Fund the creation of catgirls thread

fund the creation of catgirls thread

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best cute kitty OP post so far!

shit taste

No you're depressing.

the ice cold glare from your onee-chan. good for you m8.

(Chops some liver)

you play smarter not harder id say

they all live in florida so i dont really see them much tho


nah lenko im just saying a regular shitposter would usually ally with the other shitposters like me, grim, tp, and you while hating generally the anime posters/autists who generally oppose us like spoilers etc

its just a weird layout youve selected

After playing solo with shitty armor, you learn to evade and not get greedy

you shouldn't link a new thread in a post with other replies. get it together

Studies in avatars effect on the personality of the poster and vice versa

You need to accept yourself and face your fears. That being said I have to accept my fear of sharp objects and get over it.

Do you have any idea how shitty that sounds? Ally a bunch of people with similar thoughts and fight another group. Would not want to relive alice wars, ya dig? My team beat hers though.

the best around nothings gonna keep it down

thats a good thing?

( c. c. )
she's a good artist then!
since she changes the outfits~
she has real love for cc ♥

Boo you start that kind of shit up in here and it will become more autistic than /oat/.

u mad or nah

Im not arguing it
I just think its unique
because that's just how it kinda goes in the thread

if you're a masochist I guess.


this new thread stinks

I just showered, though

I'm just selective and the people I choose have no real relevancy towards the others. They're just fun to talk to and can actually hold a conversation.

shut it tp I'm not a brony like you

but you do stuff that is close enough! :D

the study has some genuine results with very interesting effects!


You ignored me on league too
that's pretty low

But I don't like me.

Need more whiskey.



Be the new Sonata and have Febreeze be your gig instead of tea.

I would enjoy others input on the subject and research collected by more than just myself

certainly has potential

what the actual fuck

nigga what

insert traumatic childhood experience here

Popularity thread wars are the funnest
fuck what anyone else says

Fuck if I know.
The "people who talk about threads as physical places" thing weird me out.

A pox on thee!

The only sonatas I know are Chopin's.

good avatars change the person
the person wont notice how it affects them
but it does affect them in subtle ways


It weirds you out because you know better and you have more in your life than just this place.


maybe the client was glitching


Don't they mean this place like an escape from reality?
It's basically a virtual chat-room, but you can basically butt into any conversation and it's way easier to process them too, since posts are semi-permanent.

Great gateway for the socially awkward, autistic, or just plain old slow people.

Sonata Blue.
He like RPs that he's cleaning up the threads with sweeping and giving people tea and shit.

whats up now?

id have to say no i am not buuuut still her friends are worth a little bit of it plus i could just buy her something later and she would likely forgive me

WTB cat gril

luka has probably sucked dick for league skins tbh


Yeah it was really bad for me. Even to this day it haunts me.

I logged off probably 10-15 minutes ago max.

your sister is SPOILED. HAHA GET IT?

you're gay though

Wtb lexi gf

lexi is a dude


Wow must really suck I feel so bad about this tragedy I know nothing about

wtb cat girl imouto

Lenko we should league in a little

But I garnish and adorn the area around myself with natural herbs and flowers to ward of pox's

You are the plague bearer in disguise but
You are still so charming

but she got the snip and everything

forget it

don't throw

maybe if we post enough TP images we can summon him

I'm sure I've posted about it in the past. Most I'll say that it involves a person who used to be very close to me. It was a terrible event with malicious intent. Muh childhood died that day.

I'm leaving in a bit.

no he didn't, post it, doubt it. lmao

RPing in public is hazardous, and it takes so much effort. I cannot see what reason is greater than face for people to endeavour to make themselves so vulnerable to a sovereign people.

I will eat your soul.

Yeah she did
I don't have that information, but bebo might
Am I unfiltered yet? I don't like anonposting, it makes me feel dirty

oh so you were grim
gj I'm filtering user for 7 days now.


lmao great pun lenks :^)

im surprised you like cc, she is portrayed lewd like a lot of the time

I thought they gave out all of the post-snip to everyone.

Are you drunk and/or high?

Oh. For how long? I might just gay aram for a while or plays ith dom

It's not that hard


I do love a good walk on the wild side from time to time



Oh, something actually happened?

At some point I cam to believe we were just memeing.

Shh. It's their foreplay.

GRIM whatever are you doing




I can consent.

Please~! Do not talk to me about hard! I have endured such hardships as the great, white RP.

This will burn your soles like a thousand thousand coals.


she not lewd~

she just like pizza, and cute clothes, and doing fun things

I think you are unsure of what you're burning
right now the only thing enflamed are the passions in my heart


I would give her my spoiler. lmao
gotta go now

OH, GAY ARAM WITH DOM? LMAO. Probably for 2-3 hours. I need to hit the gym and then I'm going to get sushi with friends. I NEED SUSHI.

