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Interesting OP

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Most people from Texas hate the kind of people that don't shut up about being Texan, most of which are just transplants that ended up here in the late adult life. That said, most people like living here.

I give the best advice.


Yes, you have repressed violent urges, I know.

Are you high?

That doesn't seem very likely to me though.

this is much better than the depressed version I was this morning


What the fuck even happened?
Did someone die?

I don't think he'd like it, but do what ya' gotta do.


I wasn't feeling good and I may of said some stuff that I probably shouldn't have.

Yes I am

Post here or me adding him?

so cum isn't bad!

This happened last night on top of the shit that happened yesterday?


aaand closed

What kind?


I'm just making shit up as I go. I don't know shit about Manaka. Dude's Indonesian and people on the internet like that he's nice. That is the end of my knowledge of Manaka.

If you feel affection for Manaka you probably are as well-equipped as anybody to try and do... whatever it is you're trying to do here.

I'm going to go get some whiskey, try and get on your level in some way.

Yes I couldn't really function for a little today



Posting here. He gets depressed in the pony threads where he knows people anyway, and I think this'd only make him feel lonelier than he already does.

I never said it was, only that it's reactive; therefore, you have to be extra careful where you put it.

Why do people think cat girls are even real or have the possibility to be real?
Are they just autistic?

fuck this game
fuck these people

its like rp or something

are you gonna get wasted ?

Wouldn't making more friends help with that though?

I guess I won't try anything though

i didnt know what d meant..
i can put it anywhere!

you can be whatever you want when you're high.

Anything is possible if you believe

Can I though? I'm focusing really hard and its not working.

Is that just like furries?

Oh my god was it one of the fucking ponies

Nah man, I've got that self-control thing going on these days.

I have no idea. Take whatever I say with a grain of salt if you're not already doing so.
Nothing will come from nothing.

Do you want to put it anywhere...or even everywhere?

if someone were to write a bunch of bullshit and pretend it were nonfiction so people can whack their weiners then yes

Walk slowly with a spirit by your side.

yo grim
who is this cum drum



Sort of like back when you were a "girl"?

My ex did start posting like right after we left and that made me feel weird but no its not a pony.

wow thats hella lame

I dunno I was kinda taking your options seriously since you dated and stuff.

You mean a stand?

what do you think my stand would be/do?

why is tokai such a damn cocktease

I want to fuck him

But why, T? What're you gonna gain from it?


alchemist and grim are fucking weak

well, wish is a cat-girl and part 3 talks about finger-banging cat girls up to the knuckle

you didn't read to the end yet!

i am a girl

Of course you do

feel better dude
drugs aren't the answer btw
be stronger than that



its liek a hobby

It sounds like castlevania




why you bringing wish into this
she isn't even posting right now

you are notoriously unavaiblable for personal growth

That was a long time ago and I would say that I never really gleamed any especial knowledge from it. How can one know anyone, really though? Seems like an impossible feat of ceaseless sifting.

Someone's gonna stop you from being pleased eventually if you cum too much everywhere.

He's just going on one of his autistic rampages right now.
Best to ignore it until he's calm.

Go get him, tiger.

I don't know if you're actually saying something, or what you're basing that on, or if this is just a short joke.

It sure does feel like the answer though like it made me stop feeling sad

Its not my fault you're being SUPER LAME right now



I don't know any other cat girls.


who would that be?


Fucking hell.

Might could be me, but it all depends.


Don't be a fucking weak bitch.

And yeah. I love how epic it gets.

why would yyou stop me??

That guy looks like Anthony Kiedis

wow grim, really? autistic? rampage? thats pretty stupid. No. I am just saying texas posters are fucking terrible.

I think after enough time talking to someone and being around them you can at least have a good idea of who and what they really are.

Its to late now


Not gonna get wasted just for you.



It wasn't an insult!

sabs is from texas

point proven

I'm mad or something.

Like I said, it might could be, but it depends on whether you leave a mess for me to look at or not.

I promise I really don't know their depths.

I meant he thirsts over her so hard

Where are you from?

remember when

his mom's vag.

