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I dont wan people buying me stuff


s h o t s

another guiness
two shots of patron
Poifect sunday

ugh. people are confusing.
drama plsno

fuck drama llamas

being banned might help

[6:48 AM] Bebop: and a ban won't really help anything



he went to bed

youre fine

~6minutes and it will be fully uploaded and i'll send you the link

going hard I see

just leave it there, i'm going to sleep

headache is back

They'd like the idea of causing your butt to feel good

Just say EAT MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay. nini

there is no way for me to contact them. did you see my reply?


Well they can just do that in other ways

Yes and it was bullshit

Like what?

use the real ones


You're saying you want posters to come fuck you?

We established last time we talked about this that you've done it before and it was just with shit people who thought detail was a bad thing

pff don't be ridiculous

well yeah but maybe i was overdoing it or im too elitist now and view everyone as shit

Just seemed like that was what you were saying

I became a better dom when I started viewing them all as shit

Rolled 1 (1d2)
I'm still a terrible narcissist. Should talk about it more not here.

What did you mean then, Tokai?

I'm not drunk enough to want such in proper things

It's a strength

the only way to be

That typo makes me think that might be untrue


are you as cute as the anime girls you post?

very true but it also annoys the hell out of me that people are so shit

Same sometimes but it's like getting annoyed at animals for doing what animals do

my problem is i try to help people too often when i clearly shouldnt or cant
that pic made me hungry af again omg

*nervous sweating*

hell yeah, Im popping some belgian

cant show really

Another half hour til this Greek place opens

-pets your hair- :3

too shy?

you plan on getting anything special there? god how i wish good food places were here


Just a gyro

Actually maybe I'll go to this other good Mediterranean place that still has stuff I want to try but it's farther away and I'm lazy

I guess I'd probably learn how to cook better if I lived where you live

bruh ur gonna make me eat everything in my kitchen

i dont know how to cook much tbh lol. though everytime i go hunting i make sure to bring a good amount of meat

^ ^ mmh

naah just hadnt got pictures on the pc
heres one



results did not surprise me

we be heroes!

Part of me wants to live off of hunting but I've never hunted before

Weren't you going to wait until after you masturbated to start drinking?

Ah I guess I'm not gay

What a relief

I have a pussy juice fetish

it's fun as hell but it can really be hell. there's a special feeling i get when eating something i hunted tbh, feels more filling.
id hunt with u

And Kangs!!!

God damn it.

Sucking dick is NOT gay!!11!1

is that even a fetish

erio i think you are i are the only ones who said it. oh and we really are too much alike

pussy lickers need to be banned

Furries need to be banned

I'm doing it whilst

avenge zem!

kikes need to be gassed


I will get the Gladbacheans for this treachery.


Squirting is something related to that that you can search porn for

It has five votes now


You should think of my cock slapping your face

you will lose

not bad

it was 2/2 at the time. the results surprise me rn.
it gave me an idea since i know this of these people now but no interest

Ah yes, I remember when I was given the option to go to an all girl private school, or a public school. Naturally, like the straight woman I am, I went to the private school. I shouldn't fall into such temptation as "love."

Cause I'm edgy like that. (Some minor regret)

Anyway, after being here for so long, you soon discover that girls can love other girls. It's crazy, but listen to me for a second. When I say "love," I mean love. Like, not the mother daughter love... But like, intimate love. Like, they can kiss each other on the lips. It was crazy, because I originally went to this school to avoid relationships!

Anyway, after awhile, some of the girls here started to flirt with me. It was super weird, but I didn't mind it. It was actually quite the confidence boost. And anyone that knew me knows that I needed that. One of the girls that had a crush on me asked me out to play pool with them. Like a person that's afraid of rejection and hurting other peoples feelings, I gladly accepted. I expected the pool game to be at a pool club or a bar or something. Nope, it was at her house.

I was a little nervous to be honest, but I tried to keep cool about it. After a few games of pool, I felt her trying to hit on me, giving me compliments about my body, and other... lewd things. It got to the point where she started to "accidentally" touch me with her cue stick. But I didn't stop her. Something in my mind kept telling me that this was ok, and I was admittedly getting turned on by this.

This is where the situation started to go from 0-100 real quick.