Yeah, and oddly enough I don't lie all the time. I usually tell the truth and people never believe me. But when I make blatant lies EVERYONE buys it.

...that is not answering my question, only adding more.


literally flirting with disaster

I think that may just be cardiomegaly.

Kitty. Knife to meet you too.

You're really slow.

Oh yeah?

Prove it and text me.


bye sweetie

Even when you did what you did to me earlier? That's so unfair.

It's as meant to say "yay aram" lol


I'm just going to assume you're a degenerate and both.


Oh, okay, hi

I want to grab bard by his jewfro as i fuck him

Hi where are the cat grils

thats pretty gay

hanging with oniichan``

she had an ability to make people love her enough to kill for her, pretty sure she lewded a lot in those hundreds of years of life

have a great time

And the great part is he'd have a jewfro to grab as well.

I only have family in my phone right now.

I don't catch your meaning.

;< RIP

What's poppin?


Would you play the doctor and take a look for me?
just rest your stethoscope on my chest

my jewfro was never even an actual jewfro
bard's is ridiculous though

Popcorn, I don't FUCKING KNOW

Who is the lucky guy?

i wonder if my sleep is cured now


Don't be a degenerate then.


opinion on bebop tsuchi?


next poster

sex offender/10


You're going to make me get it out of its packaging. Tell me you can spare some hand sanitizer when I'm through?

Cool. Cool.
But like,
how are you, dude?

Pls what?

You've devolved into a homo erectus.

no need to be shy



But Fluttershy is my favourite.

Fucking faggot.

sup breh

Get your eyes of of 'im!

she didn't lewd :(
they only attract to her

but she wont let them go far because she not lewd
she only leading them on~

I'm great, it's the weekend so everything's perfect that can be perfect, and everything else is fine.

How are you?


this really wouldn't surprise me

i find that hard to believe

Wait. What?
That seems so non-sequitur.

I'm up kinda late, was out drinking a little. Buzz has kinda wore off tho so now I'm just a little hungry and tired.

i find it easy to believe!

recovering well from being sick
saw cloverfield, it was pretty bad
gonna go watch 10 cloverfield lane tomm
hunted with gueros friends tonight, they're pretty cool
for white people

might hunt with squash tn

I'm chillin. Just posting cats ya know?

That's illegal.

It is.

Why wouldn't she just shut the door?

damn son you more of a racist than i am?

Hunt as in rifling? Or are you talking a video game?

I'm ethnic
white people are crazy

Happy Caturday ":3

I see.

I would love to hunt with a bow and arrow one day tho

"i can't handle being around them so much i don't even like to admit we're both human"


I suppose I know, not that I completely understand.


Good. Use your eyes, bro.


You're not my real dad.



enlighten me on this image

That colour looks nice on you.

Hopefully I'm not anyone's!

do you think people dont have sex drives? im curious now as to how you see it


how so?

someone told me this a few hours ago and i wish i knew where this pic was at the time



i see CC as a nice person deep inside, and only keeps her distance so nothign goes wrong

I doubt you even know what I look like, broseph.

kinda worried about you
but your rebuffed me


Marijuana is federally illegal in the US.

What do you consider you?



And your point?

brb league
not like any of you care

I did?

I don't remember this.

All children are brats afaiac.

Be careful!



Um, the person behind the screen, Christopher Alan Larson.

That's me.




nice people still fuck


she doesn't want it!

Yeah last night


Sounds like you're just gay.

Which screen is that exactly?


Uh... wow rude.

Uh, mine? The one I bought?

I don't remember that

Hello bort



Go out.
Find you a nice girl.
Settle down.
Have kids.
Grow up and happy together.

Dammit 8ch, don't you know that it takes a lot of bandwidth from you when people have to repost 8 MB webm's 5 times?

lol, i dunno

And to you

this is nice

Test what is that semen demon

its interesting that you think that

Don't question LGBTQ ultra liberal logic (or lack thereof), bigot!

my filename is much better

Right before we started shitposting on mlp.

i got Gucci labels.

Chara, a character from Undertale.

im an interesting person~

fandom was over 5 months ago, Test.


Hello there archives how are you today?

That's pretty cool.
I should buy things too.


I am contrary to that which bides my freedom. You need to slow your fucking roll, faggot.

She has a pretty pussycat and gorgeous tattoos :o

Well i think i'm a little better now if that helps.

how are ya


Do you wanna talk details or nah

Chii, will you be my semen demon tonight?

Fuck off

you are


I want to fuck wallace and make him my personal live in maid


Maybe you should just go like five minutes without devouring more cocks, shitlord.

I wanted to do this to luka when I thought they were female

what about me being unattractive?

your shitty bait isnt getting past that reply, sry

You got some kind of learning disability?

Reading problems?


I had an interesting day but I think i'm feeling better now.

