to the pub soon, just finished 12hr shift, yourself

Okay that's better. That bottle was dirty as hell.
Also mixing weed with tobacco is nasty.

I know that feel, it's so nice and everything is just a little bit different when you are. But I feel like it eats away at my brain.

It's sooooooooooo good though.

just a laid back shit posting kind of day on a day off. did my usual /fit/ stuff early in the day and lazed around home all day after that. take a couple shots for me m8 when you go.

I had one of those for years.


nice, anyways i'm off to the pub

stole it off my sisters boyfriend

i agree, used to smoke baccy but stopped 6 months back, haven't had a ciggy for around 4 1/2 months now.


I still smoke cigarettes from time to time, to be honest.
Mostly I've been vaping though.

Good but things are precarious with school and work.

Hopefully things work out.

Cigarettes are nice tho

no they're not soto

How are you so calm when that dui is going to fuck you?

You wish I was a slut.

yeah there one specific artist that like is in love with cc, seems to only draw her and does it a lot

missed an is there

Stop tempting me, my lungs won't let me smoke them. I still have one from time to time though.

idk about falling for 2d girls but cc is cute yeah.

How does it feel Menma? The tension, the stress, the tightness. How does it feel when the nicotine is squeezing your lungs and pushing your chest in? How does it feel to lose your breath?

Well you still kinda are

No need to stress over it

You got a DUI, how the hell can you NOT be stressed? Bruh, you're going to do jail time you know that right?

i dont know why its a thing either but it got the artist to draw these so whatever works for her

Yeah, I'll say, she's really good at it.

It sucks. You forgot coughing until I pass out or dislocate ribs (not even joking). That's an important part.

I am not. Sluts are bad people that make other people sad, I'm not like that.


Yeah, I know

You know, I care, I really do. From one person with bad habits to another, I can sympathize. Your body can't handle the stress and dislocating ribs sounds painful. Maybe it's time to drop the cigs completely and remove nicotine/tobacco from your vape.

Feels bad man.

Get your shit together m8.

Oh so you're a good kind of slut

I was telling myself this while in jail for like the whole 8 hrs I was in there

Got it all out of my system


she is seemingly fascinated with making cc cosplay absolutely everything too, its a curious thing

Yeah, I've been doing that. Having nicotine in the vape isn't any worse than just vaping. Besides, I'm addicted.
I've even been moving to hash mostly for weed, I should really just make edibles though.

I don't want to nag you anymore than you already did. I'll pray for you Soto.

What's the strangest cosplay she drew?

Don't eat those edibles on an empty stomach. I met a couple girls recently and they told me all about "their" edibles. Apparently if you put too much weed in when making them, you'll puke your guts out (on an empty stomach ofc).


I've made them before, so I know where my tolerance is/dosage.
But yeah I had a friend who puked her guts out the first time... because she was dumb and ignored my warnings, eating way more than she should have.
It was awful; I had to clean up puke while I was completely stoned and wanted to go couchlock for a while.

Gross, and that sucks. I'm going to sleep now. Already falling asleep at my desk. Goodnight.

probably this one the yuna one or the hestia one