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boo thread

who up

i don't know what you mean by this, but i've been here too long already so byebye for now.

In other news I got a sucker fish to keep my beta company.
Fucker can beat him up if he tries to pull something.

I'm actually a socialnightmare myself


squash, it's all a joke. i know my life is not better. i like to be humorous and outlandish about it.

sweet dreams, bae. ily


Grill them both.

I love sucker fish



if it makes u feel better im on ur side buddy
but only because that trap hates me

idk what you're talking about
what is that

I suck dicks.

Honestly, I'm not surprised

This is only going to lead to heartbreak.

Sucker can get to be 20 inches.
I would have to wait a while.


shouldve been welcome to thee jungle lol

Its the nudes youre going to give me because we're besties

I should have gotten a Tomagachi.

Water melons too.

That TRAP is my best friend. that's my best friend. go best friend. leave him alone if he's not interested in you.

Get a dog.

Dogs are amazing pets.

That never die.

The one person I won't flirt with
Boo who?

Don't become that guy and have like a five foot aquarium and a shitload of fish.

Or this

wut lol
wut are u saying
dont try to get reputation with him by insulting me
thats rude wtf

Why does it keep eating images?

ur literally gonna drive me to suicide bard



do you think i care? and listen to more rap. i'm not trying to insult you. citation for that insult please? all i told you was to back off.

im dtf


I think we both know I shouldn't have a dog.

I have a 5 gallon tank.
I'll up it to 20 gallons eventually when the sucker needs room.


I'D kill for a good melon right now

my friend you will find that trying to get better with someone at the expense of others will just build u up a big list of people that dont like you

Fish are like the hardest thing to move with too.

fuck left
marry middle
kill right


Ru an organ donor?

Yeah. I'm not sure how'll they are going to handle an 11 hour car ride, but best of luck to them.

I never really paid attention to the whole dog thing.

You'd be master over it.

Set boundaries for your relationship.


If they die in transit, just buy identical fish and pretend nothing happened.

I don't really have an interest in it anymore.
I want a German Shep.

still dtfyou

i'm not trying to get better with Kanra. Up to this point it was the opposite but that failed. I think you're funny, but people have boundaries. Chill. If you think me insulting what little intelligence he has left is getting "better", then wowzers, Erio and i would made up a long while ago.



alrighty then

I want an awesome dog too.

George Carlin said something like that with dogs.
You should read Napalm and Silly Putty.
I feel like you would enjoy the humor.

SMILES. Get on here and take your harassment like a MAN.

Give me a leash and I'll be your dog~

that would be awesome too lol still a good webm though

I had another one, but 8ch ate it and said I was trying to spam.
Also fuck posting long webms with these errors.

Latter Carlin just sort of became a token "grumpy old man". He was still funny but his earlier stuff was better.

They're asleep.

yeah its bad enough with images

I'd make you my dog any time of the day, regardless of a leash :3

I don't know where the book sits on that time line.
Still ok stuff near the end.

We should just go back to 4chan to bypass posting errors. :^)

and reference to that first statement was this

If you know me, i ALWAYS plug in rap references to tone down my cadence, downplay drama or literally use that as a red herring whenever who i am arguing with is ineffectual and insufferable (loco).

I totally fucking agree.

Still a legend.

spoilers and moogs will die before they give up the internet power they hold so dear in their sweaty grips


Also don't have the fastest interwebs, well actually do for my area.
But they don't really do any faster for this damn forest.

I don't see how going back there would help me at all with the webms, that would just butcher the idea even further.


Published seven years before his death.
His old preformances ended up getting broadcasted on Comedy Central late night when I was a kid.
It was great.


im not really sure how to respond to these posts you make
can i get some nudes?

recommend me some music?

Ask Kanra.

as said before he does not like me

you live like near or in a forest? is it at least pretty looking?

Carlin's books are better than his standup

Wallace ignore boo, he's a friendly idiot, but far from innocent.

you're not asking for HIS nudes, though.

That's because he's incapable of caring for anybody but himself

I don't really know what to recommend to you.

Next to, a pretty regular forest birch and scots pine trees.


god damnit not him again. I can't even ball in these Jordans anymore.

why do people lie about going to sleep tho


Its an easy way to stop talking with some for the rest of the night.

im not sure i did anything to him though is the problem
we were flirting on steam one day and he just randomly removed me

you see what he just said?
he doesnt like me
i have no idea why
i wish he would at least say why ;_;
i have some theories but nothing conclusive

Haven't you already said you were leaving like 3 times tonight?

I haven't said that once.

i'm sorry. Kanra is not something you should fawn over. ahah.. trust me, TRUST ME.

oh well thats less fun but i guess a forest no matter how regular is a forest still

im not fawning over the guy
just curious as to what provoked such a sudden change in his views of me

I can't stop fawning for Kanra.

s o c i o p a t h

oh is that why they do it? :|

Yeah, anyways off to play some vidya with a bro.
Stay alive Spoilers.


will do, have fun sd!

You need help.