How are you bort?

Normally i would grim but this time its pretty personal for me and i wanna keep it private.

Well the difference between my dreams and yours is that luka would say yes

as long as you paid him in league skins

I can afford it :3

I am sitting.
What's up with you?

Ugh yourself.

I haven't eaten any poor cocks. That would be cruel.

I only have an emotional disability, not so much reading or learning. Maybe i have to evaluate again or something.

but hi

How delightfully dubious

i guess

even if you paid him in league skins, he's too aspie to even talk to people on voice let alone try sexual shit with anyone
he's a virgin

that's fine man


yeah FUCK luka
b-u-m-p your ass you bimbo

Just stop acting so fucking queer.

i could too but come on man

are we going to play this game again?

That part is just creepy.
He's in every voice chat/skype call/TC and yet still won't even talk or anything.



if i didnt find you attractive i wouldn't want to claim you and put you in a tight little french maid dress while you do my dishes

M-muh internet girl personality!"

i would need more lemon pledge.

Literally no one believes he's a girl, though.
What would he even stand to lose?

"If I do it for long enough, people will believe :) !"

Saw my best friend
then worked
its all running together from last night

Last night i visited my best friedn and
a bit weird but I drank with his mother
Bit of a larger lady
quite crazy
Was a great time
she even let me kill half the bottle so that was fun
There's somethign about having a bottle o wine to swig on
very comforting
might just become an alcoholic cause of it

Tomorrow gonna go see my best friend and work againlmao

why are you not feeling so hot earlier

gdi tumblr

Basically they're so delusional, they have to constantly fool themselves
it's depressing

Fuck you man.

I'm not playing any game!

*holds hands with CC*

there are a few people who do that though




Part of me is completely thankful I don't understand the logic behind all of this.
It means I'm still normal.


It's creepy.

funny pic!



okay now we are going into weird zones

I didn't understand before but someone opened up my eyes to high-functioning/high-level mental illnesses


good! its not a fun game

when playing games with internet people it seems to not be out of the ordinary. there's a load of people on /vg/ who have real nice mics but are too afraid to use them.

CC wouldn't lewd ♥


You drank with your friends mom? Thats a little strange are you a milf hunter?

I would rather not say.

You'll need plenty of fresh pairs of panties as well since I'll be fucking you in that outfit

Alright. Let's do this.

i dont see how you being weird proves that.....

i can just imagine if it would have been 12 gauge instead of 9 mm

Yeah, I like tabletop games. It's much more plain to calculate.

Cats are not for sexual.

whoever acts and whomever is acted upon.
Fuck off. Can't even into grammar.

not weird...

Alright, good night.

Ban was having the sads over a boy not reciprocating his love.

"A hole is a hole."



Sometimes letting it pierce through all the way is the only way to change for the better.

cc is that u?

are you calling me a tabletop game now?

There's a sexual stigma attached to alcohol but over there it's nothing but a drug
nothing kinky here my man

I'm glad tonight is traeaeating you better than earlier though my friend

any plans for tomorrow?


shit happens, man. Who cares if he's a fag anyway

okay if you say so

sweet dreams

I'm a pussy that secretes.

Comedy Central? Creative Commons? What, man, spit it out!

Bebop is a bebop.

I was just clarifying it for Bard.




which post exactly?
sorry im lazy


this hurts to look at

My plans for tomorrow are sleeping in until 2ish and then playing video games until I sleep.

Look at those hands!



yes! hello!

Was that a sigh of relief?

Happy belated caturday!

i went back and read what you were talking about and I wanna bow out
I actually agree with you
I thought you were talking about something else

Gil needs to just drop his guard and fall in love with someone claiming to be a girl, with a good personality.

This effort towards dropping his guard lead him to see the world in a new light.

That drive he thought he'd lost so long ago was back, thanks to the help of his friend; because of this >girl.

It was a turbulent time in his life, and he opened up to someone like he'd never done before.

Eventually, the truth comes out.

But Gil doesn't care.

He has no time for labels, and has sorta always been gay anyways, and they decide to move somewhere and live as comfortably as they can.

Which they do.

Well, if you buy one and then you'll get used to it in a few weeks I'm sure.

I just googled "vienna sausages" to find that. Some random result.

I feel so white but triscuits, Gruyere and balsamic vinegar is great.

tfw manaka pulls you into another channel, whispers something and pulls you back into the main channel


lol thanks u too. how ya been?

do u read mostly fiction or nonfiction?

I halfway dated someone last semester even.

can kanra go? because he's not Nae Sano.

You're in school?

I like frozen yogurt. Food is great.

I'm coolin mate. What're you loading?

oh I thought he was posting song lyrics

Exclusively fanfictions.

So you haven't met the one.

You probably will.

