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omg stfu

This is somethign i can get behind ;3


kinda miss Blood-Chan

Loving the hate.


You're asking why Nascar is big then just saying its irrelevant.
It's history relevant to its market.
Television was a luxury pre-war and racing events weren't televised. Nascar and it's forerunners were centered around manufacturing areas where it was able to be attended by a mass market. European style racing has always appealed to affluent audiences.

my name fell off and i don't feel like typing in my trip

shut up bc

Oh, like that.

feminine penis tho

Any of you gits live in/around Jew York?



I've been there twice this year already and want to get a place there someday but for now you best just check the poster above you

'Twas a joke!


that usually at first the case but it always changes lol

just need to develop taste

s h o t s

Did you get the last thing I sent you?

Also why are you asking that?

everbody shots shots shots

really? O.O
ahh i don't actually want to be surrounding by only other wannabe killershuge reason i haven't joined is because ~70% of my dreams end in my taking a bullet for someone while I'm in the military

tfw no shots

Now I did

Got an offer to go to new york but I don't know if I should take it


tfw no boyfriend

ahh yeah that's always a danger, maybe be their moral compass

can I be your boyfriend?

oh another reason i wanted to join was for the danger. the whole taking a life thing wasn't really a big reason for me wanting to but it definitely doesn't seem like something that will ever keep me away.

do you think it's selfish of me not to join because of that? i would definitely take a bullet to save someone but i don't really want to die..

holy shit

Yeah I live in the middle

Tell me about the place

Take it
don't think
do it
New York is chock full of opportunities

This place is fucking brutal
if you can't take the heat and don't work hard, you won't get jack shit

if you work hard
and are a likeable person
you will become rich


Well from what you told me it sounds exactly like my place
'kay gonna take it

Jack is States bound?


Bitch, stop by Michigan.
We should hang.

Jack add me on steam and let's talk about it later

I'm about to go see a movie

jack there's a lot of impure bloodlines in ny. you probably wouldn't like it. but there are lots of gay bars so who knows

but youre a girl

naah its not selfish, its fne
just like just joining is more than a sacfrifise


Whenever this shit goes down sure, I'll definetly visit a few of you

what the fuck are you implying

Oh wow. Didn't think you would actually do it.
Well, if you get a chance hit me up.

It'd be an honor to serve.


>////< im ftm

I'm mtftm.


I'm M. Just M.
I have and love my penis.

and adventurous

was that mean?


I'm F.


Ew, it's Cato.


im female to male transitioning ;~;

mm i suppose that is a plus. my cousin who is in the Navy was in Guam for 5months, came back home for Christmas then went out to Germany where he will be until summer
i dont think i'd be as lucky in the Marines though..

yeah, super nasty


heya cato how are ya getting along today

Did Archives leave?

brrrrrrrrd buddy

no clue. he closed his discord server then removed everyone on everything it seems. not a clue as to why. he seemed fine just last night..

Archives is still around?

Pretty good
relaxing and shooting GOONS

He got stupid high on something. That's probably something to do with it.

tiddies :D

showw proof

lovely travels
marines don't go anywhere?

why not :c

He wasn't.

Yeah I remember, was wondering if something went down when I was asleep or if it's just something that happened.


oh? maybe i missed something then.. all i know was i played one or two matches of league with him. thats all where im getting my judgement from.

cuz it was true!

im not a fag :c

Then I wasn't talking to you!

you've seen me :S

Nice desu ne

I blame Manaka

I am a fluidgender girl.

Be a girl for me.


I thought it was "genderfluid" not "fluidgender".

My penis is fluid.

You really didn't notice this morning, Bebop?

It was because you cucked him

just got back from my friend house
ate a porkchop sandwhich
how are you today?

What the heck is a goon


Just blame the poor third worlder why don't you!?


it's a faction in EVE that is getting crushed right now

Holy shit hunting solo sucks.
Might play LoL instead.

are they good or bad guys
are you a good or a bad guy

Like the bad guy from Terminator 2?

