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goodnight you fucking faggots




Quality posting hours


did america die or something



The Mexicans killed us all just like Trump predicted



I guess then it's time for Neo-Colonization!
New Amsterdam here I come

I, the prodigal poster, have arrived to ameliorate all your stress and worries.

Wouldn't it be New New Amsterdam?




I want heelies

Hey user.


H-how are you!

im sci

huh why

are you drugs?


New Amsterdam already exists. So it'd be a New New Amsterdam. Also, Futurama.

Weren't you supposed to quit?

Yes, maybe, who told you?.

Why not rename New York to New Amsterdam and reinstate Dutch as the language?

The only thing you're gonna colonize is the inside of your asshole with feminine penises

if they aren't learning english they for sure won't learn dutch

i intended to leave for a month but it turns out it was just 10 days

Extend your vacation to eternity. You seriously cannot handle yourself in such a volatile environment.

The whore!

awh but new new amsterdam sounds so moon moon like
gotta think of a new name then

ehh just a guess

wwhat but they were all dead right??

They never die.

how do you mean?


well they can't beat me, I'll have a strong settler army to rule the country

What do you want? I'm packin'.

You. Don't. Know. How. To. Interact. With. People.
You. Are. Socially. Inept.
This is for your own good. Go ask your dad to teach you the birds and the bees and go outside more.

i'm a Onee-chan~

Man, going back on protein powder sucks.
Shit tastes awful.

But are you my nee-chan?

You actually have siblings?
Did you just steal your sisters clothes and pretend to be a girl?

i disagree, but thanks for sharing.

i don't know.. :(

sleeping pills

Remember what erio said about that habit of yours last night? He wasn't wrong you know.


Why do you need a drug dealer for sleeping pills?
Just go to fucking walmart or the equivalent big box store for them.

what habit?


what habit?

ehhh why?

I thought there would be like too strong sleeping pills, and I want those

Kinda hope the world burns tomorrow.

School would be skippable if things get out of hand :D


*hugs gently*

do you have any idea what lenko's talking about here



I feel like reading those but it's way too much

high already?

Like Ambien?
Just go to a doctor and say "I can't sleep" and get a prescription for them.


No but I'm sure I was right

I thought I told you I was earlier

I don't know if insurance covers that

The one where you dismiss everything passive aggressively. You haven't changed at all. You're still a spineless coward. I bet you anything that you don't even lift or use that gym membership you got.

Oh no reason at all. You just want to sleep right? lmao

I didn't think it'd last that long

I thought your gubberment pays for all of your healthcare costs.

*tucks you in and smiles*

You're required to have an insurance company and every company does it differently.
you pay them big amounts per month but the government gives you lots of money back.
like I pay around 90 euros per month but get 83 euros from gubberment


shit welke ik betaal 120~

ik heb DSW

did you say this?

i disagree but thanks for sharing

Is it similar to the German system where it's provided by a private company but the government is completely over negotiating prices of premiums per area, etc?


probably, at least sounds like it

go to an independent one, all those companies own each other except a select few like dsw


so fucking delusional

well it's only a matter of time before you succumb to all the hate you get here and leave

only a matter of time

yet again


That was a good excuse to harass you on /lewd/

It's the same day :3

How are you still awake?

Yeah sure

Yo moogs, you gonna ban Sci for the CP?

heh you goofball


whoa what?



scarey thred dramas


my mind's not doing well...

it's only 30 past twelve I can handle that!

how long should it be


Stop being a pussy and do your fucking job, Moogs.

If you can't do it, then resign.


it's not cp!

Five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes.

cp mandates perm
just do the 90 day

if he's posted cp before, make it perma
if he hasn't, make it amonth

7 inches

Perma it is.

Please contain your autism i was out so i missed it jeez

Is that how long you are ?


I just had 8 inches ready to post but it kept saying error
No fair



Holy shit, I am slain.

it won't take 8 inches it's too big

Gone, but alright.

CP ain't okay. Same as always, no matter who.
Assuming it actually was CP.


i couldn't stop the poppy :(

Post his appeal.

i consider a little girls bare ass in a suggestive pose to be cp yeah


You did fine.
Poopy is kind of a bitch.

It has 27 citizens
who'd wanna live in such a town

this thread is the stuff of legends


Oh damn.

I like how he takes a break and gets banned in less then 48 hours.

