Woman who urinated on Koran and set it on fire facing six years in prison


There was a thread about her video initially wasn't there? Haven't seen one of the aftermath, so here goes. Sheila did nothing wrong!


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Looking forward to strong feminists ignoring this.

They only do what their jewish puppet masters tell them to do.

Also infuriating is how immersing Christian symbols in your own piss can make you a rich artist. That woman should be richer, not put in jail for six years.

Absolutely disgusting.



Didn't Slavland was this fucked too. Didn't something of this similar caliber happen in Russia too?

Russia needs to nut up and remove kebab, then push every other slavic country to remove kebab as well. Russia's imperial bullshit needs to be killed along with their kikes and they as well as all the countries of eastern europe need to become the white ethnostates they're destined to be

Despite their similarities you can not call them the same object
These people are filth.


Of course they will actually not being a whiny pussy scares the shit out of them.

This is insane

Raping you was just how they greet people in their culture! You don't want to be RACIST do you?


A true hero.

Fag brits would rather let this woman go behind bars than do damn thing to rectify their Muslim issues. England is part of the caliphate now, your women belong to Islam.

Anyone who wants to do something like this, come to America and do it. Stay if you're white.

Top Kek

Fast Forward to 2075 if you don't quit shit posting and do something about it Europe

just gas europe. this is painful. i cannot conceive how any culture can have this much pathetic altruism.

Only 6 years? Give it a few years until Britcucks have full Sharia, and anyone who does this will get beheaded.

We should rub the fact that the National Endowment for the Arts paid for that in people's faces

The difference is that in Russia there are anti-blasphemy laws that sent Pussy Riot to jail for disrupting liturgy.
for comparison.

but it's okay to burn the flag?

I remember that thread clearly. Half of the anons were bashing her and calling her a "degenerate" for pissing on it before burning it.

Are these shills trying to purity spiral us into attacking our own, or are they sincere anons? I don't recall 8/pol/ being like this back in 2015. It seemed to pick up sometime in 2016.

There's that TRSodomite terminology.


What the fuck? I thought Slovakia was relatively uncucked.

Slovaks nationalists better tear shit apart.

Even the slavs are faggots now

So if you burn a koran, it makes people hate moslems? Is that what this means?


How do you burn wet paper?


To be honest, I am not very sure about anything concerning the 21st century. We
are in the Kaliyuga, the darkest age, or the Iron Age of the Greeks, and experiencing an
accelerated involution. If we believe this, it will be very difficult to think about a possibility
of a new faith. Politically there is not a solution, unless there is an intervention by the
Hitlerists who survived the catastrophe of World War II, and who set up a new science and
technology. We, the Esoteric Hitlerists, believe in that. It will be the magical phenomenon
we await. But, that does not mean that we do not continue to fight to the very end for our
Ideals, even if we are very realistic about the darkness of the near future.

the guy looks fucking disgusting

typical mixed race mongrel

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

lads in heaven

Britain YES

I see it even here in Norway; people talk about breaking out of the EUS trade agreement, closing the borders shut.

but the immigration rules that are getting strickter mostly affects the common man; those that import wives to escape the femnazi lefty women, skilled workers that bring knowledge and ability, and those that seek to study here.

all this because restricting ONLY rapefuge men would be RACIST.

at least we are taking away the citizenship of those that LIED to get inn. Even if the left and allahparty tried their best to let them stay.


Poor girl…

It happened in Slovakia. She would be imprisoned for life in Britain for this but more likely, Muslims would have already killed her.

A nation cannot allow mass immigration if wants a prison system. The ZOG uses it intentionally as a form of terrorism: whites who go to jail will likely just be stabbed to death by mohammed. Combine prisons full of immigrants with a legal code that has become meaningless and you've got a very effective way of scaring the population.

6 fucking feet. This isn't the raging ocean or some shit. This is a 6 foot pond. That is the most infuriating part of this whole thing. Were the coppers niggers or something? Were they just unable to get over their racial fear of water?

Fucking Christ I want to kill those pathetic demihumans.

This is how they try to bait you into being the next victim of the law. Justice has become inverted.


incomplete translation, the law applies to religious and other beliefs as well
in the video she's saying: "there's no way that anyone will prevent me or stop me from broadcasting videos,pics or written opinions about islam. i stand behind it and to me they're parasites worse than scabies, if they are unable to adapt to us they have no place here… so i decided that this belongs solely to islams,muslims and islam. I will hunt you all one by one and everyone standing in my way or wanting to stop me will end up very bad… they won't stop me and i will go after every moslim. proudly i'll go with you because i am the law and also the executioner, no matter it's woman,child or man,i will off everyone standing in my way..
she's probably iq89er

Justice in the West is dead.


That can't happen until the real Russian nationalists come to power. Putin may be preventing the complete decay of Russia into secular modernism, but he's also holding back the nationalists

But I thought Muslims are neither?!?!

She's gonna get sentenced to death, like that guy who threw bacon sandwiches at a mosk. Mark my words.

