And we sit and drink our coffee

And we sit and drink our coffee
Couched in our indifference,
Like shells upon the shore
You can hear the ocean roar
In the dangling conversation
And the superficial sighs,
The borders of our lives.

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dude thats deep

This works.

bard's thread is sexier

lol gay

neko is attracted to guys

I don't usually see you up so late squash
what arre you up to tonight?

You're gonna get me all a blush now
Morning there Kitty how are ya doing this fine day?

suck his dick you homo

I don't think I can do that

I really dont feel going out to get something..
its prolly fine how my coffee goes

then care for in these awful times

hijack successful
good work bard

proceed to the LZ for evac

It's the weekend now for me.
After 2 months of overtime weeks I try to really make as much time as I can.

only if you suck mine first babycakes

bebop did u join the military yet?

I've heard you worked quite a bit but I didn't think it was quite like that

I'm sure the paycheck is worth iit though ahaha right?

you dont listen do you? this has nothing to do with your friendship as i am friends with a couple of people that still call him a friend, none of them however try to romanticize his bipolar antics as being the actions of a man that is kind hearted toward anyone friend or not.... but im going to make this much more simple and lets ignore all that and focus on 1 thing, i am a human being and as such i have the right to choose things, i choose not to talk to you for MY reasons try respecting my choice and maybe thered be a chance of it changing in time, if it means so much to you

fuck off dude lol

nobody gives a shit about your internal drama



never say never!

I wish I was asleep

then fuck off bitchface

Fuuuck you and me both
what's stopping you?

just filter sci my friends
he has a trip on now :")

I care for you so much I can even understand your sentence even if you forgot to put the 'me' in it
Arent you just enamored?

make me a folder first :(

well hurry up dude!

hey again tokai, had a good rest?

I'm at someone's house and I don't have a bed ;~;

I'mma do one up and just leave

hopefully the moderation gets their asses in gear

I'm out

if you ask me, no, you shouldnt

what one?

damn i'm pretty badass, aren't i

I try to keep myself busy.
Use to work 12 hours at the other factory. Took as many hours as they would give me.

Not once did I romanticize his bi polar personality. You're overblown ideas of him and I are laughable. You are so focused on the bad that not once have you acknowledge that I was defending you when he was being a dick, and even talked to him in private and chastised him for it. Pull your head out of your ass. I don't care if you talk to me or not, but stop assuming you have any kind of stance on this.
I wasn't the one being a dick to you. Quite the opposite. Nor was I defending Grim. Simply saying I understand why he does it.

Grow up.

there's no good moderation here
one literally has a downsface and wears a bull's ring in his nose
the other is too busy forcing drama down squash's throat

why the rush?


sci has yet to do something against the rules again, moderation wont do a thing

You are nyara yes?

but you just said it...

oh I see now.. well thanks for knowing

not at all, just some hours

because life is short!

dude no

If only it was a penis and not drama.
Then I could be happy.

b-b-b-b-b-but i don't like hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim

not cute enough for me

I can nyara for you if you want

luffy is mine lenko


noms your butt

b-but you said you'd make me a folder of something when I thought of something! ;_;

its the longest thing we got though and i'm only like a fifth through it

why not get back in bed for a little? or is sleeping difficult now?

if they didnt like you then they shouldnt have voted to remove your sanctions in the first place, its their choice and everyone should learn to live with their mistakes

I only make folders of cute stuff

I can fill this occupation if you'd like

Who are you then?

Of course sweetie~
I can do much more for you than just correct your nederenglish

fuck my asshole
i spent like 4 days torrenting gta v and i launched it and fuckin malwarebytes deleted the whole thing because it had a bitcoin miner in it
im gonna kms

you don't know that, dummy

dank blog familia


don't worry about it

video games suck anyway

but nekooooooooooooooooo

thanks dad

So basically Spoilers thinks I'm bad because I still like Grim.
That is beyond childish.

That is quite alright.
I prefer my men, well, manly.


you're reminding me of cato

ah but i do! i've no health problems except for the ones i do to myself and those are only small.

ownedit shouldnt be able to full delete it unless ur dumb and set it that way

you're not allowed to use a luffy folder even if he makes it for you cuz i have dibs, jerk!

my butt is not to be nommed

naah i cant really..
ill just cuddle up in this blanket and post stuff

ohh like what?

okay fine I'll stop but I'll remember this.