Moogs if you unban him and pardon his cp posting I'll report you to the fbi


I just got out of jail

Well that's a first

Just why would he do that?
I thought he was healed and shit?

oh boy
tell the story


Holla Forums is on my side today ^^

A-Also that got way more replies than I expected..


i'm still new to nami
i just got her like a couple weeks ago?

i don't know how to bubble... so... i skill it third.

for what lmao


It's over. Last chance has passed. He needs to stop posting. He needs help.

And Soto just made the thread even more crazy.

did you finger a teen

Just have to play her more.
I run hybrid pen runes and poke with her wave.
Learn to bounce it in trades.

\/\/ e \/\/


Im not going to unban him. He's sure to evade and i cant be around 24/7. so please if he posts report him and me or someone else will get to him as soon as we can

he's posted Ghosties CP already so i think ive given him enough chances

what did you do now soto
@[email protected]

yeah.. i've learning her wave heal bounce ranges so far.

her buble though... now that's a "skill" shot

B-but Murder said he'd riot if Sci was banned.

How did Soto end up in jail?

Find out next time

Drunk driving/failure to appear in court
my bet

you bitch

Use your E as a way to slow them to land it better.

probably dui or posession

lol you tease

I'm going to say DUI.

How old's Ghostie?


lol you faggots know me too well






I''m gonna grow out my mustache again


That's going to cost you at least 15K USD and a month in jail if you don't get a good lawyer.


her E thingy actually slows?

._. i didn't notice that...

Fair enough.

It costs that much even if you have an amazing lawyer.

Isn't it your culture to have mustaches?

E slows and adds extra magic damage to autos and on hits.
Any ability that hits your team mates speeds them up.


I feel like I shouldn't even need to justify that.

Goddamn I love playing her mid.

Spics just start growing mustaches at like 12, the girls too.

True but with the lawyer he'll probably do less time in jail and end up paying around 20K USD total.

but it's sexy
like this

ah I knew it!

That isn't sexy.

It's rapey.

if it's his first offense and has a decent driving record it'll probably just be a fine and suspended license

but people know I wouldn't rape!

depending on how over the limit he was

Here's sci's appeal to the masses:

6:45 PM - Grim Echoes: posting cp to support you wanting the legalization of cp isn't smart
6:46 PM - Grim Echoes: money is not the driving factor behind cp though.
6:46 PM - 麻痺退屈で: well you can't really fix that some people are pedophiles, so money is the only point of attack
6:47 PM - 麻痺退屈で: anyway
6:47 PM - 麻痺退屈で: try to get me unabnned lol
6:49 PM - 麻痺退屈で: i just cross the line/go a bit too far sometimes. i'm not a bad person! please defen me
6:51 PM - Grim Echoes: Sci. I'll let everyone know how you feel. But honestly. I don't think you'll get unbanned.

If he's not wanting it to appear on his record, then yeah. It'll end up costing that much and a plea or whatever to skate around it.
Otherwise it puts him at risk of being uninsurable, therefor unable to drive.

Soto. Tell the story, or you're uninvited.

Call him a horrid faggot that should be put down for me.

Grim you're not filtered anymore.

Maybe this time out for you has taught you something.

This is very short of context.

Regardless, no.


Referring to the future, not the immediate ramifications.

And for good reason, we don't need another jackass on the road.

oh neat.
i'll have to keep and eye out for that slow effect then.

And why would they know that when you have a mustache LIKE THAT?

her giggle is cute

Not a prob. I could help you out sometime. I play her a ton and could show you a few things.

Could've easily ended up much worse.

Come to think of it.
Who's this?

You gave me a time out?


I'll tell them!

True but let's be thankful it didn't end that way.

Lenko, Lotte.

I dindu nuffin

Lotte trip is Lenko ^^

Yes. Do that. Tell everyone you meet that you are not planning to rape them.

Tell me how that goes.

Pleasant aesthetics. Not a bitch
Good passive. Fun Q. Awesome W. Awesome ult. Tactical E.

Why Lotte?


So I got a Kangaroo pie from this NZ style place

About to bite into it

First tripfag name, just reverting.

4m do you think I am obsessed with you?

Ooh, alright.
It's also my oldest sisters name. So I was wondering.