I'm sure you could find more people who approve and maybe even wanna TC


But thats like the best part of a relationship

Pictures please

I'm super clean, not messy


I don't think anybody wants to TC right now.

sabrina is horrid


Oh I get it.

That's what this has been about the whole damn time, huh?

me n scoots are pretty ahmmered in tc now
could join if you want

Why not? Is everyone dead or something?

vroom vroom!

game is fun with freinds








playing with neru and frens was happy

Eh...relationships are rubbish.

That may be but your cum isn't.

Someone saved my picture.


she look cute


It was so early 2000s that I had to.

"?" He typed furiously, palms dripping wit the sweat left over from the resultant roasting brought upon him moments ago. As his thumb viciously plunged down upon the enter button, he hastily moved his hand backward to grab the razor once more. 'Stupid Moog, stupid Moog!' He pondered, echoing his thoughts with the slicing of the razor against his skin. 'If I just cut a little deeper I'll think of something funny to take care of that bully Scoots!' But the blood had already started pool on the floor, and Moog's mother banged furiously on the door after hearing his wailing.

is that you

not if I aim right



Hm ♥

They just end up being contracts with too many unsatisfied clauses.

Uhn huh...

Hmn? What do you mean?

Can't say I trust you to know your shot when you're getting hammered.


You even have a really gay bracelet.
All that's missing is like, a Hollister t-shirt.

But what if the relationship works out for the most part?

I think I would like one of those .

^_^ meow~

the picture

I wish I got out of bed before 1:30



it is


That's a hair elastic.
Also, I would never touch Hollister clothing, faggot.

It won't. It couldn't. Not with me anyways, but that's another thing.

Meow to you too!

Which picture are you talking about?

Neko Miko Reimu


Neko Miko Reimu

Nani shiteru

Is it because you don't wanna be with just one person or something?

*Shitposts loudly*

I-Im getting hhammered?


I've been on for hours

I agree

No, it's because I don't want to, won't be able to, be with anyone at all, in the long run.


Message me then
we have lewd stuff to do


Sup threader diggies?

moar cute pics pls

Helloo Moogs.


I wanna poke his tummy

I am streaming anime

I don't understand which makes me wanna know more but I would feel weird prying into your personal life like that.


Dont care honestly sweetie


elma hey

I have a tummy pic

You're welcome.


Just take it to mean that I'm fucking crazy and also undesirable in every estimation other than fantasy.

Now, enough about me; what're you up doing at this hour?

That one I posted in discord is not my tummy.

then help me aim

Oh nothing much. Just taking a look on whats going on.

What for?

who is this semen demon

show me your tummy

Someone told me to tell you to fuck off am I supposed t-to do th-that?


I've no idea to be honest.

not a lot

though every night pretty chill to me anyway

You should ignore them then
They're irrelevant to our love~

Alright. Cool.

What's up scoots? Happy Saturday!

I kind of think Luka just watches moeshit anime and tries to mimic whatever autistic thing he sees because that's what he thinks girls are.

I mean if you say so but you don't really come off as crazy to me.

I'm not doing a lot right now other than listening to music and posting.

Its honestly pretty nice.

y tho


I ain't no semen demon!

Ah okay. How's your evening?

Let me fucking post Holla Forums!

You're probably right


happy saturday bae, how you?

fine post tsuchi

I've been had



because I wanna see it

no !

ive had a good day. been up since 2 am so im ready to sleep soon

How the fuck does the hairdo on the right even work?

Doing alright. Gonna chill with some work homies in a bit :3

You doing anything?

Its nothing worth looking at

just TC and shitposting man

take it and aim where you want!

Post rolls.

gel, duh

just show me !

We've been over this before, anime doesn't have to make sense

Sounds great. I've had it pretty chill too.
But i should be going off soon too. Its about 4 am.

This is some terrible behavior compared to our usual way~

Right on, funk soul brutha.

The bangs are pushed back, under longer hair on the top. It's just so baffling.

Post better anime porn then.

Lol, I can see that.
Anime styles, dude. Gotta be fresh.


you go first

bad friend


check it out now?