Oh, and I know you cried to George and called me delusional and wanted to get Grim banned.

Way to become corrupted.

I'll fill your ass with warm milk.

why would i want to keep it if it has a bitcoin miner built into it you fucking dumpling
my cpu is bogged down enough as it is

so you're somehow 100% sure that you won't suffer some kind of tragic accident

btw i smoked a cigarette for the first time today lol

first it was awful

and then it was okay

Y'all need to calm down.

Well then, that's your choice.

Kind of wanted to though.

Next you'll do pot or something.
Rip them fat lines in the handicap stall.

why for?

well, that's my opinion, the rest is up to you

Are you kidding me
im manly as fuck
got facial hair and everything

Should I know you if I had a regular memory for posters?

Like we could stay up all night talking about what we like to do and share stories about our lives and tell you sweet things about how much i like you when you're feeling sad

alan jackson is underrated

i am okay with this choice too, gonna drink more today or are you finally done? :^)

Your opinion is valued, so there's that.

I don't post that much and I don't really care anyways

because you lied to me!

pick something more kawaii

But you are not big and muscular.

prove this isn't a great song

you can't

I like how you pussied out and refused to acknowledge any of my points, Spoilers.

But what if I want to know about you and be your friend?
Wouldn't you care then sweetheart?

Im 6'1 with broad shoulders
but yeah im not really bear/muscle mode at all :(

pick something random for me then, also do you have a yoummu folder?


anise milk?

I'm feeling better already, heads just kinda loosening up and happy feelings start to pour again.

oh that sounds actually pretty nice..

ehh i'll drink but prolly won't get drunk.
only got some beer left and I'm not gonna down the rest of my gin lol

you're skelly mode

if that's what you want

I need a large guy who can hold me in his giant arms.
I'm the fag to end all fags.

probably a really good thing not to get drunk again lol after being so drunk before right before

If I was to listen to country, it would be Johnny Cash.
Just out of respect for that man.

Glad to hear that, I'm still a bit conflicted if I should go buy any groceries today.

spoilers where do u work

not really

I can make one in no time

i don't want to know about this at all

I mean im slim but not skelly
just no muscles because I dont really work out besides running
I think my frames perfect for my personality anywho

I kinda mean it too tokai
I know you probably think Im just a big shitposter and all but I actually really like talking to you~

NAH DUDE, keep the drunk going. You can't stop now toki. DON'T STOP BELIEVIN'.

yeah johnny cash is extremely not awful

so skelly mode






boo i know you wanna cyber squash but you are definitely skelly mode dude
you're pretty small

you're fucking whale mode, kid.

Pretty great songs, but his life was a struggle.

rekt by lenko
i dont even need to reply to this

a book store it hasnt change since last time you asked, why are you curious?

Anyway, now that the drama is done, I apologize, Spoilers.
Though if you are going to be aggressive with me simply because of Grim I won't care so much.
I never said he was infallible, and openly stated I know he is a massive dick to people. You really shouldn't treat me poorly simply because of how I judge others morality.
That's very childish. If you want to talk like adults that would be more fruitful. Otherwise I'll assume you really are just being a dick to be a dick.

It's just a thing.
I got another fish, so I guess that's something.


when you guys lift as much as I do let me know

i could snap you in half baby boy
come at me

lenko is just mad because he's 5'3 and injects bullshark testosterone into his retinas

I would snuggle the fuck out of Tristan though.

i'm le chosen one meme

i bought a pack of marlboro edge just to take a pic then smoked one
threw the pack away after

i dont know anything about that, nor do i want to
but i'm sure that's something!

oh okay. and i dont remember asking. it just popped in my head

gimme a week

you fucking wish

not interested in replying to any of these posts honestly guys


how much do you lift? i can guarantee im barely at even half it lol

maybe you didnt? couldve been just a cat posting user

lol ~edgy~. i already had 3 of mine for some reason. i think i'd make a good addict. how old are you again?

Also, Sci.
I'm sorry for being a dick to you as well.
I'm sure you have real life issues that shouldn't be expedited because of silly internet shit.

But you just did.

i love this meme lenko i cant stop
i dont even know where ian got it but it's great

i would honestly cuddle with you squash
no homo though

i didnt like em but the pic was good

Why do I bother?