That was Lenko posting one of my images

they would think it's fine cause they're like oh man that's a sexy moustache I wish you had my babies and then i'd just hang and be cool

Yeah idk if the person who told me that knew it wasnt you or nah


How is it?

I mean, maybe?

Ok so kangaroo tastes like a cross between pork and lamb

it's really good


D: !

Are you saying you wouldn't eat a meat just to see how that animal tastes?

or I might just have horrible taste in looks and what not


It's got a super subtle hint of gaminess at the end, but not so much to overpower the savory flavor

I hope it bites you in the down under m8.

Lmao, what are the chances? It's a nice name.

I posted one yeah.

Oh I totally would.

I lack the opportunity to try kangaroo at this time, though.


What is wrong with you shits


Kangaroo medallion is pretty top tier

It sure is.
Why'd you pick it?

I'd eat endangered animals if I knew they were killed indiscriminately and from a stable population area.

If you like that kind of mustache, then yes.

Most animals are cute before you turn them into food.

Big deal.

don't worry about it.

ride the wave! surfer singed goes faster while in her wave



This image speaks to me.

Kangaroos are awesome, who fucking cares.

I should try it at some point.

Many reasons, it just appealed to me at the most at the time.

Cows are not, pigs are not, chickens are not, fish are not. your mom is not

oh baby

Fucking lol at Manny on the floor

mmm kangaroo peperoni sticks
they are yummy

do you get it yet or should I keep going until you do

Far right looks like Fool.


I regularly wear bathrobes outside and what not.
but it's fine cause it's all comfy to me!

Somebody didn't have much fun at the petting zoo.

You're messing with me.

He only went to the heavy petting zoo.
Or he's going to claim some transcendence to basic biological imperatives again.

Do you read posters posts in their own voice or some made up one?


i wanna pet a soft fuzzy happy rabbit now


their own voices

Uh, none?

I don't really imagine a voice when I'm reading.


when the post body contains something special I like to read it in their voices.
Like super autistic or drunk


where their cute face tho...?

Ok, that's 5. Pick one.


I don't even think it's all that expensive either

rabbit butts don't have faces though!

Oh wait.
I thought that was Erio, not Lenko.
But yeah, heavy petting part still stands.


I think I have become a meme at my place of work....

not even

ad when you don't know their voices?

I imagine your voice for yours


I have to ask the obvious.
Do you try to just look as gay as possible in everything you do?



Why is that?

no voice

i'm scared now.

They like being petteded though sometimes

I think it's just a natural gayness dripping like sweat of me.

on what?

your voice is sexy though so it's nice reading

how does that work


Flattery will get you everywhere.

just silent reading. its how people read fast. They stop voicing the words out in their head and just read.

post pictures here


It was an initial reaction because they're so cute.
I'll eat cute things. lmao

Err I've never been to a petting zoo. Just a regular zoo.

Sick, I'm going to try it soon then.

I felt really...bad when you filtered me tbh

it's the worst kinda feels

Wow.. it's good

The only thing it really notices are hats.

I listened to it without headphones first and then... then my penis.... It was almost awoken.


i pet their floofy head and floppy ears

people are weird!

Well when you act like such an intolerable shit without clearly conveying your point it's bound to happen. Next time, if you have a problem contact me in private and talk to me about it, savvy?

websites kinda shit



lmao nice fucking post grim




I knew this would happen

Yay it worked!

ohh that does kinda make sense..

what do you read me in?

microsoft can't figure out anime


I tried to get it to say black men are monkeys, but it keeps calling them "mammals."

Oh Technology.
This is crazy.

My own voice.

Somebody took this of me.


Took what?


"I really can't describe the picture."


I'm not ashamed of my feelings


it does

Don't even try to use this as some leverage over me. I see you as an equal, not above, not below. I expect the same from you.

you kinda should me :/




apparently masturbation isn't too inappropriate for it

He's my friend.

it needs to work on the alcohol stuff

you better make me sound cool!

wat ._.

ur face

Hold on...

Makes sense.

Oi... Mean!


grim... upload peoples face pics into it

Their everything.

I'm not using it in that way, sorry if it seems like it? You are sounding hella insecure right now. I thought you knew me better by now. I didn't go off on you and say obscure things to not prove a point. I just filtered you because I didn't want to deal with that shit. Savvy?

