Trump/Palin 2016

Trump/Palin 2016

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yeah just ignore everything
we never dated
we wont ever date
thats final

Palin I would fuck

she so cougar


I would fuck Trump.

Not gonna lie, I watched "Who's Nailin' Palin" and rubbed one out to it during that election.

in my top 10

They aren't actually running together right?

VPs aren't announced until after they win the primary.

ive literlally always been free


date me


Shows how much I know.

boo so thirsty

you dont want him knowing that


He's gonna be all over your keister now.

lol u guize

YOU FUCKING RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for the backup guys

youll see



hey moogs we havent seen your ass in a while

lies dormant


Oh god keep talking dirty to me

moonrunes are pretty dank

I'm not seeing it right now

Are you like Desu and finger yourself to being berated?


but im in love with your ex tokai
sorry bae

it would be wise not to awaken the boypussy

youll see eventually



there has been an awakening

have you felt it?


I'm just imagine some Revelations like verse talking about the anuses of homosexuals devouring the earth or something.

I genuinely love nobody here.
I like you guys but no further than that.



I dunno the stuff I just took is making me feel really good though.


that reminds me of fantastic four: rise of the silver surfer.




What'd you take?

post your dick again


Well fuck you too.


I don't even know what it is which is why I said

But tokai likes me.... xD



I didnt say fuck you......

so death race 2000 was pretty fun. but its a little too long really. still at work?

not for long :DDDD

I was deep in the zone then

Then accept my love!

How long?

And na, I am home. Just got home from a ride. By the way, riding with a kilt is somewhat difficult.

Did you just have random pills lying around and down a handful of them?

shit iunno like 2 hours? felt longer

i imagine random winds would be an issue. unless you're like tucking it in or something?

kinda yeah

Most of them are random types of painkillers I think

I needed the pain killing part

That ain't so bad.

And yeah, have to. Otherwise I would be showing everybody my dangly bits.


I'm hurt. You're hurting me.

Man, those are some fascinating fucking feelings you got there.



you wear that going commando?

rather ballsy

Opioids or antiinflammatories?
The former barely gets you high and the latter just kills you in high doses.

i just got home.

Usually I hope not. Not unless a pretty girl is looking.


im not ready for love

huhh what then?
wahjats facisnatng


*I suck dicksS*

I dunno but I only took to and I don't feel sad anymore so everything is K

You fill like the same role umbra fills in the ponythreads here

its kinda weird like i dunno how to feel about it


did you laugh at my pun

But my love is easy....

I smiled. A bit tired to laugh.


I was in stitches.
Truly a work of art.

How am I like Umbra?
My brief encounter with him was always just him talking about being sad or his anti depressants.


itll have to do


I thought it was funny.

Hey test, I still jerk off to your sister

You guys give me the same vibe and I like both of you.

I think you just might have a very similar personality or something

I got him to post here last night

kinda wish he would post here more

Luka the world filter tricked me

it took all my intellect to come up with it.

You think too lowly of yourself.

doesnt that make it not worthy>



self-examination was a foreign concept to me for the longest time

evil word filters

Don't lie. You do it too.

I don't understand. Do you mean my love is pointless then?

You still need work on it, I think.

Did I just blow your mind?

come on dude its not that bad

open your ass and your heart and mind will follow

What do I call you? gilgamsh is waaaayyy yo wordy

Careful when you b u m p

I almost cried at the end of Hyper Light Drifter

Either Gil or Tsuchi is what it gets truncated to.

It was sssssssssssooooooooooooooooo goooood

love is just waaay heavier to applry

eh ive given up on improving

Can I just call you by your real name instead?

I feel weird call you those other things

I see. I don't quite understand though.

Improve thyself.

lol these uneducated fags


nay naive

I heard test sounds like a total gayboy

My "real" name isn't even my name, just something I've long gone by.

Hello, love.

Stop being a pleb.

i feel like pablo when i walk into these streets.

like wallace

its a comfy position

whatd tou dont understand?

this is true

i hope he's cute unlike wallace


I'm gonna you like gilbert or something then

You totally just ruined my pictures

A lot.