That was my plan.

I'm good
smoked with some friends this morning, then I've been compulsively drinking coffee since getting home


super girly

Do you think Aurelion is sexy?

That's racist.

m-me too
paint you sound realllly cool
what are you listening to senpai

Yes exactly.


what? was that really why??? omfg we were just messing around...............
also i havent been getting much sleep these last few days so i dont see things like that too well.. bad excuse, i know..

Not really. I'm more partial to furs. Not scales.

Brown people are the source of all the world's problems.

Goons motto is "we will have fun by ruining everyone else's fun"

Maybe you ARE a fag!

Would hiss at.


just like Tsuchi




then you get pets



hell they couldnt hear me for a good 30-40 minutes because they went on a vpn and it fucked the connection and i assumed they were ignoring everything i was saying. it was meant to be harmless fun that turned out to not even be fun and just fucked up my sleep anymore.
i really am the worst


You watch your step, mister!

Shut up, TP.


He's so shiny though!

Even island asians?

Someone got cucked and Darwin didn't cause it?

It feels like a wiper

What exactly did you do?

nooot :c
why say that

bet you did ballet


He's not really my type.
I would fuck Twitch though.


Something involving an underage girl, probably.

I want to see manakas komodo dragon...

yep yep


Hiroshima was a blessing.

my plee ay was faultless

It is a possibility!

I think hiroshima is pretty far from where manaka lives.

You're talking about his dick, aren't you?


I noticed before I left for church.
Felt kinda bad for him.

voice chatted and they wanted me to find them doujins and what not so i sent them a few. they ended up finding this really long manga, 28chapters/650pages
they were reading that and sending screencaps of it in the discord server.
ugh she is totally right about it too.. he got on and was like oh youre reading doujins together? gross. then started saying how he was gonna delete the server and uninstall

yeah dude im posting from prison right now. how'd you know?

Stop this at 1s.

what is this hentai


I think you're missing my point.

Anyway, isn't Ban just sad because he likes Manaka and Manaka doesn't feel the same way?

Will not

no footage from our few games last night?

Google says komodo dragons live in indonesia.
I have a hard time typing komodo, It feels like I'm misspelling kodomo. It would make more sense if it was that, then they'd be dragon children.

yo bitch

Ikt sees moe
Ikt pounces

why quit?


I will steal your soul.

There's no way around this: you are autistic.

totally rude and unnecessary!

I don't know, I couldn't rule out the possibility of it being that but it's not like I've been prying. It is really none of my business.

*pet pet*

cuz maybe!

Does that mean I get to stay with you forever?

wanted to become a man

tbh my heart hurts because all i want to do is help bring the best out of people and i probably destroyed him without realizing.

i wish someone had said something or i saw it like that.. its only noon and i just wanna go to sleep and hope he comes back

nuh uh
it wasn't meant in a rude way

It's not the tism! I am that one thing that they call people who aren't autistic. Neurotypical!

Yours too!

I'm gonna curse you like Jesus did to that fig tree!

oh i see! well hello to you as well bitch!


I live on moe

As long as it's you~

"None of my business"

Sounds like quitter talk. I should know, I say it a lot.

Anyway, hopefully he comes back, and if he does I'm gonna pry, cause I'm just a bad person like that. And I'm going to see if there's anything I can say to make him feel better.

Your soul! I will steal your soul.

Cato pls!

It's called Acchi Kocchi

What am I quitting? I don't pry because if he wants me to know, he'll tell me.

The eternal suffering of sci

can he please not get cancer and kill himself

i kid, cancer is horrible

It's only internet, why you heff to be sad?

Acchi Kocchi was so adorable

Internet is for mad not sad.

Thanks :3


awh oke, you drunk?

well its no true!

Sometimes I believe that if enough people wish for something, it might happen. Then I realize how stupid that is.

Where would we be if the internet didn't exist?