I'm not them so I wouldn't know the actual reasoning.



the king of the trap harem


He just wants that girl dick.

I should've air quoted "girl" there.

this is my 2dwaifu

oh. right.

god i wish that were me





I thought you were boo for a second
shame on you

Slave, get your ass back here.

What why?

5 years a slave


you some sort of bitchboi or something

boo you should into takistan life on arma3

And if you're lucky I'll keep you for 5 more years.

You're gonna have to work hard to keep your position though.

In what why?

That's just kind of sad.

every why

guro is watching new diamond jojo!

You know that sounds like no way to me.

tell me how to get to it and ill play

did you know i was once raped by a gang of mimes?
they did unspeakable things to me


Feel kinda strange tonight

nighty night walls





just not feelin it



Are you okay Bort?


sona is legit tho


are you coming down now

dont chase

sona is lane bully~


oh yah
I just got to feelin a little weird here about a half hour or so ago
buzzy kinda i guess
i feel kinda rushed and excited

I came down like an hour ago.

You're crushing me.

Oh so it a good feeling then?

Well thats good at least

*presses Q and laughs*

the best

That's good

>me pressing w on nasus and chunking him for 70%

not at all
very unpleasasnt feeling


even better when you can spam mastery emote and change dj sona's tune to match the mood~

Maybe you should stop drinking and go to bed then?

I really hope you start feeling better

I guess so

I'm not drinking silly
Thanks Archives I am sure i will feel better tomorrow

why are you still awake?

Imma head to bed.
Enjoy your night, tooth whistler

i never checked to see if he actually had any stacks but i know he wasn't hitting me for anything
oh you were the only person on our team to do more damage than me. good meme

hahaha i love doing that when you're just wrecking them. i only have sweetheart sona tho

nigga built warrior lol

yeah that tends to happen

Sweetest dreams grim




Because I didn't get out of bed until 2


That's not necesarily a bad thing
did you dream

brutal dude


I almost never dream.

I apologize to hear that
Dreaming is one of the greatest pleasures of living

And I'll never know it sadly.

only sweetheart? ;~;

Sure you will
Everbody dreams sometimes
I promise you you will have a dream soon

look at me and behold. I am a saint- the pinnacle of restraint and virtue, able to withstand my sexual urges. Gaze upon me you sinful wretches

i think everyone dreams all the time, its just whether you remember or not

likeley something about the level of sleep too
like how deep you sleep
something something brainwaves something rapid eye movement something somethign

i wouldnt know all i know about it is what i read up when trying to figure out why a dream is like clear as day when i wake up but like two hours later its a struggle to remember some facts of it lol

anyone I love still left?

rifk war

same here
i don't know anything about that jazz

hope rides alone




either way they are fun af

I want you to grovel. Beg for it.

hey bbycakes

hey there lenks

This feels awkwaard
i can't do this

Bard, want to meet up tomorrow and get wasted?

My dreams would probably be so bad that i'm not even mad I don't have them.

My dreams would probably be so bad that i'm not even mad I don't have them.

i love protomen


of course you free when im stuck working

how's it hanging mein freund


Aw. Lame.
We do need to hang before I move.


you are doing this on purpose?

Back when Fuji was always talking about the bean.

Yes I really want this to happen as well

Throw dat ass in a circle

Even bad dreams are good dreams

pretty darn good especially since i dont have to expect every user as being someone that cant take that i want nothing to do with them ever, how about you had yourself a good time?

I would say head to Shenandoah with me Sunday, but that's too far.

I'm just not really in the mood to play again right now.

Are they? But they call em "bad" dreams.

it is still a thrill to experience
and at least you can wake up and not worry about it

Even if you are emotionally ruuined

What if I have dreams like Neru and get raped by a polar bear?

I wonder if she internets much anymore.

I chat her on FB sometimes.

last i heard, she got a new job and got busy.

Neru is a truly blessed dreamer
they have achieved dream levels never before seen
Neru is
when it comes to dreaming
Truly divine

I think she's happy to be gone from here.

I'm glad for those who get away

Maybe she could come back and say hi to everyone sometime. She don't have to get involved in any drama.

you first t hough

just gym and no sushi, got a mcflurry on the way home. I don't even care lmao. in an aram sorry for late replies.

who would blame a female for that given how creepy certain posters are toward anything they think is female

I don't think I'll ever be able to reach his level.

its fine

so what does your spoilered post mean? what I miss?

Lol right

Me neither
have you ever dreamt before that you can recall?

it was mostly a comment about 2 posters that creep on anything that moves even more when its female and then flip to insanely aggressive if the person is against their shit id name names in steam but not here despite them not being around


I bet they mean Grim.

one of them is boo and you dont need to be nice lol

OH, OH, tell me! steam.

its me i think

spoilers is on a huge butthurt spell with me right now

yeah I bet it is you

it's either boo and grim or boo and lenko

i said not here right now lol

yeah that one doesnt even need to be hidden, pedos are creepy af


I can remember having a few from a REALLLY long time ago


Archives are you still awake

its whoever spoilers is on his period with lol

the poor guy thinks the thread is his whole life

Sweetest dreams Sir and I mean that

Spoilers ignored me.
What the fuck.


did u stop flirting with him
thats why hes mad at me

Isn't that why you're mad at me?