After we set the billiard balls in the triangle, she started to feel me up with her hands, cupping my breast and giving off a small, playful giggle. She was silent for a moment, waiting to see how I would react, and to see if I would approve of this. I didn't deny it, but I didn't say anything either. She must've taken that as a green light, because she started to lick my neck and bite it softly.

I could feel her hands ride up my shirt. One hand unbuttoning my pants, the other was taking off my bra. While this was all happening, the only thing I could really think of was:

"Wow, she can do this with one hand?"

Because man, it was pretty damn impressive. All I did was lean on the pool table, trying to keep myself straight. She finally unclothed me and started to undress herself. She wore no undergarments since she probably knew how this was gonna turn out. We just started at our naked bodies.

"I... I don't know what to do." I stammered. I've never been with anyone before, let alone the same gender. "I don't have a penis, so I don't know if I can... do stuff." My virgin innocents was speaking for me.

She just giggles. "That's why we have toys." she says, grabbing her cue stick.

She put it in between her legs and started riding on it as though she was a witch_kitten . I just watched as the area of the cue stick got wetter and wetter. She started to insert it, and I could feel my face turning redder than Valentine's Day. Slowly, she kept inserting it, slowly, and slowly.... And slowly.......

And slowly....

Until the cue stick disappeared within her. I was so caught up, I didn't realize she stuck a whole cue stick up her snatch.

"I'll show you how to really play pool." she said as she grabbed one of the billiard balls and stuck it up her vagina. She did this with all fifteen balls.

Fifteen billiard balls up her vagina.

I wasn't even turned on at this point, I was just amazed. I asked her why she didn't insert the white ball.

"You never try to get the white ball into the holes." she said.

I was laughing, she was laughing, and I was laughing, and she was laughing, and I was slowly getting eaten by her monster vagina.

I'm currently posting from within the womb.

They just seem gayer than straight because there are mostly only penis-bearers here so lewd things are mostly done at penis-bearers



hence the whole no interest part

And that's why you don't eat pucci.

I'm not sure what your bright idea was

le u haf 2 gues cuz vagu


thats so lewd!

Tokai do you ever stop touching yourself

Not really interested

It's a good idea to leave you with

Gonna go get food, bbl

the whole problem is everyone having dicks


when im dead

bai bai


when you're dead i'll do it for you

Ill be cremated

I'll eat your ashes and touch myself. Carry the torch.

Holy shit
I missed some good dramas last night

Relate them.

My ashes will be in a tree

winky face


You know how I went HAM on spoilers 2 nights ago?
Well it looks like I cut pretty deep.
Babby's first ebully.
Apparently he was so scarred by it, he didn't want to do with anyone who was good friends with me, including Squashie.

So squashie fucking ripped into him, calling him out on how much a crybaby bitch he was, squash even defended him when I was in ebully mode

You know the funniest part?

He wanted to try to get me banned for it

Why bully Spoilers. He's a nice guy.

Who is this bebop? Manaka? Who? I dont know I missed some good shit it sounds like.


Ham ON spoilers... read that like WITH spoilers... like these spoilers

lol i am sirry

I was bored as fuck
and he's boring as fuck, so I tested the waters and he grabbed that bait like it was his last meal


Pretty shitty thing to do.

He started shittalking me righ after I went to bed
oh lawd
someone can't handle the heat

I know man
I feel like Kanra, it sucks

what did u do

read some posts

Reminds you a bit of Grimmy, right?

i read the ones you just posted but i wanna know the full story without finding the threads from days ago

Some people actually come down here, expecting it to be a hugbox.

Go to fucking /lewd/
this isn't your safety area

wasn't grimmy/sci shunned from lewds too?

ill steam you soon

Lol why do people get so salty when you play with them lol.

ok cool.
oh also grimmy still posts on /lewd/ dont ask how i know :^)


I might go make him mad again

Cause either
A. You're better than them, and sometimes you get mad at their mistakes and they don't like that
B. They're better than you and it happens to you and you don't like that

omg is he posting right now
I wanna say hi

I assume everyone already forgot about me.

i mean if you wanna
i dont see the point but eh

I messaged you like 2 days ago stfu

link it up family

People get so mad.
And grimmy was getting hyper mad at me last night because I was stealing tak's bitch with ease and he didnt like the "bullying" abloo abloo bloo





Wait... You did?