Hi, Tak

We don't like even talk anymore or anythign though.

lol oh yeah

You've not been a victim to my spite and neglect if you can imagine I have any victims at all.

Hmn...relatable. What sort of music are you listening to?


I posted an actual pic of it in the thread tho. IDK...

Take what? Your cum??!

im too shy to initiate conversation


hoes the tongue





What? I mean go to bed soon.


Here is my playlist for right now.

The bottom half is much better than the top.

and I'm just too lazy


scoots is BTFOing everyone today



you seem like a nice person

Sounds good to me.

I try but you'd still be wrong.

Unless I like them and then I go out of my

Heres a cat song that I like a lot

It seems very cat like to me

i am making the fuckers rage


good evening everyone

I'm sorry but i just don't love you anymore bby

[joke admin #2 has logged on]

sup man
you still salty from last night?
I was just fuckin with ya

why would i be? :(


If you look closely enough you could probably find something that defies physics in every picture

this is a pleasant surprise!




Cato says you don't post here.

He pays no attention.

I just felt like saying the thought amuses me.



hey lenks

How the fuck is Tokai still going?

cato is a faggot and should be bullied by tsuchi

hey spoils, how are ya doin?

He got more batteries.

wait but cato has talked to me just in the last week? hes the one that posts horo right?

sheer will power

im doing good, how about you?

Me too

Just fine, playing pokemon and wasting time for now.


im sooo frunk an dso late

bet you anything his apartment is still riddled with rocks

Tokai and Lenko posting the same avatar is funny to imagine them as the same person.

i think i'm gonna pass out






sounds like quite a chill time!

yeah i dont understand why he would say that

you should get in bed bae


Up where?


It is, my dragonair is going to learn dragon rush in a level and half.

no I don't want t o

I would of only been up for like 8 hours today if I pass out right no w

Fucking faggot.

I thought it was some masturbation related TC comment.
I was talking about batteries for the obvious.

*wraps you in comfy blanket*

Masturbation related?
Please tell me that didn't happen on TC.
I hate missing out.

i know, dat endurance is amazing

is that a really strong move for dragon types?


Yeah it's pretty good.

He's been drinking since morning.
18 hours.


*the heat from the blanket ignites me into a blazing fire*


all i do is win

Happy my birthday


I have no idea. People were talking about him doing stuff in the TC in the thread but I don't know. I just assumed he was being extra gay.

Okay, I'm a little drunker now.

Tell Manaka you love him.

im gonna stay up

*puts fire off*

Go hug your sister and post results.

happy b-day

Happy birthday, yo



He's drinking.
Tokai's always extra gay while drinking, but not actively lewd.


arbitrary happy bday uguu

one more

She's been in Chicago all day.

She should be getting home in an hour or less.

That honestly may be the most links he's gotten.


I fucking love attention


immediately hug her as she walks through the door

i wish i knew more about pokemon but now all the games seem like you need to be smart to be great at, with the stat changing and move changing being a big thing maybe its always been a big thing and i didnt know

wew lad i could do that without drinking but with drinking daaaaamn

happy birthday darlin

i like your tenacity itll do good for when we go for days :^)

*pat pat*

that miku pic is cute.

Happy birthday.

can you hear the posters sing? singing the songs of angry posts!

Ooh. All-Nighters aren't hard. But yeah, Drinking makes me sleepy.

pokemon is a big thing
play it sometime



I don't know, maybe it's a bit much. But there's no shame in love. And I feel like maybe there's not enough of it going around these days.





am waaaayy too drunk to know that wrod..


I'm not that fucking impressionable.


Tomorrow morning I will text X and tell him how I feel. and die

auf wiedersehen

*romantically hugs your sister*

oh you
stop it


Sleep well

Why do you want something romantic to happen so badly?

Loneliness probably

I'm honestly dying inside.