Hi fags

i dont want to be friends with someone who truly believes the things you do, its not worth it tbh i thought i made that clear yesterday


hey chii

i should specify by friends i mean basically in anyway talking to you cause that could lead to friendship

i dont know anything about you lol
dont really care all that much to either
ur colbert's bitch if i remember right

extremely fucking gay



this thread is actually so important to spoilers
holy cow thats ridiculous


I think he hates me 'cause I'm friends with Grim.

lol its gay to protect ones self from toxic people? interesting

I do believe you're remembering wrong in that case.



he's just a drama queen lol
the thread is his life so he has to make drama to sustain conversation like white girls do in real life
he's incredibly simple to understand

i dont hate you i dont want to talk to you or be friends that isnt hate and its not cause you two are friends cause apparently chii is his friend yet i like her fine, she however doesnt believe grim has a pure and kind heart like you think at least she hasnt said that

look at him getting all defensive now

How very childish.
You're just mad that I'm friends with Grim and he was picking on you.

It's funny because I was the one telling Grim to lay off your ass last night.

not too interested in learning the correct order of your relationships tbh sweetie

-smacks lips-

minus question mark

try reading this before continuing to assume these things

Hi love

dude lmao

after 20th try


when they talkin about spoilers
but in reality they talkin about Bard

Grim is a corrupt litter turd. I said so last night.
Don't make assumptions on my views of others.


no sleep and kinda hungover
were off to a great start


oh helloo

Alright, fair enough. From what I can tell, you tried to flirt and then I didn't reciprocate so you got sorta sour. That is any and all interactions you and I have ever had. I do realize you flirt with everyone, it just seems like you do this thing where if someone doesn't do it back then you get upset and start flinging shit at them.


I thought I told you to >>>/bed/

show me your booty


this is silly

I want you to take 100+ pictures of you with the joker's make up on.PLEASE

lol what on earth are u talking about

how are you

image ate by hotwheels

did i miss something?

Are you high?

But you can go bitch to George again if you want.
I won't tell Grim to lay off you like I did last night if that's what you want.

but if i did that my MOMS GONNA FREAK

I'm out of coffee, should I go buy some energy drinks?

That's his secret, captain, he's always high!

I did bed but I'm awake again, like slept for ~3hours


1st for what?


hi bard

What kind?


Well then, that's still better than nothing.


spread ass cheeks all over camera

You could be literally anybody in the entire fucking world with that name

but I know who you are
And I hate you more than I hate anybody else
I'd appreciate if you'd leave me alone thanks

I am not certain yet.

Now show me where I said he was kind to everyone.
I also said he is very black and white about people. I am aware of how he gets and that he does so for petty reasons.
Care to find that cap as well? Or are you only going to use what suites you?

im always high when i post sweetie
ur just saying nonsensical stuff is all
i dont take really take the thread as seriously as u guys do if thats the case

Your love

You might also look and see I was defending your ass last night when he was calling you shit for being boring.


boring is good

this isnt about everyone its wrong just by saying its true about his friends as i said before hes attacked you and chii despite being friends, he stole chiis number from another friends phone violating two levels of trust and has openly admitted to controlling his friends with fear since i joined.... why do you care so much that i dont want to talk to you? you never really talked to me before this anyway

it appears squash takes the thread as seriously as our local autist moderator spoilers does

ew fucking no

yeah thats true, I just gotta go full refill now.
coffee+cola+water+asprine is gonna do it

liket his?

im not too love right now..


i'd rather spend time with someone reliable and boring than some wacky edgy retard

I am trying to comprehend all of this, but it's just all so fast-paced.
I don't even want to try to fix this.

You should try gatorade, it actually works pretty well to rid you off the hangover.

spoilers is boring, and squash and grim are kind of assholes sometimes

what is there to discuss?

Why does it matter why I'm his friend still?
It isn't your place to know more than I told you.

And I didn't care. It was simply just musing because that was the end of any conversation I really had tonight. I'm not really attached to you in any way, but thought you were alright when you began. If you are childish enough to disregard me simply on my opinions of others, and not for if I'm the one being toxic to you or not then you're an idiot.

srs bsns

Give your limited love reserves to me tokai~
I'll treat it nicely and sweetly like I always do for you

I wonder why squash hasn't killed himself yet

8ch a shit

I have negative traits that border on what could be classified as literal
antisocial behavior
And all of my egotistical acts and tactics I had used against MGD and his friends were tolerated by Alice and I was allowed a spot in a community where I could go when things here were too hard

And beleive it or fucking not things got hard here for me at one point in time
For damn near 3 years

So thanks for getting em kicked out of the last place I had to go to get away you selfish prick





































april fools is over, lenko
you can stop pretending to be gay now


I'll pretend to be pedo like you then


if you ask me, no, you shouldnt