I and tokai were merely pissing around. An opportunity for luls occured. I simply grabbed it.

On league.

it's lit

I feel u man
I was shitposting on mlp the other night

lol, gotta mix it up sometimes ey

that pic is horrifying

W-What's your summoner name?

Only select few knows me then!

Grim Echoes.

Counterbalance it with this one.

the problem is when people from here post there it's really fucking obvious because you fire off posts like a damn minigun

supr scrt!

that one is kinda cute and fits the time here. +1


I don't even have you on my friend's list...

Super Scrit?


brb its colder in my house than it is outside so something must be wrong

super secret!

Are you not val





now get the fuck out

Who the hell's val?
Hell no.
Oh lord she's more popular than me eh?

What secret?

dont talk to me you irrelevant shit


You literally came over here because I told you to in your autism container
good god
go pound some fucking sand you fucking aspie

I think that's her.
You should add me on league though. Maybe we can play together.

When getting that good epussy

okay so apparently its not even cold in my house. its actually 72 inside right now but it just feels like its freezing



put on some clothes



oh come on. its almost 9am. the blinds on my window have been open for a couple hours now for the light and im not about to be naked in front of all the people who walk by my house.

I think you once told me to add you.
I think that's what happened...

Me? Secret?
How am I a secret?

too close for comfort, you should shoot one of them to give them a warning not to fuck with you




Isn't it fucking subarashii?
Literally 7th grader mentality

Dont use such harsh language while you talk to me,tyvm

I want to stick it in Marsy.


ahhh nevermind. it was a play on what you had said about people not knowing about you

yeah i mean i should just burn down their houses for thinking they can even live on the same street as me!

the amount of bs in this still haunts me

I don't get it..

w o t

My sweet Deutsch poster. You seem to be extremely weary. I kindly guide your bejeweled, sugar-coated cinnamon buns into a comfy satin and silk seat, where nobody will bully you.
Come, my child.

yeaah long story

tfw no true female tokai

what is loading?

Grim that person is 15


My brain.



I-I-I'll add you now!

Good stuff.

dont worry bout it

i dont know what to believe anymore man. stop saying lewd shit to little girls who will get your ass thrown in prison

I'm glad


Oh bb she cute

hey toki



you literally just told a 15yr old girl to "succ not bite"



I didn't know they were underaged

how do you know their age and gender tho?

b-but im 14 >.


because they told me? how else does one get to know something like that, grim?

by doing bebo things :^)

Who did he say that to?

ur doing bebop things


when I was 14 I thought vaginas were located at the front

kawaii as fugg


someone onlewd

glorious sharing

they are tho
right under the belly button
it's like a door

Which one though

Damaged goods already, jeez

i bet he'll end up hitting on her because of the name gets him offit's a "prank" though


Good taste

This is why I wanted to know

I've posted there a bit and haven't been around that person yet but I think they're kind of kawaii

This pivotal information will change my behavior set

I always thought up intil 7 that is uyou poked someones belly button their guts would fall out

4m I swear to fucking god if you try to sow any seeds of chaos or any bs like that

need more traps
cute dommy traps

ye but like I tought it was more up

you too??


dommy traps doms./....

What? I'm just saying I won't cyber her

Not saying anything regarding of seeds of chaos


And I thought girls peed/gave birth from their butts until I knew about vaginas


you seem to be showing that you love the idea already

what's it called when you act like you're multiple people in different places? i've been doing that for a long long time everywhere and i don't think anyone will ever notice.

Seeds of chaos just kind of happen though and they're compulsive

I don't plan things

Do I look like a guy with a plan? : ^ )

You're more than one poster?

When I was a child I watched animal castration videos on YouTube.

Absolutely not.

Well aren't you special?

Still not over amy

*14yr old


i think thats what i said. yes.

im just fuckin with u m8
oh i saw you ask them why theyre on that board lmao. you gonna tell me you werent doing worse shit when you were that age?

you need to calm down

noo well maybe, both dom is danger

oh how things changed

explains a lot

When I was 14 I was playing runescape, fuck off

calm me down then

when i was 12 i got a year ban for erping in runescape :)

When I was 14 I was skateboarding and drinking and setting fires.

cutie trap who chokers and candle waxes?