If you let your guard down.

so in the newspaper this morning there was a story about some guy who got pulled over for a broken taillight and they found 63pounds of weed in his car
oh and a fuck ton of wax(for whatever reason its illegal to make your own wax here)

same as it was earlier


this has happened a dozen times to me in the past week but we're not supposed to talk about it i think


i downloaded 80 volumes of the most recent manga i'm capping so nothing. in a way it's a shame cuz this li'l guy is a cutie.


what a massive L.

Sounds wearisome.

Which manga is it?

Not this semester.
I took off to sort health shit out which ended up being a waste anyways.

The only ice cream I've even eaten in the last few months are those magnum chocolate shell ice cream bars or Fruitaire ones.

is this a new black twitter thing or what

oh here's a screenshot of what i was talking about. good people on /vg/ but theyre a wee bit autistic sometimes

i'm not at liberty to say here!!! but if you really want to know i'll send you a message. do u have a favorite manga?

but why?


That's unfortunate. What field and level?


i'm just recently seeing it be used on 4chan so i didn't know.

I bet if a social psychologist looked at this place, they'd call it dysfunctional.

I'd ask them how we could make this place better.

Or if a community this old and this defined can ever learn new tricks.

Social psychologist; not a sociologist.

are u a psychologist?

when tsuchi is doing better than you romantically

you're dysfunctional, Kanra. Only you would question or conceive something like this.

it's been a thing for forever. rappers are using it a lot more often in songs now though so all the fuccbois are using it

you have to at least try to find em if you want a chance

armchair pls go and stay go

You're gonna get fat, fatty.

Sure, if you really want to...! I have a few volumes of Inuyasha and Naruto, but other than that I don't really read manga. They're far too lengthy.

Practicing a mundanity that is.

If they would see what everyone has in their HDDs, they'd call everyone dysfunctional.

you don't get your kush from afghanistan

I know how psychology works.

I've been reading less psychology, and more on models of the mind, and neurology.

Fits my antisocialness.

you don't get your kush from Afghanistan**



did you solve something?



Of course I am. So are you. And most people here.

But being functional is a spectrum.

I wonder where everyone would fall on a spectrum :3

plus read two college text books on psych doesn't give you that eclectic mindset one who actually studies the field would have. And you're still struggling from the most basic forms of dissonance in your life.

i imagine reading manga would be less time-consuming than watching anime though!

its LITERALLY pointless my dude

oh my god dude shut up

Started at a uni out of high school then dropped after a year. Just basic CC shit to transfer back at this point. Was generic bio, now it's towards an AoS to transfer but I'm probably just going to drop that and move into nursing since it's easy to condense and the university I'd go to is close by.

Not really. It ended when I started to realize I was doing nothing but loathe them.

idk what you mean

I'm 140 pounds and have a horrible diet.
Fuck you.

Pff. You can just fast forward through all the boring parts in the touch of a button!


does it even count as really watching it at that point..? that doesn't seem right.

*helps cute girl with books* ^ ^


You're naught but a squanderer
Maybe you should appreciate what you have more
but i can't fault you for ending an unhealthy relationship

her smile is worth!

Of course, and I'd never pretend to know more than I do.

I know a lot of things about the mind, but I wouldn't pretend to know where to go looking for definitive answers to some of the questions I have.

I'm confident with the basics though. Significantly more than the average person, and can converse with people who actually study or learn about this stuff as researchers. But I haven't learned the complex models that explain what goes on at different levels; but I know the ones that explain others!

But I watch animes multiple times. I'm at liberty to ignore the parts I so choose!

So how many other sociopaths have you found here

lol purple smarts looks soo anime

Both of you really should stop talking to each other or attempting to one up the other.

I'm just misanthropic.

Best pony is lemon hush.

How many people willingly and consciously manipulate people, compared to those who capitalize on the security and anonymity of the internet to be complete fucks?

There are a few psychopaths. More are narcissists.

Alice is still No. 1

i dont know if that's totally how it works but i'll take your word for it. i am a novice, after all.

He's fucking with me.

and i'm not one up'ing him. I'v one up him in life. He's living in a sewers of a basement in Canada while i'm in Trapicana. Not Tropicana, TRAPicana. Making Guap.

i heard the joke about kanra overdoing her text with a bunch of large words but i didnt think it was real

Christ, just get back together already.

What do you think of them?
I hear most aren't fond of others



Yes, and I look up to you for that.

that seems fitting

God I want to fuck that asian fuccboi

You don't look up to me. You despise me. Every inch and no matter what i do to you that is positive, it reverts back into being negative.

May God have mercy on us all.

You really aren't much better in life from what you tell me.
Either way you both should lay off each other.

You don't exactly keep from perpetuating it.

They're paranoid, superficial, and enjoy the sound of their own voice.

But they know how to talk.

I was a baby back then. Now I can convincingly pass as a guy.


sweet dreams. ily