May you one day overcome your crippling autism and become a functioning member of society.

are you sure Ban likes Manaka


Interesting shit better be happening.

Holla Forums has always been right

Whatever you saaay

A horrible place called real life

Final Fantasy pls.

You're delirious.

That's not true. We all have things we want to say that we don't look for someone to tell. Sometimes, even if we really want to talk about how we feel, and even if someone asks, we still bottle things up. It's just how people are sometimes.

Anyway, a guy's hurtin', I'm not trying to be accusatory, that's not your fault or responsibility, I'm just saying that maybe we can help. Maybe.

If you want adorable you should watch GochiUsa ^^

No. People lie to me for laughs all the time. So I'm not really sure.

I am perfectly fine!

"Personal realities" is a huge thing in Jap shit for some weird reason.
It's like escapism and tumblr on steroids.

it's mine.

Cato, post your apartment without cleaning it up right now.

manaka is a cocktease
probably hopping on hotwheels cock as we type

Thanks! Illl check it out

Maybe you have a fever.

Not for long!


what I say is true!

I'm not autistic! I am less autistic than most people I interact with on a daily basis.

They spend so much time together.

I think enough people wished kroni would die from cancer after all those years where he shitposted all over /a/ and Holla Forums that it all accumulated and gave him a tumor. Now he's high on painkillers all the time.

It might just hurt more if people are trying to pressure him into talking about things. He might not even want our help.

It's kind of universal escapism

why dont you come and check?

Is it?


Literally just a pile of rocks at this point, probably.


Because you're not under my jurisdiction.

Doubt it.
You get literal autism buckaroos.

It's just like a weird, reoccuring trope in anime and jrpgs where "MY MIND CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE" like all of their shit where it's just like pent up from the culture.


Yeah, that's what I was curious about.
His apartment is a literal gravel pit.

yes, promise

Just tell him that it is not his fault.

I am going to eat it too.

Don't do this to me man, not you.

Why not?


Dude what
Kroni got actual cancer?


It wasn't malignant.

rest in peace kroni...

i'll miss you

Because you're Cato.


Cato doesn't live in rocks, he lives in MINERALS. Jesus Christ, Marie

God complexes are everywhere tho

Not much you can do now.
Just go get some sleep.


I win ^^

Chris. It's not his fault.

I want to see Manakas kodomo dragon...


Pray for me!


Who is this donger dinger

I'd rather talk to you for a bit and aim for 6pm so I can wake up at 8am


what's wrong with Cato?

Good job

Maybe it's just a perception bias but most Western fiction tends to focus on people being just flat out better than average in the most extreme ways. Japanese shit tends to focus on characters being literal deities.

Don't fuck with me, alright?

Too tall, probably.

Oh snap.

What, satori?

I just wanted to say "donger dinger".

mystery solved


oh i found it


Did I just play myself

Fuuuuuck maan

That show is so shitty.


this isn't real...

youa re so shitty




I doooo just did anything happen there it takes so long to look through stuff

good thing it's 285miles away and buried 15ft deep


Is this another one of those semen demon varieties? Dongle mongle? Boner Condoner?

This is adorable.

Is this an unspoken prayer request or do you want me to pray for something specific?

You can always steam me you know
I wont bite


I never know what to say..


no i mean did manaka really do that


Yes. He's a whore and he's broken so many guy's hearts.

oh god im such a shitty poster

i wont bet


how is everyone doing?

my lovely little biscuit crumpet people

that's not funny ;_ ;




That is why you're here.

yay! i'll get to see me in kewl future neru clips!

m8 why am i such an asshole. i always try not to be but i just can't help it.

The former.

How are you feeling?

You must, or else!

Having feelings is so 2015.

there is no or else

you made ban disappear
he's one of my favorite posters god damn it

no it's not... feelings are important

Thank you


Or else you will be tickled with images of cat girls for eternity.