You're probably Nyara or some shit

It might be part of why I kind of liked assholes more than pussies until the past year or two

What did I do wrong ;_;

at 13 i bought a webcam and did bad things with that
at 14 i was into some really bad shit and my mom found out and took my computer away from me for a year

what makes you say that??

This feels counterintuitive.


why are you crying back here now


make up your damn mind

Because he barely posts and he just kind of feels like someone a different poster would be now that I think about it

he comes to fail again

That makes it hot.

I'm not saying I can't see that at all, but why.

I can be in two places too.
Does it matter?

do you want me keep going on?
oh did i ever tell you about my high school principle? my life is legit crazy but i like to think everyone elses is just as much

well youre uh. youre wrong.

Can I atleast cry in your lap?

tfw no ui


counter shitposting tho

tell me about it

that is not in my jurisdiction

wait what do you mean candle wax

I just defended lgbt stuff cause of proggressive
and then I became what I defended



I dont understand this meme

when the doms light a candle and drip the wax on you.

I seriously guessed it?



I wasn't expressing a gender preference in that post; I actually mainly mean girl assholes

dude was like in his 40s. was fucking a few girls and they liked it until one of them got the idea of having him change her grades and when he refused she called rape and got a his investigation on him. the other girls did too thinking they would get money or something from him.

was in under house arrest for a while but managed to escape on a motorcycle going like 100mph+ until he crashed and got captured again
uh i could keep going on about because of him my friends managed to steal a shit load of apple products and sell them and make ~2k a month from it

i just said no!


You said it in a weird way

Have you still not lied since 2013? Does that count this?

that;s not sexy

ohh hehe.. right girls do have that

Have you tried it?

It's nice.

yeah this is boring

i have no plans to break that and hold it as a great personal achievement.

hi blood-chan

to each their own really....


yeah true dat

Do it.


You like buttholes too? I guess cocks are probably your favorite lewd part

Seems like it would be a pointless limitation if it were true


i saw it as sort of an addiction that needed to be eradicated

You do seem like the pathological lying kind of jew

sadly i think people used to like me more when i did.
i might break it once i turn 21 and turn into a monster again


hell no

drink more fam

yeeah.. the best of all


mfw participating in computer games tournament on campus and there's only a few memers and fedora tippers
I had expected more

i used to think about being a UN peacekeeper
then i realized theyre always around poor as fuck countries and always getting in trouble for doing shit i dont want anywhere near my name

ive ripped through this 4 pack in no time

gotta love dem psychoactives

*tips meme*


noice, imma rip some more flemish

Maybe you can control it more now after not lying as much for years

How drunk are you? You said you didn't have much alcohol but you seem rather drunk


sounds like either a terrorist city or a slav town

i imagine i could. though i dont know what all i would lie about. i could very easily do it right now but eh.

like a true champion

i wonder if this is why i've been feeling dead inside for so many years. i took the fun out of life and live my days like a damn drone.

Remember Jerry, it's not a lie if you believe it

I think Erio would make a great IRL boyfriend.

imma eat dinner brb

ehh juust some cans, feel woozy


it was a massacre


I used to lie to myself more than I would actually lie to other people. Sometimes my lies were so good that they became the truth not only for myself but every single person I told them to.

oh.. what happened?

Modern medicine and technology is amazing.

You like?

Just beer? Enjoy

How do you know you don't still do it, then? What if "I haven't lied since 2013" is one of those lies? : ^ )

Future medicine and technology will be even better.

Like, we have a software development line and when they're in the friday bar it's kinda cringy at times


p good pic

if i do then i do a pretty damn good job. i mean for all i really know this has all just been a dream and i'll it'll end just like all the others, me dying.

Got predicitons? What are you looking forward to?

Won't that happen eventually either way?

Physical avatars

Being able to be a girl or a hung dick girl or both at the same time while they fuck

yeah. though most of my deaths in dreams have been from getting shot. i imagine i'll actually die doing something fun/dangerous or stupid. if i'm lucky i might just die from old age.

kyuss is nice

I'd like a different body of my choice.
It's still be similar, but better.

Holodecks. Faster-than-light travel. Inhabiting other planets. Quantum computers. Flawless prosthetics, or even prosthetics that work better than us currently.