Total homo.
I got a body pillow to make my nights less lonely. Life is ruff.

If you ever have nothing to do you should check out the movie about his life "Walk the Line" 2005


no thats gross!

naah it's all fine, hehe I felt so great

do it! then you're done with it

ohh thank you, nice talk to you too

I do 355 on flat barbell bench
120 on dumbbell flat bench (each hand lmao)
365 squat
415 deadlift
540 leg press
all without bullshark testosterone into my retinas

Lack of real life is an issue as well I guess.


add me on steam :


uh okay then?

lol awesome
i didn't like it either but also i did

sure i'll put it on my rym wishlist deal





I just have like a dozen regular pillows to cuddle with and to make up for how gross and shitty and old my actual bed is

i'm here for you luka, baby
tell me your struggles


Yeah. I'm trying to not be a massive cunt anymore.
Doubt it will stick, but I'm trying.

I'll be your pillow, big boy.

I guess that wouldn't hurt at all.

Neat, it's a pretty great film itself.

good for you

you started wearing less and goin out more
Glasses of champagne out on the dance floor

Wonder what he could bench doing shark roids.

Yes. Now I don't know where to go from here.


Slime titty all day every day

if you didn't live across the country, ya probably could be.

small testicles lookin motherfucker

Do we have each other on anything so we could talk more intimately?
I only ask because I want to know you a little better ~

i lifted a 140 lb girl before
she was like 6'0 so not fat


Where do you live?


I've lifted a 240 pound girl before
dropped her on my dick and lost my virginity
and muh dick


yeah man

she poured mustard all over my dick too

shit was SPICY


lenko pls response

i will not be aggressive it was never my intention to be i only even mentioned it cause i didnt want you thinking i was ignoring you just cause or due to your friendship, i will act against my initial hesitation and agree not to close down on you to avoid any connection to the toxic person.... i do think highly of you and like i tried to say my ignoring attempts were not cause i do not like you, i do apologize if my immature attempts to protect myself from toxicity came off as an attack on who you are i just dont know how to do it so i chose what was easiest and simple to figure out for me

ueh yeah i can estimate that in all im probably a third of your strength in most ways, i can only come near half with the squats lol

8ch killing my images

upstate new york
like two hours from grim

or maybe I just have abnormally large balls
i dont really have a frame of reference actually i dont know what size balls are supposed to be

80 errors......

egg sized and larger is way too big
seek medical help

it was in the winter and i was just hanging with a few people in the canyon. it just made me feel colder

I've been going at it for like a little over 18 months now. Also RECENTLY APPARENTLY I've injected bullshark testoserone into my RETINAS




just add me!

is it far to the store?

ehh have anything?

what canyon? also goddam dude why would you waste a whole pack? just throwing it away?


maybe i have nut cancer or something

i didnt say my dick was big i said my fucking balls were

the one i live next to "dry canyon"
eh nobody i know smokes

Added you on steam sweetie ~

smokes cigs*


Interacting with me won't mean you have to deal with Grim. If anything it would make me more apt to keep him off your ass. You would not believe how often I hound him for stupid shit. I'm not exactly mature myself and got caught up in the rush. If George speaks to you show him this post and tell him I was simply being a retard as well. Instead of jumping to assumptions on what to do try to think about it before you wall people off on moral differences.

Anyway that's about all I really have to say.

I have family out there so if I visit we could hang out.
I might be there next summer.

that....... sounds painful af

good to hear! im glad you had yourself a nice time drinking

it's also a meme that colbs came up with apparently, lmao. not real.

I don't even know why I lost my shit to that.

Like a few klicks.


im fine

Here is your shit back. I hope you enjoy!
lmao :3c

Lenko has transformed into an anime girl

Thanks, I was getting worried for my shit.

He's doing squats too
I hope he becomes trap tier so I can fuck him

not like full sized eggplants
more like tennis balls i guess
saggy tennis balls

oh god
i'm not making any promises because im kinda spaghetti irl but i'd definitely consider it

keep telling yourself this

so?? that's like six dollars dude!

do you believe in heaven?

3 months of steroid abuse will turn you into a 2D grill

no problem SD, I'm always here to help!

jk I know you don't

I am too. I am physically unable to relax around people IRL. So I understand.

i will not do the first part cause illl tell sebs hat it wouldnt have happened if i hadnt have preemptively acted, its my fault so its fine but i will in fact try to work on that second part thank you for trying to stop grim as well

thank christ i was cringing from even thinking about that, eyes and needles should never go together

Filled up my drake folder a bunch

if you work out you gotta do squats man

it was like 8 since we dont get edge much here

Not a problem.

