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what a nice thread

You won't enjoy it.

I respect your posting in lewds tho, nothing wrong with wanting a more hugboxy place


squash enjoys any kind of attention
good or bad


You lurk in lewd because you have nothing better to do.

I doubt that.

But that's a secret.


there are many things in life you shouldnt doubt
like squash's virginity

The only time I visit is to shitpost or to see if theres some super juicy drama going on
nothing more
nothing less



That dog seemed to like my virginity.



I thought there was a weird noise in my house but it was just my cat snoring

But inside, you're just a little baby! :D
I love this song


so the same thing you do here?


*boxes you in with hugs*


over here is normal shitposting

over there is shit-shitposting
it's like shitposting^2

do you have some beef with me you wanna iron out?

Hi diggies~!

I will gnaw on your skull

yo welmies

I see.

Or your autism?

that's all squash has ever asked for


Hey, what's up?

Your weekend wrapping up well?

Heya, Fort.


I didn't even know this was a thing.


not really.
I was just warned years ago to stay weary of you

Yo Elma, Whaddup?

kyle just gives him more attention


It's been great!
I saw The Cloverfield movies. First one was meh, but the second was a solid B+

oh, I ddosed someone because he betrayed me, lol.
Other than that, you have nothing to worry about

or like the list of people who've filtered squash



t. moogs 'just fuck my shit up' rodriguez

cute doll chara cter

only *hugs* so people are safe here

squash likes hugs :)


he likes dogs more though

I post here when I'm edging just because of the massive bullying I recieve

Not a whole lot. Got out of work a little early on my Friday night.

My tongue is oozing, but I think it makes it feel better lol

There was a 2nd one?

Was that the street name one? I liked the original besides it's ridonkulous shaky-cam.

You will kill me with your hugs

"You've been acting awful tough lately
Smoking a lot of cigarettes lately"
Love that.
Also I know that cat snoring feel, I thought the window was creaking but it was just the cat snoring.

10 cloverfield lane

the acting was pretty good.

My old cat used to snore so loud when we had the insurance lady doing the estimate for how much the house was worth she asked if there was construction in the area..

i am so livid

dont make me explain my jokes


Nothing really. You?

I never get your humor.

So I got banned from Alice for claiming I raped someone.

It was a meme

Ah, yes. That looked good. Maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow^^

Pls no livid. Just lovies^~^

They seem to ban people a lot lately.

same with squash

Your tongue is oozing? What does that mean? What does your tongue oozing let feel better. I do not know how to construct that sewntence properly.


no death
its too safe and comfy

it's whatever.

I could just go in with a new ip everyday and bug them like eva

Why would I go to Alice chat?

It was pierced so it is swollen. Now it is oozing and I think it's helping alleviate the pressure!

went grocery shopping earlier. happy to be home though

nobody does

the oozing is just dead tongue cells btw

squash my dick with a hammer >_

not gonna reply to just a literal emoji

Ban just deleted his discord and everyone on his list


You are beyond obscure.

I just realized*

Because it's where I belong.

They also banned bard, and kuus isnt around anymore so i'm seeing less and less reason to fight my ban.

im too deep

no one can reach me

doesnt sound fun for me at all

lol science!

It kinda feels like the lightest of itchy, but in a good way. Better than yesterday though.

Did you do anything good today?

Or wants to.

wait what happened to ban? rip

Oooh, alright.
What kinda piercing? Barbell? (Not sure if it has a different name for tongues)


He died.
RIP in pieces in pepperonis.

he deleted his account and shit, but he came back.

and now he deleted himself again?


it get yellow yet?

went grocery shopping.

either is good news to me

Yeah, I got 2^^

i miss nezumi :(

Alas. When will the people love me?

Not quite yellow, but there's like a whitish layer or something I guess developing. Like more dead cells all on the surface or something?

Ooh, good shit. I might run out and get some soft food since I have my coworker's car again this evening.

Get anything yummy?

Ooh nice.
Are there pics?

You should get out more.

it might have been because of me


The whore of Babylon ruins another life.

it is 100% because of manaka

Fix it.

It's still swollen, but here.

some people just get tired of reading squash's posts and have to leave



who cares

what about me

yes ma'am.

lucky charms

theres nothing out there for me



tell the story manaka

What about you?







the scary thing is, i did it not on purpose.

i will try to get a hold of him, he has me deleted from everything


One time I had a roommate who literally ate all of the charms out of my box of them.

I don't think I've bought them since tbh.

Yeah, that's what you said. Hence asking for older pics.
Looking good though!
When'd you get 'em?

Fuji bb?

2 days ago.

You do anything fun lately?


I do the same tbh

though they have just the charms for purchase now

and i also have the excuse of not having to share




I need to know.


procrastination is healthy!

Apparently ban isn't dead

it has been told by bebop few threads ago

I had a brunch with family today, was fancy. Nothing too special though.
But I went to an all-you-can-eat asian restaurant yesterday with my best friends. It was amazing. Food was the best, and we just had a ton of fun there.


You must be keeping busy lately?