Better medicine. Better ways of solving cancer. Better graphics in video games. Faster local travel (better public transit).

They got dicks though. May as well just go all out.


hey no homo but kinda wanna suck your dick


those are wayyyyy too many star tattoos

Anything in our lifetime, though? Give and take 80 years.

Sounds pretty homo

girl dicks are best dicks, yo

I want humanity to come closer together, rather than further apart.

Not sure if technology is the answer.

But it's going to be part of every solution we come up with for the next long while.


I can still feel Colbs tilting.

Of course. It's how we make progress.

no bb

Not in my lifetime.

Pretty sure sucking dick as a guy's pretty gay.
Unless it's a feminine dick.

thats waht i am saying, its like sucking erin or tokais cock

Nah. There'll be plenty technological breakthroughs in the next 30 years.
Probably not warpgates though.

Guess I'll have to work on making cool shit in my lifetime.

Create stuff? Like what?



Not sure. But something others will find either an amazing waste of time, or pointless.

Sounds like my kinda thing.


I don't know what it is about this song but it's giving me some type feels.

But today I'm taking a break.

So whatever.

not like you kt you fucking cunt

ikt's is too ginormous to be considered feminine tbh


plus that pic with casper lol


btw Nascar is on
not that I'm watching it or anything..

pics from the meetup

serbs killed bosnians cause un didnt do anything


and now for some gin!



kek i was right
ah i guess calling it a massacre is true.

lmfao i almost got killed when i was like 11 or 12 and went to Daytona to watch a race
it was fun af though. a lot of people just watch if for the wrecks though..

What's good about NASCAR actually? I just imagine the cars just driving in ovals for a while and the best engine wins. Can't imagine that'd be fun to watch.


just be like
they dont do wrong things


Hearing those cars roar on by is pretty loud/exciting. Really it's not worth actually watching though.
A lot of the cars are on the same setup, it's all about the driver.

I'd rather join the Marines and do my best to be a damn good medic, get out and work for a PMC.


Somebody give me a quote showing Trump being blatantly racist.
It can't be vague.

My father is being a moron.

So it's just cars driving in circles?

F1 has corners and the most interesting things/overtakes happen there, the straightaways are just how each engine performs and not so interesting to see.

There is none.

He questions whether President Obama was born in the United States

Long before calling Mexican immigrants “criminals” and “rapists,” Trump was a leading proponent of “birtherism,” the racist conspiracy theory that President Barack Obama was not born in the United States and is thus an illegitimate president. Trump claimed in 2011 to have sent people to Hawaii to investigate whether Obama was really born there. He insisted at the time that the researchers “cannot believe what they are finding.”

Obama ultimately got the better of Trump, releasing his long-form birth certificate and relentlessly mocking the real estate mogul about it at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner that year.

But Trump continues to insinuate that the president was not born in the country.

“I don’t know where he was born,” Trump said in a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. (Again, for the record: He was born in Hawaii.)

Also Trump is stupid.

“I have a great relationship with the blacks,” Trump said in April 2011. “I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.”

THE blacks

Just loosely do the one where he said all Mexicans are criminals/rapists/murderers and it's why we need to build a wall
Maybe look at how he's saying he wants the US to be great but he is in love with China and his hotels are FILLED with shit made there

I love the guy though

Pretty much. To be honest I have it on my tv but I'm only glancing at it once in a while to see if there was a wreck.

Oh well if you wanna go into it like that, there are a few tracks that aren't just big ovals and have tight turns. When it's all good and straight for a bit it's all about drafting.

It's true

t. the blacks


At a November campaign rally in Alabama, Trump supporters physically attacked an African-American protester after the man began chanting “Black lives matter.” Video of the incident shows the assailants kicking the man after he has already fallen to the ground.

The following day, Trump implied that the attackers were justified.

“Maybe [the protester] should have been roughed up,” he mused. “It was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

Yay turns :D


tfw no throbbing dick pushing your lips

that looks kinda dirty


oh yeah thats cool specially medic

politics are great aren't they


He stereotyped Jews as good negotiators — and political masterminds

When Trump addressed the Republican Jewish Coalition in December, he tried to relate to the crowd by invoking the stereotype of Jews as talented and cunning businesspeople.