Guero I'm going to plow your mother's garden

I started /blogging/ about my gym sessions and my rapid increase in strength and someone decided it would be cool to call me a juicer. and now every 100% believes I'm taking anabolics.

you motherfucker!!!


thank you

hehe lovely, now I just gotta take it easy

roger that whiskey tango, proceed to move up over


i dunno

Time to go buy some groceries, cya.

A'ight man, appreciate it.

Copy that, whiskey tango foxtrot out.

Did I apologize for being an asshole to you yet?

yeah like tennis balls or those like
wiffle balls i dunno
also dude did you see that morbidly obese dude on /fit/ who started taking roids when he was like 400 pounds? he turned into like a disgusting buff parachute human hybrid

I mean, l met up with four dudes in Florida I only ever knew online and we were pretty much fully comfortable with eachother after an afternoon but I've also known them for ten years online
I just don't cope well with meeting new folks because I worry too much about first impressions and it makes me kinda overly quiet

well what do you know?

We can go to a book store and just read together.

god no, I don't even browse /fit/ anymore. link me though.


yeah hi

i didn't like it and i'd rather not have my parents knowing because they'd think im an addict or something

How's being straight edge going

Finally youre here

weird there's no (you) on this

did you delete your loli collection or something? what did I miss??????

so what if they think you are

hahaaaaaaaa ^.^;

donno if im gonna be lots on steam today tho, prolly gonna go for a long game session later

good luck with that over

this music is not connecting to my soul

youre contributing to the cancer of the thread


i wouldn't want them thinking i'm something i'm not

sounds good. there's a really nice local bookstore near me that has a bakery and coffee place inside it, too.

it's not a current thread or anything, just one of the tripfags that posts in the roid thread
i'll grab the picture next time i see it
he literally looks like a buff human flying squirrel

have yourself a good nightmorning? one of those just hope you have a good one

i think youd be angrily posting comments on youtube if you really were :^)

take it easy in bed with spoilers watching a movie and doing lewd things like holding hands lol

ugh whatever

something wrong?

I'll be sure to bother you plenty when you're playing games. :D

iunno m8

fucking hell, as much as you guys joke about me and steroids; I have an extensive knowledge on almost all of them. I would sure as hell cheat and get the quick results if I wasn't so fucking scared of needles, and fucking up my body.

5/7 spoils

you haven't spoken to me yet. so...

that im ok.

i wish why-senpai were here


It's a new week so today is a day I can get really baked

Because it wasn't to you? I said it to Sci cause he smoked

Maybe you're calling the wrong thing your soul

Will the real Mr. Krabs please stand up

He's being fine at the moment though

Though I suppose we should be wary because he's often the most annoying while posting this cat

That would be great. I could just live in a book store.

Oh shit. I didn't see it was 4 am.
I guess I might not sleep. I have to dredge duck weed out of the pond tomorrow I think.

I thought we talked a bit now and then the last week.
Anyhow sorry for being a voracious ass to you about your job situation.

doesn't it mean no drugs/alcohol and not breaking the lawoh wait ok nvm



I dont care about any of these topics youve proposed at me

Why do you think drake dances so funny?

Erio, ask me about loom

Are you even straight edge?

I guess you're edgy but I don't think you're straight : ^ )

I don't give a shit

fuck this conversation


nigga share that

on a side note those comments can also give you cancer if read too long

wouldnt that be a nice reason to slip a nap in before all the work? i also dont know what duck weed is aside from weeds lol

Oh I didn't scroll down far enough to see that you said more in your post

Maybe because he does weird drugs

What is that

Fuck you

Isn't it a term of endearment with an a instead of er

Alright, thanks.
And i guess i'll just keep being my usual self.

share what?

nothing lol


I never read that shit. It's just a bunch of wankers fighting over nothing on youtube. Sort of like this place.


that does sound rather lovely~

bbother with what?

what is a soul to you then?

Duck weed is a kind of algae or something.
Point is once it grows it can kill a pond by covering it and chocking the life in it.

I'll be on a paddle saddle or something with a rake.