Forgive me. How can I make it up to you?


I moved and there was a kid in the same grade, in a small town, with the same first, middle, last, and older sibling's names.
So I just chose a random name and gone by it since.


like what?

Just make sure it never happens again and i'll pretend it never happened.


what do you go by now then?

Surely you don't go by Gil in real life.

I still don't know what love is.


La la la la la la la.

La la la la la la la la la la.

I promise nothing.


how is your road rash

I don't think I can forgive you then.

Similar sort of monosyllabic name.

Oh...that....was an april fool's day thing...

It's ok. I can't forgive myself.



hard to sey in this language, love to me is liike boyfriend girlfriend stuff (unless gay) but like is just friends stuff

cutting is sexy

Sorry, love. That was song lyrics. Forgive me.

Dude I have no idea what the word means but you should like totally let me call you something else.

Like something that I don't feel gay when I say

Because when I talk about you in like voice chat or something and say "tuschi" I always feel like a fag and thats not okay

...does it work like that?

I forgive

It is how my life works....

5300 ranks :3

Oh you are sweet.

im glad i had my suicide spiel the day before yesterday instead of the first

I guess I can allow this.

how hard is the song?

I'm still not happy about that.

You will allow me to hate myself?

Everyone hates themself a little though.

some more than others though

feels liberating in a way

Probably easy for good players :c
Here it is but I didn't play DT


I love forgiving


Sucks to be you.

I hate myself more than a little. But I have reasons.

You aren't allowed to end yourself.

Why is that?

do you click with the mouse or keyboard?

I always use my mouse so i can get better APM

its like the only reason I play that game


~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Its safe under the sea

he said 7 inches

Play nothing but Katy Perry.


i know


Which is why i'm looking for an out here but you won't help me out.

I hate myself to which is why I laid in bed from like 9 - 2 not doing anything because I didn't have the will to get up

sucks man

funny looking lobster

Just stop acting so queer and you won't have that problem.

*sinps snaps*


Click with mouse
I think tapping with keyboard is better
And then even better than that is if you can get a pen-tablet..

But i have a crush on a guy and its killllllling meeeeeee!!!!!!


oh boy

I know its better to use the keyboard or something else but I wanna get better at MOBAS

Because I do good and be strenthg
and otjers prolly feel good cause I show mercy

Suck his dick.



thats like 3 steps above my current position

It's okay. Manaka will understand.

post your dick again


what is your current position

He's probably already covered in e-semen.

Become the next Faker!

Whats he understanding exactly?


Manaka will understand your feelings for him.

shouldve brought an e-towel

start flirting with him

I don't know my right hand is getting kinda stiff and messed up the more I play league.

if only

do I make cute faces like >~< and ^ ^ or maybe a :3

will that work?

depends on the person

i didnt really do that with my boyfriend

did you stick your pinky in his butt?

pillow with a face drawn on in sharpie =/= a boyfriend

few times. not into stuff up his butt really


Do you have a crush on Manaka or is this just memes?

southern boys

These are lasting longer than I thought they would and its great.

You kind of feel bad for Manaka for how many "straight" guys crush on him.

I kinda wanna buy a big vape


Did he tell you to stop though?

lmao i totally do

Cloverfield sucked.

All the public transit is delayed so I wont be able to make it to see the second one either.

I get that this is a dig at Grim, but I don't think Ban has ever been "straight".

nah hes a good sport.

That actually wasn't just Grim. I think like most posters have crushed on him. Dunno. Just is one of those things that is pretty funny.

The whole Brussels thing still?

No cum.

I said I was straight when I first started posting the pony threads but then I started E-dating guys on the internet.

I also like kissed guys before that stuff though so i don't really know what I was thinking

Maybe I said "no homo" or something like that

Do you vape?

My best friend works at a vae shop so i'm probably just gonna ask him

Aren;t you like married or something?

post bf

Manaka has this whole innocent and naiive front that kind of hooks people, gay or not. It's not even sexual interest. It's deeper than that.