That's just making excuses for being lazy.


rip in pip

???? why

why would you think that
what happened

fuck off and tell me it
im not sifting through 2-3 threads just to find some bad story t. bebop


do you

Ugh. Oops, all berries is one thing, but literal marshmallows for breakfast is just terrible lol

THEY WEREN'T FOR SHARING. I go and pour a bowl of charms for breakfast and I look down and fucking 0% charms dude.

Fat, poor roommates are the worst kind of roommates.

Nice, nice. Why's brunch italicized?

You've been procrastinating for like a decade.
It ain't healthy.


something about what i did when he wasnt around, then he came looked at the chat history and he wasnt happy

i know i am a bad person

please dont beat me when im down

you cheated on ban?
lmao you harlot

nezumi loved manaka
but manaka did love things with bebop
in nezumi's discord


Oh hi

Good luck

He picked out the bad part of the cereal and ate it leaving the sugar?

I feel like such a fatass when I get those but they're delicious.


Was this a mislink?????

You are quite literally retarded.

Because it needs to be fancy. it's a brunch.


maybe? ._.


Brunch is just overpriced, usually French breakfasts.

That reason is quite stupid if you ask me.

were you guys even actually going out

not at all

not yet


It was actually pretty good.
Probably still overpriced though.

8ch, literally what?

Hush. We don't know everything.


Like pastries and crepes, yeah?
It's not bad but just greasy diner food is the best breakfast.

No, she left all the brown regular cereals.

i mean did he have any expectation of you not doing shit with other people

Looking to?

this kills the nezumi

Pft. Luka is trying to guilt trip Manaka.

so fucking bored

this drama is shit tier

ew no thank you


Not just that. It was an all-you-can-eat with a HUGE buffet. There was dinner stuff and the likes, too. It was really good.

maayybe, you'd hate it if you see the person you like having a dinner with some other person''

he talked to me about it

you cant force a feeling

Man, I've watched porn with people for 4 hours straight, guess I'm a big cheater then.

Well that just doesn't make any sense to me at all.

it might bother me a tiny bit but i'm also an adult so i wouldnt delete everyone and the one good discord server lol

i like playing league with ban

nah its way more than that
was talking to ban
apparently he told manaka he loved her
and she just goes and cheats on him

he had a feeling for you

and you did stuff with other person?

I am trying to comprehend this error thing, but it doesn't make any sense at all during different times.

Ah? That's a bit different than the connotations of brunch in America then.
Brunch here is like a really light meal of fanciful pastries and rarely substantial.


so did we ever figure out why soto went to jail? dui?

I don't want to seem childish about this. I agree he probably shouldn't have reacted the way he did, but at the very least I empathize.

Maybe he'll stop the drinking and driving now.

Kind of thinking about the Humble Bundle, but I don't like half these games.

its not technically cheating
but devoting your heart verbally to a person you love to just have them crush you behind your back
must hurt a lot

this conversation about breakfast food is more interesting anyway

i bet you don't even dip your sausages in maple syrup, faggot

you don't know soto

stop being losers and get laid

I just think that was quite an overreaction if they were just reading doujins together.

I still don't get how that was crushing it, my mind is just telling me there's got to be a bigger reason behind it.

It's one of those things where I'm trying to believe that he won't and then at least someone will believe in him. Like now he can't give up just because no one believed in him anyway.


what are they

It doesn't.
Sometimes you try to repost after an error, it says "Stop flooding", so you think it's been posted.
And than it didn't anyway.
Fucking hell.

That was my understanding of brunch as well.
A pleasant surprised.

h-hey there~ x///x

the doujin itself has less sex and more story. It's 650 pages, it's technically a story manga.

multiply the crush with love and maybe.. you got yourself a hard feeling .. i dont know. but it's what happened.

okay, say you are a girl and you only like other girl, has a man ever confessed their love to you? what would you say to him?

I've never had a "brunch" item that even had meat in it.
But regardless, no, I don't dip sausage in maple syrup because I don't like meals to be edible diabetes.

you go girl

I know that thing, fucking annoying.

I want the Sega Drive shit and The VC game.
Guero gave me a few out of them.

Might wait for the next bundle.

Yup, yup.
How ya doing?



I don't even know.
How about you?

yeah those are pretty uninteresting

Fair enough. Giant breakfast buffets like a continental breakfast at a hotel but, well, better basically?

Yeah. I'm waiting for my new computer to install the new stuff.

i guess

you're missing out
i like my breakfast/brunch foods to be savory meats mixed with straight up diabetes

I like my breakfast foods to be greasy amounts of proteins and starches to last all day.

save your money


I'm alright. Nothin' special.

yeah, pretty much.
Was with my family of 13. Celebrating like 4 birthdays, because 6 of us have their birthday between Mid-February and early April.

you would tell them that you aren't the right type for them.

MFF stop

Got that project done?

I got Shovel Knight last night.

That should tide me over.

yes i didnt tell him that

but what would you say? what will you answer them?

This...is a joke, right?

Something like that.

bacon hashbrowns and eggs type shit? also good
god damn you're making me hungry
i was hungover as shit so i havent eaten anything all day


Save the cheerleader.. save the world

ahh i dont know, i'm trying to prove a point, but that's not how it works with luka

Got much left?