On the one hand, fuck mudshits and their butthurt, on the other, I'm not sure if I'm okay with endorsing women urinating in public as a form of protest. Reeks a little too much of how leftist cunts behave.

She was used as a fuck rag by Romani.

I knew gypsies stole shit, is it common for them to rape?

Let me put it this way, the only reason they're not as bad as niggers is that there's more niggers than them.

Gypsies are pure evil in human shape.

Poor girl.

Yes they rape each other all the time, they used to be involved in child sex trafficking.

They still are. Also, they routinely mutilate their own children, or make them alcohol/drug addicts to make it easier for them to beg, they sell their own daughters into prostitution and sometimes they'll throw a baby at you and when you grab it they'll rob you.

Gypsies are filth.

There's a reason why in the past there have been "fucking gypsies" and other remarks.

Whole families of them work the streets, pretending to be homeless and relying on White pity to make a living.
After their shifts, they go home to their spacious Council house, paid for in full by the taxpayer.
With the money they gather, they buynproperty in Romania, where they are considered as local aristocracy.
Video related, this is the "guitar worry" who works Aberdeen Scotland with the rest of her family. Local leftists and normalfag think she is "charming" and happily donate for their sample of "vibrant culture."
The teenage/early 20s females make the biggest coin though, hundreds if not thousands of pounds a say, from male protector instinct.

That will teach her to have some respect What kind of degenerste do that?

*Guitar wifey
There is more than one, expect the meme to arrive in your town, tactic "poor old lady is so desperate for money that she plays despite being unable to play, give her shekels, it is so sad!"

She isn't facing 6 years for public decency, if she was you might have a point.

I will never understand how they still manage to make money in Slav countries. By now they should have caught on to their tricks and chased them out.

Is the law specifically about insulting Muslims or generally about not defacing religious stuff?

Also, she was dumb enough to post the video on her Facebook profile.

Oh, that's not a Slav country, it's a Scottish city (some are about 10% Slav now due to Polish ghettoisation but I don't think that's what you mean.)
Scots are leftists by default and they'll lap this shit up "oooh, culture!".

This sort of protest doesn't appeal to me either, but I can see how her anger and hatred over being chain-ganged by a line of 14 Gypsies could express itself later in a protest using the hole of her violation as a weapon.

How much would it cost to get her sprung? Hiring operatives is a lot cheaper than you'd expect, especially if it's for a cause. Example, having a rapist nigger (redundant, I know) shanked in prison is at most $100. Getting her sprung should be cheap since real RWDS will like her.

we had no culture before these people came

You could've had Esoteric Hitlerism. I honestly think that Esoteric Hitlerism and Kekism are fully compatible, though Hitlerism does need Kekism for it's next evolution.

Sumerian-Akkadian, as well as Indo-European Amorite. We repeat that the term
Israelite is inappropriate for referring to any of these peoples. Israelite, "he who
struggles with God," also equates with an esoteric derivation that, like the Aryan
term for it, is from the Nordic-Polar world. The Semite may be a result of crosses
between Negroes and Yellows as well as whites. As has been said, the most
authentic Semite is the Bedouin emigrated from the deserts of Arabia, from which
the Semite keeps his nomadic characteristics. That is why he is called Homo-
arabicus. This is the soul that most perdures in the Jew. Of his many souls it is the
most permanent: cruel nomad, treacherous and cowardly. He is lazy so others
must do the work for him. The Bedouin family of Beni-Israel, as we have seen,
established itself in the vicinity of Ur. (Wirth would say: "On the periphery of the
very ancient and mythical civilization of the Gobi." Would he therefore claim that
the entire history related in Genesis refers as well to a much more ancient, almost
symbolic, time? We shall never know.) Ur is where this primitive ignorant tribe
acquired its first rudimentary knowledge, from the lower layers of the Akkadian
population, the only ones with whom they were allowed contact. And it was these
puny rudiments of wisdom that were passed on to make the fragmentary
knowledge expressed in "their" Genesis. The chronicle of Genesis is Sumerian-
Akkadian and refers to other regions of the planet (perhaps the Gobi) and to
extraterrestrial antediluvian events. They are memories of other people and
another world than that of the ignorant primitive Semite nomads who had exploited
it for their own advantage. And that is what has then been passed on to constitute
the "Holy Book" of the religious wisdom of Semitized Aryans: Genesis, the
"Hebrew" Bible.

Replace that with faeces or semen and it's Talmud incarnated.


Must be why the templars work with them. Are there any Gypsie/Hadassah connections?

God damn it fucking disgusting subhuman gypsy scum, those people are literally fucking animals. It's a miracle they manage to survive in western society.
I thought the slavs were going to be the final bastion of white identity after the west was overwhelmed by mudslimes. Damn brah.

As edgy as it sounds "comfort is given, justice is taken"

yes. also many of them are pedos

this too

In older times gypsies would go through some villages like a damn horde and steal children. They do that shit now too, but with a toyota, and doesn't need to be in countryside.

worst kind of humans