Holy shit man
too soon

why nooot?

thatd be rude. should i drag him in here for a second

I meant, they were beefing up security in NYC's metro system and someone I know kept complaining that it was taking way too long to use it now. I was asking if that's what's delaying it.

E-liquids? No. I have friends that do however, and I call them fuccbois for doing so.

But I do use a PAX every few months or so. It's really nice, since it vaporizes solids rather than liquids.
I would probably buy my own if I consumed weed regularly.

Are you gonna ask him if you can post him?

I just wanna see his face man

I won't let you finish.

It's a pretty reactive substance.

Nah, I don't think that's it. It's just one subway line and a couple of bus lines within the area. So probably just people.

Wow, always witht aht 5/5 content. mwah. papa john proud of you.

Ban why don't I fucking have you on steam

Is that Cato or ShitFox?

but vaping like at your computer is super nice

Like have you ever just sat at the computer and vaped?

Its really nice and I probably wont take mine in public because its a mouth fedora


That's gay.

Affection is good, though. Listen to something gay like "Listen to your heart" and tell him, if you haven't already.






It's kitten s/he feeling up a fart cloud?

nah was gonna make him post. do i have you on steam

You do

whoops wrong cap

That was too quick.

It's his tail.

He's like, a goat monster.



is that bad?

I think it's ShitFox.

That's such a strange fetish.


Yeah. Someone's gonna end up with babes.



already have

Yeah my names Nezumi on steam

you asked me about Far cry Primal when I first turned it on

I'm sorry but this was my first time

The clouds and shit are a cool gimmick I guess. Wouldn't do it regularly.

not if theyre both boys

Kitty whats umbras steam name?

oh right give me a sec



how do people with tails use toilets

Squat toilets?

I don't believe this either. Why must you be such a fibber tonight?

At least one of them is the babe, in this case, then.

Don't you still hate him?

Sit on it backwards.

You gotta jump him

I just like how it gets me buzzed but my room doesn't stink from it

also you can get like candy flavors and stuff

whats happeneing ?

I'm 80% sure It's kitten.
not the black one, the one that lived in canada then moved back to the US

they lift them.

He's also a flower. So it gets weirder.

This is not a real world problem. But if it were, presumably they'd fucking move it out of the way and not dip it in the toilet water.

play nekopara you'll find out


the nicotine ones?

i want to cut off mordin's tail

It's Blood-chan.

He means penis.

be patient

what if they wanna get babes then?


I don't have a tail.


What was the reaction you got?

It's not like you use it anyways.


I'm not fibbing though.....

No I talked with him last night and I think we are okay now

Yes they can get you buzzed and its pretty nice

Oh wow thanks man

how do you know this

you'd never guess he's hispanic

Randomly guessing.

no thanks lol




I touch it sometimes.



U-uhm...a surrogate possibly? Or adoption is always an option.

More lies.



You only shove things up your asshole, queer.

Sometimes I like to imagine what it must feel to bite down on someone's still-beating heart and crush it in between your teeth

I never get a straight answer

What why?

What else do I call it ?

I honestly though he was a white guy


thanks a lot pal

I think it's the placebo effect.

I'm out of lube.


Posting while you're high isn't a good idea, Archives.


but that means they cant babes with cum!


he's technically mixed

i only post when im high tbh


point proven

The image was to convey my incredulity at them saying they "get buzzed" off even high nicotine vaporizer liquid.

It's no different than caffeine and other incredibly mild things.
There's no "high" or "buzz", just mild sedation.

Use acetone.

Surrogacy is all about insemination though, albeit artificial...

Do you think that people who live in Texas are ashamed of living in Texas?

Because you're gonna find the opposite is usually the case.

Probably feels like biting really juicy uncooked meat.

You give bad advice.

You know what I mean.


Oh, oops.

I was going to say he's straight and in the closet or something proabably.

How are you my sweeed friend?

I dunno I don't see how I can fuck up anymore today

I kinda wanna make him post here a little

well whatever it feels kinda nice

Yeah me tooo

I never really thought of it that way but same

but thats also with cum!

Being extra-gay maybe