“I’m a negotiator, like you folks,” Trump told the crowd, touting his book The Art of the Deal.

“Is there anyone who doesn’t renegotiate deals in this room?” Trump said. “Perhaps more than any room I’ve spoken to.”

But that wasn’t even the most offensive thing Trump told his Jewish audience. He implied that he had little chance of earning the Jewish Republican group’s support, because his fealty could not be bought with campaign donations.

“You’re not going to support me, because I don’t want your money,” he said. “You want to control your own politician.”

Ironically, Trump has many close Jewish family members. His daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism in 2009 before marrying the real estate mogul Jared Kushner. Trump and Kushner raise their two children in an observant Jewish home.

It’s maybe not surprising that Trump has brought so much racial animus into the 2016 election cycle, given his family history. His father, Fred Trump, was the target of folk singer Woody Guthrie’s lyrics after Guthrie lived for two years in a building owned by Trump pere: “I suppose / Old Man Trump knows / Just how much / Racial hate / He stirred up / In the bloodpot of human hearts.”

And last fall, a news report from 1927 surfaced on the site Boing Boing, revealing that Fred Trump was arrested that year following a KKK riot in Queens. It’s not clear exactly what the elder Trump was doing there or what role he may have played in the riot. Donald Trump, for his part, has categorically denied (except when he’s ambiguously denied) that anything of the sort ever happened.

Stop before I get moddrama flashbacks.


Hey bb maybe I can be pushing them lips

I kind of like it like that.

Nascar got big because of its history, not necessarily its content.
It started as souped up bootlegger cars during Prohibition, racing around tracks in the middle of nowhere when racing itself was completely primitive.

fun fun fun

This is an Onion article.

It has to be.


lol my parents love watching it though because it's an excuse to just lay back and drink
we all have our favorite drivers and sometimes bet money on races
i think it was back in 2003 when Dale died.. that was my dads favorite driver and he had even met him years before. damn good driver too.

mhm I wanna save lives 100x more than I want to take them. the whole PMC thing is just so I could be in a more dangerous area/do my job more/get paid a LOT more
move the the US

and it turns out Trudeau might not even legalize weed.

politics are awful.


tbh Jews are pretty good with money. every single one that I know irl is amazing with the stuff. hell we have a family Jew who currently has like 20mil of ours that he just fucks around with in the stock market
for as much of a racist I sound like I am, I really do like them.


no you



Yeaah that sounds really good
way better than just gunning stuff

I like how you made lenko go full fag on you

nice job

Politicians are criminals

w e w ;3



That's because Jews are ESPECIALLY racist towards themselves.

Racism as generalizations about a population. isn't a bad thing.

Just depends on how it's used.

I don't want a cock on my lips, hun.

Automobile racing was pretty primitive, technologically and by defined rules, until the postwar era.

Your point is that it was because history, but NASCAR had less of a history than racing in general, it being primitive didn't have a lot to do with it.

Eh, guess it's just an American thing.

I don't do anything

popping gin nao

thas not me

you want it

I want to fuck Twilight Sparkle.

to think i originally wanted to join because i was blood thirsty

i was in voice with him last night and i kept saying how he was a faggot for saying the things he was and his excuse was "it's okay because it's tokai"

just noticed tsuchi was alive and well, posting here. everything he said is about it is true.
tbh i would be a driver if i could because the idea just seems awesome but actually doing it seems not so fun. it would def get you pumping though

in my band class there was this Jewish guy named Matt who played the Trombone and Baritone. he had red hair and was at least a foot taller than me at the time. he used to think I hated him because I was kind of obsessed with WW2 when we were learning about it, I'd always talk about it.
for whatever reason his fear or whatever of me had him not fuck with me at all where if i were him I would have smashed my head against some lockers one day and told myself to stop turning into such a god damn racist mini-hitler

whoa i typed a lot

omg stfu

I want to cum inside Rainbow Daesh.

You wish it was.


I don't like dick.


You're asking why Nascar is big then just saying its irrelevant.
It's history relevant to its market.
Television was a luxury pre-war and racing events weren't televised. Nascar and it's forerunners were centered around manufacturing areas where it was able to be attended by a mass market. European style racing has always appealed to affluent audiences.