Why are you asking other people? No one here knows how you feel better than you do. Tell people how you feel, don't try to tell people what they want to hear. It's retarded and only hurts people.

You're not a girl.

Go get Ban. Tell him to stop overreacting.

Nah. Over half way.



i'm still looking for anyone who still has him in their contact list

Sounds good then.

I have him added.

It's a game.
I got it.

answer them, that you still like them as really good friends?

I am in love with subtle

i'm in love with the coco

cock and balls*


that doesn't sound as good in rhythm
you would be a shitty rappist

is it because you got it for the low low ?

yeah I don't rape

I still have weeks left. I planned it that way.

As long as you get it done man.

yes you do you fucking pedophile
i saw what you and bebop were posting last night

ask him how is he feeling and tell him i'm waiting

the person wants more than friends.

I cooked some for myself earlier today.
Was great.




you tell them it's impossible.

i'll still be your friend even though you fuck kids

i'm forgiving like that

I am in love with Sharo-chan

Not really

Unless you have the intention to give him what he wants, I think it's better if he gets some space rather than to try to force him into anything. He'll come around.

Even if he's after little boys?

yay~ friend!


i mean
i still like darwin so yeah


hi guero

you just rejected him, and now he is very disappointed.

you could have said more comforting words.

yeah i'm not asking him to come around, i just want to know how he's doing and that i'll be waiting for him to come back.




how can i comfort something that wants more than i do? risky

modding my GTA:V
luka gave me an actual working one that isn't a fuckin bitcoin miner
runs pretty decent actually, despite my PC being shit

fucking nice

And not the kind of suffering you enjoy

It's on sale from Humble Bundle I think.

Send rations

yeah, p good
sandbox game plus god powers is the best time killer

I bought it on 360 and again on xbone, I don't wanna pay for it a third time, lol

If you get desperate just eat your non-dominant hand.

It's why we have two.

Is ice cream ok?


i paid for it thrice


exactly, it's not that easy. but you dont say it's impossible, it'd ruin his feeling even more.

so if you say "this kills the nezumi", if something similar happen to you, you wouldnt be just "kills the person", instead it would be "this burns, cuts, stabs, maims the person until death"




I feel like all you did was extend the metaphor.


will you faggots be the ones who listen to me complain about my decision to spend time with my ex?

I was gonna buy it legit, but I didn't know if my PC could even run it.
so I went with the Luka Torrent Edition™

How are they in terms of nutritional value?

I try not to eat a lot of carbs :x

I need like cysteine, vitamin C, potassium and starches.

Dairy is a no go :c


thank my skeltal

Why so specific?

its a fairly well optimized game

Reporting in

but that's slow torture

yeaa i'm bad at this, tried to let him know i gave nezumi the best words of comfort. and doing so is not easy. and "this kills the nezumi" wont help anyone

i'll leave now


Meat doesn't have carbs.

Are you fucking trolling me?

I have a pretty important appointment of drilling a fucking hole in my brain, I'd hate to miss it for that.

yep, runs 60fps on my really out of date desktop. just don't have the money for the legit version anyways


eh only reason to buy it is if you want online

even then id only recommend it if you are patient and can handle loading out the ass.

id offer to play with you if i were capable of keeping appointments


thank god
his parents are pissed off for like five reasons and kicking him out this week so i drove an hour to hang out with someone who i barely speak to anymore because something something history
clearly i'm good at decisions

make sure it's big enough for a dick to fit inside

Okay, I'll get over it eventually.

To promote good health and a speedy recovery!

No way, I need to be 1000% sure so I don't get fat from eating myself :x

I'll make sure it's pencil thin so it isn't TOO loose.

I dont see anything wrong with them
Youre doing what you think is best, yeah?
and there are no major consequences
i think you're fine sweetie


I'd play GTA 5 with you.

still feels like probably a bad decision


You had a bout of illness? Or still are having? o.o

Eat tree bark or something instead.



Its just hanging out with someone though sweetie
And its just one day of your life
it won't be a big deal in your head unless you make it one


It hurts to breathe :c

What the heck?

There aren't even any trees in Canada since the great tornado of 1763.



it was awkward

Goddamn Canadian tornadoes, tearing apart natural beauty AND families for centuries.

Did you really expect that it wouldnt be?

take it out on other people.

being friends with someone you've slept with is hard


Its kinda impossible
After you have sex with someone there's always gonna be that underlying sexual tension


Damn. Either those things are defanged or that man has balls of STEEL

Oh jeez
Good timing for Spring 2016 at least :c


The family part is just a myth.

We're naturally immune to the deadly effects of tornadoes.

I've been listening to an embarrassing amount of 60s amd 70s music today tbh.


Everything I've watched has been shit so far.

Or just retarded.


Omg even Asterisk?
I haven't had a chance to see anything

@[email protected]

Here's a 70's song.

What's good my fellow shitposters?

clean ur fucking room


yeah well
i think it was good for him to have a friend right now but it's like the most awkward friendship i've ever had that hasn't imploded completely
sex is bad for relationships in general, i think