I fucking hate talking about.

oh no

i want love too!


let it out

Have you not been a relationship ever?

back from shower~~~

everyone you know hates you

*group hug*


suck some dicks, then maybe someone will love you.

thats lewd


I am great

it's the only way you will ever make friends.


nobody likes you, not even canada.

im lonely

Christ Revy why have you been away for so long~
Or I havent been on that much, so maybe its me :x

yeah, we all know. it's because you suck.

ditto i would be drunk for a couple of hours and the moment i sat down theres a high chance i curl up and sleep lol

i might but only if you agree to help me out if i have questions :^)

i hope you have a great one!

I have.

And it means nothing because I know I was never worth it and the few people I've really loved either came to hate me or I ran from them like a coward before I ever knew what they thought of me.

And not only am I romantically lonely, I keep just avoiding my friends for some reason. I think there's something wrong with me. I'm just so tired of people all the time and the only time I'm even remotely happy are these weekends where I can just drink and be really, honestly distracted.


I love subtle

hook me up with your sister and it's a deal.

because you're a terrible person.

its 5:07 in morning shoudl I sleep?

been druuunk and ehh ate stuff

just... WOW


yeah just strip first

thanks family

sounds like you need to rediscover yourself

because you are

tc endet so am alrady naked

i can try but i imagine id have a better chance of convincing her to get her friends to play strip poker with me lmao

you should sleep but give spoilers snuggles first of course sounds like a chill enough time!

thread family


Everyone's fucking pathetic once in a while, come on man.

stay ^

Some people spend over $4,000 on these things
holy shit

post butt

you should attempt that too, I'm rooting for you yo


Sounds like platitudes that I don't understand.

Is it just me or has lenko gotten way creepier
first he goes after some 14 year old girl
now he just wants to fuck people's sisters



Find your purpose, reconnect with people, etc

maybe as simple as just finding a new friends circle

cc is pretty

He's started taking after Bebop.

Yeah, it's just, I DIDN'T KNOW that you were like that.

Whoa, Test.
Just slow your roll.

Bebop isnt very creepy anymore
I think

except I didn't go after any 14 year old
that was grim

I'd do your sister too user.

Nigga, I was in that chat, you can't be snaky with this shit

im prolly honna stay up
really chill!



you could have me when ewe were alone..

I like my friends. I don't want new ones.

I don't really like talking about it. But I think I'm just reaching a boiling point.

He was reading fucking Taoism bullshit for like an hour, I'm allowed to be upset.


Sup wish
has he creeped on you recently?

It's not deflecting. I have a personal witness who was there that I trust who could testify otherwise. Stop trying to start shit lmao.

Post how long your hair is with butt.

Yeah don't do what I do. If you think that's the case then do something about it. Duh


yeah i dont see it working but a lot of her friends are hot af so i wouldnt say no if one of them did want to lmao

yes yes she is

do i still get the previous mentioned snuggle?




Ive been doing really good sweetie
Im on break so Ive just been chilling for the past week
Really makes me calm~
How about you? How've you been?

Jesus, just ask for dick pics.
He's drunk enough to say yes.

ask your sister if you can tag along next time she goes out drinking with her friends. maybe it'll happen lmao.

In that case why don't you ask for panty bulges?



I don't remember when but I feel like it was pretty recent.

what happened


long enough


*snuggle* ofcc

Put on some lipstick and panties and make something nice for Tsuchi.


i watched 2001 and The Thing today with my best friend because it's my birthday

Do I have your steam?

Give that to me, and then dick pics. Also the rest of your bare skin. I have a burning need.

Good idea.

No thanks.


That was supposed to be at Tokai

Not Lenko


TEST, WRONG GUY. But if you really want to see my dick...



While you're at, get like 12 feet of rope.

too bad you can't delete posts




Its your birthday today?
awwwh shit nigga happy birthday
How old did you turn bae?


Do you really need that much?

moar pls

when can we expect tokai's feminine penis to be posted?

your saying no only makes it sound like yes.
what's your steam? :^)

I mean, the extra few feet isn't going to kill you.
Better to have too much than too little.

Shut up, TP.

soon hopefully

It never stops being funny

hey you

that is something i could do with ease, it wouldnt be the first time

best evening!

Just think of the inverse: masculine vagina.
Who would ever say that?