You do you.

slow posting league

i forget what we were talking about


Oh anything really. :3



you too.

I'm not sure I like the heavier sound when it's a reggae band

ohh okayy then its fiine


yeah for all those images :^)

The spark of individuality that makes you essentially separate from everything else. That's one answer

That was kind of just a shitpost though; I know you were just saying the music doesn't make you feel things

It's not something I listen to sober but some weirdies like Sci and Paint still like that kind of stuff sober

You just said "nigga" because I implied you're gay

Sometimes you kind of have a Diet Sci attitude

If you keep saying "yeah lol I don't care about that topic" people just won't want to talk to you


yeah i only end up seeing them thanks to other videos showing up to the right of them when i scroll down lol

then its a date actually now i am curious what sorts of movies do you like, bae?

oh yeah that sounds like something you really would not want, does it just.... like happen? i am not sure the science with algae at all

oh. no problem


i should rar my asmr flacs/mp3s and send them to you

it's so shittttttttttttt
and I'm so tiredddddddddddddddddd

this one is disgusting



There was probably some carried in by some animal or migratory bird and it just grew.

Anyway I'm going to bed.

Nice image pedo

It seems to be when you're the most aggressively opinionated

Where've you been?

i took a break
i planned on it being longer but hey

btw did you ever talk to grimmy?

image posting is getting annoying already

why so?

posting them because lenko wants them

Yeah he's okay

But you had it saved



yo dude have you seen that miraculous ladybug cartoon?
it's right up your alley
i thought of you while i was fapping to it lol

i just think it'd be pretty funny if u made him your bitch

go to bed then!

sweet dreams, squash

hehe so like that huh, the music I really feel is kinda weird as well though.
Australian sound is especially a favourite

ehh either really dramatic war movies and history stuff or really girly fantasy movies

bebop look at dis

I guess with his personality and my personality that might just naturally happen if I keep posting on /lewd/

someone gave me the folder a few years ago and he asked about it just then

dont think so

I can't sleep yet, sadly. :(


yeah maybe
dont go there though
it's too awful

just look at it!

not bad at all! especially the dramatic war movies

The stuff I listen to sober is also weird, but different

Trying that now :3

Why are there so many things that suggest you are the things you say you're not


the hel is this. looks like that one girl from the incredibles

no clue
natural born memer

it's a new cartoon i guess
with a cute underage girl!


why does her age matter?


It's kind of boring most of the time but it's okay I think

Maybe you just are the things

That shit still airing?

i think we already know thats not true though

it matters

it's disgustingly boring and i hate it

youre seeing it wrong
open your eyes a little


We don't

And this place is exciting?

oh and scifi horror stuff, but I don't watch that often cause its pretty scary..

all lovely tho

hope you like it!
the kinda style goes to stuff like Sticky Fingers, Lyall Moloney, Bootleg Rascal and Ocean Alley
they all have that aussie chill

compared to lewd, yes



oh. well i know it. what makes you think otherwise? i can tell you who sent me it

oh well that is shit, why cant you?

its okay id be there to hold you if you get scared :^)

its like that skeleton rollercoaster, the ride never ends

nowhere near sleepy enough

the body type that isn't fully developed is the cutest
also attraction to innocence

You're lovely

It's pretty relaxing in a nice way~

Seems like it was made to be listened to while high

I wonder how much that's just because we know the people here more

It's kind of like Seinfeld; it's boring until you get to know the characters

Private convos

Should I catch up on it

fair enough reason

if you think you can stand it

no, it's really not even that

i was there long enough to get to know the people and they are just BOOOOOOORING

just terrible

I can't.

then no, stay far away from it like i have

eh i guess that does make cute. doesnt mean i always want to fuck it though.

maybe we should continue those so i can get a better grasp of what it is youre trying to tell me

I watched the first two seasons though.

that's weird

actually I am going to go lay down and play pokemon until I pass out

Oh man I wanna fuck Kuro.


goodnight everyone

Some of them are kawaii

I'm telling you YOU'RE GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ohh thanks, I would look away a lot..

^ ^
yeah I listen that a lot, I like the feeling of high music but haven't actually gotten high..

how do u not want to fuck cute things

im not even remotely interested in that kind of thing, so


not even one episode for me lol

have a good one and sweet dreams bro

lewd af

that sounds absolutely adorable