This got posted in fur threads years ago.


my half drunk mind is loving this

noohh just request





That person has to be rich.


into what
im not keeping track of thread since im hutning w/ squash

no, it just seems like it, so I just felt like clearing the air
as for the obscure shit, yeah I was fucking around way too much and it was just a mess


How lonely do you have to be to even buy that many?




wrong image

It could be a "status symbol" for certain people. Just imagine like maybe a furry or other group, whether online or off.

just stop assuming things and putting on airs. you know we usually talk things out on equal terms anyways.


im bored now

thats cute~
did you draw that? ♥

I can't get the audio to work. But I was singing and shit.

the bass is fresh

doot doot

toot toot

thanks skeletal




I gotchu



the bass is weak

its a little baby vidya

I wish

♥ kaka
ka ka

*pokes with a stick*

It was from a friends shitty phone.


wat subtle do instead of drawings?

He has better songs too.


Subtle is straight meme.



I mostly know of him cause of Freaks.

Goddamn memes.

ok i chuckled

Am I right?


sounds like a bad friend

That's the one.

i'm glad i got him to stop playing mobas for 10 minutes


I will check it out later

the original one with Chechnya is better


is it not a moba?

I can draw things!


mh4u is not a moba
its action rpg

*carves your face*

Knew it.

Alright, no hurry though.


Never make that fucking noise again.

grim is doing weird vocaroos...

can i see?~

Not right now ><
To make up for it I'll send you something else

I like how the comments of this is discussing how they're totally not pedophiles for rubbing it out to Shinobu.

I hadn't looked till you said that.

Big sigh

btw grim you made squash and spoilers have a falling out

I made that when it was 2:30am 2 nights ago'
was shitposting on mlp
dont judge me

I want to kiss shinobus feets

Tell the tale.

subtle is da bes~

i judged the judicator!

Goddamn pedophiles ruin everything.

I know
but they made up in the end

you can't judge shit in your state shut the fuck up luka

grim roasted spoilers and spoilers, whom squash had been fervently going after, was extremely butthurt and decided to take it out on grim's friend, squash
squash's heart is now broken

Don't be a dumb ass.
We made up and got over it.


We know.


Oooh... Ouch.




I want to put a doughnut on my dick and make her eat it

Squash, did you buy that stuff?

i see it is one of those name days again

yeah its a sad tale
now squash is now even a more angry bottle of anger than before

I got the one with frills just for you.

Your bad timing.
And hey, what's the problem? You just said mine is sufficient!





Ha, no.

That video reminded me of you exactly

Oh well. Grim said it's over.




grim's just damage controlling since he doesnt want to lose his last friend in the threads (squash)


their bodies flew. I saw the whole webm before.


squash is garbage though

who cares if you lose him

better yet just tell him to get lost

literally sci tier

I like Grim. I consider him a friend.

Fuck off.


like a damn fiddle test


thats a pretty strong opinion lenko

Lenko, you're kind of a moron.
Should try to grow up, dude.


be nice
play nice
get nice

He looks like 20 when he's graduating middle school.

heheheheheh... I bet he's crying like a little girl now >:.)

but in reality boo has no idea what he's talking about
it's funny to watch him post though



boo is arguably best SHIT poster

I stick by my "Fuck off".

So fuck off.



Death by Strawpoll.

hehehehe I voted for boo cus grim is a nerd >:.)


I am not a robot

im onto you

5-3, ATM.
Surprisingly even.



one higher than the other

was just a joke tho grim

I can just imagine both on Steam right now, linking all of the people they know saying "pls vote 4 me".

Beep boop

They had a curtain with frills?

was about to say similar


What's the word then?
Shoulda said close.

i knew it!

Oh. No.
I just saw it was the same you had I think.

Are you gonna excuse yourself for the day or do you need to be let out

I plead the fifth.

So what did you get with frills, then?

but of course more ppl would vote for you dude
i do everything for the laughs

there you go

Damn I thought that was Nate Diaz but.. it was just him



I voted for you

in reality grim is squash's only friend

Pics. Now.

You were shitposting there too. Hypocrisy ho!

It's still not the word I was searching for, but alright.


My mom thinks I'm cool.

Make me.


Send me pictures, or I swear I will not be gentle if when we meet.

The point is lewds is the autism container
its ok to shitpost there
but its also a time out zone for some people


of course u did babe
i wouldnt expect anything less


Please. You know I like a forceful man.


new thread

you use it incorrectly