I thought that was the plan

so did you still want to see my masculine penis?

okay so the first part is done, just do it again and show some bravado. your sister could probably help you out lmao.

*snuggles that cutie C.C.*

You think a vagina can't be masculine you SEXIST?


Poor choice of words.
The extra few feet wouldn't hurt. You can take slack out of a line but not just add it.

nhh imma sleep..
bai bai

im nn froup chat!

one has it..


i think I missed something important

Hey, Revy
or should i say birthday boy :3


fap chat

Jesus, do you even think? Like at all when making posts?
Or is it just lobotomite like drivel that you think totally sounds like you're a girl?

People in this community are quick to turn on someone adn throw them under the bus becasue they do things we don't find acceptable

The issue Here is that not many people provide the negative feedback and constructive criticism that is needed in this situation for the wrong doer
Myself included of course,

How do you guys feel about this

Sleep well, cutie.

I think you're just talking out of your ass at this point
move the fuck on, like I said
stop being so toxic about it
everyone fucks up sometimes


all of that has been done, good and bad, but hey look at the way you still act

remember when I bullied you?

I'm not very skilled with knots to be honest, but I guess a few minutes with an eHow tutorial would fix that.

you're either grim or tp
probably the latter
get over yourself you 30 something year old kissless hugless virgin
p.s. you're ugly as shit and grim pulls more pussy than you do
let that soak in

what do you think of my irl friends grim

in the end you either come out stronger or you leave the community

I see. And you can't remember what?

they are good people

One of them is pretty fucking racist but all in all they seem cool enough

I thought they were good at the game

I think I've changed a bit since way back then
I'm almost sure of it
I have changed right?

andof course that's thanks to the people around me
But at the same time, I feel that getting bullied would only work for some folks for so long

Some people might be more or less dense and need it spelllled out
They might need to be bullied
they might need to get excluded from a group or whatever

but who knows man, they might just need sat down and talked to from someone who's seen it before and has some good intentions

Maybe I'm jut an idealist
or a dreamer or some shit
maybe im naive

probably as bad as you are

lenko confuses me so much with his choice of friends

he's a shitposter who

his choice of allies makes no sense

it's not that i cant remember, i just dont know what was it
i feel like i missed something though!

i dont know if she would want me trying to sleep with one of her friends

sweet dreams bae!

You're just taking shots everyone today, huh

That's not even that idealistic. Most people believe that that's a normal fucking way of helping to change people.

I think he's just going through some tough times and needs more recessive people in his life

that one is very sauve

I kinda know that feeling.

Glad to hear it
thanks for agreeing mr test

i think so

absolutely not
we all suck ass
also yeah jake is racist as shit lmao

smh tbh fam

youre only saying that because he doesnt like you
speak from a neutral party grim

Nope, what everyone needs or did need was there parents teaching them basic and necessary shit early on in their life. besides being taught all that stuff by your parents you need to go out and experience life for yourself and build your own opinions and views. when the unfortunate miss one and only have the other, awkward moments are sure to pop up. you're fine.

I don't hate grim

just try it out, it's not really about whether she wants you to or not. It's more about whether or not her friends want to sleep with you. duh

dude idk them, I'm just assuming.

Shikata ga nai

Do you think I'm good at the game?

These are my honest, neutral thoughts.
If I wanted to say something spiteful, I would have just said he's being a bitch over spilt milk.

Lenko doesn't care about this community
when he makes a relationship with a person, he doesn't see how his actions will effect his time here

I feel the people lenko associates with are the ones who would go beyond the community or who exhibit certain virtues


i'm happy that guerro has fun people to make him happy and not alone..

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh sure any time Bard-oh

ill spill some milk and make you my bitch

I like people who aren't perpetually shit.

Simplest way I can put it.

I'd like to see you try.
I'd leave you like a fucking sporeprint on the asphlt.

What the fuck am I, chopped liver?


tbh i think the girl that draws these is literally in love with cc, most of the fanart of her is all done by the one and she consistently changes up outfits even to cosplay like this

im fine with trying, theres nothing to lose from trying aside from a glare from her lol


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Pretty much.