They are obsolete and limited in function.

yup. guess i'm blind. i wish i could explain myself to him but i've no way of contacting him..
sorry :/


There are worse



no dont be like that


this is why i drink



i'll just go

You're not

when sci was gone i was worried he actually did ky. now that he's back i want him to ky

rip lulu ;~ ;



When is my chance?

poisson grille-pain, s'il vous plaît allez thread et poster des volets de pisse vous plaît. Et dire salut. XD

But I wanna be #1


just remember that as long as I am around
nobody has to worry about being the absolute worst poster

bye... :{


You're from the pony threads.
You're shit by default.
There's just shittier.


You wanna be the very worst? Like no one ever was?

I like that manga.


I gotta.



Actually I'm from my mother's pussy.


you would think just typing *pets* every post would get boring


nu :

i'm gonna wreck your mom's volvo

pet muh dick

I-I am too!

not when you're as shallow as those two

do I play games or lay in bed and be here?

Hi ^^


sabrina is the worst poster. if he ever leaves, you'll get your shot.

Games are shit. Stay with me.

Pony posters really are the lowest tier posters tbh.
Or ks/b/.
Equally autistic.


can i be yo MVP?



well dang

That means I'm the #1!


She ain't got one, fag.

Who is Sabrina?

You're more obsessed with ponies than I am right now.

funny looking kitty~!

Kinda wanna watch Pokemon now.

But like how many seasons are there

You're funny, but looks aren't everything.

i just love that gif

i have kafka on the shore and norwegian wood do you have access to either

NU ;[


I'm just saying posters from pony threads are shit. It's grown men obsessed with a cartoon for 8 year old girls.


her smile is everything

wanna like have a small tc, just chill and stuff?

games are cool

oh oke

That's nice.



pokemon > digimon

for an hour or so, yeah, thats cool.

to the doot!


What a cool cat.

tsuchi is just a crybaby.




subtle fix your internet

super cool

Sleepy cat.

yay kittys

brb fun league game


Sorry for slow reply my internet took a shoryuken to the face

I saved it from Advena way back when :c

ur kitten me


haha kill yourself

what's advena?


have you read him?

I think it's Latin

Sabrina likes him so yeah

He's pulp imitation magic realism for dummies.




but i mean who is advena


what's pulp imitation magic realism

im in bed now without games



Will you save a dance for me?

something's not right with that chick

it was just funny since I was in my catgril folder

I like his books

But it's sci

Me too.

Someone who posted in the threads on 4chan ^^

a dance? okay


she doesn't have breasts

and someone took a melon baller to her midsection

What even happened to that strange German dude anyways?

Would you say Scoot was #1 best poster?

I would

so you don't like him, huh... well maybe i will!

anyway i'm reading a confederacy of dunces right now and that's awesome! wbu?

were they nice?

A waltz hopefully.

I think he just didn't want to post anymore


Maybe like, #37 or #38.




Hello scum of the Earth shiposters.

So sci, what is the hype albums for 2016?

top 40 wooooo

I think that a bit generous.

wish i could've met them

paint, did you see that? loco doesn't like that japanese guy

i dont pay attention to music as it's released so i have no idea



I don't know a lot of posters.

You can be the one he isn't.


LOL that's a good one

dont care.

You will always be #1 dogfucker at least.

I need Jesus.



Bone your left hand.

Cats are not for sexual!

dont worry im here

How many pics of Jesus do you have?


a few




Whelp, not like I didn't expect this eventually

how is that weird?

More feets





myow myow


Am I on a list now after seeing at sci's pic

you put an extra word in there


The gubberment is going after you.
Although loli is illegal and CP there too. :^)

you already were

foot fetish is the trashiest, most plebeian fetish



*lists you*


None of these faggots even praise the Sun.
...Or Ao Kuang.

just so you guys know yan is here

how's your fiance's feminine penis lookin' these days?


Like, kinda flakey with weird big freckles.



u didn't tell me what ur reading



m8 I take sedatives and finger your ex.

How many catgirl folders do you even have?